Birthday Puja Talk

New Delhi (India)


Birthday Puja, Delhi, India, 3rd of October, 1991

You people have expressed a desire to celebrate my birthday. This year my birthday is going to be celebrated three or four times, and every celebration gets added to My age! But your desire is so sweet that I agreed because I can see that it gives you so much joy and happiness. In every situation something new must happen in our lives. As we are Sahaja Yogis who are constantly evolving, we should use every occasion to rise a step higher. In Sahaja Yoga when we look at our own state and situation, as compared to the state and situation in the rest of the country, we feel that we have established heaven on earth in this country of India. This state in which we are deeply immersed, and which we are enjoying, has reached a very high level, and its foundation or basis is very strong. This aadhar or foundation has enabled us to achieve a state of purity, and peace, and joy.  This is a state which cannot be felt by others. And everyone is observing this and realising that these are a special kind of people who have found a new way of life. Wherever I travel people tell Me, “I know a person who is a Sahaja Yogi. He is a very good man, and there seems to have been a great improvement in his life. He is fully surrendered, and his business and all his responsibilities are running smoothly. His family life is also very happy and peaceful”.  This is what others are observing about him. And they say, “Mother show us also how to live a life like that”. And I tell them, “Come to our temple. Take to Sahaja Yoga. Come and meet our people, talk to them, and see what kind of people they are”.

The way you people have taken to Sahaja Yoga and impressed people with your way of living, is  creditable. One thing we must understand, that these special powers that we have received, have not been experienced by anyone else up to this time. Up till now, no one could awaken the Kundalini in such a short time.  No one had the knowledge of the working of chakras. People did not even know that you could make a diagnosis of chakras from your fingertips.  Up to now I have not read about this knowledge even in the Shastras (scriptures).  No sage or saint has ever mentioned, that from indications on your fingers you can diagnose the state of your chakras. They have been able to talk, only up to chakras. And, very few people have talked about Sahasrara. You people have been able to understand this very subtle knowledge, because you devoted all your attention to it. And in the light of your Atma (Spirit) you have been able to assimilate this very subtle knowledge.

Now you are spreading Sahaja Yoga; and all the rules and protocols of Sahaja Yoga have been accepted and followed by you very spontaneously.  No one has tried to put obstacles in the way, and no one has questioned Me or argued with Me.  All of you have accepted everything very easily. As I have said, we do not differentiate between faiths and religions, castes and classes. We believe in oneness, in equality. We do not believe in superficial things. We are all part and parcel of the Divine Body, and we should strive to know the Almighty God who is manifesting in that Body, and get fully absorbed and identified with it. And this attention which has gone so much into the outside should be withdrawn inside to become one with the whole. And I can see that little by little, you have begun to feel the joy of this state. It is this joy which attracts you and brings you to us.  And then you feel that you have to go and share this with others.  Just like a man who takes alcohol, cannot drink alone, in the same way we cannot keep this joy to ourselves. If one person comes into Sahaja Yoga, all his relations should come, all his friends should come, and all his well-wishers should be brought into Sahaj.

The first effect of Sahaja Yoga can be seen on the physical body. Ailments get cured, mental stress reduces; family relationships get better, children improve in studies and behaviour; and even Lakshmiji bestows blessings on you. And every day you realise that you are in the kingdom of God, and God is looking after you. Sometimes things work out so miraculously that people are unable to adequately describe them, and they ask Me to explain how these miracles worked out. In the society we have established a good image, and in dharma we have built a strong foundation. There is no doubt in this.  We have become collective and have love for each other. We have recognised the Truth, and we practise truth and honesty in our own lives.  This is a very good thing.  I have seen, especially in Sahaja Yoga, no one tries to make money dishonestly.  Whatever money is given Sahaja Yoga is safe, and no one tries to misappropriate it.  Some people say, it may be out of fear of God that they do not touch this money, but I say that Sahaja Yoga transforms a person. The ten dharmas that are embedded in a person, get awakened, and the person starts enjoying his own virtues and becomes “samarth” (identified with his dharmas or virtues). He becomes morally strong and avoids the company of wrong type of people.  If he sees an immoral person, he silently tries to make the person get rid of his bad habits.  And he knows the ways and means to correct a person.  He uses these techniques to help the person, and quite often he is successful in transforming the other person.

