Confusion and the ordinary householders

Madras (India)

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Public Program Day 2. Madras (India), 7 December 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday at the very outset, I told you that truth is what it is. If we have not found the truth we should be humble and honest about it, because truth is for our benevolence, for the benevolence of our city, of our society, of our country and of the whole universe.

This is a very special time you are all born, where people have to get their Self-realization. This is the Resurrection Time as described in the Bible, it’s the time of Kiyama as described by Mohammed Sahib. This is a very special time when Nala, as you know, Nala damayanthi akhyan  – Nala was faced with Kali. He got very angry with Kali and said that “You have destroyed my family, you have destroyed my peace, and you put people into bhram, into illusions, so I’d better kill you.” He challenged Kali that “You should be finished forever.”

Then Kali said, “All right, let me tell you my mahatmyam. Let me tell you why I should be there. If I convince you then you can stop killing me, but if I do not, you can kill me.” So he told that “Today all those who are seeking the truth, seeking their Self-realization, Atma sakshatkara, those who are going into giri and kandharas, into the mountains and in the valleys, searching God all over the world; these people will be born as ordinary householders during Kali Yuga. There will be bhram, no doubt, people will be in sabhram. Illusion will be there, and the confusion will be there – that I will create, no doubt – but because of this confusion only, these simple householders will seek the truth. And that’s why that is the time they will get their Atma sakshatkara.”

It’s a – lots of prophecies have been there in our shastras about these times, but specially Bhrigumuni in “Nadigranth” has described about these times. If you tally them with the timing of today, it is exactly this time. After the death of Raghwindra Swami this will happen, and that’s what is happening now. For you people it is very important to understand that Raghwindra Swami was in this area and he did a lot of work, and now the time has come to complete his work; also Ramana Maharshi. They didn’t know how to explain, so they took to maunavart. People like Gyaneshwara at the age of twenty-three, writing such wonderful things, like “Amruta anubhavi …” is a book, I think the last word on spirituality. They had to get into samadhis at a such a young age of twenty-three years, because nobody tried to understand them.

So much of ritualism, so much of conditioning, so much of reading that nobody wanted to know what they were talking. Everybody thought, “We know everything,” and that’s how this kind of a satisfaction that they had. Kabira has said, Kaise samjhaun, sab jag andhaa – “How am I to explain, the whole world is blind.”

But this is what we have to achieve in our evolution, this is what we have to jump into. To become the spirit is told by all the scriptures – not only India, everywhere. If you take Tao, if you take Zen, if you go to the Jewish or to the Christian philosophies, or to the Islamic, everywhere it is said that you have to become your Self, you have to have self-knowledge.

Of course, anybody said like that, those people who are in charge of religion or at the helm of affairs, making money or creating power out of it, people using religion for power or money; they didn’t like it, so they said, “They are heretics. This is blasphemy. They have no special knowledge.” And that’s how they have been punishing people, troubling people, torturing them. But the time has come now for all the seekers to get their Self-realization, Atma sakshatkara.

Yesterday I told you how it works out through kundalini awakening. About kundalini people have written all kinds of nonsensical things which is not true. I am your Mother, I’m going to tell you truth, I’m not going to tell you something false. Even if you don’t like it let Me tell you, because this is for your benevolence, for your good, for your hita.

So when the kundalini rises, she passes through your different centers which are subtle centers, and nourishes them, pierces through your fontanel bone area and connects you to the all-pervading Power, about which we do not know. Then from your hands you feel vibrations, which are called as Chaitanya lahari. Adi Shankaracharya has called it “Saundarya lahari,” because you can judge the saundarya with this. Beautifully he has described it. But how much they tortured him – think of it, person like Adi Shankaracharya – I mean, I don’t know what to say. The one who gave such secrets about the Mother, such great descriptions; he was tortured for what? What wrong did he do that he should have been tortured? Now we have to stand up with the truth, and must say that “Mother, we have to have the truth, and truth and nothing else.”

I told you yesterday that Atma is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart. In these days of scientific conditioning this is a new type, apart from the “dharmic” scientific conditioning in which every scientist thinks that he knows everything. They don’t know anything, take it from Me. Is absurd. Now you have seen so many scientists coming up and telling you about Sahaja Yoga. They have accepted because they have experimented. I told them that Mooladhara Chakra, the first chakra, Mooladhara, is made of carbon atoms, because it is made of Prithvi (means earth)… tattwa. And if you photograph the carbon atom and make a model out of it and then take photograph, say, from left side, you’ll see the right side, and you’ll see actually “Om” written down. If you see it from the right side, on the left side you will see a swastika. But if you see from down upward, you will see a cross.

There is, really I must tell you a Dr. Worlikar who is a very famous doctor, he missed his prize in the Nobel Prize because, perhaps, he was an Indian. He’s the one who experimented with three, four other Sahaja yogi scientists, and they said it is so. It is so. There is such a little knowledge with these scientists, because they are seeing things from outside. With Sahaja Yoga you go from inside. And everybody says the same thing, because – now you see Me standing here wearing a white sari and a red border; everybody knows, everybody feels. I don’t have to tell you, you know it, you see it and you see this is so. But once you get your realization, whatever you feel on your hands is felt by everyone the same. Even if you take ten children and tie up their eyes, ask them, “What is this gentleman suffering from?” – they don’t know if it’s a lady or a gentleman, eyes are tied up – they’ll put supposing one finger like this. That means his Vishuddhi is bad. You ask the person, “Have you got throat trouble?” – “How do you know?” We know because this finger is Shri Krishna’s finger, Shri Krishna’s place, this is the throat. It all relates. Mythology is not all absurd. Ninety percent is absolutely what it was. Of course there are some absurd things that have walked in, but ninety percent mythology, so-called mythology is absolutely there.

Now, we go to temples. We think, this is a temple, going is very good and all that. But we don’t know what we are doing, what we are praying, whom are we praying, what are these deities, how they work in ourselves, where do they reside within ourselves, what is their job? How to please them? We don’t know anything; but you ask these foreigners, they know everything. First of all they got fed up with Christianity, that’s one thing. They just got fed up with all the nonsense they found out, because they’re very intelligent, you can see, and their conditioning was much less. And they started thinking, “After all, we don’t know why they do like this.” Then they were just ready.

