Have you got the ultimate reality?

Madras (India)

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Public Program Day 1. Madras (India). 6 December 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

If we are the real seekers of truth, we have to be honest about it and sincere, so that we are sincere to ourselves, and we have justified our own existence in this world. There are so many sadhakas, morning till evening they are working out some sort of a ritual, some sort of a meditation, some sort of a bhakti, some sort of reading. But one has to understand, what have we achieved? Where are we?

As a Mother I would say, “My child, you have done so much in your seeking, but what have you found? Have you got the ultimate  reality? Have you got what is described in the scriptures?” For this song which is sung today is in Marathi – I wish they had sung something in Sanskrit, they are very good at Sanskrit singing also of Adi Shankaracharya and all that. Tomorrow they’ll do it. This song itself was written by Namadeva in the twelfth century [ie 1200s]; a poet who went later on to Punjab, where Nanak Sahib respected him very much and asked him that he should write in Punjabi language. [ed.: there is a confusion here with a later Namdev, a Maratha brahmin who was a contemporary of Nanak (1470-1530)]. He studied Punjabi language and has written such a thick book, and in the “Granth Sahib” there are many verses from there.

He was an ordinary tailor, very ordinary  tailor, and he went to meet another saint in another village, called as Gora Kumbhar. “Kumbhar” means a person who is a potter,  who makes pots; and Gora Kumbhar was busy making the clay ready for his work. Namadeva just stood before him and he said, “I came here to see the Nirgun, to the formless, to see the chaitanya, but here it is in Saguna, it is in a form.” Only a realized soul, only a saint can say this about the saint, because he knows ultimate reality. But people who are not realized cannot understand what is beyond this life.

Even in Christian religion we have Thomas, who came down to India and he wrote a lot of treatise, were kept in a cave in Egypt, which were found out. Now there’s a book about him, after forty-eight years of research. It’s amazing how he is describing Sahaja Yoga throughout, that you have to have the experience of reality.

Of course, every book, every scripture says “Know thyself” – who am I, I must find out what am I. When it is said so, our effort should be to find out that Self that is within us. We say, “My body, my voice, my nose, my country, my, my” – who is this “I” to whom all these things belong? From where does this inspiration comes in? This “I” is within us, reflected in our heart. For you I have to make request that you shouldn’t accept Me blindly. Blindness is not of any help. But I am offering you a hypothesis as in the science – about how this happens and all that. If it is proved, and if you find that you have felt as experienced what I am saying, then as honest people you have to accept it.

In the West we have other problems than we have here, tremendous problems. First I went to England, and you know English how they are, hard nuts – difficult to break those nuts. But once they break they are full of scholarship, and they are the ones who rushed to the universities and to different libraries, and found out everything about kundalini.

So much is written already by Nath Panthis who were here, who did so much work on the kundalini awakening, but it was lost. And when some Germans came here and  other people came here, they were told by tantrikas some sort of a wrong thing which they carried from here. And such a misunderstanding and such a wrong information to such an extent, that the German book I read where kundalini lies in your stomach, and he has given all explanation. He was a very learned man no doubt, but I don’t know what he learned is the point, and that’s how he described about kundalini.

This knowledge was known to us since long. We had three types of movements towards Divine. One was the Vedas. Even the “vida” means “to know” – what Thomas has called the people who know as “gnostics,” as “gn.” I don’t know in the south what do you say to “gnana” or “gyana”, but in Marathi we say “gn.” “Gnostic” word comes from the same thing as person who is knowledgeable; not outward knowledge, not by your mental efforts or by emotional feelings, but something much beyond. And the same path they tried, but in the Vedas they have said, in the first, first sloka is said if you do not know it, no use reading this book. But “knowledge” means what? – to know it on your central nervous system; not on your mental or physical plane, but on a much higher level.

As we have become human beings, we have to humbly say that we are not perfect beings. There’s something missing us; otherwise why are we fighting, why are we quarreling? I mean, all these problems are mostly human problems: ecological problem, economic problem, political problem. You come to the source, it’s the human being who is doing all these things. So what’s wrong with human beings? Animals are all right, they are pashu; they are under the pasha, under the control of God. But human beings have got the freedom, they are going helter skelter, and all these problems are there because they haven’t got the real knowledge.

So what is the real knowledge that we should seek, and we should go towards it? So these people in the Vedas tried to understand, but they more tried to understand the nature and the five elements. While worshipping five elements, according to us they moved to the right side, and the right-side movement is very well shown in the Greek mythology; and after that from Greece it turned out to be some science, and all those  things started.

