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Mumbai (India)

1991-03-19 Public Program, Mumbai, India (Hindi, English), 52' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1991-03-19 Public Program Mumbai NITL-RAW, 65' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program in Hindi, Self Realization in English , 1991-03-19

[Translation from Hindi]

About which he doesn’t know. Although in our India there has been a lot of work on Yoga but because of the onset of English rule all of us forgot our Great scriptures which worked a lot in the field of yoga. In Upanishads if you see particularly Shandilya Upanishad etc., it has been written long back that within you there is a power named kundalini and this power on getting awakened you can get your self realisation. This I will say certainly that very clearly whole outline has not been given in these Upnishads. But it is a matter of controversy that our many scriptures, Yogvashishth etc., in many scriptures as well it has very clearly been mentioned. Don’t know why do we consider knowledge from foreign countries as the best and our any asset in this country give it least importance don’t know its importance. Its reason may be is that we were under slavery for such a long time and we were overwhelmed by these people because they were ruling us. Now that we are free in that freedom we should observe what are our assests what is our history and what did we discover? India is such a unique country where man has less problems of the outside world For example, if in London you have to go out of your home at least for fifteen, twenty minutes you have to dress up yourself then you can go out. In our country too there are so many places for example, Himalayas or at high altitudes where it is very cold, people don’t live there. But I have seen in these countries that the problems quarelling with everyone all the time go on troubling them so much that they are fully lost in that.

But in India the climate is so good that we sit in open. In Russia also you cannot sit in the open. In any country one cannot sit so much in the open. There used to sleep on the floor They said, Mother, many people will come to listen to your lecture there is no other place than a stadium. Stadium too was full to its capacity. So this characteristic of India that there is neither too much heat nor too cold and here at this place we didn’t have to struggle against nature. So from eternity there were our ancestors. Those ancestors thought that finally our life is a daily affair. Daily we get crushed in our life. It has some or the other meaning.

And because our climate was like that people definitely paid their attention more towards themselves than towards foreign countries. They didn’t have any need to think about the questions of outside topics how to find out a solution of those problems? They knew only this much that now everything boarding and lodging is almost okay. Even if you go into jungles, you can live in jungles too. There you can live by eating fruits and berries. This type of climate too we should say that God has blessed us specially of such a country. This country is a great country and there is a special blessing of God for this country and because of this blessing from eternity people of this country tried to find out why did we come in this world? And what for our life God has made? Why has He created us in the form of human beings? With this inspiration many people meditated in the jungles.

They found out that our life has been created so that, we could go to the kingdom of God and their joy, and their love may be rewarded by that. God created the whole world and this universe. and after that left a human being from amoeba to this state and that only for the sake of being in that state of happiness that God’s love and comfort we may be able to feel. So, God created this world. Every body sang this and everbody said saints in this Maharashtra, nobody knows in how many ways have said that SUKHAKA SANSAR (comfortable world) I will make. That has been explained in PSAYDAN (written by Sant Mauli Dnyaneshwar) and the beautiful picture of the world that he made that you can see today in sahajyoga. Whatever prophesy has been made, whatever has been said, whatever they desired by heart the time has come to be rewarded by success. I will say that Sahajyoga is not today’s, it is from the beginning of the creation. In the olden times, there used to be only one guru and one disciple. This tradition in twefth century, specially in Maharashtra Shri Ghyaneshwar ji broke.

He too after propitiating his brother,who was his Guru broke this tradition. Atleast to Me about this clearly in Ghyaneshwari……… Before that you see nobody knows in how many scriptures there is no mention about it. and about that it has been specifically explained. Those who had never read Sanskrit those who did not see their old books those who give western education highest importance. are blind people, will never be able to understand it that in this country how many great things are there In all these things Whatever you will come across, that is only just one thing what for is a man’s life made? What is its meaning? Where has he to go? Is his life made for fighting with this and that solving the problems, go on quarrelling and abusing people or go on depositing insurance policies or do some better work than this and grab the money of the whole world Is his life made for that? We should think Is our life made for such petty things? When I came to Poona in the beginning, everybody told ME “Mother, here your work will not be done at all”.

I said ,”Why?” They said ,”They all eat money. They don’t eat food at all.” But, this Punya Patnam about this it is mentioned in so many scriptures In this Punya Patnam, do all people eat only money? Has all bribery spread? Why has it happened? Why did we reduce ourselves to such a state? Because that which is desire within us to seek truth disappeared. We lost that desire, we are unable to understand that that we have to find out the truth Till we do not find out the truth till then we can never get solution. You become a millioner you eat lot of money , become a millioner but you can never get health.

