Talk and Holi Celebrations

New Delhi (India)

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Holi Celebrations Talk, Delhi, 28.02.1991

Translation from Hindi:

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, all of us welcome You on this auspicious occasion. It is our privilege that Shri Mataji, whenever we have desired, desired from our heart, you have always come among us. It has been written in the scriptures that whatever a devotee asks for, God gives that. Whenever we have asked something from Shri Mataji, we have always got it. The reality is that Shri Mataji, we are stupid people. Whatever we ask, You give us more than that. We don’t know what to ask from You. You have given us so much love, You have given us everything. Whatever we could think of You have given us Shri Mataji. We express our heartfelt gratitude to You. And we pray that You please guide us from time to time.

Shri Mataji: You all know the history and also from the scriptures that to burn Holika, the burning of Holi was started. In this for the farmers also, all their work gets over and thinking that we reaped whatever we have sown, sold everything and are comfortable, so we should enjoy the moment.

Even before that the starting of Holi, when Holika was burned at that time it started. This was done by Shri Krishna. Because when Shri Rama came into the world, then Shri Rama set boundaries. Through His own life, through His methods, through His examples, through His behavior – so that human beings look towards Maryada Purushottam [Great person living within dignity]. Maryada Purushottam is a characteristic – a great example was given to us that the person who rules, who is the king, he should look after well-being. As Socrates has told, “Benevolent King”. As an example of that Shri Ram came into this world. He set such a great example that for the benevolence of people for the public opinion, He even sacrificed His wife. Though His Wife was Mahalakshmi, He knew that nothing can happen to Her. Still to support people’s thinking, to show world, He sacrificed His wife. So that the public opinion should not be hampered and public opinion is respected.

But in present days I see that in our country public opinion does not matter anymore. People rule shamelessly and do not pay attention to it. It is either that people don’t know about Maryada Purushottam or if they know, they don’t understand; or if they understand, they don’t imbibe it – that it is an important thing that the one who rules, should be dignified, should set boundaries for self. Only then the entire society will be within those boundaries. If they rule without any boundaries, without an example or without any special principles, then the society will be destructive, but most importantly the political and the universal brother hood will be destroyed.

These days the human beings, in our country also, are becoming very petty, because the boundaries we were to set for our self we did not and we set boundaries that are not to be set. Like we think of ourselves, I had told you earlier, as Delhiites, as Mumbaiites. In Delhi also there are divisions like those of Delhi city, of Old Delhi, of Noida like this we are limiting our boundaries, that when we have become the citizen of the world; still are limited to these small boundaries. But the limits we should set in our personality that we have not done. Which Shri Rama had set for Himself.

As we know that Shri Rama had come as an ideal King for the world. But His own life was within the boundaries of ideology. The ideology we have set for ourselves from that we will become low-grade, limited, petty, but the boundaries which were set by Shri Rama for Himself, from that we will become capable – strong. Just think that there is an airplane, if the screws or other parts within it are not connected properly or if they are not aligned properly or they are not working properly, then when that aeroplane flies, it will fall apart. Its power will be completely destroyed.  The limits of decency which destroy our power, we very easily set those limits. But the boundaries which increases our power, which is good for us; not only that it enlightens us, gives us a personality, gives us greatness – that we don’t set. This is the major fault of our understanding, of our thinking.

But still the persons who were within the limits of decency started moving backwards and thinking that setting boundaries means being ritualistic, going away from one another. Like Ramachandraji sacrificed His wife – ‘we should also leave our wife’. Even His wife also gave Him up later on. But on Her terms. Keeping in mind the modesty of a woman, She gave up Shri Ramachandraji.

So the way we are making ourselves petty and becoming petty, then its needed that we should think about ourselves, ‘what are the boundaries have we set for ourselves?’, ‘in what way are we limiting ourselves?’, ‘what are the limits that we should have set and we have not?’ Because of that all our social life, political life, the feeling of universal brotherhood – all these things have gone out of order.

