First of all, we must have self-knowledge

Mera - Warszawski Klub Tenisowy, Warsaw (Poland)

1991-08-13 First of all, we must have self-knowledge, Warsaw, Poland, DP-RAW, 246' Chapters: Introduction with music, Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Maha Mantras, Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Day 2, Warsaw, Poland 1991 08 13

[English Transcript]

Christ has said that you are to be born again. And if we just have a certificate that we are born again, we do not become. There is something that has happened to us so far that we are human beings and something has to happen to us to be in the Spirit. By that we get connected to this All-Pervading Power and also we have the powers ourselves of the Spirit. First of all, we must have self-knowledge. That we must know what centres we have within ourselves, subtle centres which look after physical, mental, emotional being. And also we must know how this spiritual power works within us and without.

Early Christians were told by Christ to form a congregation, the temple of the congregation, congregation. This congregation was to be people, who were really twice-born. When Saint Thomas went to India, he went through Egypt and he has written about what exactly Christ said.

And he called early Christians as gnostics. Means who had the knowledge, self-knowledge.

He wrote all the scriptures and put them in the big jar and it was discovered only about 50 years back. It was brought from Egypt and now it’s been(?) decoded and it is describing nothing but Sahaja Yoga. That you have to have the experience of Realization. Also is written very clearly that you must look after your centres. So these gnostics, the people who were realized souls were the ones who were to (?) formed the congregation.

But in Italy Paul suddenly came upon the stage. He was epileptic and he was a very cruel person. He tortured, he tortured4 many Christians, even killed a disciple of Christ called Stephen. He said he saw the cross, but whatever it is, he just jumped on stage one has to make for him, becoming big big leader of Christians. And he tried to organize the religion. You cannot organize God. And that is how we have really broken our relations with the rest of the world. I was also born in a Christian family. And I asked my father who is this mister Paul who had never met Christ. In Marathi, he said (…) meaning as quater – an empty house.

Peter also was actually hang, secretly. And even the Matthew was told not to say about the immaculate conception. And he also wanted to make the whole thing very rational and very intellectual. He did not want to talk about the Mother, about Madonna, at all. He was not realized soul, so how will he know about Holy Ghost? That is what when we find, when I was I said born in the Christians family I could not take it any more the way people were behaving, I couldn’t believe how could they be godly people. They never talked of spirituality, all the time money, money, money, money, money. How can a person who has a relationship with God is so much interested in money? So you have to be honest seekers of truth. We know all about Christ. Christ has said those who are not against me, are with me. Who are those people? Christ lived in India, after eight years of age, he went to India, lived there for twenty years. And then he came and they allowed him only to live for three and a half years. And they crucified him. How can in three and a half years, how much can you do? When I went to London, I was struggling with seven hippies for four years. Very hard works (?). But today they are the foundations.

Christ has said, „Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. Without greed and lust. He told to his disciples, but if you go in the western countries where there is Christian religion everywhere, they just believe in seeing others, that’s all. To be seen and to see is the fundamentals. Only after Sahaja Yoga, after Realization, their eyes have become what Christ has described. What is the interest of a Sahaja Yogi? Is to make everyone joyous, spiritually enriched. All these great religions were started by a very great, spiritual personalities, no doubt about it. But their followers failed them at one point. Firstly they organised people. And secondly the basic was that you have to become the Spirit in all the religions (…) The only thing was in here (?) and in India, they build temples and mosques and church, this, that. What does this going to do with all those stones? And because of the complete austerities which were preached, it was not preached by Christ, people took to antichrist like Freud.

Why should they, they say that you should not marry. In India also we have this kind of nonsense. All religions are funny in this way, that they say you should not marry. Rama married, Krishna married. Christ attended to the wedding (…) What makes them think, that by behaving in such an unnatural manner you will go to God. By this, the perversion started. All kinds of perverters entered into people. Then you cannot divorce. It is really very hard to understand that how people agreed to all this nonsense. In Russia I had a very good experience of the orthodox church, that (?) I must tell you. You see, my husband was a very big and influential personality, and as VIP they took me down to see one church, the big church there, of the orthodox. And the big priest, in the black ornate, he attended(?) on us, we were supposed to (…). So, he said that we are having now fast, fasting days, 40 days, so we do not eat any meat, but we can drink. And he drunk so much that vodka, that he forgot that here are the guests(?). And he collapsed on the table. You see, these Russian officers and leaders were laughing. Because of (?) the vodka he didn’t even come to say goodby to us. So they told me a story in the car, the Russian officers. They said our tsar thought of finding some religion for Russians. So he sent for Catholics. So, the Catholics said all right, you can drink as much as you like vodka, but you have to marry only one woman. You can have kept but one woman married. But they said, we can’t do that, well you see, we have to marry many women, we must have many tsarinas for different purposes. And they said you can’t divorce, so they cancelled catholicism. And then Muslims were found. And the Muslims said, that all right, you can have any number of wives, but you cannot have drinks. They said we can’t do that. So they said all right, that won’t suit us. So the third time they sent for this orthodox, so-called orthodox. Orthodox say you can drink and marry any number, we have no (…), as long as you give us (…) money we are asking.

