Public Program: Prem Hi Paramatma

Noida (India)

1991-03-04 Public Program, Prem Hi Paramatma, Noida, India (Hindi), 65'
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1991-03-04 Public Program Hindi Noida NITL-RAW, 79'
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Public Program,  Prem Hi Parmatma (Love is God), Noida, 04 March 1991 

Translation from Hindi:

My salutations to all the seekers of truth.  People have a lot of conjectures and notions about the Truth.  But I am going to disclose to you a secret.  That Truth is the Love of Almighty God.  And nothing else.  Love is Truth; and Truth is Love. And that is Knowledge.  Up till now very few people have spoken about Love.  Because people have not been able to understand the truth about Love.  They have not been able to understand love.

God is full of love, and He spreads love to everyone.  He is Rahim (merciful), and bestows blessings on everyone.  And He is the ocean of compassion.  Ocean of Love.  All such things have been said by many.  But what exactly is this love, not much discussion has been done.  As I told you, the reason for this is, that some think that love is Mamatva (affectionate attachment).  They can even interpret love as something else.

But many wise people have said that God is the Ocean of Love.  But even if He is the ocean of love,  what exactly is He. No one would have been able to see the love in this ocean.  If anyone tries to find out, the ocean will drown him.  We have never heard that if a man is drowning, the ocean brings and leaves him safely on the shore. 

In the ocean live all kinds of fearsome and dangerous life forms, and it does not have that capacity or ability.  When the moon exerts a pull on it, the ocean gets drawn up, and then recedes on its own.  Twice in a day, the ocean ebbs and flows.  Like a puppet.  

So this ocean of love is (Paramatma) Almighty,  (Antaryami) Pervading the Internal Parts of the Universe, (Para) Beyond, Who knows everything, the entire creation created by Him, Who has made us grow and evolve, from an amoeba to this human state – we think that this Paramatma is (Gyan) knowledge.  But this knowledge is the knowledge of love.  He knows the way, how to love. 

The knowledge of love that we have, is limited and bounded.  For us our children, our house.  Like I told you, if we go further, then my village.  A little further, our country.  In this way our love gets surrounded by boundaries.  And also, selfish motives.  We will fight for our son, or something else.  In that there will be shades of self-interest.  But the love of God is (Gyani) pure Knowledge.  Means He knows everything about us.  Understand this – He knows everything.  What you are, what are your problems.  At which level you exist.  What shortcomings you have.  He knows everything.  Inspite of this He loves us.  Because He knows that this is love,  and how the power of this love can be brought into effect. 

In our love there is no Shakti.  In Paramatma’s love there is Shakti.  And that Shakti is knowledge personified.  Like there is a mother.  She loves her child.  There is no mother who will not love her child.  She will indulge and spoil her child.  The father will listen to the wife and trouble all the people at home.  Or he will get influenced by the people at home and trouble his wife.  There is no balance in this.  There is no understanding or reasoning as to how to correct both parties.  Because there is no knowledge.  There is no (Gyan) knowledge in this kind of love. 

So the Love of God Almighty you already know, you have the knowledge; and whatever you wish to know you can know.  Wherever He turns His attention, the attention will know what it is.  He knows all this on your Chakras, and also He knows how to correct these Chakras.  And the procedure is so beautiful, gentle and delicate, that to understand it we should have a heart.  Unless we have a heart, we cannot understand that action of the Paramatma. 

Like the berries of Shabari.  Shabari belonged to a simple class called Bheels (a tribe).  Bheels are among the lowest strata of the caste system.  She was old, and her teeth were missing.  She just had about three or four teeth in her mouth.  When Shri Ram came to that area, she collected some berries, and pierced each one with her teeth, to taste if they were sweet, because she could not offer sour fruits to Him.  That is why she selected each one carefully.

When she offered them to Shri Ram, He got a glimpse of her love in it.  He knew.  He recognized that this was an offering of love.  He accepted the whole lot, and began to eat them, one by one.  He said, “I have never eaten such tasty berries before.  They are pure amrut (nectar).  His wife, Who was verily the Devi, saw this and said, “Really!  Then give Me also some”.  He said, “No!  I am not giving any to anyone.  These are for Me.”  Just see the mirth.  Such a way of expressing His love.  His wife said, “Look.  I am Your other half, and You will have to share half with Me!”  In the name of dharma (protocol) He agreed, and gave Her some.  Just two or three.  Not more.  She ate them, and She said, “What wonderful berries these are.  I have never eaten this kind before”.

