Divine Love

Ebell of Los Angeles, Los Angeles (United States)

1991-04-24 Public Program Talk at Ebell Theatre Divine Love, 103'
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1991-04-24 Los Angeles, Public Program

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot organise it, we cannot change it, we cannot conceptualise it. Unfortunately, at human awareness we cannot feel it. I know it. We have to become a subtler being.

This is the third time I am in Los Angeles. And I’m in search of the angels. Now whatever I’m going to tell you or whatever he has told you about this, you have to keep an open mind. Blind faith is not going to help you at all. But a scientific outlook — that whatever I’m telling you here, if it proves, and you do feel the all-pervading power of divine love and that if you get your Self-realization, then you have to accept the truth if you are honest people.

Now when we start discussing about our problems, human problems. In every walk of life, we have problems. And what is the solution for this problems is, can be only found in the mistakes that human beings have committed. Human beings are responsible. For all these problems we are responsible.

So, what is the solution? That to realize, that so far, we are not at that point where we know the absolute knowledge, nor are we capable of knowing the absolute truth. When it is the absolute truth, like you see me standing here, you cannot see it. It’s the truth that I’m standing before you. All of you will say that yes, Mother, we can see you standing here. In the same way, when you know the absolute truth means about everything you all know the same thing. If that is not so, it’s not an absolute truth.

That means we have to rise at a point where we have to become a universal being, where everybody sees the same thing, knows the same thing and absolutely the truth itself. Now how can it be?

It’s very simple, our creator has created us so beautifully you have seen within our being all these beautiful centres are placed. They are the landmark of our evolution. Now the last breakthrough is when this power kundalini has to rise and pierce through these all centres, ultimately through this one, the seventh one.

Now this is something one should understand, this is a happening. Is a spontaneous happening of a living power. How did we become human beings? What did we do about it? How much did we pay for it—say from monkey to human beings, how much did we pay to whom? It just worked.

In the same way, your last breakthrough is going to work spontaneously, means sahaj. Sahaj means sah is with and ja is born with you. It’s this yoga, it’s the union with the divine power. Is born with you and that is your birthright as a human being to have it and this is the last breakthrough of our evolution. That is achieved by you yourself.

This power which is there, the kundalini, is in the sacrum bone, means it’s a sacred bone, that means the Greek knew about it, that it’s a sacred bone. And this energy when rises, if there is obstruction you can see it gradually rising. You cannot do anything like chanting. What do you do about chanting I can’t understand. Like you go to these Buddhist they’ll go on saying namyoh verong like mad, the neck is moving all the time like this. Then some people are saying this, some people are saying that. You are not yet connected.

It’s a simple thing that your telephone should be connected. Without connection why are you breaking your neck? It’s a simple thing, logically we should understand. There is no stupidity required in Sahaja Yoga. But a simple understanding that it’s a living process. Like, you have to sprout a seed, now what do you do? You just sow it in the Mother Earth.

It’s a built-in capacity in that seed as well as the built in capacity in that Mother Earth and it sprouts. How much do we pay to the Mother Earth? It’s very difficult, I tell you I have been to Los Angeles, to America many a times. And I must tell you something very clearly about it. That people are more enamoured in America by the people who charge you money. It’s very surprising.

The other day I was listening to a television have said such a thing I’ve never heard before. I must tell you this because this really disturbed me so much. This gentleman was showing a hundred dollar note and was giving such a big lecture and I don’t know how people allowed that. He was saying if you release one hundred pound note you will get one thousand. How can you get it? Absurd. And he was saying you must release and he was giving all the examples from the bible. Was he, is he Christ to say like this? What right he has got to use Christ, that we should send hundred dollars to this man? He has even given his phone number, can you imagine? Not even afraid and ashamed about it. I mean it’s really shocking.

You are all such intelligent people. How can you allow such people to cheat you all the time? So many have come from my country I’m ashamed about them. But why did they come to America? And why did they settle down here? Why did you pay them so much money? And why did you allow let them to exploit you? It’s your mistake. You were gullible, you are simple people and when I came here first time I must tell you this, they told me, Mother, unless and until you charge, you’ll have no response at all. No response. I said, please tell me how much you are going to pay for this?

What is the price of love, how much do you pay to the Mother Earth? It’s a simple thing we should understand in this America, that you cannot pay in the name of God. You cannot. God doesn’t understand money, He doesn’t take such headaches. He doesn’t know banking, He doesn’t know anything. And a person whom you can purchase, he’s your servant, how can he be your guru? And they are so commonly available especially America I’ve to tell you again and again, be careful about it.

So, it’s a living process, it’s your own, this energy is within you. Now this energy when it rises, it passes through the six centres, the seventh centre is down below. This also I must make very clear to you because also on this point, many people are confused. People don’t like me because I tell them the truth, but you better like me. Because truth is for our benevolence, for the benevolence of the whole world and Americans are the leaders. If you become crazy the whole world will become crazy, why don’t you understand this. You have to be very very sensible people and the responsibility of that sense is on you, especially you, the Americans, again and again I say.

Now this one is the energy that passes through the six centres, the seventh centre is down below. This is the seventh centre is of your innocence. Now you’ll be surprised that innocence can never be destroyed, it is imperishable. So whatever you may do, whatever you may try, whatever you may try to defy all the natural laws, your innocence will not be destroyed, this I assure you. It’s clouded. And this innocence looks after this kundalini, this power. So this innocence is below the kundalini. Now this last centre looks after your pelvic plexus which looks after all your excretions, inclusive of sex.

So when the kundalini rises it just stops there. Its activity stops that’s why Christ has said you have to be like a child if you have to enter into the kingdom of God. You just become. It just stops. All its activities are stopped when kundalini is rising. Sex has nothing to do with your ascent.

You have had already one gentleman here who looted you, but again somebody will come like that. Somebody will tell you something. Now try to find out from the disciples what sort of disciples are they, are they knowledgeable? What powers they have got? What have they achieved in life? How do they live together?

First find out about these things, and then you should see that the gentleman or the lady who is doing all these, what is her lifestyle, how she lives, does she exploit others? What is her this thing..?

