Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program, Eve of Mahavira Puja

Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia)


Informal Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Perth (Australia)

I must say all the Indian Sahaja Yogis have sent you lot of love and are sorry that they could not come here, though the musicians will be coming on the other side of Australia. But in any case I’ll give them the good news that you already have become musicians and you don’t need them. Now coming back to the basics in Sahaja Yoga, we have to know that in Sahaja Yoga we have no hard and fast rules for anything, be cause you are awakened people, you are Saints and you know what is good for you, but you must keep that quality of Saintliness within you, and certain things you should avoid yourself, if possible and if not that see that what’s wrong with your centers. If something is wrong with your centers you start getting into problems, getting into ideas, something which are destructive. So is best is to judge yourself first of all – how are your vibrations.

Now the best part that has happened so far I think in Perth, which I was happy, that they have assured Me that they will try to get a big ashram, because yesterday you saw how many people there were; day before you saw how many there were. Now if you have to help somebody in such a big way, then we have to have a big ashram, a big place where people can come. Now I’ve found out a suggestion, another one, if you can accept it, that first of all you can have a big ashram somewhere, which is to be renovated and all of you try to renovate it, it’s not difficult, as he said that you can purchase some dilapidated things as we have in Sahaja Yoga, mostly people come dilapidated. Isn’t it? And then we put them right with the candle.

In the same way we have to rebuild the whole thing, renovate the whole thing, a big thing, and he says that he can get a loan for that, for renovation, which you can pay as rent and can be looked after, and also the people who are coming from outside you can tell them that it’s not for Sahaja Yoga but for the hall that we have here, a bigger place, that little bit money could be paid and they wouldn’t mind paying you some money. But not for Sahaja Yoga – it’s just for that. Gradually you should introduce this idea to them, will be a very good thing. Now collectivity should grow; and collectivity grows with certain other subtler ideas that we should have about collectivity. First of all we are all Saints, aren’t we? So now we cannot talk ill of each other, at all. We cannot talk. If we are thinking ill of somebody or criticizing somebody, then we must know there’s something wrong with us. In Sahaja Yoga we should not criticize anyone. We should see the beauty, the glory of another person and praise the joy that you have, the happiness that you have, because if you want to gather the thorns, you’ll get thorns, you can’t get flowers. But if you want to gather flowers, you’ll get flowers. So nobody should talk ill of any other Sahaja Yogi, because that is one thing creates a big problem in Sahaja Yoga.
Then secondly, there’s a leader with you. Now there’s a leader and there’s – you find something wrong with him then you directly tell Me. Don’t discuss among yourselves and create a group against him or her, because through him only or her I can talk to you, or come to you. Now supposing there’s something wrong you can telephone to Me, you can trunk call to Me if you thing something dangerous, something is going to… It’s all right, doesn’t matter. I can talk to that person, I will ask the whole thing and we can manage. There’s nothing wrong in it. I mean after all you are a part and parcel of the whole.

But every moment if you go on standing, fighting with the person or trying to find something wrong with the person or trying to do something that will harm the basic unity, then it’s very wrong and that is one of the responsibilities you have, that whatever you think, there’s something to be done, your suggestions, you can give it to the leader. And if you think there’s something very wrong in the leadership or in certain decisions he has taken or she has taken then you are open to write to Me absolutely, you can telephone to Me; all these letters pass through proper ways and it’s – every letter is sort of found out, to be – whatever is needed to be given to Me they give Me. Otherwise also they mark it, that Mother this is the point that letter has. And the letters which do not require any sort of answering, we don’t answer, but the answer comes somehow. So, supposing you have a problem, the problem can be solved and all that.

So there is no need to write various things like sometimes I – from Australia a letter comes which could be from ten to twenty pages. First of all it costs so much money to you. Secondly the people in England become suspicious, not the Sahaja Yogis, but the Post people, they think what’s coming here, some sort of a politics or what. So there’s no need to write very long letters, just few things of how you are, how you are enjoying Sahaja Yoga, how everything is and sometimes you know, from America, on the Thanksgiving Day, they wrote such sweet, sweet things. Only one sentence, but such beautiful things that really I couldn’t get over for ages. I said: ‘Oh God I am done, so much as the way they have described.’ Very deep and subtle things. So the subtler you become less you talk, the less you tell things, the less you write – as you know that in Zen system they write very small sentences, very, very small sentences, and in that small sentence they say such deep and subtle things. So there is a rapport on a subtler level, not on a superficial level.

