Shri Rama Puja: Control your attention like Him

Kolkata (India)

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Shri Rama Navami Puja, Calcutta, India, 25/03/1991

[English translation from Hindi, First translation]

We have gathered here on the occasion of Ram Navami. Everybody has said, “Mother please tell us about Shri Ram.”

As you know that Shri Rama has taken a very important place in our chakras. He is sitting on our right heart. Shri Rama has taken a place of a father, so lack of father’s duty and love can cause a catch of this chakra. In Sahaja Yoga we can understand that Rama and all other gods came on earth with different power [shakti], they came to do their jobs. In the sense Shri Rama has a special job. Socrates has said benevolent king has to come. For that Shri Rama came.

Shri Rama came in complete human form. He even forgot that he is an incarnation of Shri Vishnu. He was made to be forgotten. But he was Purushottam on earth [perfect human being]. You all must have heard of his qualities and his childhood.

In Sahaja yoga when we worship any god, what quality we gain from them, which qualities we will receive? Shri Rama has many. One that he was ideal, another that he is a king. He kept his people higher than himself than his wife and children. If politicians today understand this point they wouldn’t be called selfish, they wouldn’t be selfish, would be follower of Dharma.

Nobody has followed Shri Rama as a role model till today. By singing his bhajans or building institutions and temples in his name does Shri Rama come to you? Do you get his light in your life? Only a Sahaja Yogi can bring the light of Shri Rama into the attention.

He is totally beyond. Basically, all the deities are free from papas and punyas so called sins, they never sin. Shri Krishna killed many people. Shri Rama killed Ravana. It can be a sin in worldly sense but not in the eyes of God. As they destroy and remove evils they have rights to do anything. When Devi slew Rakshas has she committed a sin? Their work is to destroy the rakshasas and protect the saints.

In Shri Rama’s life Ahilya’s saving is the most important. She was cursed by her husband. In those times if any women go out of dharma and if her husband is high saint he could curse. But Ahilya was blamed falsely. And she was made into stone falsely. So shri Rama saved Ahilya.

Especially his quality to have only one wife, his love to one wife must be understood. Even though he knew Sitaji is Mahalaxmi. She herself is a Goddess. But as a Human he never looked at any other women but his wife.

When we talk about Rama, we should have the husband pure. To worship Shri Rama, women should have the same faith in husbands as Sitaji used to. Husbands also need the quality of Shri Ram who believed one wife. Not difficult for Sahaja Yogis. Women should be respected. Have respect for wives.

When Ravana kidnapped Sitaji, Shri Rama felt his duty to rescue her. But in his kingdom, he was so just that for people he left her after spending so many years to rescue. As Sitaji herself a Devi so there’s no effect. So, Shri Rama did it to keep the benevolence of public opinion. That society wouldn’t accept the women who are questioned, although she is a Devi Pure and Nirmala.

Later that Sita also left him. Somehow, She left him as a woman and Shri Rama as a man. Sitaji disappeared into the mother earth and Shri Rama went into River Sarayu

Their life is very eventful and full of Miracles. You see how shri Sita and Rama have good attitude and are faithful each other.

Even if she was left Sita thought it her duty. She never complained or talked ill of him. And effortlessly she has raised her children. Shri Rama’s children are called Luv and Kush. They came as devotees and we can see them as disciples. They represent Shisya [disciples]. The power of Shisya. So we can be disciple of someone. As disciples they learned archery when they were small. And learned Ramayana and got proficiency in the music showing the disciples must surrender completely to the Guru. We also have a disciple in us.

They were completely surrendered to the Mother who is Shakti. Even they were about to fight against Shri Rama. They kept Mother highest in the world. The mother cared them and made them completely dharmic. It was her first duty.

Not like today wives just cry, “My husband left me”. But with husband they fight always and if he leaves, they will cry.

“He has left no problem I have children, I will care for them, they will get all they need.” Sitaj’s life was special with bravery and strength. Every woman must have it. Even if you are separated with your husband or far away there shouldn’t be any loss or shortage for children. Because her duty is the most important thing. We shouldn’t give upmost important thing. In Sahaja Yoga all women should get this power.

Shri Rama’s life was very pure and Nirmal. He gave up everything for his wife. His wife had gone, he had to live alone and he had to leave her. He gave up all the comforts of the life. You know he used to sleep on grass, on floor and walked bare feet and wear clothes like saints. All these are not stories, it’s a fact.

In India many people used to have high standard life and they have never thought about small and low-level things. But all these ideals of our country have become fake. By singing bhajans to Ram we think we are done. We have got a kind of hypocrisy. In countries without these ideals people try to become the ideals correcting themselves. If you have the ideal in front of us, you don’t become Shri Rama or Krishna or you have anything to do with them. We feel like that.

But if we have Shri Rama inside, his light can be in our attention. Let’s understand the circumstances when Shri Rama came on earth. Sahaja Yogi must understand. If we get Shri Rama’s state, all our political problems will go. When we decide to become like shri Rama, then everyone becomes good, firstly dharma, success and education then the ideals. For that he made his life very idealistic. When someone tells you something but he doesn’t do it himself, then how can you trust him and get his quality? There are many people who say we believe in this and that, but they are opposite. Followers of Ram seems to be the biggest fraud politician and they have many wives. Impossible!

What is the duty of Sahaja Yogis’ life? We have to bring the light of God in our attention.

