Shri Mahasaraswati Puja

Kolkata (India)

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Shri Mahasaraswati Puja 1992-02-03 India

On seeing the depth of your love, My heart feels overwhelmed.  In this Kali Yuga it very difficult to recognize the Mother. Because we cannot even know our own mother then to know Me is even more difficult. But the depth of this Bang bhumi [Bengal] is working in you. That’s why I have seen that any Saha|a Yogi who comes from this part, becomes very deep, he goes very deep. And I am surprised that where I spent so many years and worked such a lot there, there are many people but not so deep. And the collectivity among them is not as beautiful as it is here. 

The speciality, of Bang bhumi [Bengal] is that the collectivity and love for each other is absolutely selfless and unselfish. On seeing all this, you dont know how happy I am. And I wish that your work progress much more and take it to the masses. Because you know that, this land – is very much loved by the Mother. 

Today you told that Saraswati Puja will be performed. It is absolutely essential that in Bang desh [Bengal], Saraswati should be worshiped. Because by the Devi’s blessings only and because of Her sacrifice, this land is fertile and green. You can see how much greenery is here. But the poverty here, the suffering here is because the worship of Saraswati has been very limited. People did not raise to Mahasarawati level only Saraswati has been worshiped, which we can say – artistic talents were encouraged or there were many scholars. From this place the scholars are one better than the other; many scientists are from here. People have progressed a lot in the field of education. Compared to people from other places, the people from here are very intelligent and very mature.

Inspite of all this, still why there is poverty here? We should come up with a theory as to why so much of  poverty is here? Why do we have jealosy within us that if someone gets some money – everyone are jealous of them. By being jelous of them or by showing hatred, poverty will not go away. For that we need to understand – what is it we are lacking that we need to overcome.

You know that as per Sahaja Yoga, the work of Maha Saraswati is on the right side. When She works on the Swadishthan and when the Swadishthan chakra moves towards the left, then all the artistic talents are developed. The music here is fantastic, there is no field of art that is not there in Bengal. In everything – in movies, in drama, every art field like dance, music, sculpture, in everything Bang Desh [Bengal] is very famous.  Nowhere else you will find artist better than them. You tell them any small thing, they will immediately do it. The gold jewelly designers here are also very famous. It is because they have reached that state of art – fine art. The fne form of art, which is famous and accepted world over,  has light of Divine. You cannot see the Divine Light, but it is full of vibrations. 

Whatever that is created very beautifully and recognised all over the world that it is aesthetically rich, if you put your hands towards it you will feel vibrations flowing from it. There will be vibrations flowing from it. If a Realized sould makes a sculpture or any art form, from that you can  feel the vibrations flowing. The reason is that people who live here are very devotional, very deep from within. Take any art form of this place, there is nowhere in the world that it is not appreaciated or liked by people. There is no such art form from Bengal – be it painting, even cinema, dance, that is not appreaciated. Everything from Bengal is praised, we can say the people of Bengal are perfectionist who have achieved totality. When we have progressed on one side of Swadishthan, we have not used the other side of Swadishthan.

Even when we use the other side of Swadishtan, we use it only for reading, writing and such things. We have not paid attention to a state higher than this. That is why there is imbalance. If you look at it, it is a very accomplished place – so much of art, literature, etc. But there are so many problems that people say that the union of Saraswati and Lakshmi cannot take place. It is right that there may be no union between Saraswati and Lakshmi, but the union can be achieved in Mahasaraswati. 

Being in unision with Mahasaraswati means that whatever you are doing, you go to the deeper aspect and start thinking – ”what is the reason there is no union with Lakshmi”. There can be unision with Mahalakshmi. In Sahaja Yoga Both meet at the Agnya chakra. If you look at the action part, it is tremendous, but you do not get the result that you desire. When you come into Agyna chakra you start thinking – ”Why, till now, we have not got that state which so many artists have got, that totality which other enlightened people have achieved? Why are we living in poverty?” What we need to understand is that till we do not reach that state where we see both aspects with proper perspective we cannot progress. To unite art with Lakshmi we need balanced vision.

