Birthday Puja

Mumbai (India)

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Birthday Puja, March 21, 1991, Mumbai, translation from Hindi

The whole world is gleefully celebrating our birthday. All this makes me so emotional that till now no children would have loved their mother so much, like you love me. This is the glory of Shri Ganesha that he would behold His Mother above all deities and would be engrossed in Her service. Therefore, He could accomplish everything. It is a natural instinct for every mother to love her children and to sacrifice everything for them. And she doesn’t have any expectations from them. But, every mother desires her children to be of good character, and, earn name and fame. A worldly mother has such desires. But, the ranks of a Spiritual Mother that you have bestowed upon me, I don’t have any desires. I was thinking what I should talk about because I don’t have any desires. Probably in such a state no desires exist, yet without having any desires they are being fulfilled. You are doing everything even before a desire emanates, so what should I desire for. What I had wished and hoped for – that my children should be extremely virtuous, they must have a radiant temperament, must be munificent, valorous, working for everyone’s welfare – must own such a grandeur personality and must be great gurus. I can see it is happening; little less in some, more in others. I am also witnessing how you are going around the world to give self-realization to all people. I can see this work too. So many people have taken to arts, some have become poets, and they are utilizing their talents for Sahaja Yoga. Nothing needed to be said, nothing needed to be explained. Don’t know how but everyone grasped that they must spread Sahaja Yoga.

There shouldn’t be any obstacles in spreading Sahaja Yoga because you are very blessed, none of the saints have ever been bestowed upon with such boons. Those saints had to undergo a lot of hardships. You don’t have to face any of it. But you have infinite powers within you. You must know about those powers and must utilize them. Unless you will utilize those powers, they will be wasted; this is similar to a machine that disintegrates if it is left unused. These powers have awakened within you and because of this awakening these powers are notably manifested in some people, they (powers) are very active. But what should we do for this? If you ask me, I would like to talk to you about this.

First and foremost, we should watch ourselves – what can we do for Sahaja Yoga. From morning to evening, all we are bothered about is, our kids, our homes, our families; is this what we keep doing or is there something else that we do. You must also think, that even in this age our Mother travels so much, she goes around everywhere. We must at least go around in our neighborhood, around our city or sometimes outside the city to talk about it. If you will not tell them about it today, then tomorrow they will blame you for not making them aware. If you would have told us, even we would have benefitted from this ambrosia. So, this is a responsibility of sorts that has fallen upon you because you got this first. Therefore, it is important that you give it to others. Just don’t keep it to yourself. If we were to see, I haven’t done some special work for you all. But these powers have been awakened within you. These powers have manifested in such a way that you are amazed at how this miracle happens, or how that miracle happens. Because now you have entered the kingdom of God, so all your work gets done own its own. But still, we must think of the purpose of why we have been initiated into the kingdom of God. Like you see in politics, a member is elected from a constituency (designated area) and becomes a member of the Lok Sabha (the Indian Parliament). He enjoys the authority and facilities associated with Lok Sabha. But he gets an additional responsibility to go and meet the people of his constituency, and, look after their needs, and, address their concerns, work for their welfare and help them progress. Now you must also understand that you have come from a constituency too. You have got these powers. Now it is important that you must advance these powers and enhance them. If you will not do this, then these powers will vanish; and the people to whom you are supposed to give these, they will also be left out. They will not get anything. That is why we must think about what we should do now. You can accomplish depth in Sahaja Yoga through meditation. But unless you spread it, the depth you can achieve will stall beyond a certain limit. Many people sing very beautifully. When you sing it so well, why don’t you showcase the talent outside. Why don’t you go out and sing in front people? Go to places, organize events and give recitals of your songs. People will thoroughly enjoy it. Similarly, there are many talents people have, but they are confined within their homes. Many people are great orators, can give beautiful speeches and sermons. I asked them why are you just living in confines of Bombay or Delhi. You go out and try it. Give speech to other people. That would be so much better rather than talking to the Sahaja Yogis – the people who have already got their self-realization, what is the point of reciting/ narrating it to them.

So, it is important to understand that, as much as we spread outside, we must also go deeper. You must understand the collectivity when you spread on the outside. In that several questions may arise, several disagreements may come up, many people may challenge you as well. You must not argue with such people. You must be straightforward with them – if you want your kundalini to be awakened then come. If you want to fight/ argue then there’s no point in it. If they shout, tell them their Vishuddhi chakra will be impaired and then they will never be able to get their self-realization. In this way, you must talk to them with utmost discretion and judiciousness. Now I heard that Sahaja Yoga has been established in Alwar (*a city in Rajasthan, India). I don’t know how people went there. A gentleman was transferred there, and Sahaja Yoga was started. I was told that even in Patna (*city in Bihar, India), there are almost two hundred Sahaja Yogis. It is very astonishing. I have never been to Patna. One Mr. Sharma went there and gave self-realization to so many people. He is doing this work entirely. He has been continuously working on who is to be given realization, who needs to be corrected. Never for a moment, does he think that I must take some rest now or I shouldn’t do it, or I may just do as much as I can. He never thinks like this. Similarly, even we should think about Sahaja Yoga, all day and all night; and when we start enjoying it, we must go forward and then things get done.