At that time we exported lots of fake gurus – the West export is the fake gurus. Thank God we are saved, we are poor – that’s a blessing. So lots of fake gurus went there, made a lot of money, and here also we had lots of them. I mean, we are just good at it, creating lots of fake gurus. And they befooled people one after another, made a lot of money. It’s all money-oriented.

In the beginning it was so difficult for Me because they all used to come with big gusto to fight Me, because I said you can’t take money in the name of God – that was too much. “How can She say that you cannot take money?” But now it’s better. One by one all of them got nicely exposed, and more will be exposed. I don’t have to tell you about them; they will be exposed, one by one. If there is light, all darkness has to go, and everything that is there has to be exposed.

So everyone feels the same, there is no quarrel about it; because the spirit is the reflection of God Almighty, it’s one God, who reflects Sadashiva. Sadashiva, who is a witness to the work of the Primordial Mother, Adi Shakti, is just witnessing the play, just witnessing. In you He is witnessing as Atma, but He doesn’t come into your attention, He’s there. And His attention is only limited because He has not to any way interfere with your freedom. So He keeps to Himself, He is just watching. That is the “auto.” When we say “autonomous nervous system” that is the auto, that’s the spirit.

Now it’s the reflection of one Sadashiva. Naturally all the reflections have to be the same, their effects have to be the same. Of course, before realization is the reflection on a stone, we can call it, or on a wall, or maybe on some sort of a opaque thing. After realization you become reflectors, beautiful reflectors, and it reflects you. And everyone reflects the same thing. So the effect of Atma sakshatkara is the same on every person, that first he starts feeling this cool breeze in his hands, then out of his fontanel bone area. All of them feel the same way. Then they start feeling these centers and finding out what’s wrong. Also all of them become thoughtlessly aware, first stage which we call as nirvichara samadhi. Instantaneously it works.

You may say, “Mother, it’s very difficult. How does it happen? People had to go to Himalayas.” All right, it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to go. Those days are gone. After all, the civilization, this tree of civilization has grown so big, its roots have to be grown; otherwise the whole civilization will be finished. And this is the knowledge of the roots, and that’s why to know this knowledge you have to become subtler, sukshma. This is only possible when the kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone, and makes you connected with the all-pervading Power of God’s love.

So the first thing that you feel is collective consciousness, because everybody is the spirit. So you can feel another Atma, you can feel another Atma, you can feel another. You can feel their body, you can feel their mind, you can feel anything.

This is the first quality you get, samuhik chetana, on your nervous system, on your central nervous system. Whatever you have got in your evolution is expressed on your central nervous system. Now see: for example, if you have a dog or a horse and you want to take him through a very dirty lane, it will go, it won’t bother. But for a human being it is very difficult, because in our evolution our central nervous system has developed the sense of smell, a sense of beauty. All right. So this they have developed, and once they have developed, what happens that now we human beings are definitely higher than animals in our evolution, and in our subtler sensitivities. For a dog it doesn’t matter what you put here, how you decorate, what color you wear, nothing; to us it is very important, because our sensitivity has improved. It has improved because of our evolutionary process, we have become human beings.

But in the human stage we have one problem, and that problem is that we have developed two institutions in our head and it’s called as ego and superego, and you call the ego and the conditioning. These two institutions on our head cross over and calcify, and we become a closed personality. When the kundalini rises, she passes through this Agnya Chakra which is on the optic chiasma, and sucks in these two, opens the Sahasrara, and the kundalini goes out. This is a living process, this is not that you can do. Supposing you want to sow a seed, you cannot pull out a primule, the Ankura and push it into the thing. You cannot make the seed sprout. It’s a living process of a living God, and of a living energy. Please understand, there’s a big difference.

So this is working out spontaneously, the rising of the kundalini. She is your Mother, she moves very beautifully without troubling you. She knows her child very well. This is the chance she has to give realization to you. She has loved you all her life, all your lives, and she knows all about you, all your problems; like, a naughty boy you have been – “It doesn’t matter,” she says, “this is the chance to give them realization.” It is she who comes up well, beautifully, works it out, pierces through. All this happens.

But when she touches the Brahmarandra or pierces through the Brahmarandra, then the seat of Sadashiva is here. He has a reflection here, but the seat is here. These are the peethas in our head, seven peethas, and the chakras are down below. So when she pierces through that, what we do is actually we have touched the Feet of Sadashiva, and that’s how in our heart the spirit enters into our attention. When the spirit enters into our attention we become enlightened, our attention is enlightened, and this attention is very alert and it knows everything. Sitting down here you can find out about people, what they are doing, on the chakras. You will not discuss what clothes they are wearing, how much money they have in the bank, but they will see where are they on their chakras, what’s the problem is. Sitting here you can cure them, sitting here you can help them. But they have to be one with this all-pervading Power, that is important. If they are not, then it takes some time.

So first of all you become nirvichar, nirvichar samadhi, and you start working out your collective consciousness by giving realizations to others. You become entitled to raise this kundalini, with your hands you can raise the kundalini. You know these people who are singing here, some of them have given realization to thousand people, and you can do it also, because now you have the power. But the problem is, you have been given the throne, you have been made to sit on that, now you have been also adorned with a beautiful mukuta (means crown). But still you don’t want to believe you have become the king, now how to make you believe?

So the second point is self-confidence, is very difficult. They cannot believe that they have got Self-realization. And “Go ahead with it, work it out. You have become your own guru, go ahead with it” – they cannot, they are afraid. But all these horrible cheats, they have no realization, they have no knowledge, nothing. They become the dead gurus, have thousands of people behind them, make fool of them, make money and spoil their lives. While those who are Sahaja yogis, who have all the knowledge, everything: still they are so humble, they are so simple. But they know about everyone. Anyone who comes there, they know, “Ah, we know this one.” They won’t say it but they know, all of them. In their own science they will tell you “this is this” – they know. Then collectively they will work for that person. You will not know what they are doing, and it will work out.

So the second nature of the spirit, apart from that it is a collective being, it is an absolute being. We live in a relative world – this is good, this is bad, that is this, this is that. But it’s an absolute being, in the sense, you put your hands towards a photograph: immediately, if it is made by a realized soul, you’ll start getting the vibrations. Think of anyone – was that a realized soul? Just put your hands.

There are many if – people who don’t believe in God, if He’s God, so-called, don’t believe in God. I mean, it’s most unscientific, but supposing they don’t believe in God, they have to just ask, “Mother, is there God?” – finished, they get the vibrations. All things can be proved. There is Pramaan (means proof) for everything, Pramaan for all that is said so far. This is a very great thing that happens to you, that you get the Pramaan out of your chaitanya. Then this chitta which is so attentive, which is so dynamic, which is so effective, also purifies you. It knows where is your problem, what chakra is catching, they tell you.

