The purpose of the Kundalini

State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

1991-04-17 The Purpose Of The Kundalini, CAM 2 Sydney Australia DP-RAW, 86'
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1991-04-17 The Purpose Of The Kundalini, Sydney Australia DP-RAW, 306'
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Public Program Day 2, Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.

Begins at 40:55

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

You have been already told about these centres within us. Their qualities and these three channels which constitute them. But one may ask why all this instrument plays within us? With what purpose? And why evolution has to go further? The reason is you have to now become the Spirit. Go beyond your physical, emotional, mental being and become the Spirit. Because Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and Spirit is the universal being within you. When you become the Spirit, you become a universal being. You become a universal being, doesn’t mean that you take a certificate that you are a universal being. Not at all. But this state of being a universal being is manifested in you. It is manifested as a innate knowledge within you.

As you have innate knowledge of colours now. You know this is this colour, this is this colour. You see it. In the same way, you become aware of you being a universal being. Means a microcosm becomes the macrocosm. Again I say becomes. It’s not just a feeling that you have become. Like a drop becomes the ocean.

But again it’s not just a mental understanding, but it is a happening. And this happening takes place and you become a personality which leaves your boundaries, limitations and you start seeing yourself as a very loving, affectionate, compassionate personality. When a child is born to a mother, she feels tremendous love for the child. From where does she get this love? Is innately built within her and her love becomes doubled. Whatever love she had for herself starts flowing towards her child. But when you become a universal being, then your compassion takes a very universal personality. Then you do not think that you are an Australian or you are a Englishman or an Indian. But you just think that we are part and parcel of one universal personality. Now this feeling sometimes can be confusing the word is, feeling means I feel very happy, I feel very unhappy. It’s all a mental projection but it becomes part and parcel of your awareness. This is the point I want to make very clearly to you. That it becomes just an awareness of collective consciousness. Then you can’t avoid it, you can’t just get rid of it. As you feel for your family. Why do you feel? I mean some even don’t feel that. But most of you feel for your family, for your children, for your wives, for your brothers, sisters, father, mother. So why do you feel for them? Because you have expanded your personality. So you just feel it.

But when your personality is that expanded, then the whole world seems to be your family, your relations. Then you do not see a person superficially skin deep but you see a person as a part and parcel of your being. Not only that but as you can feel your own chakras on your fingertips, you can feel the chakras of another person on your fingertips. And then if you know how to correct, you can correct those centres and correct their problems. Today I’ll just deal with one chakra. How when one chakra goes out of order, what happens to us? It’s very interesting to find out how we suffer from so many diseases because of one centre. This centre is the second centre of Swadishthana. Second centre of the Swadishthana is attached to the Nabhi the third centre and moves round the whole of that green area. It can go to the end to the periphery or it can be anywhere. And the duty of this centre is mainly to convert the fat cells for the use of the brain. That medical science doesn’t know. The other functions are to look after the liver, to look after the pancreas, to look after the spleen, the kidneys and the intestines.

So, when we start thinking too much, when we become futuristic, we start planning everything, I mean. Sometimes people plans so much, that you don’t know where you are left with that plan and that planning gives you a turbulent mental exertion and you need more energy for your cells in the brain. So this has to pass as you see here clearly, it has to pass into your brain, the energy. But when you think too much and plan too much and if you are successful, then you develop an institution called ego, which is a big yellow pile in your head. That’s not only thing but as you start thinking too much, you neglect all these viscera’s, all these organs in the viscera. And thus you have very big problems of health to begin with. Of course when you neglect your liver, you know liver is they say, you will live till your liver will allow.

