We should now find out our roots

Mera - Warszawski Klub Tenisowy, Warsaw (Poland)

1991-08-12 It is extremely important that we should now find out our roots, Warsaw, Poland, DP-RAW, 147' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1991-08-12 Public Program Day 1, Warsaw, Poland

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset you have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it. We cannot describe it. And also unfortunately at human awareness we cannot feel it. Now whatever I am going to tell you today has to be listened to with a scientific mind. Meaning with a very open mind and if this hypothesis is proved then you have to accept it as (unclear). It is for the benevolence of your country, your children and the benevolence of the whole humanity. Outside the civilisations have grown like trees. We do not know the roots. And unless and until  we reach our roots this civilisation, will be destroyed. So it is extremely important that we should now find out our roots, as I described to you how we are now heading towards the destruction. This is working out, this destruction is now working out from within. Not from without. They we are now taking to things which are not helpful to us shows that we have lost hope in our emancipation.

But actually this is the resurrection time. This is the Last Judgement. And you are going to be resurrected by the divine power, which is all pervading. And this resurrection is going to give you the powers. The powers by which you can also resurrect others. By this understanding that there is an all pervading divine power you will know that still the activity of this power we have not felt. This is to be felt. This divine power is to be felt on your central nervous system.

You see these beautiful flowers and you take it for granted but they have come out of different small little seeds. Now how did they get created by this Mother Earth through a living process. We have become human beings from amoeba stage. How did it happen? We have eyes, which are like a mighty camera, how this was created? But still at the human stage we do not know the absolute truth. That’s why we keep separately, differently, we fight with each other. But if we keep to the absolute truth than nobody can question it. There cannot be any quarrel, there cannot be any fight, nor war.

But now the problem for us is to believe that we are not this body, not this mind nor this ego, nor these conditionings, but we are the pure Spirit. So, the first fundamental truth about you is that you are the pure Spirit. And the second one is that there is this all pervading power of divine love. But it’s not just a sermon or a lecture. But it’s the experience of actualisation. That you should feel this all pervading power as cool waves of breeze on your hands. And also you must feel your peace and your witness state. And the attention has to become enlightened. That is whenever you pay attention to something it should act, it should work. If you do not achieve this state no use calling yourself light born, twice born or something. It’s just a false certification. You may follow religion, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, any religion. One is capable of committing any sin. So, these are also outside brands. You have to be innately righteous. Then you realise that those who started all these religions are all related to each other. That’s an absolute truth which you can feel it on your fingertips.

So, Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty on our heart. And the Kundalini, this power which connects you to the mains, to the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is no mystery for us. You have got the Father, got the Son and Holy Ghost as a dove. Actually, Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. In all ancient times, in all scriptures this Primordial Mother is described. In Greece they have Athena and in Sanskrit ‘atha’ means primordial. But in the Bible, I don’t know they avoided talking of God the Mother. Even the Mother of Christ is not described in the Bible as [inaudible 17:21…] came from ordinary simple hearted people who were following some ancient religion that she had to be a Goddess. It is the people who called her benevolent Madonna. So, this has led us into a kind of confusion.

But please try to understand that in our triangular bone, called as sacrum is placed the reflection of the Primordial Mother. She is the Mother of all of you individually, your Mother. She knows everything about you. She is a Mother who wants to give you your self realisation. And she takes up all the problems upon herself to see that her child gets their second birth. She stays in the triangular bone, meaning the Greeks knew that it is a sacred bone. So, when she rises she passes through six centres. And she nourishes all the centres with her energy of love. That is how all people get physically, mentally, emotionally alright, cured. They develop that balance and the divine wisdom. She pierces through the fountanal bone area and you can really feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. This is an actualisation of baptism. It is not just a certificate. But you become baptised. You have to become something higher.

In Sanskrit language a Realised soul is called as ‘dvija’. And the bird is also called the same. Because the bird is like an egg first. And then he has a second birth when it becomes a bird. In the same way, at human awareness, we are people who are closed [Shri Mataji puts her hands together to show an egg like shape] but with the second birth that, we may say, we become connected with the whole. The microcosmos becomes the macrocosmos.

It has shown results because there are three doctors in India who have got MB in Sahaja Yoga for curing incurable diseases. There are seven doctors in England who are doing documentation on how many are cured. But in Russia, in Moscow, there are forty doctors in Moscow who are practicing Sahaja Yoga. Whatever you may say about the politics of Russia but the people of Russia are extremely spiritual.They are very sensitive. Except for people who are say, door keepers or valleys or taxi drivers, who want Americanmade jeans, but they are very well educated. And so these scientists, so many educated people and also the villagers are absolutely extremely introspective.

