Destruction or emancipation

Queens Theatre, New York City (United States)

1991-04-27 Public Program New York Source NITL HD, 95'
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Public Program Talk – Truth, Consequences, False Gurus, Puree Desire, Attention, 04-27-1991

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to understand that truth is where it is. We cannot organize it. We cannot conceptualize it. Unfortunately, at human awareness, we cannot know it. Now whatever I’m going to tell you here, you have to have a scientific attitude towards it. There should be no blind faith. That’s not going to help. Nor complete denial, but you should have an open eye to find out what is the truth about yourself and about this universe.
The greatest truth about us, the human beings, ourselves, is that we are not this body, this mind, this ego, these conditionings, but we are the pure Spirit. And we have to become the pure Spirit. The second truth is that the whole universe is organized, is coordinated, nourished, above all loved by God Almighty, who exists as this Power, which we can say is the all-pervading Power of divine love. This Power is the absolute truth. Is eternal.
And out of this universe emerges — we have become human beings from the amoeba stage only through the working of this great divine Power. So within us lies reflected on our heart, is the Spirit, is God Almighty. And also reflected within us, this Primordial Mother, God’s love, his desire, as Kundalini, which you see here in the triangular bone, what we call as the Holy Ghost. This power residing in us was known to Greeks. That’s why they call this bone as sacrum, meaning sacred. The knowledge of Kundalini has been known in every scripture, specially in the Indian scriptures it is very well-defined and talked about it in all the Upanishadas, especially Sandilya, Kundika and all those Upanishadas — it’s very clearly given and described in a very clear-cut manner. But it is all in Sanskrit language. So the people who took to this Brahma Vidya as they call it, the knowledge of the all-pervading power, they had a tradition of having one master and one disciple. And one master used to give Realization to only one person. Till the twelfth century, you’ll be surprised that this tradition was carried on by the [Unclear] they are called as. But then a great saint, called Gyaneshwara [or Dnyaneshwara?], he asked the permission of his master that this knowledge should be at least told in some of the vernacular languages to the people, permit me that much. And then his book Gyaneshwari [or Dnyaneshwari?], he wrote the sixth chapter about Kundalini, that this is the power that gives us the Self Realization. Of course he wrote another beautiful book called Amrutanubhava where he has described what happens after Self Realization. After that, then later on, so many great saints like Guru Nanaka, Kabira, Tukaram, Ram Das, Narsi Bhagat — so many people have written about Kundalini. Even in the Bible it is written that I will appear before you like tongues of flames and these centers look like beautiful tongues of flames. Also the tree of life, which is described in the Bible as well as by Shri Krishna. The modern Sahaja Yoga is just the expansion of this one person to one person knowledge to the multitudes, to the people. Any discovery if it does not go to the people it gets lost. And that is the reason people could never understand saints, they could never understand incarnations, prophets. That is the reason they were tortured and troubled and neglected by human beings. But they have talked about it. In every religion they have said that you are to be born again as also in the Indian scriptures it is said. That you have to know yourself. Also that you are to be born again. A person who does not know Brahma is not a Brahmin. Brahma is this all-pervading power. Words may be different but the meaning is the same.
Now we are standing at the precipice of a kind of a destruction or emancipation. Either we accept the truth or we face the consequence of it. Ascent is so important because it gives a complete transformation of your being. If you look at the problems of our world, you will be surprised to find that is due to human beings. The mistakes we have committed, the extremes we went to — without wisdom, without guidance. We have created all these problems, and these problems can be only solved if human beings can ascend to their reality which is very beautiful, is very glorious, because there is divinity within you. In your depth there is divinity and your Spirit is the collective being. Is the one that renders a new, a new awareness called as collective consciousness about which Jung has talked. So when you get your Realization the first thing that will happen to you is that for the first time you will feel this all-pervading power. You will feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanelle bone area which is the soft bone in your childhood. This is the actualization of baptism as we say. In Sanskrit it is called as Brahmarandhra [Unclear]. When this happening takes place, this actualization takes place, then only you can become the reality which resides within you. There is no other way out. This is the real yoga, is the union with the Divine. All other talks and all other methods are artificial. Because it’s an evolutionary process which is a living process of the living energy which works it out. It’s nothing artificial. Of course, you can understand that if you want to sow a seed in the Mother Earth it sprouts by itself, sahaj, spontaneously, because built in within, a seed is the [Unclear] which works it out and built in within the Mother Earth is the property which spouts the seed spontaneously. You can’t pay to your Mother Earth. We cannot purchase it. In the same way you cannot pay, please try to understand, for your Self Realization or for anything that has something to do for your ascent. You cannot pay. This is I want to tell you again and again, because I have been coming to America for the last — I don’t know how many — years. First time I came I think in ’73. But please take out of your mind this thing that you can pay for it. Or you can purchase your guru, please. I have failed there to convince people in America especially which I must tell you very frankly is extremely disappointing. Even from Boston when I was there, they asked me how many Rolls Royces I had. And I said “I have no Rolls Royces.”
