Shri Lakshmi Puja Alibag (India)

Shri Lakshmi Puja. Alibag (India), 29 December 1991.
We have come to this place many a times, this beautiful place, you all like it. It’s very rustic, absolutely in the interior. Only thing is, coming all the way from Ganapatipule, you have to spend lot of time. All this you are doing just to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to be with the nature.
I have told you already that this fruit of coconut is called as shreephala, […]

Talk at end of Music Night Alibag (India)

Talk at end of Music Night
The Truth and Reality are like flowers surrounded by thorns. It’s not easy to accept the Truth- also very difficult to accept the Reality- before you smell the flower. And the flower is the Love, and the fragrance is the Joy. And that you could see the fragrance today. All the thorns have vanished, all the fear of Reality and Truth has vanished, and now the Reality, which is Truth, […]

Talk During Music Night Alibag (India)

Talk During Music Night
You are all becoming now poets. I think the hearts are opening and expression is great, and these kind of songs should put a lot of vigor and courage in all of you. I am very happy that all of you are opening your heart and singing such nice songs, and reflecting My desires. May God bless you.
These songs are like Namadeva’s Jogawa which is absolute Sahaja Yoga, nothing else but Sahaja Yoga. […]

Talk after Fishermen’s Dance Alibag (India)

Talk after Fishermen’s Dance
…very simple folks, and they are just now singing that, “We are fishermen and we have to catch the fishes, and then the ladies have to take them to the market.” Now, the whole night the fishermen go on their boats and bring the fishes, and the ladies then, in the morning, are ready with all this kind of dress that they wear. They are all very nice-looking, healthy women because they live in the water, […]