Diwali Puja: Joy and Happiness

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Diwali Puja. Cabella Ligure, 10 November 1991.

Sorry, I had to say something before entering in, but it is good that it has happened because now I have to tell you some things important in life and that is specially for ladies, I have to tell this. I’ve noticed – of course, I am also a woman – that women have certain water powers of crying, weeping and, thinking they’re very miserable and making everybody miserable. This is their power. I’ve noticed this. I mean this song is the worst song you could sing on any day whatsoever, but it has come into somebody’s head, is very negative and not only that, but it shows a person who can never be happy and doesn’t want anybody to be happy. [Which song?]

So, inside every woman, there is a motherhood, there’s great capacities, sacrifice, everything is there. With that, they also should know they’re left-sided. And our joy about which we talk within our heart has to manifest outside. People should see that we are joyous, that we are happy people, that we are not like others who start crying for small things. Like when My father died, I was surprised that suddenly I became thoughtless, absolutely thoughtless. For about three days I was thoughtless. Neither the thought of pain or the thought of unhappiness or anything came up, but just thoughtless. And even I was surprised because I looked after him and, I mean, he was very attached to Me, very fond of me, everything was there. They were surprised how easily I became suddenly thoughtless.

So, if you are a Sahaja Yogini, then at the time of crisis you should become thoughtless. That’s one of the signs. I have seen with Myself, if there is any crisis in the family, I just become thoughtless. That means what? That God just takes you in your problems. He puts his hand, He puts His protection and He takes you out of it and makes you absolutely thoughtless. And in that thoughtless awareness you discover what is right, what is wrong.

So even in crisis, this thoughtless awareness is all the time extremely alert. It becomes much more alert than normal. That’s the sign of a Sahaja Yogi and sign of Sahaja Yogini. But I’ve noticed it, very surprisingly, specially with French, Indian girls, who came here. I was shocked that they were very left-sided, crying type, nonsensical and to hear this song again I was surprised, “How could they sing such a song from France?” As it is, France, you know, the problem is they drink such a lot. I’m sorry today the French have done this beautiful thing, but I better tell. Now when they drink, they think they are very happy, they’re very joyous, but you know how long it lasts? It just finishes off and they suffer. But as a result of drinking, they become very left-sided and if you see a Frenchman, he’s always unhappy. Even to say that he’s happy, he feels shy because people will think he is ignoramus. So he should be a miserable person – “Les Misérables”. If he’s not, then he’s not French. We are not. We are in the Kingdom of God. In no way we are unhappy, in no way. Some things happen in life after all. Life is such. Somebody has to die. Everybody doesn’t die together. Imagine everybody dies. What will happen to people? Who will bury us? I mean, think of if you are all born together, who’ll deliver us?

So everybody who is born has to die, but the way they have made the death as some sort of a big part of life. It’s just a moment, just a moment that you pass out and you go and change and come back again. But in this life, if you have to do anything, is to enjoy.

So, for that, their philosophy is that you should go to pubs because, God knows, when we die what will happen. So they use it in the other way. This is English. I’m not saying the French. But in India, when somebody die, they get bands and all kinds of music and they go on playing in front of the dead body. And why they play? Because if there are bhoots or anything, they will all run away. Also that you should not feel sad. Accept what God has done for you is for your good. And then they have a big dinner, one day after tenth or thirteenth day, very big dinner has to be given. It’s very surprising, you know, that country which is so poor, such a problem. If the father dies, then the whole family becomes like an orphan, orphanage. Despite all that, they don’t wear any black dress, otherwise I have seen here people wearing black dresses. And a lady was very upset. She said, “The bank will open at ten o’clock and I have to go to the funeral and my ornaments are in the bank.” But I said, “But ornaments you don’t wear for a funeral, do you?” “No, no, I have my special ones. You know, I have got very nice dark, black ones.” I said – and the best part of it, the day they die they must have champagne. When the person dies – champagne. When they come back home, they must have lunch and a big party.

So it’s such a contradictory life that we have been because in Christian religion they have not said much about the death. I mean, Christ, if they had allowed Him to live, He would have talked about it. But He has said that Spirit is eternal. He has talked of reincarnation, no doubt, but those people didn’t tell about this.