The left side was the bhakti. People started worshipping God with blind faith and going to God, worshipping in the temples and churches, believing in saints. India specially is specially blessed because whatever we have is from the saints, though it’s very deviated and also quite stagnated. But the knowledge came from the saints, from the maharishis, and from great seers.

Another good point about Indians is that their religion is not organized, there’s no organization that runs it. It’s a very big blessing. Despite that, all these ideologies in the Vedas also got into some sort of a mental maya, and that’s how we have Arya Samaj and all these things which are very difficult. I mean, if you meet any Arya Samaji you don’t know how to deal with that person; just goes on talking, talking – God knows, such knowledge of his. But he has not reached the point, and he’s satisfied with what he has read, reading too much all the time. That’s what Kabira has said, “Padi padi pandita murkh bhayo” – “By reading too much, even panditas have become stupid.” I used to wonder, how can it be?  But now I meet many of them of that kind.

So what is the thing is by reading you cannot know the ultimate. Supposing there’s a doctor and he gives you a medicine for your headache, and says take Anacin. So you are reading the prescription, “Anacin, take Anacin, take Anacin” – the  headache will increase or decrease? You have to take the medicine. And this is what is written in the Vedas, is that you must find out your Self. Same, part of the Vedas are Upanishadas; throughout in the Upanishadas nothing but “you find out your Self.”

Even “Patanjal shastra” if you see it, just in the beginning a wee bit of it is vyayama, I mean, ashtanga are there. A very wee bit of it is so-called physical problem that they have dealt. In Sahaja Yoga also we use it, but according to understanding where is the problem is; not just like everybody is going into exercises and things, getting heart attacks, all kinds of problems, heat, high blood pressure. Sometimes it’s low blood pressure, sometimes high blood pressure, and they come and tell Me, “Mother, we are doing yoga, and see …” We are not only physical being, we are not only mental being, neither emotional being, but we are spiritual being.

And the second type of movement we had in this country is the bhakti. Bhakti is all right, going to temple, but that also started deteriorating, not to understand what is bhakti is. Shri Krishna has said in His “Gita” – you must know that Shri Krishna was a diplomat, He was not a mother, and He knew human beings how they are. He wanted them to go round and round to find out the truth, because nobody likes a straightforward statement. At that time specially He just told it to Arjuna. He said three things for them, in which see His diplomacy, if you can see through the lines, is first one He said that you must get to gyana. He was not a good salesman because salesman will never tell you the best thing first, but He said you should take to gyana. That is what it is. “Gyana” means this knowledge on your central nervous system.

But the second thing He said, that you should do bhakti, “Whatever fruit or flower or water you give Me, I’ll take it, but you must do bhakti which is ananya.” Now if you know Sanskrit, “ananya” – when you are not the other, when you are a realized soul. If you are not connected, what is the bhakti on you? Many people complain, “Mother, I have been fasting, I have been doing this, I did this, and see my condition. I have become a nervous wreck.” It’s not the mistake of God; you are not yet connected. It’s a simple thing like a telephone. If the telephone is not connected, what’s the use of telephoning? You’ll spoil the telephone. So bhakti without the connection is wrong, that’s why Krishna has said it, “Yoga kshema vam aham” – “First yoga, then kshema.” First you must achieve your yoga and then your benevolence will come; otherwise it won’t work out. Very subtly He has put yoga first. Why didn’t He say “kshema – yoga”?

So for bhakti He said like this. For karma, He said that “Do all the work and put it at the lotus feet of God Almighty.” That’s not possible. Many people say that “Mother, all my work I put at the lotus feet of God” – even the murders, I think! It’s just a mental idea that “I am putting it at the lotus feet of God.” You cannot, because you are not at that state. But say, a Sahaja yogi, he will not tell Me that “I am raising the kundalini,” he’ll say, “Mother, it doesn’t come up, it’s not coming, it …” – in the third person he talks. He will say, “This won’t go that side” – in the third person, because he is no more there.

So this is what is the karma, automatically is at the lotus feet of God Almighty. Well, He is doing everything. We are just instruments. Supposing this instrument says that “I am speaking,” you won’t accept. In the same way, when we say that “I have put my …” as if they take a load and put it at the lotus feet of God – no. It’s automatic, it’s spontaneous. That is sahaja, that is born with you.

