Final Talk

Kalwa (India)

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Final Talk

This is the culminating point of our tour, and the sweetest of all, extremely sweet. And the sweetness is flowing so much that I couldn’t help saying something about the children. They have really filled Me with such love and adoration for them. I wish our Sahaja Yogi children also become like this: so nimble, so vigorous, so concentrated, and achieving something that is My dream, I should say. So nicely, collectively they were dancing with such vigor, with such rhythm, with such understanding, while we were all just enjoying their sweetness. And here you remember that Christ has said, “You have to be like small children to enter into the Kingdom of God”; and that’s what Vaikuntha is different that way.

I don’t know how to really thank Rajesh for bringing Sahaja Yoga to an industrial place like this. It’s something really very unique. I mean, you cannot imagine spirituality governing such an organization. Really it was meant to be only for saints sitting in the jungles, but here it is brought to this factory where people are living so happily together as Sahaja Yogis, and the children are so beautiful. I bless this factory. I bless all of them with all My Heart. And it shows how Sahaja Yoga can bring forth such beautiful results.

Now, I know Rajesh has a little child also, and all his sweetness of childhood, and I could really experience, I should say, the whole thing, with these little, little children dancing so beautifully, and the girls doing Garba and Bangra, and it’s a very difficult, vigorous, absolutely dynamic dance which I have seen Myself in Punjab when I was studying there.

I am also thankful to the organizers: to Mr. Anand for giving this great opportunity for all the Sahaja Yogis to see the Indian children doing such beautiful dances, and thankful to Mrs. Bandari for saying such kind words about Sahaja Yoga and about Me. I don’t know how many people I have to thank but, only thing, I think I should thank this Divine Love which has created this beautiful atmosphere for all of us to enjoy. This is a very nice day today because tomorrow we are starting a new year. So happy New Year, and a very prosperous one for this factory.

May God bless You.