Now, there is also a very big misunderstanding, that Christians can drink. Even the (…) I mean Benedictines (…). Christ went for a wedding and he converted water into grape juice. I can do the same and do it. But it cannot be wine. Wine has to root. It has to root for years. And the more it roots, it is more expensive. This is what it is. Because you know that alcohol takes you away from your awareness. But I don’t say you that don’t drink, I don’t say that today.

But after Realization, you will not drink. Because when the nectar of this joy is flowing through you why did you run after this (…) Is dirty water.

So it’s such a misunderstanding being created. I have come here to tell you the truth.

And to make you feel the truth. You are the Spirit and you are the Divinity. You lost, you lost your way in the darkness of ignorance. But you are all destined to get your Realization. For which you cannot pay. For which you cannot organise. It is a living process, you cannot force it, you cannot compel, you cannot discipline it. It works spontaneously within yourselves. It grows spontaneously, only you have to look after it like a (…). Because it is Divine Love. It is a love that forgives everything. Is love which is not attached. It is like sap in the tree that rises and goes to different parts of the tree and then returns back. Is, after all, He is your Father. God the Father. Which father would like you to suffer? Or to feel guilty? Christ has suffered for us. Are we going to suffer more than Christ? Why should we suffer? The only thing in ignorance enter this (?) darkness we may trample on everyone, that doesn’t mean that we deliberately take suffer upon ourselves. This is the tree of life which has been described to you. And in the Bible, it is said I will appear before you like thousands of flames. These centres really look of thousands of flames but very beautiful. Especially the Sahasrara. Very silent, beautiful flames, like the petals of a lotus. But because there is light in them they look like flames. They do not discuss of these things. So please remember that there is your Mother Kundalini sitting within. And there is the primordial Mother who is the Holy Ghost. Christ has said I’ll send the Holy Ghost. That’s that means he is going to send you a dove(?)? And how we believe that after our death we will be redeemed, resurrected. Is Holy Ghost going to, which is the counsellor, is he going to counsel the dead? It is a very nice idea, is to say all the redemption will come after death so that there’s no responsibility. Nobody is looking out for the Holy Ghost. Also, I have heard that in Italy that the last true secret from the Fatima apparition was that a celestial Mother is working out for the resurrection of the people and this is the resurrection time.

I used to wonder when I saw these Hindus and Muslims and Christians, the priests, they were doing the anti-God activity. They are not even afraid of God. They don’t know God. God is wrathful. If one does things which are absolutely anti-God in the name of God, He’s wrathful. So be alert about it, be aware about it, and with honest seeking, you will all get your Realization. Don’t do (…) under ignorant thinking. You have to experience yourself. You have to certify yourself. And you have to be knowledgeable yourself. Look at Mathias, he is a polish man, very nervous, very hectic, extremely nervous and absent. He was just sort of about to commit suicide (…) situation. Because he did not know, what was happening. He couldn’t understand. He was seeking the truth and he couldn’t understand, he couldn’t get the truth anywhere. And you see how knowledgeable he is today about all the subtle centres and subtle things. He is very well off and everything is fine, but his love for Poland, he said Mother you have to come to Poland.

First time I have come to Poland with my husband and I had seen the sufferings. And that time I thought one day I hope I will redeem this country. But you have to help me. I cannot give Realization to stones or to chickens. I have to give it to you.

Yesterday we had too many questions and we wasted a lot of our time. But still will be good people ask me some questions, for only 15 minutes, but sensible questions, I’m here to give you Realization, not to take anything from you. My main concern is how to give you Self-realization.

