Jung and the collective consciousness

Brisbane (Australia)

1991-04-05 Jung and the collective consciousness, Brisbane, Australia, DP-RAW, 121'
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Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 5 April 1991.

Baba Mama (H.P.Salve): Before that, I would like to add to what Steven was talking. That the origin of music is traced to the Omkara that is the beginning of the sound and the origin of divinity is also traced to Omkara. Therefore, all music which is music if I insist is divine. I don’t have to reach your intellectual capacity since my music has nothing to do with your brains. It has to only do with your hearts. My job or as Steven says my task would be to see that I open up your hearts  and I am sure I will do that in the process of next twenty or thirty minutes. Because you are all seekers and you are here to take your realisation. I promise you that if you open up your heart realisation would be so easy.

May I now present to you my band of musicians. To begin with, is this young little lady with Guruji himself, that is Chaya Wangade. Don’t be deceived by her frail frame. She has got a very dynamic voice. Next to her who sat down just now is Guruji the “sheet actor [UNCLEAR]” the source of this flowing river of purity. Now, I call Sandesh Upatkar. He plays the tabla which is a very popular percussion in India. This is played vertically and he is at this tender age an expert on this instrument. Next I call is Ashok. This stocky little man has more rhythm in him than flesh. He is full of rhythm. The last but not the least is Prabhu. Prabhu will render some very melodious sahib songs for you. Before we start our rendering in order to invoke the blessings of Shri Mataji we sing the three Maha mantras normally.

[ Rendering of three Maha mantras by the singers

Yogi: Could I ask some of the local Sahaja yogis to come and join in the Dias?
Yogi: There is no prohibition on clapping.

Following songs are rendered:
1. Thuja pujani
2. Avaz udayege
3. Yogi: We bring you a song which is sung for invoking the kundalini; for rising of the kundalini.  This is sung in the villages in India and before you get into that mood, the drum is played in a very traditional style bringing out the rhythm which is required for the awakening of the kundalini. So, I will ask Ashok to play it in the traditional village style of India. [Ashok plays drum, guruji plays harmonium with other yogis clapping]
4. Jog vaga aise….Udhai bai ude
1. [After the song] Yogi: It was so good we also didn’t want to finish it.
2. Shri Mataji arrives into the hall and is escorted to her seat in the Diaz.
5. Nirmala ethivarnavi thu…

Shri Mataji:

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. We cannot change it. We cannot organise it and we cannot conceptualise it. We cannot know it at this human awareness. To know the truth, we have to become a subtler being, the spirit. Every scripture has said that you are to be born again. But, it is not just a certificate. It is not just a brand. It is a happening within us. It is the last break through of our evolution. From amoeba to this stage we have come and now we have to ascend a little more to become the spirit. This is the truth that you are the spirit, not this body, not this mind, not this ego, not this conditionings. But, you are pure spirit.

