Shri Saraswati Puja

Kolkata (India)

1992-02-03 Shri Saraswati Puja, 43' Add subtitles:
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Shri Saraswati Puja 1992-02-03 India

(Translation from Hindi, Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)

In this Kali Yuga it very difficult to recognize the Mother. We cannot even know our own mother then to know me is even more difficult. But the depth of this Yoga bhumi is working in you. I have seen that whichever Saha|a Yogi has come from this part becomes very deep. And I am surprised that where I spent so many years and worked such a lot. the people there are not so deep. They do not have such beautiful collectivity as is here The speciality, of this land is that the collectivity and love is absolutely selfless and unselfish. I have been very pleased to see this and may you progress.
It is very Important that there should be worship of Maha Saraswatl here. The Devi has blessed this land and everything is so green here The reason for poverty and suffering here is because the worship of Saraswati has been very limited. The puia of Saraswati is done here only to increase our artistic talents or to become scholars No doubt the people here have progressed on the scholastic-and artistic fronts. People here are very Intelligent and proud. But still why is there poverty? Why is there lealousy towards a person who has more money than you? One must understand what formula we are lacking which we must get.
The work of Saraswati is on the right side. When She works on the Swadishthan and when this goes on the left side then the sense of art grows Bengal is very famous In every art field In music, drama, sculpture and literature. There are very famous people in these art forms here Art Is the light of the Divine. You cannot see It but it has vibrations. Whatever is very beautifully created and recognised by all the people all over the world is aesthetically rich. If you put your hands towards it you will find vibrations flowing from them, especially if it is made by a realised soul. The people who live here are very devotional and the ort forms here are easily understood by all People of Bengal are perfectionists. But we have developed only one side of the Swadishthan and have neglected the other.

