Visit to Austria Programme and Departure

Vienna (Austria)

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Informal talk, visit to Austria, departure day, Vienna, 25/10/1991

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji ist so glücklich, dass Sie heute mit uns sein kann. [Shri Mataji is so happy that she can be with us today]
Shri Mataji: It is Hamid, you see, who managed everything.
You see, he said that: “Mother, I have come here, but I feel for all the Austrians that have not met you, they will have to meet you.” So I said: “It’s not easy; I have to have a visa.”
And then he said: “No Mother, you don’t require a visa in Austria.” I said: “You do require, I know that.”
Then I thought that, if his desire is so strong, and a desire of a Sahaja Yogi, it always masters me.
And so I said: “Let me see in the passport.” And amazingly [Applause]
And it was there till December 4th and multiple entry of the thing, nicely allowed.
And it’s, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was given in June! I don’t know how Austrian government gave me for six months with multiple entries. So also the tickets were done and everything was perfect and I’m here to see you all.

Actually your desires are very powerful. I have no desires, as you know. I told them a story about once it was a guru puja in India, and I said that, I mean, they said: “What should we give?” I said: “Give me just a shawl but no sari, nothing. And I would not take a sari.” And when I went there, you see, these ladies started saying: “Mother, we bought a sari for you and we have got also blouses made. Please take it.” And I said: “No.” I was strict, I said: “No. I had said, why did you spend so much money?” And they said: “Its a saffron colour, which will be only use for guru puja, so what’s the use? This that, also in Marathi, I said: “No, I will not, I will not take it.”
And before every puja, I go and wash my feet. I went into that bathroom which had a tap about so high as that, about four, four and a half feet. And as soon as I opened the tap, I got completely drenched, because the whole tap came into my hand. So, I didn’t know what to do, you see, I came back, alright I surrender, I’ll wear the sari for the puja. [Laughter]
[Shri Mataji is laughing]

So, you see, also the Deities are with you very much and they try to create situations, which are remarkable, in your favour. But you must have faith in yourself, that’s the important part. You must believe that you have got Realization. You must believe that you have become saints. You must believe that you have all the powers within you, which you have to manifest. All the powers, that are with the deities, can be yours. But deities are so confident. They would never doubt about themselves.
Now, you have had so many experiences of miracles. We have had photographs, you have seen, in the Brahmapuri, ne? [Hindi: is it?] In Brahmapuri. In the sky there was a rainbow. I said: “See, this is the rainbow that’s come”. A Rainbow was given by God to say that, that is a sign he’ll never destroy this world. And along the rainbow is my face, colored face there, nice pictured.
Then there is another photograph where Madonna has appeared before me. Also, the other day, we had miracle of channa cooking. I cooked channa in that, under the chimney. But they wouldn’t allow me to go to the kitchen, so I said: “Alright I’ll cook here”. And they all ate and ate and ate, still so much was left.
Then there were ten boys who came from Genova, after the program. I said: “Go and now eat all this”. And so a wee bit was left around the thing, around the pot. Next morning the whole thing was filled. They were surprised! They gave the whole day and also next day.
I said: “You put this pot now in the river otherwise it will be all the time full”.
[Shri Mataji is laughing]

Now, just see these flowers they gave me. Now the small are also growing big, so I can’t show. They were very, very small like this, these flowers. See how big they have become, and these smaller are now growing in front of them. But the best part is that the leaves started coming out in this one, see the flowers, they were very small just like these and see how big they have grown! And the leaves started coming out, see these new leaves are coming out.

So this is Chaitanya. This is all Pervading Power, which is so powerful, which understands everything, which organizes everything, creates everything. Above all, it loves you, and respects you, because you are saints. But you must respect yourself. That’s what I find, you don’t respect yourself as much as you should, as saints. The best way is, to understand Sahaja Yoga, is achieving thoughtless awareness. Through meditation you can achieve that state. That is the fourth dimension, we call it in Sanskrit “turya”, means the fourth dimension. In that dimension only, you grow. Spirituality grows only in that dimension.

Like at the animal stage, the intelligence grows up to a point. Then, human stage, it grows up to a point. But in the fourth dimension, you become entitled, endowed with powers. Powers of curing people, of creativity, of peace, witness state and above all, giving Realization to others. And the new dimension of Collective Consciousness, where you can feel other personality. So this is the fourth state, which we have to establish within ourselves.
Then the ideas coming to you, they are not through your mental activity, but from the Divine. And you are amazed at yourself, how you have achieved this. And so, one has to meditate and understand the idea is your own benevolence.