If you are really interested in the actualisation of your baptism, then ask questions which are related to it.

Question: Shri Mataji, the question is what’s difference between bhakti yoga and Sahaja Yoga because he believes (…) they are the same.

Tremendous, this so-called bhakti-yoga is not at all bhakti-yoga. You see Shri Krishna has said, that for bhakti if you give me (…) if you give me the flower, the fruit and the water, I’ll take it.

But when it comes to bhakti it should be there when it is Ananya, is the word: Ananya, in Sanskrit. It means when you are not the other when you are connected with me. What is the use of this kind of bhakti if there is no connection? Like I yesterday told you, you are telephoning without connection.

It is just a (…) and money-making again. And you need a personal experience. You see, they came to me because my husband (…) shipping and they wanted to ships some idols of Shri Krishna to South Africa. South Africa, they wanted to ships some idols of Shri Krishna so they came to see me, these bhakti people. Bhakti (…). They came to see me, just for recommend for my husband that they should get free passage. And they were dressed like sanyasis and with all the hair and whole thing (…). And I was in my house, so they asked me, Mother, Holy Mother, we have heard that you are a very spiritual personality but here you are living in your house, with all the amenities of life and you are not sanyasini. I said all right, what have you done? He said I’ve given up my house, I’ve given up my wife, I’ve given up my brain (…). I said all right in this house (…) anyway, whatever you think equal to the dust particles of Shri Krishna’s feet, you can take it. They looked that up and they couldn’t find anything. I said what have you given up, stones? What is this, this is nothing. The sannyasa is within not without.

In India, everybody in the morning says Hari Rama, Hari Krishna, everyone. Especially if they are great thieves they greet more. Also, they build temples, the greater thieves. Are they religious people? All this stupidity is useless. They came to my husband and asked him to give them 15000 rupees because they (…) in the hotel, they are making hotels, money-making. So my husband: all right I’ll telephone to my wife and he asked me, (…) you know these Hari Rama people. What are they? He asked me. I said they are the same, you saw in Oxford street dancing, wearing (?) these things, applied hair was falling down, the sari was falling down, the same people. I said you become their member, you will have to also dance. You become their member, you will have to also dance (…) on Oxford street. It is just (…), so they asked, what did she say? He said, you see, she says we have no money, sorry.

You people are very (…). If you are fed up with Christianity you go to another thing, they are all cults (…), all cults. See, by remembering books or by reading books you do not achieve the experience. (…) Kabira said „pari pari pandita (…)” means by reading too much the panditas are becoming stupid. That’s what I found. People who read do not know that these are the (…), these are not the experience to reach (?), it is just the (…).

Use your logic. Christ has said you are to be born again. So you go on saying: you have to be born again, you have to be born again and this dance on the squares, will you be born again?

They can’t hear, they can’t hear. Now supposing I have a headache and the doctor says that you take headaches. Now you start singing „headaches, headaches, headaches, headaches” will your headache go or increase? By that, you only spoil this throat, and sometimes you get, most of them get cancer of the throat, I’ve seen this. Buddhists start the same style, they go on „Nam Myoho Renge” (…), mad. Can’t you see this is madness? I’m sorry today I have to say this because especially the leader here wanted me to tell you all this. Louder.

You will know about Kundalini, you will know about everything, first experience your Realization.

Now only thing what you have to have is the pure honest desire to get your Realization.

Firstly, there are three conditions. The first condition is that you have to be self-confident, all of you, that you can get your Self-realization. Not to have any (…) about it. You are here because you are destined to get it.

The second condition is that you forget your past and you are not to feel guilty at all. Because you are human beings. And you are not God. Only human beings can make mistakes. Animals never think that they are making mistakes. So is the only human beings capacity to feel that they are making mistakes. But this All-Pervading Power is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you have committed makes no difference. If you have been to some falsehood doesn’t matter, forget it. The second condition, we can say of the third, of a very big weight, is to forgive everyone in general. Which always people say is difficult. But whatever you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. The only thing that when you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So why to play into wrong hands and torture yourself? If you just without thinking about them individually, if you just say that I forgive everyone in general. Immediately you will feel lighter. All right, It will take about 15 minutes for us to get your Realization. Those who do not want to have their Realization should leave. (…) we cannot force on them. And please, all of those who are standing should also sit down or should leave.

Now, we show you first of all, how, how we have to nourish our centres ourselves.