Sahaja Yoga has also worked in the field of Arts.  Many artists, painters and musicians experienced an awakening, an inspiration to greatly improve their art, and have seen a growth in their creativity and performance. Not only in India, but also in foreign countries artists and musicians have discovered new dimensions in their field of art.  Not only this, but a lot of social patterns and behaviour have improved. The small minded have come out of their petty problems; and the haughty and egoistical people have dissolved their pride and come into balance; and those who were too mild and suppressed, rose and stood firm.  A society of peace loving, and law-abiding citizens started emerging.  Not only in our country, but as of now, in fifty-six countries around the world.

Sahaja Yogis are a special category of human beings.  A lot of good work is being done, not only in India, but in all parts of the world.  It has spread to more than 56 countries, and a lot of good work is being accomplished in transforming people. Spreading Sahaja Yoga is very important, and those who are actively involved in spreading, are doing a great job of the Divine (Paramatma).  You can spread it through music, through the Arts, or by public speaking.  In the world of Science, many scientists, especially in the US have decided to write about their research.  Even the Medical community is doing a lot of work to prove that Sahaja Yoga cures illness and disease, and that it is an essential truth. Many doctors have taken up the responsibility of substantiating their claims with proof from case studies.

When I came on this earth, and put My Attention on the world, I saw so much darkness that I began to wonder whether My small ray of light will ever be able to dispel this darkness. No one would even be able to see this small light.  Let alone talking about it with someone, I could not even imagine a way to communicate and remove this darkness and spiritual ignorance that had enveloped them. Whatever knowledge they had, was superficial and outward, and collected from reading lots of books. I felt it would not be possible to talk to them of change and inner transformation, and they would not accept suggestions for spiritual growth.  But somehow it happened; and as you can see, it has worked out.

Now, on this auspicious occasion, and taking into consideration the conditions and state of the country which show no signs of improvement, I feel that we should enter the arena of politics and governance.  I feel that until and unless people like us, who are honest and dharmic, get involved in the public administrative system, the condition and state of this country cannot improve. The evils  of the present system will definitely have effect on future generations.  No doubt there will be difficulties, but you will overcome them and come out of it successfully.  If we have any concern for our children, and our countrymen, then we should include politics in our efforts at transformation.  We can prove that honest people of good character; who follow the path of dharma and truth; who have no greed or selfish ambitions, can transform the country into a state of improved living conditions, and dignified culture.

Go to any country, whether it is a Democracy or Communist, or anything else:  I have not seen any Democracy, where there is no dishonesty. Some less, and some rampant: the dishonesty and greed is always there. Corruption is being practised openly.  In the Communist countries they have no choice. They are forced to work where they are sent. They lose their freedom to make choices.  There is corruption in both forms of Government. One is power oriented, and the other is money oriented. In both forms the people are subjugated — forced to submit to the might of power or money.

Now from our position on the path of truth, we should look at the problems, whether international, national, or even in small villages, as a universal problem.  We should examine the causes and defects, the magnitude of the damage, and view it on a global scale.  We must also identify the mistakes and find solutions to resolve the problems.  You people can remove these problems very easily.  Because you possess great powers! You are aware that by using the power of Bandhan, you can remove so many problems.  And you can bring a lot of people into Sahaja Yoga.

Recently I met people from the Air force, and they said “Shri Mataji, take us in also.  We know many Air force persons who are Sahaja Yogis, and they are achieving wonderful things”.  Then there are the Police force who have joined hands with us.  In Maharashtra they have a newspaper called Police Times, and they report many events of Sahaja Yoga.  In this way a lot of newspaper journalists have joined us, and are spreading the good news of Sahaja Yoga.  Also, as you are aware, a lot of Government Servants have come into Sahaja Yoga, and when they move around on transfers, they spread Sahaja Yoga wherever they go.

So, in this way, if we enter politics, and government positions, we can find solutions to a lot of problems.  One thing is important, that our desire in all this, should be pure and noble.  There should be Pure Desire (Shuddh Ichha) to find ways to improve the conditions in our country, so that we render people’s rights to the people.  We should also desire Spiritual awakening and growth among the people, so that we all become shining examples of righteous citizens, to the rest of the world.