Thirdly I would say there’s also a tendency, among so many people – like Hersh was with Me, or somebody is with Me, closer, but he’s not the leader, you see – so they’ll tell him: ‘Hersh go and tell Mother like this, please tell Mother.’ And he got fed-up really. He said: ‘I am not the channel. Leader is the channel. Why don’t you tell the leader? Whatever you want, you tell the leader and leader can tell Mother, not me, nothing doing.’ Then he got really mad because everybody started telling: ‘Tell this to Mother, tell this…’ He would not tell Me anything. He said: ‘I’m not telling Her anything, what’s the use of telling me.’ So you should not find out any other channel. Your leader is there, and we can decide.

Now the point he has brought out now that about marriages. Normally, normally and there’s no hard and fast rule as I said- that’s it’s better to marry a person, not from the same place, or not from the same collectivity. Now the reason why, in India, supposing now there’s a village, they don’t marry in the same village. Or from long-time back it was not in the same university they would not marry, even today, the one who belongs to a particular university, is called as a gotra. Say My gotra is Shandilia, so I cannot marry in the Shandilia gotra. Now this was thousands of years back you see our forefathers must have studied in that particular university, the Shandilia University, but even till today I cannot marry somebody belonging to the same Shandilia University. I mean it’s so far-fetched. But the reason was that, that in the colleges or university, a relationship should be there of complete celibacy and purity. That purity gets spoiled.

Supposing you want to marry somebody in the same area, is all right, you can marry, but it should not be a common rule, because then the purity cannot be maintained. You’ll be looking out for a girl in the same area where you belong. And there, what happens, some eyes will lose their innocence. Mooladhara might be caught up. So, it should be that you should marry outside. So at least the purity of this place is kept, you are all brothers and sisters. But if there’s somebody who really thinks that it’s important to marry and they want to marry, so I mean there’s no hard and fast rule so it’s all right. But normally it should not be. It should not be a normal thing because then you start seeking out girls and all the time looking at girls, with this idea: ‘whom should I marry? Whom should I choose?’

In the beginning we had these things, lot of these things, in India, this problem, and it was such a problem, and mostly such marriages have turned out to be very funny to us, very funny. We had a very big mishap in Austria. There was a girl who wanted to marry someone. I said: ‘All right.’ I cannot force anything like that. ‘Marry.’ See so both are Sahaja Yogis. And then that girl fell in love with another Sahaja Yogi. And with another. And she became pregnant, with another man, when this Sahaja Yogi had gone out. But it’s such a problem I didn’t know what to do with it. I just don’t know. But then this Sahaja Yogi, the first one, her husband refused to have her. The another Sahaja Yogi would not say that that is his child, and a big problem came through, because this girl lost her sense you see, she went from one boy to another. Because if you go on like that there’s no end to it. And it was a big problem. Still it exists there but now she is left high and dry. There’s no-one who is with her.

So first of all we should not pay so much attention to this. It’s not important in Sahaja Yoga. The most important thing is you try to keep yourself pure, your vibrations all right, no problems. And also if you – any Sahaja Yogi wants to have relationship outside Sahaja Yoga, one has to be very careful, because we don’t know what sort of a mooladhara they have, what kind of problems they have; you might jump into something very serious, and then you’ll come back with a very serious problem telling Me, Mother – we had such problems – as he knows very well, even in Australia, that somebody went with somebody else and she developed herpes, and now it’s difficult to marry her, something like that.

So you see in Sahaja Yoga we have to understand that marriage is all respected, it has to be, but it has to be monogamous. We cannot have mono-androus and monogamous. We don’t believe in marrying one man, living with another man, running after third man. Because you see, what I have been saying is coming true now, people have AIDS, people have all kinds of diseases. Now in America also they think that monogamy is the best. And after all, it is not natural, because supposing a man is married to a lady, then the lady wants that the man, in her privacy should be hers, and also the man wants the same. If it is not so they feel jealous. They are never happy. That’s one of the symptoms that if a person is not happy with this kind of a thing, then what’s the use of doing such a thing?

