Opening talk

Ganapatipule (India)

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Opening talk at Ganapatipule, India. 23 December 1991.

Welcome to all the people from all over the world. Again we are back here in Ganapatipule, and very surprising, tomorrow is the biggest day of Shri Ganesha’s Puja; that we should have the Puja tomorrow, it’s Angaraka tomorrow, is Angaraka Chaturthi.

It has been now more than twenty-one years that Sahaja Yoga has started, and when you see the progress of Sahaja Yoga it’s amazing, absolutely amazing. We have to keep to this progressive attitude and spread Sahaja Yoga in every way possible. We have to of course be careful when we are spreading the Sahaja Yoga, that there might be some people who are quite negative, and may try to pose that they are some special type of Sahaja Yogis; I have known such people throughout: to tell people that I have given them some mantras, special mantras and that I’m, they’re very close to Me or sort of, all this kind of nonsense. And people do get impressed by such people who say that: “I’m something special”, and that: “Something special has been done to me”. It’s a very dangerous thing. Whatever is there is all open and for everyone. I have no favorites at all, I cannot have favorites. So anyone who talks like this, you must know that person must be mad and negative, and just shun such a company. Don’t go near anyone like that.

Another thing I have to warn you, that by spreading Sahaja Yoga we tend to form groups, and this grouping business is extremely dangerous. We should have no groups. We belong to one Vishwa Nirmala Dharm, to the whole universe. We haven’t got any group whatsoever. We believe in all the religions, we respect all the religions, and we cannot group ourselves under any banner, saying that: “You are from India”, “You are from Ceylon”, or “You are from England”. You are all from one place, and that is Ganapatipule. Those people who are here should mix with each other, talk to each other. Even if you don’t know the language, love does not need any language. And all this atmosphere can improve a lot, even more, if you all start feeling within ourselves that: “We belong to one universal life”. We don’t have any individual life any more now. All our individual life is finished. We belong to the collectivity of the whole universe. We have to see to the good points of each one of us and respect each one of us, because we are all saints. We cannot disrespect. We have to see that we have got something within ourselves which is the highest, and others also have the same, so we must give them the greatest respect. The greatest understanding should be among all of you, of this Love that has done all this great work of Sahaja Yoga.

Third thing which I want to tell you is this: that there are people who are against us and they will be against us, because they are not with the Truth. So the best is not to argue with them and to discuss anything with them. They’re against us because they’re not with us. You cannot force them to be with us, so please do not argue with such people. Just enjoy the company of all other Sahaja Yogis, and enjoy the beauty of this Love that is all-pervading, which you have felt so well. We are living in another world, you do not know. Ours is a very different world of great love, understanding, and also of great knowledge. All of you should try to get the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, everyone, whether you are a child or whether you are an old person, everybody can get the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. And that’s how we have to be very, very knowledgeable. This knowledge without love has no meaning. First of all we must understand what is detached love is, and then we can really develop ourselves very well.

So those who do not come to collective cannot get cleansed. Collective is the ocean in which you get cleansed. You don’t have to go to Himalayas and do all kinds of penances, but you have to come to collective, and once you start coming to collective, then you’ll be amazed that you definitely get great advantage of your cleansing; and those who can remain in the collective in a very peaceful manner will definitely rise within themselves. Also we have to have meditation every day regularly. I can make out people who are not meditating and who are meditating: very easy it is.

Lastly I have to say that, I normally don’t say “Don’t do this” or “Don’t do that”, but if I say “Don’t do something”, please just don’t do it. Because I can see so many things which you can’t see. Like the other day I informed the people from Pune who were coming, not to come in the night, but come in the morning. And in the night here on the road there were so many dacoits who invaded many trucks. Thank God these people started in the morning, so they could not be harmed. Now how I know all these things I can’t tell you, but I know. So if I tell you something, you should not question it, you should not answer it, but you should just try to know that: “Mother knows everything, and if She’s telling us…” Otherwise I don’t say anything about anything. And that is how you will work out better, because I’m like a mouthpiece of this all-pervading Power. It doesn’t have a mouthpiece to talk to you, but I’m like a mouthpiece, and if I tell you something you have to just trust Me, and do not do something which I have said not to do. Moreover, whatever you are doing among yourselves, you must inform Me and tell Me. Don’t do something without telling Me. It can create lots of problems later on, so please do not try to do anything without telling Me, which is of a major nature. It is very, very important for all of you to understand.

I never said these things before. Nor did I ever feel [FELT…del.] that this is the time to tell, but now I think it’s high time that I tell you that you have to trust Me and believe Me, that when I tell you, you are to believe in Me, that I am telling you the truth, and which is for your benevolence and for your safety, for your caution. I hope you’ll understand this, and you must know that I love you very much, and I care for all of you individually. I know about every one of you, what you are doing, where are you. I know everything somehow. I get concerned and I tell you something. I hope you’ll understand that Mother is doing it because of Her love. I don’t want My children to suffer or to get into troubles, or to get destroyed. So I hope you won’t mind when I tell you that you shouldn’t do like this or you should do like this. It’s just an explanation of My own Self I think, that I shouldn’t really try to invade, dominate you, but the trouble is if I see something so clearly I think I’d better tell you, otherwise you may land up into difficulties, and I hope you don’t mind then.

Now we are starting a school here in Washi very soon, and children are going to join us from all over, and I’m sure it is going to work out very well, and later on we’ll also admit Indian children there, if they want to come. But just now it’s already a big number has come, and gradually it is growing; but once we have our place in Vaitarna, we might be able to admit many Indian children also to that school, and train them up better.

My Tour is on, and I think now we have come to, practically to the end of it, and now today you’ll be happy to know that Mrs. Hemlata has arrived to sing to you beautiful songs, so I leave this stage for her, and let her now entertain you with beautiful songs. She’s a very well-known artist and very acclaimed everywhere and she sings beautifully, you know her very well. Already you have heard her voice, and she has been so kind to bring all her orchestra and do this for Sahaja Yoga.

So may God bless you all, and bless her.