There is a place called Togliatti, I have not been there, and there are forty thousand Sahaja Yogis practicing. They had a holiday for my birthday, They don’t believe in any nonsense. I also hope that Polish people will understand reality. I know how much you have suffered. And you should not again suffer in the hands of wrong understanding about God. So far, we have suffered because of political mistakes, but we will suffer from now spiritual mistakes. There is no need to have any blind faith. If you really want Poland to be strong, take to reality. Just don’t have blind faith. Because you have divinity with yourself. You have to feel that. You should not also believe Me unless and until you’ve got the experience.

Today there has been a little delay because of the musicians arriving late and all that. So I will not speak longer. But I would like you to ask Me questions. For about fifteen minutes. Then this whole process takes about fifteen minutes. So, it is to be understood that this is a knowledge which is limitless. Like in this place, when you come, then you have to put the lights on, just you have to press one button. You don’t have to know the history of electricity and how (unclear) or anything.Because it is within you. So, the best thing is to get your enlightenment. Through this living process. Living process of your evolution. And it is your right to get this Yoga, which is the union with the Divine power. I would like to answer your questions but do not ask me questions that are irrelevant. Because I am not here to take anything from you.  But I have come here to give… the key of your ascent. 

Mathias: Have you got any questions?

Seeker [in Polish]: In the East there are many types of meditations. Some people say there are sixty of them. And now they are all good. Or is there only one proper one. 

Mathias: According to what he has read there is about sixty six types of meditation.

Shri Mataji: Sixty six? [Laugter]

Mathias: Types of Meditation. Are they all bad?

Shri Mataji: Oh, all bad. Because you have to be ‘in meditation’ and not ‘do meditation’. Now supposing you have to telephone and there is no connection, what’s the use of telephoning? First, get your connection.Same about prayers. Many people tell me, “Mother I do this and I do this, yet I am not all right.” But you are not connected. It is common sense. 

Seeker [in Polish]: So what should one do to be in meditation? 

Mathias translates.

Shri Mataji: That I will do now. We do that now. 

Seeker [in Polish]: [Unclear]

Mathias: Shri Mataji, they are asking for this bindi. What is the significance?

Shri Mataji: It is a sign of a married lady in India. 

[Multiple seekers, in Polish, are asking about christian meditation with the rosary.]

Mathias: Shri Mataji, what do you think about Christian meditation? They say you have this chain with.. 

Shri Mataji: This is christian meditation. You have to be connected with Christ.

Seeker lady [in Polish]: (unclear) after awakening of the Kundalini, how to establish/preserve this state? How to start meditating? 

Mathias: The question is the following – one the awakening of Kundalini takes place, how to hold it? How to keep it?

Shri Mataji: Yes, for that I think if you come to the follow on and our centre is here already established, they will tell you. It hardly takes a month to master it. You cannot pay for the awakening because it is a living process. How much do we pay to this Mother Earth when she gives us these flowers? Why this mother earth doesn’t understand anything about money, no. So you need not pay also for this spiritual knowledge. Whatever you want to have will be given to you absolutely free. 

Seeker [in Polish]: Shri Mataji, some people have this sort of, it is hard to call it pain, but like a pressure/weight over here on the left shoulder. Can you tell us why?

Mathias: He is talking about Left Vishuddhi. He says that sometimes some people feel heaviness and weight from the left side. 

Shri Mataji: Ha, very much. Very much I can feel now. This is because of a centre on the left hand side which gets into trouble because you feel guilty. Why you should feel guilty. You are human beings. You are not gods. If you make mistakes it’s alright. This all pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. What mistakes can you commit. Especially the Polish? Even their forefathers did not commit mistakes. It’s a fathom (?) to feel guilty I think. Don’t believe people you are wrong, or you are sinners or anything. 

Seeker [in Polish]: [Unclear]

Mathias: He is asking whether we can say how many of the general people usually get Realisation? 

Shri Mataji:- All of you. 

[Woman talks about her illness.]

Mathias: She came here Shri Mataji with great hope. 

Shri Mataji: Why? 

Mathias: Because she is very very sick. She has very severe pelvis problems. She has difficulty to sleep and when she sleeps she sweats so much and she is very tired during the day. So she came with hope asking you if there is a chance for her to get cured. 