One of our greatest weaknesses is stubbornness. The people are very stubborn. Once we take to some art form – like if they have made an elephant they will go on making elephants. If they make an horse, they go on making a horse. If they like a particular type of music, they will go on singing in the same way. If you tell them to change it, they will not listen and they get angry. They feel that their art is not respected at all. At Agnya if you contemplate then you realise the stubbornness is holding the Agnya. “We are Bengalis. We have the greatest artists, intellectuals”. By taking the names of great artists, they think that they are also great. It is not true, you need to understand. If you look at them, you will know that they are not stubborn at all. But you are being stubborn that ,’We are great people because we have such great people from Bang Desh [Bengal]’. Thinking like that you cannot reach that level – but yes you can live in the shadow of their glory.

But if you want to rise above that we should give up stubbornnes‚ ’we are like this only’, ’we will continue to be like this’,  ’we will not do anything more than this’, ’we will not compromise on our style’. Thats why you cannot grow. By compromising, I am not saying that you destroy the art, don’t have to destroy the art in any manner. But you must think of art in a balanced manner, I am telling you something practical. 

One is the laziness within us, stubborness comes from the laziness too. When a person starts becoming lazy, he also becomes stubborn. He does not think that I am being stubborn because of laziness. ”For learning something new I have to make an effort, but for something I already know I can do it effortlessly”. But Mataji is saying, ’Just make some changes, it will be set right’. That I cannot do”. One thing is stubborness and then it is laziness that is making you stubborn.

We are slow in learning anything new, because of  being slow learners, we do not learn new things by which we can get the blessings of Lakshmi. There was an organization where I told, ”Tell the Bengalis that the purses you are making, don’t make it so elaborate, make it in a single line, then people will like it very much”. ”This is not possible”, ”we cannot do this”, ’we will continue to make the same way’, ’we cannot make it the way you are saying’, ’we cannot make any changes’. You cannot give any suggestions. They will continue to make in the same elaborate manner and it will not get sold. They say, ”We have the stock. Its alright if it does not get sold. We have the stock”. They continue to be proud of it.

There must be an understanding; Now in Sahaja Yoga your brains open up, it opens up completely.  Agyna open ouit. First of all the stubborness reduces – ’I will do like this only, not in any other way. This is the only right way, whatever I say is the right.” You can benefit, once you give up the stubborness. Like I have seen in many people, they have different type of qualities. But it is all lost in stubborness. This stubbornness can have a very great effect on a persons entire life.-We are like this only and will remain so. 

No, we should change and this change can be achieved very easily in Sahaja.When the change comes in a very Sahaja way then surprisingly in Sahaja way you find the union with Lakshmi. I have seen, expecially the artists are so stubborn that if you tell them, ”Please make this small change”. They’ll say, ”No we will do like this only. Only this suits us and we will stick to it”. Even if the people who are listening get up and go away, its ok – ,’we will still continue to sing in the same way’, or ’continue to make the same way’. 

To put the Agnya chakra right we must first put right this strange ego which says that whatever we do and the way we do is the only right way – this methodology we have made, we have to change this method.

Many things fall into this like for example you are of Brahma Samaji, or Hindus, or Muslims, Christians etc. has no base. You are nothing but a human being. You were born a human. You have branded yourself. You are neither Bengali nor Marathi. You are just human beings. By branding yourself you create more problems – like ,’I am Bengali’, ’I am Marathi’, ’I am Christian’, ’I am Muslim’, ’I am Jain’ – all these are brands you put up. And these brands become so important that you cannot see anything beyond it. That becomes the most important thing and nothing beyond that – this is due to the catch of the Agnya. It is very difficult to get rid of this catch.  Till this  Agyna catch goes away, your blindness cannot go. Because you will look at everything in a very narrow manner.

It is not only here.  In the West also it is so. In the West it is even more so – once something goes into their brains that ’it is good’, then they will follow it blindly. There are such critics there, when they say, ’This art form is good’, then it gets sold. Another critic says, ’This is not good’ – it won’t get sold. One critic is accepted, then another refutes the first one. Someone else comes and says,’This is not alright’, then people follow them. Nothing comes to them from their own brains, from within. Whatever others have filled in their head is accepted. Similarly it is filled in our head that we belong to a particular brand, since childhood we are put into a certain brand – one after the other. In the end you belong to the same street, they don’t even belong to the same parents, same family. 