We must see and behave as Shri Rama. What would Shri Rama or Sita do in this situation? What would Sitaji say? How would Sita behave? She is also Gruhlaxmi. As you know Sitaji took many births. Gruhlaxmi was in the form of Fatimabai. She was humbly in the house but all dharma was done by her power. Not necessary for her to go out and give big lectures. You can do that work at home with children relatives and friends. You can spread Sahaja Yoga at the house. After getting all of it you can go out to society.

But ladies have to have purity like Sitaji first. First thing of the purity is motherhood and love. When she was in exile never complained that, “My husband doesn’t earn He doesn’t do this, he doesn’t buy this and that. “If he is in jungle so I am. What he will eat, I wil. I don’t eat before him. I serve him first and brother in law, then I will eat.”

Nowadays women think there is much pressure of the work, but it is not. A woman is like earth element, she can absorb. So many are given by the earth. In the same way women are like the earth. We have got so many powers that we can take everything inside and shower the rain of love. God has given us the power.

For example, this fan is moving. Which one is greater, the power or fan? If you think fan is greater as it’s moving, then it’s wrong. Women are ocean of shakti. With that support men do their work. They are potential and kinetic. Women are potential and men are kinetic. But if you start running like them, it’s not good. No need for women.

Each one is unique but equally important. But women can be good for both. When the time comes women can be more productive. In Maharashtra there was a 17-year-old widow named Tarabai. She was the daughter-in-law of Shivaji. Only she could defeat Aurangzeb. Her grave was built.

You must understand women can keep all her power within her to become ferocious. But if she wastes her powers in fighting, arguing, complaining or in frivolous things then her power would be gone. Women are so powerful that she can work more than men if she wants. But first of all, she must respect her powers. By scattering and wasting she becomes powerless. This kind of woman is not good.

Women’s job is very important and full of dignity. Women should be very modest and very wise. Let men use bad words but women cannot. Men can argue and would fight let them do but not women. Their job is to make peace, protection and helping people. She is like shield not like sword, and sword cannot be shield. Shield is greater than sword as shield can bear the sword. Sword can be broken but not shield

So, her most important power is humility. With humility come all the powers. It’s not difficult for Sahaja Yogis, not at all.

I see many Sahaja Yoginis chat a lot, anywhere they will chat with men. “Mother help me. What happened? The lady talks a lot please help me. I am tired of her.” There isn’t much to talk with men. What’s the need? Among women also.

In Sahaja Yoga men study more about Sahaja Yoga and the chakras. Which chakra is driving people and is catching? Man knows. All women would be left behind. Women must learn.

For men Shri Rama is our ideal. In this sense Muslims are amazing. I don’t want to say bad things. Say if you go to Riyad no Muslim will see you, they will respect women. If women are crossing the street they will stop the car respecting women. But here it’s opposite. I don’t know why we see women with some intention. Seeing every woman, they will break the neck. It’s a big sin to see every woman.

In Sahaja Yoga it’s prohibited completely. Firstly, you will spoil your eyes and Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise you may become blind. Sometimes I see people have wandering eyes while talking eyes are wandering women too.

The biggest loss is your attention. Your attention goes here and there, then what’s the use of self-realization? Without concentration Chitta can’t be active. Concentration must be obtained.

In the West the disease is more common among men. Western Yogis are not alike. They know it’s bad. They asked me the solution. Look at only ground and up to 3 feet, you don’t have to see above. Look at the ground. Yogis are walking looking at the ground abroad. You see all good things, flowers and children. Nothing to see above. So, that’s how you should control your chitta.

Shri Rama didn’t need it. If you have a respect to Shri Rama, you must control your chitta like him. Tell your wife you respect her as shakti. But she has to deserve it, “Yatr naryan pujante tatr ramante devata”, “Where women are respected resides God.” But they have to be respectable. Please sit down. Don’t move during Puja. If the woman is worshipable: ‘pujyante’ means ‘worshipable’. Who like to worship a bad woman cruel Rakshasi? Those who are worshipable should be worshipped. There reside the Gods.

Firstly, they are mothers of children. If husband scolds wife in front of children then children will never respect mother. It’s prime minister and deputy minister. Women shouldn’t insult her husband too. Power goes to children from father. Without this basic understanding they fight to take control.

If woman knows handling of man there won’t be any fights. Handling men is very easy as they are just like children, they are innocent like children. By talking nonsense, you can’t handle them. You must forgive them as children. If they fight outside they get troubled. They can get angry only to wife. Getting angry at home is OK. Until you get this feeling, you cannot have mutual understanding, love and joy.

Men also should care for wife’s needs. If wife is wrong, husband has duty to say, “No, it’s wrong, I won’t do this.” But no need to fight on small things. It doesn’t look good as Sahaja Yogis.

I am surprised that sahaja couples fight each other. They come to complain about each other. How come sahaja couple cannot be together peacefully while I’m talking about peace to the whole world? It won’t work out if you are fighting like that. Husband has to have complete understanding of his wife first. And know that all the other women are like your sisters and mothers.

If someone is not clean even after Sahaja Yoga then there’s no way out. There was a swiss man, not a Sahaja Yogi, not Indian. He was a father of a Sahaja Yogini. Girl’s husband had wandering eyes but came to Sahaja Yoga. They both came to Sahaja Yoga. The girl is very good but he went on doing it. The non-yogi father told her to leave him, “Even after Sahaja Yoga if he can’t be cleansed, then leave him. He is not a Sahaja Yogi, don’t relate with him.”