Recently I read about Muktananda and the horrible description, I don’t know if you people have read it, horrible thing that he was using a 13 years old girl. Such a person how can he be your guru? All these things you see, make me quite upset, how are we going to save this America which is the most important part of the world. It’s the most vital part of the world.

And the first country I visited was America, for your information. But there’s no response. There should be showmanship. I don’t know what else they want. It is to be real. We’re asking for reality and not for artificiality.

So, now when She rises as he must have told you, that it looks after your physical, mental and emotional being and spiritual being. But today I want to tell you about what is the spirit. People have no idea what is the spirit. Because truth is that you are the spirit, you are the pure Spirit.

And the second truth is, that there is this all-pervading power of divine love which organises everything, which caters for everything, which is very well equipped and efficient, which has given you today the status of a human-being and which is going to give you the higher status also.

It thinks, it loves, it organises and not only that, but it loves. It’s complete knowledge, absolute knowledge. And today you have come here to feel that power. You have to feel that power. That is why you are here to feel that power and to be the spirit. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty on your heart.

You may say, I mean (in) the scientific world you know, that there is no God, but this is very unscientific. Have you found it out, have you discovered it, have you made experiments, how can you just say that there is no God? It’s a very unscientific statement. And this God almighty is reflected in your heart. That is the spirit which is a universal being.

And this kundalini is the primordial Mother, the power, the Shakti. It’s reflected in your triangular bone. Recently I’ve been reading a book by (a) very good writer about the mirror of the Goddess. And he has said that in Christian religion, they have completely tried to avoid the feminine power. Completely. To put them down. Absolutely not to have anything to do with the feminine power.

And also he has said that despite everything, people still bestow all the powers of the Goddess upon the Mother of Christ, though in the bible they just call Her a woman. To treat them in such a manner shows that there was some ulterior motive of these people who organised religion. And these people didn’t want the motherhood to come in.

Now this is the Mother you have within yourself. Who gives you birth is your mother, not your father. You have father the God and son the God. What about the mother? Can you get a son without a mother? So call it the Holy Ghost, the dove, very nice, a mysterious thing, you are not to know anything about it. And we accept.

They brainwash you completely, and we accept it that there cannot be a mother for Christians, can you imagine, which Christian is born without a mother I would like to know. So this motherhood cancellation is the greatest sin and that’s why I think people have lost their sense of morality completely.

Whatever today we are suffering because of immoral behaviour in every way is because we are committing sin against the mother. Afraid of the Father but not afraid of the Mother. And this motherhood is within us all the time waiting for us to give us our second birth where you become the spirit. Now when you become the spirit, the attention is like a spread-out cloth you can say, and the kundalini rises like this because She goes up in an energy way so they call Her a serpent energy. And then She pushes that attention so the whole attention comes up in the centre and then she pierces through the fontanel bone area.

But before that when she comes through this centre of agnya where Christ resides, awakens him, so these two things called one side ego and another superego, both are sucked in, your karmas and everything are sucked in. And the whole limbic area opens up and then you cross through the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. So, when you get your Self-realization, the first thing happens to you that you become thoughtlessly aware. Thoughtlessly aware. That is you are watching everything but there’s no reaction, just watching. That means you come in the present. Now, you cannot meditate, you cannot do it. It’s a happening that you are in meditation.

When you are in meditation you stand in the present. So, this is the first thing that happens, when the spirit starts shining in our attention. But when it comes in our attention, this attention becomes absolutely dynamic and extremely compassionate. Such a person becomes a very steady personality and when he develops himself properly, then his innocence shows in his eyes, and even a glance of such a person is capable of giving peace, joy and well-being to people. It happens to you because the spirit is now in your attention.

Attention becomes also extremely active as I told you. Sitting down here, if you want to know about somebody, you have to just put your hands like this, and think about the person. Immediately you know what centres they are catching because you can feel them on your fingertips. It’s amazing in Quran, Muhammad Sahib has said that at the time of resurrection, your hands will speak, and they will give witness, Shahadat, against you. Actually they tell you what’s wrong with you. And they tell you what’s wrong with others. Because the whole thing works on your central nervous system. Now your spirit is manifesting on your central nervous system.

Please try to understand, that it’s not yet mental. It’s just as you see me through your central nervous system. It’s not mental. In the same way it acts, this is what is known as boddh, from where the word buddha has come. It is also known as vida from where the word veda has come. Also the early Christians were called as gnostics, the word “gno” in Sanskrit means “gyana” means this. This is gyana. It’s to know on your central nervous system.

As we know, during our evolution, everything on our central nervous system. For example if you ask a dog to go through a dirty place. It can go. A horse can go. But, we cannot go. Because we have a new awareness, awareness of cleanliness, awareness of beauty, awareness of sin, awareness of karmas. Animals don’t have that.

So we have evolved, and now the new awareness that we have to have, where you get an awareness of your own centres and the centres of others. This is what happen in the Pentecost, that they started talking about the centres. If you see the Sahaja Yogis, you’ll be amazed that they always talk about centres. This is catching, that is catching, this is happening, that. They don’t know any other thing. They only know your essence, where’s the problem.

So now if you somehow or other know, what the centres are, and how to get them alright, you can get your self all right, health, wealth, every way. And the others can also become alright. You can help them. But for this you cannot charge. Because it’s so spontaneous.

With this Spirit, you get the complete, absolute knowledge. You put ten children, cover their eyes, they are realised souls. And ask them about somebody who’s standing in front of them. What do you think about this gentleman? Immediately, they’ll all raise supposing one finger. You ask the person, is something wrong with your throat? He said yes, how do you know? Children have told me, this is the finger. So everybody feels the same.

We have a seminar in India. Every year, for about seven days, in a very remote beach. And sometimes we get people from fifty-five countries, last year we had. We had all the eastern block, Russians, and all others from the south American, and America also, and other places. I’ve never seen them quarrelling, fighting, nothing. Just enjoying each other. Of course, sometimes they pull each other’s legs and is a lot of fun. That’s different. Such friendship, such purity, there’s no danger of one woman running with another man. Another man running with somebody’s wife. Nothing of the kind. Such purity of relationships. And so many people, five thousand people there, in that sparkling place, so happy. It’s a new race, my husband always says, you have got all the angels of the world. Now that’s why I said I’m in search of angels in Los Angeles.