So death means now that that man is lost forever. Or this life is lost for God. Then we hang in the limbo or we hang somewhere else. We never come back. This is absolutely wrong. It’s not so.

So what you have to achieve in this lifetime, the highest thing is your ascent and your position in the Kingdom of God. For – especially for ladies, I have to tell you because, you see, reading all these tragic things all over, so many tragedies are brought up, this Greek tragedy, this tragedy, that tragedy. It just starts working in the nerves of the ladies. If somebody says the slightest thing, it becomes like a bombshell. They just start behaving as if “Oh, my God, what has happened? He should not have said this to me.” But what we do to ourselves, we should see first. What harm we do to ourselves, we never cry for that. You have seen how in the West women have ruined themselves. They never cry for that – never, never. But they cry if somebody says even a little word to them. Of course, in India also. But there are very sensible women, otherwise, I have seen in the East and West who have a great sense of bearing, a majestic attitude towards life. Like an elephant is walking and the dogs are barking, so what does it matter? That majesty comes when inside you have that joy. “Nobody can make me unhappy.” This is – should be the principle. “Nothing can make me unhappy.” Otherwise, you start moving towards the left side. When a lady starts crying and a man starts going to the left and suddenly you find ten bhoots sitting on him. How does he get it? “I’ve never been to a cemetery. I’ve never been to any such place, Mother. I never saw anybody dying.” “Then how did you get bhootish?” “I never went to any guru.” See the wife. Wife is a crying doll. For everything she cries. If you don’t do this, cry. This is another kind of ego expression, I tell you – this crying business.

So today I want to have a promise from all of you that you are not going to cry at all. Instead of flowers, you just give me this flower of promise. I never cry. Of course, sometimes Sandra karuna, one tear or two tears might come out of My – after all, I’m a mother. But not like this – sitting, crying, crying, becoming hysterics. You must have your dignity. You are all Sahaja Yoginis. Don’t read any book which talks of crying, but books which are deep also make you feel very much touched. You feel like crying, it’s all right. In the cinema they see a woman torturing her husband, then they will cry. At home they’ll come and torture the husband. What’s the use? I’ve seen many like that. In the cinema they’ll be crying. When it is somebody else, they feel the pain. When it is themselves, they never see what they are doing.

So My one demand today is that you must not cry. Now you are in the Kingdom of God and in the Kingdom of God you do not cry. Now we had All Saints Day. We had this, that. They used to do all in India also they have nonsense like that. All right, give them their due, but you don’t celebrate by crying. That is one sign that you are really joyous. I mean, what a song to hear and I was shocked. Who suggested the song? Can I ask the culprit? I know that must have been an Indian woman. Has to be.

[Speaks in Hindi.]

So look at these beautiful things that they have created. If there was no beauty within themselves, they would have been sitting and crying. What else? Of course, those people are beautiful – they never cry. Maybe crocodile tears sometimes, just to show off, but inside they don’t cry because they’re so confident. They enjoy their beauty. They enjoy their glory. They enjoy themselves. Why should they cry? What is the need? And such wasted tears are of no use.

So it is today we are here to enjoy our joy, our Atmananda, Nirananda and Paramananda. All these we are here to enjoy, which are of eternal value. You have to understand that now believe that you are in the Kingdom of God and all the subtle beauties of your being are going to be opened out to you. You are going to see yourself all the beauty. But here, if your eyes are already closed, if your heart is already closed and you don’t want to see something that’s so beautiful, how can I say what a beautiful thing they have made? Is a very important thing in life, is to have a very positive attitude. For Sahaja Yoga also. In Sahaja Yoga we have to develop ourselves within. But that’s not so. People will say, “My mother is sick, my father is sick, my brother is sick, my this thing, that one is sick.” First – first thing is this. I mean, sometimes I used to think that I’ll have to just start a hospital instead of an ashram. Then the second is “My husband is like this. My children are like this. My this thing is like that.” This “my my my” is not you. What are you? You are a Sahaja Yogini and in Sahaj you have to know that you have all the proofs, everything before you to know that you are a Sahaja Yogi.