Normally, no one eats something that has been half eaten by someone else.  But the half eaten berries of this tribal woman, were eaten by Both of Them.  Lakshman was reacting, and got angry.  He thought, “What discourteous behavior is this!  Such a great incarnation is standing before us, and this woman has come with her half eaten berries, and is actually feeding it to Him.  And They seem to be eating and enjoying them.  And he got into a temper. 

But when Sitaji exclaimed that She had never eaten such tasty berries, he got a little tempted.  He pleaded, “Please give me also a few.  Please give”.  She said, “No.  I will not give”.   Then he said “Alright, please forgive me.  But please give me a few”.  So, Sitaji relented, and gave him two or three.  No sooner he ate the berries, his anger came down.  He became absolutely cool.  So in which way this loving banter, these waves of love, these small small things are used by Paramatma to raise the level of a human being.  It is only by these waves of love that a human being can be raised by Paramatma.  This is how He tries to raise them. No other.  Only God knows the different ways of setting right human beings.

Little bit I also know!  Even I know a little bit of this. 

Like once there was a Maharaj called Gagangiri.  He was very short tempered.  But, he was realized.  He used to tell everyone, “Why do you come to me and trouble me.  Adi Shakti has come.  Go there and meet Her.  You don’t know that Adi Shakti has come!” 

When I went to Kolhapur, I decided that let Me go and meet him, this Maharaj.  He lived in a very high place.  We had to go walking, and they asked Me, Shri Mataji, how will You climb that steep hill.  I said, “Doesn’t matter.  What problem can I have.  The One Who is used to climbing mountains!  I have no problem”.  So they said, “But why should You go there.  You never go and meet any gurus”.  So I said, ”Put your hands out and see”.  The chaitanya (vibrations) started  flowing on their hands.  Then all of us went up.  It began to rain, very heavily.

Now this Gagangiri, it was said, that he had the power to control the rain.  But the rain kept pouring and pouring.  Don’t know what happened to the poor man’s control. When I reached the top, he was sitting and shaking his head from this side to that; very angry.  Maharaj’s reaction!  I was completely drenched.  His people came and took him, and made him sit inside his cave.  He was still shaking his head.  His temper would not come down.  After that he came.

He had lost the use of his legs, and used to ride a tiger.  They carried him out.  He said, “Mother, was it to break my ego that You brought the rain?”  I said, “Why would I want to bring down your ahankar (ego)?  It is nothing like that”.  Then he said, “I got the information that You were coming.  All the gods came and took their places.  And such a thing happened. It is a shame on me that You came in these circumstances.  It was definitely to break my ego that this happened”.  I said, “No.  Nothing like that!  Let Me tell you the truth”.  He said, “What, Shri Mataji”.

I said, “The matter is that you are a sanyasi (ascetic), and you had bought a saree to present it to Me.  You are My son, and also a sanyasi.  I cannot take anything from you because I am a Grihasthi (householder).  But now that I am drenched, I will have to accept it from you!”  As soon as I said this, tears started rolling out of his eyes.  All his anger vanished.  And whatever little was left, flowed out of his eyes as tears.  He asked, “Mother! How did You know I had bought a saree for You”.  I said, “When you were buying it, I was there, watching you”. Then he understood everything.  I said, “Listen son!  If the rain falls on Me and flows, wont the Chaitanya (vibrations) spread in the whole creation?  It is not necessary, that only where you live, everything becomes green and lush.  What is the harm if the rain falls on Me! What is the disaster in this”.  The whole thing became clear to him. 

So, to understand the Divine, first of all we have to give up our ego.  We should understand one thing.  When the disease of ahamkar (ego) possesses a person, the first thing that happens is he gets angry… I had planned it this way, and it did not happen.  So when ego rises and overwhelms a person, the Almighty uses this power of love in a roundabout way;  in such a way that his ego melts.  His ego gets broken.  The remedy for this, is only the Divine way.  He does it in such a way, that you will not even know.  But, you will be cured.  Because of ego, the human being cannot recognize the reality.  And he runs after the illusion.

Just today, Doctor asked me that why do all these people run after false gurus.  When they are extracting money, when they practice deceit and fraud, when the disciple does not achieve anything, then why do they continue to run there.  The reason is plain and simple.  They have ego, and so does the guru, who makes an exhibition of his ego.  He makes money, collects Rolls Royce cars.  The more Rolls Royce cars a guru has, they get impressed, and the followers think that he must be a very great and successful guru.  Because they themselves think that money is important,  so if a guru owns so many Rolls Royces he must be great. 

