Shri Shakti Mahakali Puja: I believe in Shri Mataji

Bengaluru (India)

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Shri Shakti Mahakali Puja. Bangalore (India), 9 December 1991.

You all have come now to Bangalore, and yesterday you had gone to Mysore, which was ruled by Mahishasura. That’s the reason you didn’t get your food (Laughter) – it crossed you. It’s better not to eat food in such places, isn’t it? All right.

So, it’s a very beautiful place Bangalore is. Climate is beautiful and you’ll find always these rakshasas lived in places like this. Like in Pune, you have, you know this Rajneesh was there – here is this Mahishasura still. They always try to find places which are cold because they have so much heat in their body.

Now as you know, there’s one more rakshasa here who has to be exposed. And this, today through our puja, we should achieve.

In the olden days, when the Goddess had to fight the rakshasas, the rakshasas were not involved in human beings as such. They didn’t become gurus or anything.

And so, now we find in Kali Yuga, they have gone into the brains of sadhakas, of their devotees. It’s very difficult to remove them. And once they go into the brain of the sadhakas, then sadhakas become, of course, possessed, they suffer, they have all kinds of problems. Despite that, they stick onto that person because they are mesmerized, very much mesmerized. And this mesmerism makes them absolutely so strong headed that even if they have to die, they won’t give up their gurus.

The main thing is that in this Kali Yuga there are so many sadhakas, they are running helter and skelter. They are running all over, trying to find out some way of finding the truth. While when the market is on, you know, you get people to sell it also. So that’s how so many have come up and are trying these things, tricks, on people all over.

Most of them have gone to the Western countries because people have money. Thank God we are not so rich in India that they could not befool us – especially in America. And Americans took to these people as a fish takes to water, very surprisingly.

I went there and told them and warned them – they wouldn’t listen to me. They can’t understand anything that you can get without money. But despite all that, so many of you have been able to come to Sahaja Yoga and get to the reality.

It’s your destiny. It’s blessings to you of your previous lives that you could see it so clearly and come to Sahaja Yoga; and now you have grown so much, you have become so matured and you understand what others are doing is absolutely wrong.

Also somebody told me about this fellow Boy John [George] misbehaving with these homosexuals and all that, and calling them “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” – all nonsense. Then I discovered that this story is very prevalent in Kerala, where they say that Krishna when He became, I mean Vishnu, when He became Mohini, He had a child from Shiva. Absurd. And now, Murti is telling me when I told you this story, you said, “This is blasphemy, this is sin.” Same way I feel.

It’s very dangerous also to play about with a person like Vishnu. He is a very dangerous deity. Shiva, ultimately, is very dangerous but it takes time with Him. But as far as Vishnu is concerned, one has to be very careful, misbehaving like this. I don’t know what is going to happen to them. But they are so stupid, they are so stupid. One thing they should judge that if this thing you are doing is good for them, is by God’s blessings, then why should you get diseases?

There is a regular one crore of people, going to a nonsensical place where they have this Ayappa business, and they wear black dresses for one month, and they have their beard and everything.

They starve themselves, they go up, miles together they climb, do all kinds of things that is a sort of a suffering for one month. And eleven months they do everything. This kind of a nonsense, you see.

So now it has become like a craze like jogging or something like that in Kerala. And this year there were one crore of people doing this stupid nonsense. I mean, even in India we have such stupid people, you can see that. But the number is not so much, I must say, as it is in America, percentage.

In India, we are very conditioned by this ritualism, especially in the South we have lots of ritualistic things. And we are impressed by people if you take out some watches, Swiss made watches, or things like that. To them, it’s something really remarkable that how can you have Swiss made watches here.

Very simple people. They do not understand that none of the incarnations did these tricks and that truth should be based on the tradition, on the shastras. It cannot deviate and whatever deviates is actually heretic and also is blasphemy.

But as I told you the other day that those people who talk of knowledge, like Sufis, who got their realisation, real Sufis, they were called as heretics – they were thrown out of the religion. Also the Christians – the early Christians, who were Gnostics – were called as mad people, heretics.

In the same way, those who are following stupid things, and are following something that is very black and dark, negative, will definitely go against Sahaja Yoga and will say that this is something heretic or it is something that is blasphemy.

But, as you understand now what it is, we have to bring forth new laws that those who are not Sahaja Yogis are actually, if they are practicing any religion, they are not doing the right thing.

Slowly slowly, as Vatican is getting exposed and the Christian churches are getting exposed, even in India, so many such organisations are getting exposed, and people are understanding that this is very wrong.

These ideas actually have come from incarnations only, like Adi Shankaracharya himself has said, “Tatatkim, tatatkim, tatatkim” – if you have not followed your guru, then “tatatkim”.

So they said now any guru can come from the jail, can be a smuggler, can be anything, characterless person – if you call him a guru, then he is a guru. Whatever we call somebody, say we call somebody as a guru and we stick on, “This is my guru.” But what did the guru give to you, that nobody asks.

