Dyan Ki Avashakta, On meditation

New Delhi (India)

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Need of meditation 

New Delhi (India), 27 November 1991

Today, I have met you all after a long time and we should all understand about Sahaj yoga. Sahaj yoga has evolved for the benefit of whole world. And you all are its medium. Your responsibilities are too many because you all are its medium. No one else is the medium for it. 

If we give the vibrations to any tree or to some temple or anywhere else. If we give these vibrations, it won’t be activated, it won’t work out. Only by your determination and your action, it is going to spread. Then, we have to understand that there is only one demerit in Sahaj Yoga. Although, it is Sahaj and you get it very easily.

Even if you achieve it in Sahaj way, it is very difficult to sustain it, because we are not living in Himalayas. We are not living in any such place, where there is no other environment except spiritual environment. We are living in every kind of environment and because of that we have many kinds of attributes sticked to us.

So, in Sahaj Yoga we have to work out purity within us and to become pure. For example, if any of the channels is there and if it is not all right, as the channel of electricity then electricity cannot travel through it. If it is the water tap and something it struck up inside then the water cannot pass through it, same way is the Chaitanya.

It flows in the nerves, which have to be clean and pure, and it is your responsibility to keep these nerves pure. Although, you people have asked me many times that, mother please give us Bhakti (Devotion), mother please give us complete Surrender(shraddha) towards you, but this all you have to understand with your wisdom.

First thing is that when your nerves will get cleansed, you all will be filled with joy. You will not feel that you are doing something. You will do any kind of work and will achieve fame in it. All your worldly works will be solved in a very sahaj way. All kind of facilities will come to you. Every kind of people will come to you and help.

Sometimes you will be astonished as how all this is working out and you are going towards your ascent. In this the blessings of Lakshmi are there. The progress of art is also in it. Every kind of growth comes to it. But, these all are a kind of temptations. We have to understand this.  Sometimes I see that some person did business in Sahaj Yoga. He gets lot of money and then falls down in such a terrible way that it is very difficult to raise him up again.

So, we have to purify our nerves. In that morning meditation is must. If you are unable to meditate in the morning, then you should understand that some or the other impurity has come within you. Some problem is there in side. Some or the other impure thoughts have come inside us which we have to see, know, understand and cleanse them. We have to turn towards ourselves and see which we call as introspection.

This for your well-being, not for others. First of all, you must sustain your own well-being. If you have different kind of impurities within you, because of that you have conditionings, you have habits, you have environment, and many other systems through which these six enemies keep sitting inside the human beings. These six enemies, which are within us, keep themselves hidden and every time they try to lift their heads and come up.

So it is very important that we should not grieve or feel guilty and should not say bad about ourselves. You should not blame yourself in any way but try to come out of it. Like lotus, which comes up in any dirty, or rotten place. It comes up from all this filth and when it opens up spreads fragrance, it fills the atmosphere with its beautiful aroma. You are just like that lotus, if you were not then you would never had come in Sahaj Yoga neither you would have achieved it. You people are not insects. You are certainly lotuses. But, this lotus also has to work little hard to get fragrant, by looking at ourselves.

Morning meditation is meant to look towards ourselves that, what am I doing? What are the impurities within me? Do I get angry? How should I get over my anger? Do I have the desires, which are harming me and will destroy me? Why do I go there? Like this through introspection during your meditation you will come to know that which Chakra is catching within you and you have to clean it. You should clean the Chakra and then again sit in your meditation. This is called recovering.

It means that cleanliness and purification is to be done first. You have to cleanse your attention. In that little time, you have to cleanse your mind. If you love yourself and if we are really selfish then we should know the meaning of this self and understand that what are we going to gain by this impurities and negativities. Maybe you gain something for a second and enjoyed.

You should understand that even if you felt happy at that moment but you lost too much for that momentary happiness because you could not meditate means that your connection is not yet established. Now, there are many people who say that they meditate, but it is not so and it is not meditation. Therefore, it is very important to be truthful towards yourself.

If we are not truthful towards ourselves then how can we be truthful towards others? This is for our own benefit. For our own good. I see in many people that they do not get any disease after coming to sahaj yoga. Maximum people are benefited heavily by sahaj yoga and many people I see that they are joyous and in bliss!

All their family problems are solved. Everything gets settled. Everything gets alright. Then also it happens that because of some or the other old conditioning of the past or the past problem they can’t meditate. It’s important to meditate in the morning. Those people who don’t meditate in the morning cannot progress, no matter how much they work for sahaj yoga, whatever they do but they can’t reach to the depth of it. In your depth lies all the happiness, removal of doubts, joy, bliss, contentment, wealth and fame.

Everything is there in your depth. All those things or obstacles which block or stop you from reaching your depth should be removed by loving yourself, by watching yourself and by understanding that I have this problem within. I have to remove this problem. Your eyes go very fast on the negativities of others, this is not your job, it is my job. You should leave that on me. You should watch and look on your own negativities and impurities!