They don’t think about love.  They think of the power of money.  How much money does he have.  You will be surprised, when I went to Boston, the TV people there wanted to call Me for an interview.  Before that they made enquiries as to how many Rolls Royces I had.  I told them, “ I don’t have any Rolls Royces”.  “You don’t have any Rolls Royces!”  I said “No.  My husband bought a car, and that is what we have.  From where will Rolls Royce cars come?”  They asked, “Why?”  I said, “We don’t charge any money for this.  This is invaluable!”  They said, “In that case this is of no interest to us.  There is no business or anything.  We are not interested”. 

In America everything runs on money.  To such an extent.  You will be surprised, in the Vatican, which is the kingdom of the Pope, he printed 2 Billion Dollars – 2 billion means, 1 million is 10 lakhs multiplied by 100 – 2 Billion Dollars false promissory notes were printed.  Fake.  Illegally. And they sold that.  And those involved were the Mafia, the Vatican, and the Swiss Bank.  This happened openly.  They had spread a very big net.  Later they got caught.  But they had already amassed this money.  In this way, whatever false gurus were there, they all formed mafia.  And in this way they kept befooling the people, and just ran after money.  Because they believe that money has a lot of power.  It is only if you have money you can control people.  So those who run after money, they cannot understand God.  But there is a cure for this.

Because, the man who has earned money by false means, cannot have a peaceful sleep at night.  He has no peace.  His children get spoilt and say, so what if you have earned the money, we are going to spend it away.  Then alcohol enters the house.  His wife runs away with another man.  These are the things you can see happening in other countries.  This is what has happened.  They will have money, but their image in society is not clean.  Their wives are not in their control.  And their children despise them. 

This does not mean that money is bad.  Money which is clean and has been spent honestly, means he stands in dharma.  Until and unless he is on Dharma, he will not be able to bear the burden of too much money.  So the most important thing for a human being is to stand on his dharma.  He must have detached love (nirvaj) for himself, and detachment from himself.  And he should think, that all this money that God has given me, what can I do by which I get blessings.  What work can I do from which I can get punyas (blessings).  Now people take advantage of the simple people who think this way.

Like in Maharashtra when I went, the simple people put a few coins at My Feet as offerings.  People told them there is no need of money.  Shri Mataji does not take money.  So they thought, if not five paise, we will put ten paise.  No one is able to understand that in the kingdom of God money has no place.  God does not understand money.  He has no knowledge of money.  He does not understand money.  Was money created by God, or by you.  God has all the Knowledge, but not the knowledge of money.  But He is aware that for the sake of money those who have left their dharmas (code of conduct), and have done all kinds of actions which bring shame on human beings, he gives such people the fruits of their actions.  Not only this, but such people will have to weep.  Weep a lot.  People will talk behind his back.  They will speak ill of him.

Once I had gone to Agra.  I was a little late.  The place where they had made the arrangements was a very lonely place.  Very dark and lonely.  It looked as if it was a  (smashaan), a place where they burn the dead bodies.  Not a single light on the way. God knows what sins these people must have committed.  Somehow we groped our way in the total darkness.  Then suddenly we came upon a place where there was a little light.  There was small madara (shrine) and inside was a picture,  and there was a muslim wali (a venerable old holy man) looking after it.  The emperor Akbar had long gone, but the lamp was burning for him.  Even today that lamp burns, and will continue to burn.  No matter how human beings have fallen, but he will remember a great person who had pure love in his heart. The old peer invited us in, and we went into that madara. 

In this sincerity there is dharma.  Even now we hear about persons who have led a holy life.  Someone who was pure inside and out, and who was an example of a pure life.  Upto now I have not seen, that after a dishonest rich man dies, any one keeps a photo and respects him by burning a lamp before it.  Nor have I seen statues erected of people, just because they were very rich.  On the contrary I have seen people burning photos of such dishonest and corrupt people.  Even throwing shoes at such photos.  I have not seen any rich man being honoured for having so much money.

So our desire should be that we become Nirmal.  Pure.  To be honest is to be extremely nirmal and pure.  And such people will always admire purity and honesty.  If you stand on the truth, if you are honest and pure, then God will always recognize you and save you. 

When Hitler came, everyone thought now we are all finished.  Hitler will devour all of us, because he is inhuman.  Who can put him right.  That has now become a lesson to others.  That no one should be allowed to become a Hitler.  If anyone tries to become Hitler, he will suffer the same fate that Hitler did.  Nowadays no one takes the name of Hitler in Germany.  If they hear his name, they close their ears. 

The German people are very peaceful and gentle.  Tenderness has come within them.  Their nature has become so nice, that in Sahaja Yoga the best yogis are the Germans.   There was a German boy who was in the police, and I suggested that he should marry a particular lady from America.  So they said Shri Mataji, this boy is so mild and courteous, he will die if he marries that girl.  I asked, why.  They said he is extremely soft and gentle.  The Americal girl is very overbearing and assertive, she will eat him up. 