We just feel happy, “Oh, very nice.” It’s like the worms clinging onto the lotus and saying, “Oh, we have lotus.” What about you, you are a worm still, what is the use of these lotuses? Or whether that is lotus or a snake, God only knows.

So a guru who doesn’t talk of realisation, who doesn’t talk of Kundalini, who doesn’t talk of ascent, who doesn’t talk of second birth – cannot be a guru – minimum of minimum.

So like we also believe in say Rama, “I believe in Rama.” So what? Are you obliging Rama or Rama is obliging you?  “I believe in Christ” – so what? You believe in this, you believe in that – it’s such an absurd idea, still I never understand when people say, “I believe in this.” But what does that make, what does that mean?

You believe in Christ. You are leading a licentious life, you are doing all kinds – but “I believe in Christ, I believe in God.” Doing everything against divinity, and “I believe”. So the question comes: what do you mean by believing?

It’s like, “I believe, it is silver” – so what? It is silver. What does it make to you to believe by that saying something you have done great? What is great in that?

Now if you say, “I believe in Shri Mataji” – so what? All right, you believe in me because of certain experiences – still what? Mataji should be in your life, should be in your expression, in your behaviour, in your treatment to others, in understanding each other, and loving each other. That is what impresses people.

People say, “All right, we’ll come to Mataji, we’ll just pray to Her and go away – we’ll not talk to you.” Why? “Because we believe in Mataji, finished.”

So now we have to understand that you believe in Sahaja Yoga, of course, it is Shraddha (faith), it is not a blind faith, I agreed, but still belief has to penetrate into your being. This belief has to act, has to show results, it has to work out in every way.

Somebody might say that we believe in Mataji and She does everything – She’ll do bhakti for us. I should sit down and sing the song of Mataji or what.

So what is going to come from your side, that is what we have to understand; and once that starts working, then these demons and these rakshasas will all vanish, no problem. So: “What am I doing for Sahaja Yoga?” We should ask the question, “What am I doing?”

Now if you make this instrument, and then if it is not doing anything, what is the use of making the instrument? Now you are the light, you have got enlightenment: but what is the use of a light which is hanging somewhere, which is not giving light to anyone?

So when you are giving light to others, in a very innocent manner, in a very reciprocal manner – not this way that we are giving light because we want to have an advantage over it, or we want to show off or any all nonsensical things that are there. Then the derailment starts.

People start saying, “Oh, I am this, I am that.” But with full understanding, that we are instruments in the hands of the divinity and we are just enjoying that divinity flowing through us and working out, you won’t feel tired, you won’t feel upset, you’ll not be in any way in trouble.

But this has happened with you. You are so matured, but still, we all have to decide that now we are going to India to get ourselves the whole joy of the tour. But for what? Not to keep to yourself, but to share it with others. This joy is for you to share it with others.

Unless and until you learn that, your ego will come back again and again. And also you have seen the way people who have been even spreading Sahaja Yoga got into the mess of ego. So one has to be very careful. The more you are rising in your divinity, the more you are maturing, you have to be very careful.

See on a tree if you see, if there’s a leaf, no insect will enter. If there’s a flower, the insect will come and it will make it into a fruit. But when it is a fruit, then the insect will enter and eat it off.

So when you are becoming a fruit, you have to be very careful that no insect should get into you. On the contrary, now you have [the] capacity to destroy all the insects. And that is what is, I would say, is the state where we should all come up to. So you are destroying insects on one side and satisfying people on the other side.

Collectivity is, of course no doubt, is the only way you can be cleansed; but the greater thing is to go out, all out, to find out, “Where can I spread Sahaja Yoga? Where can I go? What is the nearest village I can go? Where will I work it out?” All those things the more you think, the better it is, and you start moving in that direction.

Once you start moving in that direction, you will be surprised Sahaja Yoga will move ahead of you. You’ll meet the people whom you want, you’ll get all the necessary help that you want, suddenly you’ll find some people who will come down and say, “Now, what can we do for you?” Every type of help starts coming to you the way you expand yourself.

It’s like the expanding your wings, like a bird does, and then you take off. But if you don’t extend yourself, you keep Sahaja Yoga to yourself only, it doesn’t work. I know you love me very much and you know I love you very much, but don’t you think others should also share this love, others should also have this?

Now when we start struggling, we also struggle with people who are very difficult – like “my brother, my brother’s son…” Just don’t go near my, get away. My is the most difficult thing. You see, in my family, I don’t touch them because once you go to my they sit on your heads, or maybe they’ll sit on the heads of the Sahaja Yogis or something, nothing.

So don’t go to the people – “it is my sister, she is my sister-in-law”, nothing of the kind. What you have to do is to see what is beyond and the more you’ll go beyond, the better it will be. See, you can see clearly, we’ve worked so hard in Maharashtra, it is a useless place I find.

