Public Program Day 1

New Delhi (India)

1991-03-02 Public Program Day 1, New Delhi, India (Hindi), 101'
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HuSarvajanik Karyakram Date 2nd March 1991: Place New Delhi Public Program Type: Speech Language Hindi

[English translation from Hindi]

To search truth is out necessity what is the reason for it.  Among you and we have much trouble, there is outcry among the people everywhere.  Man has born for a new thing it is necessary to prove it. Man is in search of God. Then, nowadays to discuss God  is difficult and to talk about religion. the kalyug  tsunami comes, why is it happening?

Inside the human there is some unease state.

They question a person who is roaming to temple gurudwara about God. What good work has done? What peace he got. People may be in any  religion, may be worshipping God in any way but creates sins. What is the work of religion if these sins are not prohibited? In all religions, the great people said search about yourself.

If it happens so what is the use of it? You have to know it in a scientific manner. Science does not talk about religion. Science is the religion of carbon. Gold has religion it does not change its quality. Those great people who were born in religions said to know yourself. Nanak Sahib also said  you need to know yourself first to know about God. In Kuran also it is said to know rooh the soul. Isha also told you to be born twice. Kavir said how to make understanding when the world is blind. You may be saying who these saints were.  In front of society there should be some change. There is no cure of it. Only cure us to open the eyes. Can we leave the people in such confusion? Can we just lose our life in quarrel and fight, this that? Is this the value of us that we became man from amoeba? There must be some reason there must be some special work to be done by us God created us. We need to know this truth. There must be some special arrangement to change us. To know God is absolutely necessary.

Those who have money think they can buy God. If there is untruth there must be truth. We need to come to that element of truth then religion will have real meaning. One finger is driving the kite and if the kite is lost we must find out where our finger went. In front of us so many restrictions came we couldn’t move. There is the essence of religion. We did not want to know it and turn to religion.  But there is essence in each religion but we are missing that part. Everywhere there is a discussion about religion but no one talks about religion. One talks about Mosque. 

One talks about the elements Science cannot change religion . Carbon also has religion. It also talks about animals. Animals also has religion and the non living things are with God. God has a loop of religion in everything. All had all the elements. Similarly humans have the elements of religion. We have got 10 valencies in the form of dignitaries inside us in the bhavsagar denoted by green colour in this chart. There are elements of ten Guru from the Aadi guru and others who took birth many times till now.  Adi guru Dattatrey himself was born in a different religion he took too much trouble to explain to people about the essence of religion.   He put the limits of religion in us. We all have this essence. Till we get unified with the essence of dharma and it’s elements, religion is only outside the show. Many people tell me mother we do so much worship still we don’t feel peace.But there is no discussion about this essence in religion. You have to be united with God. I told you to get the experience of God. The time has come for this. Think simply  with common sense how can you pay money for this thing? This is the living process. When you became human from amoeba how much did you pay? Mother earth has given flowers to you, how much do you pay her? For the living process how can you pay money  Can Mother earth understand money? This is a process of nature. You can get it from nature. It us inside you have a similar essence as seed. .It needs to be awakened. Like the tree, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits are within a seed. Similarly inside you also there’s arrangement like this. It is easy also.

Science can see only things that are facing each other. There are thousands of things like this that science cannot explain. Science is limited.

We cannot make an atom of mud yourself. Only made things which are here and there. You are making dead things from dead things. You cannot make a living thing.

People say I did this, what did science do? There are limitations in science. There are more things beyond science. That is the science of the Divine of God. Many shastras have come from this. Not only this in 12 th century Gyneswarji explained. That time  Dnyaneshwar wrote in the 6th chapter of his book Gyaneshwari very clearly that you have a power inside that is kundalini and that needs to be awakened to know God. But the people who thought they were the established religion and did not know how to do it prohibited the public from reading this chapter of Gyaneshvari  Geeta book.  Dhaneshwar asked his Guru if he can write this in Marathi language and got permission and wrote in local marathi language this is known as Dhyneswari Geeta.  After this Ramdev, Kabir, Namdev ,Guru nanak said there is a power named kundalini inside us. This knowledge spread to Maharashtra. Punjab, Bihar everywhere. Once we get it awakened then the kundalini power becomes united with the all pervading power of God. Till you don’t feel this your relationship with God is not established. This is not known to people. Today whatever is happening  in Sahayog is only by experience, not the general public getting it. We have power to give it to other people also. 