Like I was there in Delhi, they brought three boys. “Mother, their Agnya is catching. Somehow or other we cannot clear it.” That means they’re egoistical. They also said, “Yes, Mother, we have Agnyas catching, we’ve got headaches.” They’re egoistical, but they didn’t say they’re egoistical. And they themselves are saying, “Yes, Mother, our Agnya’s catching. Please clear it out.” So you are yourself saying, “I am egoistical.” Because that pains you now that that ego is paining you; so, “Mother, clear us out, we can’t clear out this Agnya.” “All right, come along, I’ll clear it out.”

So you start judging yourself. You know about yourself what’s wrong with you. “My this Nabhi is catching, my that chakra is catching, my that chakra is catching.” They all know about themselves, and they know how to clarify and clear it out, and work it out. So you cleanse yourself. But the greatest cleansing comes when you are collective.

Many people take My photograph, “Mother, we do puja, we sit down, meditate; but still again I got this trouble.” You have to be in the collective, that is a very important part of Sahaja Yoga. Because now, you see, you don’t have to go to Himalayas, not have to go and jump in the Ganges. You don’t have to do any fasting, you don’t have to say any Japaas (means chants), nothing. Only one thing: you be collective. Collective is the ocean of the attention of Almighty. Once you are in the collective you get cleansed. Like My finger, supposing – is all right, but supposing a nail is cut out and thrown, it won’t grow. Nobody will pay attention to it. So you have to come to the collective.

There, ego comes in. There are people who are very big, rich, very well-educated, or politicians – you know, big, big, big, big, big people. They find it difficult to come down to a humble place, is a center. They want another palace to be created for them, “otherwise how can we go there?” Is Mother’s house. Even if your mother is humble, she doesn’t have much money – “All right, doesn’t matter, is my mother’s house.” And they don’t come, and then they lose vibrations. This is a very common failing, specially in India, not in the West because they know what precious thing they have achieved. We have no idea as to what it is that we have achieved, our Atma sakshatkara.

So again next year I come, “Mother, I have this problem, that problem. I’ve been meditating at home all right.” If you don’t come to the collective, you cannot cleanse yourself. That’s the only way in Sahaja Yoga you can cleanse yourself, and you can be above everything else.

So when the kundalini passes through your Agnya Chakra, you become thoughtlessly aware. A thought rises and falls, another thought rises and falls. Some come from the past, some come from the future; but we are not in the present. If I say “you be in the present,” you cannot be. That’s why kundalini awakening is a happening which attracts your attention inside. Just like this sari of Mine is the kundalini coming up – see now it’s spread out like that; but when she’s coming up she’s pulling all the attention inside. And that’s how your attention goes in. And when she pierces through, then there is a space in between the thought called as “vilamba”– this, of course, so everybody knows perhaps – that increases, that is the present. So we have to be in the vartamaan (means present), we have to be in the present, then we are thoughtless.

Say the waves of water rising, falling, you are facing the water; but when you are in the water you are afraid, frightened, when you have problems you are frightened. But supposing somebody takes you out and puts you into a boat, then you see it, you can solve your problems. But supposing you know how to swim, you can jump down and save many others.

So in three stages you move. So the growth only takes place when you are thoughtlessly aware. And that can be achieved in collectivity as well as in your meditation, for which you don’t have to pay. Some people have an opening introduction lecture free, and then the second one is banking. Sahaja Yoga is not like that. All this nonsense is not in Sahaja Yoga.

It’s reality, and reality cannot be purchased. Actually God doesn’t know bank, He doesn’t know money. He doesn’t understand anything about money. He has not made money: this is your headache, not His. Of course, supposing I had to fly I have to pay, it is all right. If I have to get a hall I have to pay; but for the hall, not for God. For awakening, for enlightenment you cannot charge any fee. Even for darshan I am told people charge money – imagine. For them everything is money, money, money, money, money. How can they rise to the level of spirit?

And we are so simple, you know, the bhaktas are so simple. “All right, you want five rupees, I’ll sell my ring and give you. You want this, I’ll give you this.”

There was a guru in America who had, I think, forty-eight Rolls Royce or something, I had forgotten the counts, and he wanted one more. So he told his disciples that “You should somehow or other get me one more Rolls Royce, then I’ll come to England.” So poor things were living on potatoes, starving themselves. So one of the Sahaja yogis said, “What are you doing? Why does he want a Rolls Royce? What is his interest in Rolls Royce?”

He says, “You know, we are just giving him the metal, but he’s giving us the spirit.” Can you imagine it? Metal can be exchanged for spirit! Must be some sort of a bhoot badha he must be putting on them, and that in English language is “spirit.” English language is very dangerous, because “spirit” is wine, “spirit” is Atma and “spirit” is a bhoot – I don’t know which spirit they mean!

So, the relationship with God if it has to establish, we have to become first of all the spirit; then only this relation can be established. One may certify oneself, “I am this, I am that” but it’s no good, it is of no use; because this human body is given to you. Imagine what this divine Power must have done to make you a human being – how gently, carefully, beautifully you are made a human being. And now, why this human body you have got it? What are we using it for? We must evaluate our human life, what is it for? Is it for just insurance or I don’t know what else they do; but is it for something, that we become the light of the world.

So this light of the spirit spreads in the attention, and the attention becomes dynamic, active, works out, it’s very alert and extremely punctual. Then this attention doesn’t get bored at all. People don’t know what is boredom is, because this boredom comes when your attention becomes tired. But here the attention is full of light, so they don’t know what is boredom is.

The second thing that is the nature of spirit is that it tells you the truth, the absolute truth, nothing but the truth. Anything that these chaitanya lahiris tell you, when you are matured enough, not before that; when your connection is complete – otherwise halfway you are connected and halfway you’re not, then no – but when you are mature: that is the state of nirvikalpa. When you become that, then your attention is absolutely correct, your vibrations are correct and the report is absolutely correct, and what information you get is hundred percent truth; so the truth about anyone.