You can never get happiness. You cannot get love and everybody will speak against you at your back. Not only this, people in this India are acquainted with great ideals that any person may get tempted to bow his head to the photograph, however great he may be. We are the carriers of such a great culture. Having such a great culture Why have we gone down and now is there any way to escape is a separate question? If somebody asks Me, I will say that it is good in one way that it has at least created an illusion within us. We started thinking why did we fall like that? Why are we facing this plight and why are we doing it at a low level? Above all when a man thinks what after this? After all why this?

And then he becomes a seeker. And those who are seekers only he can get self realisation. and he who is not (a seeker) he may say anything however he may shout, he cannot get his self realisation. He is not a realised soul. Because when a person thinks in this direction, after all why did he come in this world? he points towards the truth and he wants to know the truth. I who am born as a human being, what is its importance? what is my status? To which level i am going? When a human being starts thinking all this he becomes a seeker.

and when he becomes a seeker then for him, his kundalini, his own mother herself that is settled within him, gets enlightened in a sahaj way. In this case, in Russia I tell you, is so surprising that 14 Thousand and 16 thousand, there are also such people and all of them get realisation. I used to think that there they had never heard the name of God not knowing what is kundalini. Seeing just My photograph thousands of people came and got realisation. I observed that all their writers are too much in search of their inner mind, by introspection Their writers have shown that whatever work a man does always gropes for an answer. Why i do this? why i did this? what for i am doiing so? What is my intention? So, although in our country, people talk a lot about religion, have a great command on dharma and you have just seen that sadam sahib and America has spoiled the show in the name of God, all the work quarrelling, create trouble kill this, kill that, supress everybody.

All this is happening because a human being is not secured within himself. He doesn’t know that God takes care of everybody’s security But He loves everyone. Not only this, He is the Father of all fathers Absolute Ocean of mercy And we need not be insecured so much. And simply by My saying you may accept that thing, is not possible that I say that God’s shelter is always spread over you. But you can surely feel it You can know it, in Marathi it is called ZANI. In Sanskrit it is called BODH or VIDH from which the word ‘VED’ has originated. The time has come that you can know it that it that God’s grace is spread all around us. And when we get this power, then only In fact your yoga takes place. Before that, to talk about yoga, to stand on your head and to break your bones is not yoga. And people made yogas of different types.

Yoga is not made, it takes place. which is living action in our evolution just as we became human beings you have not been turned into human being from a monkey you became so. the same way, from the state of a human being you go to a higher state. and to go that state you didn’t have to work hard you didn’t have to undergo any hardship You didnn’t have to pay any money The main thing is that God doesn’t understand money at all. What will He do after taking money? What is the need of offering money in His name? The person who values money most What is the use of giving money to him? For example, this land is earth put any seed into it, it will sprout on its own. The same way kundalini awakening takes place on its own in a sahaj way But such things people explain that for kundalini jagran you do this, you do that you give so much money,do this do that it is all false, absolutely false Do not trust such people at all And those who take money in the name of God, commit sin. They commit the greatest sin.

And those who give, it will be said about you that your wisdom will be helpful. Another thing is that for this Sahaj because as I said that a seed by a living process only gets germinated, the same way it is a living process which is the work of living God. To that, even if you make it as per your desire, is not possible That sitting inside you is your indivisual mother. Kundalini is your mother.Many people have even written that that with the awakening of kundalini you face this problem, that problem I can’t understand if you don’t know anything about a particular field then why do you write about it. People go on writing to earn any amount of money and write such things that people feel scared that we will not have Kundalini awakening we will have problems. Oh! She is your mother. because She is going to give you, your rebirth. Your mother who gave you birth, did she not take all the troubles? Had she given you any trouble?

The same way SHe is your mother. And this Mother is mother of pure desire. If you have pure desire that pure desire is in the form of Mother is a power and when this power awakens then you witness the love of that all pervading power of God or we must say that we witness that power. That power you can feel inside you you can also see it on your head that cool breeze is coming out of your head as Adi shankaracharya ji has said,”SALEELAM SALEELEM.” This way you can feel it in fingers as well although now a days it has opened for the whole world. It was not so earlier. So, people have not explained it so openly. But now it is available for everybody and everybody can get it. But in that there are two types of confusions. Which is specially in India.

