Eve Of Shri Krishna Puja, Evening Program and Talk: First, you master yourself

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening address before Krishna Puja. Cabella (Italy), 31 August 1991.

I’m really thankful to both of them, really, for one reason, you see, humour can say many things you cannot say otherwise. [Laughter] This is absolutely best way of saying things in which you feel embarrassed, isn’t it? But this shows that we should understand Sahaja Yoga, that unless and until we are quiet, unless and until we are in thoughtless awareness, we cannot grow. So, all these extreme behaviours cannot take you to the center.

I must admit that the marriage business sometimes really shocks Me the way some people are married to some people. I don’t know how it works out, but because very surprisingly somebody appears on the stage and now, we have no time to consult three hundred, what you call, the reports. And Yogi tells Me, “It’s all right, all right,” Then I say, “All right.” Because for the whole month he is behind Me with his file, you know, and showing Me names of the people who are to be married, this, that, and really, it’s quite confusing! And there are so many other things I’m doing at the same time, doesn’t matter.

Sometimes really it has made real blunders, I think such horrible blunders. And I suddenly discover them and then I’m surprised that most of them are the entries at the last minute, you see. And you don’t know what you’ve done. And everybody is in such a big mood of marriage. It’s impossible to tell them, “No, no, no, no, you can’t marry now, you haven’t given the-” because you see, they just come with such enthusiasm that you don’t know what to say. And sometimes you marry somebody at the last minute and they try to escape that. Also, it’s dangerous.

These last-minute marriages, I have told that now should be avoided, if possible. But some of them turn out to be very wonderful. These last-minute marriages, I must tell you there’s- we can say that, see this Madhuri and her husband Dave, absolutely last minute. But last than, I must tell you the last, more last or absolutely the last was our Giovanni and Sashiwala.

When Giovanni came, he was supposed to marry some girl, and this girl didn’t turn up. I think she- I don’t know what was the matter, she never turned up. Now he was whole ready, you see, in Marathi we say, “Gurgala bashing badun” [unsure] means that thing that you put on your head, his ‘bashing’, he’s so much in a hurry, that he tied it on his knees, you see. [Laughter].
With his mangal sutra and all that, he was there. I didn’t know what to do. He said, “Now, Mother, where’s my wife?” I said, “Now from where to get somebody for him?” So this Sashiwala, I don’t know, I was just thinking that Sahaj, something should happen, otherwise this fellow will collapse. “The boys have come now, they are here, where is my wife?” I said, “I don’t know, she was to come, I don’t know why she’s not come.” “No, where’s she?”

So, luckily this Sashiwala, I don’t know how she got this idea and she said, “Mother, can I get married now?” I said, “Now?” “Yes, I want to marry now.” So I said, ‘Should you not tell your parents?” “Doesn’t matter, in any case, they belong to some group which doesn’t want me to marry, I would like to marry someone.” So I said, “All right, there’s one Giovanni here, would you like to marry him?” “Yes, of course.” And Giovanni was in such an enthusiasm, he said, “Yes.” They are really an ideal couple, both of them are doing very well. And there was no sari available at that time. So I said, “All right,” I pulled out a sari from My couch and I said, “Now use this one.”

So we have had many spontaneous marriages, very spontaneous and they’ve been extremely beautiful and has not been a problem. And some problems have been were, they have been living together for years together, and as soon as they married, they come to Me, “Mother, can we divorce now?” This I can’t understand, they have lived together for years together!
So, it’s something [that] has to do with your previous lives, I personally think. These marriages have something to do with your previous lives. Maybe you might be wanting to marry somebody, hankering after someone, so that person had to be in your life to learn your lesson, whatever it is. But I just can’t understand because apparently whatever looks very nice then sometimes it really becomes very funny. And sometimes also we make mistakes like, I think Warren was the real culprit, the way he made mistakes, I mean, I can’t imagine.

Now Yogi is a hasty man. So if you find somebody on the stage standing, some girl standing there and he doesn’t know what to do, he has to marry her to someone like that. So like, you see, some boy suddenly refuses to marry someone or some girls do not like some boys, then you feel that they are in a mood of a marriage, you’d better get them married to someone like that. So there’s a mood in Sahaja Yoga, I’ve seen, people get into moods and things.

