Is this the end of our evolution?

Bangalore (India)

1991-12-09 Is this the end of our evolution? Bangalore, India, 56'
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1991-12-09 Public Program, Bangalore, India

[Talk starts at 00:13]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset one has to know that truth is what it is, we cannot conceptualize it, we cannot imagine about it, we cannot organize it, we cannot change it. The unfortunate thing is that we cannot know it at this human awareness. I came to Bangalore and people brought beautiful flowers to me, very beautiful flowers. We take all these flowers for granted, we don’t even think how one seed can give these big trees, can create this beautiful atmosphere, also how these trees and plants and bushes all of them how they grow up to a limited area, how individually they produce whatever they are supposed to produce.

Look at our eye what a complicated thing this eye is, what a camera it is, how many things it does, we never even think how did we get this camera fixed here which is doing so many things. We just take everything for granted, and also i must say that science cannot tell you how, it can say it is, whatever they find honestly they say it is beyond that they cannot say how.

Now we have to also think about one more thing that we have being human beings from amoeba stage to this stage we have come, but is this the absolute that we have reached? Is this the end of our evolution? If it was so there would have been no problems, we all would have been very different people all understanding each other. So we turned to scriptures which says that you are to be born again some say you must have “Atma Bodha” so that you get your “Mokshas”, some say that you have to become [UNCLEAR Vali]. What is it they are talking about, they are people of different awareness and if you try to understand that they are talking of an absolute nature of human beings, the absolute nature of human beings is the spirit. Now i would say that you should not take me for granted also, whatever i am saying should be treated like a hypothesis and if you think it is right and if it proves then you have to accept it, if you are honest to accept it as a law. So this divine laws we do not know how it works and as it is we never think about them, you also do not know about them. As Doctor Talwar and Doctor Brian, Doctor Brian Wells is in charge of seven hospitals in London, he is an authority on alcoholism and drugs and i don’t know what else, but what he was describing the plight of the west is no less here also, we also in India have so many problems which they may not be aware, but we must know that there must be some solution to this. Now if you study this, problems come to us from where, ecological problem, how does it come, it comes from human beings. You go in a forest, in a forest as long as there are no human beings you will not find anything dirty, everything clean beautiful no smell nothing, but if you find anywhere that is dirty or something filthy know that there is some human being living there. We have created ecological problem, there is a big understanding rapport in the nature and the whole things works in a circle but we human beings have been given specially a freedom to seek the truth. While seeking the truth of course we go wrong we hit here… hit there… but unless and until we have found it we are not going to be happy or satisfied and more over apart from finding it, it is the last breakthrough of our evolution. If we do not become the spirit we are not yet complete and we will go on fighting with ourselves, fighting with everyone, struggling all the time till you have found out what you are.

We have had many saints in our country, it’s a “Yoga Bhumi”, definitely it’s a very country of spirituality, but all this knowledge is your own, this is your heritage, this is not coming from west, this was all here discovered. But as we are more enamored by the western knowledge by western things we do not want to see what deeply lies in this country as a great knowledge, not only that but the solution for the emancipation of human beings. It’s not only for the emancipation of human beings but also for the emancipation for the [UNCLEAR] and for every individual. 