This has been made to uplift the people, this must happen. We are seeking truth. We should know what this truth is. To know the truth is to know about our spirit. As soon as we know this the all pervading power of God is all to be known. Knowing is not from wisdom or Intelligence. There are people telling me I am soul, aham brahmasmni. I am brahma. Knowing means it should come to your nerves in the central nervous system. This is the chili the burning bulb…This is called “vid” to know. from where the Veda came.

Similarly kashyap came by knowing this word.. Every organ. 

This work has to be in kalyug. Knowledge and so much ego like a mountain. 

This has to be done easily.

People make one guru and keep here. In Sahaja yoga you can be your own guru. The whole knowledge comes to you. Many people say when kundalini is awakened the person will have great trouble, he will feel heat, but nothing happens.kundalini is your mother. It is the reflections. She is only your own mother. This is the power of your pure knowledge. When you were born did you get trouble? Your parents only bear all trouble. Who talk of such trouble may be they don’t want you to get it..They are wrong people, or they do not know anything.

Not clear. I want to tell you you have come to a human state but there is one more state which is higher than it. That is called self realization. Who is called then realized soul in satyug. The ego is high, but once you realize the ego goes away. Because it is destined and it is us inside  There may be doubt you should not have doubt. Come first then we will teach you. This work will be done because you are a “sadhak” seeker. You have searched it for many lives. It has come to you as a result of your good work virtues one lamp is ready it will lit another. It is already in you if you do this many people will get it through you. It is said the work of Sahaja yoga has spread very fast spontaneously in 54 countries. I haven’t gone to all of them but about 30. No one can obstruct it.  But the results of our ” kusanskar ” bad work is the construction.

Those people who have not heard about God. Don’t think this one like this one like that but think we are all together. Do not think this person of this place that place. Place has no meaning. Similarly this caste don’t know what all are in this country. Important is only desire. Where people do not understand people. This caste and all has no meaning. It causes defame to our religious people only. Where the talk of Hindi to read Geeta. In a place like Russia where people did not hear of religion so many assembled. They did not know me but just seeing the picture they thought something is here so they came. They are so clean hearted a they get realization and got through it clear ” par” It is very surprising…..


What we got from our brain the  central nervous system

It has come from inner awakening . Before I came to this world

One person said…….

Wrote letter…… mother I have problem both side..

We don’t know the power of God

Another things came you have to do fasting, you have to trouble, you have to torture others. Who will go to such things whether son gives or not. Can God ask such things? Leave this leave that do this don’t do that. Will God say like?

When we have to trouble mothers we do not eat food. For your body you can starve but for God, in the name of God never. Maharashtra people do fasting in 7 days and  die in fasting

Then I said if you want to die you die..Want people to come and eat well.

Till you get self realization.

When kundalini arises all your troubles go away. Even cancer got cured. Blood cancer got cured . There is no doubt about it. 

You have to be humble and wish for it then it is possible.  One doctor had asthma; he was cured in Sahaja yoga and other things given by Guru.

When kundalini rises it nourishes all chakras and all chakras get repaired. Due to chakras only our physical mental intellectual and economic problems.  When kundalini awakens and rises and penetrates the Brahmrandra you get your physical health first. 

Then they said mother give us realization.

Your reality….

You have to go deeper…

I didn’t do anything…

 It is not that after coming to Sahaja yoga you will not have a disease. But you have to do meditation and mould your life according to the commandments, to the teachings. You will understand Sahaja yoga fully and completely. But as we take baths daily and clean us similarly you need to clean chakras daily. It will not take more than 10 minutes. Then You sleep after cleaning. Different than other yoga, kundalini has to pierce the Brahmarandra. And a little bit of light is also enough to do work. To someone more labour must be done. You will be in such a nice good happy state. Surprising your illness related to tension is cured. Then you will get peace. Nowadays everyone is tense. Disease of tension also may be cured by Sahaja yoga. For the tension many have investigated a lot and big big organizations doing a lot of work and collecting money charging money, they are earning lacks of money. As the kundalini rises all tension disappears. You can see here Ida  Pingala Sushumna nadi. Ida, Pingala on the sides and Sushumna in the middle. Sushumna nourishes chakra and left and right is not known to Doctors.

When you go to left side you will be thinking about your past and go to subconscious whatever done in the past good bad leaves the impression of that as sanskar. All sanskar gets accurate in left side from the time the world was created all imprints are accumulated in left side from animals also. Then the pollution also is accumulated here.