Marriage must make everyone happy, that’s first sign. If a marriage doesn’t make everyone happy, such a marriage is a curse on society and these marriages don’t stick also, because you must have the support of the collective. If you have the support of the collective and if it generates joy and happiness, children are better, society is better, and the whole situation is so good, you enjoy I mean, such marriages. But when you find something goes wrong, you become very serious, you don’t like it. As in, now you know in England we have problems with the Royal family and there was a rumor that this Princess Diana is going to divorce, and everybody was so unhappy about it, because they used to think such a … as if they were Romeo and Juliet, and all these ideas were in their heads and suddenly you read of such a, ugly stuff and people were very nervous you see, and they became very unhappy about the whole thing.

So the marriage is the best way to give happiness to others, by having sweet children, having a good family, having sensible life, gives such a joy to all the collectivity. So that’s why it is important in Sahaja Yoga that you should have marriages which will be successful, which will be sensible, which will be balanced and which will create beautiful children because I told you so many children are anxious to get born to Sahaja Yogis, because they are great souls and they want good, sensible parents. So we must understand the essence of everything, why in Sahaja Yoga we prefer this. But of course there’s no hard and fast rule, if you want to experiment with something, you can experiment but when you suffer, Sahaja Yoga can’t help you. So whatever is needed, whatever is good, has to be told and guided and we should live with that idea.

Now, another thing that affects collectivity, I think, is the idea of having a separate house; is very common with Indians specially, so beware of them. Indians will find out ten excuses to have a house of their own. This is the worst part of Indians you see, they cannot have a collective life. Now, we built a nice ashram for them, in Delhi, spending so much money – I tell you I also gave them lot of money – and there’s not even a rat living there. I said: ‘What is this? Ah, nobody lives there.’ He said: ‘Mother You can live.’ I said: ‘I am the only one who has to live in so many ashrams, what’s the use of wasting money on ashrams then, what is this? There’s no need to build any ashrams if you are not going to live together.’ If you people cannot live together, how can this world going to live? And only when you are all of you together My Attention is there.

Now we have some very good ashrams, very good ashrams, and they have done wonders. Wonders. Where the leader is kind, compassionate, loving and also correcting. If you love somebody the person doesn’t mind being corrected, doesn’t mind. Now I also tell you many things, you don’t mind because you know I love you very much and this love is the thing that really is the correcting point. So if the leader is loving, affectionate, compassionate, then if he tells that it’s not good for you, this is not for your benevolence, then nobody minds it, because it’s good for you. It’s just for something that will be good for you, good for your society, good for the country, for the whole world, and so we have to realize that we are here for a tremendous task. Such a work nobody has done so far. No Saints have done this. Poor things they were born one here and a one there and a one there. Either they were killed or given poisons, were thrown away or tortured, so far. But you are not one, you are so many all over the world, you have friends everywhere and you have so many relations everywhere, such sweet things.

The another thing is people come to Ganapatipule, many of you, then you should not form a Australian group. This was once we discovered, that Australia is great, Australia is this thing, and it fell down. God created one world. Really. But then human beings called them Australia, India, England, like that, that’s their own doing. You see it’s all their headache, not ours. We are all one. So when they come to Ganapatipule, you should know that you should get mingled with other people, you should know them, you should write to them and you should have lot of fun and make fun of yourself and fun of them. It’s very enjoyable, because after Sahaja Yoga only, you start seeing what’s wrong with Australia, say what’s wrong with India, what’s wrong with England because you are so detached, then you start seeing that: ‘This was a mistake’ and you really enjoy it and I enjoy when they really pull each other’s legs nicely and enjoy each other’s company and are so sporting and so sweetly enjoying each other’s company. That’s the greatest enjoyment for Me.