You celebrated my birthday with so much love. I don’t know why you celebrate my birthday. I can only understand that may be you people consider my birth as a very special event. I don’t think like this. I think the day you will get your realization, that would be a very special event. The day when I gave self-realization to the first person, I thought it was a momentous day.

When I was born, it was all gloomy around; I would wonder how will I talk to these people. These people have thwarted minds. They are no saints or sages. Most of the people are in entrapped in darkness and ignorance. How will I make them understand this? What will I explain to them? That’s when I thought, unless I awaken the collective consciousness (Samuhik Chetna), no one will listen to me. Right from the beginning, I realized that before saying anything else I must first make arrangements to awaken the collective consciousness. I thought about this, I experimented, I studied the chakras of my acquaintances and thought about how their chakras can be corrected. How all these people could become part of a collective and get their realization. But, if someone says, I had to do a lot of penance for this then I don’t think I had to do a lot of work for this. I was already in the habit of waking up at 4o’clock. Once awake, I would take my thoughts within. I would put my thoughts within to understand how kundalini can be awakened. Probably you haven’t got all this know-how yet, but gradually you will learn how to put your thoughts within, how to keep your attention (chitt) within. Then whatever thoughts you will get, you will be able to put them in your attention. Similar to computer programming, we Sahaja Yogis are akin to computers and we can do programming in our attention. If we do programming on our thoughts and put it into our attention, everything is executed. But for that the computer must be intelligent and the doer must also be clean within. So, understand if the computer gets damaged then there is no use. Therefore, you should make yourself clean and immaculate.

The most important and joy-giving thing is that Vishwa Nirmala Dharma was established. Today, I think, its been almost five to six years. Since then Vishwa Nirmala Dharma is flourishing and people are accepting it completely. Now even the Sahaja Yogis who wouldn’t accept it in any way; who were following their (original) religions, and would keep harping the same old thing, or would go to the wrong gurus, would roam around in temples, in mosques, have finally settled here. They are trying to somehow find this religion within themselves; the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.

This is a new religion which is an amalgamation of all the ancient religions. It has knowledge about all the religions and teaches their essence/ element (tatva). Because of this, man understands that all these elements are of one religion, and all these religions are contained within that pure religion. They are all seated and engrained in it. Like this when we see other people who follow other religions and are running madly behind those religions, we understand that they aren’t realized yet. Their religion is different. We don’t belong to their religion. By following this religion (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma) our ego has faded off. The evil emotions have disappeared and most importantly the belief in superstitions went away. Because this religion is light, this religion is love. This is the religion of power (Shakti). No work can be done without power (Shakti). When this power (Shakti) becomes love and when this love starts working, then this power (Shakti) works in such a way that no activity that is against God’s vision can ever be worked out; because that vision has knowledge, it has love, so this power (Shakti) works with absolute wisdom. The people who have achieved these powers in Sahaja Yoga, their ego vanishes and instead they become absolutely humble, gentle and melodious. When these things happen, man wonders how I have transformed so much. How I have achieved all this? This was already within you, but then you didn’t know yourself and now you have recognized the self.

On the birthday, a thought that comes to mind is when a mother gives birth to a child how she takes care of it (the child), so he doesn’t face any problems. I may face any problem, but my child mustn’t suffer at all. Whatever or however he may be, but he is my child. It must not have any problems at all. He may bother me, he may upset me, still he shouldn’t have any problems. When you think like this that I made this mistake, I made that mistake; and when you have such motherly affection (mamtatva) then I must tell you, you can’t ever make such mistakes that I can’t forgive. But if you want to maintain your dignity and make your life special then it is important that we must see ourselves with dignity and nobility that we want to be. We just believe in Mataji, we have Her photographs, we put on Her badges and we follow Her. I said in one of my lectures that if you follow someone it is good. At least you recognize that you follow a good person. But how much of that person’s personality and qualities have you imbibed in yourself? How much have you received from him and how much have you sacrificed for him? You must think about it. What is the point of just following someone? Consider there is a governor here; if you say I follow the governor, so will they allow you inside. They will simply tell you, good that you follow the governor, but you must sit here. Likewise, in spirituality just following someone doesn’t count for anything. By recognition, you know vibrations increase. But your progress depends upon you, it is all your efforts. If you follow Me, you have accepted that this person is someone special, someone ideal. But, we must imbibe those ideals in ourselves. How much have we imbibed? How far we have reached? Like there are many complaints in Sahaja Yoga. And I get upset when I hear very old Sahaja Yogis, the way they are going, it is very strange. Sahaja Yoga is for your benevolence, is for your powers (Shakti), for your dignity, what is in it for Me. I already have it. Why do I need to do Sahaja Yoga? You have to do Sahaja Yoga. Now a mother coaxes her child to drink milk. The child refuses. The mother tries to convince him that milk will make him stronger. She is always worried about what is good for her child. If a child will understand what is good for him, it makes responsibility of the mother easier.