You place your left hand towards Me, indicating that you have a desire to get your Self-realization.

And put both the feet away from each other. Please, take out your shoes to take help from the Mother Earth. So the left side is the power of desire. And the right side is the Power of action. So we have to nourish our centres with our right side. So now please, as it is, sit comfortable but not very much bending backwards or forwards but in a little state manner. And if you have anything tight on your waste, on your neck or anything, make it lose, that’s all. Now, to show you before closing your eyes. (Keep it away, because you are too close, (…), not that much, a little bit, that’s all).

Now please put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. If you are the Spirit than in the light of Spirit you’ll become your master. Please bring your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. On the left-hand side level. This is the centre of your mastery. Now, take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge that works out all the Divine work. Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Now raise it on your heart. Now, this is the centre where…, on the left side, between the corner of your neck and your shoulder. This gets spoiled when you feel guilty. And you, you get diseases like angina, spondylitis and many others. Now, so turn your face to right. And remember that you are not to feel guilty. Now, take your right hand on top of your forehead. And put down your head as far as possible. At this centre you have to ask, you have to forgive everyone in general. Please bend your head. Now take back your right hand on the backside of your head. And push back your head as far as possible. Here you have to know that without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness (…) bow.

Now, the last centre, you stretch your palm. Now put the centre of your palm on the top of your head, on the fontanel bone area. And push back your fingers. Now, bend your head. Press back nicely your scalp and move it seven times clockwise (…). Please bend your heads, please, that all we have to do.

Now, again remember to put your feet away from each other. Those who are sitting on the ground are all right. Left hand towards Me and right hand on the heart. You can take out your spectacles because you have to close your eyes now and don’t open till I tell you. Now please close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. Here you have to ask me a very fundamental question, you may call me Mother or Shri Mataji. Please ask 3 times: Mother am I the Spirit? If you are the Spirit, you are your Master in the light of the Spirit. So now, please take down your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now, again. Here again, please ask me a fundamental question 3 times: Mother am I my own Master? I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force the pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So now please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, the left-hand side. Here you have to say: Mother, please give me pure knowledge, six times. Because this centre has got 6 petals. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge your Kundalini starts rising and you have to nourish your higher centres with your self-confidence. Now raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen and here you have to say with full confidence: Mother, I am my own Master. Say ten times. Now, this Divine Power is the Power of love and compassion. It is the ocean of pure knowledge, it is the ocean of forgiveness, so whatever mistakes you might have committed, they will be absolutely dissolved in this ocean of forgiveness. Now raise your right hand on the bottom of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here now with full confidence, you have to say 16 times: Mother I am not guilty at all.

I’ve already told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. And that you torture yourself. So now raise your right hand on the forehead across and put down your head. Here you have to say with full confidence, not how many times, but from your heart: Mother I forgive everyone, without thinking of all of them.

This is a very constricted centre and if you don’t forgive Kundalini cannot rise.

Now please take back your right-hand backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilt, just for your satisfaction, you have to say: Oh Divine Power, please forgive me if I’ve done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly. It is not how many times but from your heart.

Now stretch your palm. Put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, which is a soft bone in your childhood. Stretch back your fingers as far as possible and put pressure.

Put down your head. Here again, I cannot cross over your freedom, so move your scalp seven times clockwise saying seven times: Mother, please give me Self-realization. I cannot force it on you.

Put down your heads, put down your heads.

Now please take out your hands. Please open your eyes, both the hands towards Me. Higher like this and watch me without thinking. This is the first state described as thoughtless awareness. Nirvichara Samadhi, Nirvichara Samadhi.

Now put the left hand this, bend your head and see with your right hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now, bend your head. Now try with the right hand. Now see with the left hand. Is there a cool breeze coming out? Now again with the left hand. Some might get hot also because they have not forgiven. Now you forgive. Please now, raise both your hands towards the sky and ask the question, anyone of this: Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the cool breeze of the Divine love? Is this the Paramchaitanya?

Now take down your hands. All those who have felt the cool or hot breeze from their hands or from their fingers or from their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands.

(…) All they got Realization. I bow to you all. Your saintliness has started now. Now look after your Self-realization. I would like to meet you all, but I just come back in five minutes and then the musicians start the music. Just be seated, don’t (…) and don’t talk.

Did you feel the cool breeze? Did you feel the cool breeze? Better now, much better.

It started.