Talk to Russian and Ukrainian Sahaja Yogis

Dacha in Rastorguyevo, Moscow (Russia)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Moscow (Russia), 20 August 1991

Galyna: [leader of Ukraine] [Offers a gift to Shri Mataji and says in Russian]. This sheep is an ancient ritual vessel with live water which symbolizes family.
Dr. Bohdan Shehovych: [leader of the USSR]. It’s a sheep, Shri Mataji, it’s a symbol which carried the living water, and this is the symbol of Kyiv.
Shri Mataji: You can put vibrated water…
Dr. Bohdan: And it is the head of a lion, Shri Mataji.
Galyna: This is the Sun. And this is the Ram. And this is Agni.
Shri Mataji: Agni?
Galyna: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Agni is fire.
Galyna: This is the ancient Rus.
Dr. Bohdan: This is the old Russia, old Rus, Shri Mataji, was based in Kyiv and then spread to become Russia.
Shri Mataji: Really?
Dr. Bohdan: Kyiv is the center of the old Empire, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: I see. Thank you very much. Oh! Where it was brought from?
A Sahaja Yogini. From Novosibirsk.
Shri Mataji: Beautiful.
Galyna: This is the poetry for You, Shri Mataji, from Kyiv done by the Yogini, in Russian.
Shri Mataji: Written by whom?
Dr. Bohdan: By her, Shri Mataji.
Galyna: Some of them are written on Your Birthday, Shri Mataji. We celebrated this Holiday – Your Birthday and read those poetries.
Shri Mataji: I must come on My Birthday to you now.
All the Sahaja Yogis. Jai Shri Mataji!
Shri Mataji: So, what about [INAUDIBLE WORD] small little house, I don’t know what to…
Oh! Too much. Always you give so many things.
Letter? In English?
What can I give them to eat?

Small house, but is good.

Can you all be seated? Can you move this side a little bit?
Sahaja Yogis sing a song in Russian. Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Bless us, Mother, and live in the hearts…

We are Your flowers and You are the Gardener…
Shri Mataji: Very good.
The author of the song. I sing it in front of Your Photograph. When I was sewing the design of Sahaja Yoga I got the idea of this song and two more.
Shri Mataji: Very beautiful. Very beautiful. Is the expression, you see, I don’t know how to really express My love because I must learn your language.

Sahaja Yogis (laughing ). We all study English.
Shri Mataji: We have to, we must learn English. Easy to speak, English is a very easy language. Because of your script I cannot read, otherwise I might learn it very fast. But script is Greeks script they use. Otherwise it’s very easy to know. But I have taken a book, let’s see now.
I have no time, I travel so much, you don’t know how much I’m traveling all the time. Now I’m going to South America also then Latin America, to Colombia, to Peru, to Chili, Argentina, Brazil. Then to this side: Taiwan, Bangkok or Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong then Australia. And also, in Europe, you see, all these countries. They are all waiting to meet you all. So many wanted to come. But just now there was no arrangement to see, because that it would be difficult to accommodate them.
Galyna: No, no. We can accommodate them in our homes.
Shri Mataji: I know they’ll come, I know the Spirit.
(Sahaja Yogis give over some plums for Shri Mataji)
Shri Mataji: Thank you. Is what you call this in your language?
Sahaja Yogis. Sliva – plums, green plums.
Shri Mataji: These are plums, green, and there’s red also. We call it alupukhara, alupukhara.
Dr. Bohdan: Is it sour, Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji: No, nice, very nice. What about apricot, what do you call it in your language, apricot?
Galyna: Abrikos.
Shri Mataji: The oil of apricot seeds very good for the hair.

Galyna: Is there anything that can be used instead of lemons for the cleansing of negativity in this country because here they are very expensive?
Shri Mataji: Chillis can be used, this (Shri Mataji points to the plums) can be used. Best is to use the candle – left side. You see, put the candle like this on the photograph, hand like this, the right hand on the Mother Earth. But the best for serious troubles like cancer or anything, like radiation in Kyiv1 you were having, you see, for that you have to use three candles. One with the Photograph, one to be kept here – left Swadishtana. The third one is to raise the Kundalini. Any incurable psychosomatic, like cancer or anything. When the Parkinson with your hands shake.