And when I see people are in a very jovial mood, in a very understanding mood, they are together, of all the nations, now we are in forty nations. Can you believe it? And if we can just forget that we belong to any particular country, we belong to the country of God’s Kingdom, everything works out all right. And we have to be beautiful people, otherwise the others see and say: ‘Oh that such a man was there and such a person was there, he did that’ and we have no business, no need to be arrogant at all with anyone, there’s no need. We have to be extremely loving, because love some people think is a weakness – is not. It’s not. Is the strongest thing. Now you can see from Me, in a way I am a foreigner in your country, I came to you and all that and the love has worked. So love is the strongest thing and we have never used the Power of love, which of course you know how to give bandhans and things and to work it out, your love. So have faith in yourself, that you are loving, you are compassionate, that’s why you are dynamic, because love is dynamic, and all these things will help you.

Now living together you can do something collectively also. I have been giving some ideas that you can work out this way, that way, so many things can be done and we can really establish a kind of a, proper society of Sahaja Yogis. As you know that Vishwa Nirmala Dharma has been accepted as a federal religion in America, as a federal religion, in America. So, we have to establish here also. Now when you have entered into that, then all these conditionings and all this ego and all this, just drops out, and you become pure, beautiful people – which you can. I mean it’s your own property; it’s within you, so why not get to it, why to ruin yourself for anything else, but to ascend, and in ascending you never can be in trouble. Never can be in trouble.

Now we have to help so many people. There are people suffering from alcoholism, suffering from drugs, suffering from other things, mental problems, physical problems, all kinds of things – you can do a lot. One person can save so many people. So now all of you should decide also how many people you are going to meet and how many people you are going to give Realization to, and how many people you are going to attend to.

Now when these new people come in, then also one has to be careful – not to immediately say: ‘You are a bhoot, or you are this, you are that.’ They don’t understand your language, you see. You must know your language is different, of chakras. So the best thing is to talk to them softly, gradually tell them what is Sahaja Yoga. Because it’s absolutely a new science. They think it’s a new philosophy. It’s not new, it’s an ancient one, but they think like that, so best thing is to take everything, in such a manner that, the another person understands that you are dealing with that person in a very subtle and a beautiful way. You don’t just try to be aggressive. Aggressiveness is not the sign of a Saint. You have to be very kind, you have to be very gentle, you have to be very sweet and understanding and that they are not yet Realized souls, they have just now come to Sahaja Yoga, they are not yet established as Sahaja Yogis. That’s the sign of a good Sahaja Yogi.

Anything else you want to ask Me you tell Me and I will definitely try to see to it that it works out. And there’s one thing I’ve seen, how much depth we have, that works out the best. Sometimes it is so remarkable. There was one fellow called [Alok?] who came to Me in Madras about one and a half year back, only, just imagine and he just jumped into the Ocean. He’s such a great Sahaja Yogi and then he went down to – he was in Bombay where he received the news from his mother that she was very seriously ill. So went down to Rotak from Bombay, and when he was in Rotak he found out that his mother was just about to die. The doctor said: ‘Within three days she’s going to die’. So he just put My Photograph and before My Photograph he prayed: ‘Mother please cure my mother.’ That’s all. And, can you imagine, in three days she improved so much that he brought her all the way to Bombay. Then he took her – they said: ‘It’s a serious type of a cancer.’ And he took her to the very famous hospital in Bombay, Thata Hospital, for this cancer, and you’ll be amazed that they said: ‘It’s all negative, there’s no cancer at all.’.

So is the depth within you. It’s not the blind faith but the depth, deeply, how much you are in Sahaja Yoga. But he’s been there only one and a half year. And then he said: ‘I want to give up my job now what’s the use of doing jobs?’ you see. ‘I’ll better do Sahaja Yoga job.’ I said: ‘You are doing Sahaja Yoga job all right, don’t give up this job.’ There’s no need to give up anything. So you grow like a tree is settled in the same place but grows. In the same way you have to grow, and it works out very well.

I hope [INAUDIBLE] . How they express their love. Nothing like children in this world I tell you. Now another thing was you asked Me about a school to be started here. Is a good idea. To start a school would be a good idea. That will be good for little children, and then when they grow up they’ll see [INAUDIBLE] this is a very good thing. And in a place like that you can have a school. If you have a big basement or something you can have a school, you can have a meditation center there. Meditation room should be separate. Everybody should not be brought to a Photograph which has got the crown and all that, they get a shock. So just have ordinary Photographs like this for meditation but for a meditation room you can have everything you like but for a general center you need not have all these things, because they don’t like it to begin with. And then for the children also you can have there and you can also make it an exhibition room or something like that.

