You have to actualise the experience of spirituality

Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam (Holland)

1991-08-01 You have to actualise the experience of spirituality, Amsterdam, Holland, 98'
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Public Program Day 1, First Evening, The Koningszaal, Artis, Amsterdam, 1st August 1991

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset I have to say that truth is where it is. It is what it is. We cannot change it, transform it or conceptualise it. Also, unfortunately, we cannot know it at the level of this human awareness. We have to become that subtler being which we call the Spirit. Otherwise it is not possible to feel the truth. The truth is that you are not this body, not this mind, nor this ego nor these conditionings, but you are pure Spirit.

The second truth is that there is a subtle power of divine love that does all the living work. We have never felt it. Holland is a country of flowers but we have never thought how these small seeds have produced such beautiful flowers, spontaneously. The seeds had the potential to sprout and the Mother Earth had the potential to make them sprout. But we take it for granted.

Look at ourselves. Look at the eyes that we have. They are such beautiful micro-cameras. But we do not know how we have achieved this stage of human awareness. From the amoeba stage to this stage we have come, but we do not try to find out how. In the Zen system of Buddhism it is called Tao, which means how. But as in every system they have lost their way to reality because of ignorance.

When we find that science cannot give the answer to absolute questions we take to other things to find out the truth. Say for religion – we take to some religion, but we find that anyone from any religion can commit any crime; there is no binding force. They may claim that they are the chosen ones, but they don’t behave that way. So there is something wrong. We have missed the point. In every religion, at the beginning of it, it is said that you have to find your Self, “Know thy self!” One cannot achieve this self knowledge by reading books. It cannot be reality. By seeing a film about Holland I do not come to Holland. So you have to actualise the experience of spirituality.

Now whatever I am telling you today, you have to listen to it with the open mind of a scientist. Treat it like a hypothesis, and if it is proved you have to accept it as honest people; because this is for the benevolence of human beings. These are the resurrection times, no doubt. These are the last judgements and we are going to judge by this force of Kundalini. We are going to judge ourselves. But unless and until we have our Self, how can we judge ourselves? If I ask you to pay attention to your Self you will not be able to do it. You can pay attention only outside. So something has to happen within you which should attract your attention inside.

As you have already been told, there is a system within us – a subtle system – that works out this last breakthrough of our evolution – because you are at the epitome of evolution – but there is a little breakthrough needed to achieve that state of spirituality. All of you have got that divinity within yourselves. It is not manifesting because you are not yet connected to the mains. Like this instrument is made very beautifully but if it is not connected to the mains it won’t work. As a seed has to grow out its roots to suck in the power of the Mother Earth to grow, in the same way we have to be connected to that all-pervading power which does all this living work.

It is not easy in this short time to tell you all about this subtle system within us but one can understand what self knowledge is, what the Spirit is. When this power pierces through your fontanel bone area and connects you to that subtle power then you can feel a cool breeze, the vibrations of the cool breeze around you. So for the first time you start feeling this energy around you. Also you can feel, through your fontanel bone area, a cool breeze coming out of your head.

This is the actualisation of your baptism, the actualisation. It is not that I put some water on your head and say, “Now you are baptised.” No. It is a question of becoming; becoming the Spirit. And when this reality starts manifesting within you, you are amazed at your own glorious and beautiful life. This is a living process and it cannot be done by some sort of acrobatics, nor through mental acrobatics, because this connection has to take place; this yoga has to take place.

And how can you pay for it? How much do we pay to the Mother Earth for producing these beautiful flowers? She doesn’t even understand money or banking or anything. So you can’t pay for it and you cannot put in effort for it. Sahaja means – “saha” means with, “ja” means born with you, all of you. It is the right for all of you to be united, to be in yoga, with that divine power.

When you are enlightened by the light of the Spirit then you start feeling the centres of your own being on your fingertips. For example, if somebody is developing cancer or becoming mad he does not know. He is not aware of what is happening inside. Nor does he know if there is a friend who is suffering from some malady. But after self realisation your fingers become knowledgeable. They can feel the centres of others also. So you jump into a new dimension of your awareness which we call collective consciousness. Jung has talked about it.