But the limits Shri Rama had set for Himself, from that people started setting boundaries like I explained to you. And they were drawn more towards ritualism and thought that dharma is a very big thing in which one cannot laugh, one cannot talk. ‘You do fasting’, ‘you do penance’ – such wrong things were taught by the Brahmins of those times. That this is Dharma; dharma means you become ritualistic, ‘give money for that and this’, ‘be very serious’, ‘don’t laugh’, ‘don’t talk’, ‘don’t meet anyone stay alone’. Such kind of notions people followed. To break that Shri Krishna took His birth. Shri Rama was Himself Shri Krishna, He was born as Shri Krishna. When He came as Krishna He turned everything into a play. He spread the word about the play.

Secondly, to show how to reach the depths of the birth of Shri Rama, for that also He created a play. The show put up by Shri Krishna’s was different and the attention of Shri Rama towards His people was different. Because you know that on Vishuddhi chakra it becomes ‘jana’ [people] and ‘dharana’ [conviction] is on the Nabhi chakra. On Vishuddhi you become collective, collectivity. So now that you have come to collectivity; in collectivity, only through a play, Shri Krishna Has tried to awaken people.

When He was small child of 5 years of age, He hid the clothes of the ladies who were bathing. What does a 4-5 year old child understand? The children these days are more intelligent. But in those days even in 20 years, the boys did not have any brains. These days they have started to understand more. If you look at the way the boys of those days lived, take for example of Shri Krishna – He can be compared to a one month old baby in the present age. These days the kids grow up very fast, that we don’t understand how they know everything.

In that way, in a very chaste manner, He hid the clothes of the women. When these women were bathing in Jamuna. In Jamunaji is Sitaji’s [feet?]. Everything arises out of Mahalakshmi.  From the essence of Mahalakshmi only you achieve whatever you have achieved in Sahaja Yoga. He would sit on their back and think that somehow they should be awakened. His attention would be on their back. Later when women would carry pot of water and walk, He used to break the pot so that the water of Jamunaji, which is awakened, which is vibrated; by breaking that the water will fall on their back and they will also be awakened. Look at His play.

They would play ‘raas’ – ‘Ra’ meaning Shakti [Power] and ‘Sa’ meaning ‘alongwith’, like Sahaja. So they used to hold hands and play ‘raas’. Everyone would get tired. Shri Radhaji would say, “I am tired”. Ra-dha – ‘Ra’ Meaning Radha – carrier of Power. “Ok, Ok, it’s alright, I will press Your feet, but You dance now”. He would make everyone dance. They would play ‘raas’. In ‘raas’ they would all dance, while dancing, He would circulate the Power of Radhaji among everyone. He would play the flute. Flute is kind of a Kundalini, it also has holes like there are chakras in the Kundalini. Through the dance, He would make the Power of Radhaji flow through everyone’s hands. Like this He created a play.

Later on He even found a beautiful way of playing Holi – mix the color in the water. The colors were not bad colors like these days. You know that [flame of the forest]from ‘tesu’ flowers they would make fragrant colors. Purifying them thinking it to be purity, they were made. Every festival, whatever was made during festivals in the past, even in our days also, they would all be pure things. Now impure things are considered good. People don’t see, if it is slush or anything, they just throw; such disregard. So pure things were made and the water which was vibrated water was thrown on everyone so that every body part gets vibrated. This was His game. It’s not that you throw such stuff on people – I heard that one person lost his life as someone hit him with a water balloon. Such a shameful thing to do.

Even the beautiful things made by any Incarnations, how to distort it, how to junk it, how it can be made into an absolutely insignificant thing – only people can do. Even animals don’t do that. Only humans have this specialty. Don’t know what happens to them, while playing if the colors got over, then they picked up slush, if slush got over they picked up cow dung, if cow dung got over they picked up tar. The reason for which Holi was played, its essence was destroyed. The beautiful message – that it encouraged love among people, throwing holy vibrated water on people. Even greater, whatever ill-feelings we have towards one another, to forgive that and become pure and engrossed in one another and play Holi. In that there should be no sinful feelings, no hard feelings in the heart. Like this such a beautiful thing was made but now I see it distorted then I am surprised.  