And another thing I find that Australia is a very expensive place, no doubt, very, very expensive. So I think when you all come to India you should get the list of things that you want to buy from there and buy them….terribly I mean, just can’t imagine how expensive it is. All those who are here also you can buy things for them and bring them I think this is one of the most expensive places. I don’t know about – Helsinki is another one. But in some things this is a very expensive place, except for food. Food is all right. But rest of it is very expensive. So when you come to India remember that if you go out shopping nicely and get things for other Sahaja Yogis also who are left behind.

So next time I hope to see you all in Ganapatipule. I know that Ganapatipule is rather expensive but we are trying to put it down a little bit, but as the time is passing you see, every inflation going up and even the food in India is going up. I don’t know how to bring it down. But we have kept to the same amount for the last three years and this year maybe we might bring it down a little bit more with some sort of a compromise on things. But for one month in Australia would be much more than in India I can tell you. Only your traveling is a problem which you should little bit sort out but the more the merrier as they say you come along. But I would say still the Australians shouldn’t stay together. You should mix with other people, make friendship, you should be able to write letter to us. Because I am talking here about the collectivity of the whole world, and that’s what you belong to. Anywhere you go, in any place, it’s so surprising sometimes how you meet a Sahaja Yogi.

Like we had one girl, she went down to Sicily, and another one went from I think Austria and both were sitting in one restaurant. This one was sitting here and the another one, and suddenly because of vibrations they were attracted to each other. They didn’t know why they were attracted so one went and talked to the other and said: ‘You come from where?’
She said that: ‘I have come from Austria.’ Then she just put her hand under the table. She said: ‘Are you a Sahaja Yogini?’
‘Yes, yes, how do you know? Are you a Sahaja Yogini.’
‘Yes I am.’
And then the amount of love they felt between themselves and they describe it so beautifully, like a poetry, the whole thing, and they were so happy that, in a far-fetched place like Sicily, two girls from two countries meet there. They were so very happy, just with vibrations. Same with people when they come, you see, sometimes they are not wearing badges or anything, just with vibrations they know that this is Sahaja Yogi. All over the world you have brothers and sisters, can never get lost, even if you want to. So that’s how it is.

Now you have anything, any problem, you tell Me. Now about this one marriage you have said it I’ve no objection to it but responsibility is more there. It’s not Mine so much. All right? And the second one is a problem of this lady having two children, she’s a Sahaja Yogini, and we don’t like people staying with somebody like that. We must have our self-respect. Unless and until you are married with someone, if you stay with someone, it’s a stigma for you as well as for the children. So I don’t agree there that you stay with someone without marriage. You see, you don’t know how he’ll treat you, how it will work out and they have to be Sahaja Yogis, because then we can see that they don’t misbehave. Of course I wouldn’t say that hundred percent we are successful but at least ninety-nine percent we are successful in our attempt to get very, happy, prosperous, beautiful married lives. And without that, what’s the use all the time, you see, in a struggle, fighting? What’s the use? So that will be a better idea is to have a sane thing which is marriage and which is a very sensible thing and which will definitely help you all very much to be settled down. Otherwise you’ll be all the time unhappy and insecure.

Now those who cannot get married say, they cannot come to Ganapatipule, can send their photographs and all those things, we’ll decide there. I mean they can get engaged, they can get married, not such a problem. They can get married here also but they should send the photographs properly and also send their – just like anybody else you see. And supposing we find somebody for you there, very good, then we’ll send you a message and the collectivity can pay for you to come and you can stay with that person for a month [SHORT SECTION MISSING FROM TAPE]

