Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia)

Departure, Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia), Friday, April 5th, 1991

[14:11] Lots of new people will be coming now. So you all be very very careful how you deal with them. Firstly, keep on the background. Don’t try to show off. Not to say you are bhoots, you have got this in you, that, no. In Sahaja Yoga, we can talk like that. We understand. But those who are coming for the first time, if you frighten them like this, they’ll just run away. So you have to be very very kind, very sweet to them. And, also you can offer some tea or something to them when they come first. So that they feel that there’s love. Let them feel your love first, not your knowledge.
But just do not stretch your hands towards them so much.
First, you must only make them listen to My tapes. Ask them if they have any questions – which you can answer next time. And after the tapes, you just do the aarti and finish it off. If they want to know, say, anything, you can tell them. But don’t start giving lectures, that’s one thing definite.
You could show my tape for about twenty minutes. Then have the aarti and all that. They can have some tea or something. That’s all.
Now, some people if they say, don’t feel it, just tell them to use the photograph. And you do not come forward, otherwise, they get a fright, because they think you look like them, and they’re nothing so special about it. They don’t mind Me, but if you tell them anything, they won’t like it. Have to be careful.