Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Brisbane (Australia)


Talk to Yogis in Brisbane (Australia), 5 April 1991.

Sahaja yogi: I’m really sorry that she was the only one of the Brisbane media that turned up. 

Shri Mataji: There were many expected?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, but not expected, I sent to all the television and radio stations and both newspapers and I found them yesterday and they all said the same story, “Maybe, it depends on what the day is like.”

Shri Mataji: They are busy with something so called important, all these newspapers. To be in the newspapers you have to be in the politics, that’s the only way. Otherwise they don’t care for you.

Sahaja yogi: And they don’t even listen because I told them in a way that Shri Mataji is in politics. I told them about Sir C.P. being who he was, and introduced that angle and still they didn’t buy it. I think if they see anything to do with God or the Spirit, they are frightened. Or they think It doesn’t exist or – don’t know. I don’t know what we can do Shri Mother.

Shri Mataji: I think we are spreading the best way. Those who are the people, who would come to Sahaja Yoga would be coming, whosoever. But those who are not that kind, can never come. So also to have too much advertisement and all that, I don’t know how far we’ll be successful. There may be some we can never give realization perhaps. But you go on. In France now, the French government has taken a good look at it. They are sending some children for a crash course to know about Indian culture in seven days. Just like French. 

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, I’m sorry, we might have to get You to use this, there are people out there who can’t hear.

Shri Mataji: They can’t. I’m sorry. So this crash course has started I think now. Nobody would take it up. They said it’s all nonsense. I said better, because their children, may be they might be able to understand certain things. Perhaps they must have seen something good about it. Imagine in France to start a course like that. It seems that something is going into their heads. I think the way we are growing is the best because Sahaja yogis have to also become real Sahaja yogis, otherwise people see you and they reach certain conclusions. Moreover, we have had some horrible leaders in Australia, also in England then we had now somebody in Austria. And they have had the main thing, main weakness is for money. How they were grabbed into this weakness, God knows but they fell for it. And also their wives are responsible for that kind of thing. So there was retarding influence, very much retarding influence on Sahaja Yoga, and we really lost some of them. So many were frustrated and upset about it. Recently we have one gentleman called Marcus, used the Sahaja yogis, built his house, everything he did, borrowed money from them and then suddenly now he has decided to give up Sahaja Yoga and sell the house. Now the Sahaja yogis are upset because they have given him money, they have given him labor and he’s using that to make money out of that house. 

So My only suggestion was that why didn’t you tell Me that you were lending money to him. After all, it’s very important. They thought that “You see, how could he do such a thing?” I said, “But still, now I have to warn all of you that if there is any extra money asked for, best is to inform Me.” I’m going to tell all the leaders also that they have to inform Me if they are collecting any extra money from you on certain things. In a group like ours, where we live with trust, we know that we are better off people than others are and we don’t have all those horrible qualities of lust and greed as they have, at least we have tried to come over it. 

Then it’s important to understand these two points. People are very vulnerable and if they find anything like that, they should inform Me. Also I’ve been informed that, say for Me I’m travelling, formerly I used to come with My own money, then gradually they said, “It’s very wrong Mother, why should You pay for our salvation?” And also for My programs here like our halls are to be booked. Now you’ve got some musicians to come here to help you. They do help very much, no doubt. So in every country they have to collect some money for our programs. Now I was told that there are very few people who contribute to that kind of thing. It’s not because you have got realization you have to pay. It’s not because you have been benefitted physically, mentally or emotionally, none of these but because it’s your responsibility. It has to be your life. You have to involve into it. It’s not only for getting married in Sahaja Yoga and having a good married life or by which you get a good ashram where you can live comfortably. But try to understand that how important it is today to save people from completely getting drowned. I mean I was surprised that such a little amount is charged and still people don’t want to pay. After all who is going to pay for it? 

As you know the situation is very, very bad in America. We have now statistics that sixty-five per cent people, white skinned people will suffer from incurable diseases, also mentally, schizophrenia. And those who remain will be only mostly from Asia or from other cultures. Even the black people, I don’t know how many are going to survive, because they try to copy completely and fall into the same trap. Everywhere apart from these diseases, people are taking drugs and these drugs also can take you to some diseases, of mental disorders maybe. So what will happen? We have to think for future also, for our children. What sort of a world we are going to give them? Of course, in Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to pay for Self-realization, you don’t have to pay for anything else. Otherwise if you see a guru, this guru Mai, who has come, she charged three hundred pounds to begin with, ended up with three thousand pounds, in Italy. They raised an objection to her. She said, “I’m an entertainer, you cannot charge me any income tax.” Because she gets lot of money, she can advertise better. Anywhere, she can even run her own newspaper if she charges more. She charges more, she gets hold of rich people. And a kind of immoral life she leads if you see, you will be shocked. We have the whole report about her guru. If you read that, you’ll be so surprised that he was a very immoral and a very great cheat person. Just see for yourself, you’ll be shocked [what Sahaja Yoga is?]. And people gave in thousands and thousands to this man who collected – as I was told by income tax people in India that he had six hundred crores, means I don’t know in…

Sahaja yogi: Crore is 10 million, Mother. Six billion, six American billion you could say.