Now this liver has to clean all the poison from your body. It comes out as heat and is delivered to the bloodstream. But when this is neglected, this poor liver doesn’t know how to function without the energy and all the heat is accumulated in the liver. So a person suffers from liver trouble and the symptoms are he gets migraine. He cannot see the Sun, then also he gets very hot-tempered, irritable, angry because there is so much of heat. Then this heat passes, I was telling in Canberra, most of the bureaucrats have this problem. Because they plan too much. And what will you do with that planning, God alone knows. So then this heat passes upward and downward. So when it passes downward, it gives you a very bad problem of terrible constipation because the heat constricts your intestine, large intestines. It also coagulates your kidneys, by which you have kidney trouble, you cannot pass your urine. Then you go on the dialysis and you are certified as really dead because you cannot last longer. It’s a very expensive treatment but doctors do not tell you frankly that oh you are not going to live.

Then this heat can pass upward, and when it goes upward, it goes say to your right heart as shown there. As a result of that you develop asthma. Of course astham is connected also with the left side. So when this triggering done by the left side, then you get this horrible disease called asthma. Then this heat can go upward and can ruin your throat. It can freeze your right arm. It can make your left eye red and also your left ear deaf but by chance if such a person is young and using too much physical energy and mental energy as well as drinking a lot, he can have a very fatal heart attack, a very massive one. And he may die very early in age. You must know that all such attacks at a young age always are fatal. But when you see to the other side is that there is a pancreas which is neglected. As a result of the neglect of the pancreas, you develop a disease called diabetes. Even the mothers who are extremely planning type and thinking type give that disease to their children and children are born with diabetes. Then you have the third problem with the spleen. This is the most dangerous one.

Nowadays as the life is, we are all time bound. Very particular about time. As a result of that, we have become extremely hectic. Suppose you sleep very late in the night, then you have to get up early in the morning somehow. Somehow get into your clothes and run to the office. Don’t even take your breakfast. Your wife will give you. So on the way in the car you are eating your breakfast. And then you read the newspaper, you get a shock of your life because so many horrible things are happening. Newspapers will never give something that is good or is doing well but something that has gone wrong to be a sensational feeling. It is sometimes horrible things. So early in the morning, if you read something horrible, being a human being, you are sometimes shocked. Then you find there is a jam on the way and you get so upset and all your peace is disturbed. Now this spleen is responsible for creating red blood corpuscles when you are in emergency. You must have seen when you eat your food and you run you get a pain here. That’s because your spleen is trying to pump out new RBCs. Now to create that, poor this spleen has to work very hard but it cannot understand the crazy hectic personality. Every time it tries to cope with it, it goes crazy. So such a spleen becomes crazy and ultimately with some triggering on the left-hand side, you develop a horrible disease called as leukaemia or blood cancer. Then also your intestinal problems, the pain in the stomach and all that’s indigestion, all go hand-in-hand only because of one centre only on the right side. I have not even described the left side centre. So if I describe all these, then the whole material medica will be described. It’s like that. So all the permutations and combinations of these centres give you physical problems, then the left side gives you the mental problem.

Now when the Kundalini rises, as I told you, She pierces through these centres, and like pearls, they-it passes through different pearls. The left hand side, right hand are brought together and are nourished and that’s how you feel all right, your health is all right. So when the Kundalini rises and when She touches the Spirit, the seat of the Spirit here, the flow of the grace also on the sympathetic nervous system relaxes your centre and nourishes them. Plus the rising of the Kundalini helps you such a lot but unless and until you get awakening of your Kundalini and the last breakthrough of the last centre, you cannot feel all right. And you have to work it out in a proper way, understanding the how to cure yourself or how to cure others. You have to also know how to protect yourself but you definitely become a personality who can cure people, who can cure themselves, I mean Sahaja Yogis, don’t go to doctors at all. I’ve no question. As soon as they get into trouble, they know this burning started, now this is it, clear it out. They are the doctors, they get the diagnosis, they know the medicine – finished. So the first thing that happens to us that physically you feel perfect. After that you don’t age also, your age comes down. You don’t have wrinkles, you don’t have worries because all your worries are due to your left side or right side which is causing you to institutions of ego or super-ego.

