Evening Program Guru Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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1991-07-27 Evening Program before Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy:

Shri Mataji: So, Who will translate me?…
I must say that it was a miracle that I reached this place. Just we found out about the other castle that it was not at all good for us because it was not having good vibrations.
And we have to shift from there in one day…I requested the mayor of this place and you will be amazed that in one day he sold this house to me and arranged it… And such a miracle it was – the place where you are right now is like Kailasha like Himalaya so pure and so fresh and the people are so beautiful …In the whole of Europe, I have not met …They are extremely hospitable very gentle very kind and the river here is so beautiful and so fresh…So there is no need for you to go to the Himalayas any more. We have to know that Sahaja yoga is something that you start feeling your divinity within yourself. And after your second birth, after your realization, the whole thing starts growing into you automatically, spontaneously. And this tree of love grows and the fragrance of this is love. Pure Love! And that is what our basis …We have only used the power of hatred, so far …Now you have to use this power of love. I know it was all arranged in such a short time, that you might not feel so comfort of the body because you live very comfortably in your own houses. But we have to see to the comfort of the spirit Which is the joy-giving source. That’s why I was told that nobody wanted to go back to that castle. They were all enjoying it here because you are enjoying your own spirit. This shows that we are realizing the real enjoyment of anything is in this pure joy. I hope you will all enjoy today’s music concert and all the entertainment that is being arranged and tomorrow we will have our pujas and meditation But today let us all enjoy …Now, what about [unclear 09:47 /name of some Sahaja yogi].Is he there? Has he …Come along …
May God bless you!

So just now they want to have the Quawali composed by Mossi
Let him speak for one minute …Just come along!
Sahaja Yogi:
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is very difficult for me to speak so big number of people because here in Cabella we are not accustomed to so many people. 🙂
You all have bring here to Cabella something which was not expected, something completely new
In all the villagers are very happy with[ unclear 13:19 ] mainly how you are showing us how …(then some Sahaja yogi is addressing to Shri Mataji)

Shri Mataji: Thank You! Thank you!

Come along! Sit down! Just keep this out a little bit. Backward. Put it back.
One minute
Children’s can dance there …You see …They can dance tomorrow because she is saying that all the girls have slept.
You want to dance today or we will do it tomorrow, all of you. Today …(children says today)
Tomorrow you will get the complete stage! Just come here …come there
You can dance in that area?

[Performance starts ]