Informal Talk

Perth (Australia)


Informal Talk

That lady also turned out bad, others are saying, she is not right.  

Sahaja Yogi : murmurs

Shri Mataji: Come closer, cannot hear.

Shri Mataji:: Some <Not clear> Australian girls have <unclear> wives. Some of them are queer, very queer, I dont know , poor Prasad has been blessed by so many of such kinds…

Sahaja yogi: Laughing..

Shri Mataji : Now you tell me, what’s the matter

Sahaja Yogi: I don’t like her behavior. It’s not right.

Shri Mataji : Even you are a little brahmachari ( like a celibate ), Is it not true?

Sahaja Yogi: I am asking…

Shri Mataji : Yes you are a little.  You see they are not Indians, they are used to romantic stories, Romeo Juliet, this that, You see them on the roads also they are kissing each other , or doing something, I mean if our husbands do like that , we will just take a divorce , its shamelessness according to me, So that point is there, you will have to little bit , look to that end also. And if girls are more in age, then they become more like that, frustrated.

Shri Mataji : I wish Dr.Bagdam was here.  That is such an asset from Australia,Such an asset. But Bagdam, you know doesn’t understand money at all , absolutely he is worse than me. Really tell you. Between both of us, we will just get lost in Russia.  He just doesn’t understand it. For an Australian he is very impractical, can’t understand.

Better now? I can see you smiling. Sit little spread out, little spread out. Sahaja asana. Sahaja asana – is spread out, just put it straight, Better.  Like this. You all have been singing? Practicing?.

Thinned down? , what’s the matter? You , You.. You have thinned down. Careful. If you thin down without doing any dieting , it means some liver coming up.

Righteousness must have love and sweetness, otherwise it’s like sugarcane without any juice. Should not be artificial towards you, but to say sweet things, Even the children understand sweetness.

Sahaja Yogi: In sydney he did 12 programs.

With the Chinese. Chinese are extremely sweet, gentle, Like Bengali style, Bengals has got big impact on China.  Bengali’s have got the same grace. Chinese are extremely sweet.

And they don’t know how to express their sweetness,they express it when you are eating In a chinese kind way, starts at about 6 and goes about 12 o clock, They will go on, this one is our speciality., they will have at least 11 courses and each course has 11 meals, and the host sits next to you and you are finished. They win over people through the stomachs every time.Very sweet, very very sweet. They remember small small things. Very sweet  and same with Bengalis. And if you have tea or something, they feel so happy. Same thing with Bengalis.

I think I will have my bath and then I can have lunch, Breakfast I have already. <Laughs> Last time I didn’t take any breakfast.  Because these people brought some sandwiches all the way, I was not hungry, I said alright. They have brought so I ate sandwiches.  So sweetly these Chinese brought sandwiches, diet coke. Everything..<unclear> Very sweet.

Sahaja Yogi: Most anxious on telephone,They were asking- is there time? how much time will it be. Will there be enough time if we go there?

Shri Mataji: They were with me for 2.5 hours very happy.

Shri Mataji: I was telling you about this gentlemen, Indian, whose a doctor , who had been to TM.TM started showing, He said, there is a problem in our collectivity, I said why. Because Angie has married a lady, whose already a married lady. I said who told  you. So, he said her husband came and complaint to me, that she is a married lady and now she has married Angie. I said, Doctor if you have some common sense, try to understand, that a married lady cannot marry someone else and if she marries he can file a suit against her. So she is not married to him definitely now. Then Angie told me She is already divorced Mother. They don’t believe me, they believe in that man. I said never believe a non sahaja yogi. Simple logic is if she was married to him, they would arrest her. TM’ s bhoot effect was on him , I said don’t try to create problem in collectivity.

It’s Angie who has worked it out single handedly, He stayed there for such a long, he is the one who worked it out.  Now you are trying to say these things to me. <Unclear>

He says, this is bad, that is bad. TM has this kind of bhoot,you see,  it just comes up, trying to find faults with leader or something, Trying to be very wise. But if you get rid of it, then they are very good.

So now, should I have my bath?

You are doing better that way is’nt it?

Because if you are in the dark, I am in the light, it will show better.

Who is spoiling their shawl? Matches with my sari, you see. Very much.

Where is the gentleman? Where were you? Please get my box.