Public Program Day 2

Hyderabad (India)

1991-12-12 Public Program in Hindi, Hyderabad, India, DP, 58'
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Public Program [Hindi]. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India), 12 December 1991.

Yesterday, I told you in Sahaja Yoga how you can raise your Kundalini effortlessly, and after that you experienced it too. It is really simple, or Sahaj. Now, the question arises that many people ask Me, “Mother, if it is so simple, why was it difficult before?” This was never difficult. Someone asked Shivaji Maharaj’s guru, Ramdas Swami, “How much time does it take the Kundalini to awaken?” He replied, “Tat kshan,” meaning, that very second. But there should be a person to give, and also a person to receive. Before, there might have been many people to give but very few people to receive. Today, there are thousands of people to receive; that is why this has become easier.

Today, I want to tell you about the spirit. Many people have said, “Attain the spirit. Achieve the spirit,” but it has never been formulated anywhere what “spirit” is, in a real sense. And what do we achieve out of this? No one explained clearly about the spirit, because maybe there were very few people at that time. Krishna also spoke about this, but only to Arjuna. Whatever he told Arjuna was such that a layman cannot understand it. Because Shri Krishna was a diplomat, a Divine diplomat, he knew that the human brain is perverted. Man cannot understand anything straightforward. His brain will accept only if it is told the other way around. This is a matter of a thousand years before. He showed three paths. He was not a businessman. Otherwise, he would have told the easiest way first, like a businessman sells his cheapest stuff first. He told about the best path first: “You attain the knowledge first”. Attaining the knowledge does not mean that you read books. Knowledge cannot be gained by reading books. Knowledge means recognising on your central nervous system that this is true knowledge, “gna”. The Sanskrit word for this is “gna”, which you people call as “gyan” or “gyanam”.

This word was used by Jesus Christ’s disciple, Thomas, when he came to India, but his books were buried for 1600 years. Actually, he buried 52 of his books in the ground, fearing that people might call him a heretic, meaning a person who would mislead others from the belief in God; or a blasphemer, meaning he disrespects God.  He wrote that knowing God is an “experience” and until you have had this experience you cannot be a scholar. At that time, whoever experienced this knowledge were called gnostic, and those who did not acknowledge the existence of God were called agnostic. But these mullahs, priests, and also the Hindus who considered themselves the incarnation of God, did not want Thomas’s preachings to spread, and went completely against him and started saying that Thomas had no knowledge, and whatever he was saying was wrong. Because when religion becomes a means to earn money, then this knowledge obviously will be declared wrong. And like this they started spreading that whatever is told by the gnostics is wrong and completely against God. These people do not have any knowledge. So, these people buried all their books in Egypt, and then came to India. This was the circumstance at that time, and it was worse than today’s situation.

It was the same with Jesus Christ, and the same thing happened with all the saints and sages. Gyaneshwarji was tortured so much. In his sixth chapter he mentioned about “Geeta”, and he also mentioned that Self-realization can be attained only by the awakening of the Kundalini. And every one was behind him, torturing him so much that, at the age of 23, he wrote such a wonderful book called “Amrutanubhav”, which you should read only after Self-realization, and it will make you feel that you are in heaven. He was tortured so much that he had to take Samadhi, a state of intense and permanent trance.

Kabira said, “How to make these people understand there is darkness everywhere?” It was the case with everyone. They were cheated and killed. I don’t have to tell you what happened with the saints. What was the condition of Sant Tukaram? And the same with Narsi Bhagat. People did nothing except ill-treat these saints. In such cases, who is going to listen to them? Because they all were talking the truth. And who can talk to people who want to earn money in the name of God?

You don’t know about these big organisations, and I have no problem in telling about them. The money from our India goes first to the Vatican bank, and then to Switzerland. Is this Divine work? How can God be connected to money? impossible. This is man-made. How can God know anything about money? Krishna said, “Attain the true knowledge,” and people started reading books. People write and sell books on the street like beggars. Kabira has said, “Padhi, padhi pandit moorakh  hoe,” meaning even scholars have become stupid by reading so many books. In my childhood I used to think, “How can anyone become stupid by reading books?” But now I have met so many scholars who are stupid, and it is so useless to talk to them.