And when I went to Russia for the first time, 25 German sahaja yogis accompanied Me.  I asked, “Why have you come”. They came with all the money they had.  They said, “Mother, our forefathers committed so many crimes on these people.  We should at least go there and give them realization, to make reparation for what our forefathers did”.  So I said, “But they are all dead and gone!”  But they said, “That may be so.  But we feel very sorry for what they did”.  So those who were working in high places, came down to the level of the less fortunate.  This is God’s work. 

Sadam’s rise and fall was definitely the work of Paramatma.  By this, people will understand that fundamentalism is a dark and blind activity, and we should give it up.  Any kind of blindness and ignorance should be given up.  And the crime in it is that they make an organization out of it, and no one knows what is going on inside.  The minute a dharma (sect) gets organized it is dangerous.  In Sahaja Yoga there is no organization.  Of course we had to make a Trust, because without a Trust they will not allow us to even make a hut.  But, there is no organization, no such kind of arrangement.  Nothing. 

These trees that are growing in Nature, they do not have any organization.  We believe in living growth.  Our organization is of love.  Everything happens with love.  You can see how Sahaja Yoga is working in so many countries.  I do not have any secretaries, nothing.  I just live a simple life.  Nor do I know banking.  I know nothing about organizing money, but still everything is working on its own.  How is it happening? 

When the Doer is sitting and watching, and He is all knowing.  Not only that, there is no one more efficient.  When that Power, which manages everything, is sitting and watching, then we do not need to exert.  We just sit and witness the play.  In Sahaja Yoga there is no organization, nothing.  We believe in Jeevanth Kriya (The living process).  When the One Who is managing everything is sitting there, there is nothing that we can do.  We are sitting, and they are doing all the work.  There is no one more efficient.  And now, you are also standing among us, and all the help is being given to you also.  You are also being helped.  You are being counselled.  No thoughts, no reasoning.  You are also enjoying.  You have now become Nischint (no anxiety, free from care).  One of the functions of this Prem (Divine Love) is, that it brings you up, and nourishes and loves you.  Those who do not come, are lost.  They have failed in their own esteem and also in others. 

They felt they were very great.  This Rajneesh, it is said, had 98 Rollsroyce cars.  When he died, within half an hour they wanted to get rid of him.  His body was taken to the nearest crematorium.  He fell from everyone’s estimation.  What respect did he get.  No one recognized him.  The worms that he has left behind will last for a few days more.  This same kind of end is awaiting all the false gurus.  Just like it happened to Hitler, Mussolini and others.  All will end the same way, because in it, is the hand of Paramatma.  And this is the warning for us, that if you do this kind of thing, what will be the repercussion.  We must not follow in their footsteps.  We should live a kind of life, that even if we die, there is a fragrance from our bodies.  And we shine like a beacon for others. 

This can only happen when there is love.  And in love there is no kind of selfishness.  There is no smallness.  There is no expectation or attachment.  This is a kind of stigma.  Just by saying leave this, and leave that, it is not going to leave you.  If we say leave maya, it is not going to leave you.  If such things worked, a lot of those who have gone before us, would have been different.  Every day they read Gita, this, that and gathered knowledge, to no effect.  But everything flowed away like water.  They were just the same as they were before.  This will actualize, only when you take your realization.  All this that has been written about spirituality, can only become effective in the light of the spirit.  It settles inside.  And the Shakti that  is to be awakened within you is the Shakti of love. 

Now you must not get upset.  I was thinking, while coming on the road, that the Noida traffic is so bad, that whenever I have to come to Noida, I get delayed.  But the pull of your love starts increasing.  It does not get less.  The first characteristic of  Sahaja Yogis is that they only want love.  There is an enthusiasm, and an attention towards everyone.  Must know about everyone. 

Like, when I go to the market and see something, immediately I feel it will be good for Mr. So and so.  Or, it will be a good gift for some particular lady.  And at the proper time I will find the right thing to give someone.  Now these worldly things are there, only so that we can give it to someone, with all our love in it.  After all it is only in these small things, how we can show our love, was demonstrated by Shri Rama, by eating the berries brought by a  (Bheelni) tribal woman. 

On the other side was Shri Krishna, who used to go the house of Vidur, son of a maidservant, to eat food with him, even though it was a humble house.  He never went to have food with Duryodhan.  He never went to the house of that wicked Duryodhan, to eat his rich dishes.  This is the sign of a Sahaja Yogi, that love is more important.  By respecting love, you respect the truth, (Satya). 

