Christmas Puja

Ganapatipule (India)


Christmas Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 24 December 1991.

[Translation from Hindi]

Today’s combination is very powerful. On the day of this special combination, which is called ‘Angaraki’- ‘Angaraki Chaturthi’ [fourth day] is the ‘charturthi’ [fourth day of lunar month] of ‘Krishna Paksha’ [waning phase of the moon]. On every ‘charturthi’ [fourth day] Shri Ganesha’s Birthday is celebrated. But if the ‘chaturthi’ falls on a Tuesday, it happens once in a while, sometimes once or sometimes twice or sometimes three times a year. If the ‘chaturthi’ falls on Tuesday then it is celebrated in a grand way.

Today is the same ‘Yog’ [conjunction] where on a Tuesday, we are sitting here in Ganapati Pule where ‘Angaraki Yog’ is celebrated. Thousands of people come here to do the puja of Shri Ganesha.

There was such a traffic jam that some sixty vehicles were in front, so we took a round-about road and came cause it’s no use going any faster. When something has to happen, it happens like this only.

Till we understand this matter in Sahaja that whatever happens, we should watch it with patience. There should be patience. At that time if you hurry or if you become nervous, then the work will not happen. Have patience. Once you have patience, you will understand what to do and how to do. Rushing is against Sahaja.

In Sahaja you should have patience. About this Sai Nath has told a lot – be patient. “Sai milat saburi mein” [you’ll find Sai in patience]. The word ‘saburi’ [patience] is a bit inappropriate I feel. It means that when something is happening, you should forbear meaning waiting, watching. When there is forbearance then Paramchaitanya does the work and you will come to know exactly what to do. How to go about? What you should do? What path to take? But if you rush, then you will get stuck in your thoughts and run around here and there. You will not get what you want.

Today there is one more Yoga [union], that it is also the birthday of Jesus Christ. I have told you several times that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha. About this you have the proof also in Sahaja Yoga.

Today being His [Shri Jesus Christ] birthday, today also being the Other’s [Shri Ganesha] birthday and today being a Tuesday; having such a great function and fireworks is a very big Yog [union]. That we have come here to the place of Mahaganapati and are doing the puja of Mahavishnu.

Now we have to understand the importance of Shri Ganesha. What is His significance that is expressed today?
Like I had told you earlier, ‘vinay’, which is called humility. ‘Namrata’ [humility] is His special quality. One more special quality is wisdom. I wasn’t getting an equivalent word in Marathi, they told Me the meaning of wisdom will be ‘subudhi’. O.K let us say ‘subudhi’. All these things are gifted by Ganesha’s principle.
But then one more quality is that, He is a cool headed person. He’s a very cool headed person. His walk is very cool. Like an elephant. In an elephant you see that it walks very slowly. The walk is so beautiful that if any lady walks nicely she’s called ‘gajagamini’, meaning she walks like an elephant.

Slowly lifting the legs, thinking where to keep the foot so that no ant or animal comes under its feet. They walk taking care of these things. In the front they blow with their trunk while walking so that something that come in their way may not get destroyed.
Secondly, they eat only grass. They are so strong eating only grass that wherever heavy work needs to be done, like carrying heavy load, there only elephants are used. The significant quality of elephant is also that they do thing slowly. They do not do anything hastily. And one more significant quality is that their memory is very strong. Even if they see a child in a young age, however old that person has grown, they recognize. In the same as on the left side because the working is of Shri Ganesha, you also know that when your left side becomes weak, your memory fails.

That’s why we always raise the left side when the memory fails. The reason is the principle of Ganesha in you is reduced. When you become right sided, your left side Ganesha principle keeps reducing. Those people who work a lot, do this do that; their memory, you can see in their old age it becomes a question whether they will be able to recognize themselves or not.
That’s why Shri Ganesha specialty is that wisdom is there but along with wisdom, His memory is excellent. He remembers everything. He has to remember. Because whatever is imprinted on the Kundalini, whatever written, all that is done by Shri Ganesha.

He has a pen in His hand and He writes with His pen. The pen is one of His broken teeth. From that He writes what type of a person you are? What difficulties have you undergone? In your seeking where all you went? What mistakes did you do? Everything He writes in it [Kundalini].

When the Kundalini begins to rise, like a tape recorder with problems squeaks, similarly you can see the squeaking of the Kundalini when She passes through your chakras. That’s how you come to know in the person this chakra is spoilt or that chakra is spoilt. This is absolutely classic scientific matter.
So, there is not only one principle of Ganesha, that you stay chaste, be without sins. There are many principles and one of them is that there should be wisdom in you, there should be ‘subuddhi’ [wisdom] in you. You should know what is good and what is bad.