The second truth is that there is a all pervading power of divine love which does all the living work. We take these flowers for granted. We take the life for granted. We take our being for granted. We never even think how we are built  made, how we have become human beings. This power which is doing all the living work is the one which we call as the power of God’s love or the power of the Holy Ghost or you can say the “Brahma Chaitanya”. In the Quran, it is described as the “ruh”. Unless and until you become the spirit, you cannot know the absolute truth. This is the reason why there are problems; why we are quarrelling, why there are discussions. But, once you become the spirit, spirit in every human being has the same truth which is absolute. Apart from that this spirit which manifests in your attention makes your attention active. It acts and acts for the benevolence of your being and for the benevolence of the human race, the entire human race. Today, we are facing all kinds of problems and we do not understand why we are here. We are here to enter into the kingdom of God. It is the easiest thing to do is to enter into the kingdom of God. But, we do not know that he himself is so anxious that we should enter into his kingdom and enjoy the bliss of his love. When I say all these things you start doubting that how can it be, how can it happen. Also, you can doubt about this mechanism, this beautiful mechanism which is built within us since the creation in our different stages of evolution. But, I would suggest that you should have a very scientific outlook. You should keep your mind open. Some people say there is no God. I think this is extremely unscientific to say it because you must first find out if there is God or not, whether there is this divine power or not or also if there is a higher awareness for ourselves. Without that how can you just deny something in which you have not made any enquiry or research. So, when we become the spirit, our attention becomes as I said, active, knowledgeable that is our central nervous system gets a new awareness, a new dimension that we call as “collective consciousness”.  It is described by Jung. Thank God he has described it though he was a scientist; he has described. At a higher awareness we will become collectively conscious, means, we will be conscious about ourselves no doubt. We will have self knowledge. We will know all about our centres. But we will know the centres of others. We will know them in their subtle being, not how they look, how they dress up, not these external things. But internally, we will know what is their problem, what are their centres, we can feel them on our central nervous system. We can feel them on our finger tips. Muhammed Saab has described that at the time of your resurrection, at the time of “Qiyamah” your hands will speak and will give witness against you means they will tell you what is wrong with you. You will know this is wrong that is wrong. Once you know how to correct it, once you know how to correct the exhaustion of the centres the you can completely get cured of malfunctioning of the centres. For example, the centres are like this left and right [Shri Mataji touches the thumb with the forefinger and brings both hands together like a triangle]. He has told you there are two sympathetic nervous systems and they form the centre in this spinal cord like this ** which is actually the para sympathetic nervous system. When you start using this power too much to the right or to the left, you see the constriction takes place and there is very little energy left in these chakras; in these centres. But sometimes, it so happens with a shock it may just break. When it breaks, you will loose your contact with your central nervous system. Then you are on your own, such malignancy is set in or you can call it the psychosomatic diseases set in. These diseases can be cured and they have been cured also. When the kundalini rises, she passes through all these centres, strews them just like how a thread strews a purse, nourishes them and then she passes through the seventh chakra and pierces through the fontanelle bone area where you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. You yourself feel the cool breeze all around. This cool breeze will give you all the information that you want because you know the absolute truth. You can ask “Is there God?”. You start feeling more cool breeze. You can ask about somebody who is a cheat and he has come here to say teach us about God. Immediately you might feel heat or maybe little blister also for just as a barometer. You might feel that person who is cheating you clearly on your finger tips. Then gradually, as you grow, you can feel it within yourself as soon as you see the person what sort of a person is this. So, within us lies our divinity; within us we are divine people, we are great and gracious; not only that we are really majestically divine and we have to touch the divinity within us. We will be amazed to know how great you are and what is in for you in future. The first thing as I told you happens to you that you know the truth. Everybody who is a Sahaja yogi knows the truth and there is no quarrel between them, no question; we meet annually in a place called “Ganapatipule” in India. There are five to six hundred people and this time we had people representing fifty six nations. Can you imagine? All races, all types of people and always such love, such enjoyment of friendship, such purity among themselves that is really when you see that you will think that this is angels or what has happened to them; are they human beings? Such respect for nature, such respect for everyone and such understanding of the value of human life. All this happens to you because you have become the spirit. Now it is a, I would say a new race you can say that is established of people who follow the religion which is a universal nature. In this all the religions are integrated. You will understand that all these great incarnations and all these great prophets and saints, all of them were flowers on the same tree of life. Only we have plucked them. We are fighting with these dead flowers. When we fight with these dead flowers, we don’t realise that we have plucked them from the same tree of spirituality. They all are just the same even at different times to solve the problems of different times and different people of different conditionings. But, if you see in essence they are all the same working out for this last breakthrough of yours. To understand that first of all you have to have your awakening. That is something like this instrument [Shri Mataji is refering to the microphone here] has something to be connected to the mains. If it is not connected to the mains, this has no meaning. In the same way, if you are not connected to the mains that is the yoga; when the yoga has not taken place, when that union has not taken place then you have no identity. You don’t know what are we here for. But, once it connected we know what is the use of this instrument and how to use it. Not only that, but we become the instrument. We become the divine computer and we become what we have to be.