But the problem is like this in India we are built up from childhood that you’ll have your husband and this. So we don’t consider anybody as our husband or anything, we wait till our parents decide, “All right, this is all right”. Normally, girls never think of any husband. Boys also, I don’t think this love affair is there much in India. And then the parents decide for them that, “This is all right.” But we consult horoscopes, you see, but here we consult vibrations but there we consult horoscopes. And when horoscopes are all right, you see, like Babamama’s marriage, I must tell you.

There was a very well-known person to us. And his sister’s daughter was there to be married to him- I mean, there came, the proposal came for Babamama.

Now Babamama was much fatter than this at that time. And he had six friends who were even as fat as himself. And we had a huge big car, in that they all sat and went to see the girl. You know, that’s a custom in India. Now this girl, poor thing, she saw from the window six wrestlers coming down. [Laughter]. She got such a fright, she said, “Which one of them is going to be my husband?” So I went up and I told her that ‘such and such, this and this’. But, you see, but she said, “All right, if I have to marry this man, I will marry him. But you just tell me, you stand behind the person whom I have to marry because there are so many looking exactly the same.” [Laughter]. And that’s how the marriage took place.

But, you see, that was the first time they saw. Then he said, he asked Me, “Do you like the girl?” I said, “I like her very much.” And then I asked her, she just nodded her head. And the marriage was fixed at that moment.

So, you see, that’s another style, we think that our elders are much more – wiser and sensible. But in Sahaja Yoga sometimes, you know, we fail, I think, sometimes really, we are befooled by some negative things. And sometimes you get girls who are really not at all capable of getting married or I should say, not good, or boys like that. And it’s very shocking sometimes what happens. But this is due to the last-minute thing.

So now I’m going to think about it that only under some circumstances which are absolutely compelling, that you know about someone very well, and if such a person is let down, then it’s all right. But mostly, if you don’t know the person, and suddenly they come up, then one should not go with the spontaneous marriage.

But, you see, marriage is a thing for Indians, it is that it’s a, just like having a baby in the house, you see, just like that, it’s a part and parcel. So, they never think that, “All right, my wife has come, she’s short or she’s fair or dark,” nothing, “Now, she is my wife.” Like your child, like your child comes in, that’s it. So, this is what it is a marriage. This is the wife who has come and the husband is there. Husband is supposed to be a husband, wife is supposed to be a wife, finished. That’s a part of the family, we all live together.

And husband is supposed to protect the wife and the wife is supposed to look after the husband and all the family people and everyone. So, it is such a training morning till evening, you see, every day we see even- like Aradhana and Anupama, My grand-daughters and Shonu, all of them, I see them they are just training themselves, you see, automatically. So, when the marriage takes place, they take to it like a fish takes to water, it’s no problem with them.

But here the thing is that you have an idea that you must fall in love, when you fall ten times actually, and you really fall. So the marriage is regarded as some sort of a ‘shopping business’. That’s how it fails also. You see, once you’re married, just accept this is a part of your life, it’s from your destiny, it’s your life- previous lives things. Just accept the marriage, work it out. And we don’t even work out but they just work out. Many people say, “I’ll make it work.” I mean, how? Is it a machine or something that you make it work? It’s so artificial! That’s how if you take to marriage, in that way – a married couple has to know in Sahaja Yoga that they are married because they’re Sahaja Yogis. And they have to have children who are going to be great saints and Sahaja Yogis and great people. And then they have to develop their relationship in Sahaja Yoga in a proper way.

Now as I see, it’s correct that you say, “You’re left-sided, you’re right-sided. You’re this, you’re that”. But, you see, in Sahaja Yoga, you become actually the person who is a Vaishnava, the one who is in the center, Vishnu’s path. You are neither left nor right, you’re on Shri Krishna’s path. So how can you remain left or right? If you are left or right then you are no more a Sahaja Yogi.