Like in Pune, when they do Ganapati puja these days they play dirty cinema songs, which you don’t hear normally, you can hear there. And you are standing in front of Ganapati, you can hear. And drink alcohol and shout in front of Him.

Gujarati’s perform ‘raas’. These days they perform ‘raas’ during Navratri, people come there after getting drunk. Women and men and drink alcohol and come, wearing good clothes – that is alright. But all that is for what and what starts happening there? Especially in London once they invited Me, said, “Mother, Devi is there, You come and see”. I thought they have invited Me, I’ll got there. I went there and I saw that everyone has come there drunk. Even the women, girls were drunk and behaving in a vulgar manner with each other. I said, “Devi will go away from here and only booths [dead spirits] can dance”. The very next day it came in the papers that the ‘raas’ that is held here – bad things happen there.

Where even the westerners feel ashamed, that too they are much lower than us when it comes to morality. Even the foreigners feel ashamed, that way the Indian behave there – in ‘raas’. This is very shaming. The enjoyment of ‘raas’ was no more and I felt very sad and was thinking the entire night – “Why Indians come here are behaving like this?” The next day, same thing came in the papers that it is just an excuse for immorality that they play ‘raas’. Whatever are the boundaries of morality, of love, of respect, if you leave the virtues and play Holi, then the meaning of Holi is that you just got an excuse to show your hidden dirty feelings. Its grandeur is lost. You don’t enjoy doing indecent things. Most importantly Sahaja Yogis should cannot feel happy. Everything should be dignified.

In ‘raas’ there is a rhythm, there is melody. It’s not that instruments are played harshly, people falling one over the other. There should be a rhythm, melody, and pure attention – that’s why ‘raas’ was played. Because while dancing the persons attention is on rhythmic and tune and hence the attention gets purified. But at that time, I saw that their attention was somewhere else.

This festival of Holi which was started by Shri Krishna [Leladhar] was that people should understand this as a play. The entire world is a play. In Sahaja Yoga you must have seen that you have become playful – in music, in everything you become engrossed and enjoy all that, with love among one another. There is a pure feelings, in Sahaja Yoga there is a completely pure feelings among each other. You also do everything virtuously and beautifully, there is no doubt about that.  But being only playful is stopping at the Vishuddhi. At Vishuddhi there is playfulness, then you come to the Agnya.

At Agnya chakra it is ‘tapah’ [penance], it is penance. Then you should think about the burning of Holika, that because of Prahallad’s penance, Holika was burnt. So we should also move forward in penance. Let us say we have reached till Vishuddhi as we are loving towards each other. I am not sure that it is completely there, I doubt a bit. But I don’t want to say it because then you start thinking that ‘we have done this wrong, that wrong’ and your left Vishuddhi will catch even more.

But till Vishuddhi we have reached, got collectivity, love each other, universal brotherhood. There are many people who have gone deeper, but there are others also who keep thinking about every small things of themselves – ‘I am of which caste?’, ‘I am from which place?’ and ‘how is such a thing possible?’ Here we are talking of Universal brotherhood. In Universal brotherhood, you caste, creed, country, other country, everything should be left behind. These false boundaries – like if you are born in America, you become American. If you are born here, you are Hindustani [Indian]. It does not mean that you are Indian, then there is no relation with Americans or people from other countries. You all are the sons and daughters on one Mother. That is why we have reached Universal Brotherhood.

So first we should think that have we crossed Vishuddhi or not? When we are playing Holi are we within our boundaries? Now someone had asked, ‘Mother can men play Holi with women?’ I said, “As it is they can do anything but not in Sahaja Yoga”. Because Holi is not played between brother and sister. Holi is not played between brother and sister – you know this. Because Shri Krishna; whatever is our boundaries like there is bhabi [elder brother’s wife] and devar [younger brother of the husband] among them there are boundaries. Among brother and sisters – complete boundaries. The relation with brother and sister is such a beautiful relation. There is set boundaries, there is love, but brother and sister will not hold hands and sit.