So, whatever was said about true knowledge is that whatever you perceive or sense on your central nervous system is known as gyan. That is what is “bodh”, from which the word, “Buddha”, has come. This is what is “Vid”, from which the word, “ved”, is derived. In the first verse of the “Veda” it is mentioned that after reading this, if you still don’t recognise God, then it is a waste. The word, “Vid”, also came from this. But we want to understand everything through our intelligence. We don’t want to understand that there is something beyond intelligence. So, Krishna said in the beginning that you must acquire knowledge. Then he said next that you must do the deed. But that also has diplomacy, if you understand that. He said, “Do the deed, and surrender it to the Divine.”

Now, someone can murder anyone and say, “I have surrendered it to God.” It happens sometimes. “I murdered this person, I murdered that person and I have confessed, and it is over.” These are all mental projections. If a person convinces himself that whatever he does is in the name of God, then the only thing that can be said about such a person is that he is sadly mistaken. This is a wrong conception of our mind. Until we have the feeling that, “I am doing it”, it cannot happen at all. This feeling should be removed from you. And this only happens in Sahaja Yoga after a person’s Self-realization. After that he says, “This is happening. That is happening. The Kundalini is rising.” He will not say, “I am raising it”. He speaks in the third person. His way of speaking changes completely. You yourself will come to Me and say, “Mother, my Agnya chakra is catching. Please clear it.”  This means, “I have become egoistic.” Have you ever come across a person who says, “I have become egoistic”? Even Hitler would not accept that he had ego. But here he himself will say, “Mother, my Agnya chakra is catching. Please cleanse it,” because otherwise he starts getting a headache. His way of speaking changes completely, and whatever deed he does, he never takes the responsibility for that. He only says, “Everything is happening by itself. I am simply witnessing it.” This is a matter of deed.

Regarding devotion, Shri Krishna said, “Water, fruits or flowers, whatever you give me I will accept. But your devotion should be “Ananya”. Now, there is a twist in this word, “Ananya”, meaning unique, or there is no second person involved. You are in union with the Divine. You will become “ananya” only when you unite with the “Virat”. Otherwise, you are a separate entity. Becoming ananya means that after you get your Self-realization, you become a part and parcel of the Virat. Then you are ananya, and then there is meaning in your devotion.

Now, the people who were singing before you, their devotion will reach God, because their connection with God is intact. Many people come here and say, “Mother, we worship Lord Shiva so much, but then how did we get a heart attack, when Shivaji is in our hearts?” You must have thought that You can keep Shivaji in your pocket. Before taking his name, think who gave you the permission to take his name. Here, if you take the name of the Chief Minister, and go to his house you will be arrested by the police. And Shivaji is the God of all gods, and you are calling his name as if he is your servant. “You do this job for me. Do my other jobs.” So, this is not devotion.

Ananya bhakti is that when you become Self-realized and become part and parcel of the whole. Only then there is some meaning for devotion. Until then, devotion has no meaning. So, according to this, the man-made version was to show your devotion by singing like a mad man, spoiling your throat, getting throat cancer. Otherwise, go to a temple, cut your hair, do this, do that. Has anyone achieved anything out of this, ever? We should also think whether there is any profit for you in doing all this. Tomorrow, our children will stand against us and ask, “Are you mad? Are you going to achieve the Divine by doing all this?”

That is why you should know the truth, so that you can tell your children that this is the truth, and spirit is the reflection of truth. You can know the truth only through your spirit. Like I told you, to know the absolute truth, your spirit should be enlightened. And when your spirit comes to your attention, your attention becomes so enlightened that anyone who comes to your attention will be benefited. Your attention becomes so sensitive that wherever you take your attention, you will know what problem this person has or that person has.