Even non-Sahaja Yogi can understand that the person can’t be cleansed. He doesn’t have stable attention then it is bad. Our culture is that men and women must be brother and sister. But I see a talkative woman just go to talk to men. I don’t understand it. They don’t sit with other ladies but with men. Same with men, just start chatting with women. Even with maid or anyone just start talking. No self-esteem. We think it’s masculinity.

But Shri Rama is the perfect man who is highest. But the ones at the bottom think they are perfect. Where is perfection? Not believing in Shri Rama but in devil.

If you believe in Shri Rama follow his ideal Therefore children and women are getting spoiled. But still Indian women maintained good culture here. If they were like Americans what it would have been? Men are fixed in terrible condition there. After 2-3 marriages men become bankrupt but women make a palace. It’s bad in America. Children are running away from home. Indian women manage their house, husband and children. But it’s changing. They think the same like husbands, “If he runs away with 10 women then we go with 15 men. If he is going to hell then I go before him.” Women shouldn’t do it.

The base of dharma is in woman’s hand. Woman must manage husband dharmic making him understand. This is the biggest duty and power of woman to be dharmic.

Biggest dharma is forgiveness. Without it nothing works out. First thing she must have forgiveness. Forgive children, husband, give refuge to house servants, all are her duty. This is the work that Shri Rama couldn’t do neither Shri Krishna nor Shri Jesus. Rama would have killed everyone who is useless, adharmic and flirt. Don’t know how many he would be finished. Krishna would use his sudarshan chakra and there would be a battle. Christ would crucify himself. One crucifixion is better than everyday.

Only Mother can do this work with such a power of love. Anything can be worked out with her power of love. She holds everything with so much love that children don’t mind correcting.

For instance, when trouble comes only mother knows how to handle it and scold later because children understands mother’s love and it is for them. With father children may react but not with mother’s love without expectation. She doesn’t want anything but her children to be good and get all my powers, all good in me. If mother feels it children will be fine.

But some mothers are very interfering and get involved in everything. She comes always in front while husband is at the back. Children will be spoiled by it. Under such harmful environment children can be very emotional. So, woman should be behind and make her husband in front. Whatever husbands do wifes must help him behind. The source of his power is wife. Then how pure and hard-working she should be.

I put everything on woman because I know you have great powers inside. Look at me as a Mother I must make everyone saints. Curing many diseases to make people saints. Did anyone do this job? Only Ahilya was saved. Jesus saved 21 people. I must have saved 21000 now. Going around the world to do everyone’s job it’s still going on but I don’t feel because of love. Maybe I should put bandhan as I don’t know what kind of people I meet. But as soon as people comes to me I absorb all the problems. So, love acts by itself. I know everything is done by love. I don’t feel bad whatever happens. Only Mother can bear the pain.

So, I want you to grow consistently without hurdles.

Also, men should help their wives fully, understand and respect them. Until the 2 wheels get balanced the chariot doesn’t go forward. They both should be the same but one on the left and the other on the right. It won’t work if you change it. It is moving and working because they are the same but unique. Same in the sense of height, length and width, but they work differently. It’s the same in our life.

Shri Rama didn’t think only about husband and wife. Didn’t think only about children and family. Also, of brother, sister, mother, father and everyone as a normal human being. After he thought about society, about public, state and country.

As a human being he has shown human ideals in his activities. The person who loved his wife so much, knew she was pure and hed left her. Now people give so much to their own wife but they never give to poor people. Otherwise they give to their relatives. It’s a disease among politicians.

But the one who has wife who is sakshat devi had to leave her. We must understand it’s attachment to relatives and possessions.

In West marriage relation wasn’t alright but after Sahaja Yoga wife became everything. Here leaders had to leave because their wives were not alright. Their attention got spoiled by wife’s preaching. At least five Yogis left because of their wives. Wives should understand Sahaja Yoga and their role in it. In this case husbands shouldn’t agree with their wives at all. Tell her that, “You talk and move too much. Be quiet You are useless. Your chakras are not alright.” She will be alright only in this way. But instead you blame yourself and obey your wife? If she tells you to steal, you do it? Even after Sahaja Yoga you still have some catches to take care.

On the occasion of Shri Rama Hanuman should be remembered as his great devotee. And how he was busy at his service. He was aware that his life is for serving Shri Rama.

We should have his awareness in Sahaj Yoga. But it doesn’t mean you cook food for me which I don’t eat. You trouble me cooking so much this and that. Don’t keep on serving someone forcefully.

What we need is zeal to serve [sewa]. Hanuman didn’t serve food to Shri Rama. Delhi people kept on serving food so much that I had to tell them, “I wouln’t come if you don’t stop.” Do what you have to do. It’s bad to force someone to eat serving one after another. I don’t need anything and I am tired. I told you only flowers. But don’t spend too much also. A lot of flowers make me worry sometimes.

Please your Mother in balance. She is a simple woman who don’t understand these. We have to learn that zeal to serve is from Hanumaji. There is no special service for me.

But if you want to serve me serve to Sahaj Yoga. Serving to Sahaja Yoga is serving to me. How many realisations have you given? How many did you transform and inspire? But if you say to new people they have bhoot, they just leave.

One gentleman was told he has 3 bhoots in him so he left Sahaja Yoga. He was told number of bhoots even! He believed it because the Yogi was an authority in the local area. I don’t know who but the person left.

