Shri Ganesha Puja: Shri Ganesha and His Qualities

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 15 September 1991.

Today is the happiest day for all of you, for the whole universe, because Shri Ganesha was created. He was created to emit auspiciousness through His ‘Chaitanya’ [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning Divine Vibrations]. First, the whole cosmos was filled with this ‘Chaitanyasrishti’ [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning creation of Divine Vibrations]. Then Brahma Deva came into play, and He created all the matter. But the greatest blessings of the Divine Power was to symbolize ‘Chaitanya’, and this Chaitanya has many aspects, but specially in Shri Ganesha, it is auspiciousness. In these modern times, people have lost the sense of auspiciousness. Everything that emits vibrations, ‘Chaitanya, is auspicious, is ‘Shubh’, and whatever does not, is not, by any chance, auspicious. So, first of all, whatever you worship, whatever you accept, all of them have to be auspicious things. Every shape has a coefficience and all these shapes, which you see, not neccessesarily give vibrations. But in the human beings, also, we find there are many people, like you, who have ‘Chaitnya’ flowing in them. But this ‘Chaitanya’ when it flows, we just take Shri Ganesha for granted. We do not understand that we have to awaken Shri Ganesha within us – means what? What we have to do? There is Shri Ganesha already existing within you and as I said that innocence cannot be lost, so Shri Ganesha is eternal being, eternal child – He cannot be lost and He cannot be destroyed. So, He is all the time there. Maybe some clouds of your ill doings are covering the great personality of innocence. But it is always there present. So now, what should we do to keep this Ganesha all the time shining within us? Is to first remember that you were made in the same pattern as Shri Ganesh. But His Kundalini is on His stomach; His pure desire is on His stomach – is very significant to understand why it is there that His Kundalini is on His stomach. That means He does not have to conquer the temptations of Mooladhara at all. But He has his Kundalini on His stomach – that means He is also beyond the temptations of food, of power or anything because His stomach represents absolute abandonment, absolute freedom. He is not bothered as to how He looks that… these days there is a big fashion that you cannot have a big belly. I mean this is becoming a big… not only fashion but a big business. But as age grows, you have to have. Even small children have that and they look so sweet. Those people who are very thin must understand that they might be getting some prizes in the, maybe, beauty contest or something, but they do not have that majesty, that royalty, that dignity in them as they should have. So Shri Ganesha accepts everything. He has a head with a trunk. He accepts it. Of course, is important – He should have that. Because, head of the elephant suggest that He is not like a human being who develops ego, superego, conditionings, but He is just all the time one with the Divine. He accepts His body, He accepts His head, He accepts His ears, He accepts everything that He is made of. He doesn’t aspire to something – some entrepreneurs put some ideas and He wouldn’t go run after them. He won’t try to change Himself; He won’t try to create that fashion and all that. He is what He is because He is a satisfied soul. The Kundalini on the stomach shows a complete, self contented, satisfied personality of Shri Ganesha. When you have all the powers within you, you know you are powerful, then you don’t hanker after all these things and you don’t try to make a position or an impression of others. For example, He would never go and read books like how to impress people – very common.