That is within us there are SUSANSKARS (good as well as) KUSANSKARS ( bad, moral and cultural values) . Out of those KUSANSKARS, one such is that we have got entangled in the bondage of some religious cult. To be in Dharma is different from being in the bondage of some Dharma. To be in Dharma means first that you are your own master. No need to say follow Dharma or be in Dharma. For example, if there is a saint like Tukaram, as Namdev was, as was………..Sant Garib Das as was Kabir, as Nanaka was Had they to be told,”Don’t do this wrong act don’t do this, don’t grab money? ” Had they to be told like that? There was no need of that. They would not do wrong acts at all. Then they had some such special personality having their own power.

on account of which they would not bother for such things would condemn such petty issues. That thing you are going to get today. You can get it today. So, because the God who has created this universe He is eager, He only wants you to get your self realisation. Today I am going to tell you something special yesterday was as you know people recognise was a day of Gudi Padwa. On the day of Gudi Padwa, people say that Krita yuga started Now the people will say, it is all foolishness. How did krita yuga start? Krita yuga started in Kaliyuga means that in Kaliyuga this all pervading power of God is working. and because of its working only today Sahajyoga has become so simple and easy. And people have been benifitted in many ways.

Now if you don’t want to take the advantage of it no body can compel you. So for this,for some days you must have a hankering, a desire and a little bit of dedication. because may be you are very egoistic saying “We will give you two lakh, you awaken our kundalini” Cannot do all, you may give ten lakh, twenty five lakh. No problem! If you want your kundalini to be awakened then come with humility and say that you want your kundalini to be awakened It will be instantaneously. A person who is full of arrogance or a person full of KUSANSKAR (wrong moral values) that person finds it difficult in Sahaj yoga still I wonder that Kundalini’s work is going on so efficiently. People are getting benifitted limitlessly that don’t know how God is so merciful to us. And many a times we think how did He pour His ocean of compassion on us. It is worth knowing, It is worth recognising. In the modern age people are so much overwhelmed by science although in India, the scientists are half baked scientists.

that is why here people talk more about science. So, to this even the scientists when they thought that beyound this they don’t need anything and this science is not the last thing there must be definitely something beyond this and when they took even one single step of religion and God knows how much they progressed and I would like to say that in America and Russia there are many scientists who took a big step in Sahaj Yoga and they discovered a lot. Towards this we should see that everything that has proof people ask for. Give the proof of this, of that. Why should we give? Have we charged any money, any rupee from you? What for are you asking? Of what are you the contractors that you ask for the proof of everything? First you come and get your realisation. But if you want us to give its proof, we won’t give.

Why should we give? We are not your servants. But when you say ,”Mother please give us self realisation, I will be your servant for all times to come”. Because, there is one bad thing in a human being and that is his ‘ego”. its one type of behaviour, which is not liked by Kundalini. Kundalini doesn’t want you to visit and abuse saints in front of them. Do you think that kundalini doesn’t understand all this? This all pervading power is this, you don’t knowthat it neither thinks, it knows not only this, but all this completely organizes, makes everything, carves everything. You are unaware that you are living under HER protection. That is why this unknown thing is to be revealed to you.

and it has to be expressed because in this kaliyuga you are born in this doubtful state. But it is quite possible that you too might have been a great saint on the Himalayas, sitting shivering in cold. Don’t know, I cannot estimate your virtuousness because Sahajyuga is spreading so much that it seems all the virtuous people are taking birth in this world. You also test your virtuousness fully and get it which is a great thing. Kundalini awakening, people say is very difficult May be for some people but neither for ME nor for Sahajyoga. It is very easy. It doesn’t cause any trouble nor any worry. This kundalini doesn’t pass through seven chakras. It passes through six chakras. You should know it.

In many of the books related to kundalini, I was so surprised that a German has written a book saying that Kundalini is in our belly. some say Kundalini is in brain. When you don’t know about it why do you talk about such a difficult topic? How do you say abruptly, this thing is in this, that thing is in that the subject about which you don’t have any knowledge, atleast scientifically you must humbly acquire knowledge and after that you must see if it is beneficial for the whole humanity if it is higher than the whole society if it is giving rise to a new world then why do you put hurdles in that? when there is no question of rupee, of no money nothing to take, nothing to give then why do you put hurdles on it? but where there is corruption here the people grab money at its peak and make everybody fool there nobody will say anything, everybody’s mouth is shut. let someone stand up and tell fearlessly this man has grabbed so much money by corruption gave so much money to MLA (s), to MT(s), nobody will say like that Here everybody’s [INAUDIBLE] But I see that people make tales about Sahajyoga. It has only one reason that those who are wicked people at our place don’t want that any one should be benifitted in the world They want they want that the world should be such, they want the world to become so bad and with that our benifit but such people are very few. Mostly people are very beautiful, very nice but without any support. For such people it is necessary that they obtain their powers and be collective.