Now, say we want to know about Shri Ganesh. We worship Shri Ganesh. Many people make fun of Him, even so-called intellectuals, you see. They don’t know what to say, so they start saying nonsensical things about Shri Ganesha, you see – it’s a sin. But you can ask, “Mother, is Gauri Putra is bestowed upon the Mooladhara, in ourselves?” Of course, all those who are realized will get tremendous vibrations, and you too. If you have doubts, if you are worshipping Shri Ganesha, you ask this question; if you are worshipping Shri Vishnu you ask that question. If you are worshipping Christ, you ask that question; if you are worshipping Shiva you ask that question.

What’s wrong with us, that without connection we are calling, “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva”? Is He in our pocket? How can you just – because is He our servant or what?

But if you are realized, even taking once His name is sufficient; He acts, because we are in His kingdom. In this kingdom of yours, in the Indian kingdom that is there, you may call anybody; nobody will come in any case, the question doesn’t arise. And when you start calling God also without connection, it won’t act. But if you are connected, then not only that that deity will help, the one who is troubling you will be all right. Not only that, but whatever you want is done, and it happens. All kinds of manorathas (means wishes or desires) are fulfilled. So whether we should call it enlightenment or fulfillment is your own choice; it’s complete fulfillment of your own being.

So the third nature of the spirit is that it is love. Because it is love, it gives you joy. But nirvaj – this love doesn’t want anything, it just gives; such a soothing, beautiful feeling. People have stress. After doing all kind of nonsensical things you will have stress, no doubt about it. But when the hole is made here, all your stress goes out. There’s no more stress. We don’t know what is stress is. People don’t go to doctors, even the doctors don’t go to doctors, they come to Me. I’m not a doctor, but they come to Me – surprising.

This is meta-modern science, meta-modern – above modern science. But do you know, we are Indians, have this heritage of our own; we believe more in the English language, more in the English dress, more in the English knowledge, because we know English only. But those who know French will believe in French. Now the time has come that they should believe in us, because we don’t believe in our own country, we don’t believe in our own culture, we don’t believe in our own knowledge. This is nothing new I am telling you. Sahaja Yoga is a very ancient thing – Nanaka sahaja samadhi [*]lago. Every saint has described. But we are doing this, that, all ritualism, karma kandis, this, that. This cannot give you the ultimate – cannot. I am telling you, that’s the truth. Spirit is what we have to be. That’s the ultimate goal of our life. Then the, all the rest of them fall in line. And that’s what we have got from every scriptures, from every incarnation, from everywhere. Let us now just think that let us become the spirit, and then let us become a realized soul, a master.

May God bless you all.

They didn’t bring any questions?

There are some nice questions which I will answer before I give you realization. If you want to go out for five minutes you can go, and then you can come back. In the meanwhile there are questions.

Should we focus our attention while meditating, on the top of the head?

You don’t have to focus anything anywhere. You’re not doing anything, it is the kundalini which is coming up. So you don’t have to do it. Don’t fight with your attention. It will just – she will manage it. She knows her job. That’s one point.

Do the deities like Shri Ganesha, Mahavishnu etc. have the forms as depicted in our scriptures?

Of course! That are the deities.

Or do they stand for some state of mystic consciousness pertaining to yogic centers?

Of course, they do. These deities are there. Ganesha is just like Ganesha. Of course, in color He differs from one to another – depends on.

But His state of mystic consciousness is different from that of Vishnu, from that of Shiva. He does His job. Everybody is the perfect master of their jobs, but they are in the form, absolutely in the form as you know them, no doubt.

What a blessing we have! I mean, imagine, I had to talk about Ganesha to these people, who had – they didn’t know even the word “G”! Isn’t it just …? They didn’t know anything about it. And they have mastered Ganesha. Now ask them, they’ll tell you all the chakras, everything. All this knowledge is here in this country of ours, all these beautiful jewels are here.

When we are in the midst of people not familiar with Sahaja Yoga, can we mentally imagine the form of Reverend Mataji, instead of keeping Her photo in front?

Of course, you can. Yes, My photograph sometimes is used in very funny places that should not be such, it’s not a protocol. It should be used in a place where you are with people who are Sahaja yogis, or in your houses, homes; you shouldn’t use them everywhere.

[Question: Does non-vegetarian food affect the sadhana? Is vegetarian food is preferable?]

Now if I say anything you are going to be angry! But I’ll tell you. In Sahaja Yoga, you are not supposed to eat any flesh of a bigger animal than yourself. If you are vegetarian, you could be vegetarian; if you are non-vegetarian you can be non-veg. But it depends on what sort of a personality you are. Supposing you are a right-sided person, you’d better be vegetarians. But if you are left-sided, it’s better to take to proteins.

So we’re talking proteins and carbohydrates. Take any kind of proteins. Now we Indians don’t eat any proteins. Except for Idli (a South indian dish) I don’t think we eat any proteins. That too, we have rice in it. Proteins must be eaten by Indians, I am of that opinion, because we have become so weak. As it is, we are so frightened of income tax, this tax, that tax; plus we are so weak, because we eat absolutely insipid food. So we should eat nourishing food, specially proteins in any form. But not the animal which is bigger than you. Like people eat horses – I don’t know what else they’ll be doing, anything; elephant, I think!

For everyone there is no prescription. According to your nature you should eat. I mean, so many people don’t do Sahaja Yoga when I say this, just imagine. They miss their Atma sakshatkara because of this. I mean, how did you become a vegetarian? Because your mother was a vegetarian, what else? From where did you learn vegetarianism? Supposing you were a Muslim, then you would have eaten somebody’s heads also! So luckily you are born in a Hindu community, but we go too far with it. Morning till evening – I mean, this ritualism is so much in Madras also that they told Me, “Mother, Sahaja Yoga can never work in Madras.” I said, “Why?” “Because people are not at all sahaj. In the morning they must get up at four o’clock, have their bath, go to the temple, come back. If one day they don’t do it, then the whole day they are like mad people, thinking they have committed the greatest sin – this routine must be done.”

There is no routine in Sahaja Yoga. It’s a living process. There is no routine in living process. Whenever the flower wants, it will flower. So why kill yourself with these rituals? This is our problem in the Hindu religion, the same with the Christians; I mean, everybody is competing. God has created this world for us to enjoy. I tell you, if you give up this you’ll be very much absolutely relaxed. Forget it! At the most, five minutes in the morning Sahaja Yoga meditation, and ten minutes in the evening before sleeping – finished. For that we have a center, you go and see them – that’s all. The rest God will do for you.

(Now this is a nice question also) – What is the final realization in sadhana? How should one proceed in that direction, after he feels the vibrations in his head and palms, initially?

