Spiritual Awareness

Fremantle Town Hall, Fremantle (Australia)

1992-02-08 Spiritual Awareness, Fremantle, Australia, 79' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Self-Realization
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1992-02-08 Spiritual Awareness, Perth Australia DP-RAW, 78'
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Public Program. Fremantle Town Hall, near Perth (Australia), 8 February 1992.

Talk starts at 00:13:50

I bow to all the seekers of truth…

At the very outset we have to understand that truth is love and this love exists, has been existing and will be existing, it is eternal. We cannot transform it, we cannot regularize it unfortunately at human awareness we cannot know it. This is the all-pervading power of God’s love which is doing all the divine work. When we see this beautiful flowers we don’t ask questions how this miracle has taken place, how a little seed has given such beautiful flowers with such colors and fragrance, we just accept it. What about our eyes, look at these eyes they are so complicated, what a camera that records everything, keeps in the memory. So many things in this world which are done as a living process cannot be explained by science. So we have to go beyond the human awareness into a higher awareness as you say the spiritual awareness where you can understand how these things are worked out. So from amoeba to this stage we have come as human beings we don’t even think how we did it, how did we manage to become human beings from a monkey stage it [UNCLEAR] difficult to understand but it has happened. But still we have not reached that stage which we can call as absolute, we live in a relative world, we do not know the absolute truth. For example in these days there is a big quarrel going on about ordination of women and all that whether it is right or wrong, whether it should be or not is decided by human beings. This is all because we haven’t found the absolute truth, if we had the absolute truth then we don’t need organized religions, it’s an innate thing with in us lies the religion that is just to be awakened. You may be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim anything we are all just the same, nothing stops you from committing any crime any sin because you belong to a particular brand, it’s just a brand which is artificial.

So is there something genuine thing with in us? there is. Whatever I am telling you today you should not take it for granted. Blind faith is of no use, you have to see that I am putting before you a hypothesis, this hypothesis if it is proved then as a honest people you have to accept it. Of course you have to know that we have become human beings effortlessly and if you have to become higher human beings then also it has to be effortless that is what Sahaj means spontaneous.

So now with in a slice ten valences which you can see here in the green area these are human valences, actually before that we have only eight valences in the matter and nine for the animals and ten for the human beings. For the another problem which come up is that human beings have been given the freedom to choose… to choose if they want they can go to hell if they want they can go to heaven, that path is open to them but still because the innate light is not yet enlightened we make mistakes, doesn’t matter… after all human beings can only make mistakes… not God’s neither the animals. We also think we are making mistakes all the time we are cautious that we should not make mistakes but when we think we have made mistakes we also feel guilty, that is also not necessary there is no need to make any confessions about it, it’s just a… in the past is finished and here you are just facing me in the present. The spirit that we have to achieve is a reflection of God almighty, in this modern times to talk about God is an impossible situation, not in Russia here of course because we have heard so much about God and have never known what it is like so we find it is quite a mythical thing, it’s not. God exist and he exists for us as his love is all pervading power and reflects in our heart as the spirit, the spirit is the one which is a witness of all our activities, it’s just a witness, it is witnessing us but it is not in our attention. When this kundalini, the primordial force that you have within yourself which is the reflection of the Holy Ghost is the power of God, raises and ascents passes through six centers and pierces through your fontanel bone area when the seat of the spirit is here that’s why the spirit gets into our attention. When the spirit enters into our attention attention gets enlightened, this is what it is in evolution whatever you get we get it in our attention on our central nervous system. It is not don’t do that… don’t do that… supposing this very dirty place a horse can pass through a dog can pass through but a human beings cannot because they have developed that sense of cleanliness with in themselves which the animals haven’t yet developed. There are so many senses which human being have developed, the sense of beauty the sense of color which animals have not developed. But above all there are some special type of people… special category of people whom I call as seekers and these special type of people are seeking the ascent to that state of spirit, they are not satisfied with their human awareness, so they are seeking a higher state and when they become seekers there is a way out in this modern times. The spirit when it comes in to your attention it enlightens you… it enlightens you and on your central nervous system you feel the centers of other people. As shown here [Mother pointing towards the chart] you can see clearly how these centers are felt on your fingertips. Thus of course you know about your own centers but also the centers of others because a new dimension of awareness dawns upon you which you call as collective consciousness, that you become collectively conscious, you know about others, you don’t know about them what dress they are making what quality of life they have or what kind of a personality they have, what you know them is the chakras that they have, what are their problems the centers what problems they have. And if you know how to correct those problems… if you know how to correct your problems… and if you know how to correct the problems of others there cannot be any difficulty in the emancipation of human beings. This new awareness with in us of collective consciousness is the same that people talk about the microcosm becoming a macrocosm like a drop becoming an ocean, this happens, this has to happen… and I am sure this will happen. As a result of that so many things happened people like you see these are Australian’s sitting here singing Sanskrit songs I mean it’s really a feat I must tell you. Formally when English were in India for three hundred years they couldn’t even speak one sentence of Hindi language… so difficult… use to say a tongue twister we don’t know how to speak this language… so difficult… then to speak Sanskrit I mean to sing in Sanskrit language its something absolutely a feat. Anybody who can hear them will not know whether they are Indians or Australians who are singing and if you hear the Indians singing English songs you will be amazed the way they sing beautifully with your [UNCLEAR] and all that all the things that you have its just a [UNCLEAR] it I am telling you. But actually what happens that then you realize that we are human beings, we don’t carry our brands with us which has separated us… then we also understand that all these religions came to us as flowers on the same tree. All the incarnations all the prophets all of them have been on the same tree of life, they came at different times according to time they adjusted their preaching and tried to bring the religion with in them… the innate religion… the pure religion with in them. But of course it deviated as in Christianity you have to know that Thomas had to run away because Paul tried to intimidate all of them so he ran away from there and he went to Egypt and in Egypt he wrote the exact thing about Christianity about Christ. The treaties are there and he was so frightened of these people who were in charge of the religion that he put them all of them in a big jar and they were hidden in a field which were covered with some stones. But later on about fifty years back only it was all discovered, he called those days the Christians as [UNCLEAR] guna in Sanskrit means the knowledge the knowledge on the central nervous system and he is described everything that I am going to tell you today is about the spirit about the experience that you have to have and not just a brand. All these religions deviated because they were organized and people became more money oriented it became like a club I think and all that has lost its own essence of oneness. So called fundamentalism will settle down in all these religions because they couldn’t see the oneness the [UNCLEAR] also the so called individuality we talk of at human level is actually against the principle of the [UNCLEAR]. Individuality that fights with others which competes with others which quarrels with others is not the individuality that we have to have. But individuality like the variety every human being made differently every flower every leaf is made differently, in the same way all human beings are made differently but not inside there is only the same spirit shinning with in us, the same beauty the same love working with in us. So we have to understand the inner side of our being where it reside in a special way what we can call as the seekers, and the seeking is one which is very important in Sahaja Yoga because the kundalini is the power of pure desire… pure desire… all other desires are not pure. Today we want to have a shoes… tomorrow we want to have clothes… then we want to have cars… then we want to have houses… we never satisfied, we are jumping from one to another we work so hard get the thing and we never enjoy, then you start thinking of something else… right… like mad you are running after it and leaves us all the time empty whenever we achieve it.

So there must be something that is pure desire that once you desire it and achieve it then you get content and the self-contentment is so fulfilling so beautiful that whatever you get you enjoy… sitting here I see a beautiful carpet it’s not mine thank god otherwise I would have been worried to ensure it to do this and do that… it’s not mine, but I look at it. And the second thing that has happened to me as will happen to you also that you will jump in to your present, jumping in the present means you think of the future and you think of the past but when you jump into the present you don’t think… you go thoughtlessly aware… you are aware but thoughtless so I watch this beautiful piece which is created by some artist I go thoughtless and all the joy that artist has put it into is starts pouring into me soothing me completely making me [UNCLEAR]. Anything that is made with love soothes you down completely, even another human being even this beautiful country that you have anything even a small little stone when you see or you see these old timber that is around everything soothes you [UNCLEAR] when you see the beauty of the creation. Normally our attention is on human beings and we become competitive but then our attention becomes so enlightened that we start seeing life in a very different way, first of all we become a witness, we become just a witness means we are watching the whole play. Supposing you are watching the play of Napoleon suddenly you feel you are Napoleon sometimes you do feel that way but when the whole drama is over you know it’s a drama or it’s a film we don’t think that you are any more Napoleon. In the same way the drama is over and you see everyone as just a play everybody is just a play and all these hatred and all these revengeful attitudes just disappear you think it was just a play… just watching a play there was nothing so serious to become involved in that… it’s just a play.

So the first thing that happens to you is that you become a witness start watching things much better. Now a days you have seen that our media is frantic and doesn’t understand what to write and what not to write because they have lost their [UNCLEAR] they have to be just the witness the truthful witness of the whole thing they can really help you. But on the contrary they have their own conditioning because they are educated that will to be aggressive to look at something which is something of no importance. For example a journalist came to see me and what she writes about me is this that the house… I went to the house and the house was all carpeted well and that she was sitting on a very beautiful sofa set and she was wearing this kind of perfume and all that… I said that’s all she saw nothing else… I mean she couldn’t penetrate any more into understanding but these superficial things they see. So these superficiality just disappears when you become a witness and in the witness state whatever you see becomes like a picture whenever you want to think about it the whole thing comes to you and you know what it was even the folds on your clothes the way you are sitting everything the faces and all that just comes before you if you want to think about it. If you want to think you can think but if you don’t want to think you don’t have to bother, like in Switzerland one doctor came to me he said mother cut my throat or do what you like but stop the thinking I am fed up with thinking. So this thinking all the time this joyless pursuit goes on and on and on like mad it just stops… it is under your control because you can control it… if you want you can think or if you don’t want you don’t think.

So you reach the first stage of your ascent we call it a thoughtless awareness. This attention is the one when enlightened gives you the absolute truth because it becomes part and parcel your nerves, you put your hands to somebody and you see that the gentleman is catching on a particular center, everyone will say the same thing… everyone… you have ten children tie up their eyes ask them now what is this gentleman suffering from… all of them will put up one finger, now ask that gentleman have you got throat trouble… yes I have but how do you know… all of them saying the same thing. You can know easily with these things diagnosis otherwise for diagnosis if you go… in Houston one gentleman went he said I died with the diagnosis only I had no energy left for the treatment. So it is like this that for diagnosis also they will put everything out and then put back to see if everything is all right. But with these fingers you can make it out… very easily you can make it out whats wrong with the person… so easy… now some people might say how can it be so easy… it has to be because it is so fatal…it is so fatal… whatever is fatal for example our breathing is so easy we never question that… supposing for that you have to do lot of exercise or you have to read some books how many minute we will exist most of them will perish out. So it’s a very fatal thing and today it is the need of the hour that people are absolutely going a [UNCLEAR] with madness all over the world whether it is democracy or communism. If you go to America you won’t find anyone who is not tweaking his eyes or tweaking his nose or tweaking his lips… you won’t find anybody peaceful all going mad without any peace with in. What is the reason they have everything… they have money they have all the powers that they want to have why… why are `they so nervous, 65% people of America will become schizophrenia… can you imagine schizophrenia. Apart from that there are Aids and other new disease that has come as called as yuppies where the people lose all control over their central nervous system in the sense the conscious mind and unconsciously they may walk but consciously they cannot even get up, so they become just like reptiles like big fishes they are carried. Just like say a person who has no hands and feet and just he has to move with somebody else aiding that person. He can think… he can think, he can express himself but he cannot use his hands feet or anything which is to be done with conscious mind, now this is a horrible disease that is coming because we have used to much of it… we have tired out our conscious mind all the time for choices now… America is the worse place for that I should say because for everything you have to have a choice… even the handles are different before getting into the car you better find out what handle they have otherwise you may not be able to use it. Bathrooms are different, you get into a bathrooms and you find you are in a tub somewhere. So best is to know that these choices are created just to pamper our [UNCLEAR]. There is no need to have so many choices, people who are wasting their time in choosing… choosing… choosing and by the time they choose something come home and say it is all useless I have chosen. So secondly they have to again go and do something [UNCLEAR]. It’s not important, what is important is to choose the life of spirituality… choose the life which is much higher above all these things and all these things come to you spontaneously [UNCLEAR] you don’t have to worry about anything else then. Once you are there you will be amazed how you are looked after and how everything works out. The whole system of Sahaja Yoga is filled with miracles… there have been cures of blood cancer no doubt… there have been cures of so many other diseases heart and every sort of a disease has been cured by Sahaja Yoga. We have got three doctors who have got MD, they were MBBS they have got MD in Delhi University, there are seven doctors in England who are recording the cures and also we have doctors here I don’t know how many in Australia who are doing the recording of cures. And a gentleman who wanted to write about the miracles of Sahaja Yoga found out such a pile of miracles in one month and he said mother you better come and choose and tell me what is to be done. But there are already so many miracles that we see but we never note that but after realization we start seeing them, so you know the absolute truth, there is no relative problem so that there is no quarrel… there is no quarrel because we respect all the religions there is no quarrel there is no fundamentalism. Because we know the absolute truth there cannot be any quarrel with any one… no fight… now Sahaja Yoga is working in 55 countries and they come to India once a year… not all but partly… chosen ones those who have gone deep into Sahaja Yoga… Still we have 500 foreigners coming to India and about 2000 Indians. But I have never seen them quarrelling… fighting nothing. Enjoying each other all the time… sometime of course they pull each others legs and have jokes at each other is all right but normally it’s such love such friendship something happens to somebody in Australia somebody will rush from England and if something happens to somebody in India they rush all the way from America. It’s like one body… everybody feels for everyone… everyone knows everyone and try to do whatever is possible to make the other person happy and joyless and rich in spiritual life.

The third thing which is very important that happens to human beings that he jumps into the ocean of joy, joy [UNCLEAR] got unhappiness and happiness, it has got only joy and cannot be described, it is to be enjoyed only that you see everything and you just enjoy it. Anything even your calamities you just enjoy thinking it has to come let’s face it… it has to be there and the personality becomes so strong, so pure, so beautiful that such a personality even with a glance of such a person lots of things can happen and things can improve. There are many people who are now talking about destruction of the world and all that making of lots of money, they have to frighten people just to make money that’s all because they are all money oriented but this is not going to be anything of that kind. The creator who has created us is much more worried about us than ourselves and that is going all out to see that we all get our mass emancipation, that we all raise above all these things and enter into the kingdom of God that’s all there, something false something hypocritical you might have seen and you might have been put off but remember that with in us there is the truth we should find that within us, this truth once we find we have the peace, the peace with in ourselves we stand up and see everything. When you are supposing in the water and in the turmoil you see the waves about to engulf you… you are worried but supposing you get into a boat then you see these waves and you enjoy it, but supposing you know how to swim then you can jump into those waves and save others, this is how in Sahaja Yoga you raise. 

The first stage is to get this thoughtless awareness as your first ascent… first step and the second one is known as doubtless awareness and this is the state where you can give realization to others… you can cure others… you become absolutely we can say a saint. But you don’t have to give up your families… you don’t have to dress up funnily… you don’t have to dance in a stupid way nothing of the kind is needed but you become the most normal person… most loving person… most honorable, obedient, law abiding and then you know what your parents have done for you… what you have to do for your children, your family improves… there is so much improvement everywhere that its really amazing that such angels are there in this world still lost their way but they will find it I hope… so many find it in Australia and go ahead with it. The only problem is once they get realization they feel very fine and nice on top of the world. But this connection to the mains which is put through your kundalini just like this connection is put to the mains can be loose… so one has to work it out at the most a month will be required and you will be amazed how this connection can be established.

In the olden times for purification people used to go to Himalayas or Alps or some place to mediate and used to cleanse themselves do all kind of horrible sufferings they have to go through. But now there is only one thing you have to do… first of course is a little meditation that they will tell you five minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening which is very simple but also you have to be collective… you have to come to the collective programs. If you do not come to the collective programs then you cannot be cleansed properly… that’s the only way you can be cleansed and this collective coming is little difficult for people because that is so conditioned… this is a very simple method that you come to the collective. Like supposing my nail is broken it cannot grow in the same if you are not with the collective it won’t grow. So I have to make a very humble request to all of you though you will get your realization I know you are definitely seekers when it was raining… first of all these people said there is no rain and mother its very hot this month so I said all right you have the rain… so there the rain… now the rain was so much that they said there may not be people coming. I said if they are real seekers they will come… no doubt… there is no problem on that, but the rain has to be there as you needed so let there be some rain. Now as you are special people who are a special category which is described by William Blake* as men of God will know God and they will have power to make others Godly… he has described, he was a great seer and he has really said so many things which have come true now… but at that time when he was writing people though he was mad even after 100 years when they had a centenary some people believe that he was mad. Because those people who have not reached that stage think others are mad and it’s difficult to explain to people who have not got eyes about colors in the same way it’s very difficult to make people understand about spirituality which is beyond human awareness but we all have our birth right to be there. Sahaja means “Saha” means “with” “ja” means “born” with you its birth right to be there and if you are having this power this is within you… all the powers are within you so why not get it… you don’t have to pay for it… it’s all just there why not have it. I in no way i should say… in no way you are obliged to me. Whatever i am i am there but specialty about you is that you have achieved something… its greatness of yours that you have achieved something and if you have these power within yourself why not you should achieve it and you should get full advantage of it in this life time.

I think i have talked about it i don’t know how many languages and thousands of tapes are available even in English language, but all talking this and that is of no use till you get the experience as i always say this lights are beautiful lights and if you have to put them on you have to just switch on because it is all arranged organized and already kept there. In the same way if you are better have your enlightenment and then we can talk about it because it would be very boring if i start telling you how this electricity was discovered and then it was brought to Australia and how it was brought to this town hall. So best thing is to get the light first and in that light to see yourself and then you will understand it much better.

Thank you very much… May god bless you.

So we can have the process of our awakening which is very simple you don’t have to do much nothing if you commit. First of all i have to tell you there are three conditions.

First condition is that you have to have full confidence in yourself, absolutely full confidence in yourself. You should not think that how can i get it i have done this mistake that mistake… have full confidence… first condition.

The second condition is that i cannot force on you your self-realization… you are free… absolutely free… so if you don’t want to have it you should go… but if you want to have it it will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes. But if you don’t want to have it cannot be forced because your freedom is respect [UNCLEAR].

Third condition is another very simple one is that you have to forgive everyone in general, you don’t have to think about any individual. Now let us see logically whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything what do you do… nothing… it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, the people who have tortured you are quite happy while you are so unhappy and you are torturing yourself playing into their hands… so please remember that when you forgive others actually you are giving a great relief to yourself. So just forgive without thinking of these people who have troubled you or in any way who have been troublesome to you. Just say i forgive everybody in general… even if you don’t have to forgive [UNCLEAR] it’s alright to say that i forgive everybody in general… it’s a simple thing to do is to forgive everyone.

Now another condition is that at this moment you are here in the present so forget the past for the time being and have no guilt. If you feel guilty then this center on the left catches too much… the very dangerous one, because then you get diseases like what you call Angina… you sometimes get spondylitis… sometimes you get problem with organs they become very lethargic. So you can see how this center is so important and we start feeling guilty because people tell you you are a sinner you are this you are that. To me you are all seekers and at this moment you are not at all guilty. Please believe me that so much guilt is there also this language English language has too much sorry… sorry… sorry. Before [UNCLEAR] used to telephone we didn’t hear we used to tell “I beg your pardon” now there also they say sorry. What is there to feel sorry i don’t know if you don’t receive. So the sorry is too much and there is nothing to feel sorry or to guilty that’s the best. That means you should have a very pleasant attitude towards yourself, you should be very pleasantly pleased… forgive yourself and be very pleasantly pleased towards yourself that’s the best thing you can do to yourself at this moment and this is what is a very simple thing to do is to understand that you are human beings. You are at the epitome of evolution only you have to travel a little bit and you are there. So why should you feel guilty or why should you try to denounce yourself when you are made so much higher at the [UNCLEAR]. That day i was reading Quran there also it is written the same, i was surprised even in Quran it is written that human beings are the highest [UNCLEAR] what are they doing now i just don’t understand, even in Quran it is written then [UNCLEAR] is the resurrection time when your hands will speak. In the Bible it is written that there will be a last judgment, this is the last judgment but how are they going to judge you back putting you on some sort of a weighing machine, no, they are going to judge you by your centers, you yourself will judge. You will judge yourself by your own centers and you will correct themselves, after all nobody is going to condemn like this the god almighty is your father and the father of all the fathers, which father would like to condemn his child like this without explaining anything to him without giving any chance to improve, can you think of such a father who could be so cruel and so bad. But he is god he is god almighty how can he be so harsh with you, how to think that way that he will be so wrathful that without giving you any chance to improve he will just finish you off. It’s a very wrong idea people have about his mercy and his love. So have a very pleasant attitude towards yourself as i said it and don’t condemn yourself for anything at all because this is condemnation of God who has created you. Also the idea of suffering is wrong, Christ has suffered for us already are you going to suffer more, why should Christian suffer i can’t understand because Christ they know who has suffered for our sins so we need not have more sufferings but still the Christians believe that we must suffer more. There is no need for you to suffer at all you have to just enter into the kingdom of God the doors are quite open for you. So have that confidence with in you, don’t think that whatever i am telling you is just to console you that is the fact… i am telling you it’s a fact… you don’t know anything about yourself just now that’s why you have not faith in yourself. Say for example i take a television set in a remote corner of India and i say that this television is something great and you can see everything here they won’t believe, when  i put it to the mains then you see the fantastic thing that little box they think becomes so fantastic. In the same way you are not put to the mains that’s why you have no idea about yourself, once you are put to the mains the life changes completely your attitude changes. So may god bless you and now with these three conditions or you can call them four conditions we have to be extremely happy with in ourselves and relaxed.

You have to first just take out your shoes if you can to take some help from the mother earth will be a much better [UNCLEAR]. Now we have in Sahaja yoga, you will know about all these things later on, two sides that is the left and the right. Left side represents the power of desire and the right side represents the power of action, so what we do first is to put the left hand towards me you can keep it very easily on your lap as show by him… left hand like this. You put your left hand towards me like this and then you put your right hand on your heart, we act with our right hand all the time we keep our left hand like this representing our desire to get out realization. So please put your left hand towards me and right hand on your heart where resides the spirit, now we have to nourish our centers once for all. In the heart resides the spirit, if you are the spirit then you are your guide, in the light of the spirit you become your own master… your own guru. So you put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, this is the center… this is the center of your mastery, this is the center which is created by great [UNCLEAR] for us to be enlightened here so that we get the wisdom and the light of the spirit by which we guide ourselves and people are guided by our own practices… our own personalities.

So now we take our right hand to lower portion of our abdomen on the left hand side… press it hard. This is the center of pure knowledge… pure knowledge the knowledge that gives us the full idea as how to manage this divine power which starts flowing through us as cool breeze in our hands and out of fontanel bone, how to use this power, this is called as the center of pure knowledge. Again we raise our hand in the upper portion of our abdomen and then on our heart. Now we put our right hand in the corner of the neck and our shoulder and turn our head to our right as far as possible. This center i have already told you its spoiled when we feel guilty, now we put our right hand on top of our head… on top of our forehead and put down our head as far as possible and press it on both sides, one side with thumb and another side with the fingers… put it down, this is the center for forgiving everyone in general. Now we take back our hand on the back side of our head and again push back our head fully, here without feeling guilty without counting our mistakes, just for our own satisfaction we have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading power of God’s love. This is the cool breeze of the holy ghost which you feel on your finger tips and out of your fontanel bone. Now the last center for that you have to stretch your hand fully and take the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now push back your fingers… this is very important… push back your fingers as far as possible and put down your head, now there is a good pressure on your scalp, you have to move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise, please move it slowly clockwise. [UNCLEAR] That’s all needs to be done, but please remember to put down your head and then to push back your fingers so that there is a good pressure. Now you have to close your eyes before that i would request you to remember to put your both the feet apart from each other put this hand straight like this and sit normally not too much stretching back or [UNCLEAR] in front but just to be straight. You can also take out your spectacles because you shouldn’t open your eyes till i tell you. If there is anything tight on your neck or your waist also you should loosen it please. 

Now please put your left hand towards me like this and the right hand on your hand and now close your eyes, here you have to ask in your heart three times, you can call me mother or Shri Mataji whatever you like “Mother am i the spirit” ask this question three times “Mother am i the spirit”, this is the most important question for you, the fundamental question. Now as i told you that if you become a spirit you become your own master, so now please take down your right hand, you are working only on the left hand side, on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard and here you ask me another fundamental question “Mother am i my own master”, please ask this question three times “Mother am i my own master” please ask this question three times, press it hard. I have already told you that i respect you are free, so i cannot force pure knowledge on you, for that you have to ask. So now please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard and here you have to say six times because this center has got six petals so you have to say six times “Mother please give me pure knowledge” again you have to say six times “Mother please give me pure knowledge”. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts raising so we have to nourish the upper centers with our self-confidence. So now please raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side press it hard and here you have to say with full confidence in yourself ten times “Mother i am my own master” please put your right hand on the right side press it hard and say ten times “Mother i am my own master”, we have to know that we are actually not this body not this mind nor these emotions, we are not the ego or our conditioning but we are pure spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart and with full confidence you have to say twelve times please say twelve times with full confidence in yourself “Mother i am the spirit” “Mother i am the pure spirit” say this twelve times please. The all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love, compassion and blessings but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you have committed are dissolved in this great power of this ocean of forgiveness, so please forgive yourself and now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder as far back as possible and press it hard. Put your right hand towards to right… right side as far as possible. Here now you have to say with full confidence again in yourself “Mother i am not guilty at all” please say this sixteen times from your heart “Mother i am not guilty at all” sixteen times. Already i have told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself while the person who has really troubled you is quite happy, so it is mythical that it carry on with the idea that we cannot forgive, this is very important because if you do not forgive then the center which is for this is the center that cannot open it is very small center and it has to open up, it is constricted, if it is not opened out the kundalini won’t not raise so now you put your right hand on your forehead across and press it hard on both the sides, one side with fingers and another with your thumb and please put down your head it is important please put down your head, here now you have to say from your heart it is question of from your heart not how many times “Mother i forgive everyone in general” “Mother i forgive everyone in general” , this you have to say absolutely from your heart, its very important that this center should open up. Now take back your hand on the back side of your head and hold it, push it back as far as possible, here again without feeling guilty without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction you have to say “oh divine power if i have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me”… “oh divine power if i have done anything wrong or committed any mistake please forgive me”, please do it from your heart not how many times but from your heart please ask forgiveness from all pervading power of God’s love.

Now please stretch your hand… stretch your hand put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area on top of your head which was a soft bone in your childhood, the center of your palm now adjust it properly and now most important is to push back your fingers and put down your head as far as possible, now press it hard here again i cannot cross over your freedom i respect it very much and i cannot force self-realization on you. So you have to ask for it, now move your scalp seven times slowly clockwise asking seven times “Mother please give me my self-realization” seven times [Mother blowing into mike].

Now please take down your hand and slowly open your eyes, you can wear your glasses. Put both the hands towards me like this just like this. Now watch me without thinking. Now please put right hand like this towards me and bend your head and see for yourself if you are getting a cool or a hot breeze if you are not forgiven or if you have a liver problem then you won’t feel it cool but then there will be some cool or hot breeze coming at least warm will be coming out of your fontanel bone area but don’t touch your head just above it hold it and see for yourself there is a cool or a hot breeze is coming. Have confidence, bend your head… bend your head… now use your left hand bend your head… bend your head… and see for yourself. Some people get it very far and some get it close so just see there is a cool breeze coming or a warm breeze is coming out of your head, this is the breeze of the holy ghost and you call the cool breeze of the holy ghost, now you have the right hand towards me and bend your head again and see for yourself if it is coming on your left hand. 

Now you have to certify yourself now raise your both the hands towards the sky and bend back, here now you have to ask the question three times “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost or Mother is this the all-pervading power of God or Mother is it the Brahma chaitanya” ask any one of these questions three times, push back your head and your hand towards the sky.

Now please bring down your hands, all will feel very relaxed now all those who have felt cool or hot breeze in their hands or finger tips or out of the fontanel bone area please raise both your hands… hot warm or cool breeze, please raise both your hands… both your hands.

Most of you except for one or two. May God bless you. I bow to all of you so your saintly life has started. May God bless you also i pray that you all have wisdom to grow in it. Don’t waste it otherwise it would be like a seed been sprouted some people didn’t feel doesn’t matter it will take hardly any time for them also to feel. I am sorry i have a leisure for one day and this program is arranged in such a short day but we have a very beautiful center here and lots of people are here and all of you should come to the collective which they would arrange, they will tell you about the follow on i hope you all people will make it convenient to come down and go deep into yourself and become masters. When i will come next year i hope to see great trees grown out of these seeds and the kundalini has reached that height with in you. Your are real seekers i must say the way you came in this rain.

May God bless you

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