Talk to Dutch Sahaja Yogis, Afternoon

Zaandam Ashram, Zaandam (Holland)


Shri Mataji Speaks to the Dutch Yogis, Zaandam, 2nd August 1991.

Everyone was allowed to greet Shri Mataji in person. Mother received lots of flowers, the Dutch translation of the Ascent and a table-cloth, embroidered by the Dutch ladies. She showed the children how to make paper airplanes.

So I have to congratulate you all for coming to Sahaj Yoga in Holland. It’s very important. (Waiting for some people who still have to arrive) So it’s nice to see really so many people in Holland, really. I’m very happy because I was thinking we should go to Sweden, to Norway, and I always said let it be settled first in Holland. In the beginning it was so difficult but now gradually it’s settling down, and I think from yesterday’s group we might get lots of people.

You see the main problem of Dutch people is this, that suddenly they got this idea into their heads that nothing is evil and nothing is wrong. Everything is alright. And that’s how it all started working here in a wrong way. And we came here much later than that, so already this idea was prevalent that nothing is wrong, everything is good. And that’s how they went to all kinds of people and drugs and, I mean, everything. Because once you start thinking that nothing is bad then you do everything; and this came out of their stupid ego that they thought of abandoning everything.

But maybe it is a reaction to the austerity of the church, maybe. Maybe. They said, “In any case we are sinners, so why not sin?” (Laughing) In any way we are branded permanently as sinners. And there is no limit to that also that you are a sinner. Up to a point everybody’s a sinner. So it’s alright, we are sinners, so let us have all the sins upon ourselves. Enjoy yourself and then die. Finished!

So despite that there are seekers, you could see yesterday, so many of them. And most of them raised their hands, I think except for ten people. It’s very surprising. And none of them asked me to cure them or anything; very positive.

So now I would suggest that you people have to understand that you are now the foundation, and everybody must learn to little bit sacrifice. Because this kind of a place (the house the yogis were living in) is not going to work out very well. We have to have a separate place and a good place to live in. I’ve told him to find out some nice place a little away from the city. Because for your programmes you can hire some hall or something, but for your living and for your own meditation you must have a proper ashram for which we can work out something. So try to find out something outside and with about ten, fifteen rooms something like that. Or some dilapidated thing which we can repair would be good. That’s much better. So, by next year he hopes we will be able to get something.

But you also should decide to live together, not to live separately. Also living separately builds up your ego much more. So all of you should try to live together and work it out, because unless and until you live together you will not know if you are alright. Like a ship has to go on the sea to know it is seaworthy. In the same way, when you are in the collective only you will know whether you are Sahaja Yoga worthy or not.

If you live individually it’s different. I’ve seen people who live individually do not grow much. It is a collective happening. Because Sahaja Yoga is very different from other yogas which are really for individuals. This is for a collective happening. And the collective can only grow if you live collectively. So all of you should prepare for that, to live collectively. It’s very important. Individualistic life has lead to this kind of an ego business also quite a lot. Even when they came to Dulio this time in the programme it was such a nice one. They started suggesting, “Can we buy our houses here?” And I said, “Nothing doing.”

You see they just don’t know the enjoyment of collective living. Also you start living then you will know. How you have to adjust yourself, how you work it out. If you cannot adjust there’s something still wrong with you. That is to be accepted. Something wrong. You have to improve. And it should be very congenial living like one body. Then you can say you are alright.

Like in Austria, they’re all one, and they’re all after the life of this X, you know. This mad person, he’s really mad. I mean, he must be mad to do all that. I mean I just don’t want to condemn him so much as people have condemned him, this stupid fellow X. But now poor thing he’ll lose his house also. He can’t get that house for which he’s done, because he had not paid the tax saying that this belongs to the collective. And they were all paying for the mortgage, so how can he now get the house? Poor thing you see. Stupid! And, he’s really mad, I can’t understand. He’s the one who saw my photographs of Sahasrara and all that; and after seeing all that, how can you be so stupid?

Whatever it is that’s just one person like that, but the Austrian collectivity is very strong; and now the French, after this thing has happened, the French collectivity has become very strong also.

So in the same way I think, collectivity works much faster and even, you will see children will improve. See this child, as you were saying, she was not even talking and now how much she’s changed by collectivity. So one should not develop individualistic things, or your children will be harmed. If you live individually your children will be harmed. You cannot. It has to be collective. Alright Richard?


Richard: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: I’m really amazed to see the change in you. It shows everybody can change.

May God bless you.

Still but you…Robbert has to work out. Still his problems are there. I mean these Rajneesh people I tell you. When they came to me they were shaking like…. One of them collapsed. Do you know what he’s done? You never went to his ashram did you?

Robbert: I went to a centre…

Shri Mataji: Imagine those who have lived in his ashram what must have happened.

Robbert: No, I never went to live.