That’s good, that means you have felt it, Mr. Subramaniam, and I’m happy to know about this. But I would say that you have to come to our center and proceed with it. But we don’t talk of the future, we talk of the present. Slowly you will be surprised how you are rising, how you are really getting all the powers in yourself. You yourself will realize, and you will be amazed. I mean, you’ll be surprised, some people I have met after one year – I have a very good memory, but I could not recognize them.

Now, this gentleman is here, and he’s something personal problem, poor thing. He went to this Navoli of Hatha Yoga, and he’s suffering. This Hatha Yoga is another funny stuff. If you read Patanjali, you’ll know it’s Ashtanga Yoga. Out of this exercises, wee, wee, wee, wee, wee bit of that is so important. Anybody can come and teach you Hatha Yoga; unless and until he’s a realized soul, he has no right to teach you anything. What I’ve said today is nirvichar samadhi, nirvikalpa – all is written there, and he calls all this all-pervading Power as Ritambhara PrAgnya. Somebody teaches you something – “Ha, tha” – finished. People are running like mad, jumping like mad. You become right-sided, then you get heart attacks; now this gentleman has a problem. But I assure you, you’ll be all right. You take to Sahaja Yoga, it’s very simple, it will give you a balance, you’ll be all right.

Then Hatha Yoga, then going Gayatri Mantra: you become more right-sided. Learn what is needed for you. For a person who is right-sided, you have to have bhakti. Those who are left-sided have to have this. You have to give balance to yourself. And it will really give you such a joy. Otherwise if there’s some Hatha yogi, you’d better approach him with a barge-pole; God knows when he will slap you – like Duruwasha (he was a Guru very notorious for his hot temper). It’s very dangerous people. They don’t know what is love is, they don’t know what is Mother is. There’s no talk of love.

Is self-awareness a pre-requisite to practice on progress of realizing kundalini shakti?

No. After realization you become self-aware. Nothing is needed. Now for example, people go on telling, “You have committed this sin. All right, pay so much money to me and all your sins will be finished.” I tell you, put him to the police. To Me nobody is a sinner, no. You are My children. Nobody is a sinner. You have committed no sins, no wrong, nothing. You were mistaking something, you went into darkness; or I can say that you were ignorant, at the most. But I don’t like to call any human being as a sinner, except for they’re rakshasas. Of course there are rakshasas, then they are already branded, you don’t have to say it, they’re already there.

So this self-awareness is what you have to get. We are not self-aware. By doing it, we cannot. When we say, “I have to be self-aware. Now I have to be self-aware, I have to go inside” – what are we using? Our ego. It’s a happening. When you achieve that state, that state – not human state, but a state of a yogi – there at that  state you have self-awareness, and you respect yourself. You have your self-esteem. But you don’t show off, you don’t become cheapish person.

He says that “Mother, I have recently started meditating in the Sahaja way, and I feel absolutely fresh and beautiful all the time. Though, Mother, put very humbly, say that the energy is our own, I have never felt this energy before. Mother, so kindly let us know if we are re-linked to the God or the main source, and that is the reason why we feel full of energy throughout?”

Of course, you are feeling because you are re-linked, no doubt about it. But you don’t feel any energy because you must be a very good man. When there is obstruction, then only you feel a little problem. Like a smooth landing, you don’t feel it; if you get a smooth landing in Sahaja Yoga, means you are a very nice person, very good man, righteous man. Just smoothly you land, there’s no obstruction, nothing. You have no imbalances, you are in the center, no problem. But if you have problems, then the kundalini a little bit goes, comes down. And that’s why you don’t feel it. Those who have problems do feel a little pain sometimes here and there. But if the kundalini just rises up, know that you are righteous, you are good.

Is the term “God” given to all unexplainable questions as their explanation manas (?) ?

No, no, no. In Sahaja Yoga everything is explained and can be proved Pramana.

Has anyone seen, heard, felt or realized his ultimate control, master, owner, decision-maker?

Of course! So many of them, don’t you know? There are so many.

Does the final authority lives outside every man, or does it reside inside everyone?

He is reflected in everyone, but the reflection cannot be the object. But the reflection can be equal to the object, depending on the reflector.

If anyone has realized the ultimate truth, why did he die?

These are big, big things he has asked. You see, I think the gentleman who is asking Me this question, I would ask him first of all to get your realization. He’s quite confused gentleman. You see, just now – “What is God? What is death?” What are you? Find out first. Who is asking this question? …. He is asking from a center? Oh, my God! It’s interesting, eh, that he’s asking from a center all these questions. That means he’s too much thinking, thinking, thinking.

Is wrong to say that God is in good?

I think he’s done too much reading, that’s the problem. First you know the reality, My child, then all these questions will disappear – nirvikalpa. ….

Now he’s talking about ideal good and all that.

It’s definitely true that man lives only once …

It’s wrong. Who told you that? He doesn’t. But if you believe in that I cannot help it, but it’s not so. And that to be good and to be righteous is not the end of your search. Dharma is the balance, that gives you the balance. But balance for what, dharma for what? We should ask the question. Why should we be dharmic; why not be adharmic? Why not ask such a question? It’s logical. Why do all this dharma, dharma, dharma?

Because you have to rise. Say an aeroplane is not balanced, how will it rise? But supposing it is only balanced and never rises, what’s the use of making an aeroplane?

So you have to be dharmateet. You have to go beyond dharma, you have to go beyond gunas – it’s gunateet – you cross over, then dharma becomes part and parcel of you. You don’t have to tell yourself, “Don’t do this, don’t …” No, you just don’t do it, try anything.

I’ll tell you My own example. You know I have a double life. My husband is a – what is he, you must have known about him – he’s a big, big, big boss of something, and I’ve lived with all that nonsense all My life. When he went to England they asked him, “Why don’t you have dancing with us?” He said, “Because my wife doesn’t dance, I don’t want to dance.” He puts everything on Me, it’s a very good way of escaping!

So they said, “No, no, bring Her to London, She’ll be all right. If you bring Her to London She’ll start dancing.” He said, “You even take Her to moon, She will not!”

So this is what it is. The dharma is innate, you just don’t do it. Not because of conditioning, or it’s better – it is Sahaj. Sahaja, you – just, you just don’t do it. “No, I will not do that.” You will never do wrong things, because you will just not do it. So this has to go beyond dharma, means the dharma is part and parcel of that. Gunateet means you are beyond gunas. You are neither right-sided, left-sided, centered, but you are beyond. What is left, right, center, what is this, why to hang like that? – better be above. That is what happens to you.