Now this Kundalini is [UNCLEAR] pure desire because all other desires are not pure. Supposing today i want to buy a house so i will struggle to buy a house but once i have bought it immediately i will start thinking of something else. As you know economic science is this that in general wants are not [UNCLEAR], the reason is these are not pure wants. The pure want is really whether you are aware or not is to be the spirit to be connected with this all-pervading power which does all living work, this connection has to be established otherwise we are not going to be restful, the stress is nothing but the struggle to be that all these diseases are because our mistakes in a way that we are blind, because we haven’t got [UNCLEAR]. Supposing there is darkness you start walking now here you might hit anyone you may fall something might happen, so it’s not that you are sinning or anything but you are ignorant you do not know how to go, it is the blindness that Kabir Das has said “Kaise samaju sab jagah andah” they all didn’t know they got frustrated… most of them got frustrated. Person like Gyaneshwara who wrote in his Gyaneshwari in the sixth chapter about Kundalini went into a Samadhi, living Samadhi at the age of 23 years. So you can imagine how frustrated they must be that they cannot talk to you people and tell you what is for your benevolence. So anxious that you should have your benevolence they did all that what that was possible under the sun but some or other people never understood them because we are so conditioned, either we are condition on left side as doctor has said it, on the left side we are conditioned because we are very ritualistic, whatever we are born in a Hindu religion we are Hindu, born in a Muslim religion Muslim, born in a Sikh religion we are Sikh. We never even think that may be all these religions must be coming from the same source, may be all these incarnations and all these prophets might have been the flowers of the same tree. But we just think we are the best we have got everything and the rest are all horrible that’s how the quarrel starts. Actually we are somewhere else and those who started those religions are somewhere else, they are all related to each other, even Christ has said those who are not against me are with me, who are those? We never tried to find out. Every religion started with great ideas of spreading righteousness and ultimately self-realization “Atmanubhooti, Atma Bodh and Moksha”. Of course it has deviated because it did not find the truth, it should have found the truth and it would not have deviated, all these deviations you understand when you really jump into that new awareness where you have complete light to see the truth. The spirit is the source of the truth, the truth is absolute, it is not whether it is red or black, it is absolutely what it is. For example if you have about ten children who are realized souls, you tie up their eyes and ask them please tell us what’s wrong with this gentlemen, they feel on their fingertips the vibrations of a person. If they raise this hand and this finger say this is something wrong here that means he has a bad throat and you ask the person have you got some throat trouble, yes i have but how do you know? All the children will say the same because it is absolute, so whatever you achieve in your evolution you achieve on your central nervous system. 

For example if there is a dog or a horse and if you want them to go through a dirty lane it’s easy for them, they don’t bother about dirty, they don’t even worry about colors and aesthetics nothing of the kind, they just walk on. But a human being can’t because in his evolutionary process he achieved that sensitivity that he know what is filth is, his nose can feel it, his eyes can see it, his ears can hear it. In the same way whatever we have achieved so far in the evolutionary process we have to achieve now, a higher awareness and that awareness is called as collective consciousness “Samuhik chetana”, that means who is the other, the microcosm becomes the macrocosm, you become part and parcel of the whole and when you think of any one you can feel it on your fingertips whether he is dead living or away what’s the problem with that person. If you know how to correct those problems you can cure that person, because there is “Atma Bodha” you also know about your own centers which are basically seven, there are many centers but basically you have to know seven centers and  once you know about these seven centers you can easily correct them, it’s not difficult… it’s not at all difficult because it is so innate, it is built in, for example you are sitting there you can see i am wearing a white saree, i don’t have to tell you, you see it, it’s there. In the same way it’s the easiest thing that’s why it is Sahaj, “Saha” is with, “ja” is born, born with you is the right of this Yoga, this union with the divine power which is all pervading the “Brahma Chaitanya” is your birth right as human beings and you all should have it. But one must know that you cannot pay for it, how much do you pay to this mother earth for sprouting the seeds, anything who asks money for this kind of that know that he is a cheat. How can you ask money because god doesn’t understand money, banks, does he? It’s your headache, he never created money he created you and you created money and all these headaches but when people starts selling god it’s a great sin and please understand that you cannot pay for it. Some people have all kinds of guru [UNCLEAR] these days, all kinds of fake gurus have come away. Everything is money oriented, it cannot be money oriented, it has to be spirit oriented and in that i would just say that you must find out from the disciples, first you should find out what kinds of disciples they have and what kind of people they have created and then you should believe. I have known people i have this guru… i have that guru… but what has he done for you, what have you got out of that guru, have you got any powers, are you peaceful, are you healthy. I am a mother i would say if you retaining a guru at least he should keep your health alright, they have got cancer here… they have got cancer here, they have got bankruptcy they have got all kinds of problems and here they have a guru. What’s the use of having such a guru when the guru is himself a prospering very much and the disciples are all becoming sick and ill and poverty stricken. It’s very important to understand that this is Kaliyuga and this is the time these things were to happen, and then after that you will be amazed that you find that your life has become miracle… it’s a miracle. You are helped all the times by this divine power, you become absolutely a instrument of that divine power and you know how to handle it and how to work it out. It is your own right that you should have it and i don’t know why you shouldn’t have but it is not attractive to look at because we don’t know we are not very pompous people, we are not dealing in the advertising department and all that, so it is not so pompous. But it is definitely very helpful for the whole world now, that’s the only solution one can think of that people get transformed in Sahaja Yoga… absolutely transformed.

