Easter Puja: Purity, Morality, Children

Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

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Easter Puja. Sydney (Australia), 31 March 1991.

Today we are here to worship Christ as He was resurrected from dead. There are lots of theories about His death, but actually He resurrected Himself and then He went down to India and settled there with His Mother. After period of His resurrection is not described in any books, as such, but in one of the Puranas written about Shalivana, one of the kings of the dynasty I belong to, has met Christ in Kashmir and he asked Him, “What’s your name?” He said “My name is Issa.” And then he asked Him also that “from which country you come, which place?” He said, “I come from a country which is foreign to you and to Me and now I’m here in my own country.” That’s how He appreciated, I think, the Indian thing. And then He used to cure people there and his tomb is there and His Mother’s tomb also is there.

So there are other stories also written by people who did not know much about Him. But whatever it is, what you find that Christ was very much impressed and was very much there to teach about morality, as in the Indian Scriptures, very strongly. For Him, morality was the most important thing, in life because, as you know, He was the incarnation of Shri Ganesha. So, for Him, Ganesha’s principle was extremely important and that He has expressed by saying that “In the ten commandments it is said that ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ but I verily say to you thou shalt not have adulterous eyes” to such an extent that even the eyes should not be adulterous. It’s a very good understanding of a personality where we find in the modern times most of them have their attention moving up and down with adultery. Also in one of the Upanishads I read that even to look at a woman is adultery, even to think of a woman is adultery and talk to women too much is also adultery. These modern times I’ve seen there are women who are used as public relations, everywhere, in every country. And they just go and chit-chat and talk to people in position and talk in such a manner that they feel very much pampered. And one of the ways of getting favours, wrong favours from officers is through this kind of PR business. It’s very common and this is what is responsible, also partly, for the corruption in many countries.

Morality goes hand in hand with all kinds of violence. Anybody who is a violent person, a person who is in the mafia, a person who’s regarded as an outcast, all of them are adulterous people of the worst type. So one has to understand how important it is that morality should be our basic asset in Sahaja Yoga, specially, I would say, we are so lucky today that it should be celebrated in the land of Shri Ganesha, that we should be here to celebrate His resurrection, which actually is due to His clean, we can say, absolutely nishkalanka life, life which was so pure. His purity was there because He was nothing but chaitanya. He was nothing but vibrations. He was so pure that He could even walk on the water. He was so pure that death could not kill Him.

So we have to aim at our purification. We talk of resurrection, of when we think of getting a second birth. As I have told you before that an egg becomes a bird. That’s called a vijaya. It’s twice-born. In the same way, we who are covered with our ego and our conditionings, opens out to become a bird and that’s how we all have come to know about the Brahma, about this all-pervading power, which is the Brahma. And that’s how we have now really become the vijaya, meaning the Brahmins. Those who have not known the Brahma — without that, what is the use of any worship or any kind of chantings or anything? Because you are not connected and if you are not connected, it has no meaning.

But we have to look at ourselves, about purity part of it. On a very low level of people, you see, I have seen that the impurity comes from what Christ has called as murmuring souls. These are the people who start talking at the back of others and just enjoy this kind talk. This is a very low level of a personality. I think in Sahaja Yoga this should go away completely because it creates problems and the main, basic strength of Sahaja Yoga, which is collectivity, is harmed by that. Specially, in this respect, I would request the women. Specially the wives of the leaders have a great responsibility. If they start talking like that, taking interest in such talks, then they come down to the level of others and their motherhood is challenged. Any mother who allows the children to talk like that is really spoiling the entire life of children.

Anybody who talks ill of any people in Sahaja Yoga is really extremely dangerous for both of them, but especially for the person who does it. So one should always avoid even thinking ill of others, let alone the talking of it. If anybody talks like, you should put your hands to your ears and say, “Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear anything against anyone.” Because when we start talking against someone, we get all the bad things that person has, Apart from that, our mind is spoiled, is impurity in your mind. Then we talk to others, it increases and it becomes worse.

So it’s the responsibility of the women to be very much careful because this kind of thing is more with the women because they are little excluded. They have exclusive friends and they have exclusive life. They are different type than men are. Men, if they have to get angry with someone or if they want to say something, they’ll just go and have a fight and finish it. But women will keep it in the mind and will say something and it’s such a bad thing to start. It’s just like a worm, it moves and is very infectious.