What is the significance of today’s Angaraki, where special ‘Angarak Chaturthi’ is celebrated? The significance is that Shri Ganesha Himself cools down the ‘Angaar’ [red hot coal].
If you see the Kundalini, It is also a type of fire. The mechanism of Kundalini is like flames. Because everything goes towards the Earth as you know cause of gravity, everything goes towards the Earth. Only this flame moves upwards. Any fire moves upwards and everything else towards the Earth.

Upward movement is there only for fire. That is because He can cool down the fire in you. He cools down the fire in two ways. One – He cools the Kundalini. He tells the Kundalini that this person has these problems, but it is alright, you still please make him cross over [Realized].
Because Kundalini’s child is Shri Ganesha and the child in you is Shri Ganesha, in the same friendliness, He persuades the Kundalini, “You are the Mother and I wish that I be awakened in this person. You help Me”. She becomes cool thinking that My child is asking this. So whatever the heat and problems in us cools down.

Like you must have heard that once Devi became very angry and She saw that in the world many people are doing very wrong things. She was very troubled, very much in grief, She thought, “This entire Universe I have made, I shall destroy it”. Thinking like this She created destruction everywhere. She got very angry. When She started the dance [of destruction], Shri Mahadev thought, “Devi is angry, She is in action, now the world will be destroyed. What is the remedy?” So, what He did, He places Their Own Son Shri Kartikeya under Her feet.

As soon as She stepped on the child, Her long tongue came out and She felt, “What am I doing?” The One who was so red with anger, on seeing the child She completely calmed down. In the same way He [Shri Ganesha] cools down our Kundalini that you are giving birth to Your child. At this point of time anger is not good. In the same way.
Sometimes you would have troubled Kundalini so much that you went to wrong Gurus, we ourselves did something wrong. The poor Kundalini is shattered. Her support is Shri Ganesha Who pushes Her upwards.

Kundalini can rise up only because of Shri Ganesha’s power. That is why He is called ‘Angaar’ [red hot coal] as He gives His power to the Kundalini. The fire in the Kundalini or the flames of Kundalini that rises are calm. You must have never heard that this kind of calm flames are also there. Very calm flames. They are of seven colours, but very calm. You see in the Sahasrara, how calm they are. All this work is done by Shri Ganesha.
In a way, He can also bring down your anger. He can take away your anger. When we get angry, we get carried away. We don’t even remember what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. In that state we can hit someone, beat someone, even murder someone, anything we can do. The control that comes at that time comes from Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha cools down your anger.

You see even Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] was similar. He told, “Forgive everyone. Whoever troubles you, you get angry with the person. But for once learn to forgive, forgive everyone”.
For those people who insulted Him, troubled Him and put Him on the Cross, even for them He told His Father, “O Father, please forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”. When Isa Masi [Jesus Christ] said that then think those people who crucified Him, troubled Him so much, even them He opted to forgive.
This is one of His character, His nature. One more character of Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] – when people were sitting in front of the temple and selling things; like here also we have. When people go to temple, there they will be selling different thing, then they offer to God.
Example – they offer a coconut to God then gain they get it out and sell. They make business out of it.
Then He took a whip in His hand and whipped everyone saying, “You cannot do this business”. If you have to do, whatever is there it should be in a pure form. Not that you are offering to God and getting it out and selling it. You offer Garland to God, then bring it out again and sell it. This type of thing, He said is absolutely wrong. He got so angry that He took a whip in His hand and started whipping everyone. This is His other side. Similarly, there is another side to Shri Ganesha also.

The other side of Shri Ganesha is that, if any Rakshasa or evil troubles you or irritates you, He is Ganapati – meaning the King of Ganas, He destroys the rakshasas and evil people. He ruins them. He destroys them completely. You don’t have to tell Him anything. You need not inform. The Ganas are with you. They finish the people who try to trouble you.

In Sahaja Yoga you remember that you are completely protected. No one can trouble you – only if you are in Sahaja Yoga. They, the Ganas are always around you in all directions. They have come here also.
They have put the veil of protection on you, completely covered you. You will not face any troubles. Then you call it miracle. “Mother I don’t know how I was saved. I don’t know what happened and how I was suddenly saved”. All this is the work of Ganas.
When Ganas do this work, then you understand that you really are a Sahaja Yogi. If they don’t do this work for you, then you have to understand that you have not yet become a complete Sahaja Yogi.
One more thing about the Ganas is that They are all the time working in our body. The work that happens outside the body, is only when you are a Realized soul. When your connection is made with God, then they look after your body, your money and all your things, your kids are all looked after by them. Before that they live inside us as antibodies. And these antibodies are the ones who protect us from diseases and because of them we can fight diseases.