Shri Mataji: It’s a Polish problem. Those who were there during the war have suffered so much. Even Mathias was like that. You will be all right (to the woman). 

Now this gentleman. 

Seeker [in Polish]: I once read that Kundalini manifests as a wave of heat, not coolness. If this force which manifests as heat exists, what is it’s name? 

Shri Mataji: They are all talking. Actually, I think most of these are really anti god because they will tell all lies to divert you from reality. 

Seeker [in Polish]: What does She think about the dark night? Not only in christianity Christmas is preceded with a dark night. I mean like Father Pio, Faustina, Sign of Jonas in the Old Testament and sign of Jesus. It is a second birth through suffering. What do you think?

Mathias: He said that he has read that they say the second birth is preceded by black night, by suffering. 

Shri Mataji: Nonsense. I’ll tell you one thing. That She is your Mother. When your own Mother gave you the birth, she took on all the problems upon herself. So, don’t believe all these people, all nonsense. 

Woman – unclear. People laugh

Matias: She is asking how long does it take to raise the Kundalini and can the Kundalini go back down as quick as it went up?

Shri Mataji: [Laughter] – It takes hardly any time. (?? Dakshat?) That moment. But you must have pure desire to get your Realisation. That’s all. 

Mathias: Now she says what to do when she goes down.

Shri Mataji: No, she, she doesn’t go down like that normally. But we have a centre here, we have books, they will tell you how to keep the Kundalini up there and how to establish your condition. 

There are people coming from Germany, from England. Afterwards you can do also and then others. 

There is a gentleman there.

Seeker [in Polish]: I would like to ask if the Tibetan Lama’s teachings are real?

Mathias – He is asking about the science of Tibetan llamas. 

Shri Mataji: See, all these people are trying artificial (unclear?) and they cannot take your attention above. They can take you to the left or to the right. Tomorrow I will tell you about the left and right side. Can you believe that Hitler was following some Llamas and then their bodies were found? And Hitler went to Tibet to learn about these tibetan practices by which you can mesmerise people. 

Shri Mataji points at another person (voices overlapping) – yes?

Seeker [in Polish]: If the Kundalini is our Mother which will not hurt us, sorry if this is a silly question, but in that case how to free people who are degenrates, who murder or hurt other people. 

Mathias: The question, Mother is, if the Kundalini is our Mother, what to do to free criminals from their criminal history. 

Shri Mataji: Criminals?

Mathias: What to do or is it possible to free criminals from their criminal instinct 

Shri Mataji: You get complete transformation. You get completely a new awareness, a new dimension. You wait and see. It will happen to you. Have patience (?). 

Shri Mataji: This lady wants to.. 

Woman (PL) unclear

Mathias: Shri Mataji the question is how was your life at the time of Realisation? 

Shri Mataji: I was born Realised. 

Seeker [in Polish]: (Talks about some movement freeing animals etc.) Do you think this can be an alternative for humankind. Anatamurta. 

Shri Mataji: My God! They are criminals. 

Mathias explains in Polish that in Her talk Shri Mataji explained that the only way is to get Self-realisation and this means there is no other way. 

Matthias: Shri Mataji, You in your lecture explained that there is only one way to evolution and this.. 

Shri Mataji: No, no,no it’s that Antamurta is absolutely horrible, the gentleman was in jail for so many years and we had people from him and said they had seen the (unclear). His own wife and son are in Sahaja Yoga. And he offered some money, he made lots of money, and his wife and some said we don’t want this sinful money. I’m really ashamed of so many gurus have come from India. But I would blame also the people, but why would they not use their intelligence? Also, they are so many (unclear) institutions. [Woman interrupts Shri Mataji] So, Many questions. Except for Russia. These people run after them. Run after falsehood. 

Woman to Mathias: In the beginning you said that we feel pain in certain fingers and you characterized which finger means which level.There is a form of yoga called mudras. When you use them, your fingers also hurt. Does it mean that it is a false practice?

Mathias: what is a Mudra?

Lady (PL): It is way to put together fingers as a form of Yoga

Shri Mataji: Ach, mudra. Not necessary. I mean by this can you reach God? Can you imagine? I mean use your brains. Some people (unclear). By doing these artificial things outside how can you, how can you think that such a thing will happen. It would be something like putting the plastic flower into the Mother Earth, like that. 

Woman in the audience argues

Shri Mataji: It is not correct, it is all wrong. 

