Opening Talk and Veena Music

Madras (India)


H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi speaking to the western Sahaja yogis. Madras (Chennai), India. Followed by classical veena music recital by E.Gayathri.(1991-1204)

Shri Mataji: Germans have come! I could hear all the Germans outside…Hello! I could hear you outside …The Germans are coming I said! Wonderful it was really…So fast …Real fast number …Enjoying yourself!

[Shri Mataji says to the child nearby]

 So how are you all right …

Thank you all …Marble is good! May God bless you! (Mother gives blessings to her children and the children offer flowers to her).

[Everybody settles down after offering flowers to mother]

So Welcome! to all the Sahaja yogis from abroad. I hope you are enjoying the climate & the hospitality of the Madras Sahaja Yogis. It is a new venture we have started,& if there are any problems you should let us know…The people in Madras are surprised to see so many foreigners wearing saris, putting ‘bindi’ and all that And they are really asking about Sahaja Yoga It has created a kind of curiosity among the residents of Madras city Where I have been trying for so many years. But your coming has helped a lot I think. And we will have some audience now for our programs. The whole thing was organised by all the Madras Sahaja yogis and also we have to thank so many of them for creating such nice, beautiful arrangements for all of you. 

They are very simple, straight forward, good dharmic people…And they appreciate you very much that you have taken to Sahaja Yoga and… to this culture of Sahaja Yoga. They are all overjoyed …I am thankful to them from your side for looking after you also well. Also, We have to thank the Bombay people, the way they organised your coming here. All these people the way they have tried to facilitate because I was quite concerned about your coming to Madras …And all of you got seats and came here. It’s all Sahaja I should say…And my worries were over because  [unclear /someone ] managed and you all are here! So now the only job you have to do is to enjoy …There is nothing else. 

Enjoy all the programs and understand …

Now, this is another style of music which is called as Karnatak music.

They want to tell you the subtleties of it. The only thing is between the one-note and another note there are many other notes which are called as ‘Shrutis’.And in this Music, they have used those Shruti’s. They are used to the north Indian music but south Indian music is much deeper and is also is very delicate. So try to enjoy it! Just don’t think about it. Just enjoy it  …And you will appreciate it. Its a ‘tala’ and all that also you will appreciate. Today they are going to perform a very difficult dance drama, called as Rama’s Crowning. Sorry, That is tomorrow …

Today, Prabha Naresh (name of Sahaja artist ), She is going to do the ‘Kuchipudi’ dancing. Now the difference is a little bit …There is a little difference between the ‘Bharatnatyam’ and this kind of dancing …is more because they use to be …It is to be done by man. And to make it look like a lady dancing, they have to exaggerate the movements but it creates a beautiful…They call it romantic or whatever you may call it…a different sensation you can say …in the drama. But it is the drama …It’s a dancing style which we appreciate very much and the footwork and everything, you have to enjoy it in thoughtless awareness…

And after that, there is a Veena recital by another lady Gayatri Who is going to do Veena Recital …And she is the prodigy from very childhood…She has been playing on the Veena Which is the ‘adi’ you can say the primordial instrument …Which is held in the hands of Shri Saraswati …It’s a different instrument and is a new introduction to you of this new art …I hope you all will enjoy it very much. So May God bless you! [Performances starts]18:26