Although I don’t have any desires but still it is my responsibility that I must tell you what you must achieve and what is your state. Now many conflicts and nonsensical things have come to an end. There is no doubt about it. You people are enjoying and are linked by a bond of love. But still one thing that affects me is, we don’t have time to do or to spread Sahaja Yoga. You must have a keen desire to give to others what you have received. How can I give it? How can I give it to others? Unless you have such desire; not because you have to prove that you are a great speaker or a great musician or a writer or a poet; but because I want to give it. Not because I have to earn name and fame but because I want to give this. You must have this pure desire from within. Then you will see how the kundalini rises. When your pure desire will attain this form, a pure desire that I must give self-realization. Who can receive it, who can’t receive it. There must be a strong desire to give realization to people. Such a person, without criticizing anyone, continues to be focused towards his aim. I have this strong desire in me. This desire is my everything. Likewise, in Sahaja Yoga there must be a strong desire to spread Sahaja Yoga conventionally. Now I have entrusted this desire in you that you must spread Sahaja Yoga. Go to places and tell people about Sahaja Yoga, what are the benefits of Sahaja Yoga. You should specially go to villages. I have a request for people living in Bombay and Delhi that you must go to villages and explain it to the people there. Don’t you feel that my message should spread far and wide to all the villages in India. Everyone must know about it or only you must enjoy its benefits.

Therefore, I want to tell each one of you — you should make a daily habit to note down, “what have I done for Sahaja Yoga today?” How many people have we given realization to? How many people did we meet with whom we talked about Sahaja Yoga? You all can meet and plan together; how many people will go where. This way your kundalini will take a new form. Vibrations will start flowing from within you. Such vibrations will start pouring from you like the sunrays. But for that, the most important thing that I have told you is, you must have the desire to give self-realization. Even today so many people come who tell about how somebody’s this problem has been rectified, how somebody’s that problem has been sorted. So, you don’t have to see what you can get from whom. You have to see, what you can give to whom, what problems you can solve for others. If someone’s spinal cord is damaged, all their chakras would have been damaged. Similarly, there are so many problems of different people that you all can easily work out through your efforts. I cannot see every individual; I cannot cure every individual. But if you start doing this, you will realize how powerful you will become, and you will be able to cure anyone. This is not important that I must cure everyone, it is not important. By a little hard work, you can cure anyone. With your efforts the powers (Shakti) within you will take a new form; even though you might be sitting here, you will be able to tell about people.

This is my only desire today. My only desire is, that peace is established by this all-pervading power (Chitanya), not just in India but across the world. There should be peace everywhere in the world, the whole world should be transformed. This is my absolute faith. If you will align your desire, your transcendental desire with this, nobody will dare to stop you from achieving your aim. That Sahaja Yogi will continue to grow, to progress because the Almighty (Parmaatma) himself is walking beside you, all His angels (devdoot) are with you. Therefore, you should try and make some efforts.

Like this, you must think of only one thing – what am I doing for Sahaja Yoga. Let me go somewhere and do something for Sahaja Yoga. Whatever we may do, we must do it together. Similarly, everyone must do something for Sahaja Yoga with all their might. Each one should be aware of what other is doing. Only you people can do all this.

Whatever progress Sahaja Yoga has made, has been possible only because of you all. Because what progress will I now make, I have already made my progress. All this is for you and with this progress you will progress further. For this, I want to say that before my next birthday you must spread Sahaja Yoga in India so that we have double the number of Sahaja Yogis here. And I hope on my next birthday I will hear from you, how progressively you made more Sahaja Yogis.

You must follow the protocols of Sahaja Yoga. For example, a gentleman came yesterday, he had two wives. He said, these are before I came to Sahaja Yoga. I told him, if you wish to be in Sahaja Yoga you can be with only one wife, not two. Like this, each person must think I have come to this new world. How dignified my character is? This is about character. How much have I transformed? All of this should be kept in mind.

But why are all these made? There must be a reason for it. Why should you transform your life? This transformation is important so that your kundalini can rise.

Today I shower countless blessings upon you (aj mera apko anant ashirwaad). My lovely children should live for ages and work for the betterment of this world. My countless blessings are with you all.