Shri Mataji: Six billion worth of diamonds only apart from rest of the money. They must be really stupid fool to give him money, and that’s how they must have been with him. But that means wise people come to Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. But wisdom should also give you a sense of responsibility, it’s very important. Now at this age I’m travelling, you know, every third day I’m travelling. It’s all right only in Australia but I travel all over the world. So I enjoy it because I think I’m doing my job. That’s why I’m on this earth. I’m not paid for it, nothing, this is what I feel. But I don’t need Sahaja Yoga you know that very well. Sahaja Yoga is not for Me. I don’t need it at all. While you all need it and you all need it for your children and your grandchildren and the generation that is going to come. Because this is such a great revolution, and in any revolution people sacrifice their lives. They made so many sacrifices. They made so many years of their lives dedicated to that work, to achieve that freedom. 

So we have to also understand, we have to little bit take responsibility of Sahaja Yoga. And this thing I’ve found out that people in Russia do it without asking. They haven’t got much money with them. They have rubles but they can donate any amount of rubles. Imagine they book for me always a stadium. Everyday I have to speak in a stadium, everyday. Can you imagine if you have to book a stadium here, can we pay for it everyday? That might be the reason that God sees that we are not in a position to hold meeting in a bigger place. So, let it go slow. While in India we have luckily open grounds and we can have meetings in the open grounds in the villages. But in big cities people take up responsibilities to arrange everything in a proper way. So we have not to take it just as a by-the-way thing this Sahaja Yoga. It’s a primary thing in life because these are very, very special days I feel. From Kali Yuga we are jumping into Satya Yuga. The interval between always has something, they call as Krita Yuga, where this all pervading Power tries to create a further movement of our evolution. Now this time is very, very special because the jump is too big. From Kali Yuga we have to jump into Satya Yuga. So this all pervading Power has become [over-delete?]overactive. The activity of the all pervading Power is so great that I Myself am amazed how to go fast with it, so we get the best of the all the advantages of this time. But in Sahaja Yoga also I find people who are there, they mentally work about it, like in a way they are little critical about someone or some work or something as if that one, that part, is not their responsibility. Like they’ll come to an ashram supposing, now they’ll say, “Oh, that should have been better color here, I think,” or something like that. Who will do it? I’m not going to paint it. So everything I find wrong I have to correct it, is our responsibility. 

It’s a tremendous vision. I’m sure it will work out. But where will it work out? Where we’ll have really dedicated Sahaja yogis, in that big way. So the dedication is so important, and if you are dedicated then also the Divine is dedicated towards you, you get the blessings of that, in every way, from every angle you get the blessings. It all works in such a beautiful manner that it’s amazing, people are amazed and I’m also amazed that how individually everybody is blessed. Now as you know My husband has got this special award and he has got thirty-one more awards. Major awards from thirty-one countries, and he’s the only one in the whole world who has got these thirty-two awards, in the whole world. And the award he has got is the highest. There are very few people who have got it. One of them is Mr. Reagan, and I mean for an Indian is out of question. 

There are five types of Knighthoods and this is the highest of highest, which he got it. And he just started thinking about it, and in one of the meetings he said that, I think in Poona he said it, “It’s only because of my wife I am blessed. Because She’s so selflessly working for the betterment of people that perhaps the Divine is kind to me and that’s how I got it.” Even Mr. Parkinson in his meeting very sweetly said – I mean English you know how they are, not easy to give awards. [INAUDIBLE]But very sweet man Parkinson, he made a big issue of the whole thing. We were invited in Lancaster House which you know is a very rare place for English to invite, and there were so many others also from British parliament. And the British parliament itself invited us and gave my husband presents which are very special type. My husband said that there are many like me, nothing so special. Even in this meeting when Parkinson said that I have heard about legends, I never knew I’m going to see one legend and here it is somebody sitting in front of me. Then later on after dinner they started talking. 

So Parkinson asked Mr. Srivastava that, “By the way how will you look with all these thirty-two awards on your body, because something for a super human being to have.” He joked that I’ll look like a ring master in a circus. But all the time he felt he’s so much changed, My husband, so much changed. He became extremely humbled down and he started suddenly caring too much for Me. He said, “You are extremely precious for the whole world,” and he’s very sure that it’s only because I’m so much blessed by God that he’s being looked after. And every walk of life, you see, he has been specially very helpful as far as money is concerned. 