You must have heard these people singing Sanskrit imagine, they have been in Sahaja Yoga some of them from two years… three year… Sanskrit and all that they are singing, you know formally i remember if an English men was here he had to tell him for even saying that “Dharwaza band karo” there was a banker otherwise he wouldn’t understand. So if you are to say that “Dharwaza khol do” there was a cold day otherwise they couldn’t speak that was their condition, their tongues would not move at all, to sang to say Sanskrit i mean… language and all… the way they have understood and the way they enjoy our Indian music and Indian things, it’s very surprising, because you become absolutely adjustable, adaptable and absorbent, you absorb things very fast.

So many people have become great artists and musicians and writers, orators. So your personality which is glorious starts expressing itself, you are glorious believe me you are all glorious, only thing you are not yet connected, like any instrument say television, if you take it to a remote village and show the villagers and say that in this one you can see the pictures from all over world they will say how can it be because it is such a little box, you are also like that box we think, we are not. We are fantastic, we have to just get connected to that all pervading power, only thing is that formally people used to go to Himalayas stand on their heads, cleanse their chakras one after another do all kind of penance, sufferings. In Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to do anything, nothing has to be done. But there is one thing that you have to become a collective personality, for that you have to attend our centers. We are humble people, we don’t take money, we don’t have elaborate things but we have the truth with us. So you have to come and learn all these things for not paying any money or anything and you should become a master. Within one year people become masters… one year… but i have seen some people become master in second day, such a spontaneous happening that it doesn’t take much time for them to master it. May be “Purva janmas” depth that they had that they get this kind of a tremendous effect of their Kundalini awakening. Now this Kundalini is your mother she is your individual mother, like a tape recorder she has taped you everything within yourself, she gives no trouble while getting awakened. Some people have written horrible things about the Kundalini may be they don’t wanted to get realization, it is not so. Please believe me she is your individual mother and she is anxious to give you your self-realization, your second birth, she looks after you more than your own mother who took all trouble upon herself to give you birth, being [UNCLEAR] can understand a mother and we know how she has looked after us, in the same way this Kundalini raises and she gives you this realization and this is her life being completely… she thinks that all her lives she has been working it out and now the fulfillment has come, you also feel extremely fulfilled. I just say that my lecture… this short lecture and short stay is too short and you may not feel very much satisfied with it but makes no difference, whether i give you lecture or don’t give you lecture, whether you ask me questions and answer you… because now i have become an expert on answering questions, even if i answer your questions it’s just a mental acrobat, it has nothing deeper. What is best is to get your Kundalini awakening and there is no guarantee that if i answer your questions then you will get it, but if you have any questions please write them down and give it to the organizer here somebody who is organizing and i will try to send answer to that. I am sorry i am here only for one day i should have been at least here for two three days but may be next year i will be here for longer period with you. Thank you very much

So question… i will do it later on…

You can go to our centers and can get cured, we have someone here who will tell you how some people got cured even in Bangalore in my absence and how it has worked out.