All of you have got this power within yourself. Now there are books which describe kundalini is a very dangerous thing. It’s absolute nonsense, I tell you. I have been to so many nations, so many people have got realization, and there is no trace of any trouble to them. On the contrary, they have improved in every way. Overnight people have given up their drugs, their bad habits, overnight people have been cured.

It’s – I don’t do anything as such. I mean, you may think I am doing something – I don’t do, your own kundalini works it out. It’s very surprising how it works, and how it helps you; because she is your mother, your individual mother, and she knows everything about you. It’s all taped into her, you can say. Into three-and-a-half coils she is placed – it is because of some mathematical formula – and when she rises, she might leave a little heat because of the little, we can say the struggle that she has to do. The heat is little bit sometimes generated in some people. Supposing you are a liver patient, then you might feel a little heat in your hands, that’s all. But this kundalini you all have got it, and it is the pure desire within you.

You know in economics it’s a law that in general, wants are not satiable. We want today a house, tomorrow a car, and then day after tomorrow a helicopter, and like that it goes on and on. When we don’t have it we struggle for it, and when we have it we don’t enjoy it. But this is a pure desire, that is to be one with this all-pervading Power of God’s love. We don’t even think that there is such a power, we take it for granted. We see everything created, we see beautiful flowers, we see a big tree coming out of a small little seed. Look at our eyes, they are such beautiful cameras – who has made them? Who has evolved us to this state? What is that power that has made us human beings? We never want to find out, because science cannot give explanation how: how a seed sprouts, how we became human beings. And so it’s all right up to that point, beyond that we don’t want to know.

So God Almighty has spread this beautiful chaitanya, this Brahmachaitanya all over. If I am saying so, you must experience and then tell Me if it is there or not. But just to say “no” means you are denying yourself the chance of getting connected to that vital power. This vital power has evolved us, no doubt: organizes everything, creates everything, vibrates everything. It coordinates, limits, also above all it loves you. So it thinks how far to go with you. Such a beautiful power is all-pervading, into every atom and into every living primule, into every living being. It acts so beautifully that we don’t even feel the smoothness of it. We don’t even see a flower flowering, blossoming, opening, we don’t see that. It just blossoms and we say, “Oh, today there is a flower.” It just so sweetly, so beautifully, that we do not even feel the existence of it in any way – but it exists.

And unless and until we are connected with that power we cannot know the ultimate reality, because the spirit within us is not in our attention. It’s a witness of our attention. But once this kundalini rises, she passes through the six centers, pierces through this fontanel bone area, which is the actualization of the baptism, and then this spirit comes into our attention as a light. And our nerves get a new dimension, new dimension by which we become, we become – again I say we become, it’s not just lecturing, it’s not just bragging, it’s not some sort of a certificate – you actually become collectively conscious: samuhik chetana.

You can feel others. You can feel on your fingertips, on – there are five, six and seven centers on the left, and seven centers on the right. These seven centers represent your emotional side, and this, physical and mental side. You can feel the centers of all the people. Medically when we treat people, we treat a tree from outside, we treat the leaves, we can say. But if you have really to treat the tree you have to go to the roots, and I am talking about the roots within us, the Tree of Life which is within us.

You will be amazed that even Mohammed Sahib has described Kiyama – “Kiyama” means the Resurrection Time. “When the Resurrection Time will come, your hands will speak and will give witness against you.” They all have talked about this time, the Last Judgment, and this Kali Yuga is going to bring forth Satya Yuga. But how many are willing to take to it is the point. Thousands and thousands will go off to some sort of a madding, maddening place, but not after reality. You require a kind of a divine intelligence, I think, to understand that.

You’ll be amazed, I found Russia the most receptive country for this, because they are not so materialistic. They haven’t got this kind of freedom or anything, but they have freedom to go inside. Very introspective people, even their writers, I always read them, Tolstoy and all these. They all are very introspective, and they are – you will be amazed that we had to always arrange a big stadium, and still there were so many people sitting outside. At least in one place called as Togliatti there are 22,000 Sahaja yogis. And when I was there this coup had taken place, so I said, “Aren’t you disturbed?”

So he said, “Mother, what is to be disturbed? We are in the kingdom of God, we don’t belong to this kingdom.”

Such nice things are happening all over the world. We Indians have some other problems, we are very conditioned. We have such ideals before us, but we never aspire. We will worship Rama, we’ll worship a guru, but what have you got within yourself? You’re clinging onto something; what about you having something? That is what is Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until you know yourself, you will not know Shri Ram, you’ll not know anyone.