So all of you must remember that this is the first thing. you must avoid is to listen against anyone, talk against anyone, have small talks. I have said the same thing in Perth because last time when I came I found horrible things were done against people. Now, again I tell you this because we are at a point where we have to understand that morality is not only about what is the sex is, but is much more than that, much wider than that.

So, because we want to have our purification, let us have introspection within ourselves. People ask Me, “How did you manage so well in Russia?” There is one thing about Russians, very great, that they’re very introspective. If you read any novel of a Russian writer, you’ll be surprised to see that all of them are introspecting. All the characters are introspecting. They want to see “why I did it.” For example, somebody is lazy. He doesn’t work. He dedicates his time in reading or something else, but he cannot put his physical body to any strain. Then he introspects. “Why? Why am I so lazy? Why can’t I do something more active?” Then somebody who is always sort of difficult and angry type that people don’t like him. Then, instead of getting angry with others, he has to see himself in within himself, “Why am I like that? Why people don’t care for me? What do I have within me that is making me so miserable?” So you’ll see that you’re either conditioned or you have a funny ego which is coming up and is making you do wrong things which you should not do. That’s one of the purifications you can have of your mind, when you start introspecting yourself.

Now, as the culture is, I find is, not very much for the benevolence of human beings. It is — you don’t know what people are up to, what they can do, how far they can go. Nothing is possible. I’ve seen in these some of the marriages we had very shocking things that the men or women never told Me and they had horrible diseases. And they just put Me into trouble. There are many others who have done this kind of thing. So first thing, you must know that you cannot be a hypocrite in Sahaj Yog. If you’re a hypocrite, if you do not sincerely believe in Sahaja Yoga, fully engross yourself, you do not purify yourself and jump into yourself, then you will be exposed very soon and you’ll be thrown away from Sahaj Yog, no doubt about it. I will not throw. I will forgive, but as I have told you, there are two forces in Sahaja Yoga. One is centrifugal and another centripetal. By centripetal force, you’ll be attracted, but by centrifugal force you’ll be thrown out.

So one has to be very careful because whatever you have got is something really remarkably, surprisingly so heavenly and so easily. Actually, I am surprised at Myself, how I have achieved all these things, but it has been achieved because, as I have told you, that the all-pervading power itself has taken a dynamic role. It is acting because it is now in — we are in Krita Yuga. This Krita Yuga comes when there is a gap between from one yuga to another yuga. Like we had Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga has to go to Satya Yuga. In between there’s Krita Yuga, when mishaps and evolutionary process have taken place at that time.

So now the last evolution has started and again this all-pervading power has become very dynamic. That’s how you get all My photographs and you get all these things and you are also getting people realized. You, yourself, you are surprised at the miracles you have. Everybody can tell you hundreds of miracles,

So these miracles also are worked out by this all-pervading power. At this juncture, when we have all these possibilities, if we try to be hypocritical, we are harming ourselves. If you try to criticize others and not ourselves, then we are going to miss the bus. You must understand the importance of time. That is something people miss out. Sahaja Yoga is very good because you are blessed and you feel that you are secured, things are very good, you get so many brothers and sisters and I see you faces just like roses shining. All that is good, but still there is a chance that you may fall back. The reason is you must purify yourself. Never get satisfied with yourself. Some people, when I talk to them, they never think I am talking to them. They think I am talking to somebody else.

So, please try to understand, we have to introspect ourselves. We have to meditate and when we are conscious about our own defects, we start looking at it and they’ll drop off.

It’s a very tremendous task that we have to do, is to emancipate the whole human beings and, for that, you have to be something very special. You have to be ideal. People are going to see you. I have seen some people who are very fond of going on the stage and trying to show off. It’s ego. Understand that it is ego. If you are not what you are talking, nobody is going to take you seriously. On the contrary, they’ll disappear from Sahaj Yoga. If you are going to show off, people will say, “Look at this show-off.” Everybody can see you being like that. They will not see themselves, but they can see another person like that.