Sahaja Yogis are – now see, look at Me: I would say that if you want to keep Me awake, I can keep awake for five days, if you want Me to sleep I can sleep for five days, under my command. If you want Me to sleep on the ground, I can sleep on the ground, I can sleep on the stones, and I need not sleep at all. Doesn’t make a difference to Me at all because I’m not at all bothered about my body or by my physical comfort. I don’t know what physical comfort means. So, you can do whatever you like. So, if you have to get up at six o’clock, I can get up at five, if you want. And I can, if you want, I can sleep at five also.

So the thing is, the body should be under our command, we should not be under the command of the body, both ways. But in a very left-sided person, it’s not only the body, also the emotions play a part.

But in the right-sided person, it’s his physical body itself is a jerky type, all the time jumping, jumping. You know, you take a child – nowadays they’re suffering from this disease that they want to go out, run here, run there, do this, do that, all the time, just like monkeys. So, they’re just roaming about. And they’re overactive and it’s a disease now, an overactivity is a disease. And nowadays, I think it will end up in that horrible stuff as you call as ‘yuppies disease’ and you just become like reptiles.
People have to carry you like you see, as they carry snakes or they carry fishes, like that. Your body becomes absolutely revolting against your conscious mind. So you can’t even walk, can’t even talk. So that’s one thing that happens.

And the second part is the lethargic people also, they cannot lift their legs, you see, they cannot sit on the ground, they cannot do this, they cannot keep awake. So these problems are so serious that they have to be finished off in Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. But if your body demands anything- now supposing your body demands that you should sleep. So you should say, “I’ll not sleep, now let me see what can you do?” You command your body, “What do you mean by yourself? Who are you to tell me to sleep at this time, sleep at that time?” That is how you’ve to master your body.

Like once I remember we had a transfer and we had no beds, nothing, and I thought better sleep on the ground because I could sleep anywhere and I had some pain in the body. I was amazed at myself, for one month I slept just on the cement, direct. Let me see, what is this body going to do? Then with the mind also. You see, the mind is also all the time wobbly, as like, they cannot sit at home, now they’ve come here, “Oh, let’s go out, look at this, look at that, let’s see this, let’s see that,” they can’t sit properly for five minutes together.

So, there should be contentment within yourself. You make Me sit in a room, I’ll sit comfortably for hours, ages. I would not like to go anywhere, to see this, to go round this, if I have to go, I will go. Otherwise, I’m contented. Just what is there to see this and see that? Now you go about this way, that way, run about. So this is also a mind of the right-sided person, who is all the time running away from this, running away from the house, running away from himself. So these extremes come in only when you are not in the center, when you are not yourself fully. When you are yourself, you really enjoy yourself fully, whether there is someone or not.

Now I was just thinking today that supposing any other Indian lady would have been in this big house, she had written a long letter to her husband that, “Oh, I’m so frightened here, there are bhoots looking at me from this side, and this and that”. And all kinds of things! Because I’ve seen such letters written, you see, by people and I used to be amazed what is there to be afraid? Because if you are in a big house also a small house, what does it matter? If it’s a big house, does it mean that it becomes bhootish? And if it’s a smaller house it doesn’t become bhootish? [Laughter] Like that, you see. So it’s all conditionings of the mind.

So, if you have the conditionings, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. There should be no conditioning. Now you’ve seen that by God’s grace, I have all the comforts in my family life, but to Me it makes no difference! Neither physical nor mental, nor emotional, nothing of the kind. Now so many people get very upset if they do something wrong like Marcus, Mr. Marcus, you see, turned out to be a funny fellow, doesn’t matter. He’s funny, that’s all, finished. I don’t feel much about it. People were very much disturbed, of course you feel more disturbed because he said something against Me. But to Me it doesn’t matter.

Now you start singing my praise, my ‘Jais’, sometimes, I don’t know if you are singing mine. All the time I think, yes you are singing somebody else jai, and sometimes I may join you, you see, it’s possible. I’ve to keep quiet, “No, no, no, It’s Me they are singing about.” I’ve to tell Myself, “It’s for Me”. So, there should not be any sort of a reaction, that’s the point. Niranjana, you should not react. You see something, just see it, don’t react. You hear something, you just hear, don’t react. If you can manage no reaction business, means you do not react on that, neither emotionally nor physically nor mentally. Then spiritually you’ll act, it works, that works.