You know that nowadays thousands of foolish people have come up, who wear odd clothes and do some stupid magic, and that is all, and people run behind them. Some people get released from jail, wear saffron cloth and directly go to Germany. There are many like this, and we see them and say, “Wa wa, what a great person.” But use your brain and ask, “What did we achieve, or what did we get out of this?” I am a mother and I am asking, “Son, you have accepted him as your guru. What did you get out of him that you are sticking to him? What did you get? Which power did you achieve? If you are going to a guru, at least you should have health benefits. Someone is getting a heart attack, people are becoming blind, and so on. What is the use of this kind of guru?” Since I am a mother, I will say, “Leave this guru. It is a waste of time.”  On top of that, donate money to them, give them this and that. Why do ascetics need money? So, to get rid of this delusion from our minds, if our spirit is awakened, then you will immediately recognise, on your fingertips, as soon as a person stands in front of you, if he is a fake and a wrongdoer.

I have a granddaughter who was five years old when my daughter and son-in-law went to Ladakh. There, one guruji was sitting on a rock. He was supposed to be a very famous guru of that place. Everyone was bowing their heads in front of this guruji. This child’s parents also went to touch his feet, because all the others were doing so. The child could not bear this. She went and stood in front of the guruji, and said, “Why are you making everyone touch your feet, when you are not even realized?” She said this clearly. Her parents got worried at her boldness.

Once I was invited to Ramana Maharshi’s program. No doubt, Ramana Maharshi was a great personality, but his disciples are not realized; nor do they have any brains. None of them has spoken either about Kundalini or about Self-realization. Among them a person from Ramakrishna Ashram was sitting wearing a long robe. My other granddaughter was sitting in the first row. Many other Sahaja Yogis were also sitting there. My granddaughter stood up and said, “Grandma, ask this maxi fellow to go away from here. I am getting a lot of heat from him.”

So, what is our identification? Who can be our real guru? Nanak Sahib has said, “Sadguru wahi, jo saheb miliye,” meaning one who unites us with the Divine is our real guru. Sadguru is one who talks only about God, who talks about realization. You cannot buy him. Who can be bought is your servant or someone worse than him. You yourself should think, “What did we achieve?” By your spiritual strength, you can know who is genuine, and who is fake, and who can unite us with the Divine. Yes, if you have to choose the wrong path, then that is different. That is not available to Me. Like, murder this person, kill him, and do tantrism, this is not for Me. If you are seeking God in the true sense, then think first, “What did we achieve? What did we get?” This should be given a thought.

I have been talking about this since 1970. People told Me that they will kill Me. I said that there is no one on this earth who can kill Me. No one did anything or even filed a case against Me, because I know the truth and I can tell them to their faces that they are fakes and they are taking people for a ride and cheating them of their money. These people will go to hell, along with their disciples. These people don’t fight among themselves. Christ has said many times, “Satan will never speak against his own house.” Everyone has a separate place, saying, “You run your business and let me run mine. You don’t talk about me and I won’t talk about you. You are good and I am good.” They are looting money with both hands. Not only that, they are also spoiling your Kundalini and giving you health problems. What right have they got to spoil your Kundalini or to divert you from the truth? They are cheating you, because you people are searching for God. You are seekers and very simple. And you are also getting attracted to them because they are mesmerizing you. I have seen that people face trouble after trouble; their family members fall sick, they lose all their money, but still they hold on to their guru’s feet. At least have some brains. But after realization, I don’t have to tell you anything. You will understand everything by yourself.

Now, you must have seen Dr. Talwar. He was under the spell of some guru. He escaped and ran from there in such a way that all his friends and relatives also came with him.

They may have (Gurus), fame, big bungalows, palaces, but are these things going to lead you to God? Now you become aware of all these. You are very special people who have taken birth at this time. You are going to attain a supreme position. You are not ordinary people. You get cheated by them and destroy yourself. For this, the enlightenment of our spirit should come in our attention. As soon as it comes in our attention, our nervous system also starts receiving it, and we can recognize the genuine and the fake, which is self-existing (swayabhu) and which is not. We can recognize each and everything because there is no blindness inside us. Now our eyes are wide open. This is a great blessing of our spirit, because without the enlightenment of our spirit, we can never attain the Divine. Spirit is our path, and it is our guide. We can ascend only through its guidance, and the greatest thing about the spirit is that it throws us into the ocean of joy. The joy of the spirit is unique.