So, what we have to learn from Hanuman is the zeal, “Ram kaj karne ko tatpar” [eager to do Ram’s work]. What is our work? My work is Sahaja Yoga. My work is Sahaja Yoga, to raise kundalini to make people peaceful and lovable, talking about love. Talk about Sahaja Yoga, about chakras makes them understand

Doesn’t mean you start giving lecture. Some people started to give so much lecture. I had to tell them to stop. Otherwise Sahaja Yoga will be finished. Only long lectures. No time for Mother’s talk and Aarti. He said he just can’t stop. He doesn’t know why. “How can I fix it?” “You put supari [spice] in your mouth.” Then, “How much?” “It depends on the size of your mouth. You don’t know it even then how come you talk about Sahaja Yoga. You don’t know it even.”

People like giving lecture. Get on a stage and won’t leave a mic. Once with mic they can’t leave. It’s a new disease. So you must understand why to give lecture. There are so many Mother’s talks you can put a tape or video in every program. After people can write question on paper. And ask them to bring it next program if there are someone who is sick or in trouble.

Now there is a Yogi. He comes to cure in Calcutta. Now he was called to Russia. One person is running like Hanuman all over to cure. You all can cure. All women can do. All men also. But nobody tries. By giving lecture how many were cured? I don’t know why only one in India, don’t know what’s the matter that till now there is only one man in India who can cure people. In London there are 15~20 people who can cure and in France also. One should learn working on people like giving bandhan. No need to invite someone from abroad. Remove Sahaja Yoga badges if you cannot cure. How do you work on others if you can’t cure even yourself? Everybody has got all the powers to cure anyone. Learn to become masters instead of inviting someone. They should go out to cure. Just have some courage to wor. Nothing will happen. By working, you become deeper like a tree grows deeper as it expands.

Sahaja Yogis are very much different from Incarnations. They have never worked in society before. Nobody had the power for a mass. Only one to one like King Janaka to Nachiketa. But now you all have it. Just grow it, that’s all. Cure yourself and others. Understand Sahaja Yoga, you have everything.

But still your attention is wondering. What are you running after? You still don’t understand it. Sahaja Yoga is just blessing. You won’t be in short of anything. Just work for Sahaja Yoga. Even if you don’t work you will be blessed business or promotion, this and that. Everyone is blessed and nothing to give up.

Otherwise in time of freedom fight we were tortured, lied on ice, got electric shocks. My parents went to jail. Our house was sold. Lived in a hut. Had to sacrifice a lot.

And you don’t have to do it. But not only receiving. You have to give. If one door is open so should be the other one. Only one doesn’t work. Everyone reports me about blessings they got. We must see what we have done for others.

But there are many fights for leadership. It’s all Mother’s play. You will know it when you will fall from there. Specially women shouldn’t get involved. They fall very soon. And men should know there is nothing like ministers. This is Mother’s play. Don’t get involved in.

Why I call a leader? It’s a play. There are no leaders. It’s just a test if you have ego. If you have, you are gon. It will be shown immediately. In Sahaja Yoga everything gets exposed. Even if I say something it shows on the faces. Once some leaders came and confessed their mistakes. They have more responsibilities to be better, sweet, humble and loving and become close and sharing with everyone.

Now on the auspicious occasion of Shri Rama we must understand what he had shown. Only a bit of it would please our Mother. He was in exile for a long time in jungle. Walked bare feet, worked so hard just to obey his father. Now to obey me you don’t need to go into exile, not bare feet, nor starving, nothing. All are there for you. But you must know how to cure people in Sahaja Yoga, everything about sahaj yoga and mostly about love. It’s nothing but power of love. Everybody will be benefited. This is not only for special people. This is not only for one country but for the whole world.

Watch how your attention is. If it’s disturbed we should correct it. Put the power of Spirit in it. Do everything with concentration. And devotion and love will make you deep.

Otherwise there is lots of rubbish. If you wish to stay like rubbish you know where it goes at the end. If you want to feel you are specially good, capable of anything, first humility, not only towards me but everyone. Talk humbly with love and show that people can blossom like lotus in Sahaja Yoga to spread fragrance everywhere. People will tell me you are wonderful if you will do it in that way.

One day you too will be called as Maryada Purushottama. You are the temple of Rama so have it within yourself. Perform puja to it. Take care of your self-esteem. Take the benefit of self-realization inside yourself. You must have respect and devotion to it: “Now we are realized. How can we do wrong? We are Yogis!” Soon you will have blessings immediately. As I am called Rokhada [cash] Devi, you will get blessing as soon as you assert it. Everyone is getting blessed with it give it back to the world.

Shri Rama used all his powers for the benevolence of people to show the ideal. You will be surprised to achieve so high when the time comes. You won’t have any disease and all bad habits will be dropped. You will eat, talk and watch as much as you need. You will watch your mind for introspection: “Where is my mind going? I’m a Sahaja Yogi, stop it.” By doing so you will be in meditation. Your Kundalini will be satisfied and give you blessings. You say, “Mother, what a blessing?” But you have to jump into it. Only then will you know it. Till then you need to work hard.

Shri Rama was born at midnight so let’s have puja late. Shri Rama Puja is not a specially long one. As he is in a human form he is humanity within us by which we understand our intellect and our thoughts get changed. Shri Rama is that through him we can change our thoughts. Our nature can change because he is our ideal.

After achieving his ideals, we reach another because he was human ideal. It is great that God came to this world in a human form to became our ideal. He has gone through all the hardships to show us strength to keep Dharma. That is Vishwa Dharma and the state of Yoga.