Some people stand on one foot, some stand on their heads. Some cut their tongues. The other one (unclear) says “cut your nose”, they will cut their nose. Brain is missing (unclear) . I tell you sometimes I think there is no brain. In which scripture this is written? 

[Conversation between Woman and Mathias. Shri Mataji points to somebody] 

Seeker [in Polish]: What does Shri Mataji think about Swami (unclear).

Shri Mataji: Now sit down, I will tell you. Whatever I may say, why you must believe me? First, you get your Realisation. All right? Let’s keep no more questions. I mean in Austria, they didn’t ask one question. So many questions, so many (unclear). Now one thing I will tell. You see this asking questions and answering I’m an expert. But it is a mental acrobat. There is no guarantee that your Kundalini will rise. If your attention is more on asking questions how should your Kundalini rise? Your attention should be on your pure desire. It’s all mental acrobats.

I give you only chance to ask Me questions because it’s in your freedom. And (unclear) time of the Kundalini awakening some question just creeps in. I of course respect your freedom. Because you have to later achieve it freely. But then it is not free if you waste your energy asking questions (unclear). In any case I’m going to meet all of you individually after this programme is over. I’m very anxious that you all should get your realisation and settle down. But you should be also anxious to achieve your Self-realisation. Moreover it’s a question of your destiny. If your (indistinct sentence) It’s your destiny. You should not miss out this chance of getting self realisation. My advice is now forget it. Just right now get your Realisation. Not only you are diverting your attention, but you are diverting the attention of everybody else. Of course I’ll manage to give en mass realisation (unclear) but if you are not desiring something I cannot force it on you. So the first thing should be you should get your realisation. All right? 

Man speaking in Polish, Matias replies – we’ve ended the discussion

Mathias in English – End of (conversation ??) 

Shri Mataji: Now lets you see there is no use asking these questions. (indistinct sentence) Alright, so (indistinct). 

So now, first of all, I have to tell you there are three conditions. Your first condition is that you should be confident that all of you will get your self-realisation. But you should only have that desire to get that self retaliation. (Shri Mataji speaks to Mathias – indistinct) 

Now the second condition is that you have to forget your past and not to feel guilty at all. As a result you get  pressure on this centre here. And you develop diseases like angina.

Shri Mataji [speaking to someone on the side] Let it be alright. It’s alright, very good I’m happy (unclear). 

So You develop diseases like angina or you develop diseases like spondylitis, and you develop also diseases from the lethargic organs. So just now you have to just tell yourself “I’m not guilty at all”. With full self confidence. 

Now the third condition is you have to forgive everyone. Not individually, but in general. This seems to be a very difficult condition. But logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. Only mentally you torchure yourself. Those who have troubled you are happy. When you are torturing yourself. Just to say “I forgive”. All of them without thinking about any  individual, you will feel much lighter just now. This is a very very very important thing to do. Because this center which is called as Agnya [Shri Mataji touches her forehead] is a very constricted centre. And unless and until you forgive it won’t open like this. [Shri Mataji puts two fingers – Nabhi and Vishuddhi of one hand and crosses them with these two fingers of the left hand and shows an opening in between the four fingers]. So you may miss out on your realisation. And you may also get instead of cool breeze, a little hot breeze. These are the only three conditions. 

Now I will show you how we are going to nourish ourselves, our centres. 

And later on we have to close our eyes. 

/Cut in video recording/

Before starting we have to take out our shoes. To take the help from the Mother Earth. Those who are sitting on the ground are alright. But those who are sitting on the chairs should put both feet away from each other. 

Now you have to put your left hand towards me on your lap very comfortably. On your lap. You have to be comfortable. But if you do not bend too much or straight too much. Now those who do not want to get their self realisation should leave the hall. It is not (unclear) to watch others. (Indistinct – Mother makes sure people at the back can hear.) It’s not (unclear). One should not be aggressive. 

Mathias (PL) People standing at the back who do not want Realisation are asked to leave. Indistinct conversation with people. 

Shri Mataji speaks to Mathias (unclear). 