It works, I must say. More on vibrations. Somebody could be this way or somebody could be that way. Like a very remarkable thing happened this time that we have a very, very good Sahaja Yogi called as Chris Marlow, in London, very good Sahaja Yogi and he told Me that he wants to marry an Indian girl but she should be very good in vibrations. I said: ‘Any color, any shape, anything?’ ‘Yes that doesn’t matter, as long as she’s a bundle of vibrations, Mother, I don’t want anything else.’ I didn’t understand what he was saying. But for his age there was only one girl available and she was from South, very dark. Though I would say she was quite good-looking in the sense that, to Me, I don’t know, with the norms and…but very dark and little on the plump side. He wanted a plump wife also, that was one thing. He said: ‘I don’t want to have bones around my arm.’ So that was all right. But still I would not call her anything beautiful for a western mind, could be ugly. And I told him all this, then see: ‘This is the photograph of this girl and this is this. If you like her and really want to marry, really want to marry her, you can marry.’ So when he saw her he just jumped. He said: ‘That’s the one Mother for me.’ I was so surprised. I said: ‘Why?’ He said: It’s the limit! The vibrations from her eyes also, there are vibrations flowing ; such innocent eyes.’ He just fell for her, and he’s so, so happy you can’t imagine.

While you’ll find somebody because somebody is – I mean I don’t know why – suddenly, just say, I know for someone because they have black hair, somebody has grey hair, and ‘I don’t like a blonde’ and ‘I don’t like a black-haired person’ all these nonsensical ideas start. It’s so superficial. I mean hair you can always color it, except for some people will say the nose is long, somebody will say – after all God has made everybody differently. There cannot be one like they are not plastic things. So they have to be different and the faces have to be different but in Sahaja Yoga they have that inner beauty shining in their faces and that you can see. If you understand this point then you won’t say: “No because this is this’ but of course if there’s any reasons for saying ‘No’ I will say: ‘All right, never marry.’

But even after marriage I have seen people become so crazy and mad I can’t understand what happens to them. Like we had one marriage to a boy who’s very good Sahaja Yogi in India, to a very good-looking girl, very, very good-looking and, I mean a good Sahaja Yogini, but then she went mad I tell you. She went amuck. She took that boy to Kashmir for a honeymoon. We don’t have honeymoon because we have honey and moon everything in Sahaja Yoga. There’s no need to go for honeymoon and all that. But she went for a honeymoon and spent two lacques of rupees of that boy. And then she started asking him for this and that and she started giving all kinds of troubles to the mother-in-law and father-in-law, staying in their house. ‘Oh must take another house, must get out of it.’ Within one month’s time everybody went crazy and she went into Pune’s street you see, kissing him, hugging him, oh God and so embarrassing for other Sahaja Yogis. They came: ‘Mother what is this girl is?’ And the boy also got frightened with her. Said: ‘Mother please send her away. I just can’t bear it. It’s too much.’

Now she’s gone. Now she’s improved. She said: ‘Mother I was possessed, it was a bhoot.’ ‘You blame a bhoot, you are a Sahaja Yogini, how did you get into this kind of a madness – that because he was a rich boy all right, so you shouldn’t get into such a mad idea. You should understand that he’s a Sahaja Yogi and you are a Sahaja Yogini.’ And the whole thing is so absurd now that this boy says ‘No Mother, not me, not with her.’ He’s so frightened of her. Though she says: ‘Now I’m all right, the bhoot has gone, this that.’ I didn’t marry her actually. That’s one of the points I must tell you because there was some sort of a remark about her – from the leader. So I just had kept that waiting. I said: ‘Let’s see next year, we’ll see about it.’ But she stayed back because she was anxious to get married and they stayed in the same house where these people were living and she managed him I think and then all these things happened and such a problem, that boy is completely shattered. He’s such a nice Sahaja Yogi.

So it also happens like that sometimes and without My knowledge things have happened but you have to know that whatever you have to think, whatever you have to analyze, whatever you have to decide, should be done before marriage, not after marriage. But before marriage they never think. ‘Mother has said it. All right we like her.’ After marriage: ‘Oh this so…this is so…’ It’s a funny thing. Once you have taken – it’s not a joke, it’s not a show, it’s not something so cheap as that. You have married somebody, you have no business to ruin somebody’s life like that. They start thinking after marriage is a wrong thing. Before marriage you should decide. That is one of the curses of the western society which should not be brought to Sahaja Yoga. We have no right to hurt anyone No. You decide yourself beforehand, you tell Me, last minute if you tell Me ‘I don’t want to marry,’ it’s perfectly all right, but after that when you have married somebody you have no business to hurt someone. It’s sort of a very sinister thing, it might come out, that you are trying to hurt someone, that’s not the way.