This chakra in the center heart, here is a bone called sternum bone. Till twelve years the antibodies are prepared and they move around all over the body and are ready. Whenever there is a problem, sternum starts shaking and as soon as it shakes, like there is a remote control, like that they come to know. And the person coming and attacking you, or anything attacking or any virus is there or any type of disease entering your body, they fight with them.

But when you go against the Mother, going against the Mother means losing your morality, falling in virtue. Going against the Father means that you are not working, you are not acting, you become lazy. This is the sin against the Father.
But sin against the Mother is when you lose your morality. Those who have lost their chastity, their [center heart] becomes very weak. That is why it becomes very difficult to set this chakra all right. And the people to fall like this, them becoming all right is difficult.

Like AIDS disease. Such kind of diseases that we call venereal diseases. All these venereal diseases come from immorality. And diseases caused by immorality cannot be cured till your Ganesha principle becomes alright.
That why we should understand that we should stay away from immoral behavior. We should keep our personality, our entire life away from immorality. We should always be drowned in chastity.

Regarding chastity Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] has said something very great. Because His place is in Agyna chakra, He has told a very great thing about Agnya that even in your eyes there should not be anything unchaste – “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”. Even the eyes should be such that it should be pure. If the eyes are not pure, then Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] is not there.

But if you see in foreign nationals, we see that those who believe in Isa [Jesus Christ], they have bad eyes. Looking at this woman, looking at that lady. Then even the woman are looking at the men. Eyes are always roving. The eyes are never steady. Once this goes on, the dead spirits, move from the eyes. Once they [dead spirits] go into one person, then they [dead spirits] go to another. It is such a play that there is no enjoyment in that and the play keeps going on and the person goes mad in this.

Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] has told a very sensitive thing about morality that even your eyes should not be immoral. You cannot even look at another person with immoral eyes. This thing He told, there is a complete verse on chastity. Isa Masih [Jesus Christ] has only talked about chastity. Whenever He has spoken is mostly about how one can keep oneself chaste. How you can stand on morality. So, in Sahaja Yoga everything takes place in a Sahaj [natural] way when you completely accept Shri Ganesha and accept that this Shakti [power] should come to us.

As such Shri Ganesha’s place is there on every chakra. That’s why I always tell you that on every chakra, a Vice Chancellor is seated. Chancellor Sir is seated and till the time He certifies, Kundalini will not rise. And He works on every chakra.

So, as I was telling about today’s Yog [conjuction], that His second nature is that He is ‘Angaar’ [red hot coal]. This ‘angaar’ can be cooled down with ‘angaar’. It can be cooled completely. Like you have seen when Ravan spoke against Shri Rama, then Lanka caught fire. Hanumanji is also born on Tuesday and He has nine great powers. Both of them together work like this.

Especially if there is anger in a person, then how to cool that anger Shri Ganesha knows that. Then He does such actions, such tricks that that person is defeated completely and accepts, “I have made a mistake, I should not have done that”.
So, when heated people are there, He can make then also all right. That’s why if someone has ‘mangli’ [born on Tuesday], they should wear coral. Coral is also heating. Heat is removed by heat.

If you see in countries where the heat is more, people eat more chilies. Wherever you go. If you go to India, South India food is so spicy that you cannot eat. Also, in China, south China – Cantone etc., lot of chilies are eaten. In the same way in Italy – in the south. In France – in the South they eat a lot of chilies. Why do they eat? Because chilies remove spice, heat removes heat. That’s why they eat chili, so that they sweat a lot and remain cool.

In the same way Shri Ganesha also sets right your heat from His heat. Like this He shows his anger [greatness] cause of which you yourself cool down.
In all these diseases lot of heat is generated and the person becomes delirious cause of the heat. It is right that we treat this heat – do puja of Shri Ganesha and we should be specially surrendered to Him.

Today I feel is a great conjunction that these three things have fallen on the same day. Conjunction is that today is the birthday of Isa Masih [Jesus Christ], today is Tuesday and today is also the birthday of Shri Ganesha. And all of you have come to Ganapatipule.
Everything has happened in such a way naturally that it feels like a miracle has taken place. A very big miracle that all have come. But due to that there was a problem that the crowd was so much that we got stuck in traffic jam and it got late. But delay or anything that happens, is a matter of patience. I always think whatever time is fixed for us the puja will happen only at that time. It cannot take place before that. Why try to change the destiny? What is the use of fighting with it? Whatever is, it is.
Whenever the puja has to take place it will. In that if you start, puja is not taking place, this was the time. We are not slaves of the clock. But there are so many advantages of this. You will come to know in future that if you don’t do servitude of time, Sahaja Yoga can be spread very much. But the person who is time bound, he can never spread Sahaja Yoga. He keeps thinking, “At this time I have to do this”, “At that time you have to do that”. Such a person does not have time for Sahaja Yoga. But the person who says, “He has to do Sahaja Yoga” – entire time is available for him. Everything happens very nicely. Only thing is you should have the experience and after experience you should have faith.