Like Mr. Gorbachev’s problems, you see. I told them, “Give Me about two hours, just I’m going to sleep now.” Because when I sleep then all My attention is on one point. So I said, “All right, Gorbachev, come along, sleep now,” finished. Problem was solved. That’s how it works out. But when you sleep also you are dreaming, you are thinking about this, you are doing that, “Tomorrow, I’ve to get up for meditation”. Nothing, you just tell yourself, “Tomorrow there’s meditation,” finished. “That time will you get up? Four o’clock means four o’clock”. Now, for the whole day, today, I think, what time I got up? I don’t know. I got up very early, then everybody’s sleeping. Then again, I sleep, I don’t know what to do. Again, I get up and everybody’s fast asleep. “All right, let them sleep, doesn’t matter”. Then I say, “All right, call somebody, I’ll have some tea or something”. But what I’m saying that such a person is not troublesome to anyone. There’s no demand, nothing, everything’s fine, it’s all right.

But on the contrary, you do so much for Me that I don’t know what to do with Myself. Like I must thank you all the Swiss who brought such nice beautiful sheets and things for Me. I never knew what sort of sheets I was using, I never knew what sort of pillow case I had, nothing. Today she told Me they’ve brought the sheets. I said, “Really?” “This is from them.” I never knew what I was using.

So you see, not that I- I would not say that I don’t know about things. I know this sari when it was given to Me in what puja. I know from where it comes, I know the art. But what I don’t worry about is this, “Where is that thing gone? When is it this meticulously? Why this is not at ten o’clock? Why this?” No.

You can meditate any time. But four o’clock is the time, if that’s too much for you, but I should say, about six o’clock at these season things. Six o’clock is the time when, you see, you are away from the day’s problems because so much time has passed. And that’s the time when you are in a state where you are silent.
You are now getting up. Now supposing you have to go to work at seven. Then you must do your meditation by about five. So, five o’clock you get up whichever way you like. Then use five, at least you will get ten, fifteen minutes free when you’ll meditate. Because then you’ll have to get ready, you’ve to go.

So, one hour you take to get ready. Before that, if you can get up, I tell you, you’ll just practise it, it would be very helpful. It’s not that it is compulsory, “If you don’t meditate, you’ll go to hell,” nothing of the kind, Sahaja Yoga is not like that. Only, in Sahaja Yoga one thing is there, if you have to grow, then you have to meditate. And that’s the best time for individual meditation, for individual meditation. And that’s how one has to do it.

But in the West, I don’t know why getting up early in the morning is worse than giving them a corporal punishment, I think. But maybe because in India, the timings are such that we are used to that kind of life. And I always get up very early. Whatever time I may sleep, I get up early and then if I’ve to keep awake, I can keep awake. So, the body should be, you should be the master. You should be the master of your body. You should not try to rule. Now you would know that I’ll be very soon seventy years of age. Quite an old age it is supposed to be, you see. And still, if you make Me sit on the ground, I can sit for hours. If you want Me to sit on a thing, I can sit for hours. Sometimes I just sit on the ground just to allow the vibrations to go up. Many people can’t even sit on the ground at this age. They have pains here, pains there.

Of course, if you have pains over, so what? Doesn’t matter. You can see your pains. See, I’ve burnt my fingers yesterday. There was a blister, can you see that?
Babamama: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes. So, what I did, I put more oil and burnt it more. It’s settled down, little bit is still there but it will go back. It’s very simple thing, you see, you should do to your body.
You see, if it is trying to misbehave, all right, do it more. It’s paining there, repair it, more pain. So, that is how you can conquer your body. But if you want to become slave of your body, then you cannot be spiritual. Because of that, all these things come up. Like all these problems, I saw as you said it now between the two persons, it’s very obvious, shows that we are more concerned about each other than about ourselves.