But when they’re open out and when the Kundalini is out, then like a, I should say like an opening of a chimney, the whole of this worrying and tension and all that passes out. And you have no tension, you are absolutely peaceful with yourself. You are peaceful with others. You’re serene and you get all your centres integrated. Now this is a very big achievement because I feel these days it is not the problem of political differences thanks to Gorbachev – who is a realized soul himself but the main problem now is of fundamentalism. Because everybody thinks that they are on the right path. Thank God I was born in a Christian family – just imagine you are worshipping Christ. And how can it be that your eyes are going round and round and round like that because that Christ is deciding on your optic chiasma. That’s why He said, “You’ll be calling me Christ-Christ and I won’t recognize you”. He has also said, “Those who are not against me, are with me”. So who are those? We should not be fundamentalist and try to find out who are those, who are with Christ and who are not. I mean the horrible things we have done, of course let’s said the better about Him the religion also. Where it is said that in every human being, we have the Spirit and every human being is the Temple of the Spirit.

Still we have a horrible thing called caste system in India. When Shri Rama ate the fruits from a very old lady of an aboriginal land, who had eaten them and seen that they are not sour because He may not like sour food. And He really was so happy to eat them. He made it, I mean His life was written by a person called Valmiki, who was a dacoit then he got his transformation and he was born in a very low caste, if you want to think from modern angle as a fisherman. Same thing with Shri Krishna, his life was written, Gita was written by Vyasa, who was the illegitimate child of a fisherwoman. Illegitimate child. So you can see how these people have tried to show in their own life that is not important as to what work you do or what calling you have, is what is important is how pure you are. What level of spirituality you are. We have in India, schedule casts [intouchable] and so many of them. And we have all kinds of saints in our country. And one saint has said that what’s the use of me becoming a Brahmin, calling myself a Brahmin when I don’t know what is Brahma is. This himself is condemning himself. Then another one saying thank God I have become a shedule cast, because I do not oppress others. All the Saints have said the same thing because they were integrated within himself. They could see that all religions, all prophets, all great incarnations, all of them were born on one tree of spirituality and we stupidly take away those flowers, those dead flowers and say this is ours, this is ours, this is ours. So today’s problem is fundamentalism and this fundamentalism is working in everyone. Muslims are actually, I would say, are, they have no finesse, that’s why it’s obvious but Christians have greed finesse you see. They are also extremely fundamentalist and the way we are doing things, we should be shocked.

I recently read a book called Vatican connections in which they showed the Vatican published two billion dollars of counterfeit securities and sold them through mafia. Can you imagine two billion dollars and in London, if you live, you will feel like running away from Church of England because people are saying Christ was homosexual. He had bad relations with his mother. All kinds of horrible things that one cannot bear, they are talking and Church of England is sleeping and now they are appointing the clergyman or I would say the people priests who are homosexuals. Then the other day, I read that they were women in America were warned that do not go for ordain-ordination because the clergymen will harass you. Are they clergymen or what? How can they teach about God if they are like that? But once you get your self-realization, the Hindu start seeing the bad points among themselves, Christians start seeing the bad points among themselves and also the Muslim starts.

And you’ll be surprised the Jews now worship Christ in Sahaja Yoga. We have many Jews in Sahaja Yoga and they all worship Christ and we have Sahaja Yoga centre even in Israel because they see that He was the truth. But when you are fundamentalist, you do not want to accept anything. You put the blinkers and mostly this business, any one of them is nothing but business. The false gurus are business, also these people who talk of religion also cannot think that they are dulling the spirituality of people. That everybody has this feeling to rise. This integration, you get in the light of the Spirit. Because as soon as you put your hands to anyone, say Khalil Gibran, say Muhammad Sab himself. You ask a question: was Muhammad Sab the incarnation of the primordial master? Immediately, you’ll start feeling tremendous vibration that He was, whatever one may say about Him. But He was. They may say anything about Christ, nonsense but you ask any question, any one of you who are Realized Souls: was Christ the incarnation of innocence? Was He the son of God? Immediately, you start feeling vibrations. But if there is a false guru, a false personality, a false man, you ask the question and immediately you will feel the heat. Sometimes even the burning from that person. This is how you know the absolute Truth about any person, about any situation, about any book or any kind of ideologies.