They said, “we are not interested; this is no business.” You cannot make business out of God. You cannot merchandise it. And do not, please, try to put your ideas about the reality. But you just see for yourself what it is. You know for yourself what it is. Just do not believe into something that people are saying. Keep yourself open. And once this happens to you, you will know how powerful this spiritual experience is, because when the Spirit comes your attention on your central nervous system, on your fingertips, you can feel your subtle centers. These centers that you see here are created during our different steps of our evolution, like the milestones. When this divine power you start feeling on your fingertips, you can feel your own centers, you can feel yourself the own centers, and you can feel the centers of other people. If you know how to correct these centers you can be all right, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and you can helps — help others to be all right. It’s so simple. But we do not want to eat the food this way. We want to go around. It has to be simple because it is so vital, for our breathing is so vital. We don’t have to stand on our heads for our breathing or go to some university or for lectures. It just happens. But first of all, we have to have the understanding that so far we have not known the absolute truth. First thing. When we know the absolute truth, there cannot be a quarrel or difference of opinion. Absolute truth is like this: I am sitting before you, all of you know that. You can see clearly. I am sitting before you and I am talking to you. You can see these flowers. Everybody sees that. In the same way, when you see that there are ten children, realized souls, and you ask them to tie their eyes, put somebody before them and ask them, “What do you think about this gentleman?”
They’ll raise the same finger, say, “This one.”
You ask that fellow, “Something wrong with your throat?”
“Yes but how do you know?”
Or this finger. You ask the gentleman, “Something wrong with your stomach?”
“Yes, of course, how do you know?” So everyone thinks the same way.
Now if you really want to solve the problems of our lives, our country’s life, of the whole world, then please understand how important you are, because you are born at this time of transformation. And you are going to be the vehicle. You are going to be responsible for the transformation of this world. And if you are going to identify something that is false, nobody can help you, because God has given you freedom. You can go to heaven or go to hell. There’s no question. But if you can see for yourself that we have not reached that state where we can know the absolute truth and absolute knowledge, we have to achieve that state within ourself collectively so that we can transform ourselves and the whole world. For example, I went to Russia. I don’t know how. Where there’s no talk of God, there’s no talk of religion, nothing of the kind. People are so sensitive to spirituality, so sensitive. They would not accept any one of your gurus who have been thriving in this country, not, they were thrown out, absolutely. So sensitive to spirituality. There are so many seekers also in America I tell you. But so many are lost because of some sort of a conditioning they had. The money orientation and the big publicity and big spending on publicity and brainwashing. Complete brainwashing. One becomes brainless with this brainwashing. Thank God Russians haven’t got that with them. And I was surprised at their spirituality when they had never heard of God, they had never heard about any religion, about anybody, about any saint or anyone. That they could see the point immediately. But they are very scientific by their temperament. Every third fourth person is a doctor of physics, chemistry, this, that. It’s not the education but the humility that we have not reached anywhere. We have to get to it, the humility. We haven’t achieved what we have to achieve. And there I was so surprised when I reached there. Twenty-five gentlemen Sahaja Yogis rushed in. Mother has gone, so they are there. Surprised to see them. So overjoyed, also overwhelmed, and my tears started flowing my eyes. I said, “How are you here?”
They said, “Mother don’t you think our fore-fathers are responsible for something which we have to rectify.” They worked very hard. They have become so gentle now. So gentle. They looked after them. And a big huge multitude of Russians are now doing Sahaja Yoga. One day it would be one of the greatest countries of the world, take it from me. Of course there are thirty percent of the people are horrible, they are asking for American jeans and things like that. There are people like that. Thirty, thirty-five percent people are there. But such an awareness has come because of no conditioning, no brainwashing. They had no time. They had no chance. So please try to understand that we have be ourselves [Unclear] ourselves, equipped, to know the truth. And not be conditioned or brainwashed by anyone whatsoever. We ourselves are going to feel our own beauty and our own divinity within ourselves. So first this pure desire should be there, that we should get our Realization.
