Conversation with yogis Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia)

Conversation With Yogis, Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia), 1991-03-28 Yogini: Mother, it’s Mathias on the phone again, it’s Mathias on the phone again, he’s talking about lamb and things, he wants to talk about the lamb. Shri Mataji: Lamb? Huh? Should I go in the room or? Yogini: Is there a telephone extension in here? Yogi: Yes. Yogini: Is there a point from the wall? Can anyone say point from the wall? Yogini: Otherwise, there’s one in the kitchen, Mother, which… Shri Mataji: There’s a meat company, you can talk to the meat company, I think Frank can do something about it. So he wants to have an offer as soon as possible. Isn’t it? It’s a good solution. It’s maybe for this also you’ll find this, but first of all this, there must be meat companies here. Yogini: Oh, I’m sure there are, mother. As you say, Frank would be there. Shri Mataji: [unclear]. And the meat. [unclear] To Poland. Both. To Poland and to Bulgaria.

Shri Mahavira Puja: Dead Spirits Perth (Australia)

Mahavira Puja. Perth (Australia), 28 March 1991. Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of Mahavira.Mahavira is the incarnation of Bhairavanath, or you call Him as Saint Michael. Now these two saints as you know one as the Gabriel, Hanumana, and another is Saint Michael, one is placed on the Pingala Nadi and another one, Saint Michael, on the Ida Nadi.So, Mahavira had to go through lots of search. Of course He was a angel, but came as human being and He had to find out the thing of the left side, and how the left side acts. It’s a very complicated thing, left side, is much more complicated than right side. On the left side we have also seven nadis, and these seven nadis are placed one after another. They are described in books and given different names to them. Now, these seven nadis that are on the left side, as you know, they cater to our past. Say for example, every moment becomes a past. Every present becomes a past. Then we have past of this lifetime, and also we have past of our previous lives. Then all the past is built in within us since our creation.So all the psychosomatic diseases, as you know, are only triggered by the entities that appear from the left side. For a person, supposing he is suffering, say, from liver trouble and suddenly he’s attacked from the left side, specially Mooladhara, or any left side, Left Nabhi, because Mooladhara is Read More …