Maharashtrian Sahaja Yogis are few, very few, but whatever are there are also not so good. While Delhi Sahaja Yogis, now here in Madras, in Bangalore, see what nice Sahaja Yogis are there. So much work I have done there.

So those who are very near to you, always cannot see the greatness of you. Like if you go near the big mountain, you cannot see the big mountain, you have to be away and then you see.

In the same way, when you want to do some work with anyone, try to see that you are not closely related, nor do you have any connections with them. Something unknown. These people are much better for you to follow and they will keep your attention tight, absolutely on you. Otherwise, the people who are known to you will trouble you.

Now there are many difficulties in spreading Sahaja Yoga – there were many, many more before, slowly these are coming down. Naturally, it is much better than at the time of Thomas [the Apostle] because he had to hide his treatise to save it from others. He thought a day will come when there will be resurrection time, then this treatise would be [revealed].

Imagine, only 48 years back, now it would be around 53 or 50 years back, it was discovered. It was not discovered before. He had to hide it. But now we are not to hide. We are to go all out and must know, must forgive.

That, you see, ours is an open place where anybody can come in. So we get all kinds of people – if you go and meet people, also there is all kinds of oppositions, all these things, doesn’t matter. Everything can be overcome, but first is your own initiative and your own lethargy which has to be overcome. Then it will start spreading out.

Of course, we have already lot of Sahaja Yogis – in Russia, if you see, we have so many, in thousands. But in every place we can have lots of people now and I’m sure this is a nice year where they say so, predict that Sahaja Yoga will grow very much this year.

So this is the beginning we are starting today. I just wanted to tell you that you have the power, you have the shakti within your reach.

They said it was very cold one day before I came here, I said, “Don’t worry.” I didn’t give bandhan or anything. I just came here and how they know!

It’s become all right, you are sitting in your kurta pyjamas. Otherwise, you would have been in your three-piece suits shivering.

That’s how it works. But you have to be that way dedicated. Now for all these: Surya [sun] and Chandra [moon] and all these stars and the whole cosmos has only one thing to do – is to see that Sahaja Yoga is spreading well, is settling well and is achieving its goal. Every element is working it out. Everything is working – this Paramchaitanya is working around in so many ways.

You are not to be convinced about me, I know. But now you have to be convinced about yourself that you have all the powers within you. I mean, I don’t do anything really, to be very frank. If I could do everything, I would not have had you, I would have done it myself. But you have to do it – you are my channels. You are the channels of Shakti. But do it in a way which is gracious, which is beautiful, which is very satisfying.

Like yesterday, that musician – he just wanted to entertain you. He wanted to play. I mean, he was enjoying it. In the same way, we should want to do it. I don’t have to tell you. And I am sure, in every area that you work, in every personality whom you meet, you can start talking about Sahaja Yoga and tell them. It works. It acts.

Moreover, it is behind you the whole power of all the deities, and in front is Sahaja Yoga running forward fast, this Paramchaitanya: “Now the Sahaja Yogis are coming, all right, let them not eat their food, finished” – organising. Everything so beautifully done.

Now see the arrangements and all – I mean, I was thinking such few people here, and about 20 Sahaja Yogis in Madras – can you believe it, all this arrangement? How it’s working out, how it is giving results, it’s really remarkable.

So have faith in yourself, have faith in all of them helping you, not to be nervous and just go ahead. Because the shakti is in you. You have the power. Every kind of power you have, I assure you, you have every power.

Ask for it and you’ll have it. Whatever you ask for it, it will happen. But don’t hesitate. As I said the other day, that I make you sit on the throne, then also I put the crown on your head. And also I say, “Now you are the king,” but still you are running away and not believing me – looking this side with fear – “Am I a king really? How can I be?” That’s not the way. Have faith in yourself.

I am very happy you all have come here.

We are trying to do whatever is possible to make you comfortable and for you to provide whatever is necessary. Of course, you are only just Spirits and you try to find the comfort of your Spirit. I know that you are very adjusting yourself. Everybody is surprised how you people from the West – who just believe in materialism – can take to Sahaja Yoga: they are quite surprised.

But you are all very sweet people, I think, something very special who have come to Sahaja Yoga. And by God’s grace, I’m sure you will be the people who will be the foundation of Sahaja Yoga and you will build the great mansion of Sahaja Yoga with your wisdom, faith, shakti and love.

Today we’ll worship the Shakti – it’s very much needed – the Shakti who destroyed all the devils, all the rakshasas. That is what we are going to worship today – the Shakti within you and without. It’s your desire which is going to work. So today we are going to worship the Shakti itself – Mahakali.

May God bless you.

So, today first we’ll have the washing of Feet and with that we’ll have (Hindi) one Atharva Shirsha we’ll do and then we can have thousand names, which are made very easily compiled together by the Noida people, which you can sing. That’s how we can worship the Shakti.