As a person grows in his love, he slowly becomes a Sahaja Yogi.  All the enemies of the soul, like lust, anger, greed, jealousy, attachment and pride, get destroyed slowly and for ever.  In some people there may be attachment, because he does not have Nirvaj (detached) love.  He has pride when he thinks he is above everyone else.  Because a person who thinks like that is mad.  But when he has love in his heart, how can he think he is better than another.  In love such things are not even thought.  You just cannot think like that.  That feeling just cannot come to us.  But in love we can see the fineness of character.  We come to know what is dear to this persons heart, what things will please him.  Because you have that love.  In love you get knowledge.  And then this Divine Love starts pouring out from you.  Then a great knowledge of all things awakens within you, as if you have known each other for thousands of years.  The quality of loving, the quality of knowing each other, is such a great power of love. 

There was one gentleman who was from Scotland.  And Scotsmen are famous for their miserliness.  He became a Sahaja Yogi, and grew very deep.  One day a program was fixed in his house.  I was also there. I was living far away in London, so he said, “Mother, You please have dinner, and then only leave”.  So I agreed.  Then I thought, he must have cooked only for Me, so I felt that after the 25 other Sahaja Yogis go, then I will eat.  That is why, when they asked Me whether they can leave, I said “Yes”,  because I thought there was food enough only for two or three.  After they left he came out, very surprised, and said, “Shri Mataji, why have they all left”.  I said, “Yes, they have gone”.  He was very disappointed and said, “Shri Mataji I had cooked enough food for everyone.  Now what shall we do!”  So I said, “Go quickly and call them back”.  He said, “no they have all gone”.  I said “No.  You just go and see”.  He rushed out.  This was a Scotsman who are normally very stingy and miserly.  If food is left over they will keep and eat it for eight days.   He caught up with them.  Their train had not yet come.  He brought them all back, and then only he was happy again. 

But this kind of thing can only happen if you have filled your heart with Divine Love.  All your own satisfaction gets expressed in your love.  Normally with human beings, whatever is least attractive or valuable they will give to others, and keep the expensive and special things for themselves.  Sometimes they will offer you something, and when you say why did you take the trouble, they will say, OK you don’t want it, its alright. And they will take it back.  If you go to someone’s house for dinner, they will make excuses, that sorry today we could not get good vegetables.  Whatever there is please have it.  And when you look at it, it will be a very small quantity of food; and they will keep forcing you to eat.  Please take more.  Please take more.  When we go to such houses, we eat at home and then go.  They will have only a few chapattis, and will keep dividing it and serving small pieces.  You would have hardly eaten half, and they take away the rest.  In this way their only interest is to save.  Save at any cost.  Whatever is not special they will give their guests. 

With Sahaja Yogis it is different.  When he becomes anchored in his spirit, then he becomes a king.  And does everything lavishly.  Crying over small small things stops.  Like there was one person who got transferred.  He was a Judge.  You will be surprised, that in our house, we had been married 45 years and had to change houses 48 times.  We moved 48 times!  And this was the judge’s first transfer.  We went to his house.  He started crying and complaining.  For one hour he kept complaining.  Now we have to leave, and I don’t know how we will be able to save all this glassware and crockery.  I spent so much money on it.  I began to think – O God, where have we landed with this complaining man.  He picked My brains for one hour.  I could not understand what kind of man this was.  And he was such a big judge.  This was his only transfer, and he was so agitated.  What will happen to these things.  They will break.  They cost so much money.  This will get destroyed, and there will be so much loss.  This, and that. 

Much later his son came to see Me.  He was just the opposite of his father.  He kept befooling his father and extracting money from him to buy cars and other expensive things.  He really squandered his father’s money.  There is a song – “Will the two things meet or not.  Will there be a meeting of your purse strings with my hands or not”.  By befooling his father, Mr.Judge, he managed to get a lot of money out of him.  So, every action has a reaction.  What ever happens, is a reaction of some previous action.  Even then, human beings have not learnt a lesson.  He saved every penny by being miserly, and then his son came and spent it all.  What was the use of all his careful saving.  What money and fame did he get.  No wonder it is like that. 

After Sahaja Yoga the attitude becomes that if it has to go, let it go.  Leave it.  Why not enjoy.  When the time of enjoyment has come, don’t cling on.  To get caught up into these small small things, exerts a pull on the attention.  Whereas in the joy of the spirit, one gets completely drenched.  One becomes ecstatic in this love of divine.  And this love gives us the joy.  It rains down from all four sides.  So there is  no cause for sorrow.  There is no reason to get upset. 