May God bless you all!

Second translation

You know that Shri Rama has a very important place on our chakra, He is situated on our right heart, Shri Rama has taken the place of father hence if there is lack in the responsibility or love from father this chakra is caught, In Sahaja Yoga we do understand that Shri Rama and all other deities have taken the form to fulfil their divine work, in all Shri Rama had a special task. As it was said by Socrates that the benevolent king has to come the same way Shri Rama had come on this earth as Benevolent king. He came in the form of human being, he even forgot that he was an incarnation of Shri Vishnu, he was made to forget about himself but for all world he was Purushotama Rama.

In Sahaja Yoga we need to know when we pray any deity, we have imbibed the specialities and qualities of the particular deity within us. Shri Rama had many qualities. You all know his childhood life and you have already heard about his qualities. He was Purushotama. He had another quality that in his ruling, he did not care for his wife or children’s in front of his subjects. If today’s politicians understand this point, their selfishness will drop out, they will become religious.

Nobody has yet tried to imbibe him in oneself. Just by singing his bhajans and building his temples he is not going to enter within your being. Is it by doing this that the powers of Shri Rama will come into your life? Only a Sahaja Yogi can bring the light of Shri Rama into his own attention.

He was impartial. As such, all the Deities are above sins (papas) and goos deeds (puniyas). Like Shri Krishna killed so many demons, Shri Rama killed Ravana. With our worldly views it might be a sin, but according to the Divine views it is not, because they killed the negative people, they took out the negativity. For this, they had all rights to do whatever was necessary, like the Goddess who killed the demons. Some people might think that it was a sin but it was not, because it was for the protection of the saints.

In the life time of Shri Rama the salvation of Ahilya is big a happening. He freed her from her curse. Ahilya had got cursed by her husband. In those days, if any lady was misbehaving and her husband was a saint or a sadhu, he would give her a curse. But Ahilya had been falsely accused and got cursed to become a stone. Shri Rama freed her.

His “ek patni vratha” [monogamy] promise of dedication on his only wife was very special although he knew that Shri Sita was Shri Mahalaxmi and the Goddess herself in a human form. He never looked upon any other women.

When we speak about Shri Rama, we need to imbibed and keep clean this quality. If any women is thinking of Shri Rama, she needs to have respect towards her husband. It’s not difficult for Sahaja Yogis. We need to respect women.

When Ravana kidnapped Shri Sita, Shri Rama felt that it was his responsibility to free her. But after, due to his subjects view, he left her alone after long years of fight. Shri Sita was the Goddess herself and leaving her had no effect. But he did it just to keep to his subject point of view and also to give a good image. Although Shri Sita was completely “nishkalanka”, godly and pure, Shri Rama sacrificed Shri Sita. She sacrificed later Shri Rama as normal human being, They did so only for the Dharma. Shri Sita disappeared into the Mother Earth and Shri Rama into the Sun [? He entered voluntarily into the Sarayu River]. There life were full of difficult situation and miraculous ones.

When we look into their life they were both devoted to each other. But when Shri Rama sacrificed Shri Sita, she never spoke ill about him, she felt it was his duties to do so.

With all easiness she took care and grow the two sons of Shri Rama, Lav and Kush. They both showed to us the qualities of disciple. They represent the power fo Shisya [disciples].

At a very small age, they learnt archery, also they knew Ramayana and other epics very well. They showed how we have to dedicate ourselves to our guru. This disciple principle resides also within us.

They were so much devoted towards the Mother’s principle, that they were even ready to fight with Shri Rama only for their Mother. For them, their Mother was above everything and for Shri Sita bringing up of her sons was her biggest duty.

Nowadays, we see that the wives, when left by their husband, keep on crying and will fight with the husband if he comes back. They will fight when he is there or not there. If your husband leaves you alone, never mind. You need to put all your strength in bringing up your children. The women need to have courage and strength like Shri Sita. Even when the husband is not there they don’t need to spoil their own lives and her children. Bringing up of your children should be your goal to overcome such situation.

Shri Rama’s life was pure, “Nirmal”. He gave up everything for his wife. When his wife was away, he left all the comfort of his life. He used to sleep on the grass or on the earth, use to walk barefoot, wearing dress like sadhus. This is reality and not just stories. We have had many personalities whose life was an example, but never thought of such small details. We Indians are becoming hypocrites. We believe in Shri Rama: we just do his bhajans and it is over. In other countries, they try of imbibe his qualities, they think how to improve themselves. We have in front of us an ideal but we cannot become like Shri Rama. So we try to become like Shri Krishna. When we cannot become like him, we try to become somebody else and it goes on and on. We believe it, but if we have Shri Rama within us, we can bring his light in our attention. Why can’t we achieve it? All the yogis have to understand that we Indians have to imbibe the qualities of Shri Rama within. All our political problems will be over, all our problems will be solved. We need to decide to become like Shri Rama. He took care of his people without desire (niricha) and tried that everybody became dharmic. He always wished the development, that the people would become knowledgeable, would imbibe all great qualities. That’s what he tried to do. Hence his life was an ideal for everybody. Imagine if someone is giving you lessons but himself is not following the rules, you will not have respect for him. You just can’t have belief in someone who doesn’t follow his own ideal, you just can’t take his qualities in you.

Many people say that they follow Shri Rama, but I notice that they are just opposite of him. Shri Rama’s devotees are the biggest thieves politicians or they have 10 wives. How could they be like him?

