Meaning of Sahaja Yoga

Kolkata (India)

1992-02-05 Public Program Sahajayog ka arth, Kolkata Hindi, 38'
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1992-02-05 Public Program, Sahajayog Ka Arth, Version 0, Kolkata, India (Hindi, English), 98'
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1992-02-05 KOLKATA INDIA

[English translation from Hindi 37min].

Shri Mataji (in Hindi): As described yesterday, that what is Truth is also dharma. It remains still (absolute) in its place.  We are not able to imagine it. We are not able to give any simile to it. Nor can we change it. And the thing is, in this human awareness, we are not able to know that Truth.  

It should be accepted that science has now reached its limit. And it has definitely given a lot of benefits. But along with that, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and plastics have been created. In the machine age, whatever was created has gone and crossed its boundaries. That now in [UNCLEAR/Ranchi?] and in Calcutta city, there is a high level of pollution. The reason for all this happening is that man has lost his balance. He does not know to what point he should go and where he should stop. 

Due to this, Whatever man does, later on, it [UNCLEAR]. In the human awareness [UNCLEAR/whatever is missing], this evolution, we get that in Sahaja Yoga. We have not done anything special to become human. We have obtained it easily. [UNCLEAR/We have easily reached the human stage]. And now you are human.

And in this human state, Paramatma has given you full freedom, that if you wish you can go towards heaven or if you wish, you can go towards hell. Now, in these modern times, even if one takes the name of Paramatma, people think you are mad. But as I said yesterday, if we take offence and without seeking, we say God does not exist, then it is a belief that we have made and are holding fast onto it; in which there is no basis. 

I say there is God. Not just in humans, but in all four directions, His power is pervading. It is pervading in all four directions in the form of paramchaitanya. Today, when we see these flowers when we see the marvels of nature – but we do not think as to how Mother Earth produces all these different types of trees and fruits and how she sustains them. And going further, if we look at ourselves – our eyes, our nose and the structure of our whole body – how miraculous it is. [UNCLEAR]. 

If we think deeply, we will know that humans could not have evolved in such a short time. In such a short time [UNCLEAR]. Science has no answer for many such things. And in all sincerity, they have to admit – whatever they see from outside and attain it, that only [UNCLEAR]. But that there is something within us, a mechanism by which we can obtain this [UNCLEAR/revolution], they do not know.

[UNCLEAR sentence/scientific research does not tell us]. If we ask them, that a seed which is sown in the earth, please tell how does it sprout into a sapling by itself – they do not know. It sprouts by itself, it sprouts only the plant species to which it belongs and it grows and stays only within its limits. And in that same seeds, there is the map of all the seeds that will sprout. Such an immense work is going on at a subtle level. But we do not wish to even look at the work because we are not able to explain it. 

This work taking place through the all-pervading power of God’s love. This is the power of love. This is the one performing all the living processes and it is the one that resides in our heart. You may think whatever I am saying is a mental image. But it should be considered as a hypothesis. And if this hypothesis can be proved then you have to admit with all honesty that there is such a thing within us.

First of all, we think all the time that we are completely useless. That we are human is all right but it is of no avail. We are not fit for anything. We cannot do anything. We start thinking like this beforehand, that after all, we are [UNCLEAR]. On the other side, there are people who say that there is no such thing as fate; God does not exist; whatever we say is the law.

There are many people who are seeking [UNCLEAR] and there are also people who are seeking in the wrong places and feeling content that, “We have acquired wealth”. But they’re also people who are “sadhakas” (seekers); who are dissatisfied and who feel that there has to be some path beyond all this. Whatever problems are there in the attention of the world today – be it poverty or pollution – man is the reason behind them.  Man has created all the problems.

So if mankind is behind these problems and if mankind is transformed – if there is a transformation, a transformation within man – then think how big an accomplishment this would be. That is why it is said in all the religious scriptures that you attain “Atmasakshatkar” (Self-realisation). But in modern times, people do not read the scriptures. Some people tell them some nonsensical things – and they ponder about those. 

As Nanak has said, [UNCLEAR/”Kahe khojan jaaye. Kehna hi to aap mi dikhe sab”]. Until the time that you do not recognise yourself, your delusion will not go. Krishna also said. Everybody has said this. Jesus Christ has said, “You are to be born again”. So they just put the label, “We are born again”. And think, “We are born again”. By giving yourself a label you are not born again.