And when that Paramatma loves us, we should have full faith in Him.  And the fact that we are His children.  This knowledge also gives joy.  Poorna (complete) faith.  No half measures.  In half and half, there will be problems as before.  There is no cause for concern, no pain, no trouble.  Everything is coming in front of us.  I told you, there is no cause for worry.  Things will keep working out; things will happen; and we will wonder how.  I do not tell God.  I do not even ask.  And there was not even a small desire in My mind.  Before all this, God has given me so much.  Later we will realize that there was a requirement for this, but it never entered my mind.  But God knew.  It came into His mind.  How does He know such fine and subtle things.  His Attention surrounds us on all sides like Chaitanya (vibrations), which knows everything, thinks of everything, and understands everything.  AND the love of God does all the work accordingly.  Have you ever heard of such a thing.  Have you ever heard of such a Shakti (power) which knows that this is the way to accomplish this requirement. 

This creation that God has spread all around, is what we call as Paramchaitanya.  Sometimes one feels that Paramchaitanya must be some Ascetic sitting with a big rod; or someone who will fill us with awe.  There is a very loving name for it.  Ritumbhara Pragnya.  Ritumbhara Pragnya due to which, due to whose Shakti, the whole Ritu (season) changes.  That is why Ritumbhara  Pragnya means full of light, alert, vigilant. 

All these flowers of different colours which bloom, some today, some tomorrow.  Today a different scene.  Tomorrow a different scene, and another.  All these happenings, like clouds forming in the sky, and taking different shapes and colours, giving pleasing and wonderful scenes that come before us every day; the enjoyment that we get by witnessing all this;  that is Ritumbhara Pragnya.  You will be surprised who gave this name.  Patanjali!  Patanjali who made you stand on your head.  He gave this very appropriate name.  Such an Allahad Dayini name (which gives Divine Joy) –Ritumbhara Pragnya.  This is what is Param Chaitanya.  Brahma Chaitanya.

In the conception that we have of Brahma, there is no talk of love.  Even in Patanjali Yoga it has no mention of divine love.  Not at all.  They have talked of Nirvichar Samadhi (thoughtless awareness),  and other samadhis.  But he never mentioned Prem Samadhi.  But in one word, he has said everything.  That you have to know Ritumbhara Pragnya.  In this one word he has filled it with the sweetness of Divine Love.  He did not use the word Brahma Chaitanya.  Because it is a very Drishya (visible, worthy of being seen) word in Sanskrit.  But Patanjali thought of this word.  Which changes all of Seasons.  What Shakti is this, which changes all the seasons.  We never stop to think about this. 

Sometimes clouds move about in the sky.  Sometimes the world is covered with flowers.  And sometimes light and colours form like paintings in the sky.  Sometimes all the leaves fall from the trees.  If the leaves do not fall, how will the Mother Earth get nitrogen.  That is why trees have to shed.  And not only this.  The rays of the sun also have to reach the floor of the earth.  That is why Pragnya happens.  And everything on this earth is fully surrendered to it.  Fully surrendered to Ritumbhara Pragnya.  Whatever You think fit, let it happen to us.  Leaves have to fall from the tree. Let them fall.  Then new leaves have to come.  Let them come.  Flowers have to bloom.  So let them blossom.  If they have to turn into fruit, let the fruits come.  If they have to be plucked.  Let them be plucked.  There is no objection.  We will keep on giving fragrance.  And when it has to end, let it end. 

If you observe the entire creation you will see how effective Ritumbhara Pragnya is.  It is a living process.  I don’t know if you have ever lived in a jungle.  Where a tiger sits, not even a bird will chirp.  The king is in residence.  Everyone observes protocol.  When there is silence in the jungle, you can understand that the King of the animals, the tiger, is present. The tiger is also so magnificent, that he does not kill animals every day.  In every 15 days, or once a month, he will kill one animal.  He will kill with dignity, and leave the carcass till all the blood drains out.  Till the blood is fully drained, not a bird, or even an ant, will touch the carcass.  After that the tiger will go and eat what he wants, and then leave the rest of the animal for others.  And there also, first the tiger cubs will eat.  Then the other animals, one after the other.  And finally the crows, and last the vultures.  All within protocol.  Everyone observes the order of priority. 

If you go into a forest, you will never get bad odours.  Not even the smell of a tiger.  But you leave four human beings in the forest, and a foul smell will start.  We can guess that an animal called human being, has got lost in the forest.  The tiger never gives out any smell in the jungle.  But you bring him out and cage him, he will smell so bad you cannot go near him.  I feel he must be absorbing all the negativities of the human beings. 