When they will be collective, then only these wicked trends will be destroyed from the world. And whatever are their after effects because of them whatever our problems are will come to an end. This will be in your social and political regions but there will be a great revolution inside ourselves It is non controvertial that in sahajyoga people will get alright. There is no doubt about it. We can tell you that there are such people in Bombay who had blood cancer and now they are alright. and they are alright till now. Years have passed , they are alright and they will be so. But there is one thing, that if there is a rich man He will say, “No Mother you only have to treat me” Okay! once I may give him time, but I don’t have so much of time. Then you will get cured of one disease Why can’t another disease attack you?

The reason is that completely in totality you have to get cured. For getting cured perfectly, what should you do? For that you should be totally in sahajyoga . Because there is depth in you, a lot of depth very sweetness, very beautiful, an ocean of joy but till you do not get it, till you do not take a dip into it, till then you will be attacked repeatedly. May be these are health related, or mental or intellectual or may be spiritual as well. To think about these things, a man must think that if we are getting realisation in Sahajyoga today and if we are getting this power it is very important that we use this power in such a way that we touch its depth, which is our property. That is special quality within us, let us distribute it. And for that it is such a great thing here that we in Mumbai have twenty five to thirty centers. And you go there and ask then whether you are very affulent or a great man or a man of low category, it doesn’t matter. Because we are not doing any bussiness out of it We don’t have luxurious palaces and things like that.

We have all ordinary things and people can go and learn. We should not think “I am king of some place, how can I come?” About this Mohammed Sahib has said “He may be a king or a pauper, everybody has to sit on one level”. That is everybody is in front of God. After going there one who meditates and continue with his own depth and after that He won’t have any problem. And he himself becomes powerful. There are some such people with us, you will be surprised very ordinary people who have average education they have acquired such powers that they can cure every type of disease they can cure all types of mental diseases and not only this, they are very simple people and no KOWDI, no money, nothing if we have to go somewhere, recently we had to go to Calcutta there one person was treated. This way everyone can get this power. Not only this, you see your chidren are singing These are Indian children who are singing there is nothing special about it. And if you see, the song that was of Maha Laxmi is in Sanskrit language but it has been sung by Swiss Sahajyogis and they sing so nicely.

Those for whom to speak even a single word of Hindi would be a problem have sung this song so beautifully in Sanskrit. They will sing in Marathi, in Hindi and our Indians also have done everything in English, French and German. This capability that human being has acquired and with this capability human beings became a special human being One can say has reached the state of superman. so sober so loving, so compassionate, so merciful and so much joy giving becomes such a large heart because it is a VISHWA DHARMA (universal religion). All the religions are vested in it No religion is left behind from it, if it is a real religion All the religions are included in it what is its value? All of them are incarnations AAPPKE PRASHIT HAI………….. Apart from that all your saints and sages Where are they? what is their status? you have all that knowledge… The greatest thing is that it is your heritage. It is the heritage of your country, it is the heritage of India.

It is your heritage. This heritage is yours. And you remained hidden from it, because Britishers ruled over you. and after that what happened, God save from that. I was with Gandhiji when I was seven years old Gandhiji was a self realised soul and He used to tell Me that when our country will be independent then you should start your Sahajyoga, not before that. I said ,”I have not known yet what a human being is. He has to go further. How can something be done?” He would say, till we do not become independent till then how can we know SAV KA TANTRA (self’s mechanism ) He said, that is absolutely right. Till we do not become independent, we cannot know SAV KA TANTRA But at that time, if Gandhiji had started it really Even now I think, if this self study had been started that time We would not have faced the plight , we are facing today.

The reason of our plight today is that we don’t pay attention to ADHYATM (self study) Why doesn’t it come to our mind? Although you may do anything Untill you get your ADHYATM, you cannot live peacefully. This is God’s Divine bond. You need money, take it. You need children, have it You want power, have power and get shoe beating from him. And you want anything VIP, get it and you will realise that there is no joy in it. You know the law of Economics, that anything you like and get it after hard work and after that after that the joy of getting it is over. After getting it, you want a new thing. It means that in general it is not satiable. A man’s desires are never completely satiated.