So many things happen. Many people tell Me their miracles from morning till evening. “Mother I was worried, I am going, when I’ll meet? When she’ll come? But saw the person walking in front of me”.

Whatever desire that comes to your mind can be fulfilled. It is a matter of faith. By faith, there is no blind faith in Sahaja Yoga. There’s absolutely no blind faith. There is faith where you see everything with your own eyes. After seeing everything if you don’t believe, what can you say for that? It can be said that you are very untruthful or you lie or you are stupid. These three things are possible. You are seeing everything, you are understanding that things are taking place. After that also you do not believe, then there is something wrong with you.

On seeing all this you can think how dynamic Shri Ganesha is. In Maharashtra there are eight ‘Ashtavinayak’ [8 Ganeshas] because of which Maharashtra has received a lot of blessings. But still people are so mad that they keep running after these things. They go on doing these things that they get stuck in rituals but do not achieve the truth. Now you people are lucky, are intelligent that you sought the truth and achieved it.
Now to achieve this you have to imbibe the characteristics of Shri Ganesha. I was seeing thousands of people have come for Shri Ganesha’s puja. Among them, who are His believers, how many people have his qualities? I could not see anyone.

They drink alcohol, fight among each other, ill-treat women and trouble them and then go for ‘Angarika’ of Shri Ganesha. When you are such an ‘angaar’ [hot tempered person], then why have to come here? Nobody thinks that if we believe in someone, how many of the qualities of them have we imbibed? “We have a lot of beliefs, we do puja of this [God] and we do puja of them [God]”. Ok then how many qualities [of the God] have you got? Nobody thinks like that.
But the truth is if you believe in someone, then you should imbibe their qualities. Till you develop those qualities, you believe or not believe is the same, doesn’t make any difference.

Today we are doing the puja of Shri Ganesha. There will be puja of Shri Ganesha and Gauri. You will need to understand that Gauri is the Kundalini. Mahakundalini is Mahagauri. Her work is that Her child who has been seeking for many years, give him Self Realisation. Give the child re-birth. This is the work of Mahagauri Who is residing in all of you.
That’s why today we’ll do the puja of Ganeshji and Gauriji, later Devi puja.
Many blessing to all.

[Time: 28.15 minutes. Shri Mataji speaks in English]

[English part]

In short, I told them what is so special about today, tonight, is the time when, this is Tuesday, on Tuesday Shri Ganesha was born. So they celebrate every fourth day of the moon as the Shri Ganesha’s birth date because He was born on the fourth. But when this fourth falls on a Tuesday then they think it’s a tremendous yoga, because on Tuesday He was born. On Tuesday, this fourth of the month has come, so they just try to worship it as a something special day.

Now I also told them what is the quality of Shri Ganesha, which we see in Christ and, as Christ is the Incarnation of Shri Ganesha, today remarkable thing is that the third yoga is that today is the birthday of Christ. And the fourth thing, which is very important, is that you all should be here on such-and-such day on Ganapatipule.

So it’s very important day and that’s how we have to learn that if you worship Ganapati or if you worship Christ, we should try to think what qualities we have got within ourselves.

Now regarding Jesus Christ – you know Him very well – that He always talked of morality, always talked of holiness, of auspiciousness. And all these things, you see, the holiness and the complete cleanliness within your being is to such an extent that, I said, He said that, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” So Shri Ganesha also was against the adultery. Any kind of adultery He was against and that’s why those people who indulge into adulterous life suffer, suffer very badly. It’s rather difficult to cure them. All these diseases which are incurable of Ganesha’s problems are really difficult, because here you have insulted Shri Ganesha and that’s why He gets angry with you.

Now, His style is of two type(s). One is by which He soothes you down, He soothes your Kundalini and the second one is where He really gets angry with you and tries to punish you. These two qualities here, so one has to be very careful when you are dealing with your morality. The morality should be a part and parcel of your being. That you should be proud that you are moral and that you should try to lead a very moral life without torturing anybody, without troubling anybody. In Sahaja Yoga, I hope it is all very clear cut that we have to lead a very, very moral life.

Of course, all My lecture can be translated later and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it. But this is the best part of it, that today we have the birthday of Christ, the birthday of Shri Ganesha and also on such a date which is so well-worshipped and regarded as something important in India.

May God bless you all!