Evening Program, Shri Ganesha Puja Weekend

Perth (Australia)


Music Program, 7th of February, 1992

TC 05:30

Indistinct chatter

Shri Mataji:

Puja Pujani (Hindi)

song are very good
You all can sing or not?
All the children can sing
yes of course

TC 09:20
This is (inaudible)

TC 12:45
Syntiziser (Hindi)
Anyone hwo knows piano
Cant you do it

Yogi (inaudible)

What kind

Microfone (inaudible)

But still
with the relationship to the music
is less I agree there
But still

If you have a syntisizer
You can have any kind of tune or anything coming out of it

I will by for you, if you want.

The other day we had a busy program in Calcutta
Where they made the same (later style)
It made a big difference with the syntisizer, I should say. Big difference
Also it is electrical so they are worried much more

Yogi (Inaudible)


Shri Mataji:
Syntisizer (Hindi) makes a bigger sound and helps a lot.
And you can make it into any tune, I mean.

The other day it was really, that the syntisizer did a lot of things
And these also they had guitars also attached to electricity
So it was making such a beautiful accomanienment
Of course loudspeakers does work it out that way

(Hindi loundspeakers)

Still people are quite sesrious. They should be bubbling with joy.
I think you understand the meaning. If you understand the meaning then you would.

(Hindi Tolak)

Yogi Mahamaya Mahakali)

Before hand you must select what songs you are going to sing.

You know that song all of you
Which ever song you like

Whatever song you have practiced


TC 16:25

TC 1:17:30
Shri Mataji:
I dont think you should wear sari

Like to wear sari