Same thing our desires within our being, which never get satiated So there is definitely some desire which will satiate us. And that desire is pure desire which we call Kundalini. We should acquire this kundalini From this we should know what we are. What is our speciality? Why are we in this world? Until our connection is with that Divine Power till then we cannot know. [INAUDIBLE] or we are in our ego we cannot know properly what is the real problem. Grand, dignified person today we need such a person who is great and the one who has within him his self respect. that in comparison to that self respect considers filthy things filthy. But this religion awakening should be from within not externally.

When a man gets awakened in this religion then he gives up all the ADHARMAS (unrightuous). These are left out on their own. As I gave you the example these saints didn’t need any one to tell them They were DHARMIC by birth. This DHARMA should awaken within you and for that there should be kundalini awakening. I cannot show you where DHARMA is in front of so many people but where you can see a big green circle, there is your DHARMA. We will awaken that DHARMA then even if we desire we cannot do ADHARMA. Even if we want , we cannot do wrong things because, the moment we do something wrong this chaitanya will depart from us and we will be away from joy. so, leave it, we have nothing to do with it. This is not for a group not for one country not for any particular type of people, it is for the whole world. and the whole world has to get it.

There have been many prophesies about it and people have said that it is going to happen. But towards this, you should think a little bit that i too am a seeker and it is necessary for a seeker that he thinks that whatever he will get, that he will know and i will go deep into it. Many people get realisation in Sahajyoga. Today also you see many people may get realisation but there are very few people who go deep into it. and this is what troubles ME. Here there are not deep people. It is just the reverse topic in the universe Here people once get realisation, get settled into it. Out of them, barely one or two will be useless but in our country the reason is that we have so many ideals, such great incarnations have been here we don’t respect ourselves. We have one Guru, he is Guru Maharaj we consider him as our Guru. What about you?

What gravity you have acquired? We adore Rama, we adore Hanumana, we adore Mohammad. But have you been benefitted by that? Why do you accept THEM? Your yourself become worthy of admiration. And this is possible when their qualities will awaken within you. Sahajyoga awakens that very quality in them. That is why I want to tell you only one thing, that there should be truthfulness in it. and if you ask for it humbly you will get it surely. You can get it surely.

So, in MY opinion tomorrow I will tell you specially about it. because, you will get books about kundalini, you should read. I only want that your inner light may enlighten. After that, what is this Atma? I will tell you about that tomorrow. I hope that from today you will understand You are not what you think of yourself. You are much greater than that and you don’t have to get it, you have only to know it. MY blessings to you! Those who have to out for five to ten minutes they may go and come back. It will take ten minutes for your self realisation………. and so much for this Mother Earth and now for your ownself and for others.

Tell them, those who want to go out can go for five to ten minutes and then sit comfortably. As we must have respect of ourselves, because we are human beings. Here in lies the epitomy of evolution. All should have one’s self-respect and that we are born as human beings and human being is on top of evolution and for himself, Human being should never underestimate himself, that is the first condition This is the first condition that you have to respect yourself. you must have complete self confidence about yourself. We should have complete self confidence about ourselves and we should know That those who tell us that you have done this sin and that sin, they speak like that all these people are themselves sinners. Because you are human beings and every human being can make some or the other mistake. He is not a God. So, towards oneself, in a way there should be respect and self respect. This is the first condition for you.

After all you are not God. You can make mistakes, doesn’t matter. Those who tell you that you are sinners Please remember, they must be the greatest sinners. Nobody has bussiness to say like that to any human being. So all of you should have complete regard and respect for your being. I have no fear. And one should never under-estimate himself I am like this, I am like that we have always heard that and those who tell that are them selves sinners that we should know and for oneself never have feeling of inferiority if you were God it would be a different thing but you are human beings. And human beings will make some or the other mistakes. And so I request not to have any low feelings. This is my sincere request to you And that now you have to enter into in the kingdom of God.

Be Joyful about yourself. You should be very happy about yourself very much pleased about yourself. You sit in a very pleased state within yourself. There is no need to degrade yourself down. And second condition is that you forgive everyone you forgive everyone. You do not do anything But if you do not forgive then you are playing in the hands of those who will hurt you [Marathi] so I request you to forgive everyone altogether. and don’t think, to forgive someone and not to forgive others Forgive all of them With that one thing is that you have to forgive everyone together. You may forgive or may not, but you don’t do anything. It is all false and once you don’t forgive anyone, then you play into the hands of those who want to tease you. So, altogether, without remembering whom you have to forgive say together in your heart I forgive completely.