The whole creation is in the control of the Paramatma (Almighty God) as Pashus (in the bondage of God), living in peace and harmony.  But they do not have the awareness that they are in the bondage of God Almighty.  But you have all the freedom, to be good, bad or indifferent.  The reason for this freedom that is given to you is, that when the bigger freedom is given to you later, you will understand and appreciate it.  To understand that bigger freedom you have been given this smaller freedom.  That first you understand and learn how to live as free beings.  Only then you become fit to receive the greater freedom which is in store.  But later, you lose this small freedom, like the creation lost its freedom and came into the pasha (control) of Paramatma knowingly.  Knowing that this is the bondage of God.  That this is the bondage of Atma (spirit) with Paramatma (Almighty God).  There you get the comfort and security like a little child feels in the bosom of its mother.  In this case it is surrender with full knowledge of the bondage. The surrender which comes with the full knowledge of  what it is, that takes you into the state, which we say is Prem Mayi (consisting of Love).  We have become the Love. 

Today I have spoken this important topic, because the people of Noida have a lot of love in their hearts.  And whenever I have to come here, I always think I will come in time.  Even if I get ready early and leave, somehow there will be a problem on the road with traffic.  A kind of attraction overcomes you, as well as Me.  This charm of attraction is a thing like this, that it increases the love.  That is also a necessary thing.  Those who had no love in their hearts, must have got up and left.  In that we can recognize, who left and who stayed on.  Those who have left, kept sitting and waiting, and I was also anxious, as to when will we reach, and what is going to happen.  Whereas normally, I never worry about anything. 

Like once when I was coming from Lucknow, the train got so delayed, that all along the road I kept thinking.  And in a photo I was seen, sitting on the stage.  Whereas I was still on the road.  That attraction also is a beautiful feeling.  With it, the depth increases.  That loving anticipation and attraction, helps to experience Divine Love more effectively.  Like if you have a pain somewhere, and someone presses it with a hand, it gives relief.  We will remember that relief more than if someone just casually passes a hand over it.  So attraction and anticipation is the thing which takes us into the depth, and that is why those who remembered the Divine and have bhakti, who felt the attraction, who kept searching no matter how many wrong paths he took, no matter what wrongs he did; it will make no difference.  Because He is the ocean of love.  He will definitely give you a place in His heart.  He will pull you towards Himself.  Because He values love above all things.  And that is why, today you should be fully aware that in Sahaja Yoga we have to first of all, learn to love. 

If someone tells Me about another, that this man is not good, that man is not good; I feel a lot of distress.  But if someone praises someone else, My Heart feels overjoyed.  We should not notice the faults of others.  It is only  if we see the good qualities of others, those qualities will awaken within us.  As soon as we notice the faults of others, those faults come into us, like a tiger starts smelling when he is caged and starts absorbing from others.  But if you notice only the good qualities of others, their qualities will increase, and so will yours.

Now, if someone comes to Me and complains that Shri Mataji this man is like this, and that man is like that, you know what I do?  I will tell you, but later you will come to My way of thinking.  I tell him, “But that man was praising you like anything.  What are you saying.  He was praising you so much, he took one hour of My time”.  Oh!  What was he saying? “Oh I don’t remember.  But he was praising you a lot”.  So he goes and embraces the other person.  Next day what I see is, that both are walking with their hands on each others’ shoulders.  So try to fill love into your understanding.  Spread love all around.  Fill your life with love.  It is a very powerful thing to be able to love every one.  For this capacity you do not have to work hard.  It is all there within you.  And this love contains endless joy and strength that you will be able to understand. 

It is getting late.  But I still have to tell you one more story.  It was the year 1947.  I was studying, but there was a break because of the situation at that time.  And then I got married.  Some refugees came to my house and requested a place to stay, because they had nowhere to go.  If you have a spare room, please give it to us.  They seemed to be good people.  I knew they were alright.  “There is a room on the outside.  You can stay there”.  It was a very big house, and only My husband, I, and My brother stayed in it.  When they came home in the evening they began to scold.  We know nothing about these people, their families, their brothers or sisters, and You have allowed them to stay.  We do not know where they are from.  Whether it is safe to keep them.  I said, “Why are you shouting.  The room is outside, and what can they take from here.  What great things do we have.  Why are you doing this?”  They made a lot of noise, and those three people were listening quietly.  But one thing was there, that they could not say too much to Me.  And I was very firm that “ I am going to keep these people here, whatever you say”.  They became quiet because they knew I was not going to listen to them.  On top of this, one of them was a Muslim.  People started getting after him.  Those days the Sikhs were after them.  It was natural, because a lot of disturbances had happened in those days.  They came and demanded that we heard there is a Muslim staying here.  So I said, “Wait!  You can see that I have this  big red sindoor dot on My head.”  So they said “Yes”.  So I said, “I am telling you the truth.  You please leave and go”.  They had very big knives and weapons with them.  They left.  Now this same Muslim was the famous Sahir Ludhianvi.  They stayed two months and then left.  And this lady became an actress, Achala Sachdev.  After that, see what happened.

