2nd Day of Navaratri: You are the leaders

Palazzo Doria, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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1991-1009 2nd Day Of Navaratri Palazzo Doria Cabella Italy

So, today is the second day of Navaratri. I told you yesterday that first the auspiciousness and the holiness was created through the creation of Shri Ganesha. So that this World is fulfilled with auspiciousness and holiness.
We can see in the history that people in the olden times cared for auspiciousness and were afraid of God, they had fear for God and they didn’t challenge God at all. But gradually, the evil took over and so this auspiciousness and holiness started getting – not exhausted – but sleeping off. So Ganesha started sleeping, and as Ganesha sleeps, the people are not afraid of God. They think they can do what they like: what can God do, after all, who is He? We don’t see it. They also have no gratitude for what God has done for you. They have no gratitude about the blessings of this universe that he was created, all the beauty that God gave you because they’re ignorant and in ignorance they forget everything.

Now the problem started more when Ganesha started sleeping. With his power, people were afraid of God, they were righteous, they wanted to be good people, they didn’t want to commit sins, they didn’t want to do wrong things, they wanted to keep their attention clean and put attention to good things. Such people existed because you can see the temples, the big churches, the big mosques that were built in the name of God. And they didn’t have so much money, nothing but just out of devotion they did it. So, they had devotion for God.
Another side was that people like we can say, the people who were searching God, were trying to find out the ways and methods how they could reach God and there was such a big search. They didn’t want material things, they didn’t care for it. I mean, for them, it was too low to think of it. But gradually so, it happened that these simple needs of life became very complicated, then first they had started to fight with each other. And then when they fight with each other it was out of selfishness, it was all kind of uncollective temperament that they developed may be food, maybe some material things, all these things started crawling up into their ignorance. As a result, they became very blind and gradually they became sub-human, barbaric.

So, the second phase started where just after the vegetation and everything was created, the fire of the Mother Earth started coming out as an anger for these animals that they grew up, also were very-very dangerous type and were troublesome, who were – in the evolutionary process were very very big sized – very big sized things, but not intelligent. Extremely cruel and big sized animals. All these evolutionary processes start but before that, only the Mother Earth’s fire started burning the stone inside. Because as I told you first it was taken nearer the Sun, this Mother Earth, and then towards the Moon. So that the upper crust (The upper mantle of the Earth), though it was-it had become cooled down and it had formed ice and then it melted away into the water, still the inside, inside the ocean, the Mother Earth was very hot. And that She started coming out. And when this heat started coming it burned many trees and many stones, with that burning, carbon was formed.

Now, this carbon started absorbing all the gazes that were outside and purifying the atmosphere quite a lot. Plus, this carbon is the basis of our organic chemistry. So first the in-organic chemistry was there in the sense chemicals were produced and then with the carbon started the organic chemistry and that’s the beginning of life we should say because then nitrogen it started absorbing and they formed amino acids. These amino acids are the basis of life. So that is how the life started.
But the first life grew in the water and you know the whole evolutionary process how it took place in the second centre, Swadishthana which had created all the universes and all that, all around in the Mother Earth there was water and on that surface of Mother Earth life started growing then the evolutionary took place. Evolutionary process took place in this Bhavasagara, till we come to the human stage as I told you there were animals first who came up in the evolutionary process, they grew up and they grew very big then they had to become small, then they became very cunning, all kinds of things happened in the evolutionary process, left and right, right and left.

Ultimately a human being was created. He too was in the image – not of God at that time, but in the image of an animal because the animal has – hum, he has come from the animal stage, but God created later man into the image of Himself in the sense is, out of these barbaric models – we call them we call them half-man, half this thing, like you can say the monkeys becoming man. Then He created something – you can call it as Adam and Eve before, two models. So this was all done at that time, as you know that Adam and Eve are symbolic two personalities who wanted to know what is good and what is bad.
And because of this urge to find out, that we can find, we can, also in the search of God many people think there’s no need to have any advice from any Realized soul s, we can do it ourselves, what is the need to have Mother to tell us anything, we can do it ourselves. So they wanted to keep themselves on their own.
So God said: “All right, you go ahead.” And that’s how the circle started in the search of the truth. And as you know we are here today enlightened. So then enlightenment has come to you, ultimately, but one had to go through the desert, the darkness of ignorance and then come to this stage.

Then the state came in that we needed somebody to lead us, as somebody’s needed in the process of – you can call it the evolution, one fish came out and crawled and became a reptile, in the same way, you needed every time some leader to come out to raise you higher and higher and higher. So the first incarnation, I would say, was that of the Goddess. She was the first who came to lead people towards God. Because if you see in the Void, we have this chakra of Swadishthana and we have also the great Gurus, prophets who came to try to save human beings. But this was later. Before came the Goddess, to save people from all these ways of destruction. Some had become very evil people who were called as Rakshasas, devils and some were, had become good people.