The second thing that happens to you that when the kundalini rises; when the power rises and she crosses this centre. [Shri Mataji touches her agnya chakra]. When she crosses your this centre, you attain a state of bliss because that time you become thoughtlessly aware means we think about the future, we think about the past. But if I say you stand in the present, you cannot. You cannot stand in the present because present doesn’t exist. As soon as this kundalini arrives and crosses this centre then you will be surprised your thoughts become very elongated and there is a space in between and that space is the present. In the present there is no thought and when you are in the present, your spirituality grows and touches that divinity which lies within us. This is what happens to you when you get the awakening of your kundalini. After that when it goes higher and higher [Shri Mataji touches her sahasthrara chakra] when it is settled down, this connection is fully established. Then we call the second stage which we call as the doubtless awareness stage. The first one is called as the “nirvichara samadhi” and the second one as the “nirvikalpa samadhi” means there is no doubts about it. It is not a mental thing. It is a state where you start giving realisation to others curing other and understanding everything what is Sahara yoga is. Sahara, “Saha” means with, “ja” means born. With you is born is this right to be united with this great power of divine love. It is with you, born with you. It is your own. It is your own mother who gives you this second birth and then you understand the purpose of your life. Attention becomes so active that if you pay attention to something; I mean you have to be in that depth of course, at that height then even attention itself will act and will give benefit to the person about whom you are thinking, about the cause[*] which you are thinking or any purpose that you have in mind. Such a person has such a  pure glance that this glance can immediately cure or give realisation to people. So, one has to understand all this purity comes through this awakening of the kundalini. To say that you have done this mistake or that mistake is not important, because after all you are a human being. And human being has to make mistakes. You are not God. So, not to feel bad and sorry and guilty about it. This of course I will tell you is one of the greatest conditions that you get your realisation. That you are not to feel that you are guilty. On the contrary you enter into the realm of joy. Joy is something which is not in duality. It doesn’t have happiness and unhappiness, but it is just joy and that you see the whole world as a witness, as a drama. And then you know how to solve your problems because you are out of that problem and you can see clearly what the problem is and you can solve it. So, you fall into the ocean of joy and you enjoy life, enjoy others, enjoy everything and while enjoying everything automatically through your personality the vibrations of divine live are emitted. And such a person, even the presence of such a person can solve many problems. Now, we have to have people who are seekers. We cannot do this to people who just come here for curiosity, but people who are really seeking the truth get it very fast. Supposing somebody says that I will give you so much money to awaken my kundalini I say “I am sorry”. The kundalini doesn’t understand money. She doesn’t. Like the mother earth, she doesn’t understand any money. She gives you all these fruits and flowers without taking any money. In the same way you must know that anybody who says that we take money for this course or we take money for your awareness is not only a hypocrite but a real sinner because you cannot take money in the name of God. It is alright if you have to bring the hall alright you take money for that [Shri Mataji is referring to the hall where the function is held]. That is a material thing. But to say that for this knowledge of the divine we take money or for this ascent we take money is absolutely wrong. So far, we have seen that this ascent has worked very well but the best it has worked in Russia, surprisingly. Because I do not consider India to be compared because in India we have this knowledge from ancient times and we had only the problem was that this awakening of the kundalini was given by one master to one discipline. That was the tradition. But in the twelfth century [ie 1200s] there was a great saint called Gyaneshwara who broke this tradition and he asked his master [his elder brother Nivritti was his master] just please allow me to at least write it down. Let people know. Though in the Sanskrit language we have many many books and many many treatise about it, fourteen  thousand years back Markandaya wrote about kundalini. But, he wrote in Marati language which is a local language or you can say which is a vernacular language in which he wrote that there is this kundalini which has to be awakened, otherwise you cannot get your realisation. But, the people who were in charge of religion, we call them “Dharma marthand”, they said “No, no, no, no, no, this chapter needs to be closed. Nishidha. This we are not going to touch”. That is how this knowledge of kundalini went into the hands of tantrikas.  And these are the people who are perverts. These are the people who have no right to talk about kundalini. But they are the ones who are doing black magic in the name of God. Such things happened in the sixth century [ie 600s] when Adi Shankaracharya came and he flouted them and he wrote lot of things about it. He called these vibrations as Saundarya Lahiri meaning the beautiful vibrations. He describes it in a beautiful way and after that we had many many poets, many saints who have sung song of kundalini and have described it like Kabir, Nanaka, all of them have talked about it. Throughout India there has been a talk about kundalini. But, in the bible also it is said I will appear before you like tongues of flames. These chakras look like tongues of flames, beautiful and not only that the tree of life is this. Even in Quran it is called the “assess”, in all the Tao it is nothing but the kundalini. Zen is also dealing with Kundalini. So, all of them have talked about it, even Mahavira has taken about it, Buddha has talked about it. So, everybody has said that this power has to be awakened within you. Especially, Buddha has said that there is going to be a new incarnation of “Maitreya” meaning three mothers coming together in one “Maitreya” and it works wonder. This understanding that it is going to be a feminine incarnation which is going to save people. But, some or the other people didn’t want to have that accepted and so the thought that how can that be a woman and they avoided this topic. And today also somebody asked me lot of questions about it. So, I said that for God there is nothing like man and woman, like sun and sunlight, like moon and moon light God and the primordial mother are one. We say that there is father who is God,then there is the son who is also God and then the Holy ghost. Now, you just ask the question how can you have a father and a son without the mother. So, they kept it a mystery all through out what is a Holy Ghost. Christ has said I will send you the Holy Ghost. He described it very clearly. But, they just didn’t want to talk about it. They didn’t want to know about it. And that is how in every religion there has been a very very big problem that they do not related to each other and so we have here Saddam Husain, there we have Hitler all kinds of horrible devils coming on this earth in the name of God. I would request you now if you want to ask me questions because it is important. Sometimes, what happens is while we are going through the procedure of meditation you may think I have to ask this question. So, it is better that you ask question and you are absolutely free to ask. I respect your freedom. But, only thing I have to suggest that I am not here to take votes from you. I am not in the politics [mother smiles] nor I am here to take any money from you or anything. I a here just to give you the key to your own self. So, relevant to that if you ask me questions, I will be very very thankful. And it will be a good idea if you could ask me questions. Thank you very much!

Yogi’s voice to the audience: Any questions?
Yogi: Don’t you have to have a overcome the senses  before you can awaken the kundalini?