The specialty of our country is our culture. If there is a brother and a sister then both will never sit together. They will sit separately. But the love between brother and sister is a lot. By themselves, they will fight, but if someone says anything to the sister then there will a big fight. This special relationship between brother and sister is unique in nature, got from the nature, it is natural. And it is natural, derived from nature, one with the nature, natural. But there is so much of love and faith among them – they will fight, they will argue, when they are young they fight a lot that’s alright. But there is a lot of love within and it is absolutely pure love.

Holi is not played – supposing by mistake we disrespect our sister. Among brothers is different. They will joke, tear up each other’s clothes its fine – it should not be done, but still their relation is different. But among brother and sisters there is a beautiful, hidden boundary – love. Its embodiment of virtues, extreme in morality. So it if forbidden for brother and sister to play Holi. No one even thinks why it is so.

After that we have to raise above the playful life. It’s alright for today and tomorrow, you can play Holi, sing songs, you can dance. You can dance today also – there is no problem. But after that it is important to reach your Agnya.

Because by such behavior the joy you get, the purity you experience, the brother hood you experience, the Universal brotherhood that is felt – from that you spread out. But to reach the depth, is it necessary that you do penance. We spread a lot; Sahaja Yoga spreads quickly. If you see in the program, I am getting scared whether the hall be sufficient or not, what will happen? It will spread quickly, but you have to go deep. For going deep you have to do penance. Now doing penance does not mean that you fast, it’s not necessary to fast. But if your attention is on food then you have to take it out. Just seeing where your attention is all the time is the penance a Sahaja Yogi has to do.

From your attention only you spoil your Agnya. ‘Where is my attention?’ ‘What am I thinking?’ ‘What am I doing at this time?’ ‘What am I thinking?’ – If you look at your attention and always conscious, then your attention will be enlightened in the Agnya. This is the penance – controlling your attention. Controlling the attention, observing the attention, thinking of our attention. Now observe where is your attention? Where is your attention? Just talking about attention – where has it gone? It is such a distracted attention. I am talking, where is your attention? So look at your attention. Controlling your attention does not mean forcibly. But now if you look at your attention through the enlightened Spirit then your attention becomes enlightened. You should concentrate and watch your attention.

Anything you see – like this pole in front of Me. There are all kinds of beautiful flowers in it. Now with every glance there is inspection. Now I remember this completely – like what is where, where these is space, everything – it has become a picture. Through the concentrated attention the picture is made. From that there is growth, you come to know of everything completely. Through attention only you can come to know of things. But if the attention is distracted, then you cannot reach the depths, just the surface.

I have seen that when you ask something of a 20 year old also especially in a foreign country, if you ask, “What is your name” – so first they say, ‘Hoon, then haan, then hi”.

I said, “I first asked, ‘What is your name?’”

“What did you ask? What is my name?”

I said, “Yes, I asked you ‘what is your name’?”

“Yes”, then thought ‘what is my name’. Then said, “What did you say? What is my name?” for 5 minutes he could not understand what he is saying.

Then I said, “Have you taken drugs and come?”

“No, I used to take”.

The brain was completely gone. I said, “I have been asking you for 5 minutes, ‘What is your name’? You are going on ‘haan, haan, he, he”. Because all this did not happen from the drugs it happened because of attention becomes unstable. As the attention become distracted, all the time it keeps moving.

Now I observe everywhere – at the airport and all, they will be talking here and looking all around. Pure attention is concentration. Concentrated attention is the one that takes in. What is not to be taken in it does not see. It is not seen at all, the attention will go away from there by itself. Because it is so pure that it cannot be dirtied by impure things. It cannot go there.

