Bhajans and Talk About Divine Love

Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

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“About Divine Love”. Rome ashram (Pichini) (Italy), 22 February 1991.

You are singing so beautifully. It seems your heart has opened after this Puja very much and you’re singing like small children now. So sort of, all the conditionings we have had, all the ego also there, it seems now you have become very pure all these problems have gone away and you are enjoying yourselves. This is the best way, when we love ourselves, we know ourselves we become love. Because of so many pressures on us and so many norms we’ve got, which are artificial, and we think only if outside we are alright it’s alright; but truth flowing from within is so joyous. You feel your capacity to love itself is so joyous, and capacity to give is also so joyous. So the Shiva Puja meant that you become love and feel the joy of love. You see when you love someone, if you love your child, you’re not bothered as to how it looks or how it appears, you just love. And if you try to be attentive to somebody because his appearance is good or he’s superficially good, or his manners are good, after some time you’ll be deceiving yourself. But if you’re inner being is beautiful then you will be happy with yourself first of all; because the source of joy is from within yourself. You do not get it from others.
So to cleanse yourself and to be open is the best way to enjoy life. Some people may laugh at you, some may make fun of you, some may try to trouble you; but most of them will love you, because you are so pure, and you will be yourself at peace with yourself. So the best thing is to have introspection to see yourself, whether you are Love or not. Like some people are conditioned and they want this should be like this that should be like this, it should have been there, we should do this we should do that, we should organise like this, we should cook like this; I mean conditionings are there that according to them that’s something good. And if that doesn’t happen then they are unhappy. And some are right sided egoistical, they want to dominate others, if they cannot dominate then they are unhappy, they are angry. So they are miserable, so they make others miserable also. So the first type which is left sided makes himself miserable,while the second type makes others miserable: but both are wrong. You have no business to make yourself miserable, because God has created you to be joyous and happy.
So one should only know that you have to be the Spirit. So all these conditionings will drop out, ego will drop out. But when we talk of Spirit we always think of something very dry. No it’s not at all, it is absolutely Love, Spirit is Love. You can say the light of Spirit is Love. So it is important to understand that it’s the love only that is emitting from your heart will give joy to you. Look at other people as you have to give them love. You’ll feel very powerful and the bhoots and all the badhas will run away. Once you decide that I have to just love others, all the conditioning will drop out.
Today I was discussing that people have a bad habit of giving their problems to others all the time. Like a wife will come out to the husband I have this problem, this problem, this problem. Same with husband, he’ll say I have this problem, they talk nothing but of problems, problems. Not of love, not of appreciation of each other, or the care, the gentleness, the tenderness; but all the time they think this is the only topic between them is tell each other the problems. Now anybody tries to give you solution also this is all mental. You give a solution to a person, alright this is your problem this is the solutioon. So they’ll say no no no no this won’t work out, then second one, no no no no this won’t work out. You give five solutions it won’t work out. Then you have to tell this is your problem it’s not mine, so if you don’t want to have any solution do what you like. Next time no more problems to you. As soon as they start talking the problem, put your hands to…..(laughing). Immediately they’ll stop, because it’s a, I think it’s a psychological blackmail in a way. They’ll go on pestering you with problems problems problems. Now supposing you travel by ship, there are no problems, because there are no solutions.If you ask for, say..something, if it is on the ship it is there, if it is not it is not. So this is how one should realise what do we talk to each other what do we say to each other.
Then another way is that all the time finding faults with others; what is wrong with you, you are like this you are like that. Or discussing somebody else also, that person is like that, that person is like that, all the bad things. What is the use? Because somebody is wrong that person should correct himself, you can’t correct that person. You can only correct yourself .But it’s a habit of the mind, again it’s very mental. Like you are going on the road, such a person will say the road should have been this way it should have been direction this way, but you are not in charge. It is what it is, why waste energy.
So to enjoy everything we must accept. Whatever is there just accept and enjoy it. That’s one thing we forget, that supposing if you get lost on the way, then we go on fretting oh God we are lost now what to do this thing that thing, unnecessarily bothering ourselves. But supposing you say it’s nice, something must be there let us see what’s beautiful here; let us enjoy whatever is there. That attitude then you never get lost, you never feel you are lost until you think have found yourself. Once I lost my key; very important key lost. So I said very good idea we can find out now. So I opened my drawers and I saw beautiful letters written by all the Yogis and this and that so I started reading them I forgot about the key. And beautiful poems and children had written very sweet things, you see so I was feeling very happy and I was enjoying it. And even when I found the key I didn’t think much of it, because I thought I found the key of joy. So one should not get frustrated, unhappy over small things. That makes you nervous, that makes you unhappy and your energy is lost. You get so tired thinking about it all the time. Like in England I saw the people who are in the television they come and sit down, they say huh.. Young people, you see they are always tired; then you talk to them for ten minutes I am tired now. And they boast about their tiredness, not ashamed. Because they do not enjoy life. But if you enjoy then you never feel you are tired, you never feel you are old, you never feel that way anything. But those who think too much always are tired, they never feel fresh. Freshness is a sign that you are enjoying yourself. So we reach a conclusion that any such nonsensical thoughts are the death of joy. Somebody is, supposing he’s bad to you, nasty to you, alright, you just forgive and forget. At the same time think how you will be nice to someone with whom you have not been nice; how you will express your love. Immediately you’ll feel fresh, immediately you’ll feel better. So this is the key to joy.
I’m happy this time so many people want to get married also, and many people want to marry Italians, because they think Italians are very open hearted and dignified. So I hope that those who are married will enjoy the married life and those who are going to get married also will enjoy their married life; and also you will enjoy your children and the children here, everybody’s children.
I’m sure this Puja is definitely going to help you all very much.
So when we say we are in paradise, actually the people who are in paradise just enjoy. They know that they are looked after by the Divine Power. Also they know that they don’t have to worry about anything. Also they know that everything will work out by itself. This is how a Sahaja Yogi should be. Actually you are Sahaja Yogis, but actually you are on your way to Maha Yogis.
So it’s nice we are having two pujas now one after another. One of them is going to be Sahasrara Puja. The dates for that is third, fourth and fifth, and the place, which is the place you have selected? As you know very well, every Sahasrara, Puja you know very well there’s always very miraculous photographs coming out. Then there’s another Guru Puja which is very important, these two are the most important Pujas. That is also going to be in Italy. So Italy has somehow or other managed to have three big pujas in one year; Shivratri Puja and Sahasrara Puja and this Puja which is very important is Guru Puja. So I mean sort of these three important pujas are in Italy. Also you know that I have got now the citizenship in Italy. And also that we’re trying to get a very nice big castle for my stay in Asty, which is absolutely connected to all the countries practicaly. It’s very near Torino,very near Milano, very near France very near Switzerland, so it’s quite a nice place I think. You all should pray that we should get the place in Asty, this castle, to desire, because I am desireless….So we could have some music now.