Like this the humans goes on branding themselves. The fault in branding is that they think that I am a great personality and very unique individual. He becomes an Individual – ‚’You apply any brand to me but make an individual’.

The essence of truth that is – we are all one, we are whole, totality, everything is one – it goes in the opposition of this truth. When you go in opposition – ‚’I am this type of person or that type of person’ . From that you are getting separated from each other. Like you say, ”I am Hindu, you are Muslim” . You separate into two. Then again in Muslims, you are bifurcated in four categories. Those four categories of Muslims will have another ten divisions. Like this you go on separating yourself. You starting losing the connection with the whole – which is the goal of your life to achieve it. 

First thing is that all the variety has been made by God. One leaf doesn’t resemble the other but they are all on one tree. They are all part and parcel of the Virata. We are all part of one person. In that wholeness, the individuality is adjoined. By separating ourselves, we destroy ourself.  That way the Saraswati tattwa [essence] which should manifest into Maha Saraswati does not happen. At the level of Maha Saraswati – the ideas, the way one percieves things, changes. It changes even in everyday life. The person starts to see that they have become whole – one; we  all are one. So when such an artist, whatever he creates makes something thing so beautiful, he does it so beautifully that one accepts from the heart. From the heart people say, ’This is a very beautiful work’. Still we should understand that all the works that we do of Saraswati, we perform the puja of Saraswati, we are not surrendered. If it is surrendered to Saraswati and is surrendered to God then it becomes immortal. 

You can see that all the art that has remained immortal, are all created for God. All the poems, songs – if you see today’s songs, everytime new songs come in the movies and then they die down. But we still listen to those songs or recite the verses written by Kabir, Gynaneshwar. Even in foreign countries I see that whatever William Blake or Shaksphere had written is still remembered. They were all Realized people. Mozart was Self-Realized. Through their Self Realisation they obtained the Maha Saraswati’s Shakti [Power] and whatever they wrote or created in the light of that Power was of a unique kind. There was nothing in them that you could say they were uncultured. They were so cultured that they could unite the world.

Once you become a Sahaja Yogi then you should move on the Maha Saraswati tatwa. One should not only move on Saraswati tattwa [essence] as this limits you, limits your imagination. If the Saraswari  tattwa [essence] is the seed then the tree is Maha Saraswati. Till the time you do not convert this seed into the Maha Saraswati till then you cannot merge with Mahalaxmi. The gift of Mahalaxmi within you is that you get your Self-Realization.

Secondly that you have achieved is Mahakali tatwa [essence]. All the three Powers [Mahalakshmi, Maha Saraswati and Maha Kali] meet at Agnya. You have to cross over the Agyna. In every subtle way there is an ego. So one should introspect and look within – ,’Why do I believe in this? My father/ grandfather followed it, their ancestors followed it. I am limitting myself to such small beliefs then how can I enlighten the whole world?’ 

I have said many times, ’look towards yourself, look within’. I know many people have faith in Me and worship Me as the Goddess, from the heart. All that is fine. But what is the benefit for Me in this? I am what I am. What is the speciality in that? I am the same, I didn’t do anything to achieve it. You are the ones who have achieved, you have to come to a higher level – From, Saraswati tattwa [essence] you should reach Maha Saraswati tattwa [essence]. You are special that you have achieved it. I haven’t gained anything or done anything. I’ll tell you in a straight forward way that when I see that you are looking towards Me, I feel that you should not be satisfied and limit yourself thinking, ’We have faith in Mother’. You will have to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and uplift yourself.

This is a new Era. Whatever I have told you is the truth. In which you have become Budh – you are enlightened. You now know what the Truth is. This light of Truth is enlightened within you, from that Light you have to enlighten thousands of other candles – this is Bodhi Satya. If you don’t do this then it is a waste of effort for Me. Because whatever I am, I am the same; what is special in loving Me? You may feel good -,’We love Mother’ and I also like it alright. There is a further state than this. 