So for all these ego manifestations, you have to be very, very careful. Now supposing if you have money, then you’ll try to show off. If you have some power, supposing you have certain position in the government, you’ll try to show off. Anything, these artificial things. I have known people who show off for absurd things which have no meaning. I don’t understand that these all things are outside. They’re not enriching you. They are in no way giving you the strength that you need, in no way making you beautiful.

So all these outside things anybody can have. It’s nothing great about it, but the inner wealth that you develop is the only way you can purify yourself and the resurrection can take place in the same manner as Christ has said.

Now the time of resurrection has come. You are all resurrected, but you have to still cleanse yourself. First, as I told you, that morality should be the highest priority for all for of us. Now just think of the life people live. For example, I have been in the West with my husband in another atmosphere, another society. We’ve been to parties, we’ve been to all such things and what I found that no man is safe, no woman is safe. They’re all flirting with each other, God knows for what. It’s a joyless pursuit. And when they go back home, what they find, that the wife is missing or the husband is missing. So such an insecure life they have because they have no sense of morality. To them, these pleasures are something great and because of this misunderstanding about the life they are suffering with such tremendous insecurity.

You have to guide your children to a proper, sane morality. For that, you must behave properly. You should not go romantic in the presence of your children. You should not try to put them in a way that you lock up your rooms and do all kinds of things, but behave in a manner that is dignified, otherwise children will pick up from you to begin with. Then also, you should be careful as to the television and things that they show or what children see. You have to be careful. And talk to them that this is wrong. “This is very wrong and this will bring problems to us.”

If you have a proper rapport with your children, you won’t have any problem. You see, here they have so much of this education. Despite that, how many problems you have with children. While we do not educate children in all these things, but we don’t have these problems in India because we are just kept innocent about it. If the children are kept innocent, they never indulge into it and they will never let into any problems which are created by curiosity. Never make them curious. You will feel happy, the children will feel happy and they’ll start their life from the very beginning on the basis of morality. This is what you have to do to your children is a proper, moral sense.

Then another thing I’ve seen is that very important is to give, for Sahaja Yoga, your time. Many people do not give their time, do not work in the ashrams. They do not think that they have to do something for Sahaj Yog. You must understand that you are part and parcel of one body. Now supposing I do not allow one hand to work, put it in a sling. You’ll find it will never work. It will become weak. Weak, it will not be able to do anything. It will be wasted. So you have to use all the limbs of the body in the same way. You all must also put in physical, mental, emotional, whatever is possible for the work of Sahaja Yoga because it is your work. I don’t need Sahaj Yog. I don’t have to do it. It’s for you I have started this and it is for you to give it to others. Is your responsibility, so you should take it up as your own. For example, you know that at this age I’m travelling every third day or fourth day and travelling long distances. All this I’m doing for what? There’s no need for Me to do. I don’t need anything. I’m just doing it because is supposed to be My life. I don’t know how to explain why I’m doing it really. Logically, it doesn’t sound sensible. But, if you see Me, you say that “we have great regard for Mother, we respect Her very much, we are very fond of Her and we worship Her,” all these things. But do you give so much as She can give? How much do we give?

Secondly, I have also heard that people are very miserly in giving money for My programs and things. You want Me to come here. I used to spend My own money in the early days, but you don’t want Me to come here with My own money. Is it proper? Is it? If you have self-respect, you would not like Me to come, spend My own money coming here and spend money for building this and spend money for your car’s petrol. Would you like Me to do that? No. So there are many people who come to My program, I am told, that do not pay for My programs. It’s very wrong. If you do not pay, I’ll tell you immediately, you’ll suffer and that is in money matters because, if you do not give, money doesn’t come. Those people who have been generous with their hands, have been very prosperous, even in Australia, even in India.

So I have to tell you, even this is not a temptation to you, but when people say, “Mother, our thing is not coming up, this is not working out.” So there’s something wrong, somewhere wrong. Once you start dedicating yourself to Sahaja Yoga, immediately you’ll find things will work out. Something — there is something you have done wrong, which you should not have done or something you have not understood. You have done something and a misunderstanding, try to find out. Things must sort out. They must soothe out in Sahaja Yoga. Everything sorts out. Not only that, but I have seen it, just becomes absolutely beautifully falling into line and you are amazed how it works out. From a small thing to big thing. So, if it is not working out in your life, there’s definitely something wrong.