Now, see these people; they belong to very rich families. They have cars, houses and everything. But they come here and manage under any circumstance. For the past, 7-8 days, they have been living in trains. If I ask them they say, “We are very happy, Mother,” because the comfort of the spirit is highest, and if you have that, nothing else matters. Your jealousy, your hatred does not even come near you. Everyone is happy in their own place, and no one tries to slash others’ throats. No one tries to trouble others. They are just happy in their own world.

Now people from 55 countries come to Ganapatipule where our seminar is held. Now also many people have come, but more are yet to come. These people don’t fight among themselves. There is no violence among them. They don’t tell lies. They are not corrupt; nothing, nothing, nothing. When people transform like this, then there will be no fight anywhere. As far as religion is concerned, we believe in all religions. If we sit with a single religion, saying, “My religion is the best,” then a fight will start. If your religion is the best, then why are you not able to establish peace in the whole world?

So, we believe in a global religion, because the spirit is all-pervading. Inside every human, the reflection of God is the same. Everyone is collective. So, if the whole world is enlightened by the same spirit, then how can our religion be different? Here there are Muslims, Christians and Jews too. Now, Jews also believe in Jesus Christ, don’t they? Muslims believe in Ganesha. Here also there are one or two Muslims. And Hindus believe in Mohammad Sahib. We don’t recognize their virtues. Like the blinkers of a horse, our eyes also are tied with the thought, “My religion is the best.” But then, it’s all right to do any kind of business. Any kind of dirty business is fine, as long as “I belong to this caste”.

Now, a global religion has been established, and all these people are followers of this religion. Here, all religions are respected, all kinds of human beings are respected, and people from all the countries are respected. Most of all, these people respect all the incarnations, all the seers, all the prophets, all the saints, and accept their global personalities. Accepting does not mean just accepting, like “I accept Ram”. You cannot become Ram just because you have accepted him. Tell Me, which aspect of Rama has come inside you? You have recognized Shri Rama. Now, which quality of Shri Rama have you acquired?

Recently, I met a so-called priest, who told me that he is a devotee of Sri Rama. He is busy getting jobs for his niece and nephews, and I am told he has abandoned his wife, while he is giving importance to his relatives. Then how can he be a devotee of Sri Rama? I have accepted Shri Rama. Now, is Shri Rama greater, or are you? So, if we cheat ourselves like this, there is no point. We should be honest to our self. Honestly we should affectionately analyse, “What did we do for our self? What did we accept for our self? What did we do for our emancipation? Onto which extraordinary territory did we step, or we are leading our life among high thoughts?” Nothing of this kind has happened with us. Then where is the question of accepting anything? When we accept someone, then the reflection of that particular person should be visible in our lives. People should see that the reflection of the person, whom you have accepted, is within you. He means something to you, his importance is there in your life, and his existence holds meaning. Until this happens, whether you go to temples, or to churches or to mosque, or you read “Darbar Sahib”, it is a waste.

Now, the children have started thinking, “Why should we do all this?” They use their brains for everything. Now, you should recognize the true religion. The reason why we are expected to adhere to the religion is because until the religion brings the balance within us, we cannot ascend spiritually, nor we can climb up or grow. So, to achieve this balance it was told that be within the religion. But, in Sahaja Yoga, it doesn’t matter if you are wrongdoers. First, we will bring you to balance and then make you fly. Sahaja Yoga is a repair shop. All kinds of engineering are applied here. If someone is right-sided, he will be taken to the left side first, and then brought to the centre, and as soon as he is balanced, his Kundalini will be raised. Nothing much needs to be done. However your body machinery is, the experts are available here to repair it. And the day will come when you also will repair others’ screws, without the help of a screwdriver. This power will come inside you. And as soon as this power comes within you, you will find that you can give realisation to thousands of people at a time. Can you be less important than anyone?  These gurus, who have not achieved anything, who do not stand in truth, who are greedy liars, have become so famous; and you people are standing in truth and not doing anything. Recognize your power. There is no point in recognizing the guru. What is the use of recognizing him? Nothing. Recognize your strength, awaken your powers and become the nature of power.