This was such a small gesture to keep them in the house.  The room was lying empty, and it was not such a great thing to allow them to stay.  I never did anything for them.  In fact I did not even give the poor things any food.  They felt so much obligation for what I did. 

Many years later I was in an organization that was making a film, a charitable Film Society.  And they forced Me to be the Vice Chairman.  They wanted Achala Sachdev to play the role of a mother.  So I told them, “Don’t tell her about Me when you go to ask her.  She never tried to meet Me after that incident.  So don’t tell her My name”.  They asked why.  I said “No.  Just don’t tell her My name. you can talk to her whatever you want”.  When they approached her she said I am very busy, but I will do it if you pay so much, and give me a saree, and this and that.  They told her this is a charitable organization. And after a lot of talking she agreed. 

I went for the Muhurat (launching) and she came.  As soon as she saw Me she just fell at My feet and started weeping.  She said, …. She said a lot.  Whatever she said, she said with a lot of feeling and sincerity.  Everyone was shocked to see what she was doing.  She asked them, “Don’t you know Who She is.  What a gracious person She is”.  She immediately phoned her husband and asked him to come.  She also called Sahir Ludhianvi.  She said, “Why didn’t they tell me this was Your project.  I am so ashamed for my behavior.  I am really ashamed”.  And she said, “I will not only act in the film, but my money is yours”. 

This incident happened in 1947, and now the new incident happened in 1957.  You can understand from this that whatever kindness, whatever goodness you show to others, will never go waste.  And this has always been My experience. You do anything for anyone with love, and then forget about it.  Yes, if you keep remembering it might cause embarrassment.  Just forget it.  It can happen that the love with which you do something, becomes all enveloping in the other person’s heart.  This is My experience.  Of course sometimes people will be ungrateful.  But very rarely.  Even now, whatever love you have given, enjoy the joy of it.  Enjoy the fruits of love.  It is very easy to get angry, but showing love is a beautiful feeling.  Without any expectations.  If you show love for love’s sake, that is Divine Love.  Now you have come into Sahaja Yoga.  What more do you want.  We want nothing.  Only this, that we should share our love with every one.  With this love you will spread so much auspiciousness in this world. 

Today whatever I have talked to you about love, you should spread and distribute love, so that the whole world will know that Sahaja Yogis are Prem (Love) Yogis.  They are sitting in Love.  May God give you endless blessings.   

If there is anyone who doesn’t want this, just forget it.  You sit on your throne.  If he has abandoned his dharmas, why should you leave yours.  You sit in the dignity of your love.  Enjoy your love.  What else to do.  We have become Prem Yogis.  We cannot change.  Whatever we have become, we have become.  Once we are human beings inside we cannot behave like monkeys.  And the one who has become a monkey from a human being, we cannot change him.  If we try to change him, there will be distortion!  He will change for the worse!


Bow your heads, and put your right hand towards Me.  Bend your head and see with your left hand if there is a coolness on top of your head.  If it is not coming, say “Mother, come into my head”.  Seven times you must say.  Close your eyes.

Now put your left hand towards Me.  Put your right hand on top of your head.  Not touching.  But above the head.  Left hand towards Me.  See with your right hand if any coolness is coming on top of your head.  If not cool, then even warm air.  Doesn’t matter.  For some it will come quite far above the head, and some will feel it close.  Keep moving your hand and feel.

Now, right hand towards Me.  Bend your head.  Yes.  Now put both hands towards Akaash.  Put your hands up. And ask: Shri Mataji is this Ritumbhara Pragnya.  Shri Mataji, is this Param Chaitanya.  Ask anything.  In your heart, and in your mind.  Is this the Pure Love of the Paramatma. 

Now take your hands down.  Put both hands towards Me, without thinking.  Just put your hands towards Me.  Without thoughts. 

Now all those who felt in the hands, or the head, cool or warm breeze – all of those, put both their hands up

Just Look!  This is the pull, the attraction power.  Isn’t it!  Just see!  What can I say.  May God bless all of you.  Each and every one in Noida has got realization.  Is this Noida! Or what place is this!  It is a very holy place.  On the Banks of the River Yamuna.  Wah! Wah! (Splendid! Splendid!)

Doctor, they have all got their realization!  Blessings to All.