So “only there are righteous people”: many righteous people came and went away, had no effect on the public. What is needed is your emancipation, your ascent; that’s what we have to achieve. “Only the good” – so-called good; and you cannot establish good, I tell you. Nobody likes to follow a good person.

Like in Pune they were saying, “Everybody takes – they eats money, they never eat food.” I said, “Really?” So I told My husband, “Everybody eats money” – he was in London.

He said, “You tell them ‘My husband never took any bribe.’” So I told them, “My husband never took any bribe.” They said, “Why didn’t he take? Who told him not to take?”

So what happens is that normally people never follow a person who is good and righteous, never. But they’ll always follow a person who is a little bit like this. The reason is, we are coming from animal stage – easy to go back. But once you’re realized, then it’s difficult; means once the flower becomes the fruit, it cannot become the flower – as simple as that.

So I say you’ve come here, all right, very sweetly, and then get your realization; then I’ll talk to you. Then you yourself will say – and now, see these people who were singing here, some of them were terrible drug addicts, terrible! They couldn’t even see Me. They said, “We saw only lights coming out of You, never saw You” when they came – in comas. Overnight, finished – alcoholics, overnight. I didn’t tell them. I never tell, “Don’t drink, don’t …” I never use that word. Let the light of your spirit come in, and you are there. I don’t have to tell you anything, all habits you’ll drop by yourself. Do you see the point? Because when the light comes in, the darkness has to run away.

So righteousness is not sufficient enough. You have to go beyond that.

Somebody has written about his friend who has a problem, who’s fallen down, had an accident. He should go and ask the Sahaja yogis to help him. Nowadays I don’t cure people, because there’s no need to; I’m doing all other nonsensical things. The curing nowadays’ done by Sahaja yogis. There are so many other things I have to see to. So you call anyone, they’ll be very helpful and they will do it.

Ah, it’s a good question – Is it possible to cure the suffering and poor with this Sahaja Yoga? Can we get rid of our poverty?

We can, by all means – if you stop fasting first. You want to fast? “All right,” God says, “all right, go ahead. You’ll not get food.” Finished! Your wish will be fulfilled. You want to become like a sanyasi? Want to wear torn clothes? All right, have poverty. You want poverty, after all you asked for it.

Then, you want sufferings? “We must suffer.” There’s so many nonsensical things going on that “you must suffer.” Then how? “I have suffer” – all right, if you want that, you enjoy it. You ask for prosperity, you’ll get it, after kundalini awakening. You see the center there, called as the Nabhi Chakra, and who is sitting there is Lakshmi Narayana. Once Lakshmi Narayana is awakened within you, how can you be poor?

But also money has its own problems. You get wealth, which is satisfying. But don’t ask for poverty. Leave alone you, now the Westerners have got a great desire for poverty. They wear pants, they said they are holey, means there are holes. Torn pants they wear – in England, imagine, such a cold country, wearing holey pants, getting varicose veins. And so many nonsensical suffering is going on there, so many. (Such a long letter – should write small one.) So that’s going on, and that’s how people ask for it. So there is recession in America, recession in England, recession in Spain, crawling into France – have it. If you want to have poverty, have it.

So the Lakshmi chit is going to come this side, I think. Some sense is coming into our government, and I’m sure it will work out – hope so. But you take to Sahaja Yoga and you’ll be surprised. For example, in England we have such a lot of unemployment, but not one Sahaja yogi is unemployed, not one. At least with this problem (?) at least … you will take to Sahaja Yoga, to begin with.

Mother, Sahaja Yoga is for health and joy only, or is it something more?

Everything – totality. What do you want? Ask for it, desire for it – everything.

He says it’s not explained to him. You see, just now I’ll give you realization, you will see how the chakras are opened out and all that. But later on if you go to the center you can know everything, in one year you’ll be all masters. But give some time to yourself, is the point. People are very busy these days. What are you doing? Some ladies told Me they’re very busy with [*]kitty parties! Here are very few ladies in here, Madras; all the ladies must be in the temple sitting, cutting, shaving their heads. And very educated women also do it. I mean, why, why should we shave your head? God has lots of hair – you don’t have to cut. All this nonsense! Women can be much more shakti shali than men, but this conditioning of the women of India – God knows.

All right. So now we are … He’s saying, “I have been practising pranayama for four years. I don’t have teacher …dangerous….”

Very dangerous. If you have no teacher, whether you have teacher or not, pranayama is very dangerous. Ha! If you have problem with your lungs, or some specific reason …. You see, all these vyayamas (means exercise), were given for specific reason, for specific chakras. Now, the kundalini’s rising; supposing she stops at your stomach, Nabhi, and you are doing pranayama, what’s the use? You should know where the kundalini is there. For example, today I was coming by car. Now they stopped Me at one point, then at second point. When the car started moving, then only I knew where it is going to stop. Beforehand, how can I do it? In the same way, when kundalini rises – use your brains! – then she stops at a point, then you should know by what vyayama you can put it right. It’s very scientific. We too use, but not like all the medicines from the medicine box taking, morning till evening. And that’s why they say they develop problems – they do. …. (You will, very soon.)

It’s a very dangerous thing. You see, actually we are not only physical being. We don’t live in only on prana – that’s right? I’ve seen people who practise pranayama, if they’re married – thank God you’re not married – they divorce their wives, because there’s no love. They’re very dry people, extremely dried up; no poetry in their life. All right, you’d better start reading some nice poetry!

Now, he is saying there – “Could you please tell what is right-sided and left-sided?”

It’s quite a long subject, but if you go to Sahaja Yoga they will tell you. Right-sided is physical and emotional energy, used for physical and – sorry, physical and mental work. Left-sided is the energy for emotions. Now for example, he’s doing pranayama. He’s doing that, he’ll become right-sided – only if you do that.

When the kundalini is in the process of awakening, is one getting fear?

No, you do not. She’s your mother. She will bear all the problems. When you were born, your mother bore all the problems, all the labor pains. She didn’t trouble you, did she? She, poor thing, suffered for you. And once you are born she forgets everything, “That’s – my child is born now, finished. Whatever is over is over.” That’s what is kundalini. Why should you have any fear? This is people who are telling you that kundalini awakening is very dangerous and all that, because they don’t know anything about it. They don’t want you to get your realization.

