Talk to Sahaja Yogis Brisbane (Australia)

Talk to Yogis in Brisbane (Australia), 5 April 1991.

Sahaja yogi: I’m really sorry that she was the only one of the Brisbane media that turned up. 

Shri Mataji: There were many expected?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, but not expected, I sent to all the television and radio stations and both newspapers and I found them yesterday and they all said the same story, “Maybe, it depends on what the day is like.”

Shri Mataji: They are busy with something so called important, […]

Media Interview Brisbane Airport, Brisbane (Australia)

Media interview. Brisbane Airport (Australia), 5 April 1991.

condition like Queenstown’s Gorbachev – Ah?

He is a realized soul. He’s born a realized soul. It’s a, it’s a state of mind which is spiritual and where your spirit is in your attention. So in that light you see wisdom. You’re compassioned and you’re very sensible and dynamic and you do not [UNCLEAR – DETER?] for using it. Apart from that it gives you a great concern for the masses and you don’t mind rectifying anything that is wrong and also you feel very, […]

Jung and the collective consciousness Brisbane (Australia)

Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 5 April 1991.

Baba Mama (H.P.Salve): Before that, I would like to add to what Steven was talking. That the origin of music is traced to the Omkara that is the beginning of the sound and the origin of divinity is also traced to Omkara. Therefore, all music which is music if I insist is divine. I don’t have to reach your intellectual capacity since my music has nothing to do with your brains. […]

Departure Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia)

Departure, Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia), Friday, April 5th, 1991

[14:11] Lots of new people will be coming now. So you all be very very careful how you deal with them. Firstly, keep on the background. Don’t try to show off. Not to say you are bhoots, you have got this in you, that, no. In Sahaja Yoga, we can talk like that. We understand. But those who are coming for the first time, if you frighten them like this, […]

Short Puja and Discussion with Baba Mama Ashram in Cairns, Cairns (Australia)

 1991-0405 Short Puja and Talk, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

(Notes: whatever you find in Italic and bold, refers to speech in Marathi language)

Sahaja yogi: Gravity is also one type of energy, isn’t it, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: Of course, in the Feet.

Babamama: In the Feet. Because it is one of the things which balances us, called migraine (n.t. probably Baba Mama meant magnetism). Migraine (n.t. magnetism), migraine is one thing which balances us. Is there any relation between head and the feet? […]