The second thing that happens when you get your Self Realization that your attention itself gets a new awareness, as I told you, called as the collective consciousness. Now this is what is gyana. To know on your central nervous system is the gyana. Everything that you have got out of your evolution has come to you through your central nervous system. You can feel it on your central nervous system. For example you take a dog, and he has to go through some sort of a dirty place, it will go. A horse can go. But not a human being, because we have a higher awareness than that of an animal. And we can feel the dirt and filth of that. So whatever is known on your central nervous system is the gyana. Is the bodh. Buddha is where it comes from. Buddha. Is also the Buddha comes from the same. Also, [Unclear] comes from the word [Unclear] meaning the same thing. Gyan doesn’t mean your mental acrobats, not your reading, it is beyond. Where your central nervous system itself is manifesting the knowledge. Also, the earlier Christians were called as gnostics. Thomas went on his way to India has written [Unclear treatise/treaties] which were kept in Egypt were found out about forty-eight years back. Some of you must have read it also. Which is describing nothing but Sahaja Yoga. So gnostic, [Unclear] which also comes from the same as [Unclear], in India we use the word [Unclear] as [Unclear] also in Marathi language it is used as [Unclear]. So gnostic also comes from the same word [Unclear] meaning the knowledge, to know on your central nervous system. As you can see through your central nervous system, clearly, in the same way, you can feel this all-pervading power. You can feel on your central nervous system, your centers and the centers of others. And in the Koran it is clearly written by Mohammed [Unclear Sahib] that at the time of [Unclear], at the time of resurrection, your hands will speak, and your hands will give witness against you in the sense they will tell you what’s wrong with you. Very clearly I must say. And the other day I was so happy in America I met lots of Iranians. There were fifty thousand there in Los Angeles. I’m going to approach them. And they all said that we are waiting for that [Unclear]. I said “The [Unclear] is here.” The Sufis have talked about it.
But the way people are, making a business out of it. In America I must tell you, don’t get used to this kind of brainwashing. Please. You are all individuals and created as the epitome of evolution. You are at the height of it. The other day I saw a television show by [Unclear]. I was shocked. The way this gentleman had taken out a hundred dollar note, and he was saying he [Unclear] hundred dollar and it relinquished to one thousand dollar. Forty-five minutes he was speaking, well how was he allowed to speak such a thing? I mean in India also, we may be poor, but we have this much wisdom. And he was using Bible. He was using Christ. To say such things. That’s why I request you to remember that you cannot purchase God. You cannot purchase [Unclear]. You cannot pay for it. Alright, you can pay for this hall all right. You can pay for the aeroplane. But you cannot pay for your ascent. It’s a natural process which is evolutionary. And you all have this right as human beings to get it. All of you can get that state very easily, but try to be easy about it.
Another thing that happens to you, that your attention when enlightened by this Spirit, becomes effective. First of all, it cleanses your being. Your innocence, which is never lost — also a wrong idea that innocence can be lost — it cannot be lost. It’s too pure to be lost. Only thing like the sun can be covered with clouds. It can be clouded. But your innocence comes back. What Christ has said — “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes” — I would like to know how many Christians have that kind of adulterous, non-adulterous eyes. Or any other people. Any religion they follow they do commit, can commit, the same kind of sins. There’s no difference at all between human beings, just they brand themselves as Christians, Hindus, Muslims, that’s all. But there’s nothing great about it. When you get your Realization, when you jump into that state, then only, the religion is innately enlightened within you. Where you see the blue, the green line, green round thing, that the part where all the religions are within you enlightened which we call as Guru tattwa. Is the principle of mastery. And these are ten — like the ten commandments — and are enlightened within you which means innately you become righteous. Innately. Not out of fear. Not out of any thinking, but you become that way. You do not commit sins. You do not do wrong. You become a saint.