We should be able to be ourselves, you see. If somebody says, “All right, sit here,” all right sit there, what is there? Nothing. What does it matter? It’s no so important. If somebody says, “All right, you don’t have your food,” all right we won’t have food, so what does it matter. I’m not going to die and even if I’m going to die, I’m going to die in any case, anyway, if that is the last.
So if you take an attitude, you see, which is not strictness for others but for yourself, then it works. Then it works out. And you can make your body your slave, you are now masters. Just make your bodies your slaves, don’t have to go to Himalayas, don’t have to do all those things, you can now. Because they could get their Realization, poor things went to the Himalayas, they stayed in the cold, they used to, I don’t know, most of them died also in that condition. You might be one of them possibly, those who did all those things.

So, in this lifetime you have to know that that’s the best time and whatever is good for our benevolence we should do, this wisdom we should have, because we are Sahaja Yogis. It’s for our good, for our benevolence, why shouldn’t we do? We’ve been seeking this, we’ve been doing this, we’ve been asking for this, we are born like this, and now we found it! So why not do it? But I’ve seen people, if they’ve to go to work, they’ll get up in the morning but if they’ve to go to meditation, they will not. Because of still the conditionings they have there. But once- the best way, I think, is to first of all, to get up in the morning. Some people say, “All right, tonight I’m going to sleep early so I’ll get up tomorrow morning,” you’ll never. I’ve tried that also. Because it’s good, that’s why I’m saying it. It’s not that compulsory, nothing of the kind. It’s good. You just try it, it’s good. That’s the best time that one can meditate.

Now supposing I’m travelling now, today here it is twelve o’clock, if I’m in Russia the twelve o’clock there is twelve o’clock for Me. Five o’clock there is five o’clock for Me. I don’t have this problem, I don’t have to worry about what is the time there or what is calculated now, nothing of the kind. When I’m there, it’s five o’clock, Russia all right, five o’clock. There at exactly five o’clock, I’m up.
So, what I’m trying to tell you is this, that you can master the time, you can master anything. But first, you master yourself. If you’ve not mastered your body, your mind and emotions, how can master? Master everything, you can master it, everything. You can stop the sun, you can stop the moon, you can stop the rain if you want to. You can do everything.
If you want, I can try something for you tomorrow. [Laughter] Even the moon will move with you! I’ve seen, I’ve shown people that when I move the moon moves. You see, they become your slaves absolutely your slaves because they respect you for the mastery you’ve shown.

So all what we are mastering are all elements within ourselves. And that is not to be done with force or anything, but dedication, I think, I would say. But for Me it comes just a matter of, what should I say, it’s part of My life, part of My life.

Now, Sahaja Yoga, I don’t need anything, it is a part of Me, I don’t need anything and I can sleep whenever I like after all, get up whenever I like, nothing. Food now, today I don’t think I had lunch, nothing. So, doesn’t matter, nothing important. Still I look fresh, I mean I feel fresh, I’m feeling all right. So this is the thing, we should now try to know we should master it.

Now yes, supposing you are fond of something, something you want to eat. Then you tell yourself, “Now you are not going to eat that.” Now say for you [Guido], you are fond of pasta.
[Laughter], poor Guido has been tortured for pasta. All right. So, you say that, “Somebody told me Guido didn’t like some pasta when he came to Milan”. So I thought, “Why he didn’t like?” I was eating the same pasta every day. Then I ate and I thought of it, “Ha!” I said, “See this pasta, they’ve not put olive oil but have put corn oil, raw corn oil.” All the time, I’ve been eating that, I’ve never thought like that. But when he didn’t eat, I thought that there must be something wrong. And this I do with My husband also. When he says, “This is not good to eat” then I put My attention to it to see why it’s not good to eat, because I’ve been drinking that throughout, you see. I never feel that there’s something wrong. I eat everything. So this is what it is that I’ve mastered my tongue. This tongue cannot trouble Me. What I want I will eat, jolly well it has to tolerate. This is what it is.