Thes second condition is to completely forgive everyone altogether not to the member individually in person but in a general way just forgive. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you do not forgive then you play into wrong hands. So it is a myth, and so please don’t torture yourself with the myth. Please forgive everyone without thinking individually about anyone. In a general way, just say , i forgive everyone. These are the two conditions. Take out your shoes. Please take out your shoes. remove your shoes on one side and those who are sitting on ground not for them [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] Please keep your feet apart from each other.

Those who are sitting on the chair, can remove their shoes. Those who are sitting on the chair, keep their feet apart and remove their shoes. Now put your both the hands like this. Take out your shoes. [Marathi] [Marathi] Both the hands towards ME. [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] Please put your left hand towards ME and right hand towards the Mother Earth or on the earth. Keep left hand towards ME and right hand on Mother Earth. or towards Mother Earth if you are sitting in a chair. Now right hand towards ME. Put right hand towards ME and the left hand towards the sky.

Tomorrow I will tell you why I did so. [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] why? [Marathi] Put both the hands towards the sky. [Marathi] Push back your head [Marathi] [Marathi] Now, just ask a question Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Or ask the question, Mother,”Is this the cool breeze of the all pervading power of God?” Put a question, is this the all pervading power of God? [Marathi] [Marathi] Ask in your heart. Ask three times, three times [Marathi] [Marathi] The trees are not moving, they are just still. but you feel the cool breeze in your hands. and watch Me without thinking.

[Marathi] [Marathi] The trees are not moving, the leaves are not moving. means coolness will be in your hands. Now put your right hand towards ME. bend your neck and see here. Fontanelle bone, cool breeze is coming from here, bend your neck. Bend your neck and bend your head and see for yourself from the fontenal bone area if you are getting cool breeze from the other side. [Marathi] Don’t put your hand on the top of your head, away from it. [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] some people take it much further some people feel at a higher level and some very close put the left hand towards ME. Don’t doubt. Don’t doubt yourself.

Now put down your head again. and see with your right hand. There is a cool breeze on the top of your head. Now see, cool breeze will come from your Fontanelle bone. [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] [Marathi] Some people might feel hot. Heat coming out. Now bend down your head again neck bend down check with left hand and right hand towards ME Keep your hand away Again please bend your head and watch that cool breeze must be coming from your Fontanelle bone. left hand on the head and right hand towards ME. ………… ok Now put your both the hands like this You have become too much thoughtless no thoughts Nirvichar Those in whose hands now you see, not even a single tree is moving not even a single leaf is moving everything you are seeing yourself, nothing such You are seeing yourself, you are witness to it Not a single leaf is moving, they are all witnessing you All these trees are witnessing, what is happening to you. Only this has been a great country.

Now Those who have felt cool breeze in their hands Those who have felt cool breeze in their hands Those who felt cool breeze or they have felt it through their Fontanelle bone area Those who felt cool breeze on their Fontanelle bone area Those who felt cool breeze on their Fontanelle bone area All those who felt put their both the hands like this please raise your both the hands, those who have felt it. All of you are now saints My blessings to you! Now you respect your Atma Sakhshatkar. You must respect your self realisation. What you have got , what you have felt and what you have enjoyed you must know what is this power and how to use it. How to work it out? And now you have become authority with this power. So please, remember that now you have to move deeper and deeper into your own being. Whatever you are now, I won’t say that you have now become Sahaj yogis yes, your kundalini has been awakened. There is no doubt about it but only after going completely to the depth of it you can become a Sahaj yogi.

It should be decided a bit that you go into your depth and get it. That is your power, your property and is your dignity. It is a matter of great pleasure that all of you have got your realisation. It is a matter of great pleasure that all of you have got realisation. Self realisation has begun for everyone. But unless and until you go deeper till then You cannot be called a Sahajyogi. And till you are not gone deeper, there will be always some kind of problem lingering on. Please go to our centers and go deeper. Tomorrow again I am available at your service and tomorrow I will talk about Spirit. So tomorrow everyone please be present here.

and share with everyone, that it is a very simple thing. Within five minutes i got my self realisation. They won’t believe it. Ask them to come and see it. Now you will be able to sleep very well. And everything has worked out very well very well. You have to experience Now the benefit of it only by using this power and also by going deeper into your routine you become really, absolutely an authority of Sahajyoga. I wish you all good luck!