Whatever desires we have in this situation, they should be pure and clean, and the only motive should be to improve the conditions of the country, so that everyone should get their rights.  Also there should be moral and spiritual growth; and our style of living and interacting with each other should become a shining example to other countries of the world.

In this country we have a lot of strengths, like honesty, truthfulness, and discipline.  And whether you accept it or not; there is a lot of (shakti) strength in these qualities.  We can utilise these strengths in a very positive way.    There is one more important thing we must remember.  In whatever we do, we should observe and incorporate the Indian culture.  If we try to adopt foreign styles of functioning, we can very easily get influenced by them and absorb all the wrong things very quickly.

The Indian culture and lifestyle are very conducive to self-realisation.  If we do not practise our own culture, we can never improve ourselves.   As I have said many times, if you transplant a tree in a foreign environment, it will neither produce mangos nor apples.  So those who are Indians, should live according to the Indian culture and customs.  Because this culture is very mild and gentle.  If we look at Indian society – the children and the elders – everyone is respectful, kind and disciplined.  Even children get recognition as belonging to the family of an upright and honest man.

It is surprising that Sahaja Yogis from countries outside India, always say, “Shri Mataji, teach us the culture of India.  It is so gentle and respectful, and all the people and children that we have seen are so kind, gentle and well behaved.  And not only this, they are (Dharmic), very pious and devout”.  So the identity of sweetness, gentleness and purity that Indian culture has got, should be maintained and projected, and practised within the family.

Most people are under the impression that Indian culture is what we have borrowed from Muslim countries.  Like observing “purdah”, covering the face with a veil, and so on.  But in Maharashtra and the Southern states, our women do not observe this practice of covering the face.  But they live the culture of Indian modesty.  Even in Gujarat women do not cover their faces.  It is only the Muslim influence in North India that has caused our women to follow this system.  Also, suppression of women; challenging their chastity, and disrespecting them, is not Indian culture.  Our Indian women are highly dignified, knowledgeable and full of wisdom.  They have taken part in discussions and discourses on various subjects; and distinguished themselves as scholars, writers, and politicians.  The Indian culture does not suppress women, nor does it consider them inferior or lacking in any skills. Everyone has his or her rightful place in society.  When other countries are following their own set of rules and culture, isn’t it important for Indians also to study and understand the culture and codes of conduct of their own country.

Very often we feel we should copy the West.  But they themselves have realised that whatever mistakes they have committed, were because they had no guiding or restraining force. Like a kite which has lost its moorings they went headlong and did whatever they liked, without thinking of the consequences.  They went into extremes of immoral behaviour and brought upon themselves all kinds of diseases. The society disintegrated and there was a breakdown of moral values.

Our guiding force pertains to sahaja yoga practices, and we should understand this fact.  Until and unless we practice these principles in our day to day life, we cannot become, even good sahaja yogis. Because these are divinely appointed means of supporting and nourishing Sahaja Yoga.  I am not saying this because I took My birth in India, and that other countries do not have values and systems that we should copy.  For instance the way they have developed, their laws and discipline are things we should learn.  But actually, if we live according to our own principles, moral discipline and culture, all aspects are covered, because it is a divinely appointed means of rescue from temporal existence.  It corrects all mistakes and defects.  All the morals and value systems, all the parameters are embedded in natural conditions, in a most divine way.  This phenomenon of Divinely appointed parameters does not exist anywhere else.  This is why we should embrace Indian culture and philosophy; and we should value the importance of being immersed in this Indian civilization.

I was in Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram from the age of seven, and I used to observe him.  I saw that he talked a lot about Dharma (basic principles of existence).  But he was a strict disciplinarian.  Sahaja Yoga is not so strict.  You can live the way you want, at your own pace, and there are no compulsions.  It was Gandhiji’s practice to wake up at 4 a.m.   Sahaja Yogis also do this.  Even in countries outside India, Sahaja Yogis follow this practice of waking up at 4 a.m.  Somehow in our country people do not like to live in ashrams.  I am told that “Shri Mataji, You may have to live in the ashrams, because we have built so many ashrams and no one is willing to live there”.  They are attached to their own houses.