What he says is true, that – [Question: “Evil exists from time immemorial, in spite of several incarnations and saints.”]

It’s correct; but there is a solution. So why not seek the solution, to get out of evil? Once you are a realized soul, the evil will run away – not you. The time has come for all the evil to run away, to be destroyed, to be exposed, to be finished. It’s you who can do it.

Everything takes its own time, like the growth of a tree. Slowly, slowly all these six chakras were worked out. Now the question of the seventh chakra, is the Sahasrara, which is now worked out in Sahaja Yoga. So the picture is complete. Evil cannot destroy a Sahaja yogi; they know it very well. Even the evil know that they cannot. If they see a Sahaja yogi, they run away. So don’t you worry.

I think I have answered all your questions, most of them; but there’s one thing. I’ve been doing this for the last (how many years?) 1970…– twenty-three years, twenty-one years, answering questions. I’m quite now clever, I can answer any question, that’s true. But this is no guarantee for your awakening, I must tell you. It’s a mental acrobat. So though I have answered your question, doesn’t mean that I will raise your kundalini, or kundalini will rise. That’s a separate issue altogether.

But I don’t want you to have this mind suddenly shooting out and saying that you didn’t ask this question, so that you be stressed out. That’s why I answer. Otherwise makes no difference whether I answer or don’t answer. It’s something very different, different area.

So now, we are all prepared for our realization. Those who got yesterday also will get it more. As I have told you, those who do not want to have it, I cannot force on you – cannot force.

I think all the Sahaja yogis from the West have to go out – this time is there, sorry. I know you want to sit down for meditation, but you’ll be getting much more chances than others; because there’s time up. You have to pack up your things. All right. Look at them, they’re singing Sanskrit, and it’s complete “Ai Giri Nandini” they sing so well. Just think of them – can you imagine, these people, how did they learn? These are Germans, can you imagine? They don’t call themselves Germans, no. How could they do it? They didn’t know, these English didn’t know a word of Hindi; they lived here for three hundred years, I don’t know what they did. Even to tell them Darwaza Band Kar (means close the door) you had to say, “There was a banker.” It was so bad…(level?)…

Look at them! All this is the Atma! How they appreciate your music, and how they appreciate your Kuchipudi dancing out, it’s surprising – much more than you can. Because our music comes from Omkara. It will be proved, praman. We should be proud that we are Indians. Our culture is the highest culture in the whole world. We must respect our culture and preserve it. Ask them, they will show you, they will tell you what they have found in Sahaja Yoga.

[Question about moksha.]

This is moksha only? Of course! This is what moksha is. “Moksha” means where you rise about your physical, mental, emotional being; you are no more involved into it. That is the moksha. And by this non-involvement, all your physical, mental, emotional beings are solved. You become that, you become the tattwa , Tattwamasi you become the tattwa. “Aham Brahmasmi”– you become the [*]Brahma. It’s all around – this is Brahma. But even when you become you don’t believe, again I tell you. I mean, I don’t know what happens, they don’t believe that they are.

All right, so a simple thing is now is to understand that it’s a living process. It cannot be forced, it works by itself. But you all have fundamental right to get your Self-realization, all of you – whatever race you may be, whatever religion you may be, whatever country you may be – you are a human being, and you all have this right.

I would request you to take out your shoes and to put your feet on this Mother Earth, because she sucks in our problems. Both the … please take out your shoes, chappels, take out please. (Language – he doesn’t understand My language, is it?) …. Both the feet on the Mother Earth, away from each other. Now, during meditation please don’t move out, that’s all ….

You have to go, I think. Please, I think you’d better go. You are going by plane? …. All right. You are Sahaja yogis, you can do anything. The train will wait for you!

So …. They don’t want to miss any moment. They understand the importance of every moment, you can imagine.

What you need is sincerity to yourself. Now you have to put your both feet away from each other, and have a very pleasant feeling about yourself – prasanna bhave, prasanna chitt. Don’t be angry with yourself, with anyone, just be prasanna. What a nice word we have in Sanskrit, prasanna. Put both the feet away from each other like this, and have a very nice feeling about yourself, very pleasant feeling.

First we’ll tell you what chakras are to be touched, and how to raise your kundalini yourself. But later on you don’t have to worry, later on, is very simple. He will show you how to raise your own kundalini.

You have anything …. (Please try to loosen it.) Please put the left hand towards Me like this …. All right. Left hand towards Me like this. That is for absorbing the energy, or for expression of your desire, because left side is the power of desire and the right is the power of action. So put your left hand towards Me like this, the expression of your desire to have your Self-realization. Take your right hand on your heart. As I told you, in the heart is reflected the God Almighty, as spirit. If you become the spirit, you become your own master. So now you take down your right hand – we are working only on the left-hand side – on the left-hand side of your abdomen, on the upper part. Press it hard. This is the center of your mastery. (All right? Can you hear Me now?)

So now, if you are the spirit you become your own master. So you put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, and this is the center of your mastery. (Who’s making the noise? They are able to hear Me? No? No, it’s quite loud. Don’t you hear Me? All right, thank you.)

Now, take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. This is the center of pure knowledge. That is what works on your nerves, on your central nervous system, is manifested by this center of Swadishthana. Again you raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Then again you’ll have to raise your hand on your heart. Then raise your hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder, and turn your head to your right. This is the center you catch when you feel guilty, and you develop horrible diseases like spondylitis, or maybe angina.

So now please put your right hand on top your forehead, and bend your head. Here you have to forgive everyone, without thinking about whom you have to forgive. Take back your right hand on the back side of your head; this is the Agnya, front Agnya and the back Agnya – if you know, the optic lobe. Press it on both the sides. This is just the center because you feel guilty; ask forgiveness from the divine Power, that’s all. Push back your head. Now, stretch your hand fully, and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, the taloo, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Put down your head as far as possible. Now press it hard and push back your fingers, and press it hard and move your scalp, slowly seven times clockwise.

Now, that’s how we have to do it. At the very outset there are three conditions. First is that you all should feel fully confident that you are going to get your Self-realization, that you are going to get your Self-realization – (can you hear Me now?) – fully confident.

Secondly – (can you fix it?) – second condition is that you should not feel guilty at all about anything. Us Indians don’t feel so much guilty as the Westerners. It’s good idea not to feel guilty. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you this is wrong, you are like that, you are like that – nothing of the kind. Nobody has business to judge you. So please don’t feel guilty, very important.