If you can master your tongue and master your eyes. Now the eyes are such, which are very powerful things, extremely powerful. And the feelings of the eyes are extremely powerful. But if you have artificial eyes, I mean, artificially you do things, artificially you – then the eyes have no power. Eyes have no power. If you should master your tongue, if you say anything, it may be wrong but it will come true. Truth will only come from it. So it is the same within the ears, you see. You have to master it in the sense that, “What? You’re talking like this? All right talk, I don’t mind.” So any amount of noise, I can sleep any hour. Only thing, what I don’t like [is] electrical light when I sleep. I’ve seen that I had no, these spectacles till about four, five years back, but with these lights the way you’re putting on Me, I had to do it. They’re artificial. So, because of these artificial things, if the body doesn’t like, it’s very good. That means the body is sensible. It is honest and it’s sensitive. It should not like artificial things. If it likes artificial things, then something’s wrong with the body. This is genuine, that the body is genuine, you see.

So, this is what we have to understand that sleep you must master. All right, you feel sleepy? Stand with a pole in the hand and don’t sleep. Let’s see that way. Now if you are feeling like eating too much, then don’t eat food at all. Once, I went for a massage some place, they said, “You’ll have to starve here.” I said, “All right, how many days?” He said, “About five, six.” “All right, I can starve any amount.” Sixteen days I just didn’t eat anything. They got a shock. They said, “Baba, please eat something, what’s the matter with you?” And others were stealing chapatis and ‘parathas’ from the shop and eat it. I said, “Why? Just I never even thought of food”.

So, you control your thoughts, “No, no, I’m not going to think about it, finished,” just thoughtless awareness. So this is- you see what happens is that we have become slaves of everything. Just think of it. You’re not master of anything. Now supposing you are getting late for the plane. So, people become [Shri Mataji mimes a stressed person] – I mean the aeroplane, you take the name of the airport, they go off up and down! I don’t understand what is the need. At the most, you’ll miss the plane, at the most! Which I never miss, which I never miss. So this is a conditioning in our own mind. So what?

But if you miss the meditation, it means something. So priorities change. Gradually when you start mastering yourself, the priorities change and you really become the master of the whole atmosphere, the whole of everything. But, I mean, I’m quite a master I must say in so many respects. But I never force my ideas on you, no. If I want, I can, I don’t. I allow you to grow the way you are. Because what’s the use? By my doing, if you do something, then how will you grow? It’s like using a computer instead of your mathematical brain, isn’t it? If by doing what I do, if I change you, then how will you grow? So, you have to do something. If you want, I can make you all get up at four, do meditation regularly, I can. That’s not good, you have free will. If you want, you do the meditation, if you don’t want, don’t do the meditation. So it’s something is to be respected is your freedom. But you must respect your ultimate freedom that you become the master.

Just the master. How you play the game is your style, that’s Shri Krishna’s. Like this buying this house, Cabella. There was a crook, you know, everybody who had fallen a thing to him. I didn’t know how to play, just now I said, “Let Me see, let Me see.” Ultimately the whole thing was discovered only five days before the Guru Puja, I bought this. Five days before, four days before- no, I saw it and four days before bought it. And three days before, we purchased this and one day before it was pitched in.

You can do anything, ask our Guido. Guido told Me that there are two ashrams available. I said, “All right, what have you done about it?” He said, “Nothing so far.” They said. So, I telephoned to him. He said, ”Mother, how will you do it?” “We’ll see.” And the plane did not go that day, went and bought both of them.

So, I mean, if you are a master, you see, if supposing you are a master of source, you can do whatever you like with that. But if you’re a master of everything, you can manage everything. Everything looks magical, but it’s not. Actually, you’re mastering.

Like we went to Germany, he said [showing Philippe], “Mother you must also buy something from Germany for puja. What’s the use of, sometimes you bought from Holland so why not from Germany?” I said, “This is such an expensive place all I try to avoid.” But still I was going round and round. And suddenly, we came to a point. I said, “Now see here.” In Germany, we bought things fifty percent less! Germany, can you believe it? [Laughter]. That too not the East, the West Germany. So, this is what happened. But, you see, you have to have the knack. And a master is not worried, you see? Master knows.

Let everybody play their cards, the master sits on the trump card, that’s the one. Then you’re so confident because you’re the master. But we don’t spend time in mastering ourselves, this is our trouble.