But it’s all your own, it is within you, you can get it, it’s your own property. Then the second state that you achieve is called as doubtless awareness. Because you are empowered. You can raise the kundalini, you can give Realisation, you know each and everything, complete knowledge is available to you, for no payment at all. And then you understand what it is.

You become experts. And when you become experts, we call it as a doubtless awareness personality. And then you become a Sahaja yogi, when you give realisation to people. That’s the third state. It’s a state, it is no organisation, you’ll be surprised I have no secretary even. I travelled so many countries and everything and every third day I’m travelling and speaking.

But the whole thing moves like one body. Because you become collectively conscious. You become again I say it’s actualisation it is not just a certificate, you can feel others. So you become collectively conscious. That means the macrocosm absorbs all the microcosms in it. Like a drop becomes the ocean.

There’s no problem between each other. That’s how we finish our wars, we finish our quarrels, we finish everything. Every year there are seventy-five to hundred marriages, international, there are beautiful children. Of course, one or two also misfire, no doubt. But doesn’t matter. That’s because of the conditionings, they do. But most of the marriages are successful, and they have children, so beautiful I tell you, beautiful children. At a very young age they become so alert. So alert, and so active.

Now for example see this, the Americans, Canadian, English, singing Marathi song, which was sung from twelve century [ie 1200s], Namadeva has written this, and which says that, “O Mother, give me the Yoga, Jogawa. O Mother, I will ask you for the boddha. Please give me”.

It’s so clear cut, it is all Sahaja Yoga. And they are asking the Mother Amba, that’s the Kundalini, to rise. Udo, Udo ambe. This was sung in all the villages from the twelve century. So, we know about it, that there is a power like this. And we know, what sort of a satguru we should have. A real guru who can give us Realisation, who can give us the parama, the last that we are achieving.

All this, has come to you, just not by chance, but by your seeking. You have been seekers in last lives and last lives and last lives. And today you are here seeking, and that’s why you are so gullible, that’s why, you do not understand, what you have to have. Then, of all the things that happens to you, is that you become absolutely peaceful. Like a wheel is moving, and you are disturbed when you are on the wheel. But on the axis, you are absolutely silent. So, you enjoy that silence.

These modern diseases, what you call, tension, stress, stress, no more exist. All your diseases can be cured, I tell you. Of course, one has to work it out. It can be cured, it can be diagnosed, and also, you don’t have to take any medicine. The medicine is within you, the doctor is within you. Everything is within you and you don’t have to do anything about it except that you have to be in meditation.

And the last and the most important thing is, that you enter into the realm of joy. Joy is not happiness or unhappiness, there is no duality. Joy is singular, where you watch everything, and just enjoy. Even a small little thing makes you joyous. Like in the Zen system, you must have seen. But I was told that there are only twenty-six karshapas till the sixth century, and they all finished off. So there is no realised soul there either.

So you get the powers to do it. Of course, as they say, it’s very difficult to raise the kundalini, it’s true, was so. Formally, it used to be, in tradition, only one guru had one disciple. Again, till the twelfth century [1200s].

Then a very great poet called Gyaneshwara, he took permission from his guru, who was his brother, that at least let me write about it. So in the book Gyaneshwari, it is a treatise about Gita, he has written in his sixth chapter about kundalini, very clearly.

Of course, it was written in all the great books, in scriptures, I mean in yoga vashista or anything and [in] sixth century [ie. 600s] Shankarachaya’s books, everywhere it’s written about kundalini, it’s nothing new. Also it’s written in the Bible, I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames. This looks like flames only, very silent flames, specially on the head. You see thousand of them. All beautifully shining. But very silent, very beautiful, very peace giving.

Then we have also, the tree of life. This is the tree of life, which is also described in Gita. But best is not to depend on anything that is been written on anything, but experience it yourself. To find out yourself is the best way to know it.

I’m sorry I’ve been talking so much every day, and there’s no rest for my throat.

Our aim should be to achieve this last breakthrough. Or are we going to die as human beings? Or we are going to be saints and angels. What is the aim of our life? What do we have to do? What are we seeking?

Just open your mind, open your heart.

I would like you to ask me some questions about it, in one lecture, you know I cant explain everything. I must have given at least four thousand lectures, maybe more. In English language only. And they have got my tapes. You can have them once you become Sahaja yogis.

We don’t give them those tapes because then again the mental activities starts, mental feat starts, you see, now everything about sahaja yoga, without any cool breeze, without any vibrations.

So, the first thing is to achieve that state. Like you have so many lights here, if you just want to open all these lights, you have to switch on. One switch. But supposing I have to tell you all about the history, everything about this electricity, how it came here in this hall, you’ll be fed up. So better to have the lights first, and then know everything yourself.

Now I would like you to ask me question, but relevant ones. I’ve not come here to take any money from you, I’m not standing for any elections, nothing of that kind. I’ve nothing to do with politics.

So, I’m just here to tell you, that it’s your own power, and one candle enlightened can enlighten another candle. There’s no obligation, nothing. It’s your own which you should achieve. But in Sahaja Yoga today, it’s a collective happening.

You’ll be surprised, I must say, I must admit, that Russians are really great. In every program there used to be fourteen thousand to sixteen thousand Russians. And there are four hundred doctors practicing Sahaja Yoga in Russia. And there are two hundred scientists, who asked me such tremendous questions. I’m surprised, these scientists who have reached to the heights of science are so much interested in their spiritual life.

The main thing is that their government was horrid. So they had nothing to bother about politics, everyday what you read in newspaper this fraud, that fraud, this that. There is no inflation there. There is no fraud, nobody can steal anything, whatever it is, out of fear you may call it, whatever was.

They went inside themselves, they were introspective. Very introspective, because they couldn’t do anything else. Also I think, we must have power to bear our freedom. We must have power to bear our prosperity. That only comes through balance. And this balance is only established through Sahaja Yoga.