Whether it is truth or not, only can be verified and judged through your vibrations because there is Spirit flowing through. There are many people who are just mercenary, working for money, doing all kinds of nonsensical things but ultimately you develop that personality of self-respect within you and you think what am I doing? Is this the way? Even that thinking is not required. We just drop that all nonsense. I know people who have dropped their jobs which were mercenary, which were the wrong type of jobs, in the mafias and all that, they have come to Sahaja Yoga. And now they have proper, sensible dignified jobs. So the whatever we have lost, comes back to us because now we know ourselves in the light of our Spirit. And we become really so powerful that now we can bear any amount of money given to us, we are not attracted. Any amount of power given to us, we are not attracted. Any amount of promises or anything, we are not bothered because we have risen above all these things and we can see very clearly that what is most important is our spirituality, our virtues and we start enjoying our virtues.

People always talk about peace-peace formations. I’ve seen those people because of my husband who have been given Nobel Prizes and all that but they have no peace within themselves. I don’t know how they get these prizes, just to have them outside going around, peace foundation. Peace is within yourself. Those who do not have this within themselves, how can they spread peace? How can they give peace to others? But once you get your realization, you become a peaceful personality but greatest above all, the Spirit is the source of pure knowledge. Absolute knowledge, pure knowledge about anything. So immediately because it is in your awareness, you know what is the correct thing to do. What is the righteousness. How to be on the right path? Because you also get the strength to be on the right path. You have that strength. You become a powerful personality. You remember Christ standing before Mary Magdalene and He said that those who think have not committed a sin, can throw a stone at her and everybody stood back. But He said just throw the stone at me. He didn’t say at her. He said throw the stone at me. What a courage? After all, what has got a saint to do with the prostitute? Nothing. But his courage because He-they are not afraid of anyone but for God. And they are not afraid, it’s the respectful or for God that they have. So this is the state we have to achieve of such personality but your attention itself gets enlightened. This is the best part of it. A person who has really evolved to that state, even a glance of this person can cure someone, can bring peace to someone, can satisfy someone. Even a glance.

So, such a personality is quite potential in all of you. You all can achieve that potential because you are seekers of truth and the truth is nothing but the light of the Spirit and once you have that light, you can have that kind of a consciousness, that wherever you put your attention, that problem gets solved, that person is helped. International problems can be solved also if collectively you think of any problem like that. If a person is very troublesome to you, you can just put a protection on him and you’ll be amazed, he will change. He’ll be kind to you because your love acts, your compassion acts through your attention. The last, the most important thing that happens to you, that you drop into the ocean of joy. Joy has no duality, it is not happiness, unhappiness. That comes through ego. But joy is the state where you are enjoying everything. You do not react to anything. Just see everything and you are in the ocean of joy. So, what is the question of getting sick or getting bored? You are never bored, when you are alone or where-whether you are with others. You enjoy because there’s joy within you and the source of joy is the Spirit.

Thus you become the Spirit. This is the status you achieve. It can be achieved very easily but for human beings to eat food like, is very difficult. He has to go round his head and eat it. So, whatever is simple, is real. Whatever is complicated, is unreal. It is so widely (?) today for you to get your realization, that it works in such a simple manner. So don’t listen to anybody who tells you to go on chanting for hours together. As I’ve seen this poor Buddhist going on like that spoiling this throat, getting cancer. You must have first seen many people like that, chanting-chanting-chanting-chanting, mad. See! You are not connected with God. See what is this, the telephone is out of order but where are you telephoning? It’s stupid to do that way but you’ll find there’s a Hare Rama’s now, there are so many who came to us are suffering from cancer of the throat you know. And then said chant-chant-chant-chant, you say, they start chanting any name, it takes you away. It’s very dangerous because Shiva gets very angry you see.

