Public Program Day 1

Hyderabad (India)

1991-12-11 Public Program, Hyderabad, India (Hindi), 61'
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Public Program [Hindi]. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India), 11 December 1991.

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to the seekers of truth. When we talk about truth, we should understand that truth is unshakable and permanent. We cannot change the truth. We can neither conceive nor perceive the truth. Sadly, human conscious cannot even understand what is truth. We should always think how this beautiful nature full of trees, flowers and fruit is created ? How does our heart beat on its own?  Who is behind all this? We never think who has made our intricate and delicate camera within our eyes. We just take it for granted that we have two eyes. But how did they come to us?

Which divine power is behind all these? This power is called as “ruthambara pragnya” by Pathanjali and is also known as” Bramha chaitanya”, “Paramchaitanya”, “rooh” or “All-pervading power of God’s love”. This power does all the living work, it has made us human beings from amoeba stage. But we should understand that if human beings are God’s last creation, then why are they incomplete? They have lots of defects and plenty of drawbacks. Their knowledge is limited. We do not have the capacity to recognise one or the other. That is why we keep fighting among ourselves. Restlessness in the whole world is because human beings do not recognise the truth. The truth is absolute. Once we recognise the truth, we start speaking the same language.

Saints never fought among themselves. You must have heard the name of Namdeva? He was a tailor by profession. Once he went to meet a potter. The potter was kneading the clay with his feet. As soon as Namdeva saw the potter, he said in Marathi “nirgunacha bhenti, alo sagunacha”, meaning, “I came to meet the formless, but I am seeing a complete form, a man with all virtues”. This kind of language only saints can speak to each another. Human beings can only fight and think ill and keep troubling others and if they find a saintly person, they will not mind tormenting him to death.

So, why should we have a cheap quality, when God has made us into human beings? This is because the Divine has given us full freedom to do either good or bad deeds. Reap as you sow and learn from your own mistakes. A person may ask, “What’s wrong in murdering anyone?” Go to jail if you do so. Another may ask, “What’s wrong in consuming alcohol?” Do that and fall sick. We have to suffer the consequences of our mistakes every time. If not, we may lose our sleep at night; we become restless just by talking ill of others. This is because God has given us the knowledge to discriminate between good and bad. People say, “Mother, we want to leave drugs but we are not able to do so”. So we do not have the power to get rid of bad habits and also we cannot follow our ideology, because we still have to transform ourselves and become the holy Spirit, because Spirit is pure and all pervading, and Spirit is ocean of knowledge. Spirit gives us true joy. Happiness and sadness are two moods, which come from ego. In joy, there is no happiness or sadness. Joy is absolute. And you can achieve this joy only when you become the Spirit.

Our great scientists discovered many things. Ultimately, they made the atom bomb, which can destroy the whole world by just pressing one button. Is there any wisdom in this? Whatever they discover ends in destruction. But when you become the Spirit, you become collective. It means that when your Kundalini awakens and pierces the fontanelle bone area, you get connected to the All-pervading power, which is in the form of vibrations all around us.

This instrument here cannot function properly, until it is connected to the mains. Same way, human beings are meaningless, without being connected to the All-pervading power. Many good things can happen after this connection is established. Kundalini is the pure desire. All other desires are impure. Today, we may want to buy a land, then we may want to construct house, then we want to buy a car and still we may never be satisfied. We run around so much to possess a thing, but we lose our interest as soon as we possess it and start running after something else, because all these are impure desires. Whether we agree or not, the only pure desire is that, our Kundalini should become one with the All-pervading Power of Divine. This Kundalini energy can think, can create and co-ordinate everything. Above all, She loves everyone. When this pure desire awakens within us, and when it pierces the 6 chakras, before piercing Brahmarandra or fontanelle bone area, many amazing things happen at that time.

Now, here many foreigners have come. All of them used to drink alcohol. Not to drink is considered foolishness in their country. They drink alcohol like water. Many of them were drug addicts and many had different diseases. But surprisingly, as soon as their Kundalini was awakened, they gave up all their vices, and they have become so good. You know, it was so difficult to teach British people a single Hindi word, when they were ruling this country. They used to understand “darwaza khol de” as “there was a cool day” and the same British are now reciting Adi Shankaracharya’s mantras, which even Indians cannot recite. How did this happen? Here, south Indian people cannot understand north Indian music and vice versa. But the British Sahaja Yogis are enjoying both music styles. A kind of divine love has come inside them, which is uniting the whole universe. All their chakras are awakened and these awakened chakras give them power to balance their physical, emotional, and spiritual activities. The Kundalini awakens all these chakras and nourishes them, which results in their transformation. And when this power of Kundalini is running up and down our system, all the time, then where is the question of becoming tired or falling sick? What else is remaining when all the chakras, which are responsible for our physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual ascent, get nourished completely? Now the question is, how can we give others whatever we have got?