So it is your the morality of your, I should say, financial morality. Also there were some horrible mishaps we had in this country of yours, where horrible leaders came who were interested only in money. That’s how they came to Sahaja Yoga and what has happened to them, you know that.

So you don’t come to Sahaja Yoga for money. You come here for everything, in a sense in totality. You have to get that higher situation. Like that, you have to give also with an open heart. Know that you have got such a great gift, so now, “What can I do about it?” Of course, I don’t need your money, I am not in the same position as even Christ was, but He never took any money, so I need not take any money from you. But still, for other things, those people who have not paid should remember that if they want their children to be all right, if they want their family to be all right, if they want to be all right as far as the money is concerned, without feeling the ego, without pressurizing the leaders, try to spend your money in a way that is really useful for Sahaja Yoga.

Then another point is about the family, as I told you yesterday, that “My house, I must have my house, I must it.” Specially leaders’ wives, again I should warn them because all this has created problems to such an extent now that we have had to throw them out of Sahaj Yog. Despite the fact that husbands were very good, but some women wanted to have their own home, wanted to have their own children. They wanted to stay on their own. So this kind of thing, if a leader’s wife has ideas, then what will happen to others? They have to follow an example, that is that of a leader. If a leader doesn’t have that and the wife doesn’t have that example, the whole thing can be absolutely in state of jeopardy. And that’s what I have seen, that people suffer so much when they do not realize that we all are part and parcel of one family and we start thinking — imagine we cut one finger and plant it somewhere. What will grow out of it? Will a tree grow out of it? Or what will grow out of it? Nothing. It will stick.

Till you were not joined with that whole thing, you were all right, whether you were rotting in a place or wherever you were, it doesn’t matter. But when, now, you have joined and when you are part and parcel of the family, then see how you behave, how your children are. Are they collective? Are they sharing? Or they are fighting? Try to see that your children can share their things with others and you, first of all, start doing that, otherwise children cannot do it.

Now look at Christ. He lived hardly for four years in the sense that He was out of that country. Only for four years He could work out the mission that He had to fulfil. So He was only there to achieve this resurrection at the Agnya chakra. In that short period, how many beautiful parables He has given, how many places He has been, how many people He has talked to. All His life is spent like that. He lived in a very simple manner and He had no such tents or anything, so He used to go on mountains and mount — you know, Sermon on the Mount is very famous sermons are. And then He would gather people there and talk with them. They would listen to Him, but nobody imbibed anything that He had said. Very few that He had, about twelve disciples, who also understood Him when He died. Before that they did not understand what He was. They could not visualize actually within their minds what He is doing, what He is talking about. But when He was resurrected, that made them think, “Who was He? And what has He has done. How is it we are His disciples?” And they’re ordinary fishermen. You know that very well, but their intelligence suddenly manifested. Their dynamism manifested and they really showed such good ways of achieving what we can call the second birth.

Also, Christianity spread under wrong banner of Paul and Augustine and that’s how we see the problems of Christianity, so much so that we are shocked. “How can Christianity of Christ be like this?” But it is. And this Christianity of Christ that has come has nothing to do with Christ. And He has said it, “You be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ.’ I won’t recognize you.” We are the people who are carrying this. And also He has said, they’ll be wearing a mark on their heads and I will know who are those.

So, as it is, you are already marked. You’re already been chosen by Christ. In His last judgement, He has chosen you and you are there, but still, one should know that there is all the possibility that we could be hypocrites, that we are playing with only words. Could be that we still have to cleanse ourselves. So just put your mind into yourself and see for yourself that “Where have I done wrong?”

As far as Mooladhara is concerned, you people have a special responsibility. Australians have the greater responsibility than anybody else because this is a place of Shri Ganesha and, if you do not fully understand the significance of Mooladhara clearing, I am sure you won’t be able to achieve any height in Sahaja Yoga. So all of you should decide about this and work it out so that there is no problem of your ascent or of your rising because you’re so pure or so beautiful.

All this you have achieved already, without much difficulties. Only thing is if those things which are left behind suddenly are trying to come up, also you should not allow it to come into your life. You should just throw away. For example, like a lotus leaf, when it is under the water it doesn’t show anything, but when it comes up, then water doesn’t stand on that. It just falls off, doesn’t get attached to any water. You may pour water, any amount. It just takes away.