[Sahaja Yogi talking] 

We had a person who stays in Padmanaba Nagar suffering from Asthma for 18 years, when it was approaching winter it was not possible for him to move out anywhere and he used to almost be bedridden, after he came over to our center he started getting vibrations from us, he knew who Sri Mataji was and within a month he started feeling the relief and after about two months he was totally relieved of Asthma. Today he is able to go about in winter or even in the open mist and dew without any warm clothing, in fact last year when we had gone for the international Sahaj seminar he was in the water… sea water for almost an hour and he was surprised himself how he could go through such a thing. Apart from this we have another lady who was suffering from acute sinusitis, very badly congested for 10 years she was suffering, she could not even do her normal house hold course, she couldn’t move out anywhere and then she got into Sahaj… of course she was doing some other Yoga and she thought she would get relief from it, she was in that for quite some time and after getting into Sajaha Yoga and started feeling the vibrations she got a total relief from this and today she is perfectly ok. And yet another case we have of a lady who has had elephantiasis and her knees were totally stiff, she was unable to walk for over 10 years. After she was coming to our center and taking the treatment, we have some very simple treatments like foot soaking etc, within six weeks everything started gradually reducing and she started walking without aids, today she is walking normally absolutely normal without any aid. So these are some of the great standing examples of how Sahaja Yoga cures people.

[Mataji talking]

It’s not only… you see there is one point you should see there that it has a very scientific pieces, you know the modus operandi, you just don’t know… somebody goes cured nothing of the kind. Not only that i do cure… in the sense i don’t say i cure it because your Kundalini cures you but anybody can do it, anybody who is Sahaja Yogi can do it and they know what it is. It’s a medical science of parasympathetic nervous system about which the doctors don’t know much, it’s the control of the parasympathetic. So one should… it’s not something in the air that you cure somebody, it’s not like that. 

So would you like to have your self-realization now, alright, may god bless you. Now there is one thing, i think you all come and sit down, sitting down would be better, all of you please sit down, please be seated, no no not necessarily on the ground but the people who are standing i was saying. It’s surprisingly even sitting on chair or even above me you get realization, this is what is… our creator is so anxious to give realization under any circumstances, whatever may be the style of sitting, whatever you may be wearing, whatever you may be… have your self-realization. But then you have to respect him, you have to come to collectivity and you must grow it otherwise again you will get into trouble… and again you will get into trouble… But i still don’t understand why not… Sit down… sit down please be seated, just sit down

Now there are three conditions primarily, first i must confess that i cannot force it on you, i respect your freedom unless and until you want it i cannot force it, so who do not want to have self-realization can go, i cannot force on you please and it is civil not to be here.

The first condition is that you should not feel guilty at all. You are a human being, have respect for yourself, actually you have to be “Prasann” about yourself that you are a human being and not to be angry with yourself. In no way you should feel guilty. Those people who tell you are a sinner and all that i don’t know what to say about them but as far as i am concerned you are my children and i don’t see any sin. Of course there are devils and [UNCLEAR] and there are “Rakshasas” also i agree but still i would say that it’s better to forget about them and know that you are human beings and not to feel guilty at all. That means you should be pleasantly placed towards yourself, this is first condition. If you feel guilty then a center on the left hand side called left Vishuddhi starts coagulating, with that we develop a disease called Angina of the heart, you develop Spondylitis and many other diseases which are caused by lethargic organs, so please don’t feel guilty. You don’t know it has a very bad effect. God has not made us human beings to feel guilty not at all, so please don’t feel guilty at all, that’s first condition.

Second condition is that you have to be extremely confident about yourself, you should know that you are a human being and you can get realization, don’t doubt yourself. If you start doubting then the Kundalini also says all right let us wait for a while, so don’t doubt please don’t doubt yourself. You have to be extremely confident about yourself.

And the third condition is that you have to forgive each and every person without thinking about them, in general, now many people say it is very difficult to forgive. Whether we forgive or don’t forgive what do we do, do nothing. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands unnecessary, i mean we… there the people who are torturers are happy and while those who are being tortured are feeling unhappy. So this is not fare to ourselves, so forgive everyone without thinking about them, even thinking about them is painful. So best thing is not to think about them but forgive everyone, it’s very simple to forgive, just to say i forgive everyone, finished, see you feel much lighter such a load you are carrying by not forgiving.

In this small lecture i know i could not tell you everything about it. In English language itself i don’t know how many thousand lectures i have given and there are other languages also i have used so you should not feel upset about it, gradually you will know everything. You have to take out your shoes if possible because this mother earth helps us a lot.