The man who has known the Brahma, who has attained Brahma – he alone is Buddha. Just calling yourself Buddha in vain does not mean you have become Buddha. You cannot attain it in any form of a concept or mental thinking. This has to happen inside you. And that happening is very easy, very sahaja and very straightforward. This is because it is absolutely vital. Just as breathing is extremely vital, in the same way, this is absolutely vital for the last step in our evolution.

And it is going to happen in the dire state of this Kalyuga. And all of you seekers who are sitting here, those of you who want to attain it [UNCLEAR]. Now you have been told about the benefits of this on the outer side. That physically, mentally and emotionally you have complete relief. Not only that but after this you also get powers and by these powers, you can give this power (of realisation) to other people. You can also cure their diseases. You can also give them mental peace. All kinds of bad habits automatically drop off.

The condition of the household improves, that of your children improves and even farming gives a ten times more yield. And even the domestic animals become healthy and yield ten times more milk. And this is all shown through experiment. But there is something even more that I am going to talk to you about today. 

That is you see your Self within. You get the experience of your own Spirit. When your Spirit comes into your attention, then you can know on your fingertips which chakras are damaged and the chakras of others that are damaged. This is called “samuhik chetna” (collective consciousness). You know in “yashti” (individually) and you also know in “samashthi” (collectively). If you know what is the cause of problems in others and if you make use of this power in your hands for the benevolence of others, then that is it – you can do good to others and also to yourself.

When doing good to others, there is no [UNCLEAR] and you do not face any problems. Because when you get this power in the Sahaja manner and it starts flowing through you, then you do not say that I am the doer. “This is happening, it is flowing, it is taking place”. And when paramchaitanya itself looks after you then you are amazed that “How did I receive this help? How did this take place? How did I get this?”. You are left in amazement and if you ask about this to any Sahaja Yogi, they will all have long instances of their own experiences.

The other thing that happens is that, in the light of the Spirit, you come to know the Absolute Truth. You know now that you are standing in front of Mother because you are seeing this and listening with your own ears. But your concepts may not be the same as someone else’s. What you believe in, the other person does not. You are busy in one type of system while the other is busy in his own system.

In religion, one says, “This religion is good”, another says, “My religion is good”, a third one says, “My religion is good”. They all think theirs is good, although it is hard to see anyone who is actually religious. The reason for this is that what we believe in, we have not really scrutinised it and neither do we have a method to do this scrutiny.

That whether this is the truth or not. For this, the “chaitanya lahiri” (waves of bliss) should flow from our hands. Then you can immediately ask if this is the truth or no. If you wish to ask, “Is it true that God exists or no?” – then you can ask this question with your hands (palms outward) like this. You will see that cool breeze starts flowing from your hands and then you will experience this chaitanya for the very first time. The first time. 

For the first time, you will be connected with and nourished by this extraordinary power. So, you have to do one thing before. That you obtain Self-realisation. Because you come to know the truth in the light of the Spirit. Whatever anyone says about Me, pay no attention to it because, unless and until you get the sight to see, how will you recognise Me? So it is essential to get this vision. Then you will be able to recognise truth and untruth.

When the drop becomes the ocean, its meanness, smallness, poverty and the [UNCLEAR/filth] inside all get destroyed. In the same way, you have to attain that beauty. And this complete arrangement has been made by God. I do not do anything. The truth is that you are your own power. Kundalini is your own mother, who [UNCLEAR]. She is sitting comfortably in the triangular position, just waiting for the day when she can [UNCLEAR/lift/bring up] her child. She is so [UNCLEAR/anxious] and she is very desirous of somehow she should complete this work. 

But today our state is different. The time has come that today we can in our [UNCLEAR/existing] condition, attain Self-realisation. About the Atma, many things have been said, that you get “Atmanand” (Joy of the Spirit), Brahmanand (Universal Joy) and Niranand (Eternal Joy) which means you go into complete bliss. That joy and [UNCLEAR], does not mean that you turn away from reality; rather you understand reality. 