So this is what you have to find out. Relationships between each other, racialism and other things, we have to just oppose it. It’s not a good thing to hate anyone for any small thing like that.

The forgiving quality of Christ at the time when He was crucified has to be remembered. How he forgave those who crucified Him because they do not know what they were doing. But even when they know what they are doing in Sahaja Yoga, still people try to crucify and this crucifixion can be all right for a person who’s crucified, but very dangerous for the person who is crucifying.

So this has to be understood that to get out of all things and to get out of all your crucifixions, you have to have an extremely pure, ideal, beautiful life. You should be proud of your virtues. You should be proud of your greatness. You should be proud that you are so righteous. There’s nothing to feel bad about, otherwise people will boast about their mad things, as in the modern times, but not about their good thing — regarded as bad manners. You need not boast about both the things, but you can be proud of the things that are so beautiful, so nice, so energy-giving.

Christ had to surrender to the desire of His Father and He asked Him that “If You could take away this cup, it would be nice.” But when the Father said, “No, you have to drink this cup,” He accepted and He went through it very bravely and beautifully.

We have to have the same kind of surrender, that whatever we have to do, we have to do it with a surrender. We should not think that we are achieving something by that, we are showing off by that or anything. Just, we should feel that is being done because we are surrendered. We should feel our surrender as a great blessing. If you can put your attention to your heart and just say that “I surrender myself,” that’s more than sufficient. But you shouldn’t say that “Mother, please help me to surrender.” How can Mother help?

All these prayers sometimes are escapes from reality. “You just help me. Help me in this.” To surrender is very easy. You just you have to say, “Mother, come in my heart and come in my head and come in my attention.” That’s all. Go on saying like that, “Please come in my body. Come in my head. And come in my attention.” And, as you go on saying, Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely. She’s the one who cleanses you. All the time She’s cleansing your chakras, but problem is you always falter, again and again. Poor thing again and again rises and does that.

So all these problems are because we are not introspective. Also seen people are very attached to their wife or attached to their husband, then they cannot see anybody else. For them, everything is wrong, but for themselves or their husbands or their wives. This is, seems to be, very common failing. This kind of false attachment will not only harm another person, but will harm your husband or your wife because they will also get away with wrong things. Once they start getting away with wrong things, there’s no end to it and they’ll be destroyed.

Now the task before Me is to go to area of Vishuddhi in America, which is another very difficult task and unless and until that is put right, My throat will not be all right, so I have to jolly well do it and I have to work it out. But, as you know, Americans have something wrong with their upper storey. They can only — I just don’t understand. They like people who take money from them and who befool them, who have Rolls Royces, all kinds of things and can you imagine. They would not have Me on the television because I have no Rolls Royce. I mean, in the television, in the government, can you imagine such a television where they don’t take you up because you don’t you have no Rolls Royces. It’s not prestigious. Why have a Rolls Royce by cheating everyone, then it’s very prestigious. It’s a business. With all these things happening, one feels that the level of spirituality is really great in a place like Australia. It is cut off from the world, which is so much away.

But spirituality is very, very expressed here and I am sure in Sahaja Yoga they will rise very high if they keep to one understanding, that they are living on the soil of Shri Ganesh. How important it is how you live, with what purity and with what understanding.

So today is the day of Christ’s resurrection. You should say it’s a resurrection for all of us. He is the one who managed it, who did everything for us and He’s the one who has helped us so much, otherwise Kundalini could never have entered into Sahasrara.