Now please put your both feet apart from each other because there are two system left and right… on the mother earth… apart from each other, now you have to put your left hand towards me like this because the left side power is the power of desire and you have to desire, you have to ask for self-realization, this is a symbolic expression of that, put your left hand towards me. Right side is the power of action, so with the right side we nourish our centers on the left hand side. First we nourish our heart on the left hand side, heart is the center where the spirit resides, spirit is the reflection of god almighty in every person. If you are the spirit you become your master because it guides you it gives you light, so the second center is the upper portion of your abdomen you put your right hand and press it hard… upper portion… on the left side… on the left side… no no please put right hand on the left side, now press it hard (can someone show). Now this is the center of your mastery, this is created by great sadgurus great masters for us which is to be awakened. Then you take down your hand on to the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side… left hand side, now press it hard, this is the center of pure knowledge, the rest is all “Avidya” this is “Vidya”, pure knowledge means that the divine knowledge that works on our central nervous system, this is the most powerful center because through this only we can work out the manipulation and the… it is not a good word manipulation we should say but we can work out how to manifest the working of the all-pervading power. Then we go back, we go to the upper portion of our abdomen again on the left hand side, press it hard then we go back on our heart. As i told you before the center between the anger… between the neck and the shoulder which is the left Vishuddhi is in danger when we feel guilty. So now put your hand there and please turn your head to your right, i have already told you the dangers of this center, it is quite common that one feels guilty for nothing at all. Now take your right hand on top of your forehead across, now bend your head as far as possible, this is the center where we have to forgive everyone in general without thinking individually about anyone. Then we have to take this hand back, just now i am showing you later on we will get into it, on the backside on the optic lobe as they call it, and push back your head as far as possible. Now this is the center where without feeling guilty without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction you have to ask for forgiveness from the all-pervading power. Now stretch your palm fully, i am just telling you it is “Sahaj” effortless but i am just telling you that how you raise your own Kundalini, later on it will be even much easier. The center of your palm… stretch your palm… center of your palm you put it on top of your fontanel bone area which was a very soft bone in your childhood, this is called “Talamyam” “Thalu” here, now push back your fingers as far as possible and put down your head as far as possible, push back your fingers and put a good pressure on your scalp, now try to move your scalp slowly… slowly clockwise… scalp not hand, you should push back your fingers you can do it better, put down your head you can do it better… That’s all we have to do.

So what happens when the Kundalini passes through this Agnya chakra between the optic chiasma which is very important also to know that it’s a very constricted chakras and the Kundalini has to pass through that constricted area so you have to forgive, if you don’t forgive then it won’t pass. So please try to remember it is the most important thing is to forgive everyone. Then when it passes through you become thoughtlessly aware, you are aware but thoughtlessly aware, in Sanskrit it’s called as “Nirvachar Samadhi”, it takes hardly any time to achieve that. Then it breaks through the “Brahma Randra” here through the “Thalu” that means you get the actualization of your baptism. It passes through and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head also you start feeling the cool breeze on your fingertips sometimes in the hand sometimes it comes like a jet sometimes it can be hot, if you have not forgiven then it will be hot or if you have a liver trouble also could be hot. So please try to forgive that’s very important to forgive everyone. 

Now we again put our attention to our feet, put them apart from each other on the mother earth, put the left hand towards me, you can take out your spectacles because you have to close your eyes now and don’t open your eyes please till i tell you.