Till the time that you are not sitting in the boat, you are not able to see your problems. Then how will you solve them? When you have become separate from your problems then you can see what the solution should be and you also come up with the answer. 

In these modern times [UNCLEAR], this is a very great age. In the Nala Damayanti adhyaya, Nala was separated from Damayanti and was very unhappy. One day he came across Kali and he caught hold of him. “I am going to kill you. You are the reason that people go into delusions. You are the reason they get lost. You are the reason that they become mean. So I have to kill you”. So Kali said, “All right. But first, you must hear out my importance. [UNCLEAR], what is my importance. After that, you may kill me.

My importance is that when my “yuga” (age) arrives, the people who are living in the jungles and seeking the truth, they will take birth as ordinary householders. And in that Kaliyuga only, they will attain the Truth. Now if you wish to kill me, then do so”. 

So Nala asked, “But why will this happen in Kaliyuga?”. “Because in Kaliyuga, man will be [UNCLEAR]. He will turn his attention and ask that there must be a way to go beyond all these things. He will be tired of going to the temples, going to the masjids, going to [UNCLEAR/forest?] and [UNCLEAR/worldly life?] and will ask, ‘What is this drama, after all?’. Then he will become the ocean. And when he becomes the ocean, he will attain this”. 

This is the fact that was stated in [UNCLEAR] prediction. But this prediction was also accepted by Kali as the truth. Because one thing you do not know is that this paramchaitanya, is “tatastha” (detached). Completely detached. Today I see, that in these fifty years, Kritayuga has started. And this Kritayuga has also made the paramchaitanya very active. It has become dynamic. And this paramchaitanya is performing this work. Every moment, in every direction.

You will experience this after Self-realisation, that all the time, someone is helping you, someone is looking after you. All the time someone is with you, when you need something it is in front of you if you need someone, they are in front of you. Not only that but all the time you are in bliss. So to obtain this Supreme joy you first have to have Self-realisation. If someone says that you just get into joy, then this is incorrect.

One has to be [UNCLEAR/manifest?] it for oneself. One has to be honest with oneself. And if all this is for our own benevolence, then why not attain it? And if this is your own Kundalini and she is your mother and she knows all about you; and she is in anticipation that somehow or other to give you Self-realisation – then why not [UNCLEAR/manifest it?]. And why not accept it?

What is the need to doubt or question it? Nobody is taking any money from you. Nobody is asking you to hand over your property. Nobody can take anything for this. Because this is such a priceless thing that those people who ask for money in the name of God –  be extremely wary about them. Does God understand banks or money? Never – this is something that we have created. What connection can God have with it?

We are now people who have been brought up in such a culture where without giving money, no work can be done. This is only that man has dared to do, that is why we have to spend so much money. These things of man which are so despairing are also equally with hope. If there is a transformation in man, in all of society. If all of India transforms and not only that but the whole world transforms – even if not everybody, enough people are transformed then the world will change.

Because you become completely immaculate. You become completely sahaja [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR/You get sight] of where you want to go, and you also reach your destination quite easily. This might appear strange to listen to and even miraculous to think about. The thing is, these things are there and today, you are going to attain Self-realisation. Everyone, all those who are sitting here, they all should be able to get Self-realisation.

However, there is just one thing – you should have a pure desire. If you do not have a pure desire, then this cannot be forced upon you. Because of the freedom that God has given you, that has to be respected. You should desire this in independence. Because Kundalini is pure desire. Because other desires are transient – today there is one desire, then we turn away. Tomorrow you want this and then something [UNCLEAR sentences]. This means that our desires are not pure desire. 

There is only one pure desire. Anyway, whether we know it or not, through this paramchaitanya, [UNCLEAR/will give this to us]. Knowingly or unknowingly, this power takes us everywhere and we seek there. Some seek in money, some seek in power, some seek in family and household and in the end he comes to know that these do not have that joy. Then he turns and thinks where Supreme joy can be found and that it is within us, inside us. 

This is not just talk but there is something in it. This should take place in reality, there should be an actualization, this happening should take place – otherwise, it is all just talk. People in our country simply talk on this, more than necessary and everyone is fed up, of listening to them and [UNCLEAR]. 