Shri Mataji: No, that is the thing. You see, this was done long time back, people tried to overcome the senses and reach one chakra then another chakra and all that. But, this modern one has become a jet kundalini I think. It just rises. As you have grown so big; this tree of civilisation has grown so big that also the depth of those roots have to grown and this is the knowledge of the roots. I find that they have grown so much that like a jet kundalini rises. You will be surprised to see how it rises. Then, in the light of the spirit you see yourself very clearly. Like, I gave an example of a snake that you are holding; you are holding onto a snake and it is all darkness and you are in ignorance completely. You re very obstinate also. Somebody says “No, there is a snake in your hand. Please throw it away”. “No, no, no no, I can’t; this is a rope I am holding onto”. Till the snake bites  you, you will goon holding onto it. But, supposing there is a flicker of light, immediately you will throw it away. In the same way, this modern Sahara yoga has reached such a stage that when the kundalini rises that light of that spirit shows the problem and you yourself become your own master. And you just throw it away. You will be surprised, in England when I first started Sahaja Yoga, the people who were taking drugs, they were all very well educated, professors and teachers and professionals, okay have taken to drugs as if it was a big religion and now we are going to discover something great. You see, this was a big martyrdom[? NOT CLEAR] about it.  And they came to Sahaja yoga and overnight they gave it up, overnight. Even alcoholism, overnight they gave up. I must say that English are difficult nuts to break otherwise. But, with kundalini it worked out. And then they took to all the studying of it and searching of it and all that and they have really very high up and  they are really the foundation I would say for Sahaja yoga. Wonderful people. They came all the way to Russia to help me, but the best part was twenty five Germans; they just rushed to Russia. It was so joy giving to see the Germans going to rescue the Russians. They said “Mother, this is our duty. Our forefathers have hurt them so much and we have to do something about it”. Really, I was filled with such joy and such bliss that look at this; how they are feeling concern about Russians that they have to do this for them and Russians and Germans became such friends, such beautiful relations were established between them. So, it is something that happens to you that little light immediately you start improving yourself. Actually I never tell never do. Supposing I say “Don’t drink”, half of you might go away. But, once you get it I don’t have to tell you anything. You do what ever is benevolent for you.

Yogi: Could you explain how a pure glance can heal?

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: Pure glance, other words, if you heal just by looking at them?

Shri Mataji: What is the last line.

Yogi: Heal

Shri Mataji: See, first you develop the pure glance. That is a better idea. A pure glance has a power in the eyes of purity. You see, a soap can cleanse you. How does the soap cleanse you. It doesn’t get dirty. In the same way a person who is pure can heal because these eyes are full of innocence and love. We have never known the power of love so far. We only know the power of hatred. But, when you will know the power of love, you will be amazed how dynamic it is and how compassionate, how brilliant and how efficient.

Yogi: Is the awakening of kundalini the same as Budha’s enlightenment?

Shri Mataji: Of course! Very much so. See, Buddha! Buddha “shabdh” means it comes from the word “Bodh Budh”. “Budh” means to know on your central nervous system. Also, Veda; “Vidha” word comes from the word “Vidh” which is the gerund and which means to know on your central nervous system. Buddha also got the same thing. Now, “Budh” itself means a realised soul. The one who has known on his central nervous system. Everything is just the same. He said “Budham, Sharanam, Gachami” means “I surrender myself to the realised”. “Dharmam, Sharanam, Gachami”; now you see in this green part [Shri Mataji points to the chart]  is the “Dharm”. “Dharmam” means the religion. Not religion the way we know, but our valencies. Human being is having ten valencies. Animals have nine and matter has eight. We have ten valencies which are built in this area which we call as the “Bhava sagara” is the ocean of illusion. When the kundalini rises, she enlightens them. Such a person becomes righteous; just becomes. You don’t have to say “you become righteous”. He just becomes righteous. It is the question of becoming. For example, you may follow any religion. Any religion; christian, hindu, muslim, anything. You can commit any sin. There is nothing binding on you. With that brand you cannot be brand, but with this you can never do wrong things. As a saint I have never done wrong things. So, this is what is the “Dharmam, Sharanam, Gachami”. This is what I surrender to. Then, the third one he says that “Sangham, Sharanam, Gachami”, to the collectivity. I surrender myself to the collectivity. Now, collectivity you cannot feel it unless and until you become the spirit because then only you get the collective consciousness. So, the whole preaching of Budha is practised only when you become one with the divine. Otherwise, you cannot.  Otherwise, it becomes another Buddhism, Christanism, “This ism”, “That ism”, “isms” are outside. They are nothing to do with inside.

Yogi: Can you give us your views on re-incarnation?

Shri Mataji: What incarnation?

Yogi: She would like you to explain whether or not there is re-incarnation.