The other day I saw one book on Sahaja Yoga some crazy man has written. He’s denying the existence of Krishna, he’s denying the existence of Rama, denying the existence of Jesus, everybody. I said, such a crazy man, it’s very unscientific; without finding out, how can you say it? You just say like that without finding it out. Supposing I never come to Madras and start describing Madras, what you will call Me?

In the same way many people have written about God, because there is no law prohibiting them to write, any nonsense can be written. But unless and until we get the truth, we will not know who is a fake guru and who is not. Like you may ask Me, “Mother, is he a fake guru, is he a fake guru?” I would say, why do you believe in Me? Supposing I say he is not, so you will start quarreling with Me. If I say he is, then you will believe Me. That’s the kind of a thing is not necessary. You’ll know yourself, and through that you will know the absolute truth, because your spirit is absolute. It gives absolute truth.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about spirit, I think for today this is sufficient. We should have … I think if you like, we can have the session for Self-realization. It takes no time. First you should be ready and just ask for it, and you’ll all get it. Of course you must be having questions in your heads. Last time when I came to Madras the whole time was spent in answering questions, questions, questions, questions. But now I would request you that if you have any questions, keep them aside, and you can write them. Tomorrow I’ll answer all your questions, but just now please if possible try to get your realization. Thank you very much.

I would say if you want to go out for five minutes you can all go and come back, it’s all right – but don’t talk, that’s all.

I didn’t tell you about the third kind of movement we had in our country, is of Nath Panthis. Jains have Adi Nath, and a deviation started from that. One guru was supposed to give knowledge to only one person – like Janaka had only Nachiketa – till the time of Gyaneshwara, that’s in the twelfth century [ie 1200s]. Gyaneshwara was the disciple of his own brother, Nivritinath, and they suffered a lot. And he asked Nivritinath for one permission, that “Let me open the truth to the public. Just I’ll tell about it, I’ll not do anything, I’ll just tell about it.” Because thirteen, fourteen thousand years back Markandeya has described about kundalini. Then came Adi Shankaracharya has described about kundalini, but all in Sanskrit language. And Sanskrit self-knowledge was not available to the common public, and those who knew Sanskrit language didn’t want to get into self-knowledge. Thus this knowledge was kept a secret all the time.

But he asked, and then he wrote “Gyaneshwari.” “Gyaneshwari” is nothing but a kind of a Marathi “Gita” which he enlarged and decorated with lots of poetry. Sixth chapter in “Gyaneshwari” he described about kundalini very clearly. And that sixth chapter has been also mutilated, but was called as nishiddha, is not to be read by the people in charge of religion, in charge of our ascent, so-called. And they said, “You are not to read this, otherwise you will be in trouble.” Thus this chapter was closed and nobody tried to know about it, but the Nath Panthis then grew up. Out of that we have Kabira, we have Nanaka. He talked of khalis, Nanaka talked of khalis. Khalis means pure, nirmal. Sahaja yogis are nirmal. If somebody misuses anything, it is shown clearly; and a saint cannot be like this. [*]Khalis people cannot be like this, cannot have violence.

It’s love. It’s love which is absolutely nirvaj, without any compensation. It’s love that’s unlimited. It’s love which does not, has any discrimination. Like the energy in the plant rises or we can say the sap rises, goes to various areas: to the leaves, to the branches, to the flowers, to the fruits, and comes back. It does not stick to one. If you stick to one, that is the death of that area as well as the death of that tree.

So we have to understand that all these great incarnations, seers and prophets, all of them came on this earth on the same Tree of Life. You have to believe in all of them. If you start believing in them, all of them, then where will be the quarrel? But those who believe only in one must quarrel, and that’s why they don’t like us, because we believe in all – not just a belief, but it’s the truth.

Now here I have to tell you that it’s a living process of evolution, the last breakthrough. You didn’t do anything to become human beings; in the same way it is effortless, it is sahaj. Only thing I will tell you how to nourish your centers, so that it is easier for kundalini to rise. It’s very simple, all of you should do it. Here now, you don’t have to look at others, but look at yourself.

You have to take out your shoes, would be a good idea because – to feel the Mother Earth, because she is the one who sucks in our problems all the time, specially this Yoga Bhoomi of ours. We do not know how great we are to be born in this country. They have made a mess out of it, doesn’t matter. If Ram Raja has to come it will come here, not a political style but a spiritual style.

(Microphone problem: I think that’s going down all the time. You could push it in a little – it is going down. It’s all right now, I think, it’s going to stay. Now it’s better. Thank you.)