Now if I know that I am Adi Shakti, supposing – if I know I am Adi Shakti, then I know, then I don’t have to ask any help from anybody. After all, I am Adi Shakti. I am suppose to do everything. That’s My job because I have that power and I have that power, just sahaj, I have that power with Me. So I have to do it. Now, I can also say I’m a woman. I should sit down and cry. No, I have no right. I cannot do it, even if I want to. My job is to encourage you to tell you about your inner subtleties, your beauty.

Now do you know what beautiful thing you are? Let us talk about our inner beauty. What are we? Are we all these mad people? Are we all these people who are all the time are miserable? Or are we all these people who are always fighting, those who are hankering after things, who this matter dominates? No, we are the Spirit. We are the Spirit. We are the reflection of God Almighty, which is Purity, which is Truth, which is Knowledge. We are that. We are not like ordinary people.

How can we live on that level? Only if you are possessed, if you had a bad guru or something like that, maybe you are going like a yo-yo, going up and down, up and down, up and down, but those who have crossed all those limits have reached that state, should value that they are the Spirit – so many Spirits sitting here, sitting, reflecting God Almighty. I am such a proud mother and all of you are capable of enlightening so many people in this world. But the beauty within you is that you are absolutely independent of anybody else. You depend only upon yourself, upon the source of your Spirit, the joy of your Spirit. You don’t expect others to give you joy.

Supposing somebody tomorrow comes and abuses Me. I’ll say, “All right. It doesn’t matter.” never touches Me because I am with Myself. He is saying these things. He will suffer or not suffer. That’s not My department. When you start depending only upon yourself, just imagine a house which is standing on rocks. Like that, you are. Try to feel it. Feel the rock within you. Try to understand. You are not going to behave like other people. It’s all right, people who have built their houses on sands have to worry. Not we. We have built on rocks.

So we have to be very courageous. You have to be very bold. At the same time, extremely humble. When the tree is laden with fruits it bends down. So we worship the Mother Earth. We worship the sun. We worship the moon. You worship everything around us which has helped us. We worship our parents, everyone. But above all we worship ourselves. Because we are worshipable. Now all of you have become saints. That doesn’t mean that you develop beards and have all funny dresses and all that. Nothing. You are saints because inside you there is the fragrance of – beautiful fragrance of your lotus. That’s the Spirit. This is a lotus you have made for Me here. Such a beautiful lotus, I am sitting in a beautiful lotus. In the same way is reflected in your heart as a beautiful lotus. Feel that lotus, how beautiful, how delicate. It’s pink because pink is the lotus which invites everyone, sign of generosity, of invitation. Pink colour attracts all kinds of insects, everybody.

So lotus is pink and it invites everything, open to everything, not frightened of everything. But it comes out of the mire, comes out of absolutely horrible ponds. There are lots of worms going round it, all right, but it emits the fragrance and makes the whole pond so beautiful. That’s what you are. Wherever you’ll be, you can create that beauty. You can flow that beauty. You can make people see what a Spiritual person is. You are the reflector of Sahaja Yoga, not Me. You have to reflect Sahaj Yoga. For such people are always in joy and wisdom.

Shri Ganesha is the giver of wisdom – wisdom, how to behave at what time, how to say at what time, how far to go with everything. It just should become innate, Sahaj. You don’t have to work it out, but just know. “I am a Sahaja Yogini.” Every morning you should tell yourself, “I am a Sahaja Yogini. So how far I should go? How should I behave? What should be my attitude?” All this can be very easily understood if you develop this lotus of wisdom. How does a lotus come out? There is a seed which sprouts. That’s how the wisdom – there is already the seed within you. All of you have got and now it has started opening because you are realized souls. Allow your wisdom to take over.

So how do you do it? There’s one way, I would say. “Supposing Mother had this problem, what She would have done?” – a very good idea. “How She would have dealt with it?” You may again say that we don’t understand Mother’s style. She’s full of tricks. Correct. I am. But there’s a very simple way of doing it. You can surrender to My wisdom and the wisdom itself that is in you is active. It will work. This point also you should understand. Wisdom within you is active. There was one gentleman working at the airport in London. He’s a Sahaja Yogi, but he doesn’t come to the collective. he has no time. So somebody said something harsh to him. He went home and he said that “It’s not good he said to me. After all, I’m a Sahaja Yogi.” And next day he heard the fellow has fallen from his bike. The gentleman might not have understood that “He said all these things, that’s why this has happened to me.” But he knew because Deities are with you.