Loving Mother is one thing. There is so much of love that I am overwhelmed in My heart. I am not able to say anything properly. Beyond this state of joy there is another state called Niranand. That state of Niranand will come when your Mother sees that My children have worked more than Me. Have become more powerful than Me. A Mother always wants that Her children should become more powerful than Her. But these small petty things still stuck with us must be given up. It is not only here only, in Maharastrians it is even more, I have seen in other people also that we are stuck in small pettinesses. I call this uncultured. I feel if the person is cultured then he would immediately open his heart and start emitting fragrance like a flower.

One more aspect of Maha Sarawati is that one becomes efficacious and active. In Maha Saraswati – you start working it out. In Mahakali essence you absorb, you take in and imbibe.  But in Maha Saraswati you start working it out. In Maha Kali – you desire, you may also nourish –  ’Such and such thing has to happen, I want to do this or that. I like this or that’. To convert these desires into action is the work of Maha Saraswati. 

You can say, ”Mother I wish that Sahaja Yoga should be spread all over”. It is very good desire that Sahaja Yoga should spread. But in this respect what did you do? How have you worked for it? You are still thinking of yourself that I should have this or that, my father is not alright, my brother’s disease is not cured, my relatives are not yet alright etc. 

What work have you done so that the essence of Maha Saraswati is completely manifested in you? This you should think. How many people have we given Realizaiton to? How many people have we spoken to about Sahaja Yoga? I felt very happy when I came to know that the Yuva Shakti of this place worked very hard in putting up posters, day and night. Just now one journalist told Me,  ”I was impressed by all this when I saw many young boys who were travelling with me by train, in one station some would get down, in the next station few more would get down, in a peaceful manner and I asked them, ’What are you doing?’. They told, ”We are putting up posters  of Mother”. I haven’t seen such youngsters till now. Such young and educated boys were working so peacefully. There were also some girls also with them but were all behaving in a dignified manner. I asked them about Sahaja Yoga and I was very much influenced by them”.  

You should become active. Whatever is your desire you should put it in action. Whatever we think of we should act and achieve it. Otherwise everything will remain in the air – ,”I wanted to do this, I wanted to do that” Your desires will finish when your actions start. Then you will understand that you should desire only that can be achieved. If the desire is for that which cannot be achieved, it will be a disaster. 

That is why you see now a days we have many unemployed peope.There are many rich people here and also poor. When I listen to the problems of the rich I feel that they have problems similar to what the poor have. The rich say, ”Mother in this place we have a lot of labour problem and that is why our factories are closed”.  But the rich should know that the labour is part and parcel of them. You cannot do anything without them. You don’t know how to do any work – just come by a vehicle and sit on the chair. What have you done for the labour? Everything cannot be solved with money. They raise a flag, you give them money. Then they again raise a flag and this goes on. Have you done something for their welfare? First learn their culture.  In Mumbai I told someone that if you want to get work done from Marathis first build a Ganapati temple here. Visit their houses during Diwali and give them some gift. First learn their culture. 

In this place there may be Industrialists who do not know their [labourers] culture. What are their beliefs, what is accepted in their culture? We should understand these things. The rich here who run big businesses, when they help the Bengalis, I recognised them in a minute. The labourers are very large hearted that if you have a cup of tea with them, they will work for you for a life time. But if  deal with them with haughtiness then they can be the greatest enemies. This is the speciality of Bengalis. Why do you show haughtiness? Be with them, meet them, talk to them, get to know them – I call this enlightened entrepreneurs.

Now you are enlightened. You have come to Sahaja Yoga. You should go to their homes, ask about their problems,  even if you help them a little they will be at your service for life. I have experienced this Myself. My husband was running an Organisation, they had a lot of questions. I told, ”Treat them like a family and study them, whoever comes. When people used to come from Kolkata , talk to them ask them what is their issues? You could make some arrangements through you work place that they have a home, their kids education is looked after, its not necessary that you give them money for everything”. If you give money they may go straight to the liquor shops or have some women as mistress. There will be no use of that. But if you help them in a much deeper sense from your heart and think that they are part and parcel of yourself. There should be no falsehood in that. Understand and help them from your heart and if you win their heart then all you labour problems will be solved. There should be sincerety in that, you will see that everything will become alright.