Another thing which is very important is that you become peaceful within yourself. Completely peaceful. Supposing you are moving in a wheel. The wheel is moving and you are in the periphery of the wheel. You are lost with the movement of the wheel. But if you sit to the axis, the axis is at peace. So you jump at the axis. So all this tension and stress in the modern world — all this disappears. And you become really a peaceful personality. Absolutely a peaceful personality. I’ve seen people who have been given Peace Nobel prizes or, say, peace foundations. Luckily I’ve met most of them. And I tell you they’re so hot, so heated up. No peace in their hearts. If you have to reach them better take a [Unclear] you know, maybe any time they might hit you. If there’s no peace within your heart, how can you create a peace foundation — out of what? This peace has to be achieved which is already within you. It’s within you. It’s nothing mild. It’s your own. All this is your own, within yourself. Only thing, you are not aware of it, that’s all. Then you become like a witness and you start seeing everything like a drama. Absolutely like a drama. Supposing you are watching a film. Then you get identified with the film. You get worried. “Oh God, what’s going to happen to this and that,” as if the thing is happening to you. You weep and cry, sometimes get angry. But once it is over you know it’s a drama. In the same way this life that you see around is just a drama going on. And if you know how to manage, you can manage yourself and the rest of that. It’s not difficult. Because the greatest thing that binds you together is this divine love, which is pure love. It doesn’t have any expectations. It doesn’t have any material attachments. It’s just pure love that you want to give to others and to enjoy others. We have our seminars in India on a seashore very far away from the maddening crowd, where we sometimes have 5,000 people. I have never seen anyone of them quarreling, fighting, shouting, never. But such love, such waves of love, and waves of beautiful feelings you can see. Friendship.
It is already a race that has come. We have people there from 55 nations. And it’s necessary that we have to have a certain number of such people to trigger a universal transformation. But one must understand how important you are. Some people do not think that they can even get Self Realization. I don’t know why they are so [Unclear]. They are so guilty about it. Why not? I verily say to you: All of you can get your Self Realization. You have to have just faith in yourself. It will all work out. And ultimately, the greatest thing about the Spirit is that it’s the source of joy. Your own Spirit is the source of joy. And joy doesn’t have duality of happiness and unhappiness. These things come out of the pampering of ego or conditionings. But joy has no duality. It’s a singular thing. And cannot be described but be only experienced. And that is the experience you have to have.
But in Sahaja Yoga it’s not that you just have some sort of a guru or something like that. You have to become your own guru. It’s the becoming that is important. It’s not just that you get your Realization—finished. No — nothing. You have to grown into a tree. It does cure you. Automatically. We don’t have to give any medicine or anything. This Kundalini can do the job. We have cured — of course, not I — but people have been cured with Sahaja Yoga of horrible diseases like blood cancer and all that, just like that. So many diseases have been cured that there are two doctors in India who have got their M.D.s with the medical parameters on different subjects. There are seven doctors in London who are doing their research work. And maybe also we will start now in Italy. So this Kundalini itself cleanses you. For example, when there is a left and a right side which we are using — left and right sympathetic — for our emergencies. We go on exhausting our centers. Now, these are the centers formed by left and right side like this. And when we go on exhausting them, some sudden triggering on the left side breaks it. So these sides lose their connection with the center and then they are on their own, arbitrary. And that’s how they become malignant. Psycho-somatic diseases are called, caused, also by the same thing — psycho and somatic. But you know the whole modus operandi. Complete. It’s not like this — go on chanting something, then somebody comes and puts something on your head and now …. It’s possession. You have to know the complete modus operandi. How it works. Not only that but you have to have the full knowledge as — that you can work it out. You can help others. You can cure others. You can give Realization because you are empowered. From your hands the vibrations flow of cool breeze if you raise your hand like this. The Kundalini rises. And then you can feel the cool breeze on them. All the saints have said this. Which saint has not said I have not known. The latest that we can talk of — Guru Nanak [Unclear]. All of them have said that get your Realization — you know yourself. Zen is the same. Tao is the same. There’s no religion, real religion, which has not talked of your second birth. But it’s not some sort of a certificate that I am born again. How can you have a certificate like that? You see if you are a governor, you are a governor. You have rights, you have powers, as a governor. But if put a thing on your head as “I am a governor,” you’ll be arrested tomorrow. You are an imposter. So you have to be really born again. You have to feel it within yourself. And please know that it’s all your own, it’s within you. Now do not condemn yourself for anything. Of course there are people who go on saying “You are sinners,” this, that, I mean, it’s all nonsense. Nobody has business to do all that. Nobody has the right to do that. If a saintly person has any right, it is to give you your Self Realization. To get you in contact with the all-pervading power first and then to enable you with such a personality that you are absolutely free. We are not free people. We think we are free. We are not. Because any habit can take over. You’ll be amazed that people have given up drugs overnight with Realization. I’ve never told anything. I never say anything. “Don’t do that.” I’ve never said it. No question. I said, “Let them get their Realization.” For example you are holding on to a snake. And I tell you there’s a snake in your hand. It’s all darkness. You can’t see. You may say “No, it’s not a snake.” Most of them do say…