Kundalini Gauri Puja

Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)


Shri Kundalini Gauri Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 16 February 1992.

Come inside, you can, all of you can come inside, there is space. Every body, do space for these people, just move. This side.
Don’t sit in the sun.

[Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi.]

I’m sorry today I have to speak about something unpleasant to begin with, before the Puja. Later on we’ll have the Puja of the Kundalini, the Gauri. All right?

The unpleasant things are – I’m sorry to say that about Melbourne- that it has been a very funny experience, in this place, Melbourne, and I really feel very sorry that I’ve brought this Elio to this country. He’s an uneducated, absolutely starving person in Portugal. And he had nothing to eat even. And I told you that I sent lots of ceramic, a truck load to them. They sold it and ate all the money. So that doesn’t matter. And then I paid for him to come here, he got here, married to a nice girl. But I think he was a bhoot from the very beginning, or I don’t know what to say. There is no sense of gratitude, no sense of self-esteem, he didn’t know what he was, and he became really, really a big bhoot, in the sense that he started playing in the hands of Satan.
I didn’t know what was happening. He came down to Pratisthan and people said: “Mother, who is this rakshasa who has come?” And he came with Trish. You know where is Trish here? Trish, I’m sorry to say, you have lost all discrimination, of every kind! You should not have supported this horrible fellow, and you also came with him to Pratisthan!
Is something- discretion you lose very fast, if you are in company with such stupid people like him. What was so great? Was he educated? Did he know anything about Sahaja Yoga? He came like a bagger from there, and you suddenly look after him? He even spoiled that girl! Such a nice Sahaja Yogini, she is spoiled! Should not have come with him to Pratishthan. All right, when you came to Pratishthan, I mean, that means you never feel vibrations!

And yesterday I was surprised that so many people who came, they were shaking before Me, they were Sahaja Yogis, they were wearing their badges, and I asked them: “From where do you come?” They said: “We are coming from Trish.”
And then they went to- you went to Nepal for what? To learn black magic? This black magic is working in Melbourne, I can see it very clearly. It has not happened anywhere. And it has also gone into the heads of Indian girls, whichever surprises Me, because they understand what is God and they have proper awe for God and they understand what it is to go against God: is seven generations you have to suffer!
That was not necessary at all for you to edit My tapes. They are not yours! You have no right! You know there is one organization already we have put up, which is registered and Mathias is the president of that, Margarita, and that one is responsible for all my tapes. As it is all these days all my tapes were used, people used them for libraries [unsure], did all kinds of things. So now, they have put certain royalties on them.
But you had no business to do that, without asking any leader, without anyone, just to edit My tapes, what do you think yourself to be? Who has given you that permission? That bhoot and the rakshasa, who is trying to destroy our Sahaja Yoga here in Melbourne?
I’m working so hard! Yesterday you saw how long I was working on people! And when people come here you spoil them? You were saying: “I want to give money for this, money for that.” On the contrary, you are giving bhoots!
Yesterday so many were shaking, I was shocked! Now, again, I have worked so hard. I’ve come all the way, I’ve worked so hard in your contry! Aren’t you afraid of God?!
And here you are forming groups and things! How can you do that? And I know who are the cunning people, who are doing all these tricks!

There is a very nice person I give you: you should see his Kundalini first of all. None of you have that kind of a Kundalini! Do you know that? I wouldn’t appoint somebody unless and until I know fully about that person! You just see his Kundalini: completely open!

I get after his life! First of all, this is because they are educated, they are better equipped, they have better Kundalini, that’s why these bhoots are acting. Anybody who acts against the leadership, I’ll be very angry! Either you became slaves of bhootish leaders, like James – you never even informed Me anything, what he was doing, what tricks he was playing, nothing of the kind! Or else you get after somebody else!
If you want, you all can leave Sahaja Yoga, nicely! But I won’t change the leadership, because I know who he is, this.
Don’t create problems now! I know who is also capable of doing other tricks with Sahaja Yoga! I know them, all of them. You must know that I know many things about you. I think I know practically everything!