So, today I have explained how your spirit can enlighten your attention and how you recognize the truth, and how you can become filled with happiness. All these things really happen. I am not just saying this, like a mother pacifying her child. This is the real truth, and you all can attain this very easily. You can achieve this, provided you are truthful to yourself and don’t surrender yourself to any guru.

Now what do I do about these gurus? Have you all taken birth just to be disciples to these gurus all your lives? Why have you taken birth? Your name is Anand, but your face looks like you are going to the grave right now. I don’t know what your mother thought when she named you “Anand”. Finally it so happened that “Mother, I became like this after serving this guru day and night, and now I am dying of cancer.” If you are dying of cancer, what is your guru doing?

You are very lucky that you have taken birth at this blossom time. Understand your luck, and recognize your self, know thyself, get your Self-realization, and after that I will see what your status will be. One better than the other person will be ready. This is the future of our country, a very bright future. Don’t worry about anything now. Everything will be all right soon. First of all, you make yourself all right, and all other things will be fine soon.

I hope you will not misunderstand me. A mother has to tell the truth. I am only telling you the truth. And I want many people in Hyderabad to become Sahaja Yogis, and people from all over the world should come here because I feel this is a very unique place. I was enquiring what is special about this place, that I see such a lot of vibrations in the sky.

So, there is something very special about this place that you all have come here, and you also are very special, because of which you are getting this special thing. My blessings to you all.

I will come here again next year. By then, you should all have grown into big trees. And whatever the Sahaja Yogis of this place tell you, listen to them without misunderstanding. They were also like you, and then they became all right. Likewise, you also will become all right. So whatever problems you have, please share with them. And the second thing is, if you want you can write letters to Me also, but I keep roaming from place to place, but wherever I am I will receive your letters. But if you try to achieve this knowledge with reverence, you will get the whole knowledge free of cost. You don’t have to do much here but you will have to spare some time for this, in the sense that you attend the programs, meet people, talk to them and achieve this.

Now, we will do the practical session of Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening cannot be forced on people who do not want it, because it is a living process, like I told you yesterday. It’s like a seed, which has to grow on its own, and you cannot force it to grow. So, whoever has the pure desire to get Self-realization can sit here, but it is better that the rest of the people don’t stay here.

Now the first question this person has asked is, “Please explain what is mind (manas)?” Now there is no time to explain all this, but I have given many lectures on this subject. In English language there could be around 3000 to 4000 lectures, and in Hindi language around 5000 lectures are available. And you can access all the tapes and know whatever you want, because you have chosen a vast subject, and there is no time to explain this.

Why is a human being rejected, objected to cosmic illusion? This question is all right: “Why does a human being get into illusion?” The thing here is that the evolution of human beings has happened very slowly, and afterwards he has become a human. And after becoming a human being, he has been given complete freedom that “Now you explore”. So, sometimes he makes a mistake, and other times he is fine. Suppose you are driving a vehicle. If you apply the brake the vehicle stops, and if you apply the accelerator the vehicle suddenly shoots forward. Then you balance it.

So, to learn something, it is necessary that you have illusion; otherwise you will never learn it. A human being is so adamant that if you tell him, “This is the only right way,” he will never accept it. “You are asking me to go this way. No, I will only go the other way.” He is so adamant. So that is why he has to be in illusion. Animals are under the Divine’s control. But human beings cannot understand without the illusion. He will never move forward because he is stubborn. On top of that, he has freedom also to go to hell or to heaven. Now if you tell him this path leads to heaven, he will say, “I will take the path to hell.” Then go. Now what can be done about this? You cannot be forced. This is a spell of ignorance.

Haan, haan! This person has asked if cervical spondylitis can be cured by Sahaja Yoga. Of course it can be cured. It can be completely cured.