 On the right side our ego resides, it goes to the future then we go on thinking what is to be done tomorrow. What is to be done the day after. Due to too much thinking the liver gets affected, people suffer from many kinds of different diseases like asthma, paralysis , kidney problem , heart attack etc. You can be cured here very easily. You need to meditate and clean your Nadi. Left-sided person gets angina,  mental disease, psychosomatic disease, cancer etc. So in Sahaja yoga you can cure all diseases very easily. 

Seeing this time I am surprised.  Your brain is so well developed computer. Those who are self-realised are all can tell same thing that so and so has this problem.

Those who are not realised do not know what sickness they have. All realized soul feel the same in one chakra when everybody is saying something no one can doubt about it.

This is only based on truth, only truth.  They organise what to do.The main truth is this us the love of happens by love. The kundalini rises spontaneous. 

because of all spreading love of God the realized person gets.

They know they organized.

It is so beautiful it us so lovely to mind you will think to yourself how my work of life is done. This is not dead. It has effect on every part of life.

God will be doing all arrangements as parents do.

But you should have the faith.

Once you know God cares us, who likes lifting the weight on head?

It is sakshat in us. 

You think you got this realization because of your good work of past.

Those who prepared it are not now but it us Sahaj yoga. You got it without doing any labour. Some people doubt there is something wrong mother. 

It will be dealt with in today’s lecture. If you want you can ask questions but do not ask useless question. I have not come here to take something from you but I have come to give only useful questions.  

“Question not clear”

Kundalini is a power which everyone has but it cannot be seen by eyes. As you cannot see electricity but can get it’s effect. 

“Question not clear”

No it gets awakened but it has to remain awakened.

Kundalini knows about you everything, what are you, what is your will, all she knows. 

Question not clear.

She wants to give you. Everyone can be awakened. But after awakening it has to be kept awakened. 

Can one know it?

Yes you will feel cool cool breeze. But till you get peace, you need to meditate which is obtained by thoughtlessness.

Not clear.

They go to other gurus then come to me 

Why they were not awakened.

Asked how much time it takes to awaken?

He said instantly. But there should be an authorized person to give and also who wants to take with goodwill.

Same time instantly it gets weakened.

Someone recovers at that time only for someone it takes time.

Question: Can kundalini awakening conquer death?

It can be postponed but not conquered.

Someone said mother I am told I will die in one year but now she is living for more than 20 years.

Question:  can it lead to see light in Agnya chakra

Shri Mataji: No not at all

Because you have to give light not to see

Neither you should think it nor doubt.

What is the relationship of rebirth with kundalini?

It is a lengthy question.

We get many thoughts of property family sickness. Mind says to go not audible….

Why the questions come?

For example one saw a camera here. Started thinking camera is hanging here it can be stolen…. What is the use of thinking all this? Some will come and say this is not right, that is not right. One realised person will see but not think he will not think. He will be happy seeing it and relaxed. Any problem you ca. Solve

If you are in water he will come out and stand it is like this.

How much time takes for treatment. 

 For him it was less time.

Someone will be ok, someone may not. Life becomes ok. That is the main work of sahajyoga.To make liver alright is the main work of Sahaja yoga.

Yogic kriya? Many obedience. The soul is on the right side, working ability is also is in right side. It is not that we don’t do yogic kriya, we do when it is needed. People don’t do it scientifically. What are the benefits of keeping your legs up and standing for 5 years.? After that you get cancer.. What is the necessity of it? That is his problem. All this type of yogi kriyaa are useless. You go running since morning, do jugging like a mad what is the necessity? Whether a child or old everyone runs then you get a heart attack because there is no balance. So what is necessary to do it. As you drink any medicine. Without understanding some one has this someone that but all started running. Mother whatever experience you are giving after awakening kundalini, will other get the same experience after you go also? It is the power. You have to go to the collective. It is not that you sit alone and do it. One or two used to go to Himalaya to stay there in the cold alone and he could not get kundalini awakening. Come to the collective. Without collective nothing will happen. Is there anything to be awakened after Kundalini is awakened? The blind person should not go forward. Ida and pingala which is contracted after becoming elongated sushumna Also gets elongated. It needs to be balanced. How kundalini is awakened? First you get your health alright then talk about kundalini. Once kundalini is awakened that goes away. If it is felt in Sahasrara all the time is it felt? Once kundalini is awakened everything inside you starts working. When kundalini leaves vishuddhi and comes to agnya, if you press it will it awaken? If a person is seriously I’ll how his kundalini will be awakened. First get his treatment then kundalini will be awakened easily.

