Informal talk

Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)



Otherwise, they will not having so much authority because of this economic problem now [UNCLEAR]. As it is Ganesha’s country, I think it should start first here. This awakening among the media (?). Media (?) is the most difficult thing [UNCLEAR].

(Addressing a Yogi) You should get all the cuttings for me?

In India, they don’t mind this – I mean at least at the time of the Congress [UNCLEAR]. They didn’t mind these gurus making money because they thought that it is for [UNCLEAR]. But how much [UNCLEAR]?

I think you people sit inside, let them come in. Also you should sit with one leg at the way they here sit.

Remy, he has now decided that we’ll have only one school that is Vashi. That’s a beautiful place and children will be there for about eight or nine months, in that school, because you see if they moved from one place to another, their attention is also spoiled. And they will go for holidays to Dharamsala, for three months. If the parents want so they can also pay for themselves and stay there, with their children. Otherwise, you see, also a Yogi said that he cannot accommodate for more than forty people and that’s you cannot put a limit to it. So we’ll be expecting about 300 students who can be easily accommodated as it is, and later on it could be about 600. It’s a large place, it’s very nice. And it’s not so cold; there it’s very very cold and rather dangerous also for children because [UNCLEAR]. And the worst thing it’s that you cannot get sufficient staff to look after the children; nobody wants to come there, all the way. It’s about also 2.5 miles away from the first locality. A big problem. So, Yogis say that is a better idea if they come there for the holidays, during the summer season. Also it’s very disturbing: half a year here, half a year there. Now the second floor also will be ready; we are trying to advertise for teachers in art. There’s one very famous artist from Italy with the Sahaja yogis; he wants to come and teach; his wife is Indian. Italians are so good in art. Plus we’ll have another Indian gentleman also. Also for the music, my sister might agree to come down; she’s a very good teacher and for other arts also. From childhood, if the children develop these capacities, then there’s no problem. For dance also we are advertising, trying to get a good headmaster for that school. We may allow also some other students, Indian students from abroad, not many but few. We’ll see as an experiment how it works. Of course, we have to give them realization and everything but they have to settle down nicely.

After seeing what’s happening in all these countries, I think it’s inevitable to have a school in India, inevitable. Children went to America only for two months I think, they were so much spoiled that we didn’t know how to handle them, absolutely. Matthias came and he said “Mother, it’s impossible, I don’t know what has happened to them, compared to other children they are very violent”. What happened, I don’t know [UNCLEAR] but now as they are young we should really train them up; we can teach them a lot of crafts also. Have you seen that culture itself makes you [UNCLEAR].

So at what time is the program?

Yogi: 7.30.

Sri Mataji: How far is the hall?

Yogi: 15 minutes. So, if we start on time, – it is a sort of procedure we’re working on now – a short introduction then some music, and then Sri Mataji arrives. So, a quarter to eight?

Sri Mataji: So, it takes about?

Yogi: 15 minutes.

Sri Mataji: I think it will be perfect. Then the musicians should sing for about 20 minutes at the most. They should sing a few songs later on the concert.

Yogi: Yes, Mâ.

Sri Mataji: That’s 14 minutes.

Yogi: So that’s 8.10.

Sri Mataji: 7.50.

Yogi: 7.50 will be fine.

Sri Mataji: 7.45 or 7.50.

Who is coughing among children? Come, come.

(To a yogi) Can you get some vibrated (?) oil?

What happened to you? You are coughing. Come.

(To a yogi) You can feel; he’s so sweaty. Come and have a look.

(To the child) You should not cough. So many people are here.

(To a yogi) Let see. Just feel this, all these.

(To the parents) You should immediately put your hand on the child. Try to treat it. And that’s how you know how to treat. I can’t bear a child coughing like that.

He’s all right. (To the child) Feeling better now?

I told Dr. Ramsar and also I’m telling all of you, you must write down what diseases you want to treat. All right? And I’ll tell you what should be done. Make a list. And now you have to [UNCLEAR]; just ask me what diseases you want to treat. I’ll give you all the solutions. First you tell me what disease. But don’t give these modern names; I don’t know them. Just say what is wrong, the symptoms. [UNCLEAR] the name, also write the symptom.

(To the child) Good? All right now?

It’s a virus.

Before the chakras are caught up, [UNCLEAR], then you should know it’s a virus.

Now all right, no more coughing, all right? It’s very simple, as soon as they’re getting into trouble, just find out and let me know; so, you can solve your problems here, don’t allow them to grow. It’s very simple. And themselves they will start curing, you see; they will become so wise that they will start curing.

A baby girl: Daddy! Daddy!

Sri Mataji: The next government.

All right, I think now I will rest for a while. Ha, you got this made for me! How beautiful it is.

Thank you very much, now. Are there the children also here?

Children: Yes!

Sri Mataji: Let’s see this one. It is you? With the two [UNCLEAR], all right? Good! Thank you very much. It’s for me? Thank you very much.

Channa! Let me give them the channa…all the children, they all love channa, you know. That’s a sign they are realized souls. Good! Put the hands together, it’s easier. Lots of channas is very good for their health. This is coming from Greece not from India. It’s special channa. Put the hands like this…you gave me the flowers, so I give you the channas, all right?

Good, good, come along; only for small children, not the big ones. Good! Hold it tight! You got it? Everybody got it? All right, May God bless you! You must get channa. Channa is the most harmless thing, very good for liver. It’s proteins and gives them good muscles. This is not from Australia either, it must be from Greece. I think you can grow it: it’s a warm country, why not? [UNCLEAR] is a warm country, isn’t it?

Yogi: I think they grow chickpeas here.

Sri Mataji: There is one called Ganesha which is a very big one like that. It’s very good. That they use, I think, vibrated water; they may use it to produce them. I used to call them “jumbo”; in the market they are known as “jumbo”. There is also Ganesha pomegranate in India, so big, red absolutely.