As I told you, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to stop your thoughts, you don’t have to put any effort, not to say any mantras, nothing. Kundalini will do the job; she knows you very well and she’ll manage it. Just have faith in yourself, all confidence that you will get this realization. To feel guilty is something not natural, is something I think has come through people telling us that “You are sinners, you are this, you are that.” In My eyes nobody is a sinner. You are lost, you are ignorant, but nobody is a sinner.

So we have to understand that we have to have respect for ourselves, because we are glorious, we are fantastic. Because we are not connected we look like that, we despise ourselves, others may despise you. But you are a human being, you are the epitome of evolution. And now a little breakthrough is needed, just like a connection, and I am sure you will know your Self.

After getting your awakening of the kundalini and piercing through your fontanel bone area, you’ll start feeling cool breeze in your hands. This is chaitanya. In the Bible is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, in the Quran is called as the ruh. After that you will also start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. Once the cool breeze starts coming out of your head, then you’ll feel very relaxed, peaceful and joyous. So many people start just laughing after that. You should laugh, this world is made for your enjoyment. And now you have to enter into the kingdom of God, which is not only joy, not only peace, but it’s blissful state.

I think if you are wearing anything tight or near the neck, you’d better release a little bit if it is making you uncomfortable. Also if you can take out the spectacles would be … , later on when I tell you, not now; because you are closing your eyes, and then you don’t open your eyes. So first we’ll show you how you are going to help yourself, to begin with. By this you will know your centers also. On the left-hand side we’ll be working.

First of all, you’ll have to put the left hand towards Me like this – on your lap, comfortably. Imagine, you don’t have to go to Himalayas, do anything of the kind, just comfortably on your chair you should get your realization – that’s your right. Put your left hand just like that. Now with the right hand we have to nourish our centers on the left-hand side. First we put our hand on our heart, because here is the spirit reflected. It’s the reflection of God Almighty, is the spirit. Then we go down onto the upper portion of our abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of our mastery. If you are the spirit you become your own master, you don’t need any master; your spirit guides you.

Then you go down into the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is how you know the knowledge on your central nervous system. This center is the one which gives you pure knowledge, shuddha vidya, which works on your central nervous system. Then you raise your hand again on top, on the left-hand side of your abdomen and push it, which is the center for Guru Principle. Supposing you have been to some wrong guru or anything, it can correct it. Then you have to put your right hand on your heart.

Again now you put your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, and you have to turn your head to your right. This is the center which catches when you feel guilty, and when you feel guilty this center is catching. It gives you many diseases – one of them is angina, and also spondylitis; and so many things happen to the organs because they become lethargic. So best thing is to put your hand here properly and push your head to your right like this.

Then please take your right hand on top of your forehead and bend your head as far as possible. This is the center where you have to forgive, forgive everyone without thinking whom you have to forgive. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything, it’s our idea. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So please put your hand like this, this is the center for forgiveness; without thinking about people whom you have to forgive, or those who have harmed you. This is a very important Agnya Chakra because this is very constricted one, and if you don’t forgive it won’t rise, kundalini cannot get through. Just forgive.

Now push back the right hand on the back side of your head. This we’ll be doing later, I’m just showing you the chakras. Now this back side here, because you feel guilty all the time, you think you have done wrong or anything, so best thing is just to ask forgiveness from the divine Power, this center is here.

Now stretch your hand fully and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood, the taloo, here – just there. Push back your fingers nicely, push back so there’s a good pressure on your scalp, good pressure on your scalp. Now please bend your head as far as possible. And now you have to move your scalp slowly, seven times clockwise – clockwise. With a pressure: move your hands backwards, otherwise – I mean your fingers – otherwise it won’t have a pressure. Now, done!

Now, so first of all we must have self-confidence in ourselves, must have respect, and love for ourselves. So now, we put our left hand like this, put both the feet apart from each other, and now close our eyes. Put the right hand on your heart, please, put the right hand on your heart. Here is the center of the spirit, here resides the spirit. You can ask Me a question three times as you would ask a computer, in your heart. You can call Me “Shri Mataji” or “Mother,” whichever way you like. “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask three times, “Mother, am I the spirit? Shri Mataji, am I the spirit?”

If you are the spirit, you become your master. So now please take your hand on the left-hand side in the upper portion of your abdomen, and press it hard. Now ask here a question again, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask three times, please, in your heart, with full confidence, “Mother, am I my own master?” You are, but you just ask Me the question.