We, the Sahaja Yogis, our duties is to bring the light of the Deities in our attention. We need to see what Shri Rama did. In case of difficulties, how would Shri Sita react? What would she say? If we start thinking like her, all the women will be good gruhalaxmis. As you know, Shri Sita took many forms and one of them is Gruhalaxmi. In the form of Shri Fatima, she was in the house covered in chadar but she did all the dharmic works. For this, you don’t need to go out and start giving lectures and become big leaders, this is not necessary. While staying at home also, you can do the dharmic work: take care of your children and the people around you and speak to them about Sahaja Yoga. Later on, it can be in your surroundings. But before that, you have to imbibe the qualities of Shri Sita within you.

In pure conduct first quality is love and affection. When Shri Sita was with her husband in the jungle she never complaint about the fact that her husband had no money (what is normally seen in our society) :”He doesn’t buy things for me.” Instead, she said: “If he lives in the jungle, I will be with him, whatever he eats I will eat.” She used to feed her husband, her brother in law Lakshmana and then eat the food.

Today’s women think they are too much pressurised. It is not true since they are like this Mother Earth which can absorb all the pressure and have all strength. Give love and affection as the Mother Earth gives us flowers and fruits. God has given this strength within us as women are in the form of the Shakti, she is ocean of Shakti. By their support, all the men do their work. Women are potential energy and men are kinetic. If women try to copy men and start running like him, she must stop since both the energies have their own works and both of them needs to be in equal. In both the works, the role of women is important.

When the time needs it, the women can be more productive than men. In Maharashtra, there was a 17 years old widow called Tarabai who was Shivaj’s younger daughter in law. Everybody had lost their battle against Aurganzeb but she won the war against him. At 17 years she died fighting this war. You can understand when a women makes use of her strength she becomes intensive. Instead, if she starts using her energy in nonsense things like fights, saying evil about others, then she will loose her strength. She can do more fructive work than men, but she needs to respect her strength then only her work becomes great and dignified.

Women need to have the quality of shyness and wisdom. If men utter bad words, let them do it! But don’t do it. When there is a hot discussion, men will start fighting. Women don’t have to do that, her work is to establish peace and safety. She is like a shield, the shield cannot do the work of a sword and vice verca. Which is important, the one which can bear the sword or the sword itself? It may happen that the sword breaks but the shield will never break. In the same way, a woman needs to use her strength and this strength has a hidden quality: humility. With humility, women need to imbibe the strength within them, this is not difficult for Sahaja Yogis.

I see sometimes that many Yoginis do nonsense. They will talk too much to men, no need to talk too much with men and keep doing nonsense. Women need to have a complete knowledge of the chakras. If men try to know about it, the women need to do know all the knowledge of the catches and all other knowledge.

To talk about men, we have the ideal Shri Rama in our society. I think the muslims are amazing. I don’t want to speak wrong about them, in their countries it is not same. If you go to Riyadh they don’t look women with wrong eyes, they respect women, if women is crossing road they will stop and let her do so, they respect the women in our country I don’t know what is going wrong they feel women is relish good and always look at women event though the neck will have sprain because of it, to look at women with bad eyes is biggest sin and prohibited in sahaja yoga, absolutely prohibited.

This will spoil your eyes spoil in sahaja yoga it is more dangerous if you continue you may become blind, your attention gets spoiled with the eyes wandering around, if your attention is not stable then what is use of Self-realisation?

If it is not stable you will lose your concentration. A concentrated attention only is useful. You need to obtain it. In foreign countries, the men have this sickness more than women who have it also. All the western Yogis have understood that this is not good. And when they started Sahaja Yoga, they asked Me: “Mother please, let us know the solution for this.” I suggested to them to look at the ground: “Don’t look above 3 feet’s. You can see good things at that level flowers, children. There is nothing interesting to look above that, and thus you have to control your attention.”

If you have respect for Shri Rama you will control your attention like him. You to have tell to your wife: “You are a Shakti and I respect you for it, but you need to deserve it”. Like “Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata”, that means “where women are respected there resides the God. “But she should be respectful, nobody will respect any bad women as a Rakashi. The woman who is respectful should be respected and there will reside the Gods.

First of all, we need to know that she is the mother of our children. If the husband scolds his wife in front of children and says insulting words to her and don’t respect her, then the children will not respect their mother. The wife should not insult her husband neither. Women and men think that everybody should listen to them. If women know how to handle men, there will be no fight believe Me! It is very easy since the men are like children, the men are innocent like children. If you disturb them with nonsense things it won’t work. You need to forgive them like children.

If a man goes out and fights with others, he is facing troubles. If he doesn’t get upset with wife, he will get upset with outside people and he will be beaten. Even if he gets upset with you, what is wrong? If you don’t have love and compassion for him, there is no love and joy in the couple.

The husband needs to look after the needs of his wife. If she is thinking wrong, then you should be able to tell her but no need to fight with small issues, this doesn’t suit Sahaja Yogis!

I wonder how the Sahaja Yogi couples can fight. If they cannot live in peace and I am telling whole world to stay in peace! The husband should be completely aware of the needs of his wife and should keep in his mind that all other women are like mothers and sister for him. Even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, if a man cannot do this he is of no use.

According to our culture, the relationship of men and women should be like brother and sister, but I notice sometimes it is not the case. Some women will start doing nonsense. She will not sit with women but with men. There are some men of same kind they don’t have self-esteem and we say it as manliness. Shri Rama was Purshottama. If you believe in him don’t do nonsense follow his ideals, this must be reasons why the children are getting spoiled, women are getting spoiled but I will say due to Indian culture, women have taken care of many problems.