Out of them then the Goddess created these great saints, they worshipped the Mother and they become great saints then became incarnations of saintliness. So the first incarnation that ever came was that of the Goddess. And we see, on the second Yuga that we can call, She came. She came before Shri Krishna, She came before Shri Rama and She saved people from getting drowned into Bhavasagara. This then created great saints and sages and Gurus who tried to save people.

We have Gurus who were very great, I should say saints and very evolved, but also we had some who were right-sided, who knew all kinds of Vedas, they knew all kinds of sciences, they knew all kinds of – you can call them the divine weapons and things like that. And we also had left-sided Gurus who believed in the devotion to God, like you can say Moses was there, Abraham, Moses, all these people came who were left-sided, Muhammad was there, one of the last ones you can say and then Nanaka [Sainath]. So came the devotion to God, devotion to the All-pervading Power started like this. So in this stage, that people tried to murder these great saints like Socrates, like we know everybody had to suffer so much because nobody in the collective liked saints or goodness or righteousness. That’s how we had fallen down so much at the time of Moses, you know what happened.

And all these things like “shariat” and all that has come from Moses, but the Muslims are following it. And that time it was such a bad decadent society that they had to use these methods of very strong punishment or banishment, you can call it, so that people were afraid not to do anything that is sinful or else. But now they’ve taken up by the Muslims, the Muslims are using that scripture there, they have no right, they are no saints, they’re not Gurus, nothing and they cannot use this. But they started using it.
But as you see our society, some of our Western societies, have really become very decadent and are going down. So now it is for us who are enlightened people to awaken others to reality to make them face up to recede that where are they? In the name of pleasures, enjoyment, indulgences, how they’re destroying themselves? You have to talk to them, you have to tell them, you have to awaken them and that’s why now we are going to protest also in Paris.

The basic thing we have to understand, that we have a very, very big responsibility. At the time when the Goddess incarnated, She had just to save people from the cruelties of these devils, that’s all. Because devils were on one side, Goddess was on another side. She was very powerful. She was killing all the devils and all demons. But now in modern times, it becomes a very delicate work because these devils have entered into the brains of all the sadhakas. I’ve seen even people who were born Realized were indulging into all kinds of wrong things because of the society. So many went to horrible Gurus and they had those bhoots in their heads. So, it’s a very intricate operation one has to perform to take out these things. And that lingers on and still, it puts doubts in their heads and also curbs your strength to fight it.

But as Sahaja Yogis, you have a tremendous responsibility and you must try to clear out yourself of all these conditionings, of all these wrong ideas that the society has spread so far.
So, one side the evolution went wrong, now it has gone down. The decadence has started, people are just getting ruined and living with unnatural things, with materialistic things and people are becoming extremely selfish also deceitful, not afraid of God. Even the priests, even the churches, even the temples, even the mosques, all these people who are representing God are crooked. They’re criminals, they’re not afraid of God.

So, the first thing one has to understand that if we are not afraid of God, we cannot work out. Human beings only work under two circumstances: one either fear, either there should be fear or there should be some temptation. Otherwise, nothing can work out. But the fear of God is the most important thing that we should not do anything that may displease God by any means. We have to be very, very careful on this point because first of all we are very complicated personalities, we’ve got these bhoots in our heads, we’ve got these ideas in our heads.
Like in Germany when first, I think, Grégoire went there and told them that, “You can’t have licentious life anymore, now you’re Sahaja Yogis “. They said,” Of course, we’re Sahaja Yogis that don’t mean we have given up our lives “. ” You have to. You have to change “. So, three hundred people went away from Sahaja Yoga, they wouldn’t [Inaudible] But then came in Mr Aids, they were all panicked by this. So, these warnings are coming to us.
Thinking too much, dominating others, right sidedness, now first time is leading you to yuppie stage. And in this stage, in this disease, outwardly nothing happens but you start reducing, you become like a reptile, people have to carry you on your back, just like a reptile, like a fish. Left-sided, you know already, you know the cancer and all these incurable diseases come from the left side.

So, this onslaught I would say, such a big attack of the negativity is more felt in Kali Yuga than anywhere before. Because now you have to think as to what is missing in our society, what we have to do about it, and that we have got luckily this Chaitanya with us. How can we help society? So, we have to widen our vision and think about it. It’s not this time that only the Goddess has to save you from the evil. It’s much more than that. She has given you powers. And these powers are to be used. Instead of that if you are still lurking with all these old things, how can you have the powers?