People have come from so many places to Hyderabad. The all-pervading power, which is called as collective consciousness, gets awakened within us when Kundalini pierces our fontanelle bone are, which is God Almighty’s place. But God reflects in our heart as Spirit. God Almighty’s Feet touch the Kundalini, and the Spirit, which is awakened, comes to our consciousness. When the Spirit gets enlightened, we become capable of dropping everything that is detrimental for us.

For example, you have a snake in your hand and it is dark all around. If someone tells you that it is a snake, you may argue that it is a rope and not a snake. but as soon as there is light around, you will drop the snake by yourself. Same way, as soon as our Spirit gets the light, we get rid of our six enemies. Now, everyone says “Mother, it is very difficult to awaken Kundalini”. That was thousand years ago. Now your society has grown trees and human beings evolved, the roots also increased and the source of all these also has increased. This knowledge of Kundalini has come from the source and will nourish completely the developed universe.

Everywhere it is said that destruction time has come. This is just to scare others. Destruction can never come. God Almighty, who has created this universe, will never let it get destroyed, whatever foolish things people do. So, the outbreak of Sahaja Yoga will stop the society and the human beings from getting destroyed. And a new kind of people, called saints, will become active. But becoming a saint does not mean that you run away of your home, of your responsibilities and your children. You don’t have to run away of anything. You become saints from inside.

Now, the doctor (?) has already told you that you become healthy and free from diseases. But becoming healthy is not everything. Health is not going to give you peace and blessings. But in Sahaja Yoga, you get all these things, which you deserve, in totality. Just think, how can such a difficult thing be so easy? For example, you take a television set to a village, where there is no electricity and tell them that you can see the picture of the whole world inside this box. Then, they will say, “How can it happen inside a box?” Soon, after you connect the television to the mains, all can see how innovative and beautiful it is. Likewise, you people are also in a very high and exquisite state. Only a small journey remained, means your Kundalini has to be awakened and you have to be given Self-Realisation. As soon as you get Self-Realisation, you start knowing about yourself and also others. Initially you will feel a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area and your hands. This first experience indicates that you are feeling the vibrations for the first time. You have not known this before. Then the next stage comes, where you become doubtlessly aware. When you start using this power, to your surprise, you are able to raise the Kundalini of others and cure them, which is a very joy giving experience. Slowly, you become confident and acquire many powers and you have no doubt about anything. Thus, you enter the state of doubtless awareness.

After this, you start giving Realisation to others. As soon as one lamp is enlightened, it starts giving light to others. One lamp can enlighten many lamps. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast, all over. In places like Russia, where people do not even know about Divinity, at least 16000 people attend each public program and in some villages, there are 22000 Sahaja Yogis.

Many people think that you people are lucky to be born in a place like India, which is the land of saints, and so many religious works have taken place here. But, we Indians, do not realise our virtues. A day will come, when this spiritual power will bring the whole world at your feet. But first, understand your power. Until that moment, you have no importance. Don’t compete unnecessarily with foreigners. You just improve your spiritual power. Then, the whole world will recognise India as a land of spirituality, and all of them will come to you. Today itself, so many foreigners have come here, leaving behind their luxurious life and they do not even mind the discomfort. I asked them “Do you have any problem here?” They said, ”No Mother, here there are so many spiritual blessings, which are not there in our country, and people are so nice here”. These people do not want to go back to their country.

We have never told anyone about the greatness of our nation and ourselves. In Hyderabad, many people have gathered from different places, forming a cosmopolitan society. I am very confident, that Sahaja Yoga will be established very well here, and one day people from Hyderabad will go to different places and promote Sahaja Yoga. May God bless you.