This place is so blessed that there should be abundance of Lakshmi. But the problem is that people here do not go to the level of Maha Saraswati and limit themselves to Saraswati. Once you imbibe the essence of Maha Saraswati then you become action oriented. For this you don’t have to take to wrong path. Everything will get alright by itself, because you are Sahaja Yogis. All the work of Sahaja Yogis get done very easily. But you have to follow the methods of Sahaja Yoga. For this you should have purity, you will have to leave your narrow view points and spread out. Till you do not rise from within you cannot spread on the outside. That is reason in Sahaja Yoga, meditation is very important. You should meditate.

I am not telling you to wake up at 5.00 am. Meditate for five minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night. Its not that if you miss a day, you have made a big mistake. With this you will keep getting cleansed and will receive blessings. All the time you are protected, all the time you are being guided. You are also enjoying and growing. There is nothing that cannot be enjoyed. Yesterday I saw that all Sahaja Yogis were sitting talking to each other, raising each others Kundalini, talking, laughing and enjoying themselves. I was very happy seeing all that. There was no false hood. All of them were entertained and enjoying. 

There is enjoyment, there is uplitfment – spiritual upliftment. In which the society, country and the world is benefited. The work of Sahaja Yoga is so great. You have to be active, work towards it.  Sahaja Yoga is established in 55 countries. Still the essence is not of Maha Saraswati. Even now people people still think that it enough to love Mother, serving Her and pray to Her. It is fine. There is some benefit from Me also, there is no doubt in that but the true upliftment doesn’t take place. You don’t get depth.

Now you have reached the depths. Let us accept that you have reached your depths, but what is the use of the deep pitcher which cannot hold water. If it cannot be filled, whether there is depth or not what is the use? Its of no use. For whatever reasons you have achieved the depths, if you have to reap the benefit of it then you should act. Otherwise what is the use of the certificates – that you have reached your depths? Maybe in spirituality they will consider you a great Saint. You maybe a great spiritual personality, there maybe flow of vibrations from you  – like I am siting. But I don’t do anything, I am nishkriya [action less], but you have to do something. If you are nishkriya [not working it out] then what is the use of such a life which makes you action less? You should do some or the other work.

You should think at the Agyna level – ”Mother had told us, what work should we be doing?” If  you go in thoughtlessness, then you will get the inspiration from within – this is not possible, but other work is possible,  do it. That is how Sahaja Yoga can be spread.

Here, we have a lot of people who are very deep. I felt happy seeing people with such depth. Now this deep understanding should be spread. It’s no use that some people become like Rabindra babu and the others remain at a lower level only. Like in a lake many lotuses bloom, but some insects also thrive and if you say, ’See so many flowers are blooming in our pond’. But you are still the ’worm’ what’s the use? Even if so many people are blossoming have become lotuses, how are the others benefitting from that? That is why you need the essence of Maha Saraswati. So far we haven’t given much attention to the essence of Maha Saraswati, thats why I felt that we should have puja of Maha Saraswati. 

Because of Maha Saraswati essence, Vedas came into existence in our country. In the Vedas it is said that if you do not have the Vidya (knowledge) then what is fhe use of Veda. When the Vedas were created they said first work on the Pancha Mahabhutas [five elements]- work on them, awaken them. Once they are awakened, then we can use them. It was a result of which science came into our country The scientific research was done here since very long time back. The science we had was much greater than what research is being done today. Because through vedas they attained dominion over the five elements. You can also achieve it. Through Sahaja Yoga you can also get the control of the five elements. But you need to move your hands, you have to pay attention.

Otherwise they go on, ”Mother, please see my mother is sick”.  You are Sahaja Yogi, why don’t you make them alright? Use your hands, first you yourself try to make them alright, if you can’t then get them to Me. It is not so, everything is expected – Mother will do. If someone falls sick, Mother will make him alright. If anything happens – ”Please make a call to Mother”. You yourself can make them alright yourself. You place your hand towards them and see, you yourself are powerful. You all have the Power of Joy. You use the Powers bestowed upon you. You use your hands to spread the power to others. You will be surprised that so many powers – your own powers can spread.