Now supposing you have to meet the Queen of England and you go and start shouting Elizabeth-Elizabeth-Elizabeth, the police will arrest you there. You must have some protocol. You should be able to enter into-the-into-the protocol and you have to be in the Kingdom of God. Then even once you think of God, you are blessed. Don’t have to go on pestering Him like this as if He’s in your pocket. Just take out your pocket telephone, go on like that. All this is nonsense and once they do all these chanting business, I have seen they put some sort of a spirit in you, they just mesmerize you, then you don’t know what’s happening. The other day, we had three, four people complaining they went to some lady where they had paid lot of money and now they have got pain in the stomach, they’ve got pain in the heart. I mean at least your health should be looked after. There should be some concern about it.

So, one has to understand this kind of madness must be [Unclear]. People I’ve seen, even Christians, pray sometimes, they break their heads, they shout at God, they say all kinds of things when the God is not listening to them. What’s the use of doing all this? Prayer is only possible after you have got connection. Otherwise there’s no use praying to God because you are not connected and that’s why Christ has said you are to be born again. Everybody has said, Muhamad Sab has said that you have to be [Unclear], everyone has said that.

Now if you just ask for it, you can get your Realization tonight. But after that you have to remember that this is not an individual thing, that you sit at home and say, “All right I am doing this meditation this way”. It’s not going to work out. You have to be collective. You have to meet each other wherever there is the program is or whatever it is. Like a nail, which is cut out, will never grow, so you have to be attached to the body of Sahaja Yogi’s. Also, you have to spread, you have to spread Sahaja Yoga. When you spread Sahaja Yoga, you will go deeper and deeper and deeper. And then you’ll discover your Divinity and you will know how glorious you are, how great you are and why are you here: to do the work of God, to be an absolute beautiful instrument into His hand.

May God bless you all.


Yesterday, we have had too many questions I think and I think today we could have very few because yesterday’s questions I am very good at answering you know because I have been answering for the last twenty years now so I’ve become quite an expert and I know all the styles and types there are but this is a mental feed only. This is only at mental activity. What I want that you should not have any obstruction of your mind when you are meditating, that’s why I say just ask the question but if you just go on like that, then it’s just a mental level and it is no guarantee that if I answer to your questions, that you definitely get your Realization.

On the contrary, mental activity should be less. It’s better that you should leave mental activity for tomorrow and you won’t have much tomorrow. So, ask questions which are relevant. I’ve told you yesterday that I am not here to take anything from you. I am here to give you the key of your own benevolence by which you will have deeper faith in whatever you have been doing, like supposing you are Christian, you will know what Christ is and also you will know what other great incarnations were. Your knowledge will expand.

Even the children who come to Sahaja Yoga have become so intelligent that most of the scholarships they bag. They pass their highest examination in record time. It’s something surprising that when the Kundalini goes into the head how one becomes so alert, so active, at the same time so compassionate.

So, I would request you to understand the value of your being, your Self-realization and don’t waste your energy into something frivolous but pay little attention to your Self-realization and then next year I’ll be here to see great masters of Sahaja Yoga sitting here. You all have to become your own masters, that’s what I want to see. So any question there? Those who have been yesterday asking questions need not ask and those who are new, I must say they were must at least listen to my yesterday’s lecture. So, they shouldn’t ask about yesterday but today’s things if they think, whatever it is, I mean, I am willing to answer.

MC: Questions?

Lady in audience: [Inaudible]

MC: What is your method of Self-realisation?

Shri Mataji: That you will see now. It’s spontaneous. It’s like a seed being sprouted. It’s a living process, of a living energy, which spontaneously act.

Man in audience: (inaudible)

MC: Once you have gained this new sense of consciousness, how do you stop repeating the things that you have done in the past and would rather not do again?

Shri Mataji: I didn’t follow this.

MC: Once you have got your Realization, how does one stop doing things that are against our better nature?

Shri Mataji: You mean usual habits?

MC: Yeah.

Shri Mataji: I see. See once you get your Realization, as I told you yesterday, a simile, that you are holding a snake.