Some people get caught up, they have problems, they give problems to others. Then they have to get separated from the Collective. Like any patient who is suffering from some sort of a disease which will affect others, has to get out. And then, when it happens, that you are out, the badhas which are troubling you, leave- because they are not interested in you. And that’s how you get your freedom. And then you can come to Sahaja Yoga.
But Sahaja Yoga is not meant for hypocrites. If you are hypocrite and if you are doing things hypocritically, it will throw you out, somehow. Your heart has to be clean. Maybe there is something wrong with you, doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if, even you cannot meditate or you cannot achieve a state that you want to achieve. Only thing is, you should sincerely ask for your benevolence. We have to be very sincere to ourselves. If we are not sincere, then our attention will go here and there. We start worrying about others, their vibrations, their problems, we have to think about ourselves.

Now, also I have realized one thing, that people do things without telling their leaders, which is very dangerous. Like in France, there was one girl who got pregnant. And she went and took some antibiotic injections. She didn’t tell the leader, no one and have her husband also said: “Better not tell”. And the child was born with a very bad Agnya. Everything, I worked on her even during pregnancy, but still, I am a little worried about the child. Because such a child can get a bad heart, hole in the heart or something like that or he might also get lunacy, madness. So without asking the leader you should not, at all, do things which are not normal.

Like today, somebody told me she got a guest and the guest was like this and like that. And the person got caught up very badly. But you must ask the leaders about it, take their permission, then they can ask Me and then I can say: “Alright”. Otherwise, if you do like this, it’s going to be very dangerous for you. Because you must know there is negativity around and they will always try to attack.

Now we are all happily married, you have very nice children, and that you are having a nice married life, I am very happy to see your children. And that you are happy with each other is also a very great thing in Sahaja Yoga. Also, we have such pure relationships among ourselves, which is such a great sense of security. It generates great things. So, one has to understand that all the blessings are there in Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to go to Himalayas, and sit in the cold there, without any clothes. And you don’t have to go to Gobi desert. But one thing is definite, that you have to meditate. And also, tell everything to your leaders.

As it is, it’s a living process, so there cannot be any laws and regulations about it. It has to grow, you have to become. So for that, you must know one thing, that we cannot assert it, we cannot argue it, we cannot discuss it. We can just help it, by being meditative and collective.

In olden days, people used to go to Himalayas, and all that, to cleanse their chakras. But in Sahaja Yoga collectivity cleanses. If somebody is not collective, then he’d better go to Himalayas.
That’s the only way because, you see, only collective can really cure you and put you right, purify you. If you are not collective, it’s better you introspect, try to find out: “Why am I not collective, why am I like this?” Introspection will give you all answers. This is first judgement that you should have, you have to judge yourself. Second thing, I have to warn you: Those people, who speak against Me or Sahaja Yoga, you should have nothing to do with them. It’s written in the Shastras that anybody talks ill about your Guru, please put hands on your ears, like this.
[Shri Mataji puts her hands on her ears.]

Otherwise, one would get horrible diseases or one would go mad or something horrible can happen. So, if anybody talks ill about Sahaja Yoga, about which you are convinced, you just try to close your ears, have nothing to do with that person. I am just warning you, because not only you will be in trouble but your children would be in trouble. So, that is one of the conditions in Sahaja Yoga, that, then we are not responsible.
For example we had Hugo, if you know him, must have heard about Hugo in Munich, and he suddenly came down and said that I have become “Maha Mataji”. So they all got a fright and they said: “Alright, so we are going away”. So he said: “No, no, I can’t run this ashram, you stay here, it’s alright, you can stay here, but I will go away”. Then Thomas, who is an old Sahaja Yogi, he put his hands on his ears. So he went to another gentleman and he was talking to his wife against Sahaja Yoga and against Me. She got cancer and then she died. And also her husband got cancer and he died. Say, in your family somebody is there, who is talking against Me or Sahaja Yoga, just don’t have anything to do with that person, otherwise that you will catch on to some sort of a serious disease. It is as simple as this, that, when you are in Sahaja Yoga you are under the guidance of God Almighty. All the Deities are looking after you. This Paramchaitanya is like a beautiful cover on you. But if you get out of this, then you are caught by negativity. But negativity doesn’t harm that particular person so much, because it wants, you see, the negativity wants to use that person, so it won’t harm that. But anybody that person goes and meets, will be harmed. So we should not even think about such person, we should not even have anything to deal with this person.