In Gandhiji’s ashram it was a rule that all should wake up at 4 a.m., have a bath, and accompany him to the prayer room.  Snakes and other crawly creatures used to roam around in the compound, and many times we saw snakes in our path with raised head and open hood.  But one had to sit quiet and be in meditation.  After the prayer session he would leave.  He walked very fast, and we had to run to keep pace.  Also, he had strict rules about food.  We ate only boiled food, and were permitted to add salt and some drops of mustard oil for flavour.  There were no spices added, and everyone had to eat that bland food, irrespective of who you were – whether Jawaharlal Nehru, Abdul Kalam Azad, or anyone.  It was a rule for all.  This was the food that all would get, and everyone ate it without a fuss.  He was really a strict disciplinarian, and he followed it in his own personal life.  He lived a frugal life, like a sanyasi (ascetic).  His nature was very disciplined; and if anyone committed blunders, he chided them publicly, and they realised their mistakes.  It was a time and situation when this kind of strictness and austerity was necessary.  Those days people were so dedicated, that many of them made a lot of sacrifices for the country’s freedom.

I saw My father and mother, and many more people who we could not imagine could be so patriotic.  They gave up all their possessions.  We were little children.  I was just eight years of age, and I had the responsibility of keeping the heavy bunch of house keys; and I used to look after My brothers and sisters.  We gave up our houses, sold our cars, and stayed in huts.  So much sacrifice, so much dedication for the cause of freedom for our country.  And see now, the country is free, but what is happening to it.  The people of those times were very patriotic, and very brave and courageous.  If that kind of zeal and devotion to the country could be awakened today, then we can transform the country completely.  I have no doubts about this.  But we have to have the same kind of dedication, and willingness to make sacrifices.  And we should take pride in it.  No one cries and weeps about their sacrifice.  I saw some government servants complaining that because they are honest they have no wealth or possessions.  If you are honest, what is there to cry and complain about.  You should be proud of your honesty, and not feel that if you were not honest you would have had a house, a car and other luxuries. Try to improve your condition by doing some business or other activity.

Previously there was pride in honesty, and people would ask, “Whose son is this honest man.  His father and mother must be very honest, upright, and dedicated to the country”.  Not only this, but we have been taught that we must be patriotic to our country, and be willing to make sacrifices.  Only then would our parents be proud that we are their children.  Today also we have to have people of this calibre, and then only we can improve the political condition of the country.

In Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to exert too much.  Your life has been blessed, and you are happy and satisfied, and living in joy.  But you must realise that this is a kind of a “chocolate” that has been given to you.  Inside is the truth, that you also have to do tapasya.  Until you enter the state of tapasya, (austerity and detachment), you cannot complete your self realisation in Sahaja Yoga.

This is not that kind of tapasya where you go into the mountains, shed your clothes and shiver in the extreme cold. But in a fully surrendered way, with body and soul, and total dedication to this cause, you should have the pure desire to transform the present conditions of the country.  Only then will everything start working and manifesting.  Up to now I have not put any compulsion or bandhan on you.  No restrictions.  Only love, love, and more love that I have been showering on you.  And you lived in comfort and joy.  But today, when you are talking of celebrating My birthday, a new dimension should come into our lives, and awaken us to make new resolutions. Resolutions that will make us proud.  And as you are Sahaja Yogis, all your pure desires and resolutions will come true.

I have no desires, and no resolutions.  But you have to make the pure desires.  And it can all be worked out successfully.  And that is why today you have to sincerely pray for improvement and transformation of the conditions in our country.  And today we must also perform Puja and worship, with this intention that we have to improve the condition and situation in the country.

We have within us the Shakti (Divine Energy) and therefore we must expand our lifespan into a bigger vision and turn our attention to our country; understand its problems, and find solutions to bring about a transformation.  May this day be very auspicious for all of you, and in My lifetime may I see all the problems getting solved.  May the country be released from the shackles that are binding it.  And may I see the flag of Sahaja Yoga flying everywhere.

May God Bless You.