Don’t pay attention to him. As long as you don’t pay attention to him that’s nothing. Nothing can matter. I just don’t want your attention to be disturbed. So put the left hand towards me. And the right hand on the heart. Like that. Left hand on the lap. Some of them are showing down. You can see there. (Shri Mataji points to a Sahaja Yogi demonstrating on stage). Now in the heart resides the spirit. If you are the spirit in the light of the spirit you become your own guide. So, you become your own master. So now take down your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. We are working only on the left hand side. This is the centre of your mastery. Now. Please take down your hand to the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge which manifests the divine work. Please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now take your right hand again on your heart. Now please take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to the right. This is the centre where I told you when you feel guilty something goes wrong. Now take your right hand on top of your forehead across and bend your head as far as you can. Here is the centre where you have to forgive everyone in general. Now please take your right hand on the backside of your head. And push back your head as far as possible. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the all pervading divine power. Now please take your right hand and stretch it. Stretch your palm. And put the centre of your palm on top of the fountanail bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please put down your head and press back your fingers. It is very important. So that you put pressure on your scalp. Now move your scalp seven times clockwise. Scalp. Noth your hand. Scalp. That’s all we have to do. 

Now before starting please put your left hand towards me and right hand on your heart. If you have anything tight on your waist or on your neck please loosen it. Also you can remove your glasses. Now close your eyes and please do not open them until I tell you. Sitting on the chair please keep both your feet away from each other. 

Now here you have to ask me a very fundamental question about yourself. You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like. Please ask three times in your heart “Mother, am I the spirit?” As I told you if you are the spirit you are your own master. So please take down the right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen. And here ask another question which is very fundamental. Three times. “Mother, am I my own master?” I’ve  already told you I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So please take your right hand to the lower portion of the abdomen. On the left hand side. Press it hard. Here we have to ask six times because this centre has got six petals “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge your Kundalini starts moving upwards. So you have to nourish higher centres with your self confidence. To open the way for Kundalini. So now raise your right hand to the upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side. Here you have to say with full confidence ten times “Mother, I am my own master”.

I’ve already told you that the divine power is the ocean of compassion and love. So please have confidence in yourself and know that you are the spirit. You are not this body, not this mind, not this ego, not these conditionings, but you are pure spirit. So please put your right hand on your heart. Here you have to say with full confidence twelve times “Mother, I am the spirit”. This divine power is the ocean of love and compassion. It is the ocean of absolute knowledge. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever mistakes you may commit, it can be easily neutralised by the power of this ocean. So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. And turn your hand to the right side. At this point you have to say with full confidence “Mother I am not guilty at all”. Say it sixteen times. 

I have already said whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So please now you forgive everyone in general , without thinking about individuals. For this you put your right hand on your forehead across and bow your head. 

Now please take your hand on the back side of your head. And push back your head. Here without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes you have to say for your own satisfaction “Oh divine power, please forgive me if I’ve done anything wrong”. 

Now the last centre which is important. Please stretch your palm fully. And put it on your fountanaile bone area, nicely push down your head and press it hard. Here again I cannot take your freedom. So, you have to ask for your self realisation, while moving your hand seven times please say “Mother, please give me self realisation”. 

[Shri Mataji blows into the microphone].

Now please take down your hand.

Now put the hands towards me. And watch me without thinking. You can do it. You reach a state of thoughtless awareness, Nirvichar Samadi. Now please put the left hand towards me like this, bend your head and see with your right hand if you are feeling a cool or a hot breeze coming your of your head. Please take your hand away from your head, not on top. And move your hand (??unclear). Now please put your right hand towards me like this and again bend your head. And see with your left hand if there is a cool breeze, or a hot breeze coming out of your head. If it is a hot breeze, then know that you have not forgiven. You have to forgive now. 

Now please put your left hand towards me and see for  yourself again if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. 

Now raise both your hands towards the sky and push back your head and ask anyone of these three questions. “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”; “Mother, is this the all pervading power of divine love?”; “Mother is this the Param Chaitanya?” ask one of these questions three times. 

May God bless you. 

Put your hands like this. All those who have felt cool breeze on their fingers or hot breeze on their hands or out of their fountanail bone area please raise both your hands.  

See. I told you all of you are going to get it. All you have got it. Practically all of you. May God bless you all. I bow to all of you. Now you are on your way to sainthood.Please  grow in your divinity. I have to tell you one thing, this is working out only in collectivity. If your being is cut, then it doesn’t grow. But if you are in the collectivity then you grow very well. So please remember that you have to grow in collectivity. Tomorrow again I will be having the program and I will tell you more about the inner machinery and also the spirit. But please know that you have gone beyond your mind. Do not discuss and argue. So I would like to meet you all now. Also call your friends tomorrow. Phone them. Because I will come after one year only. Also the sick people have to go to the centre and they will be helped very much.