Now this person says, “I have done pranayam, done this and that, have done prakriyas and I do meditation also.” You cannot do meditation; you have to be in meditation. If someone says, “I am doing meditation,” then he is in myth. When a person is in meditation, he is in thoughtlessness. He doesn’t get any thoughts and he is totally aware. So, it is complete thoughtless awareness. He achieves this state.

The second thing is pranayam. By pranayam, only the ego will increase; nothing else will happen, because pranayam is a kind of physical exercise. If a person can attain the Divine by pranayam, then the person who has asthma will be the first person to achieve God because he is doing pranayam all the time. I also teach pranayam, but there is science behind everything. If the Kundalini stops in the centre heart while rising up, then a little pranayam has to be done. But for that also there is a method. If due to some physical malfunctioning, there is a problem in the spinal cord, then pranayam has to be done for that particular chakra. It cannot be like consuming all the medicine from the box. First of all, know the nature of your sickness; and that you can only do after your Kundalini awakens. Otherwise, how will you know which chakra of yours is not in order? The doctor’s treatments are symptomatic. For example, if a tree is sick, and you apply medicine to the leaves, will the tree be all right? We have to treat the roots of the tree. Likewise, Sahaja Yoga gets to the root cause of the problem. It gets to the root. So, you don’t have to do all this. You are all seekers. Leave everything else and, first of all, get your Kundalini awakening. Unnecessary things bring your body to imbalance.

Nowadays there is a new kind of fever that you keep yourself thin like a skeleton. Why should you? There is no need to be like a skeleton. This is a very bad symptom. This might lead to different kinds of diseases. I accept that you should keep yourself healthy and active. You should not be inactive. But I don’t understand what is the necessity to become thin like a skeleton. If something starts somewhere, everyone else starts following that blindly. Anyway, Indians are not slaves to these things like the foreigners. There, if someone starts a fashion to cut your hair from this side and the other side and leave hair only in the middle of the head, then everyone will roam around like that. Each one pays 50 pounds to have their hair cut from this side and that side and leave hair only in the centre, and then they will also colour it red. And if you ask them they will say, “What is wrong in that?”

Now what is the answer for this “What is wrong?”. Why should you colour it when you know that it may affect your eyes? There is another fashion of wearing tight pants. It was so tight that it could not be removed at all for several days. They take baths also wearing the same pants. This led to varicose veins. And then again a new fashion started, to wear loose pants, and they are so loose that you will fall out of them. The third kind of fashion started that you wear holy pants. Make holes all over your pants. Now, everyone wears pants with holes and goes to the office like that. It is so cold in London. What is the necessity to wear pants full of holes in such a climate? You people have not become slaves to that extent. By the grace of God our tradition and culture are so strong that we cannot do such stupid things.

I have stayed in foreign countries for quite some time now, and I don’t understand when I see that women are the worst slaves to fashion. In our country  fashions like mini saris came in Mumbai, but this fashion went away in a few days, because ladies said, “Who is going to wear this kind of sari?” In foreign countries ladies are even worse.

Now, some new fashion came up that you wear socks and wear a dress above that. And this was supposed to be a great fashion. Many got TB because of this. How peculiar a fashion is this? There, people are complete slaves to fashion. Another new fashion started that don’t apply oil to your hair. It’s okay if you don’t want to apply oil to your hair every day, but at least before washing your hair, or now and then, you can apply oil to the hair. Everyone’s hair fell out and nothing was left. Then the next fashion started to apply wax to your hair. The hair should stand up, as if it is something special. Because of the wax, hairs fell out and they became bald-headed at a young age. And then you people are sending wigs for them, from here.

This is utter stupidity. If you people are thinking that they are very intelligent, then you are mistaken. They are such fools, that if you people understand them you will say that there is no maturity in them. Now Americans are there; they are like carefree youth. And their Elizabeth Taylor is waiting to marry for the 8th time to an man who is 20 years younger than her. But when she was going on a honeymoon, there were thousands of people, double the crowd here, to see her off. This is nothing; there were many helicopters hovering over them, and many parachutes were falling from the helicopters. Some parachutes fell on people, and some fell on the trees, breaking them. There was an exhibition-like crowd to see them. What do you want to learn from this kind of stupid people? They are real morons.