Question: Mother, why cannot we make a T.V. serial on Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Listen, son, everything will happen slowly. You can make serials also. But there is one thing, there are so many people in Hyderabad, but see, how many have come? How much ever serials you make, only the people who are destined for, will come to Sahaja Yoga. Now, I told everyone not to touch My Feet, when I am walking. But no, everyone is falling at My Feet and I was about to fall. When people cannot understand this simple thing, how will they understand serials? Now, let some more people get Self Realisation, then they can enjoy the serial, otherwise they will start criticizing. My lectures have been telecasted in all the foreign countries, all except India. I don’t understand what to do. Whichever country I visited, people called Me respectfully for television shows, but not in our country.

Now, if you people have any questions, write them and bring them tomorrow. I will answer all your questions. But, don’t ask questions like, “I read that book; that guru mentioned so and so”. Those gurus wrote and died. Now I am here. Ask Me anything. When a person is alive none shows respect. After his death, they will construct a temple for him. This is a peculiar human principle. Because a guru, who is alive, may say, “Do this”, “Don’t do that”. Now, I am very careful about questions. I answer them for the last 21 years. It is the same in all countries. But, if I answer your questions also, please don’t take it for granted, that you will get your Self-Realisation. Just understand that a small seed has been sown, and it has started germinating. But reciting a mantra, or my answers, cannot do anything. It is a spontaneous process. “That is sahaja”. That is, “saha” means “with you” and “ja” means born. This divine union is your birth right. Everybody has to get it, and don’t think “How can I do it?”.

Now, you all will get your Self-Realization, but you must have desire for. It cannot be forced on a person who does not have pure desire. Therefore, whoever does not want it can leave this place, out of courtesy, as it is not right to watch others. But whoever wants Self-Realisation, please be seated. There is no problem or hassle in it. Don’t have any fear or doubt.

For getting Self Realisation, three conditions are to be fulfilled. First of all, you should have full confidence that you can get your “Self-Realisation”. Secondly, you should not have any feeling of guilt or fear. Don’t think you are a sinner or you are a bad person, because it is in human nature to brainwash you that “you are a sinner”, ”you must give money so that your sins are forgiven”.  Those who are taking others money, are committing a sin. No one is a sinner in Mother’s view. Yes, there are demons and wicked people, but not sinners. We have to think that these are “lost souls, sitting in the dark”, “ignorant people”, but definitely not sinners. In the beginning, if you start thinking that you are guilty, then Kundalini will not raise above this chakra ( Vishuddhi), will get stuck in it, on the left side of the neck. This chakra always catches in people who have a guilty feeling. And you should know, that if this chakra is caught up, you can get many serious diseases, like angina, spondylitis. Most important is that all our organs become lethargic. So please don’t think that you are guilty. I have told you before that you have to feel your dignity, as you are all dignified people. Sit in a cheerful mood instead of underestimating yourself.

The third condition is that you should forgive everyone. Now, everybody say that it is very difficult to forgive others. Particularly, people in foreign countries, say that it is very difficult to forgive everyone. Just think, whether you forgive or not, what are you doing? You are doing nothing. It is our mental thinking, that we cannot forgive others. But, what is the result of it? We are playing in wrong hands. People who troubled us, who cheated us, are jumping happily, and we are deceiving ourselves, by saying that we cannot forgive them.

People were asking Me to talk in English, but I am tired of speaking in English, so I thought, let Me talk in Hindi. What can I talk in English? In English they use the word Spirit for the soul and also for the ghost. How can English be used in spiritual sense? I try to talk, but I tell them from the beginning that their language is complicate. They have a single name for three contradictory words!

So all of you remove your shoes and sit comfortably. Whoever is sitting on the chair can remove the shoes and keep both the legs on the Mother Earth. Sitting on the floor is the best. Now, remember the three conditions. First of all, I will show you how you can raise your Kundalini. These people will show you and I will also tell you.

Now, keep your left hand towards Me. Left side, has the “power of desire”. Keeping the left hand towards Me, it means that you are desiring, “Mother, please give me my Self-Realisation”. You have to keep your left hand like this during the experiment. The right side has the “power of action”. We shall clear our chakras with the right hand.

First of all, we will keep our right hand on our heart. I have already told you that our heart reflects our Spirit. After that, we will keep our right hand on the left side of our upper abdomen. This is the place of our guru. meaning, all the great saints have made this chakra for us, so that, by awakening this chakra, we recognise our guru.