So one has to thank Him from your heart, plus you should try to imbibe His qualities. One other quality is there, that if people try to criticize your Mother or try to insult your Mother, you get angry. That is just like Christ. He could not tolerate any insult or any kind of a neglect of His Mother. He Himself has said that this will not be tolerated. In the same way, you people also, if you have only for that, then I am with you. I am absolutely with you, that you do not have any more the feeling of guilt or anything within yourself. When you understand that whatever you are doing, you are doing with complete sincerity, with complete understanding. Even if you make mistakes, doesn’t matter. The mistake will also bring you something there, but you have to be extremely sincere. This feeling should be within you. Look at the feeling of Christ. I mean, He crucified Himself. He asked for the trouble. He went all the way there. There was no need for Him to go, enter into that area and He got this. Of course, you are not going to be crucified for your resurrection, not at all, but, in a way, we have to crucify whatever is ugly, whatever is wrong, whatever is detrimental to your growth. You have to become really very beautiful people, very beautiful. Anybody who talks to you, anybody sees you should say that “I met such and such person. He’s very beautiful and then I asked, ‘How is it you’re so beautiful?’ And the person said that ‘I am Sahaja Yogini.’” It’s a very, very common experience of mine, very common experience and the main thing is that you have to respect your Self Realization. Your resurrection has to be respected. If you do not respect your resurrection, you are not going to help yourself or others.

I met once, by chance, the High Court judge of Hague High Court, which is a world High Court. Just in Romania, he was sitting there. I was also sitting and he was looking at Me. Trying to locate him, I couldn’t locate him and then we went to Paris and he was also in Paris — Frankfurt. He was changing and I was also changing there. So he just came and asked, “By the way, have I met you before?” I said, “Maybe.” I knew who he was, but I kept quiet. He said, “You know, I’m such and such and I went to India and there was a lady who cured me. Are you the one?” I said, “Yes. I am such and such.” All right. Then what he told Me was most encouraging was this. He said, “That time you cured me I felt gratified. I thought you are one of the healers and all that, but when I saw the life of Dr. Nagen, you see, my colleague, the way he’s transformed, the way he had become such a good man, such a wonderful person, I asked him once, ‘What has made you so good? How can you be such a good man in these bad times when from every side there’s such an attack.’ And also he took a very big stand.”

Which child is crying so?

“’And what — what was the thing? What made you such a good person? You are living in a place like this and you know how Hague is surrounded by all kinds of criminals and drugs and all that. And you are such a nice and a beautiful, saintly person. What has made you?’ So then he told me, ‘You remember the lady who cured you. She has changed me completely. It is because of Her, I have become a yogi and that’s why my life has changed because it gives you the style.’”

So this man told Me. I was really very much touched. So he said now, “Can I have your photograph?” I said, “I don’t have any photograph. There were three, four Sahaja Yogis with Me. They were wearing the badges, but only there was one badge. But the secretary of the Hague High Court was also with him. He got so much interested. So he said, “Can I have the badge?” So we gave it to this judge. So the other fellow says, “What about me? I would also like to have a badge.” I said, “Are you going to carry this badge?” “Yes, yes, of course.” Immediately wore it. Suddenly, Matteus found another badge, but they had gone to the aeroplane. Then he ran there and he told the air hostess, “Give it to the gentleman.” “Ah, I saw one with this badge. All right, I’ll give it to the other.” And she took it inside.

Can you imagine these people of such high society, I should say, so highly placed in life, such intellectuals, they are the judges of the supreme high court, in the sense that is the supermost high court in Hague, world’s high court, and so humbled down because of one person whom they saw so changed.

So you can imagine how you can change your colleagues, how you can show better results by your proper dignified behaviour. It’s going to work out very well if you have that example.

And Christ, why He impressed people so much? Because of His personal life. In His personal life He showed how powerful He was and then — and His death He showed by His resurrection that He was something beyond human comprehension, where He has just become resurrected after death. Must be that He was absolutely purity personified, which He was.

So, today we have to place ourselves in such a manner that we are ask for purity and purity and purity and that we are going to work out this purity within ourselves with full sincerity. We are not going to get into ego trip and think that we are perfectly all right. No. We are just going to ask for complete purity within ourselves. This is what the Christ has given us, which we should achieve and we should really show that we can achieve that purity within ourselves. Whatever has happened, you forget it. You don’t worry on that point. Whatever has happened is a gone case. But whatever has to happen is this: that you all should ask for purity. All criticism, all hatred and all those things will disappear, plus the purity will give you that unique position that when people will even see your life, they will change. Only by seeing your life, they will change.

I hope this works out very well here and maybe by the time I come next time we’ll have lots, lots of Sahaja Yogis, beautifully connected to each other, beautifully having relations with each other and with children growing up very fast as well. I hope to come back here again to the land of Shri Ganesha, where purity has taken over.

May God bless you.