Galyna: What can we use in our country instead of Ajwan dhuni?
Shri Mataji: Ajwan dhuni. Is also there. Very good for cold.
Galyna: It’s pity that we don’t know the Latin name for Ajwan.
Shri Mataji: A very big name. But I can send you by [SOUNDS LIKE – mons], whatever you want. You let Me know what you need.
Galyna: Oh! Thank you very much, thank you very much.
Shri Mataji: You wanted, you wanted to have Ajwan. Any amount Ajwan I’ll send, any amount. Next time with Arun Kumar I’ll send lot of Ajwan. What else you want?
Galyna: Also, some red clay which one take inside along with honey.
Shri Mataji: Gheru.
Galyna: Gheru, gheru.
Shri Mataji: All right, gheru I’ll…
Galyna: We have some green clay from Kyiv which been used in past for cleansing purposes, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Green what?

Dr. Bohdan: It’s green clay that they dig out under Kyiv and they also use it for cosmetics.
Galyna: We use it for caltesis, they ate it for oncological problems, cancer problems. We put it on the legs – it’s an ancient natural method.
Shri Mataji: What?
Dr. Bohdan: Green clay, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: But effect is what? Is this hot or cold?
Galyna: By vibrations, it’s cool. We would like to show You that in the program, Shri Mataji and see whether it can be used instead of gheru.
Shri Mataji: You see, all these things are meant either they are for right side or for left side, even food. They are left or right effects. Say now for fruits, like this, the sour fruits we can call the citrus fruit, like this (Shri Mataji points to the plums). These are, these are for the right side. Liver over activity, too much thinking and also rice – carbohydrates. And for the left side is more proteins. Now some things, like a clay is cool, should be used for the right side. For liver. But if you have gout or if you have arthritis, all that, that is due to the left side, Left Nabhi. For that you have to use something that will heat it, like ajwan, like what you call cloves.
There are many things which are in effect are heat, they are good for the left side, very good. For example, left side you use the light, you see, and the Sun. But the right side you use water or the ice. Gradually you will know everything. Now because you have got your Kundaliny in your head, so it will give you all the light and you will know all the knowledge.

Galyna: Mother, You have already sent medical reference book to us. It’s in English and we will translate it.
Shri Mataji: That we have written down certain for liver, this, that. But not yet complete. I mean, there’s all kinds of diseases people have.
Galyna: We have this book in Kyiv and now translating it.
Shri Mataji: You have had, you see, there are boils coming at wrong places it’s radiation. Radiation. So, you see, the radiation is the one which is heating you.
Galyna: A lot of erysipelas cases have come up in Kyiv and in Czechoslovakia also.
Shri Mataji: What do they say?
Galyna: Nothing. They do not relate it with radiation.
Shri Mataji: You see, this radiation can be overcome with Sahaja Yoga.
Galyna: We asking for help from our Mother.
Shri Mataji: Nothing can happen to Sahaja Yogis. You are in the Kingdom of God. Who can touch you? Just enjoy yourself.
(All the Sahaja Yogis say several times, “Jai Shri Mataji”)
A Sahaja Yogini. We know that You are God, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: What shall we offer, we have nothing in the house to offer them.
Sahaja Yogis. It’s all right, Shri Mataji. We are happy to be here with You.
Shri Mataji: Very kind, very kind of you. Very kind.
Sahaja Yogis: We are very happy to be side by side with You, Shri Mataji and give our love.
Shri Mataji: May God bless you.
So, are you coming to Togliatti for the Puja?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes, Shri Mataji, but not all of us – there is a problem with tickets.
Shri Mataji: Really? Next time next time we should have a Puja even in Leningrad also.
A Sahaja Yogi: If we are sick or making mistakes, Shri Mataji, do You find it difficult, do You also find it difficult to carry this?
Shri Mataji: I should, I’m worried about you. On the contrary My body is more compassioned than Myself. It just sucks in all your problems. You must surrender, that’s important, you must surrender. There are seen so many miracles like this. In Prague only two days back a very old lady came up, she all her has everything and nothing moving, brought her in a chair on the stage in a very bad shape. So she said, “Mother, I’m sorry I’m in this shape, but I completely surrender myself to You. I know what You are and please if I am not cured I would not say anything.” And I told her, “Now you get up!” And she got up. And then she stood up herself and then she run. Everybody looking at her, she went running. Even in Moscow it had happened. Doctor, you remember?
Dr. Bohdan: I beg Your pardon, Mother.
Shri Mataji: That lady in Moscow, that lady who came to us. She couldn’t walk. She had Parkinson, I think, or something. And she just got up and she just walk and when we were going in the car we saw her running for the bus.