In the beginning of course I mean we had to spend all My money to travel. First time when I came to Australia, twice I came with My own money, and also your first leaders they came to India, I paid for them throughout. So, he never objected to it. Anytime even now I mean if I need money for anything for Sahaja Yoga, he’s the first to donate. This year I don’t know how much money he has really given. He said this is the last year when I can really donate because now I will be retiring. But as a result how he’s blessed even money-wise you will be surprised, because whenever we sold our houses in London, he got ten times more, twelve times more price. Which is out of the blue, I mean nobody got it like that, and the house was sold in no time without no problems, and he has so much surplus money. And he’s kept money for Me, for My travel and everything in the bank. But he told Me one thing that You have to show some income here otherwise our government will start asking how are you living there. Because after all it’s My husband’s money but still he’s supposed to declare all his money. Though he’s donated it to Me but still we have to show some income. I said, “All right I’ll try to see if I can arrange some sort of a royalty or something for My tapes and things.” So, actually, you see, he’s so over-satisfied about it and he knows that. 

He says, “Nothing can happen to our family, nobody can touch our children and my son-in-laws are also doing very well, my daughters are doing very well, my grandchildren are doing very well. I have no problem from my family, and they all support me, they are always with me and they are all very generous, they are quite well-to-do people. They have no problem with money but they think that all blessings are because of You alone doing all this for Sahaja Yoga. And we have no family problems as some people have of this and that, no quarrels, nothing of the kind.”

This time I told him that Sahaja yogis are here. He said that “You must invite them for lunch to our place.” 

I said, “I won’t be here”. 

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange”. 

And he really did such a good job of it. Those who have been to Pratishthan this time here, you see, remember that lunch he arranged. All arranged by him. From menu, he did everything himself and he had to leave very soon after that. But he saw to it that he stayed there, entertained you all. And I have reports that on My birthday they had a Puja, perhaps in England, he was there, invited him and he gave a very beautiful lecture to them about Sahaja Yoga. 

So once you believe that you are blessed, then you should feel like doing something for it. And once you have that feeling within you, you’ll be really helped. As I have told you that Krita Yuga has started. Now you have seen My photographs so many of them. I’ve got some of them. Have you got them here? Where is he? Steve, have you got those photographs, which you have enlarged? So many of them. I mean one better than the other. Recently we had some more which are not here. So the whole of Shri Chakra is on My head, like this, has come out with great light. So for you to believe that you are now in a different age, you cannot think about it and you cannot question it, you just have a look at it and what are we doing about it? Where are we? While if you see, these gurus are never asked any questions, nothing. Just they want to do for this , just to keep him pleased. While what is his game? He’s got so many Rolls Royces, he’s got this, he’s got that, but the reputation-wise he has none. But definitely he has very dedicated disciples, extremely, all of them, and in thousands. Apart from that they give money, they really never ask him any questions, and have such dedicated disciples, absolutely. You have to read.

Now we have got a report about the guru of this guru Mai and you read and you will see what it is and then you will be amazed how people were dedicated to this man who has not given them anything, who was so immoral and on the contrary he just lynched them. So then our righteousness is challenged and we have to see that. We have to go all out to do our level best to achieve spreading of Sahaja Yoga. Nothing else. When you start spreading your depth also will improve, like the tree when it starts growing outward it starts growing inwards also. I’ve been talking about it since I came here because there have been so many mishaps in Australia, and no more of that now. If you people are extremely dedicated, immediately you’ll have that depth and that strength to oust anybody who tries to spoil the image of Sahaja Yoga, and to understand it. Because it’s not only that you are going to enjoy, it’s only you are going to feel the blessings, but all the rest of the world will be thankful to you. I wish you could see this and also read about them. 

And another thing is that some non-Sahaja yogi has made a horoscope for Me, from some special type, R. V. Raman, who was a very famous astrologer and this fellow is I think his disciple of whatever it is, and he is completely surrendered to Me now. Also you should read. So convince yourself and try to introspect. You see, this is what we have to learn from the Russians because they introspect. What are we doing about it? If they find one person doing wrong immediately they get out. What are we doing about it? We have ego or we have miserliness or we have some conditionings. Are we saving our lives? This is very important. Instead of finding faults with Sahaja yogis and Sahaja Yoga, better find faults with yourself. Try to correct it, and also to understand the greatness of Sahaja Yoga. You must have that kind of a mind to understand the greatness of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not only that I love you, it’s not only that you have to love Me, but you have to love the whole world. You have to have concern for the whole world. What was Christ? What was Buddha? What was Mahavira? Any one of them. They were born with that concern. Now you have all the powers. Only what is lacking is the concern and that’s what you have to develop. 

May God bless you all! Thank you.