But the time has come now for [UNCLEAR/the experience?] and if there are any questions that may have come up for you and [UNCLEAR] if such questions are there, I would definitely like to answer them. Although you may know that I visit a lot of countries and face all types of questions, I have become very proficient. [UNCLEAR] and even if I give realisation, it does not mean that your Kundalini can be awakened. It would be [UNCLEAR/ridiculous]. I am talking about going beyond your intelligence. It is about going beyond the mind-intellect-ego. And for it, any type of [UNCLEAR/abstaining], holding fasts or merely talking about it – it is not going to happen.

By the way, My [UNCLEAR]. But without meeting these people are not able to understand how just with the hands [UNCLEAR]. But this is a matter of love. In love, it is not necessary that you are always [UNCLEAR/together]. But [UNCLEAR statement]. I think you all should get it today. But after getting (Self-realisation) it should not be that the seed sprouted and then was not [UNCLEAR/allowed to grow/looked after]. That should not happen. After the seed is sprouted after that you have to turn it into a tree. 

A tree of this kind can benefit thousands of people. All types of prosperity can be achieved. All kinds of support can be provided. I would like to tell you that even though there is so much unemployment in London – all those who have come to Sahaja Yoga, whatever type they may have been – not one Sahaja Yogi is jobless. All have got jobs, they have [UNCLEAR/progressed]. Because the principle of Laxmi is also here. But to [UNCLEAR/capture the heart of Laxmi], that should also be understood.

Because Laxmiji is also standing in a state of balance. Mother Laxmi is a goddess full of love. In Her two hands; there is a lotus in each – a pink lotus flower. There is no shade pink like the pink colour of the lotus. She has two in Her hands and She is also standing in a lotus. Means there is a lot of simplicity in Her and She does not exert any kind of pressure. He should be recognised as Laxmipati who is as beautiful and attractive as a lotus – meaning his house and his heart should be beautiful. And there, even if a thorny black bee enters, [UNCLEAR] enters, it is received there. There should be love even towards him.

The second thing is, there is money flowing through one hand and the other hand is raised in blessing. This means there should be charity with one hand and with the other hand, refuge. Those who are under our refuge (dependents) should be treated with love and faith. 

Three days ago, I explained to the members of Enlightened [UNCLEAR/name of organisation] and their wives how they should be in [UNCLEAR/rapport] with the locals and how they should establish a dialogue with them. How they should progress and monitor. And the Sahaja Yogis are active in this as to how they can establish this dialogue. 

In this manner, the people (Sahaja Yogis?) of fifty-five countries – they mentioned today there are fifty-five countries – I have never seen them fight or quarrel with one another. They never complain about one another. We have people here who are so honest that people wonder how this honesty developed within them. And the Sahaja Yogis from abroad have become so moral that they do not even look at other women. Is this some kind of miracle? They have all become messengers of God and I hope that today, you also obtain that great principle.

I have nothing to give or take in this. There is no [UNCLEAR/favour] from Me. If a mother does something for her children, she does it with love because she loves. It is an act of love. How can there be any give or take in this? Any mother will desire that her children be bigger than her, be [UNCLEAR], be more loving than her and more compassionate than her. That they spend their life in felicity and joy. What else can a mother desire? Nothing else.

And in this country where the mother is [UNCLEAR/respected], where every woman is looked upon as a mother; in this country, you should understand – abroad where they do not understand the mother when they do not respect the mother; even they have honoured the mother – so for you, it is very easy. That in this “yogabhoomi” (land of yoga), where your culture is so high, your character is so high, where so many great sadhus, saints and seers of great character have lived – why should you not obtain it and settle in it? 

In their care, they have not even heard the name of God, such as the Russians. And they have settled very deeply. It cannot be understood. There is a village there Togliatti – they have come in (to Sahaja Yoga) everywhere – but there is a village Togliatti where you will be amazed to hear there are twenty-two thousand Sahaja Yogis there, who are active there – twenty-two thousand. And they are very deep.

 So think that in this country what progress there could be, where we have always talked about the truth. Where we have always talked about the Spirit. Where we have always been seeking God. In such a great country, this movement should be so great. I am very hopeful that one day, we will all be awakened and attain this truth. 

My Endless Blessings to All of You!

[End of recording].