Now please start… if there is anything tight on your waist or on your neck you can also loosen it a little, sit comfortably neither bending not stretching yourself too much but comfortably straight. Now put the left hand towards me and right hand on the heart and please close your eyes now, here you have to ask me a very fundamental question about yourself in your heart, you can call me Mother or Shri Mataji whatever you want to call me, “Mother am i the spirit” ask this question within yourself three times with all sincerity, which is a fact. If you are the spirit you are the spirit but if you are the spirit you also become your guide because the spirit despite it’s an absolute thing it has the light of absoluteness, which shows what is right and what is wrong and so you become your own master. So please take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard and here ask another fundamental question in your heart “Mother am i my own guru” “Mother am i my own master”. At the very outset i have told you that i respect your freedom, i cannot force pure knowledge on you, you have to ask for it. So please take your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and here you have to say… ask “Mother please give me pure knowledge” “Mother please give me pure knowledge” you have to ask six times because this center has got six petals. Now raise your right hand to the higher chakras because the Kundalini has now started moving as you are asking for pure knowledge. So now we take our hand… right hand… on top of the center of guru which is on the left side in the upper part of the abdomen, press it hard there. We have to nourish our centers now with our self-confidence, so please say it in your heart ten times with full confidence “Mother i am my own master” “Mother i am my own master” please say this ten times with full confidence. I have already told you that you have to become the spirit, you are not this body not this mind not this emotions neither these conditionings and this ego, but you are pure spirit. So please raise your right hand now on to your heart and with full confidence please say twelve times “Mother i am the spirit” please say twelve times “Mother i am the spirit”. This all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, it is the ocean of compassion and bliss but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you have committed they can be easily dissolved into this great ocean of forgiveness. So now please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say with full confidence sixteen times “Mother i am not guilty at all” “Mother i am not guilty at all” please turn your head to your right, say it with full confidence. I have already told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive you do not do anything, but if you do not forgive then you are playing into wrong hands, so we have to forgive everyone in general without thinking about individuals. Please raise your right hand on top of your forehead across and put down your head as far as possible, here your have to say, not how many times, but from your heart, “Mother i forgive everyone” “Mother i forgive everyone”, say it from your heart. Now please take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible, here now without feeling guilty without counting your mistakes, you have to say to the divine power, just for your satisfactions, “Oh divine power if i have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me”, this you have to say from your heart, not how many times, “please forgive me if i have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me”. Now the last center, stretch your hand fully, you don’t do anything, don’t say mantras don’t force yourself the Kundalini will do the job. Now stretch your hand… stretch your palm fully and put the center of your palm on top of your head where it was a soft bone in your childhood, the fontanel bone area, the “Talamyam”, now push back your fingers, this is the “Brahma Randra” also here, push back your fingers as far as possible, put down your head this is important, put down your head and now you have to move the scalp seven times very slowly clockwise but here again i cannot cross over your freedom, you have to ask for self-realization, so for seven times you have to say “Mother please give me my self-realization”, press it hard… press it hard, bend your head… bend your head… bend your head, push back your fingers… push back. Now move it clock wise… please move it close wise your scalp [Mother blowing into mike]. Now please remove your hands and open your eyes slowly, put your both the hands towards me like this and don’t think, you can do it, just don’t think… like this… not too far like this comfortably… don’t think.

Now please put this right hand like this, bend your head… bend your head and see with your left hand if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your “Thalu”, don’t put your hand on top but see for yourself, sometimes it comes up to a point very close to the head or sometimes it’s quite far away, so please see for yourself. Bend your head… Bend your head… Now please put your left hand towards me, now bend your head and see for yourself, don’t doubt yourself… don’t doubt, please see for yourself there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Some people get it too far and some people get it closer but don’t keep it upon your head away from it. Now again once more with your right hand, please down your head, almost done. I don’t know there are no trees but i could have shown there is no breeze outside, there is no trees but there is no breeze outside. 

Now please put your hands like this, those who have felt cool or hot breeze out of their fontanel bone area or on their finger tips or on their hands, please raise both your hands… the whole of Bangalore has got it. May God bless you. May God bless you. May God bless you.

Now this is you have gone beyond your mind so don’t argue about it, discuss about it, some people might not have got it may be some physical problem is there, mental may be, something wrong doesn’t matter but i would request you not to discuss it with anyone but just enjoy it. You can feel on each other’s head also… cool breeze, you can feel in each other’s heads also… the cool breeze. I will be coming after one year, i am sorry, but there is a very good center here and we have got very good Sahaja Yogis here who are extremely honest, extremely kind, compassionate and very beautiful people. 

May God bless you. Thank you very much