This is up to you to see within yourself – ‘where is our attention’? This is the penance, the penance in Sahaja Yoga is to see – ‘where is my attention?’, ‘where am I going?’ where is my mind going?’ If you can do this then you have crossed over Agnya. And there is no question in Sahasrara at all as I am sitting there. But if you haven’t crossed over the Agnya, then it becomes difficult at Sahasrara as there is a very narrow space in the Agnya  – having to pull from that, I get scared that you may end up with broken hand or leg. For Agnya it is important to do penance. As soon as you start your penance, you will touch your depths.

Otherwise they were saying, “There is Sahaja Yogini, she got cancer”. I said, “What kind of a Sahaja Yogini is she?” She did come for the program. But her attention may be here and there, maybe looking for a girl for her son or she may be searching for something else. How can she get cancer? It cannot happen. But it did happen, the reason for that is – she is has come to the program and is sitting there but still continued to think – ‘This happened to me; that happened to me. When do I tell Mataji what is my state? Mother you are the Devi, ‘this’ has happened to me”. Instead of understanding what is being told, you get carried on with your own thoughts. Then some or other sickness happened.

Same thing about the psyche – ‘What are we thinking?’, ‘what thoughts are we getting in our mind?’ It’s all we have this problem, that problem. But what should you think about? Say, ‘count your blessings’. ‘So much blessings we have got from Mother!’ There are crores of people in Delhi, how many have got Sahaja Yoga? ‘We are someone important, we are not ordinary that we waste our attention. We have got Sahaja Yoga’. We should be aware of it from within and should go deep in our conscious.

With that all the false boundaries will go away and if you don’t break it, then you will get some experiences that your will go on breaking. Whatever you think that ‘this is our own’– that we are Delhiites then one day the Delhiites will teach you a lesson. If you think ‘we belong to Noida’, then such a day will come when people of Noida will get after you with guns. Then you will understand – ‘why did I say I belong to Noida?’ At that time if you go to Delhi people for help they will say, ‘You are from Noida, why did you come here?’ So it’s possible that you will not belong in the house or on the streets. The reason for that is your attention is such that – you are neither of the house nor of the streets.

Till the time you don’t go deep, whenever you say that you are a Sahaja Yogi/ Sahaja Yogini, I will not believe, as the first sign of a Sahaja Yogi is that he has a calm attention. And very self-sufficient not scared of anyone. And his life is absolutely pure. His body is pure, mind is pure and through the light of the Spirit, he spreads love all over the world.

The person who cannot love, according to Me he is not a Sahaja Yogi at all. He has not even climbed the first step. If you think that today is Holi and we will enjoy a lot on Holi – it’s alright, when Shri Krishna Himself has told that play, enjoy, it’s all a play, entire world is a play. But to reach the boundaries of the virtues, above the play, at Agnya you have to do penance. Like in the sky you can see a lot of kites flying. But they are in someone’s hand. But if some kite gets cut, or someone leaves it, you don’t know where it will land up. The same true for all of you. You have to keep your attention towards your Spirit. Keep on clearing oneself is the penance in Sahaja Yoga.

For that you have performed havan today, that is also a penance. Because fire destroys everything. Similarly from your penance, whatever bad thoughts you have or wrong boundaries will be removed. Achieving joy in your right, you can achieve it and you have achieved it. But to spread the joy, you should have depth in you. If you go to Ganga and take a small cup, you can carry a small cup of water with you. But if you take a pot, then you can get a pot full of water. But if you do something that all the time Ganga is flowing towards you, then you will be surrounded by Ganga. You have to judge where you are. Are you taking pot full of water from Sahaja Yoga? Are you there for some limited happiness or you yourself are the hymn? Then you will understand that you need depth even to celebrate Holi and to be in joy all the time – also you will need depth.