After this comes the evening meditation. It is for the surrender. Then comes the question that how you are surrendered. Means what have you done for Sahaj Yoga? What have I done today for Sahaj Yoga? By body, mind and intellect. There is one blind singer who is very famous. He is very intelligent but I don’t know whether he is literate or not. I don’t know how he could read so much with his blind eyes. He met me only three or four times. Such a beautiful poetry started flowing through him, he just went to his depth.

How could such poetries flow from his heart? Such kind of things which are not even written in the thousand names of Devi were flowing. That too exact. How could he describe it? So, his depth was already there as you all have but he dived into it. He achieved it. He reached there. Everyone has this wealth. Now, each one of you can achieve that depth completely. Therefore, the evening meditation should be towards outside. It means, what have I done for others? What have I done for sahajayoga? What have I done for Mother?

All these thoughts should come to you. When you will think like this then you must understand how much they love me? How much love did they give me? Have I given the same love to them? How much they are sincere towards me? How much they are sincere to me? Have I been same sincere to them? When you will think like this then the joy will start flowing within you by feeling that you loved so much. Instead of wasting your time by getting angry, reacting, arguing and watching the faults of others, you must see that how much they loved you.

In our sahaj yoga the love is very pure. There should be no impurity in this love; the love which is impure is not the love of sahaj. It should be completely without expectations “nirvajaya” meaning in which there’s no interest (bank interest). Whom have I given such love? When you will think like this that I love so much then you will be filled with joy. You won’t enjoy at all if keep on saying or thinking that I hate them or he is like this or that, he is bad etc. You enjoy only when you think that the revolution of love around you.

Very beautiful feeling comes within you at that time and this beautiful feeling is like a inspiration. It is very difficult to describe it but you can see its glimpse on your face. On your whole body you can see glimpse of it. In your married life you can see it. You can also see it in the atmosphere and society around you.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to meditate both the times. One or two days you did not eat, no problem. One or two days you did not go out, no problem. You did not relax properly, no problem. But, Sahaj Yogis must meditate. It is because only in meditation you will achieve it. So, if we say that morning meditation is of inner knowledge then evening meditation is of devotion. Like this when you will keep on establishing yourself then you will understand your importance. How much you are important in the history.

This all great work which is happening in Sahaj Yoga will be done through you all. Don’t compare yourself with others. Those people who are very famous, rich and living in big houses are not going to work it out. Coward people are also not going to work it out. But, you have to become like that. People used to go to Himalayas and one out of thousands used to get his self-realization and others used to remain useless.

They went through great penance. You all don’t have to go to penance. Neither you have to go Himalayas, nor starve yourself. You have to do nothing. Then which path is there in Sahaj Yoga for your cleansing, which hasn’t understood yet. So, you should know it, it is collectivity. Collectivity is the only way to your cleansing. Those who can be collective, without expectation, without attachment will be cleansed spontaneously. They don’t have to do some special penance for it. You should take collectivity not as a penance but as a source of joy.

If we start thinking that how can we live with these people who are like this or like that. Because, the doors of Sahaj Yoga are open for everybody, it will become difficult for you if you start thinking like this. In the case of penance, the one who can enjoy it… is the penance in Sahaj Yoga. Everything is just happening. What has to be done in it? Everything is working out. What is to be worked out? Your position is like deities. You must understand that. You are no less than them. As we ask them or not, the deities keep on doing their work.

You all should also be in the same way. You can reach that state very easily. It is not at all difficult, it is not impossible. Only we have to give little time to ourselves. Whole time we spent on stupid things, but little time we should give to ourselves too. Every day we must meditate in the morning and evening. If you could not, then you should not think that… Oh! I did a very big mistake. It is not like that if you could not meditate. but you must meditate every single day.

This all what I am saying to you is not like an order but it is the matter of your wisdom. 

It is a thought. With which you get stable. It is because I come to know immediately that who is meditating every day and who all are not, immediately! Because if you wash a cloth every day, it will remain clean, how could it catch the dust? And those who don’t meditate, I can see their dirt immediately. Many people get several impurities even by not meditating two or four days. So, this is like taking bath. Even if you don’t take bath it doesn’t matter but you must meditate.

For your own peace, for your own joy, for your own happiness, for your own benevolence and for the benevolence of whole world, you have to meditate. If we love ourselves then we should know our importance and that how much dignified, we are. and what kind of great big work we know. 

I hope that after listening this lecture of mine, you all will think over it and take it within. It should not be that I have said so, “Shri Mataji has said it”. Then they imply my speech on others and think that it is said for them and never think that it is said for self. So everyone must think that it is said for him/her and not for anyone else and how I should ascend. How I have to grow and mature in Sahaj Yoga?

May god bless you all!