Galyna: We also can tell You an interesting story of a Sahaja Yogini in Kyiv. 18-year old girl came from Ivano-Frankovsk (West Ukraine) in a wheel chair. She saw the video tape of the Leningrag Publik Program and stood up. Later on, we taught her and now she still living in Ivano-Frankovsk and walks and even runs. She had encephalitis.
Galyna: Yes. Her name is Galina. She could not walk for 11 years. We have letters from her. This lady has not walk for 11 years and this is the first time when she can sit on the Earth and walk and she’s so very happy.
Shri Mataji: Who?
Dr. Bohdan: This lady we are talking about now, Shri Mataji.
A Sahaja Yogini: First, I saw Shri Mataji in October in Leningrad and I came there on crutches.
(Sahaja Yogis say several times, “Jai Shri Mataji”)
Shri Mataji: It is your own power.
The Sahaja Yogini. In my embroidery in the first line I wrote “O, loving Mother, You have saved me!”)
Galyna: And me and her.
Shri Mataji: I can see, you see, you can make out a Sahaja Yogis the way they are just like flowers, they look so beautiful. So happy, all the time laughing (Shri Mataji laughs).

A Sahaja Yogini: We just sang the song, that we are flowers and You are the Gardener.
(All are laughing).
Shri Mataji: I’m the Gardener. I am the Gardener.
Dr. Bohdan: Yes, Mother.
The Sahaja Yogini: Later on, in this song there are words: We are Your flowers and You are The Gardener, Mother, so pour on us The Divine’s Grace. Light will make the darkness go.
Shri Mataji: Ah?
Dr. Bohdan: Light will make the darkness flee.
The Sahaja Yogini: And the garden of Paradise will blow in the flowers of love.
(All the Sahaja Yogis say, “Jai Shri Mataji”).
Shri Mataji: May God bless you.
Beautiful thoughts, beautiful thoughts.
We have to put the flowers in the garden, because we have no flower pots.
Dr. Bohdan: They worried, Shri Mataji, that they making You tired.
Shri Mataji: No, no.
A Sahaja Yogini. We wish that Mother have rest.
Shri Mataji: Thank you. Very kind. I got up at today at four o’clock in the morning.
Galyna: We know.
Shri Mataji: And in the morning I think of you all.
The Sahaja Yogis: Thank You, Mother.
A Sahaja Yogi: Mother, one farewell poem.

In the morning having raised by the narrow path
I will ask o, Mother, let me hear Your call from the Highest Gospel.
Let me see the Highest Face of Immortality, a glance from the secret mansion.
My eyes are shining, my road is great, I cannot hesitate by my threshold.
“Take your path to the Heaven’s shelter
Fight the darkness till the morn
Loosing not the image Mine
Went on, My son, to the Truth of Light.
Don’t loose your strength in the faraway abyss
I will give the love to your heart
Please come back, my loving.”
(Sahaja Yogis say several times, “Jai Shri Mataji”)

Shri Mataji: You should write it down. You write it down, then we will translate it. All right, where is the poem that you have written? I’ll ask somebody to translate it. Yes, you write in the Russian language. In which way, in Ukraine language? Which language he used?
The Sahaja Yogi. I am from Mineralnye Vody, near Pyatigorsk, Caucasia.)
Shri Mataji: All right, just you write it down on a piece of paper and then I’ll get it translated, this also I’ll get it translated.
Beautiful handwriting.