That is why between the Agnya and Vishuddhi there is a close relation and you know that it is of the Father and the Son. So deep in the relation. So staying very serious, unnecessarily frowning and being authoritative. Some people are serious to be authoritative, some people talk for no reason at all – like this, from both the things the Vishuddhi gets spoilt. But talking nicely to comfort someone, talking nicely to show love to someone, talking beautifully to end the arguments among one another, with all this the Vishuddhi chakra will start becoming alright. Like this when the Vishuddhi becomes alright you see that ‘when I talk to someone, am I talking superficially? Is there depth? Then you should understand ‘what is my depth’?

You’ll say, “O.K, tomorrow I’ll get this for you”. Then person who is of low level, the person who is shallow, will just get something shallow only because it has to be given. There is no effect of it. But if someone gives even a small flower from heart that can have a lot of effect in Sahaja Yoga. It is said, ‘do a work with your heart’. If you are friendly to anyone don’t keep it on the surface, it should be deep. In the Vishuddhi, till we don’t reach the depth of Agnya, then the Vishuddhi will remain very shallow. It is very essential to have the depth of Agnya.

The depth of Agnya is that you don’t do something by thinking about. Not by calculating – ‘If I do this, I will get this’.  ‘If I give 5 Rs. to Mataji, I will be Rs. 100’. Or ‘by doing this – this will happen’. No, “I am feeling from within that this has to be done. I have to do this in Sahaja Yoga, I have to give.  I have not given anything so far”. Not to show off that it gets printed in the paper that they gave Rs. 502, or something like that. No, no. Whatever you do has to be done from the heart – like ‘why can’t I do this? I should do this’. You should not feel satisfied without doing it – I have not done anything. When you reach that state then you understand that the depth is working on your Vishuddhi.

From the depth when you reach the Vishuddhi, only then your ‘well-being for people’, ‘relation with people’, Universal brotherhood; will achieve strength in it. Otherwise only greetings like ‘Ram, Ram’, ‘Salaam’, ‘Namaskar’ will remain only in talks.

So on the ‘Holi’ day we should remove all that from which our attention gets spoilt, so that our Agnya doesn’t gets spoilt. Both the things – the attention gets purified, and in joy and awakening we celebrate Holi. The day when complete combinations takes place, when they are in balance – these two chakras [Vishuddhi and Agnya], then Sahasrara will not have any problem. But these two chakras create problems. You know that both the Nadis rise from the Vishuddhi and cross at the Agnya. There is a lot of connection with the Vishuddhi. That is why when the attention goes towards Vishuddhi, towards Shri Krishna then His special Power who was Radhaji and the Power of Radhaji is the Allahad -Allahadayini, Allahadayini – meaning giving Allahad to others, giving joy. She had the Power to give joy to others. Just seeing Her people became joyous – be it animals, birds – everyone. This come from the Vishuddhi that whoever sees, they become happy.

Whatever they say makes people happy, whatever is spoken makes other happy. As soon as you see -which you call ‘baag baag hojayega’ [feel very joyful]. That Power of Allahadayini – which is in flowers, in the children, that Allahadayini Power can be awakened within you. But till the depth is not reached, till then the Allahadayini Power is just superficial. You should think of combining these two [Vishuddhi and Agnya].

I have not told anything so serious today. What you should understand is that we should develop our depths and finding joy in the depths is also essential.

Manny Many Blessings to you all.

[English Transcript Time 48:30]

I am sorry I had to speak in this language. There are some Sahaja Yogis from Abroad. I wish I could give the whole lecture in English language but, only thing I was telling them that this is the Shri Krishna’s ‘leela’ [play], that He started after Shri Rama’s ‘maryadas[boundaries] that He had shown and very serious type of a religious life. And people started making it into a catholic sort of nonsense. So Shri Krishna came on this Earth Himself in different personality, in different quality and He preached about the ‘leela’ – the play.