I keep telling this again and again to you all, ”You do something”. Expecting everything from Me is of no use. Definitely I can make it alright, but you people can do it better than Me, why don’t you do it? You should do it yourself. Help each other. If any Sahaja Yogi is sick, and the other is fine, then you should go and help the sick person. Go immediately and work it out, you’ll become action oriented. Why can’t you? Just try to give to others. I keep repeating again and again that you have this Power the more you use your powers the more it will grow and starting working for your and you will be successful.  But have failh in yourself,  ”Mother has told us so, then we must be having these powers and we should nurture and grow it.”. 

Now depth has been achieved in Sahaja Yoga but the spreading is still not so much. You people are very deep, I agree. In our country there are very deep Sahaja Yogis, but you have to starting spreading it to people, you have to start giving, explain to them. You have to get more people in Sahaja Yoga. You can cure them, bring them in balance. When you become active and Maha Saraswali chakra is awakened you will be amazed where this country will reach. But this disease of laziness is there throughout India, not only here. Because of laziness, people look for reasons – because of so and so reason we do not do.

In Sahaja Yoga also people make lots of excuses. You should be action oriented without making excuses. For example someone says,”Mother we had gone there, but the carpet was not clean”.  Then you clean it. Coming up with excuses – ’it was like that’. Or ”I am afraid of the masses” or ,”Am afraid of my brother”. With such scared people, we cannot do Sahaja Yoga and even they cannot progress. Sahaja Yoga is not for cowards, it is for brave people. You should use your hands, you should move forward. You should pose a challenge to people – ’come and see’, then it will work out.

You have seen that there is a lot of black magic all over Bengal. When I came here I noticed that there is so much black magic here and I have been cleaning and cleaning it since yesterday. Everyone is saying they are sad, someone says, ’my leg is broken I am sad’, someone else says, ’my head is paining, I am sad’. Black magic is also the reason for poverty. You should get rid of balck magic. For this you people should be very special people. But if you go on, ’I am from this place or that place’, ’I am so and so person’s disciple’, ’so and so in my guru’, you have photographs of all sorts of gurus.. From whom you have not got any good experience. You have not seen, heard or known those people, what is the use of running after them? Pay attention and receive from the Person in front of you and start working out. 

This puja today should be for the whole of India as this disease of laziness is there in the whole of India. We are not active, we do not work it out at all. We have very strong desires, very strong desires like a politician – ’I will do this or that’. But once they are elected, they forget everythins, they do not have any desire any more other than making money. We should not be like this in Sahaja Yoga. We have to start acting in Sahaja Yoga. What all needs to be done – you should get together, meet and discuss about what you can do by which you can spread Sahaja Yoga. There is nothing is Sahaja Yoga that picks up speed.

We bought lands for various purposes. One was brought for experiments, other was bought for a different purpose, but they are just lying there rotting. Till the time I don’t come to India they cannot even make a narrow path, can’t even build a hut. I don’t understand, whenever I come people come together, when I go away everyone disburses and only 2-4 people are working. 

Sahaja Yoga is collective work, it is not the work few people that only 1 or 2 work it out. It is very important to understand this. It should not be that only one person is running around doing all the work. You should all come together. Like one body has different parts, in the same way you all are various parts of Sahaja Yoga. Like if one finger is hurt, then the entire body will feel the pain but if this finger is finished, then from where can we get another one? 

Once you have come to Sahaja Yoga, everything is Sahaja [spontaneous] no doubt about that, But one thing that is common, it does not go away i.e. small mindedness and ignorance about being special people.

I only have one thing that I have to say to all of you is that you all have gained so much in Sahaja Yoga, you have reached the depths, now you should start spreading. Till  the time the lamp is not lit, we give it light and say that is now enlightenend. But even after that if it asks for the light, what can one say? Now the enlightenend lamp should give light to others. Today you are listening to Me tomorrow you can sit in My place and do My work. When this happens only then will Sahaja Yoga grow. Wherever this has happened, Sahaja Yoga has spread in those countries. I bless you that now many people may emerge after this puja who will do this work of spreading Sahaja Yoga. This is My eternal blessings.