The Sahaja Yogini: Can I also write my poem down?
Shri Mataji: (Reading a note) Why are you asking? Why you saying sorry?
Dr. Bohdan: I don’t know, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Is she ask for forgiveness? Ah?
Dr. Bohdan: Aha.
Shri Mataji: “Prostite” means “forgive”. Prostite.
Forgive. For what? The word “Prostite” I know, because I have to tell everywhere that you forgive, otherwise your Agnya will be bad. By this I learned that word “prostite”.
Galyna: Oh, You are speaking it Russian word very nice.
Shri Mataji: Prostite. (Shri Mataji laughs).
I My pronunciations is good in Russian language, they say so.
Galyna: Very well.
Shri Mataji: Because I can say “s” which pressures “ts”.
Dr. Bohdan (translates). I can speak good Russian, because I know all the sounds like “ts”, “dg”, “zh” in Marathi.
Shri Mataji: In Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a big tantristian men, tantristers, so you can say many words easily, tongue- twisters pronunciation can be good.
Thank you very much.
(Sahaja Yogis say several times, “Jai Shri Mataji”)
A Sahaja Yogini: We love You very much.
Shri Mataji: I also love you very much.
We have bought a house for you here, so I could stay in Russia.
(Dr. B. had missed the last words of Shri Mataji and could not translate it in Russian).
Shri Mataji: I said that I love you very much, because I bought this house for Myself, because I want to live in Russia with you people.
(Sahaja Yogis express their delight and ask Shri Mataji to come in Russia more frequently.)

Galyna: So, Kyiv ask You too.
Shri Mataji: Thanks.
Galyna: We invite You to Kyiv too, welcome to Kyiv!..
Shri Mataji: Oh, of course. I’ll take a house in Kyiv also. We must say it was something just miraculously I got this house. You can’t buy a house (here, in the USSR), very difficult. But somehow, we find this.
Galyna: We want to buy a house in Kyiv for You.
Shri Mataji: All right, but…under law, I don’t know under law [INAUDIBLE WORD]. It’s was that somebody gave Me. He left the country, gave Me, so I’m here. But it’s very difficult the law here, that the foreigner can not buy. But the only thing were that, you see, this law may change.
Galyna: Yes, there will be changes.
A Sahaja Yogini: Of course, but we don’t know for the better or for the worse.
Another Sahaja Yogini. Of course, for better, because Shri Mataji has arrived here.
Shri Mataji: Yes. I don’t know, but yesterday I came and they said all Gorbachev will be removed and all that, so I said, “I don’t know what happening now”.
Dr. Bohdan: Sorry, Mother.
Shri Mataji: I had yesterday came and they told Me that Gorbachev is removed. I don’t know what’s happening in this country, but we should all pray that every good thing should happen to this country now. We need something very good prosperity to come in.
Something good should happen, should happen, very good should happen, because you people have suffered a lot now, have enough of it. No more.

(Sahaja Yogis say, “Thank You” and “Jai Shri Mataji”).
Shri Mataji: May God bless you all.
All right, will see you for the program?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Thank you very much.
(Sahaja Yogis say several times, “Jai Shri Mataji”).
Shri Mataji: Just enjoy, enjoy yourself.

Notes from the transcriber:

1: Then the Chernobyl disaster took place 5 years ago.

2: It was the time when the USSR still existed and the Iron Curtain was there. Sahaja Yoga was very young then there (less then 2 years). See also the talk #0374 – 8/19/91 – Sheremetevo Airport. (Transcribers note)

3: See the talk #0374 – 8/19/91 – Sheremetevo Airport. (Transcribers note)