Now supposing, if this was the situation [Laughter]. Supposing! Now the husband is, say, right-sided, which I have very much. He’s very right-sided, all the time sees the time, like this, you see, all the time. I’ve played so many tricks with him now that he doesn’t now see the time much.

Like my daughter’s wedding was there, now this elder daughter, you see, they all came from Lucknow, all left-sided people. In Lucknow, if they invite you at ten o’clock you better go at six o’clock in the evening because by ten o’clock they would all be sleeping and snoring, you see. So, that sort of the people there are in Lucknow. My husband comes from the same Lucknow, [Hindi to Babamama]. But he is very right-sided, first class, first this, that. These people, poor things, came from Lucknow. So, he had arranged everything. Six o’clock the barbers will be ready to shave you, you see. So these people were still in bed. So barbers were there, you see, to shave them. In their beds, they were shaved. [Laughter].
See, imagine the boy’s side!
So, then they got up from their beds, poor things. Then they’re told that at eight o’clock will be the breakfast served. Rushed some or other, poor things, you see, to get up. They have never known such a thing, they’d never got up before ten in Lucknow. So, they rushed up, came there and all that, so much poor things, they thought, “We must show our efficiency, otherwise in Bombay, people will think why these lethargic people have come?” So they all tried to be very, very smart and this and that.

So, the marriage was fixed and the custom is that the girl has to take the garland and has to garland the boy, otherwise you cannot marry. So, the stage was fixed and my son-in-law was to come after a certain puja on the door and come there and the girl has to walk all the way and put the garland. It was all fixed, you see, set, so she was told, “You have to walk exactly at this time,” and told Me, “Keep your watch ready”. So, I kept my watch. And so, poor Kalpana started walking, and nobody on the stage! So, she looked back, she said, “Whom am I going to garland here?” I said, “Garland the chair now.” So, I brought her back.

What we discovered – immediately I knew what must have happened – that my son-in-law felt like going to the bathroom. And he was wearing those tight pants, you see, that they wear, this churidar, and they were pulling his churidar, poor man trying to go to the bathroom. She went up. She said, “Mummy, I don’t know what to do.” I said, “Take it easy.” C. P. was jumping here and there, he didn’t understand. I said, “Kalpana, you go back, stand there, I’ll bring Prabat.” Then Prabat came. It took over fifteen, twenty minutes, according to time. C. P. said, “So, You played some tricks again on me.” I said, “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

Like that, so you see, then I played tricks like this. Now he knows Me too well that I’m playing tricks and so now he doesn’t force Me to do. So this is what, if you’re a master, but in a very gentle and sweet manner you play the tricks. He told Me, “Now I know why you went to Russia”. “I know you know that, all right.” [inaudible] Now gradually he’s realized this is the master. But I don’t show like that. I am otherwise a very good housewife, all the time saying, “Yes sir, yes sir.” You see? But I’m not. [Laughter].

But if you are the master you can play, that’s what is Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is the master. He has the mastery, you see. All the mastery He had and that’s how He managed things. So that’s what I’m trying to say that you must master yourself. Instead of blaming anyone, instead of saying anything, just tell yourself, “Now I’m a Sahaja Yogi, come along, why am I here?” So the right-sided will become left, left will right and ultimately it will station out into the center. It’s like a pendulum we move. So this is what is a very good thing that you have shown, I’m very happy, but these problems exist. And actually, in Sahaja Yoga, nobody should be right-sided or left-sided. You’re all in the center, you’re all in the center. Because certain things like shoe-beating is such an embarrassing thing, you know. But you have to do it, you can’t help it if you have ego.
But this, all can be easily solved once you face yourself, just face yourself, “But this is me, not others, not others, not others”. Yourself, face yourself, “I’m like this, all right, I’ll see to it, I’ll put it right.” All right?

So now, they have decided to do everything, finish everything tonight and then they will do it. I would say if you want you can do it now, whatever it is. And if you feel sleepy tomorrow you can sleep also, doesn’t matter. Whenever you say, I will be ready to come.
[End of video]
May God bless you.

So tomorrow I’m going to talk about the master of masters whom I can master also. I can master that master also, all right?

May God bless you.