In the scientific field, of course, it is a subject which is now being taken over by many medical practitioners. There are three doctors in India who have got their M.D. in Sahaja Yoga, in curing incurable diseases. Also there are seven doctors in London who are now recording all the maladies which have been cured by Sahaja Yoga. In Russia there are forty doctors who are practising Sahaja Yoga.

There is one good thing that has happened to the Russians. They are very well educated people. There are thirty to forty people who are not educated and who are doing ordinary work, and they ask for, say, American jeans or something – but the rest of them are not only very well educated but also very introspective. They are extremely introspective. And the character I have seen of the Russians, since long, has been very introspective. If you read Tolstoy or anyone you will find that they are very introspective. That may be the reason that in Russia it is spreading very fast. They are surprisingly sensitive to spirituality.

There is a place called Tagliati which was established by an Italian who revolted against Mussolini or something, and went down and settled in Tagliati. And there are now forty thousand Sahaja Yogis. And on my birthday they took a holiday, it’s very surprising, there was a general holiday. Very surprising! So there’s a kind of thing which is built into them that they can be controlled without any state control; because if the Self comes up it is all enlightenment, because the spirit is the source of absolute truth.

But in the West the ideas that we have about our freedom, that we cannot discriminate; and that is how we have fallen into the trap of evil. And many people don’t even believe that there is evil. But only after realisation you will understand that your hands will speak. Mohammed Sahib has said in his Koran that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, and they will give witness against you. That is exactly what happens, and you start understanding what is right and what is wrong. Freedom doesn’t mean abandonment.

The first time I went to America, in 1973, I told them that they would get into AIDS, clearly – it’s on the tape, it’s on the television – and they got very angry with me, because they thought that I was curbing the freedom which Abraham Lincoln had pictured for them. Abraham Lincoln himself was a realised soul and his idea of freedom was not abandonment by any chance.

Then about six or seven years back I told them that if you go on too much on the right side, and go on becoming futuristic, you will develop a disease which will make you like a reptile. Your conscious mind won’t work. And now they are getting into a new disease, called ‘Yuppies Disease’, where a person really becomes like a reptile, like a big caught fish. You have to put them on your shoulder and carry them. They can’t walk.

So all intelligent people should try to see why we are in trouble, why we are having ecological problems, why our children are becoming so adamant, arrogant and wasteful. This dry industrialisation has really made us like robots. We have lost the source of joy that is our Spirit. We run after pleasures which have repercussions on us, but they are never joy giving. Moreover we are the slaves of entrepreneurs, their ideas; we are the slaves of the media; also we are the slaves of so many weaknesses that we have. Even if we want very much to get out of it, we cannot because that strength is not there. So we are automatically moving the way the atmosphere is, the way fashions are, the way we are led into. And we are living in a relative world. We do not know the absolute.

But within us lies the Spirit, it is all there waiting for us and then you know the absolute. Like you have seen these Sahaja Yogis, they are very joyous people because the Spirit is the source of joy. On your fingertips you can feel the truth. This is actually what was called ‘bhod’, or in the Vedas the ‘vida’; that is to know the truth on your central nervous system. Whatever we know on our central nervous system is absolute. Supposing I touch this flame, I will feel the heat; I mean everybody will feel the same. Also the early Christians were called Gnostics; “gna” means the same. In Sanskrit “gna” means to know, on your central nervous system.

That is why, because we live in the relative world, we are fighting. Everyone thinks that he knows the truth and he is absolutely correct. But there cannot be a hundred truths. It has to be one. So it’s time for all of us to get to that state of Spirit and feel that you are part and parcel of the whole. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. But again, it is a question of becoming. It is not some sort of a brand. And all of you are quite capable of becoming that.