And the third condition is that you have to forgive everyone. Many of you will say that’s difficult, which is wrong. As I told you yesterday, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. So by not forgiving, only we play into wrong hands. So just, without thinking about whom you have to forgive or whom you have to remember, try just to say in general, “I forgive everyone.” You’ll feel much lighter. Just you say that. That’s a myth, you are living with a myth. (Can you hear Me now? You can. Can you hear Me, that side? Back side, do you hear Me?) Now, you have to close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles, because you should not open your eyes till I tell you. Please take out your spectacles. If there’s anything tight on your neck or in your, on your waist, please …. If you have anything – (What’s the matter?) If you have anything – (I have to just go on to it, that’s what’s just coming) – anything on your neck or on your waist, something very tight, you can loosen… If you have any tawis or anything, please remove it, it’s not very good. Or some mala given by some guru or someone, please remove it; because you have not come here to enslave yourself to anyone, but to become absolutely free.

So now we close our eyes, all of us. Please close your eyes. Put both the feet on the Mother Earth still, don’t forget that, you have to put both the feet, yes. Now, close your eyes fully, don’t open them. Now, put the left hand towards Me on your lap and right hand on your heart, right hand on your heart. Now left hand open towards Me, open, keep it open towards Me. You can keep it in your …. Yes.

Now, in the heart resides the spirit. Ask Me a question three times, “Mother, am I the spirit?” It’s very fundamental question. Without any diffidence, please ask this question in your heart three times, “Mother, am I the spirit?” That’s a fact: you are the spirit. That’s the truth about you. Now, take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Be Prassana Chitta….You should not be overly serious. There is nothing serious, you see. Must understand, you should be prasanna chitta. Forget your past. Now, here you have to ask another question three times, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. “Am I my own guru?” This center is created by the Satgurus for you to establish yourself.

Now, take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. I cannot force pure knowledge on you. The rest is all avidya; this is vidya. Vidya, where it is vida, is knowledge. So you have to ask six times, “Mother, please may I have pure knowledge?” When you ask for pure knowledge, your kundalini starts rising. And now we have to nourish our upper centers with our self-confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. And here with full confidence you have to say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it with full confidence. Don’t doubt yourself; you are your master. Please put your left hand towards Me, towards Me. Many people are not having left hand towards Me.

I’ve already told you that the truth about you is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, these conditionings, this ego; but you are the pure spirit. So please now raise your right hand on your heart, and here with full confidence you have to say, “ Mother, I am the pure spirit. Mother, I am the shuddha Atma.” Say it with full confidence. Now, raise little bit properly, you see, it should not be very low also, raise it properly, as if raising your heart. Raise it.

This all-pervading Power is the power of love, is the ocean of knowledge, ocean of bliss and compassion. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness, and whatever you think you have done wrong can be easily dissolved in this great ocean. So please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, and push it back more. Here you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say it sixteen times, please. “Mother, I am nirdosh. I’m absolutely nirdosh.”

I have already told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything; it’s a myth. But when you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself, while the person who has tortured you is quite happy. So now, raise your right hand on your forehead across, and put down your head. Fully put down your head, and here you have to say from your heart, not how many times. If you don’t say it, I cannot make your kundalini pass through this constricted Agnya Chakra. So please, all of you should say, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general,” not thinking about anyone in particular, please.

Now, take back your hand on the back side of your head. Push back your head, as far as possible. Without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction you have to say, “Oh divine Power, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong. Oh Brahmachaitanya, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong, knowingly or unknowingly.” This you have to say in your heart, not how many times.

Now, stretch your right hand. Put the center of your palm of right hand on top of the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Push back your fingers as far as possible. Put down your head as far as possible. Here again, I cannot force Self-realization on you, so you have to ask for it. Move your scalp seven times clockwise, saying, “Mother, please give me my Self-realization.” Seven times, please. Don’t move the hand so much as the scalp. Please press it hard. Push back your fingers. First is, unless until you push back fingers, there won’t be any pressure.

Now take down your hands, please. Put both the hands towards Me. Now watch Me without thinking. Now put your right hand towards Me, and bend your head and see for yourself. Don’t watch others, watch yourself. See if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area, see if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. There might be a hot breeze also; if you have not forgiven, specially, then the hot breeze might be there. So now you forgive.

Now, take your left hand towards Me like this. Again put down your head. Not on top, but away from it; some people get it very far also. Try to see if there’s a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your head. On the fontanel, not very far backward or forward, but on the fontanel, on the taloo. All right? Again, put your right hand towards Me. Ha! Bend your head, bend your head. That’s it!

Now, I have to tell you how to give yourself the Kavach to protect yourself, it’s very important; and how to raise your kundalini, it’s very important, very simple – he’ll show you also. Put your left hand like this in front of you, and the right hand you have to move, the left hand goes straight. So you have to – I’ll just show you first of all, like this. It goes up onto your head, and here you give it one knot. Now, again we’ll start now, properly. We start it from here. Now start moving your left hand upward. For fixing up your kundalini, put your hand up and give it one knot; then again, the second one. Give it the second knot. Third knot you have to give three times. Now again do it, please: one, it’s two, and three. Done!

Now the Kavach. You have to take for your protection every morning when you go out, and before sleeping you should put your attention here and sleep off. Put the left hand towards Me like this. It is Saadhe teen… the three-and-a half coils. So how do you give Kavach? It’s, put left hand towards Me, towards the photograph, put the right hand like this – I’ll show you first of all. Then raise it like this, bring it down – this is half. Then again you take it back – this is one. Again you take it up, is again you take it back – is two. Again you take it like this, again you bring it back – is three. And now you take it back only halfway, so three-and-a-half times. This is bandhan, is the Kavach, Kavach of protection. Also lots of things you’ll learn, how to use this power from your hand.

Now, all those who have felt cool or hot breeze in their hands or out of your fontanel bone area, please raise your both hands. All those who have felt, please raise both your hands. They have a little problem of liver, but it will work out, it doesn’t matter.

May God bless you all, may God bless you.

So Madras should become now Mada Raas means all the Mada (vanity) is finished and achieve that state.

May God bless you all.

Again and again I tell you, be humble and come to the center. There are some very good Sahaja yogis in the center. They’ll all tell you everything with very loving way. But please come, and pay attention to yourself, and know everything. Next year I will come again to Madras.

May God bless you.