If it was American women they would have done all wrong. If men are married for 2-3 times he becomes bankrupt if women gets married for 2-3 times she will build a big house, what is there? The state of society? Children run away from homes.

In India, the speciality of women is that she take cares of her house, she takes care of her children and her husband. But this changing she is watching her husband is doing nonsense and running after 10 women than they think they run after 15 men and do the same nonsense! “Is he going to hell, I will go before him!”

The dharma flag is in the hand of women. She has to take care of it and help her husband to follow the dharma, she has to look after her husband. She needs to develop the bigger quality of dharma that is the forgiveness. She need to forgive the children, the husband and take care of all servants.

The work which I am doing, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna and Jesus would have not done, Shri Rama would have kill you all if you are not following dharma and running after women. Shri Krishna would have send his sudarshan chakra on you and Jesus would have crucified you to avoid everyday crucifixion. I am a Mother, and the mothers’ love is so strong that she can overcomes all obstacle and help her children. If things are not ok, mother can sense it and she overlooks it and scold the children sometimes, the children knows that the mother loves them and she is saying everything for our benevolence. If father gets angry or scold, the children normally react but not with their mother, because mother’s love has no expectations in return, she desires benevolence of her children.

Sometimes some mothers don’t have good sense and will keep on talking without meaning and the poor husband cannot say anything. Then the children will get spoiled. Such mothers can have children who are emotionally imbalanced and dangerous. Women need to stay back and let the men in the front and help her husband from the background. The source of power of the husband is his wife. You have to understand that you need to be pure, need to work hard you may say: “Mother is letting women do maximum.” Yes, because I know that women are powerful and that they have bigger powers inside them.

Just because I am a Mother, everybody has let things on me to give you Self-realisation, to cure you, to love everybody as any other incarnation has done this before. One Ahilya was Realised from her curse. Did Shri Rama realised anybody else? Jesus had cured only 21 disciples. I would have around 21 thousands, travelled all world, do several things for different Yogis but I don’t feel anything because I have power of love in Me. This power of love is running before me. While going out, I always think I should do bandhan since I don’t know what kind of people will come and catch my feet’s, but I forget and when such needy people are in front of Me, I suck all their problems. This love is such that it makes you doing things. I know it works with help of love. Although it is painful, I don’t feel bad about it, only a mother can do it. Hence I am expecting maximum from women and men should help women, understand them and respect them. If both the wheels of chariot are not on same level the chariot will not move forwards, it will be on turning on the same place. We are right and left wheels of the chariot: both have to do their respective works. The right one cannot do the work of left one and vice versa.

Shri Rama did not think about husband wife relationship but about all family relationships. He thought of children, brother, sister, mother and father. As it is to be done by any normal person, Shri Rama looks after his surrounding, the people his kingdom. He should know how to fulfil his duties towards all. He was loving his wife too much, still he sacrifice his wife to keep the goodwill towards his people and kingdom. Nowadays husband do many wealth for their wife. They will not help any poor nor any other needed relation. This is also a problem with the political persons. He sacrificed his wife she was pure and goddess herself. We have to understand that he managed to get over the attachment. We get attached to our house our relation, “mine, mine”.

Before, in western countries, it was not going well between husband and wives. Since they are in Sahaja Yoga, wife has become everything for husband. At least 4-5 leaders have been thrown out of Sahaja Yoga because of their wives, because their wives were not ok. The husband was good but his wife was teaching husband and spoiling his head.

I will say that the wives need to understand what is Sahaja Yoga, what is their positions. The husband doesn’t have to agree with his wife, he needs to tell her that’s she speaks a lot and has to take her care of here spoiled charkas. This will help the wife to cure herself. In Sahaja Yoga we need to pay attention to our defaults and work to correct them.

We need to look towards the quality of Shri Hanumana how he helped Shri Rama in his work and served him. He knew that he had to keep himself in the service of Shri Rama. We need to take this quality in Sahaja Yoga. It doesn’t mean that you bring food for Me, not at all, because I don’t eat and you are coming always with different food and put Me in trouble. Just think: “Was Shri Hanumana cooking food for Shri Rama? The Delhi Yogis have troubled Me a lot. Now I have put a condition: if you people are going to cook I am not coming anymore in Delhi. What is important, what should you do? It is useless to cook for someone who don’t eat and give it with force. If not you will bring things for Me. Believe Me, your Mother’s cupboard is full and I feed of this things, I am telling not to bring other things if you want please bring only flowers but not costly ones.

Keep everything in balance just to please your Mother. Your Mother is a simple lady, what to do with all these things? So we need to take examples of Shri Hanumana how to do service. I don’t need any personal service, you serve Sahaja Yoga.

If you serve Sahaja Yoga, it will be my service. How many people you have given Self-realisation? As soon as some new seekers are coming in programmes, we start telling them: “There is bhoot inside you.” We go so much after them that they stop coming to programmes.

Once I asked a gentlemen: “You were well established. Why did you stop coming to programmes?” He said: “One Yogi told me that I have 3 bhoots inside me.” I asked him: “Why did you believe this Yogi?” He said: “This Yogi was someone important and was repeatedly saying you have 3 bhoots inside you. Shri Mataji said it.” I don’t know who said this, but this new seeker is gone.