Now at Vishuddhi as you know we are collective and we have connections with others.  So He said all this is a ‘leela’ [play]

and in a very playful, mirthful way you should be with others and great friendly with others and create relationships. So this is the Vishuddhi chakra. But the other point I tried to say that the relation with others, anything if it does not have depth, it is superficial, if it is for ego or for some conditioning or some calculations of the mind. If at a mental level if you are friendly with anyone or for emotional level if you are friendly with anyone, without any depth in yourself, it can be very temporary and will have no effect whatsoever. So you have to have depth and to get to the depth, you must look after your Agnya chakra.

And the Agnya chakra is nothing but your attention. If your attention is all the time roaming about paying attention to 1001 thing, then you cannot develop that concentrated penetration of your attention into things and whatever you do is very superficial. It’s not joy giving. So the combination should be that you should look after your Vishuddhi – of today for example you can have a very playful, mirthful time together. Enjoy with each other; but you have to know that it has to come from your heart or from your Spirit. So how to touch that?

That depth can only be possible if your attention is on the Spirit and not on frivolous things. Because of that you’ll become thoughtlessly aware when you’ll be enjoying. And that whatever you’ll do it will be very genuine, it will not have artificiality. That is why the second part is after ‘leela’; what you call is the ‘jana’ part where it is the collectivity. Higher chakra is Agnya where it is ‘tapah’ – means penance. You have to go through the penance.

And now in Sahaja Yoga penance is not food, is not other useless things but what is the most important is to control your attention. Where does it go?  Does it go to your worries, to your troubles, to your past, to this, to others? Or does it go to your Spirit? This is important to see that your attention is on your Spirit. If your attention is on you Spirit, then you get that depth, that genuiness in your relationship with others.  If these two centres are somehow or the other managed then the last one very easy because you are already accepted there, you are welcome there, everything is there. But you cannot enter into it unless and until you cross your Agnya chakra. It such a constricted Agnya, constricted chakra.

So one has to do introspection. And that introspection is the one in which you watch yourself. Not condemn but watch, just watch – ‘what am I doing?’ And this is such a precious time, such an important time – to know your worth and to know your value. That you should not waste any time any longer into anything else but try to touch your depths through introspection. ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘What is my life worth?’ ‘I am a Sahaja Yogi and why I should do?’

So today when we are enjoying ourselves, we should fully enjoy because leela is there, our relationships are pure. As I said that brothers and sisters never play Holi because their relationship is very different. So because you are brothers and sisters so ladies should not play Holi with men and men should not play with ladies in Sahaja Yoga, they don’t do it.

But despite that where is your attention – is to be seen even when you are playing the Holi. How do you play? In a way do you get frantic? Like nowadays it has become such a horrible thing Holi – all the holiness that was put in the Holi is perturbed. Nowadays people get rid their simple methods and are taking to horrible colors, horrible things which was not there. And It was just you apply to the Agnya, you put the green and the red. Both are the colors to give Gurutatva – to clear Ekadasha green was good and red the Mother’s. So that colors were put. And these colors were used in the Holi [water?]. But even I mean at the most the children all that you put on stomach hands and thing like that is alright. And also to put some water which is vibrated with – we have a kind of a flower called tesu [flame of the forest] or some colors which were not injurious. It is good, because it was all vibrated, it was the leela [play] of Shri Krishna to awake people.

But when they get frantic you see they go to extremes they finish with their colors, then they take mud, they will take cow dung, they’ll take anything, even the tar they’ll put. Horrible, it is kind of an aggressiveness that is expressed. So this is just the juxtaposition of what Shri Krishna wanted. He wanted people to get absolutely absolved in this play – Holi and become thoughtlessly aware. On the contrary all filth starts coming out and now people think that Holi means abandonment – it cannot be.  Abandonment is not the message of Holi, because if you have kites in the air you see, once any kite is cut out it can go in any place, fall into anyplace. There is a hand which controls the kite, in the same way we must control all this play and all this enjoyment.

This is very important to understand that it should be enjoyed through Agnya’s depth otherwise you cannot get to the depth of the enjoyment also. So today is the day to enjoy, but enjoy from your heart, everything.

May God bless you. Thank you.