There are so many things which we should be careful about. Otherwise you are all looked after very nice. There’s no problem, you are in the ocean of joy. If you have any such problem you should write to me directly also. But not in German language. [Laughter]
How many languages am I supposed to learn? So the best thing would be, you’d better learn English, it would be easier for me. If you listen to my tapes, I think, you’ll pick up very fast. I mean French are the most difficult, but they have done that. The Germans are not that difficult for languages.
For the future program is that we are having a Diwali puja. We have also invited some people from Eastern block, some people. And you know Cabella is still, that palace is still, like a dilapidated house. So we are working out, and also we have bought, I have bought the land, I have bought four acres of land very close, so we could also build a nice ashram for you. Because Cabella is already occupied by people now. So the best thing would be that, whenever you come you can stay in the ashram and we’ll make a good place for you. You will see that Cabella is something, a very unique, divine place. The vibrations are very good and people are very good and the atmosphere is very pure. And the river is also so beautiful, that I mean it cleanses people very fast, just, just like the river Ganges. So I am sure by next year, we’ll have something established.

But I’ll invite you now for Diwali and then for Indian tour. This time, as you know, India tour is going to start from Madras. And, because, you will see new temples and the new style of architecture and instead of music you will have dancing, classical Indian dance. Maybe also, by the way, some sort of a music program, but this is definite. Then you will be going to Hyderabad, Bangalore which is a nice city. And Hyderabad has got a big museum, called Salar, Salar Jung museum. [Shri Mataji repeats for the translator] Salar, Salar, Salar Jung, like a little, there’s a chair for a bird, as well as for an elephant, all the kinds of chairs. He was a great collector, and it’s a very marvelous museum. He has got also from western countries, he’s got lots of collections. Now he is no more. Yes, you see, he was the prime minister of our Nizam, and this Nizam was a most miserly person, but this Salar Jung took advantage of him and collected all these things and created this museum. [Shri Mataji repeats for the translator] Salar, Salar Jung. It’s a interesting place, you will like it. Then we will be going to Puna, we stay in Shere, then in Kohlapur, we’ll try to do, if possible, Brahmapuri, I don’t know, but we’ll have the seashores in Madras. And then to Ganapatipule.

But we are now going by train from Madras. We’ll be on the train till Puna. I hope you’ll enjoy your journey there. It won’t be worse than these horrible roads of Maharasthra. In Maharasthra is the worst roads in the whole of India. Because the chief minister only goes on collecting money and doesn’t do anything for the state. But now, thank God, he’s gone to the centre, let us see.

So this program will be starting from the fifth, but you should arrive earlier one day, I think, would be better on the fourth. So that you can rest and from fifth, sixth, seventh they have a very intensive program.

My coming here was so sudden, and without any knowledge about it. Actually, I had gone to do some shopping for this Diwali, for the presents for Diwali. And really, we got very nice things there [in Prague]. This time the Diwali will be done by the French. So you can also join. They are bringing all kinds of these fireworks and everything. And it’s going to be a very simple puja, because first they’ll have these villagers for tea party, on Saturday about say, three o’clock they’ll come and about till five. Then five o’clock they’ll have all these lights and things with the villagers, and also they’ll have these celebrations of fire like these fireworks. And after that there will be a puja, which is a small puja, it’s not very big, but I am sure you will all enjoy it very much. We are not inviting any musician so the whole Sunday night you can sing. And dance.

I hope you understand that, this ashram has to be built and that people should donate some money in that. I have never said that because my husband was working and I had money, even now, I mean I don’t say I don’t have money, but still I would not like to spend this money so much, partly I will do. Already I have purchased the land. And also for the, we can spend, but I would request you to understand that if we have to have an ashram, you all should donate some money for it. It can be done till Sahasrara Day, till Sahasrara Day. This is the first time, I think, I am saying it. Because last time they collected about 5000 pounds and I never sent it to India, because I found it very, very small. And I mixed my money and then sent it over. And with all that money we have paid also ashram in Delhi, then Vashi, Vaitharna, all these things, Shere. Shere and also Ganapatipule. So we bought the land, we did all these things, all this we have done, with my money, and with the money that we saved also, on India tour. Also with the Indian donations, which were quite large.