Then I sent Laurence to Adelaide. I asked him to go there, to be the leader. Because I knew it was not working out, everybody wants to have a separate house nicely. Specially Indian girls have this weakness, they want to have a separate house. This won’t work out. In this country, specially, only collectivity will work – take it from Me! Because there are lots of sins, for which we have to pay in this country – do you know that? Racialism is the first sin we had, and you still have it.
If we have to ascend, if we have to go to the Kingdom of God, you have to cleanse yourselves, we have to become pure human beings, that we are acceptable. I’m trying My lever best! Yesterday I tried on each and every person – you saw that – working so hard, cleansing them. What about you, you people, cleansing yourself? Where is your mind, what is it working out?
You know sometimes the whole lot of such Sahaja Yogis have gone to dogs! Have gone to dogs, whole lot of them!
This Elio, the day, really I don’t know why I brought him here out of My compassion. And he’s still working on you people! On one side.

Adelaide people have to find an Ashram. Otherwise they are not Sahaja Yogis! You have to listen to Me. I’m for your good, for your benevolence, I want you to have that highest life. Otherwise what are you going to get out of this leadership, this nonsense? don’t you understand it’s of no value in this world? Still people are lingering after such nonsensical things like money, like power! This is – can’t you see that? Just frivolous, it is useless, it’s of no value to us, it’s not going to help. You are the ones who are at the foundation of Sahaja Yoga! You are the ones who have to change the world. People have to learn from you! And you are, some of you, you have wonderful people here! How can anybody be impressed by a person like Trish, I can’t understand. Nobody asked her a question: “How dare you touch Mother’s tapes like that?” What does she think? Is she more intelligent than Me? I was surprised that Sherill, of all the persons, she is such a nice Sahaja Yogini, why should she support? She, I can’t understand that she can be possessed!
I have to take these names, because I have known these things going on, I’ve been receiving letters, and all that and I was wondering, what to do with this Melbourne? I don’t know why it’s called “Mel – burn”.

You have your children, you have your families: think of them, think of the progeny, what are you going to give them? I never say that there should never be concessions. Of course, I believe in your freedom, there should be concessions. But this kind of arbitrary work people start doing and you never even inform Me? Is it fair to Me? Is it just? What kind of a justice is this? They are like spiritualists, the way they are spoiling people. I mean, they all of them were shaking before Me!
How could you be impressed be a person who is trying to edit My tapes? Every word I say is a mantra, you know that very well. What authority she has got? You are also from Europe, you are also from England, your forefathers from there. Nobody would do such a thing at all, never! And nobody would start a course like this on her own. This is all intellectualism without intelligence! If you have super-intelligence, than you can see clearly you can’t do that way. It has to go beyond mind.
Of course, in Milan we have started, they have started a kind of a course, but it’s not the course, the kind of taping my things and all that, but, which is worked it out, that they have to be told about the Kundalini, about the chakras, and this and that, and also cleanse it. But not to put bhoots into them! It’s done with complete understanding from Me, it’s not just an arbitrarily! It’s done only in there because I am there. Because people have to know about the chakras, know all these things. But you have no business to edit My tapes, or cut them short!

All these people will disappear in no time, they’ll become bhootish. On the contrary, it will bring a bad name to us, because they might contact some trouble, they might get into trouble, some sort of a disease or anything. Because once you go out of Sahaja Yoga, if you behave like this, Ganas don’t look after you; you are no more protected. Then I’m not responsible!

I would like to know everything whatever you are doing, through your leaders. Ah, if I find your leader is not all right, I’ll change – I’ve already changed so many leaders. But you must inform Me! You must write to Me. Without asking your leader you can write to Me, if you think that the leader is trying to trouble you, dominate you, or trying to do something wrong, which should not be done for Sahaja Yogis. Is all right, you can write.
But not that, if the leader tells you: “Do something”, you just report it to Me. You must have respect, because I have appointed! I do not appoint leaders on something else, but their Kundalini. That’s the main thing: where are the vibrations? Of course, sometimes they also get spoiled.
So problems are very funny in the West, that they’re being so extrovert, that they seek power, or they seek money. This is the mistake.
But in India, you’ll be surprised, that’s a poor country, but they understand God and God’s work. Nobody touches a single pie!
And then another regression is there, wonderful, that is another wonderful work! That here you do what you like with your money, I never inquire. And I was told that they asked about Yogi Mahajan, that he was doing hanky-panky with the money. Imagine! Who are you to ask? Only because you are white skin you think you can aggress everyone like that: “He can purchase ten people.” Something so demeaning, I tell you, so demeaning! I can’t understand! The one who is working hard, he’s the one who’s put up a school, because everybody forced him to put up a school, there was no this thing. How much money have you spend, do you know that, for India project? 5000 pounds. They are in the bank, I feel ashamed to give it to anyone. Not you people, the whole of you, the Western people! The school is built for your children, by Indian money. Ashram is build for your money that is in the bank.
Sherey, Ganapatipule, Delhi, all this has been done not by your money! And why you are there to find out what are the accounts are? What do you think yourself to be? While your leaders, when they were making money here, nobody asked them, nobody said, nobody tried to find out, how these people are making money here.
Nobody found out, nobody told Me. They knew, they never told Me anything. Because they are white skin, how can you, how can you doubt them? When your school was built, I never asked how it was built, how it was done.
But then you sent Ray there to take the photographs and things of this thing, not trusting Me? Indians took – I mean they were very insulted! They are the ones who put the money there! They bought the land for your children! Their children are not studying there. Try to understand! Take out of your mind, you have done nothing so far! It’s either My money or Indian money that has done everything. And you are so miserly, you don’t want to pay money anywhere, what so ever.