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m saying. Those who must have gone how he has damaged them completely. Maybe that time’s gone now? North of Italy there were many of them. And the way he died and everything happened in Poona, it’s terrible because when he died you see…. they said that there was one lawyer from Canada and one doctor from America or something. They had puzzled? out all his money and everything. There was not even money for his cremation and then the doctor said that we should cremate him within half an hour’s time. Then they discovered he had AIDS so to the nearest place they took and burnt him off. And none of them got much money so they announced there’s no money at all. sucks their soul Nobody would buy even his bed. ?

The other day we had somebody from Rajneesh. You could make it out because… I knew he was from Rajneesh; he was all burning; all his nerves were out and he was tense and that sort of thing. Sort of his neck was all….he’d put on some sort of tentacles here. He couldn’t talk to me like that without doing like this. Horrible! He was very thin and all his bones were showing and he said,

“I have no job, nothing. I was a manager and I’ve lost everything in this life.”

I said, “You are very badly off.”, and he looked pretty poor. Then he told Me Rajneesh.

I said, “You see, you have to give him up.”

“No, no, no. He’s my guru. I can’t leave him.”

What to do? All his backbone was just jammed. All had come out! …..?? And when he was sitting with me to help he just ran away. I said; “What happened?” there was such heat. Very bad!

Now this TM has to go also some day. Also has to go? It appears he’s writing a book? He wanted to have my permission to say that he was cured by Sahaj Yoga.

So Holland has one very great point that there are so many flowers, and the flowers are the most beautiful things God has created, or the Adi Shakti has created, in the nature. That’s the best because they have fragrance and the Sahaja Yogis are the other things She has created which are very fragrant. So Sahaja Yogis have to live in one house and to love each other and to be fragrant with love.

If you want to find faults with others then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. That’s one of the things one should know that you cannot find faults with others. Better find faults with yourself and that’s how the collective will grow. I know at first you’ll have some problems living together – will be a problem. But then know that there’s something wrong with you. You can get out for a while, work it out and try to clear it out. But unless and until you live together you will not know, what’s wrong with you.

I mean of course in Sahaja Yoga there’s no compulsion nothing but I’m just guiding you for your ascent. All the time you must do meetings, you must get up at the right time, do the meditation and then in the evening you do maybe meditation, some music, everything; and you are in the know of everything that is happening in the whole world.

If people have any questions they can ask me, would be a good idea.


Shri Mataji: Come along, ask a question.

Yogi: Mother, should we find a permanent centre ?

Shri Mataji: Yes, not centre, if you can get that would be nice. That’s alright. Try it. In the city there should be some place where they could meet you as such; could be an office of Sahaja Yoga plus a little centre. But you’ll be increasing very fast and I don’t think you will have to hire something. I mean, unless and until you hire something you cannot manage. Look at yesterday, the hall was full and some were standing outside.

If you become collective then, I mean your lives themselves – that will impress people.

Yogi: (Centre in Breda.) I have a question for Breda.

Shri Mataji: How far is it?

Yogi: A hundred kilometres, Sri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: It’s better in such countries if you go to smaller places. Like in England; you see in England what they have done, they’ve got Sahaja Yoga in every crook and corner and now they are making a pattern, a kind of a network and that’s how it spreads. ?

Yogi: (Sri Mataji, what can we do to make it easier get up earlier because we feel it’s quite heavy here in Holland…?)

Shri Mataji: Then at night time you should work hard. Before going to sleep you must clear out yourself. For example in your case it’s the left side. You have to take three candle treatment for about eight days. For eight days you’ll have to take three candle treatment, at least, and then you’ll feel like getting up. If you work in the night before sleeping you’ll feel much better. Put your attention to your Sahasrar. Three candle treatment you should take… and somebody should give you three candle treatment. And at least two candles you can easily do. And then you should wash your feet properly, you should do this washing your feet with salt water and then go off to sleep, but before going to sleep you must put your attention to your Sahasrar. Very important! Tie up your Kundalini take a bhandan and sleep. Especially who are left-sided always have this problem.

But ultimately everything works out you see. But one thing you should be collective, it’s very important. And Ganesha has to be settled down. Now this place is just temporary and also the neighbours are there, all the problems with the neighbours and their vibrations! That’s the worst. Worse than the neighbours are their vibrations! But not in Cabella; when we came at all I must say they were very nice. Very sweet!

Yogi: Mother, there’s a new technique now by which you can scan documents and you can put them into computer and make books with it and I was thinking would it be a good idea to have all Your puja talks scanned and put and bound as books……

Shri Mataji: That would be good.

Yogi: May the Dutch have the honour to publish your complete work?

A lot of technical explanations about scanners (reading and storing documents) and CD-Rom (a whole encyclopaedia on one CD); (Johan de Cocker Question) “CD one” three shelves of books on one CD, search all information on any topic etc…

Shri Mataji: Find out how much it is.

Yogi: Why don’t all people come back after enjoying Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Well. It’s a very good start. I started with one person. And now you see, there are so many. It’s incredible how it works out. I didn’t expect this during my life-time.

After this point the meeting got a bit more informal, Mother bhandaned the gambling problem and noticed other addictions were over the top already, mentioned the ashram should be in the country. We all bowed down to Shri Mataji and again She said: ‘May God bless you all”.