So we have to learn from Shri Hanumana who believed to render his service to Shri Rama. We have to question ourselves to know what should be our work. My work is Sahaja Yoga, my work is raising kundalini, giving Self-realisation, to bring peace, to love people, talk to everyone with love, explain to people about charkas, whatever is needed, to explain to them.

It doesn’t mean that you start giving lectures, speak for 2 hours. Yogis like to give speeches they cannot leave the microphone. This has become new sickness. So you have to understand why you need to give such long speeches. There are so many talks of Mother, let them listen to them. You show my videos to new people or make them listen to my audio tapes and give pen and paper to write their problems and give them their Self-realisation. Ask them to write down their problems and sickness.

Here there is only one man running around to clean everybody. You can all clear anyone, all the men and women can work to cure people. Why one man has taken this responsibility? In London, at least 15-20 yogis can cure others. You should learn the techniques to cure others. You should take bandhan and cure people. No need to invite Yogis from outside to take care of it. You are moving around with the badges. If you are not able to cure others remove these badges. If you cannot cure yourselves how will do it to others? I have given you all the powers. Learn how to cure people, don’t ask other Yogis to come to Calcutta to do this work. Nothing is going to happen to you, no sickness can touch you. The more you work in Sahaj Yoga, the more you will grow, like a tree: the more it will become round it will grow deeper.

There is difference between Sahaja Yoga and other incarnations, that they did not do a mass work, these powers were not given to anybody. Raja Janaka has given Realisation to Nachikt only, but you can give to many at same time. You have these powers. Grow it, cure yourself and cure others. Try to understand Sahaja Yoga, everything is within you. I don’t understand why your attention is not stable what are you still searching? You have to understand that Sahaja Yoga is only blessings and nothing else. You will never miss anything, but you have to do something for Sahaja Yoga. Even if you don’t do, you will get the blessings, many are getting benefits like job, health, and other things for which you did not have to give up anything.

I will tell you: for the freedom fight, so many were tortured, my parents were send to jail, our house was sold , we had to stay in huts, we had to do much sacrifice. Now we don’t have to do all these things, you have to just benefit and get all the time the blessings. But you have to also give something: we need to keep both the doors open, keeping only one door is not useful. Just to put attention on what good work you have done. But there is fight when it is to know who will become leader. You have to understand that these is all Mother’s play. One day, you will fall from there. You have not to pay attention to this, especially women. Everybody has to understand that the leadership is just Mother’s play.There is nothing important about it. Your Mother is testing how much ego business you can handle.

Nothing can be hidden in Sahaja Yoga, everything get exposed. I say it or not, it will be exposed. Sometimes the leaders come to Me and confess that they have done something wrong. The leaders have more responsibility to become even nicer, more sweet, humble and loving, and move forward taking everybody along with you. On this special day of Shri Rama we have to accept this: whatever he has done in his life we try to do the same and please our Mother. He stayed so long in the jungle and ate whatever he got, wear simple clothes just to keep the promise he had done to his father.

You don’t have to go to exile to obey my orders, neither you have to remain barefoot nor to starve, nothing. Everything is taken care in Sahaja Yoga but you have to know how to cure people. You have to have complete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Above all, you have to know that Sahaja Yoga is love, that it is power of love which works everything which will take care of all, Sahaja Yoga is not for one person, not for anybody special, not for one country but for the whole world. We have to just look how our attention is. It is said that if the attention is not stable we have to put control on it. You have to put the power of Spirit in it, you have to do things with full concentration (ekagraha).

The one who will do things with bhakti, with love will grow deeper or otherwise there is lot of rubbish, you know what happens to rubbish. If you are thinking that you are somebody special you are very fine you can do this and that, first try to understand that you have to be humble not towards only Me but towards everybody. Talk with humbleness and love, we have to becomes like lotus and spread the essence of it.

If you all behave like this, people will say about you that you are as gentle as Puroshotama Shri Rama. The bigger thing for Me is that you are like Shri Rama temple for Me: do puja to it, take care of it and keep self-respect. You have full benefit of Self-realisation and at the same time, you have to adore it and respect it and have devotion towards it. We are Realised souls and it is possible for us all. “We cannot do it, it is not impossible.” Believe Me, it is not correct to say so. You will see that all my blessings will be with you. If anyone calls Me who is “Rokhada Devi”, you will see that you will have the blessings immediately, you will share it with others.

Shri Rama used all his powers for the well-being of mankind. You must all become ideals for this world, you will be all surprised your own progress, there should not be no sickness in you. Change your habits, eat what is necessary, speak what is only necessary.

Introspect yourselves: “What I am doing? Why I am doing so? Is it necessary? I am a Sahaja Yogi, where is my mind going, stop!” By doing all this, you will see that your kundalini will be very happy with you and will give lot of blessings. Then you will say: “Mother, what happened to me?” When you’ll come into it, then you will know what it is, just work it out.

Today I said that Shri Rama was born at midnight. Hence the puja should be at that time. As such, it is not a long puja but we have to understand that Shri Rama is in a human form. Within us, he is in the form of humanity with which we can change our mind, curiosity and thoughts. Through the medium of Shri Rama, our thoughts can be changed. He can bring change in our behaviour because he is an ideal for us. Reaching this ideal, we can reach other ideals since he is the ideal human being. It is a big thing that God himself came on this earth and become an ideal human being.

We don’t leave our dharma “Vishwa Nirmala Dharma “even if we have lot of difficulties.

May God Bless you.