We use the Swadishthan only for reading, writing and we have progressed In these fields
But there is a further state than this about which we don’t think, and that is why there is imbalance When you see there is lot of art. literature, etc. and people say there is no union of Saraswati and Laxrru This means that whatever you are doing when you go into its deeper aspect, then you think why there is no union with Laxml, In Sahaja Yoga both meet at the Agyo chakra. You keep on working but you do not get the result that you desire. When you come into Agnya chakra you realise why we have not got that state which so many artists have got Why are we living in poverty ? Till we do not reach that state where we see both aspects with correct perspective we cannot progress. To unite Kola (Art) with Loxmi we need proper vision.
One of our greatest weaknesses is stubbornness If
they have made an elephant they will go on making elephants. K they sing in a particular way they will go on singing in that way. H you tell them to change it they may get angry. At Agnya if you contemplate then you realise that stubbornness does not let you go beyond Agnya chakra. “We are Bengalis. We have the greatest artists, intellectuals.’ We have this stubbornness that we are great people in 8engal. But if you want to rise above that we must realise that we do not have to compromise. I don’t say thot you destroy art. But you must think of art in a balanced manner, I am telling you something practical, that we have a certain laziness in us by which we can also become stubborn. A person thinks that by creating something new I will have to exert. For learning something new our brains are a bit slow. Because of this slow brain we are not able to learn anything by which we can unite with Laxml, Like I told some artisans not to make such elaborate purses but to make simple lines. He said, *thls was not possible We will make It like the way we are used to. We cannot make it the way you want. ‘You cannot make any suggestions. So there must be an understanding; then the brain opens out. But it you are stubborn and say that whatever 1 do is correct and what anyone tells me Is not so. This stubbornness can have a very great effect on a persons entire life.-We are Hire and will remain so. When the change comes it is in a very Sahaja way and in this Sahaja way you find Ihe union with Laxml. Artists are very stubborn If you tell them please change Ihts a bit they will not do that To put the Agnya chakra right we must first pul right this strange ego which says that whatever we do and the way we do is right and no other suggestion or method is correct.
This feeling that you are Hindus. Muslims, Christians. Brahma Somajis etc has no base. You are nothing but a human being You were born a human. You have branded yourself that you are something. You are neither Bengali or Marathi. You are jus* humon beings. By branding yourself you create more problems These brands become so important that you cannot see anything beyond it. Till this catch does not release this blindness will not go because you see everything In such a way that only your way Is right. In the west It Is even more so. If you put anything into their brains and tell them that it is good, then they will follow It blindly The critics there also criticize every art form so much. Another critic will refute what the first critic has refuted. Nothing comes to you from wilhin yourself and your twain. Whatever others hove filled in is accepted. Eoch is branded. By this the ego rises and a person thinks that he is a very great personality and very unique from others. He becomes an Individual.
The essence of truth is that we are all one. are whole, are a totality. When you go in opposition to it then you become individualistic and go on becoming more and more separate. It is true that one leaf does not resemble another but ail of them are on the same tree. They are all a part and porcel of the Virata. When we separate ourselves then the Saraswaii tattwo which should become Maha Saroswati does not. When you live in Maho Saiaswati tattwa you start seeing in your daily life that you are the whole, and we are one. So when an artist creates he makes some such thing that one accepts from the heart. All the works that we do of Saraswotl should be dedicated and surrendered to Ihe Divine. If this happens then all such works win be mmortal. All poems, music, songs, arl forms which were offered In the name of God are still living today. Like today’s film music comes and dies down. But Ihe songs of Kablr, Gynaneshwor are still remembered. Through their self realisation they obtained Ihe Maha Saroswati shaktl and whatever they wrote or created that light was of a unique kind. These were creations that united the world Into one. One should not only move on Saraswaii tattwa as this limits you. One should move on Maha Saroswati tattwa. If Saroswati lattwa Is the seed then the tree Is Maha Saroswati. Till you do not make this seedJnto the Maha Saroswati till then you cannot merge with Moha Laxml The gift of Mahalaxmi within you Is that you get your self-realisation. All the three, i.e. Mahaloxmi, Maha Saroswati and Maha Kali meet at Agnya. In every subtle way there is an ego So one should introspect within as to why we believe In such a thing I am sitting in a limited field then how can I enlighten the whole world’’ I have said many times look towards yourself. I know many people believe me and worship me as the Devi., but what is the benefit for me in this ? I am what I am. You are the ones who have achieved You came to Sahaja Yoga and from, Saraswaii tattwa you reached Maha Saroswati tattwa You have gained not me. You should not be satisfied by just believing In me. You will have to believe in yourself and lift yourself.
Now you know the science of Sahaja Yoga. Your candle has been lit. Not this candle has to enlighten thousands of others. To love me Is beautiful. But there Is a further state than this. Beyond |oy there is another stale called Niranand That stale of Niranand will come to your Mother when she will see that Her children have gone even further than Her. But these small petty things still stuck with us must be given up. In Maharastrlans It is even more, that we ore stuck, in small pettinesses. I feel It must be the demerits o( past lives. II he had good merits then he would immediately open his heart and start emitting fragrance like a flower.
In Maha Sarawali one should be efficacious and active. In Mohakoii tattwa you absorb and you desire. I want to do this or that. I like this or lhal. 1 like this. To activate these desires is the work of Maha Saraswaii. Some people wish lhal Sahaja Yoga spreads. But In this respect what did you do for it to spread? How many people did you give self reallsofion to? How many did you talk to about Sahaja Yoga? One journalist told me how he was Impiessed by the young boys and girts who were so peacefully and In a dignified manner putting posters, I was very Impressed by that You must pul your desires into action. Your desires will finish when your action will start/ You should desire what can be done, for to desire something which cannot be fulfilled is a calamity
There are many rich and many poor here Even the rich have similar problems to the poor. They fell me that there Is labour problems and that Is why our foctories are closed But the rich must remember that the labour is your part and pateel You cannot do anything without them. You do not even know how to move a finger: you just keep sitting on a chair What have you done for the labour? Everything cannot be solved with money. They raise a flag, you raise their money. Then they again raise a flag and this goes on. Hove you done something lor their welfare’ First learn their culture There are big Industrialists who do not know their culture. The labour are very large hearted But if you deal with them with haughtiness then they can be the greatest enemies. Stay with them, meet them, gel to know them I coil this enlightened entrepreneurs Go to their homes, osk after their problems You do this little for them and they will be at your service for life. It Is not necessary that you give money for everything. If you give money they may go straight to the liquor shops or keep women. Think of them as a part and parcel of yourself and get to know their hearts And then ail you labour problems will be solved.
The people here are limited only till Saraswali and not Maha Saraswati. You are Sahaja Yogis, things will get alright themselves. But you have to follow the methods of Sahaja Yoga. You will have to leave your narrow view points and spread. Till you do not rise from within you cannot spread on the outside. In Sahaja Yoga meditation is very important. Meditate for five minutes at five In the morning and ten minutes at night. With this you will keep getting cleansed and will receive blessings. All the time you are being guided. You are also enjoying and growing.
People still think that It enough to keep on loving Mother, serving Her and praying to Her. It is fine.
small road, or even a small hut. I cant understand that there are so many poeple still nothing gets done. When I go away you all separate and go your own way. Just two or three people work. Sahaja Yoga Is a collective work and not just the work of two or three people. One must underst and that each Sahaja Yogi Is a part of Sahaja Yoga. If one finger Is hurt the whole body feels the pain. Everything is spontaneous, Sahaja But this
You do get the benefit You may have grown very deep in your Mother’s love What «s the use of such a deep pot in which no one fills water, if you think on Agva what sort of work I should do. It vou go into Nirvrchara (thoughtlessness then you will get inspiration Irom inside There are many deep people here but now we hove to share that depth, like in a pond some lotuses bloom and the insects feel proud of the lotuses But you are still on insect Whots the use
In the Vedas it is said that if you do not have the Vid (knowledge) then what is fhe use of Veda. They tried to awaken the Pancha Mahabhutas It was a result of which science came into our country The scientific research done here was much greater than what research is being done tOv-ay. Through Sahaja Yoga you can also get the control of the Pancha Mahabhutas. But here you are still saying Mother, my mo*’ V or brother or lomily is ill; You are a Sahoja Yogi You want Mother to do everything Why cant you? Just try to give to others. I keep repeating again and again that you do something. Of course I will cure but you can cure better than me if you are not able to cure then come to me. The more you use your powers the more they wki grow But have (ailh in yourself If mother has said so then we must have got these powers wilhin and we must increase them. Now depth has come In Sahaja Yoga but the giving of It is still not so much. You have to give now When you become active and Maha Saraswali chakra is awakened you will be amazed where this country will reach. But this disease of laziness is there throught out India
Sahaja Yoga people make tots of excuses as to why they cant do. For example *1 am afraid of the masses or my family etc.* Sahoja Yoga is not for cowards. There is so much black magic and tantrism here and I have been cleaning if. For removal of Kali vldya you will have to pay special attention and work it out.
This puja today is for the whole of India as this disease of laziness Is there In the whole of India. We are not at all active. We have very strong desires but no action You should get together and talk about what you can do by which you can spread Sahaja Yoga. We bought lands for various purposes. They are just tying there rotting. TIB I don’t come to India they cannot even make a
narrow mindedness does not let go of you, and this Ignorance that we are something Important.
You have gained so much depth and got so much. Now you must give it to others. Tomorrow you can sit in my place and do my work. When this happens only then will Sahaja Yoga grow. I bless you that now many people may emerge after this puja who will do this work of spreading Sahaja Yoga.