Shri Mataji: Yeah, of course.  Of course, you see. There has to be. Christ himself has said I will again come again. If there were no re-incarnation, how could he come again? We are all passing through different, we call them “Yonies?[ NOT CLEAR]” means species. But, actually after passing through species also, after human level also we pass through different experiences. And gradually through trail and error we understand. That is what it is that when you are here you are now seeking. At the time of Christ how many were there? Very few, very few people were seeking. Today, you are here because you have passed through that trail and error business many a times in the cycle and now you are there to seek. And because you are a seeker it is your right to have it. But, it is not important what incarnation you were last. This is the best incarnation where you are going to get your realisation. It is like any machinery when you make it, it passes through various you can say stages. In the same way, but now you are at the best stage. I think the best time has come. And this is the time when we call as Kali Yuga is the worst time and the modern times is regarded as the worst; Kali Yug, “Ghor Kali Yuga” is regarded as the worst of all. But, this “Kali Yuga” was once described in Nala Damayanthi thing where Nala and Damayanthi were husband and wife and this kali is the one who is the ruler of this modern times had created a problem between them of  illusion and that is how they separated. And they say that Nala one day got hold of this Kali and he said “now, I am going to kill you”. He said “See, you can kill me but first you must know my importance”.  He said, “What is your importance? You confuse people and with your confusion you have created such a problem between me and my wife. ” So, he said, “See, my importance is such when I come on in this earth and I will rule in KaliYuga; that is the time, those people who are searching me in the hills and [lakes? NOT CLEAR] and mountains will become house holders.  Ordinary people will receive their realisation. Receive their realisation and this is exactly what is happening today is that you are receiving your realisation. So, this “Kali Yuga” has to now come to another state which we called “Satya Yuga” means the time of truth. Between these, always between from one time to another time as we call them “Yugas” there is a gap and that gap time we call it as “Kritha Yuga”. When something happens, something starts acting and this “Kritha Yuga” is special one where it is simultaneous running with the “Kali Yuga” and this is the one where the all pervading power has become extremely active. And that is why it is helping us to get this mass realisation. Now, we should not miss it. We should not miss it. This is not like that you should be alone. I mean, if you read any one of these books, you will be shocked; you have to be alone, you have to stay in the house, then you have to disappear into some wilderness, stay there alone, give up your food, give up wife, everybody. Then you go to Himalayas and then you hide yourself in some sort of a cave, take out all your clothes and then you will get moksha. You will die in any case. Horrible! So, this is the description. So the people used to do that life. One life, another life like that to get their realisation. To show how unrest? they were about. But, now thank God this Kritha Yuga has started where this all pervading power has become so powerful that this is happening. This mass realisation is taking place.
May God bless you!

[Shri Mataji points at someone in the audience smilingly]: You have some problem?

Yogi: Does creative inspiration arise with collective consciousness?

Shri Mataji: Yeah, it is actually it is when the kundalini rises, you see [Shri Mataji points at the chart] there, she rises above this red point and when she passes into this yellow one this is called as Swadishthan centre. Actually, in the medical terminology we can say that it looks after the aortic plexus on the physical side. But, this is the centre for creativity. When this is enlightened you become extremely creative, so the consciousness of creativity because for example if you are an artist you the deftness, you have the technique, but the creativity comes through this centre. And because you have used your limited energy of your creativity, you sometimes get exhausted. Sometimes, I have seen people get a mental block. They don’t know what to do. But, with this nourishment all the time flowing in you, you become tremendously creative. I know of some many musicians who were extremely ordinary musicians. If you know Indian musicians like Amjad Ali. He came to Sahaja Yoga, he was an ordinary musician.           Now, he will tell you about me. Then [Zafathu Sen?], so many of them, like that even dancers, musicians, artists, so many have achieved great heights by coming to Sahaja Yoga. And people who are not even musicians or not even poets like Mr Salve, he is a chartered accountant, he has never known what this Urdu is, what this poetry is. He is very good at mathematics. He is the one who has become a poet now, a poet of very high quality. You don’t know what you are. That is what I am saying. It all starts expressing itself. All these centres becomes like flowers of fragrance of all kinds of dynamism.

Yogi: She is asking about other organisations of spiritual powers; are they sincere? Are they effective? [1:18:45]

Shri Mataji:   I mean, if you are asking about a particular one, I can say But, very easy to make them out.

Yogi: [TM ? UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji:  Oh! horrible. Terrible things. Sixteen year old that boy isn’t it? He had fifty eight rolls royces and he made people starve for that. I was in London and some of this boys were eating potatoes for the whole year and he has made them mad, recluses. Horrible! How can you believe anyone who wants to have rolls royces? If you are impressed with rolls royces, diamonds and things like that then you must know that God is all above that. What does God care for rolls royces! He is a devil. That is all he is. Thank God atlas he is sensible. He has made all his money and settled down. Others will not go till they are finished. Like Rajanesh, all of them, one better than the other. Even this TM is the worst thing.  TM is the worst thing. You have no idea as to how terrible they are. I got some people from TM. He was the head of the academy of flying in Ronnoch in Scotland. This gentleman, Peter Pears, he was the head and his deputy and his wife and his child all got epilepsy. They came to me. They stayed in my house. Thank God, those days my husband was touring. So, I could cure them. And if you ask this gentleman, he is going to write a book about it. He is already writing. They are going to publish it. You know, to begin with they were told three mantras. Now, if you are Indians you are understand very well, better. It was a secret, a very big secret. Not to be told to anyone. You have to go through seven doors and the fellow was sitting there. He is only four feet two inches or something. He is sitting on top there and giving a mantra and the mantras were “Inka”, “Pinka”, “Tinka”. “Inka” means, in local language, it is not Sanskrit, there is nothing like mantra in it. “Inka” means a person.. no.. is a scorpion bite. “Inka”! “Pinka” is when the person gets possessed he goes round, round and is Pinka. And Tinka is when he shows like this [Shri Mataji shows thumbs up]. For that they paid three hundred pounds to begin with. Then six thousand pounds they paid for flying in the air. Now, this is the stupidity of the seekers. Why do you want fly in the air about three feet around. I mean it is a mess. Supposing you have such people going round in the traffic what will happen? They promised three feet will do. They promised. Nobody does that. They all broke their bottoms and they have so many cases against them. But, he charged six thousand, six thousand pounds and you know the things they got. If you hear that you feel like laughing and then crying. Because first six days they have to take the water that has boiled the potatoes, then they had to take the rind of the potato, then last day only the potatoes without any salt, without anything. And this is how they paid six thousand pounds. They have crores and crores of [Rupee ? UNCLEAR] and their character is so loose. We have another one here Muktanand, this guru, [mice UNCLEAR] guru, actually he is her father. If you read it you won’t have food for eight days. Such a dirty man he is. If they have no character, if they are misbehaving like this, how do you believe. It is only the [best? UNCLEAR] people believes such people. He mesmerises, alright. He mesmerises you, must be mesmerism. Now, it is high time you understand that if you have to achieve anything,  first find out how are the disciples, what do they know, what is their knowledge, what have they gained. I am your mother. I will say, “Alright child, go”. But, what did you get out of it. Only you emptied your purse. That is all. I would say that I have been warning people since 1970, openly. They have never said a word against me. They cannot file any suit against me, nothing of that sort. But, people don’t listen to me. They lie to purchase God. They think the guru is in my pocket. Now, if you are a real seeker, if you are truthful to your self, then pretty well know don’t identify yourself with nonsensical things. Just receive your self realisation. You are so precious and you have come here at a very very special time. Very special time! Don’t hesitate. You have been seekers for ages. You are not going to hate your life like this. You must know the value of your life which is at the present moment the highest. This time if you miss it, not only that you will miss it, but you will be responsible for this great mistake. Because the emancipation of the human beings are only possible through this transformation which is before you which you can achieve. So, respect yourself. Respect your being and know that you cannot pay for such a invaluable thing like spirituality. It is invaluable.