So now, you should all understand that, Ashram cannot be built by vibrations. [Laughter]
I hope you’ll make it convenient, for all of you, to just decide, and Indians as they do, when I told, when they were giving Me money I said: “No, I don’t want it just now, I don’t want it, for the beginning. Let Me first register, let Me have a, what you call, a proper trust, then only you donate”. So the whole year, they were saving money, saving money, and at the end of the year they gave me a lot of money, about 50,000 rupees, in those days, is very difficult.

So, I have to tell you that it’s important, because it’s such an important work we are doing. It is for the evolution of all the human beings. I feel sometimes, you are here, and there are so many, who are not here. And I feel sad, that why not these people also get their Realization? They are also my children, while you are all enjoying here and they are not. They don’t know what is joy. But if we establish ourselves as properly, as good ashrams, then things, I am sure things will work out fast. Because Ganesha settles down with that.
Now another very simple thing, I would like to say, that in Sahaja Yoga, as Hamid had told Me, they were discussing, whether somebody should go to the hospital or not. This kind of thing becomes mental activity. What you have to do, somebody is sick, just feel his vibrations, try to treat him. Now, if that person doesn’t get cured, tell him he can go to the hospital. But if he gets cured, well and good. So this is how it should be done. Not for these things, you should not waste your vibrations and go into mental activity. Because you don’t know, these vibrations are also very tricky. Then they’ll play games with you. So you don’t use them mentally. It is to be understood, that we have to go beyond mental activity.

So now, I think we are, you all must be very tired, because it’s very late now for you. I feel quite fresh, you see. So nice to see you all here. And also, I am thankful to all the Sahaja Yogis who came –
[Cut in the recording]

Sahaja Yogi [in German]: In the whole world the people are thinking of us because we have had to suffer so much because of this one man.
Shri Mataji: And when they will hear what has happened to him they will be very joyous, I am sure they will now, not be that angry. You see, so many people have done like that, but they have respect for Me, respect for Sahaja Yoga. They had to leave Sahaja Yoga, it’s alright, but they never showed disrespect to Me, never. Never talked against Me. So now, it is important, that we have this full faith in ourselves. Complete faith in ourselves. And then you will see the miracles that you can do.
May God bless you.

You have any problems?
Thoughtless Awareness.
May God bless you.
May God bless you.
Enjoy yourselves, enjoy.

See these flowers. These are actually Indian flowers you know? That’s surprising. They have fragrance.
Thank you for the flowers, thank you very much.

[Sahaja Yogis sing the three great Mantras]

May God bless you.
May God bless you all, may God bless you.
You can… They wanted to sing some songs.
Sahaja Yogi: Can we sing one or two songs?
Shri Mataji: Yes, by all means. You all can sing now. Why don’t you play on that? You can’t hear?
[Sahaja Yogis sing “Sitting in the heart of the universe”]
Shri Mataji: You can sing one more song, whatever you like, I am not tired.

[Sahaja Yogis sing “Joga wa” (Marathi 7)]

Shri Mataji: That’s the best. With this Kundalini is up there. You can feel yourself, now feel it here. Alright, up far.
Now give Bandhan I think the best is, give Bandhan to yourselves. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
There is no need to raise.
First you must raise your kundalini and then you must give Bandhan. Already they are up there.
But always, I see that, you people give, give the Bandhan first, and then raise the kundalini. No. First, raise the kundalini and then give a Bandhan. Means you reach that state, and then you give the Bandhan. Also when you bow down, you have to be properly, put both your hands like this when you bow down [palms towards the sky] not like this [closed], not like that [towards the side], but like this.
And put your forehead, Agnya, on the Mother Earth, not your head, not your Sahasrara. So it flows into your Sahasrara.
See, your vibrations.

Some of you feeling here [on the left hand]
Now put it up, like that also. [Shri Mataji, with her right hand, starts to take the vibrations from the back of the left hand and covers the palm of the left hand with them. She does it 5 times.]
Left side.
Now see.

Some of you feel it here. [on the right Swadishthan]
Take it out like that, [Shri Mataji grabs her right thumb, hugs it and pulls it with her left hand.]
Because of right side, right hand.

Now, such a love pouring.

When you take vibrations, I feel so much better, because I am relieved of them. So I must thank you for that.
Alright, may God bless you.
[Sahaja Yogis say: Bolo Yoga Nirupini, Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai!]
Shri Mataji: That’s a new name. And also say Yoga Shastra Adikarini, means the complete authority of Yoga Shastra, Yoga science.

Sahaja Yogi: Bolo Shri Yoga Shastra Adikarini, Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai!