Talk at end of Music Night

Alibag (India)

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Talk at end of Music Night

The Truth and Reality are like flowers surrounded by thorns. It’s not easy to accept the Truth- also very difficult to accept the Reality- before you smell the flower. And the flower is the Love, and the fragrance is the Joy. And that you could see the fragrance today. All the thorns have vanished, all the fear of Reality and Truth has vanished, and now the Reality, which is Truth, which is Love, which is Joy.

May God bless you all.

Tomorrow morning we have to go to Kalwa, where Rajesh Shah has invited you, and I’ve told him that some people may be staying till the seventh or so. He said, “That’s my pleasure. I will do my level best”. There’s one more thing, what Rajesh is, that he is the person who started Sahaja Yoga in the West, in a way, because he met Gregoire, and then Gregoire met somebody else. It went on like that. So it’s very sweet of him to have invited us there, at Kalwa, for a puja, and he’s arranged everything there for your stay. But he’s told Me already that you should not mind any inconvenience. But tomorrow he’s arranged a very beautiful music by a very famous lady called Kishori Amonkar. She’s a very great singer. She has one of the most melodious voices you could think of, but she’s a very egoistical person and very irritable. But when he told her My name, she said immediately, “Yes, I will come”, because once she had problem with her throat and I had cured her, and she has tremendous respect for Me.

So even it works out. And, somehow or other, in India all the artists have got in their mind that if they can dance before Me, or if they could sing before Me, their art will definitely flourish very well. It has happened with many. And so that the other day, when people came for dancing, they had to go through lot of problems. They were caught up with the jam, everything, but they had one desire is to dance before Me, and they just went into ecstasy when they did it.

So this is something in India has happened- it should happen in other places also- that the artist should feel that it’s important to raise their Kundalini, and that is how they are going to express themselves better. It may happen one day, I’m sure; no doubt about it. As it is, we are getting quite a lot of artists created out of Sahaja Yoga, and I’m very much enamored by them. They are all very wonderful people, and it’s time now for us to start to get onto the stage.

As it is, the tour has been quite interesting, I hope so; and you had some relief from these Maharashtra roads- some- but now again you have to go back to Bombay, and I hope you won’t mind a little bad road on the way. I don’t know if you all felt it, because, might be, all of you were sleeping, but it was quite a bad road on the way. But as it is, Maharashtra is a very remote place and is not touched – this area, Konkan, is not touched by human beings, and it’s very picturesque, very beautiful. It has rivers, and it has valleys, and it has little, little mountains here. And your coming here has helped them very a great lot because they had a big problem of black magic, and now it is very much reduced thanks to Sahaja Yogis. They said that, “Sahaja Yogis are traveling and emitting vibrations all over. Now these black magic things are disappearing, all these bhoots are disappearing.” That’s good.

And the second problem they had is of too much of drinking. They drink anything. They make their country liquor and things like that. Many people have been dying with that. But, specially for this village, drinking has stopped completely. And this is spreading also in other villages, and I’m sure, within two or three years, all this drinking habit will be finished. As you said, these are useless habits. I think they are joyless pursuits. They give you no joy, and once they discover it they will all give it up in no time.

All these good things you are doing without knowing what you are doing. By traveling in those places. You are really doing such a good work. They are all very much obliged to you that so many saints are traveling and coming down to these places where there is so much of poverty and so much of beautiful nature, and they think that, after some time, their condition will improve. They do earn a lot with this fishing but they drink so much that all is finished with that. And I’m sure one day it will all be over by your coming here and seeing, because they can’t believe a Westerner not drinking. For them it is something they can’t just believe it. And they have told Me many times, “If they can stop drinking, why not we?” You see, because they can’t just believe it, that they can live without drinking. And that has really given them a really good example that they can do it also; as you people have given up all these habits which are so destructive. So your coming here has done so much good to them, and they have asked Me to thank you again and again for all this coming and visiting their place which is not so comfortable, not so sophisticated, quite rustic; and still you don’t mind anything. So they were very, very happy about it, and they said, “Please thank them, and also please ask them to forgive them if there has been inconveniences.”

So now, as it is, we are now going tomorrow to Kalwa and I may not be able to talk so closely to you after that because then I have to go to Vashi School to see that the Vashi School is established. With Me so many other things are going along, and now My only task is to see that we really make people understand that there is a world which is very beautiful waiting for all of them, and you all can help Me there. It’s all been expected, has been wanted; only we have to talk about it.

May God bless you.