Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Preschool Talk Sydney (Australia)

Preschool Talk. Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.
Left anyone? All of them? Nice flowers, eh? Mummy got for you?
Ah, these are also? They’re from primary. Oh, that’s My hand! Thank you.
The whole place is a school, is it? Whole place is a school? School ashram. How many there are?
[Teacher: Shri Mataji, the children have made these paintings for You.]
Ah! They have great feeling. . She didn’t have any drawing before? […]

Public Program Day 2 State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.

at 40:55

bow to all the seekers of Truth. You have been already told about
these centers within us. Their qualities and these three channels
which constitute them. But one may ask why all this instrument plays
within us? With what purpose? And why evolution has to go further?
The reason is you have to now become the spirit. Go beyond your
physical, emotional, mental being and become the spirit. […]