You don’t have to suffer, you don’t have to feel guilty, nothing of the kind. There’s no need to suffer. Christ has already suffered for us. Are we going to suffer more than him? And you are not to feel guilty about anything either. These are all wrong ideas. After all you are a human being. You can commit mistakes; not God. But this all-pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. It forgives everything. It sucks in all your karmas, everything. So the only thing that is needed is an honest desire, a pure desire to become the Spirit.

I would like you people to ask me a few questions – a few again I say – before we start our meditation for our realisation. That will hardly take fifteen minutes. But it cannot be forced on you. I respect your freedom, and the divine respects your freedom. But when you ask me questions please remember that I have not come here to take anything from you, but whatever you have I want to just give you the key to that. But those who do not want their self realisation should really leave the hall.

Now can we have the questions?

Question: Sri Mataji you say that we can feel the truth on our fingertips. What kind of truth can we feel?

I told you there are two truths; that you are the Spirit, and that there is an all-pervading power which does all the living work. And through this new awakening you can discriminate between what is falsehood and what is truth about anything. But when you grow more within yourself you don’t have to use your fingertips, you just know it. We can say you are like a divine computer which is absolutely perfect and when your connection is established properly you know the truth.

Question: You have described what the Spirit is and about becoming and I have not clearly understood it.

You see it is a subtle subject no doubt. And it is the ocean of knowledge. Now for example there are so many lights in this room and when you want to put on the light, I just have to tell you to put that switch on and everything comes on, because it is built in. It is all built in. So the best thing is to put on the light first. If I go on telling you about the invention of electricity, how it came to Amsterdam, how this was built, it will be all boring and maybe you may not understand.

So the best thing is to first get your enlightenment, and then, I think, I must have spoken about the Spirit… there must be at least ten or fifteen tapes, must be there, on the Spirit. It’s a very subtle subject. As you have to have a microscope to see the things in a cell, you have to become the Spirit to know fully well about the spiritual science.

Question: I have a very strong longing for Self Realisation but I also have a partner. Does the desire to be with this man go against the Self Realisation?

(Sri Mataji laughing) You see everything works out, don’t you worry. (People in the audience ask for the question to be translated.) It’s more personal she is talking. It’s personal. See how these flowers are arranged on a bush or on the trees, just see – it’s a tremendous force.

Question: Is there a difference between knowing the truth and being the truth?

Yes, it’s like if you see King Kong in a film you see it’s a film, but if King Kong arrives here everyone will run away!


Alright, I think now we should have our self realisation.

Of course, there are a few conditions. First of all, I cannot force self realisation on you, as you cannot force the seed to get sprouted. I respect your freedom.

Now the second thing, you all should know that you all are capable of getting self realisation. So you must have all self confidence within yourself.

Thirdly, you are not to feel guilty about anything. As I told you, whatever is your past you had better forget; it doesn’t exist at this time. We have to be in the present so forget your past as far as guilt is concerned. Also it’s a western mind which always has this guilt. Indians don’t have it. I don’t think any Indian feels guilty. (Laughing) Maybe the psychiatrists have put this idea into your heads, or maybe the church. I don’t know who. So it’s no use feeling guilty. We must face our mistakes and clear them out.

The fourth condition is that you have to forgive everyone in general. It is even more difficult. But logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything; but if you don’t forgive then you torture yourself at the hands of wrong people. While those who have harmed you are enjoying themselves, and you are torturing yourself in their place. So this is all mental torture for nothing at all. So you forgive them. Do not think about them. They are not worth being remembered. Just in general say I forgive every one of them. Finished! You will just feel so much lighter I tell you.

I think these are the only conditions. It means, in short, that you must have respect for yourself because you are a human being. We are glorious. We only have to discover our glory and divinity.

Self Realisation.

Most of you have got it. I bow to all of you. Now you are becoming saints.

May God bless you all.

Tomorrow again I’ll be here, and some Indian musicians are coming to sing to you. And I’ll meet all of you tomorrow. Also call your friends and tell them to come along. Thank you very much.