So now, as you are created in the same image of Shri Ganesh, you have to understand that you have to accept whatever God has given you; whatever position He has given you. Same with Christ – Christ accepted His father who was just a carpenter. He didn’t aspire for something higher or some sort of a special position or a power because He was so powerful – what more power can He have? Though people mocked at Him and laughed at Him and could not accept what He was saying, but still He was self-contented, self-satisfied; He knew what it was. So, for a Sahaja Yogi first thing is to be self-contented. As I told you, the fundamentals of the western life is to see and to be seen. Both things were missing completely in the incarnation of Shri Ganesh. So when I say these things, suddenly people start thinking, ‘Let us become hippies, or let us become punks, or let us become this, let us become that.’ You don’t have to become anything. Whatever you have – your body, your face, your hair – everything is there, just meant for you. You don’t have to change anything outwardly because inside is complete ‘Chaitanya’. Shri Ganesha never tried to change Himself. Though there were so many clouds on His being, though many people insulted Him, tortured Him, hanged Him, crucified Him, still the Eternal Being didn’t bother. So the first and foremost thing for a Sahaja Yogi is to accept, go on accepting things. But when I say accept, I must say the other side also: that doesn’t mean you start accepting bhoots, all the bad qualities of others. ‘Mother, you said you must accept,’ so they’ll start accepting all these bad qualities. ‘What’s wrong? You have said it already.’ Whatever I say has another side, always. Like I said, “Now you have become your own Guru.” So, ‘Why should we listen to anybody else?’ Like this, you see, we go on diverting ourselves… deviating ourselves from reality, just to cheat ourselves. And this comes because we have no wisdom. We have no wisdom because we do not know what is for our benevolence, what is for our good, what we should do for our good. And even if we know, we don’t want to do it. So, what we lack is wisdom. That’s a vicious circle, I must say, that Ganesha is to be awakened to give you wisdom – He is the giver of wisdom, He is the giver of wisdom – and He has to give you the wisdom, He is to be awakened; but you are not wise because He is not awakened. It’s a very vicious circle. How to make this vicious circle break? That let my wisdom shine in my attention. Let Shri Ganesha throw His light in my attention. Mentally you people are very alert, no doubt. And, you can always cheat yourself nicely. That’s the point where you could see yourself – introspection, which I have seen among Russians. Just introspect – ‘Why do I do like that? Why cannot I meditate? Am I going to miss out? Why can I not do something that is good for me?’ Introspection is the only way you can see yourself how far you are from Shri Ganesh. Even, I have seen, when I say something in general, people always – the mind is very clever – thinks that I am talking about somebody else, not about them. It’s a convex mind, convex, which never receives anything inside itself – because there is no wisdom. If you are wise, then not only that you will accept but you will understand and it will penetrate into your attention through your central nervous system. You just know that this is it. Now you know that this… you put your hand towards this candle, it… you’ll… your fingers might burn. You know it definitely, with experience, and you won’t do that. With experience you have learnt not to put hand… your hand on to the candle. And this wisdom is there; I don’t have to tell you that. But this is a new life you have started – a spiritual life. When you are going into the spiritual life, try to remember your experiences, one after another – how you got transformed; how you changed; how many the bad things that you had disappeared gradually and how you have become so nice. This will take away your depression – to begin with. Then you should think that, ‘what do I have to do further? Am I really wise, or I am stupid?’ There are lots of stages between absolute stupidity and absolute wisdom, and you see all those shades all over, and combinations and permutations of these I see every day. And I am surprised that after getting your self-realization, when Shri Ganesha is shining in your attention, you should see your reflection clearly and try to correct it. Only this much wisdom if you have that, ‘I have to work out my benevolence,’ you’ll do it. I know of somebody who would never get up in the mornings, say for example. But one day I saw him ready at about six o’clock in the morning – I was surprised. How this gentleman who has no self-discipline has suddenly get up… got up at six o’clock and ready to go somewhere. I said, “Where are you going?”

“You don’t know?”

I said, “What?”

“I have got a job now and I have to be present at 8 o’clock and it will take two hours to reach that place. Also, I am keeping some margin. So I have to leave now. I can’t talk to you even.”
Quite alert, awake. Now, what is the thing is as far as money is concerned, lot of wisdom is there. Don’t have to tell them – that is automatically. Money wisdom is quite a lot; job wisdom is quite a lot. Because, these things means prestige in the society, this means security in the society. So this kind of wisdom [? Or business] you find in many people and in some even that is missing. They don’t even understand that they have to earn their living. But, that’s the minimum – you cannot be parasite.

Then the second stage, as I said by many stages, is this: that we are not for money; money is for us. The attention if it is on your spirit, on the Ganesha principle, then whole situation will change. Your priorities will change. And suddenly people will say, “Mother, what has happened to this gentleman? He was a stupid fool, now he has become such a wise person.”

So, to awaken Shri Ganesha, you should have minimum wisdom already there. I mean, even if that is not there, how can you work it out? Is not meant for stupid people – ‘Moodhas’ – not meant for ‘Moodh’. So now what is our benevolence is? Let us see. Is it money? No. Those who have money don’t seem to be very happy people always. Then what is the next? Is jobs? Those who have jobs – all right; should have jobs; I am not saying you should be jobless. I mean immediately the another side they will take – I mean so quick, you know, that, ‘Mother is saying we [you?] can be jobless you see, nice.’ Immediate, escapes. Now, then the power – you want to have political power, this social power, this power, that power – is absolutely a joyless pursuit. You go and see those people who are supposed to be powerful, so called, half way they are towards hell, one foot there and one foot here and about to be gulped down by the crocodiles. You can see it clearly; Specially in this ‘Kaliyuga’ it’s so obvious, so clear-cut. We don’t want to be like them, we want to be like Shri Ganesh. So once you start accepting your circumstances – accepting your body, your… accepting your face, everything, you will see that lot of time will be saved.