Such miserly wretched people, why should they go and inquire about the expenses which are in India? Do you know one thing? That Indian Trust, in every city, are looked after by Baba Mama? Because he’s not a trustee and I keep a watch. And he told Me that he has not seen a more honest, clean organization than Sahaja Yoga Trust. Because Indians know what is this money is, they know this money is so important. They know about God, they are traditionally brought up that way. Ah, they might cheat the Government, they might do anything – but not the God, they’ll never touch that money! Just imagine: they have built all these things with their own money! You can see the accounts.

What have you built here? Nothing! Nowhere! But at least Europeans are conscious of it. They are grateful to Indians. They don’t send their people to find out, and talk loosely! Where is that mister Bathalia or who so ever it is? What business he had to talk against Yogi Mahajan? Does he know whose son he is? Even an ordinary person in India will not touch the money of God.
You know, when I started Sahaja Yoga, I must tell you the story: they all wanted to give Me money. I said: “No, I haven’t got a trust, and I’m very bad at accounts and everything, so I don’t take it. So let Me form a trust.” Then I formed a trust . But they said: “Mother, we want to give You!” I said: “All right, you keep it safe.”

They sold their ornaments, collected their money and as soon as I said “I’d registered now”, immediately everyone paid more than 1000 rupees; some paid much more. That’s how we started Sahaja Yoga! Whatever was possible, everyone of them in those days, 1000 rupees, whether poor, rich, and much more than 1000, some people gave much more. All the accounts they keep it. There was an income tax inquiry on Sahaja Yoga. And they were amazed: they couldn’t find a single pie missing. Here I think there is no control of the Government, nobody comes and sees. In India everything has to be audited. All the money you send in India for an exchange has to be informed to the Reserve Bank. Every pie of it! And all the expanses have to be sent after 6 months – not a easy thing to teach your wild children there!

So many times we think you are sending them away: you have your school and have your own children! The way you have made them wild, never trained them anything, never said anything, they are extremely wild! They are running helter-skelter, we are afraid, we don’t know what to do! We put so many guards to look after them!

And then on top of that, these French people came and start talking against this School! What efforts have you put in? Let us see! I have done so much for you, as you say! All right! What have you done for Sahaja yoga? Let’s come to the realities! How much money you have given? What have you done for Sahaja Yoga? Except for playing around with each other, using your games. This you did! In India, the English played their games, and now they are having it back, from Ireland, nicely!

Give up all these things! These are not meant for human beings, these are meant for monkeys! Even why insult the monkeys? Good human beings, righteous human beings don’t do like that! You are all angels, I made you into angels, you are like Ganesha! Now what are you doing? You can’t give money! I mean, you can’t give money, I can’t believe it! An ordinary Indian, if I ask, they’ll all rush to give Me money! I don’t think I could have built anything like that School here, never possible! Impossible! And an Ashram… You go and see in Delhi! You can’t! You have money, but you are extremely miserly, very miserly people, you don’t spend any money, don’t want to spend money. And if somebody has money, you want to lynch it! Or somebody has money, then he starts his own arbitrary nonsense – without doing anything about money part!

You know that I have paid lot of money Myself, paid My husband’s money – that’s very unfair to him! But he wants to do it, he says: „That’s what punyas are.” We Indians believe that way. And that is a real thing, that’s not just a belief!

I’m sorry I have to say all these unpleasant thing, but it’s worse in Australia.

Some wives start dominating the husband. Now, this is what it is. Such stupid wife starts dominating the husband, she gets into bhootish ideas, and she destroys the whole of Sahaja Yoga. It happened in Sydney, as she formed her own military of her own style of women. Is it good?! Now, individually, even, if you improve, if collectively if you are not improving, you are not improving at all! Because it’s collectivity which is going to make you nice, that is going to mould you, that is going to make you the beautiful people of the progeny, beautiful parents, beautiful children, that’s My vision is.

I’ve been coming every time to Australia, every time. We have so many Sahaja Yogis. You know, first I told them, „they are very poor”, they couldn’t believe it. So they wanted to give Me presents, I said: „Don’t give Me presents!” „No Mother, also You also give so many presents.” „All right, all right!” So they started with 50 pounds for the whole of  Australia. And you know? You are on the bottom line, even less than the Turkish – in Turkey we have hardly 21 people. Because you are poor: the poverty is inside, not outside!

Then the power, so called – this is the money part of it. Now everybody is trying to become a leader. You haven’t seen how the leaders have come down the ladder and gone to hell?! You haven’t seen that?! Leadership is the worst thing anybody should accept. Is a testing ground. At a lower level is better. If you go into that level, then this power crawls up into your heard. Then you start doing… meddling with money, meddling with women, meddling with all dirty things that you do. I mean, you think you have become very powerful now, and do what you like. So never hanker after leadership, one thing is! „Thank God I am not a leader!” Say like that! Specially in your country you have so many examples of these horrible leaders being completely destroying you people and Sahaja Yoga. If Sahaja yoga is destroyed you will be destroyed, too, don’t you understand that point?! You are part and parcel of Sahaja Yoga.

If only human beings are needed, best to go to Russia, what’s the use of coming to Australia?! Or to Melbourne?! Russians are not at all arbitrary, you’ll be surprised! Only one fellow, Oleg, who was in Switzerland, in the embassy, he’s the one only, because he learned it from there. Because they have lived collectively they know what is collective life is. And they are all the time introspecting. So humble – you won’t believe – even their newspapers are so humble. When I was talking to them, they said: „But, Mother, we have nothing, compared to others, in spirituality.” Can you imagine?! Those who are so high up say like that, [not clear] such beautiful things they bow! Very anxious that I should allow them to have Poojas in every place, so anxious! You saw them when they came.

You saw these Romanians, see, hundred and twenty five people came to Hungary. And they never use books, never. Can you imagine? Never books! Everything they know by heart. So I said: „How do you manage?” They said: „Unless and until we know by heart, we don’t sing another song”. And hundred and twenty five people singing so beautifully! Baba Mama said: „They put us to shame!” I don’t know from where they picked up, from where they learned it. Such beautiful people these Hungarians are! And I said: „Where are you going to stay?” „In the garden.” I said: „In the garden in the night it’s quite cold.” „Mother, you are looking after us.” They never bothered Me about their food, I don’t know where they ate their food, where they lived. And they went away next day. I said: „How did you come?” „For the Pooja!” Such nice people! Such beautiful set up people! Once you get all these six countries, there are thousands and thousands who are real seekers. They are not seeking money, they are not seeking all this nonsense, they are not seeking power: they are seeking God, they are seeking the Truth, they are seeking their own being! I mean you can see it, see the comparatively, what is the difference between them and the other European people. You’ll be surprised, people have gone from, say, Brazil to Portugal… from Portugal to Brazil. They are very much better than these people in Portugal! Then the Spanish, Spanish who have gone, say, to America. These who are Spanish are wonderful people there. Iranians who have gone from Iran – we have got nine hundred Iranians in Los Angeles. Nine hundred Iranians! That means all these ethnic groups are going to topple you down, that’s all I can see. Why? Why should they? You are also human beings, you are also seekers, you are also honest seekers, you have been seeking all your lives, in previous lives also. But when you are born in these countries, you are so much conditioned by the nonsense of the country. All these countries have this nonsense! Communism has really helped them, I tell you, it has helped them, believe Me, it has helped them very much. This kind of democracy has become a demonocracy. Just a demonocracy! You have to think: „What we are going to be, what do we want to be? Why are we in Sahaja Yoga?” Nobody forced you to come here. You are here for what? For what purpose? “What am I doing?”

One small thing is that you must listen to your leader. Or else, you should write to Me. This much you can do. I’m not saying for money, forget it!

And also I know there are very good Sahaja Yogis, also, excellent Sahaja Yogis. Also I know that. But they are getting strangled by some few who try to just put their own ideas. Imagine, even the English have changed. But when they come to Australia they start showing their teeth. Surprising! In England they are all right. Is it Australia meant for breeding such things here? How can’t be brought to that wisdom, where to understand our own value, our own self-esteem, to understand what are we here for? How to do that? You tell Me! I have given you Realization, I worked very hard – you saw Me yesterday – everyday. In nowhere I do like this, except in Australia, believe Me! I touch everyone, I raise everybody’s Kundalini, I work on everyone, whether they are bhoots or rakshasas. Nowhere! Because I know there is a problem here! But don’t you think you should also help yourself?! You must meditate and you should support collective. All of you have to support the collective! Don’t start talking ill of others! Christ has said: „Beware of murmuring souls!” He said only: “Beware!” I am saying: “Murmuring souls, beware yourself!” It’s other way round! I’m not Christ, that I’ll warn you that you be careful of the murmuring souls! But I better warn all the murmuring souls to be very careful! Because Krita Yuga has started, this Paramachaitanya has become dynamic! Because of that you all got Realization.

And you listen to the miracles of people, see how they are helped. You have seen My photographs – nothing more is to be said about Myself, that you know very well – but only mentally, not in your heart! So now, please, understand: you have to oblige yourself, you have to look after yourself, you have to respect yourself and your being! You are not ordinary people. You are not like all other those Australians, who have nothing to do with God! You have been seeking in your last lives, so many lives you have been seeking, that’s why you are here, otherwise you would not have been here! You are seekers, ancient seekers. But now this modern worth of yours should not blanket you completely from reality!

I know of so many good people here, but I don’t know what to say!

Now all this I have to say before the Pooja, I never say like that! But I was so disturbed, the way I saw people are behaving. Specially yesterday, when I saw all these people coming before Me and shaking! Wearing My badges and shaking before Me!? How I must have felt yesterday? Tell Me! Last night I couldn’t sleep till five o’clock in the morning. Really, I tell you. This all upset Me very much. Here I am, working hard, coming all the way to Australia. I have so many other things to be done. Gorbachev wanted to meet Me, I said: „I can’t come, I have to go to Australia!” But I don’t know how much value you attach to My attention to you! Anybody who starts doing arbitrary work, please inform Me! And nothing should be done secretly, I should know each and everything. And, if you don’t tell Me, I’ll find out!

It’s sad that on this day I have to say this, but this Kundalini is the powerful thing within you. And you must look after Her! I’m talking to you about Kundalini because that’s your Mother. And She sees you, all the time. She knows all the problems. And when you start getting out of  the central channel, She drops down! Completely! Then you are thrown either to the right or to the left. Then you are vulnerable to anything. If you go to the right, you start showing off your capacity to dominate, to be arbitrary. And if you a shown to the left, you are possessed.

So I always said that in Australia mostly people are either dominating or dominated. Nobody seems to be standing on their two legs! That’s not good! Only those who are good Sahaja Yogis know it very well, and they stand on their legs, and see for themselves what is happening.

All this I’m saying because I know your value. You don’t know! I know what you are capable of! I used to dream that Australians, one day, will travel all over the world, spreading Sahaja Yoga. But they are like a yo-yo, go up, come down, go up, come down. Sometimes they’re leaders, sometimes they’re Sahaja Yogis.

Next time I’ll not come to Melbourne, if I hear anything against the leader, or who doesn’t listen to leader. Anybody who tries, secretly or cleverly, to talk against the leader, I know that person. I mark it. Don’t play into the wrong hands! I’m telling you now, otherwise you’ll come and tell Me: „Mother, this has happened, that has happened.”

Nothing will help, but collectivity! Take it from Me! Supposing in My hands, say, if this finger runs this way, this finger runs this way. One has to be spastic to do that. But someone has to be sick, that your fingers are running helter and skelter, your hands are running helter and skelter, all your body running helter and skelter.

So next time I’m not going to come to Melbourne, if I see all these things happening.

Regarding the other things, is [not clear] or what ever it is, I will see to it and I’ll manage it, the way it has to be properly done. I will not play into somebody’s hands, you know that very well. I am very clever! I know everything! Nobody can befool Me! Of course, I allow them for a while, doesn’t matter, try!

You shouldn’t doubt anybody’s honesty, righteousness, character, chastity. Don’t doubt! Doubt yours, don’t doubt others! See for yourself, how far you are.

Your Kundalini will show! This Kundalini, you see, once rises, as I told you, pierces through your fontanel bone. So beautifully it does! You don’t know what obstructions there are! I have seen certain Kundalinis like dead snakes, you see. Just breathing, cannot rise, comes up to Nabhi again goes back, absolutely disappointed! Some fight with the chakras! Just see how they have to work it out! They come to the chakras and want the Deities to be awakened, so they want to put their energy there. But they cannot, because so constricted is that chakra! Sometimes it is blocked. This Kundalini, poor thing, She has been waited for ages with you, to give your Realization. She is the one who will bring forth your benevolence. She is your own Mother, She loves you and She wants to give you your Second Birth. But are we helping Her? Are we working it out for Her? Or we are mentally working our own styles and things?! In Sahaj, you have to lead a very Sahaja life. Of course, this has been there, because you’re born in a very funny atmosphere, we can say. But now try to see for yourself: why you are making it difficult for your Kundalini to come up? Why is She obstructed? Where is She obstructed? Why can’t She come up? What is going wrong here it’s the development of your being, it’s the most important part.

I have to give one or two examples, how it works.

As I said, you have all the powers, of course you have! But you have to manifest! Two cases I’ve seen recently!

One was that of Rajesh Shah. Now, you know Rajesh Shah, is like a business tycoon and very well known, is president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and all that, and very well posed. From his childhoods he has been a very intelligent boy, he stood first in the whole of Cambridge. Whole of Cambridge! And he is a MSE in mathematics. All that is there, but he’s extremely humble, and he has a back-ground, that he is being a Devi worshiper. Whatever time he gets, he meditates and he comes to the collective, works it out that way. One day his uncle was very sick. He was not a Sahaja Yogi. But his aunt requested Rajesh that he should come and pray for the husband, because now he is departing. (They have removed everything, they said he is going to die within half an hour’s time.) He arrived there, he didn’t know what to do. He looked at my photograph – he didn’t have, so he took out his pendant. Just a pendant! And he touched it with his forehead and he said: „I put my hands like this, Mother,” [Shri Mataji is showing Her folded hands] „closed my eyes. I said <Mother, please, save my uncle!> That’s all! Once I said.” And the uncle had closed his eyes, had gone into coma. And just after that he started opening his eyes. And within three days he was completely cured. Then he went to America. Now about one year has passed, he is perfectly all right.

This is.. this shows the inner development, the powers you have! These are the real powers, not the power of a leader, or the power to pull down the leader! That’s all you are playing tricks with yourself and cheating yourself!

Another case of one mister Shukla, from Bombay, who is in charge of the whole catering of the Taj Mahal group of people. His wife and he, both are great devotes. But I didn’t know they were that great! So his mother was dieing with cancer, in [village name, not clear] which is about, say, at least, from Bombay at least maybe 2000 miles away. And they received a phone call, that she’s going to die within 2-3 days, and she is in a very bad shape, because she has cancer. He went there and he saw her suffering very much. She never knew also about Me. So, again, he got so much into agony. So, again, he got so much into agony. He said: “Now, what to do?” He came home, he saw My photograph. He said: “I feel so assured, Mother, I just need to put down myself on my knees. Then I prayed “Oh, Mother, please, save my mother!” That’s all! And within three days this lady got out of her hospital, the one who was dieing. And then she came to Bombay, he took her to the hospital, that [hospital name, not clear] hospital. They said: “She has no cancer.” He has all the papers with him.
In Czechoslovakia there was a lady who was brought on the stage, absolutely in the most [not clear] condition. She was brought on a chair. And somehow or another, see, she tried to sit up. And she said one thing to Me: “Mother, I know You will cure me! Of that I’m sure you will cure me.” I said: “Is it so?” She said: “Yes! I know!” I said: “All right! Get up!” She just got up! All just started looking at her: she’s got up! Then she said: “Can I walk down?” I said: “Please go!” She walked down the steps. Very old woman! And then she started running. And everybody saw that and they were laughing and didn’t know what to say!

She was not a Sahaja Yogini, nothing! But she felt something about Me.

They are very sensitive, extremely sensitive to spirituality, that’s one thing this communism has given them: extreme sensitivity to communism and sensitivity to Me. I mean, they had never heard about Me, nothing. Just seeing My photograph sixteen thousand people came – what do you say to that? Seeing My photograph, in Moscow, sixteen thousand people! I said [inaudible]. And I, you know, people asked: “How is it you all came?” They said: “Because you can see, on Her face, written large, that She is a Divine Person who has come to save us, you can see it. Can’t you see?” Even the Gypsies living there said the same thing. They didn’t see any miraculous photographs, nothing. Completely surrendered, completely surrendered their ego, completely surrendered their ego!
I never talked to them, nothing, just see! First time when I went to Leningrad, was about, say, at least five thousand people in that hall and five thousand sitting outside. And when I was going inside they said: “Ma!” I said: “Ma, who said?” They learned from people that it’s called “Ma” in India.
“Ma! What about us?” I said: “All right, I’ll see.”
Went inside, gave everybody Realization. When I came out, to my surprise, all of them were sitting there! I said: “All right come tomorrow! We’ll have the program here!” Next day the ones who were sitting inside and outside, all of them, came ten thousand and sat outside in the garden. They all got Realization. Leningrad!

If you go and see there, you will know what is Sahaja Yoga, what it is meant for human beings. They ‘re not bother about what is happening in Russia, the – anything. They said: “We get food alright, Mother, You are looking after us, we don’t have to worry at all, nothing, it’s just, let this politics go right.”
As such there is no leader there, as such, there is no leader. Poor Bogdan you know how bad he is at accounts, like Me, he’s hopeless. [Shri Mataji laughs] And he says: “Mother, I do the same thing as You have, your compartments, you make your little, little envelopes. Still I’m no good.” But he’s managing! One person. And for your information, he’s an Australian, you should be proud of him.
So one Australian has gone that far. He should be your ideal. That is what you have to achieve, not some leadership nonsense! And he’s such a pure soul, you won’t believe, such a pure soul! He understands Ganesh Tattwa so well!
I was told he is in Sydney, I don’t know if he’s here. That’s what it is: one person. He gave up his job, went there, looked after them. He’s an Australian, but basically he’s Russian. Even when you think of him, the joy starts bubbling out. In one person! What about you people, all becoming like that?
One day let Me see you all becoming beautiful people like that, enjoying your collectivity. You cannot enjoy Sahaja Yoga without collectivity! You cannot enjoy! Whether there are two persons, or many persons. Only you have to understand the collectivity. This is a compulsion on Sahaja Yogis. And I said you don’t have to go to Himalayas, don’t have to do anything. Because the Kundalini now has awakened you. It is awakened and it has become one with the Whole. And this Whole has to be pleased with us! And this Whole is being reflected within our heart like the Spirit. This Whole is the Kundalini, this Whole is the Spirit. How can we get out of it?

So now forget about whatever I have said it! Except remember one thing, we all have to be collective, that’s the only way you can rise. Collective is The one system of the Divine, which is a blessing to us, because Kundalini can only rise if you are collective, otherwise It will not. If your attention is on yourself, it won’t. Which I will be telling you now later on, in Sydney, why is it the Boddhisattwa principle has to work out. Just for the time being, I think, we should now understand now that we are praying to our Mother Kundalini. She is the One who has given us everything. She is the One who has given us our Spirit, She is the One who has given us all the health, wealth and prosperity, She is the One who has given us the spiritual life and the joy of it. We have to be very thankful to Her. Though we have troubled Her, tortured Her, not listened to Her, still She is so anxious, without any reward to it, She’s so very anxious to work it out.
That’s why I thought of the Kundalini Puja today, so that you all understand how much She has done for you and what you have to do is just to allow Her to rise. Don’t put Her – put on Her your small, petty, nonsensical ideas. Let Her grow. You have to allow Her to grow.

All right, so we’ll have a Puja now. Kundalini Puja is very small, short puja.
First the [cut in the video and audio]