So before marriage you should decide and after marriage you should accept it and make it a beautiful marriage. You can show to people there are people whom we can say have been very, very happily married and also a situation where the husband is dominating or the wife is dominating and that should not be such. As I have told that you are two wheels of one chariot but the left is on the left and right is on the right. If you try to fix the left on the right it will be a mess for anyone of the wheels is smaller than the other, they are equal but not similar, then the chariot will be going round and round. So in case that you have to respect the equality of Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoginis and Sahaja Yogis but also you must know that you are not similar. A woman is a woman and a man is a man. And nice to be a woman I sometimes think because poor man have to please so many people in this world and a woman has to just please the husband, finished. It’s a simpler job.

But in any case you should be proud of being a woman or a man. And this fighting with men, for what? Fighting with men for jobs and things, is not necessary. What is there to fight with men for jobs and for getting this thing better, that thing better? After all it’s so materialistic. We should really understand that we are the source of power, we are like this Mother Earth, which gives everything and still She is so great. That’s how we should have that idea that we are doing everything for the family, for everyone. Of course you can work, you can do what you like, but women are the ones who make the society. They don’t make politics. If they go to politics they become neither men nor women I think. Women are the ones who make the society so all that is society you have to look after. That’s your job and it’s very important I think. Your Mother is a woman and I’m a married woman, I have got children, I’ve got My family, I have everything. I’ve My relations, such huge family, and My mother’s side and My husband’s side we are so many. But it’s all, all right.

So nobody should feel inferior because they are a woman and nobody should feel superior because they are a man. That’s a wrong thing, that’s unnatural, that’s not so good. So we have to understand each other’s dignity, should be respectful to each other, should be kind and wife and husband, both of them, to be collective, not possessive of each other, to be collective, to be pure, to be nice. There are certain few things you see, which we have to understand in Sahaja Yoga and life could be beautiful for us, beautiful. Certain things missing in Indian culture, something missing in Western culture. We have to understand that this both are wrong and we are not going to have them, and it will work out very well. For us there is only one culture and that is Sahaja culture and these children are now growing up so we have to prepare ourselves for that, to face them, otherwise tomorrow they will put you right. May God bless you. May God bless you.

So many will be coming I am sure now.

Yogi: Yes Mother. Mother we have a small gift for You. Shri Mataji: Ah! Every time!
Yogi: It’s only a very small one Mother.

Shri Mataji: I have some small gifts for you all leaders but that I will give you in the puja. Isn’t it? All right. You know there is no need to give Me gifts. You are My gifts because now this house of Mine is falling short. Where to keep all your gifts? I can open Kundalini – but also it’s done so beautifully that you don’t feel like opening it.

Yogi: It’s a Western Australian pearl, Mother, and we bought it many years ago actually. The mould was made by Robin Reid, it was made here in Perth by a local artist.

Shri Mataji: It’s beautiful. But don’t you think it’s too much? Very beautifully done I must say. Such a combination. Is it gold-plated or gold?

Yogi: It’s gold-plated Mother.

Shri Mataji: Then it’s all right. Otherwise gold again I’ll go into prison in India. All right, thank-you very much. Thank-you. It’s beautiful. The pearls are very beautiful. Thank-you so much. And what I am again saying that you get the measurements of children and ladies and men and whatever they need you can buy and bring it from there. Is better because you see here it’s so difficult and to waste your money on these things is not good. So better get things from India. You can get very nice things: silks and things like that- will be much better. All right? I had bought lots of things, I must tell you, for Australians but they told Me that the Customs here are so terrible that I can’t bring anything. So they got all exhausted in some other pujas.

Yogi: Mother we also have a poem of thanks.

Shri Mataji: Come here. This is a Song from Kabir.

Yogini: Yes Shri Mataji.
“This day is dear to me above all other days For today the Beloved…”