In our country, everything is very good. Our culture is very good, but we have become very rigid. We have become stuck in rituals and other things, but still our culture is very good.

They neither respect their mother nor their father, nor anyone else. Is that country any good? So, don’t do this pranayam. There is nothing special in that.

This gentleman, the one who has told me that they are calling him mad and all that, he should come to Sahaja Yoga. He will get cured, and everything will be all right.

There are very few questions. Wonderful.

This is a very nice question. “Please awaken our Kundalini.” There cannot be a better thing than this. This is the best question. Which other question could be better than this for Me?

inaudible question—

No, no. Christ is very primitive. Please sit down. I will explain on this topic. This is what. They cannot accept Christ. Sit down. Okay, please, sit down, sit down, sit down. No, no, I am explaining. Please sit down. You don’t sit on my head by reading some book. Be kind to Me and first read your own book. Listen! First listen to Me if Jesus Christ is present in this chakra or not. And who is Jesus Christ? Will you believe Me if I tell you? Have you read “Devi Mahatmyam”? You should stop reading this English book and read “Devi Mahatmyam”. Then you will know who Christ is. Okay?

Now when did I say Christ didn’t come here? Of course he came here. Why are you getting angry? Please sit down. No, no, no, you sit down. Who is saying that he didn’t come here? Did I ever say that? On the contrary, he met Shalivahana when he came here, and Shalivahana asked him, “What is your name?” and he replied, “My name is isa, but I belong to a country which is not mine. This is my country.” Do you understand? You should know about him. I can give you more information than what is written in the German language. In that, you will find details after his birth, but you can get information before his birth also. Read our books also. Germans are stupid. Why are you reading their books?

Ask Me about Germans. They have come here now. Ask them about it. If Germany is shifted here, then there will be a great loss. They are beating up everyone there. Whoever has gone from other countries to Germany are being beaten up. After coming to Sahaja Yoga, Germans have become very soft-hearted people. You will not be able to believe that they are same Germans. They may be very good education-wise, but like stupid people they have written about Kundalini that it is present in the stomach. Just because it is written by Germans, should we accept it? Such a fat book they have written. They keep writing nonsensical things. They read some book and translate it. Is that the right thing to do? But it is. They don’t accept us. Only we think so highly of them. They don’t. One bigger idiot than the other is present there. When did Jesus Christ not come to India? Of course he came. He was here since the time of creation. But we need to understand him. We can understand everything not from the book but from our Kundalini awakening.

Now just think if Jews have started accepting Jesus Christ, then definitely there should be something in it. There is a big difference in whatever they do and whatever we do. And I understand that, even if they do something stupid, they do it seriously. They are not street smart. They will act foolishly, and also seriously. Whatever they do they will do it seriously and get completely involved in that. Not like us.

Now see, we got Independence, and to get this Independence we worked so hard, and now after getting it we are relaxing because we got it free of cost. Indians can never get very deep in Sahaja Yoga. They will never go deep. Look at this people [Germans]. In their cold weather,  they get up at 4 in the morning and meditate. They will not stay in their house but in the ashram only. And in Delhi we spent so much to construct an ashram, and with great difficulty arranged and paid two couples to go and stay there, but they left within four days, because they wanted their kind of food, he had to dominate the wife. “How can we stay in the ashram?” So, they cannot stay in the ashram.

Achieve their depth and show Me. That is why they came to Sahaja Yoga. They started going deeper and deeper. You know that the English are really hard nuts, but when their nuts cracked, they did so much for Sahaja Yoga and sacrificed their scholarship, too. But our people will say, “Mother, my father is sick. My sister is ill. Make her all right.” Okay, I cure all of them. Then next, they will say, “This is not all right. That is not all right. I don’t have a proper job,” and so on. I took care of that, too. But they don’t have any desire to go deeper into Sahaja Yoga. Get deeper. Haan, if they have to go to temples, they will go there. For that they have devotion, but they are not loyal towards themselves. English understand what is for their betterment. This is a big difference. If we understand what is better for us, our whole country will change. We don’t understand what is good for us.