So in wisdom you understand that all the Deities are just with you and whatever happens to you, they’re before you. Nobody can harm you. Nobody can touch you. You are so protected. Lotuses are not protected. You are so protected that anybody tries to harm you, immediately there’s protection. Also your own protection is there, as I said, that you jump into thoughtless awareness.

We harm ourselves more than anybody else can sometimes. One friend of mine I knew, she was from very childhood she was like that, always crying for everything. Always she used to cry for nothing at all because she was such a spoiled child that she used to always cry. Now, was surprised to see at a very young age she became blind. I said, “How did you become so blind?” She had to use a very thick glass and all that. She said, “I used to cry so much, you remember.” I said, “That I remember, but did you cry even after school.” “Yes, I was always crying like this.”

So it’s a kind of a personality you develop that “I’m like that, I just cry.” But why not develop a personality that, “I am always in joy?” Anything I see, I feel joyous. Anything I hear, I feel joy. Then this lotus of your fragrance will improve and then activity of your wisdom will be that you will take all that is very beautiful easily. You’ll get all that is very satisfying, very joyous. It’s kind of an activity of this wisdom within you which just leads you to people who are extremely nice, to situations which are very beautiful where you discover nice things or to such beautiful creations that you would never expect to see. It’s very, very important to understand that you tell Me, “Mother, that this miracle happened, that miracle happened.” Is nothing, is your own wisdom, your own Spirit is working it out. You don’t have to do anything. Only thing you have to remember that you are a Sahaja Yogini and your character should be that of a Sahaja Yogini, that your ideas should be that of a Sahaja Yogini. Same with Sahaja Yogis. Sahaja Yogis, being men, they don’t show much, but there are certain other ways of showing his temper. They get into tempers and sometimes the tempers are so much that you just start looking, “What’s the matter with the person?” One side the tempers, another side the crying. I mean, in between, what remains? I don’t know. Both things are absolutely not needed. You have to correct people, to say things. Just now I had to say something. I’ve said it, finished. But it’s not anger. It just – I have to act. The difference is like this – I’m not involved with it. Even if I cry, I’m not involved. I’m just crying. Even if I am angry, I am not really angry. I am just trying to be angry in an acting. That’s what happens. You do not get involved into it. But if you get involved into your anger, then the joy is finished, completely finished.

Some people think also that if you are joyous you have to be very serious. Not at all. What is there to be serious? What is to be serious in this world? Everything is stupidity. I don’t find anything serious in this world. And I can’t keep serious for more than three minutes. Sometimes people take advantage of that, but what can I do? That’s My nature. What’s so serious? You don’t have to create sun. You don’t have to create moon. You don’t have to create Mother Earth. What’s so serious? What great jobs have you to do? Everything is there for you. Just enjoy. What is there to be so serious? Some people, you know, try to impress also by their seriousness. Once I saw a lady standing, very seriously thinking. I said, “What is the problem?” “I don’t know how to broom this thing. See, I don’t have a broom.” I said, “Such a big problem is there as if the heavens are falling. Doesn’t matter today you don’t do it. You can do it tomorrow. What is so important?” I mean if you don’t have something, it’s all right. “No, no, no, I must do it. You see, I’m very house-proud.” I said, “That’s the main problem which is serious.”

So because you suffer from some serious, stupid problems, that’s why you become serious. And, by becoming serious, if you think your problems will be solved., they will not. At the same time, I must tell you we should not be frivolous. We should not be vulgar and not frivolous. That’s not – see these flowers. Look at them. They are shaking with My vibrations. But look at them, in their own dignity. They’re going to die tomorrow. They are not bothered as long as they are all right there in their own place, giving you pleasure and happiness, finished. What is the use of a light? Let us see, as a light, as we are. To give the light.

So, we are here to give joy, happiness to everyone, to make everyone happy. There are so many ways of making others happy. And for that, we have to learn also. So many things we have to learn, how to make others happy. And then when you make them happy, then you feel that joy within yourself. “Oh, they’re so happy.” See their happiness, then only this lotus opens out much more. Like a ripple moves and moves to the end of the shores and then from the shore it returns back. In the same way, when your joy reaches the joy of others, then the ripples that come up make a beautiful pattern of your eye.