The another problem that faces us is planning. And that is missing in Shri Ganesha completely. He did not do any planning whatsoever. I wish He had done some planning, things would have been much better. He doesn’t believe in planning because He is so powerful. Whatever He wants, He can get it done. You want the sun? All right the sun is there. You want the moon? Moon is there. You want the stars? Stars is there. The dust of His feet can create the whole universe – Universes after universes. For such a person, there is no need to be planning everything because whatever He wants happens. But why, why it happens? Why He has this power? – Because He is in that state. Are you in that state? You have not achieved that state. You talk (to) somebody… tell somebody that, “Oh my… I have to go and catch the plane.” There are ten people standing next to you, they’ll all get panicky. I have to go, and they are bothered; something sort of goes off their heads. I don’t know what goes, they go amuck. I never tell them like that. I say, “There’s still time for the plane to go, and don’t worry. When I reach there then the plane will leave and you don’t worry.” But because of this kind of a… presumptions, and the planning system of the mind, you just think that, ‘Now I have a plan to go today, I must go.’ Why? I wont go. I may decide at the last minute I don’t want to go. I’ll make the plane go away. We did that many a times, you know very well. I wanted to buy the Rome ‘Ashram’, so I saw to it that the plane never arrived. But you have to be in that state. Specially buying this Cabella, you know what happened. There were five great intellectuals on My head sitting. I didn’t know how I will manage these five intellectuals with all their planning, this, that; they made Me run up and down, do this and that, Ultimately they all had to come here. But I was telling them, “Go and have a look.” Nobody would look at it; nobody would listen to Me; nobody wanted to know about it. How things work out – is your pure desire that can work out anything that you want. But you won’t want funny things also. Like Shri Ganesha would not like to follow some entrepreneur who is saying, ‘Have a punk on your head,’ or something. Is stupidity, all kinds of stupidities. Because you are stupid, these entrepreneurs are having a good time; they can befool us all the time. At His state, He is Himself on top of the pure desire. The pure desire is on His stomach, tied up nicely.

It is to be seen in Sahaja Yoga how things work out, how miraculously they work out, and these can happen to you also. All these powers can come to you also. You know about some people who came to us who didn’t know even how to sing. I mean, they had no voices; something very funny they had – I mean I didn’t know from where they learnt to even talk. When they opened their mouths, if you were at one note, they were on another note and they went on and on and on without even listening to what they were singing. After some time, I find, they are singing beautifully. So the Kundalini itself is working it out; the pure desire is working it out, but what about you? What are you doing about it is to be seen. There are so many things that could be understood very easily through the lifestyle of Shri Ganesha. The first and foremost thing for Him is to obey His Mother – never to say no, no question, and also not to ask why. He will go and fight with all the Gods and Goddesses and every one. And that’s what Christ has said -‘Anything against Me I’ve tolerated but nothing against the Holy Ghost.’ There should be no question; there should be no explanation. Sometimes even My patience goes out, the way they do not want to accept what I am telling them. At the end, of course, they all come around, no doubt – at the end. But you waste so much time convincing them. What is the reason? They have no wisdom to know what their Mother is. Like, you know the story of Shri Ganesha that His Mother said, “The one who goes round the Mother Earth, I will give you a present.” So, Ganesha again accepts a little mouse as a transport – imagine. Nowadays people can’t believe it that Shri Ganesha – so powerful – should accept just a mouse for His transport. Because He is so humble; he doesn’t have to show off His Lincoln or Mercedes to anyone; He is very comfortable with His mouse. Now what does He do? He thinks that… He understands, in no time, that His Mother is much greater than the Mother Earth. ‘So why should I go round the Mother Earth?’ His brother is going round on a peacock. He just goes round His Mother – He gets the present. It’s such a simple thing to understand because He is the wisest person. The wisest person knows what is what, he knows who is who; he knows what are the qualities of these persons. He is not impressed by superficial things, no. If somebody is well dressed, then people get very much impressed by them, and they turn out to be bank robbers. Walking with umbrellas and lined suits, as if some big executives are coming, and they decamp with all the loot. So, for a wise person, the superficial behavior doesn’t appeal, not bothered. It is a kind of a very penetrating intelligence; just like a computer you know. In a second you know that what is this gentleman. Oh, he may come with a great, you see, ado and he might come and praise you and do this and do that and you know the person very well. If some body is unduly very friendly, very kind, very nice, not necessarily that he is really appreciating you but he is looking at your purse, maybe, maybe something else. But not only on this level, it is even on a spiritual level we have to understand – how people try to put you down spiritually; what they try… what tricks they try on you. It could be your husband, your wife, your children, your relations, your friends, anybody, any Sahaja Yogi. But in the case of Shri Ganesha, it’s the other way round. They say that if you put one apple, bad apple, all the apples get spoilt. But if you put Shri Ganesha among all the bad apples, they will get all right – because He is the life giving force. This is one of the greatest qualities that He knows that He is the source of life and He gives life, He gives Chaitanya. He doesn’t say… think that, ‘Now supposing I give Chaitanya, give life to this person, my ego will come up,’ – very common problem. “Mother I don’t want to do it because my ego will come up.” Everybody is psychoanalyzing themselves – ‘Because this will happen’; Baba, [a Hindi expression of a general exclamatory nature] you are all realized souls now; you are all saints. The false people are talking so big, and you the people who have got something are still thinking, ‘My ego will come up, this will happen’. No, no, you have the powers. But as you keep it under a major [?] – as Christ has said – the light will go out. You have to give it to others; you have to open it out. And that is how you will judge your state. ‘What is my state? – Let’s see. Where am I?’ That confidence, take it from Me, should be with you. All of you have to work out this way. Very… many, “Mother, my Mooladhara is caught up.” How dare anybody catch Mooladhar? That’s the anger of Shri Ganesha. How dare? How can anybody? What’s missing is complete faith in yourself and faith in your Mother. In Russia recently… in Prague, there was a lady who was brought on the stage, very old lady, couldn’t walk. I mean they just… just carried her and she came and sat before Me on a chair. She said, “I know you… I’ll be cured. I am in your presence; I know I will be cured.”
I said, “Then get up.”

She got up. Those who were with Me in Prague, you can ask them. She came down and she started running, and everybody laughed. But her faith – she was not a Sahaja Yogini as such – but she was sure; she knew Me. And she just started running like that and everybody started looking at her. Same thing happened in Russia for many people – very serious diseases. So that, one thing is for sure – either you don’t know that you are realized souls or else you don’t know Me, one of the two things. Why was He so obedient to His Mother? Why was He? – Because that was the wisest thing to do. The one who knows everything, it’s better to be guided by that person. And many a times, I have seen, people try to do things without telling Me – important things – they fall into traps. Then they come back to Me and I tell them the solution, it works. It’s not necessary that you should tell Me everything. But when you are in a fix, you can always just go into yourself and ask yourself, “What would Mother do?” You’ll get the answer. You are at a… quite a higher state. But still, even if you are on a tree and you are still thinking you are falling down, you are nowhere. Steady yourself. That’s what is, we say, the ‘Adhishthan’ of Shri Ganesha. Is the steadiness, steadiness in your achievements of Sahaj Yog. Believing in yourself that you have entered into the new world, into the new atmosphere [not clear] it out. Shri Ganesha is just waiting. But He is not meant for people who have no courage. Such a courageous man who could go and fight with all the Devas – because He knew the Shakti was with Him.

Today is such a joyous day for Me because we have children, and we are dealing with children. Most of them are born realized. They are of a very special category, I have told you many a times, but we spoil them. Because, we were not born realized. So we don’t know how to handle these special children – we spoil them. Not only we spoil them, but we interfere with the school, we interfere with this as if we are the wisest parents ever living [? Not clear]. Because we are Sahaja Yogis, we have to be much more sensible than other parents. How can you interfere with any school anywhere? But in Sahaja Yoga you will. It is because there is no wisdom, and no understanding what is good and benevolent for your child. If you love your child, then you must think of its benevolent. You must learn from the experience what happens to children if they are left like that. You cannot spoil your child; you cannot because it’s a special category of children they are. They are not children who can become vagabonds; they cannot become thieves. So you will make them something funny – they are neither here nor there. They are born realized and they have to be channelised properly, to achieve their complete manifestation of their spirit. So the possessiveness and the stupid attachments to children must be given up. There is no force on you – if you want to destroy your child, you can destroy. But in an advice – if you were Ganeshas, you would have understood it; I don’t have to explain so much. What is good for your child, because we have to have beautiful children. They are born beautiful children, I tell you. If they are spoilt, it is because of you. You have spoilt them. You have ruined them. You are responsible. I know of so many children – they are very very sweet. I have conference with them also and I find them much more congenial, and I have much better rapport with them than I can have with you. They never argue, never. They never says no, and they have very good information about all of you. So it is such a nice thing that today you should desire that our children should very soon become the images of Shri Ganesha, His Ganas, who have to work out so much. It’s a tremendous task. Sahaja Yoga is the greatest achievement of spiritual evolution. We all have to dedicate ourselves. We don’t have to sacrifice anything as the Saints have sacrificed – nothing, don’t have to suffer anything. Only thing you have to have – wisdom. For that, I am very happy that today we are worshipping Shri Ganesha. So the pure desire should be that, “Shri Ganesha please give us Divine Wisdom.” That’s all. It contains everything in it.

May God bless you.

Today’s Puja is going to be quite short and the children have to come up today, first of all – all the children.