It makes a difference.

What is the difference between dwait and adwait?

Advait is to be attained. Didn’t you understand? In which time it should be done morning evening.  There is nothing like that in Sahaja yoga. Anytime it can be done Till you get flow of chauguna anytime is ok. I have gone to many places. People question I k is it. But by asking questions kundalini will be awakened it is not like that. Ok listen one thing. Get it once. Like a bird hatches an egg it is 1st birth, when the egg is broken and the bird comes out it is 2nd birth. Similar man has to be born twice. Questioning only is a waste of brain. Getting it is the main thing. We cannot claim. If it doesn’t happen in someone it doesn’t happen. What can be done. I should explain to you about chakra. Dr saheb also knows you can also know and will be able to lecture. Bit main thing is to experience. Without this you can not get joy. Kundalini is the power of will, if you have pure desire it will be awakened  no other things is needed. First should I tell. Someone must be having a cold feeling in their hands. The left hand expresses desire, and the right hand is working power. With the right hand we will know about our own chakra.  So l spread our left and for begging it as keep right hand in heart because atma lies in heart. Left hand chakra have been made by Gurus who are not now. Now we can awaken the guru tatwa in us. Then our right hand will come down the stomach on the left side. This is the chakra of Paramatma who does all spiritual work. People might have taught you this thing that thing that is all not pure knowledge. Pure knowledge knows everything, how to keep you well etc. Shift your right hand up above the heart on the left side, then it will come to Vishuddhi on the joint of the trunk and neck, turn the head on the right side. This chakra is affected when we blame ourselves and feel guilty. After this the right hand should be placed on Agnya chakra, It has two sides front and back. Now bend your head a little bit. This place is always to forgive others. This will be caught when we don’t forget others. So keeping hands here always forgive. Then right and will hold the backside of it keeping the head a little high and turning to the sky. This place is Paramatma from where you get forgiveness from God from param chaitanya so ask to forgive for your mistakes. For this you should not feel guilty at all. Then your hand will come on the top where the little child has talu and has to rotate the 7timrs. is do not consider yourself sinner. You forgive or not makes no difference. If you don’t forgive you only will suffer. We harm yourself. So forgive all together.

Close your eyes Sit on floor because the mother earth 

Sit in a pleasant mood. Keep right hand on heart. Remove spectacles. Do not open eyes till I say. You call me mother ma mataji what you like. Ask mother am I Spirit? If you are spirit, spirit does not create sins and will not be guilty.

Now move your hand towards the left side and ask, am I my own guru?

Bring hand on lower part of stomach. Here you have to say mother give me pure are free and I respect freedom. So you hai to repeat it 6 times as there are 6 petals in this chakra. When you ask for pure knowledge kundalini starts rising up. Now you lift your hand and keep in upper side of stomach where is your guru tatwa. Here say with full confidence that mother I am my own guru 10 times. I had told you you are pure spirit, you are not mand intelligence ego, body, keep right hand on heart and with full confidence say I am a  spirit 12 times. I already told you don’t consider yourself guilty.

 Those who feel guilty they trouble themselves and suffer from angina, thyroid problems etc. So keep your hand on the left side of your neck and turn your head to the right side. Tell here with full confidence Mother I am not guilty 16 times. I told you before whether you forgive or not makes no difference but if you don’t forgive you will be wrong, so you need to forgive. Now keep your right hand over the brow, band head little bit. Here you have to say heartily  Mother I forgive everyone.No matter how many times. Now without feeling you have done wrong without feeling guilty keep your hand on the back of your head and turn up seeing the sky. This is for your solution.,o param chaitanya, O God’s power,  God’s love if I have done something wrong you please forgive me. Because he is the ocean of love, icon of benevolence, ocean of forgiveness just say O God please forgive me. Now keep your right hand over the head where talu is, bend neck little down and rotate head 7 times slowly clockwise. Here also I give your freedom. So you have to ask Mother please give me my self realization. You have to say very humbly then only kundalini will open. Now keep your right hand 3 or 4 inch above your head and feel the breeze, maybe cool or hot in the beginning. Now feel with your left hand also. From the head cool breeze will be coming, keep hands above little bit ,not on  head. Head should not be touched. Raise your hands towards the sky and ask 3 times any one question. Is this your param chaitanya, or is it your love?. Keep the hands down.