I respect your freedom, and I cannot force on you pure knowledge, you have to ask for it. So now you have to put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, press it hard, on the left-hand side. Now here you have to say, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge, shuddha vidya. Shri Mataji, give me shuddha vidya.” Please say it six times, because this center has got six petals, Swadishthan center. “Please give me shuddha vidya, pure knowledge.”

As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the kundalini starts rising. But you have to facilitate its movement by opening your higher chakras with your self-confidence. So please now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard, on the left-hand side. Keep your feet apart. Here, you have to say ten times with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say that, please, “Mother, I am my own master. Mother, I am my own guru,” because all the great gurus, satgurus, have created this center for your ascent. And Mother always wants Her children not only what She has, but to have much more than Her.

Now, at the very outset I have to tell you that you are not this body, not this mind, not these emotions, nor these conditionings and ego, but you are pure spirit. So now raise your right hand onto your heart, and say with full confidence twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure spirit. Mother, I am the pure spirit” – twelve times – “Shri Mataji, I am the shuddha atma.” With full confidence you have to say.

I have to tell you that this divine all-pervading Power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of compassion and bliss. You have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all” – sixteen times, please say it. You have to say, “Shri Mataji, I am nirdosha, I am nirdosha.” Please say it sixteen times. Say it for My satisfaction.

Now raise your right hand on top of your forehead. As it is, I have already told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. So now bend your head as far as possible, and here, with all humility, forgive everyone. Just forgive; don’t think of people who have troubled you and tortured you, but just forgive them. That’s the best way you can get rid of the burden, because you are playing into wrong hands if you don’t forgive. Now say it from your heart, not how many times but from your heart, please say. Many people say that it’s very difficult to forgive. What is there that’s difficult? – it’s just to say it.

Now take back your right hand to the back side of your head, and push back your head as far as possible, push back, as far as possible. Here again you have to say from your heart, “Oh divine Power, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me. If I have done anything wrong unknowingly, please forgive me.” That also say it from your heart.

Now stretch your hand fully and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. It is called as taloo, talavyam in Sanskrit. Now, put down your head as far as possible, put down. And now please try to move your scalp with a pressure by pushing your fingers outward. Please push your fingers outward, put a nice pressure, and move it seven times clockwise. Here again, I cannot force Self-realization on you, you have to ask for it. So while moving your hand, say it seven times, “Mother, please give me my Self-realization. Mother, please give me my Self-realization.” I cannot force it on anyone.

(Shri Mataji blows into microphone seven times.)

Please take down your hands. Open your eyes very slowly. Now, put your right hand towards Me like this, and bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. See at the fontanel bone. Some people get it very close but not on top, little away, or some people get it like a jet, quite far away. It may be hot also possibly, it could be hot also. If you have not forgiven, it will be definitely hot.

Now, please put your left hand towards Me. Now, again bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your own head. You have to certify yourself, is Sahaja Yoga is becoming something; as I told you there’s no certificate. Maybe some people are having hot breeze, doesn’t matter. Now, again  please put your right hand towards Me, and bend your head and see for yourself again. Now, just not to put it on top of your head, little away, then you will feel it, little away. Now please put your hands like this towards Me, watch Me and don’t think. You can do it.

All those who have felt cool breeze on their fingertips, or hot breeze even, and those who have felt either on the hands or out of the fontanel bone area, or in both the areas, please raise both your hands. Please raise both your hands.

Oh, my! May God bless you. Most of you have got it. Most of you have got it. Now don’t discuss about it, because if you come to the mental level you’ll lose it. Just enjoy it. I would like you tonight to sleep in peace. Tomorrow again you telephone to your friends and people; because you can’t pay for it and there is nothing to be done, it’s your own – like the Mother Earth doesn’t know how to charge the seeds for sprouting them. So this is what is your purva punya also. Those who haven’t got it will get it tomorrow. So please all of you should come, and please call your friends. This is the best thing that you can give to anyone. This is what we were waiting for. May God bless you.

Please come tomorrow. I’ll explain to you about the nature of spirit, what is spirit.

…. (See what I have done just now …) He wants you all to come and take darshan. Now I am sitting before you, it’s the darshan …. There is no need to touch My feet, no need. Tomorrow we’ll see … (You are so much wanting to do it, there is no need to do it. There are politicians for that!)

Tomorrow please bring your questions. Please bring your questions, I’ll be happy to answer.