So, one of the Gurus, we should say one of the last Gurus was Mohammad Sahab and then Nanaka. And both of them have said one thing is you must surrender. Islam means surrender. You must surrender. But they don’t. I’ve seen people don’t surrender; they still stick onto things. Say, I told people you must put oil. They’ll not put oil. Because nobody puts oil so they’re not putting oil in their heads. Then they’ll become bald-headed, they come to me: “Mother we’ve lost our hair”. You put on oil! I’ve told you to put on oil. Why don’t you put on oil? They won’t just do anything because the rest of the people don’t put on oil, we should not put. You are not them; you are different. Try to understand you are not the other people. You are the leaders and you shouldn’t follow them, they should follow you.
Instead of that, you are following all the general opinion of the people and you want to live like them, then how can you be a saint? A saint lives like the way he has to live because he has the wisdom.

And that is what you have to understand, that all these ideas have gone into your head and it’s a very dedicate operation for Me. Even to tell you something. If I tell something to the ladies they’ll start crying. If I tell something to men, they’ll leave Sahaja Yoga as if they’re obliging Me, is wrong. What you have to do is that God has chosen you to be the leaders of the people. To be the leaders. Do you know you are going to be the leaders? And then how a leader should be? It should be a model. And that’s why in the Islam or in Nanaka, praises complete surrender. What you surrender is nothing but this Ego and these conditionings, these nonsensical ideas. And that you have to surrender. That’s very important and surprisingly how Mohammad has said that Islam is to surrender, must be the reason he must be knowing that now ego is going to overpower the left side.

We are not ordinary people. How many people know how to raise Kundalini? But still, I see people do not know on the feet where is the, where are the chakras are there. Simple, simple things they don’t know. I don’t know what time, where they spend their time, what do they talk.
The other day I asked these Indian girls what are the stones that are for all these. They didn’t know, I ‘m surprised, none of them knew. They’re Indians, I mean, I thought they should know all that. It’s all there, but they don’t know that. I don’t know what, morning till evening they’re talking but what do they talk? You should find out. It’s all I’ve said it, it’s all in the – in what you call it – on the tape, finished. That’s all. This knowledge should be in your brain and the vibrations should be in your hearts.

So, Navaratri is a big preparation. We have to know that the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga has to come into us, otherwise, why will people ask- think that you are saints? Nobody’s going to believe it that you are saints, in your behaviour, in your knowledge, in your dealing with others. In everything a Sahaja Yogi should be something outstanding. When I said, “You have become, you all have to become your own masters”. Then they use it the other way round. They tell the leader: “Now we have become our own masters”. It’s not the way.
So, the first thing is wisdom, wisdom to understand that we are Sahaja Yogis. Assume the power. Sometimes I feel as if a beggar is made a king supposing; still he doesn’t assume his position. Anybody coming he says, “Can you give me one penny?” Though he’s a king. Something like that.

Now you have to become the leaders of the world, all over the world and this is something to be assumed and felt. It’s not ego, it’s a reality. Because once you know that it is the reality you immediately change yourself. Immediately you will think that, “Now, what are we doing? How much do we know? We are the leaders, the responsibility’s ours”. If that is understood, you’ll be surprised that nothing is needed to work out your cleansing. Just automatically it will work, that’s My blessing to you. Accept it. But you must feel that, “I have to be all right”, you have to feel it.
The situation becomes helpless for Me. Sometimes, if I tell something to somebody they’ll start crying or they’ll run away from Sahaja Yoga. So, what am I to do? Should I leave you at the same stage as it is? Now, to save you from evil is not the same as to fight Mahishasura or Narakasura, not that way. Because Narakasura is also gone into your head and Mahishasura is also gone into your head.

So, the only thing one has to do is to understand, “There is this one in me, I ask that to get out”. Once you work it out that way, you are doing Navaratri itself. You have got powers, you have the knowledge, you know you can feel it. Just take out all these conditionings: we are something different. You are not ordinary people. You are something very special. And why should we, at all, behave like others or like the way others behave? You’re not like others.

And what a big thing you have, what a big knowledge you have! Look at Christ, He was alone. He talked about what he wanted to say to multitudes, he talked. He was crucified, still, He talked. Till the end. But He was knowledgeable and you might say that Mother he was an incarnation, all right. But in no way you are less now: you know how to raise the Kundalini, you know everything. You are my children.

So, I would suggest that to develop wisdom, you must meditate and be in the centre, so all these things will go away: just be away from this nonsense. In what atmosphere we live, what we do, it’s not important. We have to know that we are something exceptional.

All the Ganas, all the angels are just waiting- [end of recording].