Yogi: We would like know if there is any person on earth at the present time who has become completely the spirit?

Shri Mataji:  Yes there is. First of all you become. Then you will know. No use telling you. See, Christ told that I am the son of God. He did say that which is a fact. It is the truth. He was the spirit. He was the logos. He was the Omkara, no doubt. But what happened? They crucified him. Best is that you become the spirit yourself and know what it is. In ? the light of your spirit you will know, otherwise, no. Only through your spirit you can know. It is said in Sanskrit by Shri Krishna “Atmane atamana dushta? UNCLEAR”. See, only through your atma you can know. Through your spirit only you can know, otherwise you cannot know. That is the only instrument which is knowledgeable.  [1:26:48]

Yogi: If you are a seeker but you are filled with self doubt and you feel that only other people can get their enlightenment, can you prevent yourself from getting enlightened?

Shri Mataji:  Why do you want to prevent? Why?

Yogi: Because she doubts.

Shri Mataji:  There should be no doubt about yourself. Why you have doubts about yourself? I have already told you that you are a human being. Have you doubt about it? You are a human being or not? Alright! Every human being is capable of getting this realisation. So, you are a human being and be assured that you will get it. Alright? If you do not have self confidence, you cannot push yourself into it. Isn’t it? You have to have self confidence. This I request to you again and again. Must have self confidence. You all can get your self realisation. This is also another modern stuff is to all the time to feel guilty or to doubt yourself. Why should you doubt yourself? You exist, don’t you? Please have no doubts about yourself. If you are a seeker, you will get it. Definitely, I assure you. Alright! Nobody should doubt. Why should we doubt ourselves after all? Because some conditioning is on our own head. People tell us you are a sinner, you have done this wrong, that wrong and all. I always say who says such things are the greater sinners. They have no business to pass such remarks. After all you are human beings. And this all pervading power about which I am saying is the ocean of forgiveness, ocean  of forgiveness. What mistakes can you commit that he cannot forgive? So, please have full confidence in yourself. Alright!

Yogi: Does scientology have any message for a true seeker?

Shri Mataji:  Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Oh my God! One Sahaja yogi travelled with a scientologist lady and he started telling her about Sahaja Yoga and she said, “alright you give me realisation”. And he just thought that he will be alright; he will be doing with her something alright.  He came to me and I said you don’t touch her; don’t touch her. Let her work the photograph or something, but don’t touch her. I will manage it. But, he thought he is very brave. You see, just he was in Sahaja Yoga; just! And he started vomiting blood and he died. This scientology if you take the name, even I am really frightened of it.  Don’t know how! What they do, God alone knows. There are so many stories. They are not allowed to enter in to America. They are not even; In England also in lots of places won’t have them. They earn money and they can advertise better because that earn money. That is all and we are brain washed by that. Even to take their name is horrible.

Yogi: Is there any other what shall we say, being on earth that can be the spirit other than human beings? I believe what he is saying is, are human beings the only creatures on the earth ?

Shri Mataji: Yes, I understand. You see, you cannot give realisation to chickens or to goats or to anyone. It’s only the human beings have that kind of a brain. There is a big theory about it and I have also given a big lecture on that how we have a conical brain like prism and how it works out. Now, I have… [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: Could we explain the diagram and what these various centres are?