Just think of such situations where you did something good to others, being very nice to others and then you found the joy in that person and how that joy came back to you. Think of that pattern that you felt so subtlety in your life, how it is built in. Whenever you think of that time or that moment or that area, whole picture comes to you and you think, “What a time.” But that time is eternally within you, all the time and that’s why is Diwali is so important.

You are all, as I said, you are My light. And the light is there which is an eternal light. These lights will be finished. We’ll have to light them every year. Not you people. You have eternal light and this light is going to spread Joy. What’s the problem of this world? The whole problem, you take it. There’s no joy. Simple as that – there’s no joy. If they had joy, they would not have done all these nonsensical things. There’s no joy. When you have joy, you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to do anything that is harmful. You don’t want to say anything after anyone, not only that but you do not want to have something that will spoil this Mother Earth or which will bring ecological problem. No, you just don’t want it, don’t want to do anything because it harms harms others. People feel unhappy about it whether it is here, India, anywhere. You just feel that “Why should I do such a thing which is not so congenial to others?” I mean, it’s not joy-giving.

So when you have joy, you have to be joy-giving and if you are not joy-giving that means there’s something lacking in your Sahaja Yoga and that’s why we have to come up now. We have to become Sahaja Yoginis, Sahaja Yogis. That is joy-giving society. We can change our name, if you like. If Sahaja Yoga is not good – Joy Giving Association.

Now also we should find out what kills the joy. That’s important. What kills the joy? First I said you must have wisdom. Wisdom means that it gives you detachment, detachment from all that is selfishness, self-centredness, self-obsession, ego – all connected with self. Can you imagine?
Selfishness, the Self, means the Spirit. Selfishness is what? Is the one that completely darkens the Self because you think of yourself, your children, your family, that’s all, at the most, even that sometimes – sometimes it’s only yourself.
And when you start thinking like that I mean you start becoming smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, the lotus collapses. But to think about others is so great. In My case is different. If I think about Myself really, I tell you, I feel very happy, nice, joyous, I must tell you, I must confess. [laughs]
But some people I think of, immediately My chakra start catching and I feel, “Oh, God, why did I think of such a person?” I mean, that chakra start moving fast for that person. But this body is so generous that you can’t imagine even if I see somebody, suddenly the chakras start working for that as if I’m responsible for everybody’s chakras which are gone off – which I am in a way, but to such an extent. But still I think about people who are in trouble, about every one of you. Why? Why do I think? Because I know that if I can improve your chakras, you’ll be happy. I don’t have to logically go to that point, but just My body knows it. It works. It works and feels very happy. When I see somebody getting their Realisation it’s such a great joy to Me. When I see somebody being relieved of the problem, such a joy to Me because joy-giving is the character, nature of Spirit.
If you do not allow your Spirit to fulfil its own nature and its own character, Spirit is not going to manifest itself. So you are the vehicle. You are the lamp, you can say, as far as body, mind is concerned. But this light of Spirit, if it has to manifest, then it has to be of a very unique type that it emits all its light outside. It gives light to others. And this light-giving quality, you have to improve. Gradually you’ll be surprised, only if you try in your life, in your relationships, in your endeavours, to give light to others, to make their lives better, not to show off, not to be egotistical, but in a very loving, beautiful manner, you’ll really understand that you are the Spirit because Spirit loves. It loves. And in love you are forgiving, very forgiving. Sometimes, you know, leaders get angry with Me that I’m rather forgiving. What can I do? That’s My nature. I can’t help it. Because I love, you know. If you love a person, you do forgive. You don’t feel bad. Not to forgive is difficult, but to forgive is the best. At least, when you forgive there’s no headache for you.

So this Love, which is Joy actually, I think, when this love melts and flows like a river and gives nourishment to all the surrounding trees on the shores, that is the time, is the completion of the individuality or a personality of that love and that’s the time, it feels fulfilled. It’s not just that you have a light in the corner, but it has to flow. It has to move. It has to nourish. Love is not something dead, like a stone. When it melts, it encompasses everything and everything becomes very beautiful with that.
So you have to first understand that life is for giving joy to others because you are now saints and your light has to give Joy. Little bit you have to bear as you have powers to bear. You have all the powers and so I wish you good luck for the next year and great prosperity.

May God bless you.