Of course, there are people who are troubling now Gorbachev, you know that very well. Because they are dissatisfied, they think that they were very well off, I mean their regime was there. And also there are, about thirty percent people, in Russia, who asked for American genes.

But, seventy educated people, are real true seekers. And the way they had it, I mean their responses, even the media, all jumped on me, all of them. They published articles about me in their magazines, when you travel to Russia you’ll find them. In everything in Russian language they published.

Today, for your information, this is the third time we invited newspaper people to come here. But as there were no sensation, we, I addressed all the empty chairs. “How am I to tell people? How am I to reach, which is the way, you tell me? What should I do?” I feel so helpless in America. But those who are Sahaja Yogis here, are great Sahaja Yogis, I must say. They are wonderful.

So, please ask me sensible questions, not aggressive questions. And I have to tell you, that all these twenty years I have been facing all kinds of questions, so I’m quite an expert. But I should also confess it’s a mental feat.

That doesn’t give you guarantee, that you’ll get your Realisation. But just to satisfy you so that at the time when the kundalini rising, suddenly this mind might come out and say, now, you didn’t ask this question. So you better ask if there is something too much pinching in your head.


Seeker: Once we receive this awakening, how is it that we could stay with this so we imbibe in our daily life?

Shri Mataji: What a nice question. You see, you have to know we have a very good centre in Los Angeles. And we have some very good Sahaja yogis, extremely sweet, loving, sensible, knowledgeable people. You’re all welcome to come there, and I think they must be having hall for follow on. I also told them that you better try some sort of a, what to call that, a study, or a, you people like to have some sort of, that kind of a thing. So I said alright, start that way, if they like that way.

So, they are going to organise all that, and within one month you would see, you’ll be somewhere else, and you’ll be laughing, I know that, it has happened. Also I must say about Americans, one thing, very good. Once they get their realisation, there’re nothing like them. Because they’re genuine seekers, no doubt. But some are lost in drugs, some are lost in this, some are lost in that.

But even drug you leave overnight. Even alcoholism you leave overnight I’ve seen so many cases like that. It is such a tremendous thing, even the children who are of a very ordinary intelligence, become so dynamic. So it is not at all difficult to get to that position. Within one month’s time, you all will be there. I know that very well. That’s my experience of the Americans.

May God bless you.

I’m absorbing the heat, that’s why. So much is heat is there. Is there another handkerchief?

There’s no questions? Yes please?

Seeker: Why is the colour of the Nabhi chakra green?

Shri Mataji: Yes, green. This is the thing what we called as bhavsagara. Is the ocean of illusion and it is green because it is the guru principle. Principle of the mastery. You see this yellow thing? Is the second chakra. Is very important, which you will realise that most of our diseases are because of this one centre. I must tell you this, it’s very important to understand.

This is the Swadishthan chakra which looks after our aortic plexus and looks after our liver, our pancreas, our spleen, our kidneys, our intestines, our large intestine. This centre, that yellow one you see. And it has very important another work is to supply energy for the cells of the brain, which we use when we think too much when we’re futuristic. The right side is for futuristic thinking, for planning, for also physical things like jogging and all, that’s another thing that has started.

So all right side is increased by that. This right side, when it goes too much, then especially when you’re thinking too much of the future, planning too much, then what happens? That the main job as I told you is to supply energy for the brain. So this poor centre becomes absolutely entangled with one work, major work and others are neglected. That’s how you get a very bad liver, you get a hot-tempered person, you thin down, you look like a bean stalk, I should say. I mean, you might get a beauty prize, like a mosquito. But these mosquitoes finish off very soon and you can’t go near them. Even if you go near them, you have to use a barge pole. I mean, I perspire in them. Such heat. You can’t go near them.

Because this liver has the function to absorb the heat of the body and release it in to the blood stream. But what happens, that when this liver is not working, it starts all absorbing all this heat within itself and this heat that it absorbs, it becomes absolutely out of function. But this heat then starts moving upward and you get the thing called as, with this right heart as we call it, asthma.

Of course the triggering has to take from the left side. You can see these are the two centres, left and right and they meet and here is the central centre. And now what happens you’re using it too much on the right side. If something happens on the left, then you develop this psychosomatic troubles. So you develop this asthma. Then, it can pass to your right side and can freeze your right arm. It can make your right side pain, very much. You might also get your paralysis with it. But sometimes the heat in younger age, when you are say 21 to 30 years of age, say you’re playing tennis, you’re drinking too much, you’re using too much of this right side. Then, this heat can pass to your heart and you can have a massive heart attack and that is fatal. Always at that age the heart attack is fatal.

Then you see the other parts is that thing, what you call is the pancreas. Pancreas does not function, so what happens, you get diabetes. Diabetes only people who are thinking too much get it, not the people who are just in the village, eat their food nicely, sleep off. Next morning go for work and they don’t think about their future. They don’t have any plans of insurance or anything. They have no stress, nothing. With that, you develop this trouble called diabetes.

Now in India if you go you see in the villages, people when they take tea, the spoon has to stand at right angle. Otherwise it is not tea in the sugar. So much sugar they take. At least 5 to 8 spoons minimum. They never get diabetes. While in the city even if they take ½ a spoon, they, whole thing passes out. So that means there’s something wrong with the city people who are sitting and planning, especially the bureaucrats. And what do they plan? We know their planning of the bureaucrats, where are and this that?

So this happens with the diabetes. Now, then the third one is even more important where your spleen is neglected. Now the spleen is the one which looks after, for, caters when you are in emergency. Say you have taken your food and then you’re running, you get a pain here. That is why because your spleen has gone into a production of red blood corpuscles, RBCs, suddenly.

But our today’s life is so hectic. Morning time you get up, you’re late because you sleep very late. Then, you see some horror film, already you’re in emergency. Then in the morning you see the newspaper. Horrible things in the newspaper. They never given good things, only horrible things. Sensations you know. With that sensation, what happens this poor, this speedometer becomes quite crazy. Then you jump into your car and find, as I found, so many cars on the way. So there is a jam. People start blowing out and then mostly in the west people. They don’t know what to do. It’s too much for them. They just can’t bear it. It’s too much. Than you go to your office, you find your boss in a temper sitting there. Already he must have finished half a bottle of whisky in the night. So, the whole thing is coming on you next day.

And the whole life is so full of anger, aggressiveness, hectic, competition, maddening and this poor spleen becomes matched, it doesn’t know when to produce RBCs when not to produce. As a result, what you get is leukaemia, blood cancer. I would like to tell you, through Sahaja Yoga, we have been able to cure leukaemia, definitely. There are two doctors in Delhi who have got their MD. MD, in Sahaja Yoga. So it’s now an established thing, medical parameters have shown, and there are seven doctors in London who are documenting how many people are being cured by Sahaja Yoga.

Then you get the kidney, the kidney fails. Doctors will not tell you that it is not curable, they’ll put you on dialysis which is very, very expensive treatment because of the machinery and they must use their machinery. After all, they have paid so much you know, such a capital expenditure. So, they have to make money. But they will never tell you it’s not curable and it is declared that after, at the most 15, 20 days, you are going to be finished. There is a solution for this, absolutely a solution for all this.

Then, you’re constipated, permanently. And they eat, I was surprised, in Geneva, they gave them cotton seeds to eat in the bread. I said (hindi) baap re, this cotton seeds only buffalos eat in India, not even cows. But, they said, Mother, very good for constipation. What sort of constipation is this? That buffalos means they are having in Geneva. Working in the banks, I believe must be the reason. Just, can’t understand all this.

Now, all these happen to you only because of one centre. And this green is actually showing, is the imbalance that we have within us because we move to the left and to the right, and how we torture our Mother, Mother Earth. And the whole atmosphere. This is the centre of your mastery. All the masters, real masters which we say satgurus, have created this within you, but if you have been to some wrong master, immediately it will start going like this. You’ll see that when the kundalini will rise.

Any other question, please?

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: You come here, I don’t understand. What did you say?

Seeker lady: Here in Los Angeles, we have more countries represented than any city in the world I think. We have more cultures, we have more ethnic groups, and most of the time they don’t get along very well. What can you suggest individually what we can do to bridge the gap?

Sahaja Yogi: What we can do individually to overcome the differences between races?

Shri Mataji: You automatically become my child. You don’t have to anything about it. It is all skin deep. We laugh the same way, smile the same way, everything the same way. We’re born the same way. You see, it is just skin deep. Just it’s lost. Because you become a deeper personality. The superficiality creates all this problem. Then you don’t like a person who is a racist. You don’t like. Or who has caste system. You don’t have, want to have any caste system. You’ll be happy to know that the religion that we call, is the innate religion within us, which is awakened, which is a universal religion, we call it a universal pure religion, which is innate, is being registered in your Los Angeles, isn’t it, in this place, by your government. That’s something very creditable, I must say. California has accepted it. Then you transcend it. It’s so skin deep.

Any other question? Somebody, here, this gentleman.

Seeker: Can you talk about children and can you talk about how we can assist children to learn meditation?

Shri Mataji: I must tell you, children are the best. They take to meditation in no time. Most of them, these are Realised souls. We don’t understand this, and the atmosphere is so bad in your, television is so horrible. I mean, they are marketing every nonsense. Poor children are gullible to that. You see that point?

But the whole atmosphere changes for them. Children are the best for meditation. I wish you could come and see some of our children, you’ll be very happy. Very different, they become extremely sweet, obedient, sharing things, they like to do for others. Like I’ll tell you, I have my granddaughter, I have three granddaughters and one grandson. So the three granddaughters I asked, and they were very very small. I said, what you want to be? They said best is to be the nurse or to be an air hostess. I said why? Because don’t you think grandma, only in these two professions you can give food to eat to others? So sweet. So very sweet. You see this, all these things come later on because we try to condition them. Very pure things, they are, extremely pure, beautiful. And automatically, because the atmosphere of the Sahaj children is good. We also have schools for Sahaj children, I must tell you, beautiful schools we have for them. And I’m surprised that the French government of all the things, the French. They have asked us to take their children to India and tell them about Indian culture and to teach them Sahaj and sending their children to India. Of all the thing, French. It’s beautiful. You will see this world is not so bad as we think it to be. It’s so beautiful it is. Very beautiful, it’s very enjoyable.

Yes, my child? Please stand up, I can’t see you. What did you say?

Seeker: [Inaudible].

Sahaja Yogi: He’s saying in relation to this Muktananda, is the raising of the kundalini separate from Realisation?

Shri Mataji: Not at all. He says so? I mean I wish you could read that thing and then you won’t eat food for 8 days. What sort of a man he was. This Muktanand. Useless fellow. Just wanted to have some money, alright, have money. There are many who are like that. But he has spoilt everybody’s Kundalini. He was having relations with a 13 year old girl. He calls himself guru? And his, this daughter of his, this Jitvilasanand, who calls herself a gurumaai. All useless people. I talked about them in 1973 when I came here. Nobody listened to me. You wanted to have the fun to go through that experience. What can I do? And nobody has prosecuted me. I openly tell about TM. Horrible people this TM are. And if you want to know, I’ll tell you all about them. Openly I’m saying that. They’re all satanic people, and the Satan doesn’t speak against their own house as Christ has said it. They’re all marketing. I don’t mind marketing, do it what you like. But, you cannot spoil somebody’s Kundalini. That is sinful.

Yes please.

Seeker lady: [Inaudible].

Sahaja Yogi: She’s saying, is Shri Ganesha at the root of the kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Yes, it is.

Sahaja Yogi: Can you explain the relationship of Shri Ganesha and the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Shri Ganesha is the symbol of innocence. That’s why it is at the base. And he incarnates as our Lord Jesus Christ. To know all this, we have to remove our blinkers as Christians. I was born in a Christian religion and I thought that we are all treated like horses with blinkers, you know, organised. You cannot read anything else, you cannot know anything else. And what they did to Christ we are doing that same to him now.

You must read the book Vatican Connections. I don’t know how many of you have read. Thank God one American who himself was a catholic found out. 2 billion, 2 billion securities were published, were printed. Can you imagine that? Falsely, and sold, by Vatican!! How can they talk of God? You tell me? Such fraud! What about protestants? They have also made the whole religion a kind of a mental thing. Archbishop of Canterbury, was asked by one of the interviewers, Robin Day, and he asked him, what is the Holy Ghost? So this gentleman says, I’m agnostic. He said, if you’re agnostic what are you doing there? He said, I’m doing my job as you’re doing your job.

What is their authority? To be there. And now they don’t want women to be ordained. And now they’re frightening women that if you’re are ordained, the clergymen will harass you. Can you imagine? This clergymen should be thrown in the sea. And they want to appoint homosexuals now as the priest. God save the young boys.

What is this going on in the name of Christ? Said it, so painful. And they call Him homosexual, these stupid people. How will they understand divinity? Unbearable things they say about Christ. Unbearable, I tell you, that Salman Rushdie said something about Mohammad Saab, they all got after him. Of course, I don’t like fundamentalism but at least they cannot say things like that about Mohammad Saab. But here Christ, anybody can say anything they like. This is the so-called freedom of human beings. They don’t know how sinful it is to do that. They are allowed to come in the church as long as they can pay money. It is very painful, I tell you very painful. I can’t bear to see all this way we are trying to make money out of Christ and then to say all these things about Him.

This is no freedom, this is license people have taken. It is very sinful. Yes please.

Seeker: So, is what you’re saying is that one of the clear signs that a teacher is true is that they offer the gospel free of charge?

Sahaja Yogi: He’s saying, is a sign of a true teacher that they teach for free without charging money?

Shri Mataji: Not only that. They must give you Realization. They must tell you all about it. You see, there’s Nanak sahib has said “Sadhguru vahi jo sahib milaye”. The one who is a Sadhguru is the one who makes you god, gives you the experience of god. But on this not taking money you will cancel 99%, you take it from me. Or there would be beggars like Lamaji going round begging. He is the biggest beggar that you could think of. And the amount of money he has got through, people have no idea. He’s lynching us in India. He has brought this horrible people from there. Alright, refugees are better than our kings in India. With all his wrinkles around his face, he’s a big businessman I tell you. Begging everywhere getting peace, this thing, very hot tempered though.

Seeker lady: There’s three teachers at my house and that we know about. One is Maharajji, he’s from India, one is Rajneesh and one is an American named [UNCLEAR].

Sahaja Yogi: She’s asking about Guru Maharajji.

Shri Mataji: He’s now become a Yankee. What can I say about it? You will be angry if I said it. Now, what else?

Sahaja Yogi: Rajneesh.

Shri Mataji: Oh… [LAUGHTER] Horrible! You people are so simple I tell you, so simple. It’s written large on their faces.

Sahaja Yogi: The third is called Bhava Preethaananda


Shri Mataji: Who?


Sahaja Yogi: He’s an American guru.

Shri Mataji: All better than one than the other. Who has given you Realization? Ask, first question. See this is a market for them. You are people who are seekers and they are in the market. But the temple of God is away from the market. There are so many others you can tell me. Even one fellow got Realization, an Indian, here. Just, next day he started his own. This Shirley Maclin came to my program first when I was here. First time she was here and now she has become a big guru.

Seeker: They’re making lots of money.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. But why do you give?

Seeker: Not me!

Shri Mataji: You’re sensible. [LAUGHTER] That’s a good one. “Not me”. That’s good. That’s good. Ah, now. Now, doesn’t matter even if you have given. Doesn’t matter. I’ll put them right. Whatever, what is it?

Sahaja Yogi: They need the money, they say, to support their ministry.

Shri Mataji: All right, sit down. Why do they want to have a ministry? There’s no need. You see, all right. Now supposing, these people want to have an ashram. Live together. They have their own money, alright? They look after their ashram. People go there, they know their accounts. I am not bothered.

Who has asked him to form a ministry? What is the advantage? What have you got out of it? What have they given you? Arrey, you people are so good at it! You know, always I have seen you. Americans would say we have paid for it. So what? What did you get after paying to these people, tell me?

As a mother, I would say what did you get out of that? As a mother. Simple question. There’s no justification. No, it’s alright. You can pay for this hall, alright. Sahaja yogis are paying for all these, alright. You can pay for this hall. You can pay for the car. But you cannot pay for realization. You cannot pay what you have to tell about God. This is free. Just like the sunshine.

Seeker: [Unclear] Where we live in a city or a society, we have to go to work and make money, so we can now survive. To do something to be able to provide for self-preservation. What throws us off-balance the yellow side, like the first speaker said?

Shri Mataji: Just a show my child. How much money do you need in India to survive? You know that. It’s not much needed. You need Rolls Royce? To survive? Rolls Royce? That’s it. You survive! You see there’s not such a dirth for survival. No problem. For that you don’t have to beg others.

If you want to know the real way of how Buddha used to live, all his disciples and he used to walk from one village to another once in the night because it was tapasya. It was, that was the time when the world had to do the penance. You see that time. These three of them, Mahavira, Buddha and Christ. Three of them. They are here. And they used to take a begging bowl, receive the food which is cooked in the household. Whatever was received, they would share and sleep under a tree. Finished. That’s all. They had only two cloths to wear.

You have to have at least your self-respect. Rolls Royce! Just think of it, Rolls Royce! They asked me. I must tell you Americans are great. In Boston, the television people asked me. Mother, how many Roll Royce you have? I said none. Whatever my husband has got, has got it. I have none. They said, we are not interested. There’s no business about it, I said, there’s no business.

I mean, you see now, I have come here. These people are giving me food to eat. Alright, I’m eating that food at the most. When they come to my house, I can also give them food. But to take away his coat and his tie and everything and also his wife. What sort of survival you are? You don’t allow others to survive any. Such people survive, I tell you. If you look at it you see with a detached mind, you will see what a horrible thing they are. One thing Americans must understand, you cannot purchase God. Take it this way. You cannot. Yes?

Seeker: How do you reconcile a loving God of the universe and immense evil is going on for thousands and thousands of years and man is made in that image, how do you reconcile that? It shows just the opposite.

Sahaja Yogi: How do you reconcile the existence of evil against God?

Shri Mataji: I do not. That’s why I am saying you must all change. Where do I? You know I’m 68 years of age. I’m travelling every third day. All over the world. If I had reconciled, would I? I would have. I don’t need Sahaja Yoga, do I? I do not reconcile at all. By no means but human beings are responsible for the evil so they should get transformation and if there are a certain number of transformed people then the whole thing will click.

You know that hundred monkey phenomena, that is going to work out. America needs it much more than anywhere else. Now let’s see how many Americans would like to get their self-realization and would like to become great Sahaja yogis. Let’s see, raise your hands. It’s a promise? Is it a promise? Alright, non-Americans. Let’s see how many non-Americans would like to do that. Japanese are difficult. Chinese are very good. Also, very good. Alright, let’s see.

So, should we have now our Self-realization? All right, good. Now, please take out your shoes. This is just to have the help from our Mother Earth. What’s it?

Seeker: One more question. When people meditate [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. You have to ask for it. If you do not ask for it, I cannot force it on you. No, not at all. Your freedom, I respect. You’re free. In your freedom, in that glory only, you have to ask for your self-realization. I cannot force on you. Please take it from me.

Seeker lady: [Unclear] a certain position of the body that enables some realisation, like, some people do the lotus position, some [UNCLEAR]

Sahaja Yogi: We’re gonna have it right now, and you’ll find out.

Shri Mataji: I will abide at American English you know. That’s the talk. All right, madam. I’m sorry. Actually, what he says is true. You see, these are all words, words, words. But what is the best is within yourself. The beauty lies within yourself. You do not know what divinity you have. You do not know anything about yourself. Once you know it then you will understand how great you are.

Do not get sold out to other things, to other ideas. Just think that you have to be the spirit. That’s all. Because this power is the power of pure desire. All other desires as you know in general are not satiable according to economics. Why? Because they are not pure. This is the only pure desire we have whether we are aware or not is to become one with this divine power. This yoga, this union.

So now, there are two conditions which are very simple, if you look at it logically. The first one is, for the time being, at this time, you have to forget the past. You’re not to feel guilty at all. Because it’s a myth. Is your just punishing yourself for nothing at all? Because you’re judging yourself and punishing yourself and you’re feeling guilty. Let the Kundalini judge you. I am really telling you seriously.

Because if you feel guilty then you catch on this centre here. On this centre here, on the left-hand side what you call the vishuddhi. And the diseases you get. First thing that you might get is spondylitis. Second one, angina. Third one, all the diseases of the lethargic organs.

So, this centre which is catching on the left-hand side, just it catches when you feel guilty. There’s one thing, Indians never feel guilty you know. That’s, they don’t know what this guilt is. Because they think if you’re guilty you would have been in jail. So now, it comes to the position that we have to be pleasantly placed towards ourselves. Forgive ourselves.

Also, those people who tell you, you are sinners, this, that, don’t believe them. I verily tell you all such people must be greater sinners. Please don’t believe these things. Just now believe in yourself. Have full faith in yourself. You are seekers and you have every right to achieve your goal. So, don’t feel guilty. Again and again I tell you don’t feel guilty because this Kundalini won’t rise from here.

Why do I have a bad throat because in America people are extremely guilty about something, I don’t know what. I asked them why are you guilty? They said they say, we don’t know, we are guilty. Of what? We don’t know.

Seeker: [Unclear] I come from Macedonia (Yugoslavia) and I speak a different language. Some words like God means different. In America, God means something else.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. You see it’s true. I mean everybody speaks in a different manner. But you have face all of them, isn’t it? All kinds of things people say like, Australians will say I’m going to die. I said, what? Why are you going to die? No, I am going to die. To die? Today (accent). [Laughter]

So, I have been to Yugoslavia many a times also. So, you have to face it, you see. And I don’t know my English also is supposed to be very ancient one because we studied in a different way. But now, the American English is different and it’s quite, you know, you have to adjust your ears to that also.

It’s alright, doesn’t matter. After all, our heart knows love. This no need to have languages alright. Alright, so now let us. So first condition is not to feel guilty for anything. The second condition is even simpler that you have to forgive everyone without thinking about any individual but in general. Now, this is very difficult for so many. But whether you forgive or don’t forgive, no logically, I’m saying again, see.

Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. What do you do? Nothing. But by not forgiving, you play into wrong hands. The person who has tortured you, troubled you or has made you unhappy is happy. But you are the one who is torturing yourself by not forgiving. And if you do not forgive then this centre is like this, you will be surprised. This optic chiasma is like this and it cannot pass through.

Christ had to die and resurrect himself to open the centre. So, if you forgive, it will open like this. Just say I forgive everyone in general. Straight away. This is the most difficult thing for many people I just don’t know why. Why do they want to remember such horrible people? Always try to remember some good people. That will give you happiness.

We always think of the bad people I don’t know, like newspapers isn’t it? So now let’s think that we have forgiven everyone whatsoever. You’d feel much lighter in your head, just do that. The Whites must forgive the Blacks and the Blacks must forgive the Whites. Keep it like this. I mean I don’t know what sort of things there are or we can say that father must forgive the son, son must forgive the father, the mother must forgive the daughter like that. Any relationship. Husband wife specially because there is no romance after marriage I have seen in the west. But it’s the other way around in India.

So try to forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive. I’m just trying to make it lighter for you. Whole thing should be taken very lightly. All these waste of energy for nothing at all. You are so great. Why should you waste your energies? Alright, so forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive everyone.

These are two simple, very, very simple conditions and now be very confident all of you that you all are going to get your self-realisation today. The first thing that will happen to you will be that you will become thoughtlessly aware, then a cool breeze will start coming out of your, maybe hot breeze also because so much heat you know I was perspiring with that.

So, a cool breeze will start coming maybe hot breeze doesn’t matter, if you have not forgiven, if your liver is bad then a little hot breeze doesn’t matter. And also you’ll feel on your hand this all-pervading power, the Divine power as cool breeze. Shankaracharya has described it as “Saleelam saleelam”, soothing, coolness, but it’s actually like waves.

First time you’ll feel that, all right. So he’ll show you now, first you just see how you are going to raise your own Kundalini, just see with your open eyes and then we have to close our eyes. You have to put both your feet apart from each other because these are two powers.

The left side is the power of desire, ordinary desire, so you have to put it on your lap towards me like this, symbolizing that you want to have, you have a desire to have your self-realisation. And the right hand we are going to use because it is the power of action. We’ll be using it on only on our left hand side and it’s very, very simple. You will understand everything very clearly.


So now, before closing the eyes you better have an understanding about how to touch your centres on the left hand side. So put your left hand towards me on your lap and the right hand on your heart. Sit comfortably, not too much bending behind or further or if you have anything tight on your neck, very tight, or on your waist, very tight making you uncomfortable, you can loose it but if you’re comfortable it’s all right.

Now put your right hand on your heart, left hand towards me. Now this is the centre where resides the spirit, but the seat of the spirit is at the fontanel bone area on top of your head. Now, you take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of your mastery, the Swadishthana as I told you. Then take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge which manifests on your central nervous system by which you work out all the divine powers.

Again you go back in to the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard, then on your heart, then in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. Push back your hand as far as possible and put your head to the right. This is the centre you catch when, I have told you, you feel guilty. Now take your right hand on to your forehead and put down your head on it as far as possible. This is the centre for forgiving others.

Now take back your hand on the back side of your head. Push back your head. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you have to ask for the forgiveness from the divine power for your own satisfaction. Now stretch your palm fully. Put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area. Now put down your head as far as possible and push back your fingers as far as possible to have a good pressure on your scalp. And now move your scalp with your hand seven times clockwise slowly, very slowly.

Push back your fingers, push back your fingers that’s all you have to do. It’s very simple now, absolutely simple.
Now, you close your eyes, you can take out your spectacles, it might help your eyesight. Again, both the feet apart from each other. Those who are sitting on the ground are alright. You sit, that’s the best, this is the best way.

Put the left hand toward me, and the right hand on your heart. And now please close your eyes. Don’t worry about your thinking, don’t put your attention to a particular spot or anything, automatically it will happen. Just relax, now here you ask me a very fundamental question. You can call me “Mother” or you can call me “Shri Mataji”.
You can call me “Shri Mataji”. Here you say, in your heart, “Mother, am I the Sprit?”, “Mother, am I the Sprit?” Ask this question three times. If you are the Sprit, in the light of the Sprit you become your own guide, you become your own Guru, your master.

So now you please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, correct, upper portion, upper portion where the waist line is. Here you have to say, again you have to ask me the question three times, “Mother, am I my own Master?”, ask this question three times.

I have told you that I respect your freedom and nothing can be forced on you, so I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So please, say six times, because this centre has got six petals. “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. As soon as you start asking for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts moving upward. So we have to open our upper centres with our full confidence, full self-confidence.

So now raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. And here, you have to say ten times, with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own Master”.

I have already told you that, you are the pure Sprit. You are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, but you are the pure sprit. So, now raise your right hand onto your heart, and here, please say twelve times with full confidence, “Mother, I am the pure Sprit”, twelve times.

This all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love and compassion and bliss. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you may commit, they can be completely dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So please forgive yourself completely, forget your past.

Raise your hand onto your centre which is placed between the left shoulder and your neck. Here you have to say again with full confidence sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. Please say it sixteen times with full confidence.

“Mother, I am not guilty at all”. Please say that, this centre has to open. I am sorry, you have to allow this centre to open now. You cannot miss your realisation for this kind of a mythical thinking that you are guilty. So please, whatever I might have said in my lecture, you might have been feeling guilty about it, but please forget my lecture also, just know that you are not guilty at all.

In the eyes of Divine, you are not guilty. So you don’t judge yourself. Your Kundalini will judge you better. Please believe me, you are not guilty.

Now, raise you right hand onto your forehead and bend your whole head slowly on your hand, resting on your hand please. Now here, you have to say again with full confidence, is very important to be said, “Mother, I forgive everyone, in general“. Please say that, it is very important. Say it now from your heart, not how many times, but you have to say it from your heart.

Now please take back your hand, back side of your head, push back your head. Here, you have to say, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your own satisfaction, “O divine Power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me”. You don’t have to count what mistakes you have committed, it’s not confession. It is just for your satisfaction you have to say that.

Now please stretch your hand, stretch your palm fully. Put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now press back your fingers. Push them back fully, put down your head as far as possible. Here again, I respect your freedom and in your glory of freedom you have to say, you have to ask for your self-realisation. I cannot force on you.  So please press it hard. Move your scalp seven times clockwise. While saying seven times, “Mother, please give me self-realisation”. Please say it seven times, “Mother, please give me self-realisation”. Please bend your head, please. Please bend your head, please. Push back your fingers, push back. It is very important, push back your fingers. There is a good pressure, push back, put down your head, work it out. It will work, I am sure. Seven times.

Now, please take down your hands, and open your eyes slowly, very slowly open your eyes. Now put both the hands towards me like this. Now can you watch me without thinking? Just put, you can wear your glasses, can you watch me without thinking? Like this, not like, this way. Now put the right hand towards me and put down your head, and see for yourself, you have to certify with your left hand, put your hand on top of the fontanel bone area. I’m not saying, just touching the head but above the head and hold it. Move it upward, downward and see all around if there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your head. Bend you head please, bend your head, see if there is a cool breeze coming out.

Some people get it much higher, some get it closer, doesn’t matter. Just see if it is a hot breeze also doesn’t matter. But then if it is hot that means you have not forgiven, so can forgive now. Now put the left hand toward me like this, again put down your head and see for yourself with the right hand if there is a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area.

Don’t touch your head please, keep it away, about two, three inches away. Some people get it much higher, so can see, move your hand properly. Now please put your right hand towards me, again, push down, push, with the left hand see, put down your head. Please with your left hand now you see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head.

Now, raise your both the hands towards the sky like this. Push back your head and ask any one of these questions three times, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, “Mother, is this the divine power of love?”, “Mother, is this the Param-Chaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times. Push back your head, look upward and ask this question three times, any one of them.

Now please put down, just rest now, you are thoughtless. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze in their hands or out of their heads, please raise both your hands. Ah! May God bless you.

May God bless you.