Shri Mataji: You see, what I am saying, somehow I always have one program in every city of Australia. Somehow, I don’t know how. But, this cannot be explained in one lecture, alright! But, all this can be explained and you will know all about it and also you will master it. You will become your own master and you will be the master of this pure knowledge. No doubt. But it takes little time for you to understand. You have to come to our centres where people are quite equipped for it. But, first thing is that you should get your realisation established. Say, there are these lights here, so many lights are here. So, when we come inside, we have to just switch on one button and all the lights coming. But, supposing if I have to tell you how this was discovered, how it came here in Brisbane and how the whole organisation, you will get a head ache. First you get the light because it is all built in; it is all there, just ready.  So, let us have that first and in that light you learn everything. It is a very subtle knowledge but you will be amazed how these people have learnt. It is very amazing. And in such a short time, they know everything. More over, it is very surprising how they speak, sing in Marati language, Hindi language, English language, French and there is also in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the most difficult language. Even Indians can’t speak. But the way they have picked up all these things is very surprising. And the Indian music; see for us it was impossible to teach anything to English when they were there.  Nothing could be taught to them. Even one word of Hindi was difficult. If you have to say that “close the door”, we are to say a sentence in English. There was a banker. If you say “There was a banker”, that means  “close the door” because “Darwaza bandh Kar”. It was so difficult. They could not say. Our language is extremely difficult and it is a tongue twister one should say. Now, how these people have picked up in a short time. You won’t believe, even the children. Sanskrit is such a difficult language. It is very surprising. Because elf the light. It is very surprising. French speak very good English and English speak very good French. It is something you cannot understand. Alright!

Now, should have this self realisation which is only for ten minutes. You have to be here. But, there is one thing as I told you,I respect your freedom and those who do not want to have it should please leave the hall would be better. Those who want to have it are very welcome. Don’t have to do anything much about it. You will have to understand two conditions as I told you before also, that firstly you are not guilty. In no way to condemn yourself. But, you have to very pleasantly placed towards yourself because you are a human being and born at this important time. The second condition you have is that you have full confidence in yourself and that you have to forgive people in general. Not to think about them individually. Logically whether forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. It is a myth. You don’t do anything when you don’t forgive. But if you play into the hands of wrong people, you torture yourself while those who have tortured you are quite happy people. So, just say in your heart that “I forgive everyone” without even thinking individuals because that also is hurting. Have full confidence that you all are going to get realisation. Don’t doubt yourself at all. Now, can I request you to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth really helps us a lot.

Mother tells the Yogi in a low voice.”Right UNCLEAR is too much here”

Now, first will tell you how you yourself have to raise your own kundalini. Yourself! How you have to nourish your own centres. The left side is the power of your desire while kundalini is the pure desire means after that desire is fulfilled all other desires are negated. We jump from one desire to another desire. We are never satisfied. So, wants are not satiable in general. But, this want that is within us is satiable. So, you put your left hand towards me which represents your desire to have realisation. You have to sit extremely comfortably. Put both the feet not to go to Himalayas and all that. Just sit very comfortably. And we have to nourish our centres with our right hand. First, we have to put our right hand on our heart. Both the feet apart because these are two powers. So, put the right hand on your heart because in the heart resides the spirit. It is the reflection of God Almighty. Then, we take our hand, right hand (This we keep all the time our left side like this [Shri Mataji shows her open left palm]).. the left hand we take in the upper portion of our abdomen. On the left hand side, we work only on the left hand side, upper portion of our abdomen on the left hand side little bit press it. This is the centre of our mastery which is created by all the great masters. Then we take down our hand to the lower portion of our abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge, pure knowledge which builds in our awareness, which builds in our central nervous system by which we know how to handle this power and use it. It is an innate knowledge like we have eyes we can see. We know how to use our eyes. In the same way, our awareness becomes the master of this pure knowledge. Then we raise our hand again to the upper portion of our abdomen on the left hand side. Then again on your heart. Then we take our hand from front like this into the corner of your shoulder and your neck and turn your head to your right. Now, this is the centre gets into trouble when you feel guilty. As a result of that you get horrible diseases like angina also all the lethargic organ troubles and also you get spondylitis. So now, understand, it is a very dangerous feeling guilty. Put your right hand on the left hand side in the corner of your shoulder and your neck. There should be no confusion about it. Now, you have to take your hand on your forehead across. Put down your head on it, slowly as far as you can go. Put down. This is the centre where you have to forgive everyone in general. Now, take your right hand on the back side of your head. Just on the back side of your head where the optic lobe is. Now, push back your head slowly upward as far as possible. Now, this is the centre where without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you have to ask forgiveness from this all pervading divine power if you have done any mistakes.

Now, stretch your hand. Just now, you have to see how you are doing it and later on we will be closing our eyes. Stretch your palm nicely and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanale bone area which was the soft bone in your child hood; the centre of your palm. Now, press it hard by pushing your fingers outward. Push your fingers outward. This is important so that there is good pressure on your scalp. Now, bend your head as far as possible; as far as possible. Now, put a good pressure and move your scalp very slowly clockwise seven times. Please move your scalp, not your hand so much as the scalp. Seven times, clockwise slowly. Now, that is all we have to do.