Next, keep your hand on the lower part of your abdomen, on the left side. Now, take your hand again on your left side of your upper abdomen. Take it again to your heart. Now, keep your hand on the joint of your left shoulder and the neck, as much as you can reach behind, and turn your neck towards the right. I have told you what diseases you can get, if this chakra is catching. Now keep your left hand completely across your forehead, and bend your head. This chakra is the chakra where you have to forgive everyone, at a time. Now, take your hand behind your head, and bend your head backwards. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your satisfaction only, you have to say, “Oh, Divine Love, forgive us if we have done any mistakes”. All this you have to do later. Now we do it so that you understand it. Now, stretch your fingers completely and keep the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area. Press and stretch your fingers outward to give full pressure there and bend your head completely. Now with that pressure on your scalp, rotate it in the clockwise direction, 7 times. You have to do only this much.

Now, remove your spectacles, if you are wearing them, because you have to close your eyes. If you are wearing anything tight, across your abdomen or neck, please loosen it. Everyone has to do this experiment completely. So, I would say “be cheerful”.

Now close your eyes.   No one should keep their eyes open. Keep your left hand on your heart. Now, in your heart, ask Me a question. Address Me as “Mataji” or “Mother”. Ask me three times, ”Mother, am I the Spirit”? This is the first question.

Now, you understand that if you have become the Spirit, then you become your own master. So keep your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, on the left hand side, and press with your fingers. Now, ask Me the second question, “Mother, am I my own master?”. Ask Me this question three times, in your heart.

Now, keep your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen. You should know that I fully respect your freedom and I cannot impose pure knowledge on you. This pure knowledge will give you the complete knowledge of the Divine. So, as this chakra contains 6 petals, you have to ask 6 times “Mother, please give Me the pure knowledge”. As soon as you ask for the pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts awakening. But for that we have to open the two chakras which are above. So bring your right hand on your upper abdomen, on the left side, and say with full confidence that, “Shri Mataji, I am my own master”. Say it with full confidence 10 times. I have told you before itself, that you are the pure Spirit. You are not this body, soul or ego, but you are the pure Spirit.

So now keep your right hand on your heart and say with full confidence, “Shri Mataji, I am the pure Spirit”. Say it 12 times. You can say it in any language you are comfortable with. Now, I am saying again that you are not guilty and you are not a sinner. Do not underestimate yourself. You are precious human beings. The All-pervading power of God’s Love is the ocean of forgiveness. We can never commit any mistake, which cannot be dissolved in this ocean. So you forgive yourself, and keep your hand on the joint between the left shoulder and the neck, and turn your head to your right side. Here you have to say sixteen times, “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty”. Say it with full confidence. I am telling you, you are not guilty.

I have to say it again, that whether you forgive or not forgive, you are not doing anything. But if you are not forgiving, then you are playing in the wrong hands. So you forgive everyone, at a time, and keep your right hand across your forehead, and press on both sides. Bend your head and say with full confidence, that “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone at a time”. It’s not important how many times you say it, but say it from the bottom of your heart. “Mother, I forgive everyone”.

Now, keep your right hand behind your head, and bend your head backwards. Here, for your own satisfaction, without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, say from your heart “Oh, Divine Love, if I have done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me”. Say this from your heart.

Now, the last chakra is very important. Keep your left hand towards Me. Keep both your legs on the earth, separated from each other, those who are sitting on the chair. Whoever is sitting down, sit comfortably. Now, stretch your palm completely, and keep centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in infancy and bend your head. Stretch all your fingers outward, so that you put pressure on your scalp. Now, you have to understand that I accept your freedom, and I cannot impose Self-Realization on you. You have to ask for it. Now, please rotate this hand, on your scalp, seven times, in clockwise direction, and say, “Shri Mataji, please give me Self-Realization”, seven times.

Now slowly open your eyes. Keep both the hands towards Me. Look at Me and become thoughtless. Keep your right hand little ahead and see with your left hand if you are getting a hot or a cool breeze from your fontanelle bone area. Keep your hand above the head; don’t touch your head. See with your left hand first. Now keep your right hand towards Me and check with your left hand. Again, see with your right hand, with your head bent. Is any cool breeze coming?

Good. Now lift both your hands up and ask a question, “Shri Mataji, is this the Holy Spirit?” “Is this the All-Pervading power of God’s love?” Ask anyone of these questions three times. Look up, to the sky. Whoever has got a cool breeze from the fontanelle bone area, from the hands or fingers, please raise your hands.

Whole Hyderabad has got Realization. There are many saints in Hyderabad. My blessings to you all. Now don’t touch My Feet. When you attain Nirvikalpa you can touch My Feet. Do you understand?