You can take out your spectacles, if you find anything tight on your neck or on your neck or on your waist you can loosen it a little bit. Just put both feet away from each other. Sit comfortably in a straight way. Neither bending too much or coming forward. Put your left hand towards me. Now, right hand on your heart. Here, you have to close your eyes and please don’t open them till I tell you. Just close your eyes. Now, put your hand please on your heart where resides the spirit and ask me in your heart silently a question three times which is very fundamental. “Mother, am I the spirit?” You can call me mother or Mataji. “Mother, am I the spirit?”, “Shri Mataji, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times. Now, if you are the spirit, you are your master. So, please take your right hand to the upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard and ask another question three times “Mother, am I my own master? Shri Mataji, am I my own master? ” Ask this question three times please. I already told that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So, please put your right hand in the lowergortion of your abdomen. And here, you have to say six times because this centre has got six petals. Please say six times “Mother , please give me pure knowledge.” Pure knowledge is beyond all black art is absolutely in juxtaposition with all these horrible things that people do. “Please mother give me pure knowledge.” Please say it six times. As soon s you ask for pure knowledge kundalini starts rising. So, we have to nourish our higher centres with full confidence. Now raise your right hand; raise your right hand to the upper portion of your abdomen on your left hand side and here you have to say with full confidence ten times, “Mother, I am my own master”. Please say its full confidence. “Shri Mataji, I am my own master”. Say it ten times please. Now, you have to know that the greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, not this mind, not this intellect, nor this conditioning, your ego but you are the pure spirit. So, now raise your right had on your heart and here you again say with full confidence. “Mother, I am the spirit”. Please say that twelve times.  “Mother I am the spirit”. This all pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love, compassion and bliss. But, above all it is the ocean of forgiveness and you cannot commit any mistake that cannot be dissolved by this great power of forgiveness. So, now forgive yourself and raise your right hand to the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here, you have to say sixteen times with full confidence in yourself “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. Say that. Say sixteen times. “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. I have already told you logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive you do not do anything. But, if you do not forgive then you play into wrong hands. You are tortured by yourself and the people who have tortured you are quite happy. So, please throw away this myth from your mind completely. And now put your hand on your forehead across and put down your head completely as far as possible. And here you say “Mother, I forgive everyone in general”. Don’t think about them. This is very important. I think people are still not forgiving. You have to forgive. It is a very great weapon. You have got a very great weapon to fight of forgiveness. So, please forgive; otherwise you will not get your realisation. Please forgive from your heart everyone in general without thinking about anyone. Please forgive.  It is the most important thing is to forgive. Because this is a very constricted centre and if you don’t forgive it won’t open. So, please forgive. Please forgive.

Now, take back your right hand on the back side of your head and put your head on the hand properly balancing and push it upward as far as possible. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to say “O Divine power, if I have done mistake please forgive me. Knowingly or unknowingly, if I have done mistakes please forgive me. Say it again with heart; not how many times. Say it from your heart not how many times. Any mistakes are committed, please forgive me.

Now, stretch your palm. Stretch your palm fully. Please the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now, push back your fingers nicely so there is a good pressure on your scalp. Now, put down your head. Here, again I respect your freedom. I cannot force self realisation on you. So, you have to ask for it. Now, move your scalp slowly clockwise seven times saying in your heart “Shri Mataji, please give me self realisation”. Saying seven times “Shri Mataji, please give me self realisation”. Now, please take down your hands and slowly open your eyes. Slowly open your eyes. Put your hands up like that and watch me without thinking. Now, put your right hand towards me like this and bend your head and see for yourself with your left hand if there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your head. Now, don’t doubt because there is air conditioning, but it cannot come out of your head. So, please see for yourself  if there is a cool or hot breeze coming our of your fontanelle bone area. Move your hand. Some people feel it much away, some closer, but don’t put your hand on your head Away from it you will feel the cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of you. Sometimes the heat has to go out. Now, please put left hand towards me like this and bend your had again. With the right hand now, you see for yourself. You have to certify yourself. See for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. See clearly. Now, again once more put the right hand towards me and see for yourself. Bend your head; nicely you bend your head  and then see for yourself the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Maybe, hot. Now, raise your both the hands towards the sky like this. Push back your head and ask a question “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost or Mother is this the all pervading power of God’s love or Mother is this the parama Chaitanya?” Just ask any one of these questions three times. Any one of these questions three times in your heart. Now, take back your hands.

All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their hands, on their finger tips or through the fontanelle bone area please raise both your hands. Look at that.

[Shri Mataji asks to one person] You didn’t feel it? Alright.

May God bless you. I bow to all of you. One thing that I have to tell you is that this is a collective happening and we have to be in the collective. We cannot say that I will sit at home and mother I will do the Sahaja yoga. You cannot. You have to come to the collective. Like one nail is cut out, then it doesn’t grow. In the same way you have to be part and parcel of one being and luckily we have very nice people here whom you can meet and they will have programs; but, I don’t know when they have. They will tell you. Please master it. You have to become the master. You can become masters in no time. [UNCLEAR???]